i was feeling sentimental so i made a gifset

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I think I stopped breathing. Like the look on Cas' face he is just so concerned about Dean. And I've had this weirdly optimistic attitude toward this season and after the clip and the promo stuff I'm just like YES YES YES I KNEW THIS WAS COMING. Because this episode looks so so good and I'm happy. Really happy. Also Misha has to be 10 of the next 14 episodes so Dean and Cas are going to be more together than apart and I am so excited.

Me too I just unloaded a fucking bucket of feels on one of those destiel gifsets for 9x10 - wait let me find it LOL [x]

Look at his fucking eyes. God. Cas loves you. ‘why can’t you see what i see’ ‘you’re a good man’ not to mention that this is exactly what he wants to hear from Dean at the end of season 8, its what he heard Dean tell him in 7x17 when he gave him back his trenchcoat, it’s the sentiment that probably made him come back to himself that he is now using, with desperate, hopeful eyes, to try to make Dean see that he is always on his side. Even if the collateral damage of Dean’s mistakes include Castiel himself. And if Castiel is his advocate, if Castiel is on Dean’s side. It forces Dean to contradict him, it forces Dean to account for his mistakes and talk about how and why they were wrong.

To be honest it’s this kind of connection, this kind of partnership that made me love them. Because he is exactly what Dean needs. He splits him open with a look and brings out a side of Dean that otherwise stays locked inside. His vulnerability. He lets himself be weak with Cas because he more than trust, he knows Cas is gonna catch him. Is going to meet him with respect and understanding. He says not only what Dean needs to hear to admit his own failings in a safe place of love and acceptance but he does it with the knowledge that it is all he has ever wanted from Dean in return. Even if he starts off angry, even if he’s furious when he finds out all that’s happened this is how he addresses Dean’s self hatred. With love, in the only way he’s learned how, from Dean.

Ugh I don’t want to get optimistic just to have my heart broken again but I want it to be good so fucking bad. I want my show back. I want Sam back. I want Cas back. I want people to be in character and going through interesting archs and not going backwards or disappearing altogether. I’m not asking for a miracle or something they aren’t prepared or willing to give. I just want the show back. I want my people back. Cause I feel like we’ve been on hiatus for a hell of a lot longer than month.