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How They React to Being Interrupted


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She was leaning against the wall, her arms wrapped around him. His head was bent down and he was supporting her back. Their lips were pressed together, moving passionately. His hand was unbuttoning her tunic when the door opened.

“OBI- oh, Maker, I-”

“Anakin!” Obi-Wan exclaimed, quickly removing himself from the girl. She held her robes together with one hand and rubbed her eyes with the other, blushing furiously.

“Anakin, we were just- we weren’t- doing a lesson plan-”

A slow grin was making its way onto Anakin’s face. “A lesson plan?”

Y/N nodded. “We were- comparing how to teach- Padawans-

“Oh, really?”

Obi-Wan and Y/N both nodded, making Anakin laugh.

“Well, continue making lesson plans!” Anakin said, walking out the door.

The two Jedi looked at each other, both blushing red. Obi-Wan smiled.

“Forgive my Padawan,” he whispered, wrapping his arms around her. “Now, where were we?”


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Luke gave her a large smile as he jumped off the X-wing.

“Y/N!” he exclaimed, setting down his helmet and running to her.

“I was so worried,” she admitted, embracing him tightly. He held her to him gently.

“It’s okay, I’m okay, I’m here,” he whispered in her ear, instantly calming her. She grinned and pressed her lips to his.

The kiss was soft, but it said so much more than anything either of them could choke out.

“I love you,” she mumbled.

“I love you too,” he replied, kissing her again.

Suddenly, a large hand landed on Luke’s shoulder.

“I see you got yourself a girl, kid!” Han said with a smirk. Leia quickly scrambled over and pushed Han away.

“Han, give them some privacy.” Leia turned to Luke and Y/N with a smile. “I’m glad to see you back, Luke.”

With their friends gone, Luke turned back to his girlfriend. “Sorry.”

Y/N smiled and brought him in for another kiss.


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“I think- I kind of- really like you,” you stuttered out.

Han raised his eyebrows. “You- kind of- like me?”

“As- more than a friend-” you finished, looking at the ground with embarrassment. “I understand if you don’t like me back, if you- like the princess.”

You bit your lip to hold back anything else, keeping your gaze trained on the tile. You released your lip on you felt strong arms wrap around your waist, the hand pushing you against Han’s chest. He bent down and kissed you with passion, and all nerves and thoughts of rejection fly out the window.

You put your hands on his shoulders and kissed back, hoping to prove how deep your feelings for him ran.

Suddenly, the loud bang on something falling interrupted the kiss. You turned to find Chewie quickly picking up a fallen item. He growled an apology and quickly stepped away. You turned back to Han with a playful smile.

“Now, where were we?”

He grinned and led you away.


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She tried to tangle her fingers in his perfect hair, but he grabbed her wrist and held it and her other above on the wall with a chuckle, all the while, her lips never leaving his.

“Not so fast,” he murmured in between kisses, taking a breath.

“Someday,” she pleaded, a smirk on her face.

“Never,” Hux replied easily.

They both smiled and resumed their kissing, paying no mind to their position in the hallway. As their lips met again and his tongue entered her mouth, a voice interrupted them.


They both whipped around to find Kylo Ren, looking angry and rather menacing, but at the same time quite amused beneath his mask.

“C-Commander Ren,” Y/N gasped. She was a lower-ranked officer and knew all too well her Commander had no time for slacking off.

Hux, however, smiled lazily. “Ren,” he replied carefully.

Kylo seemed to be smirking. “I thought I’d let you know you are 10 minutes late for our meeting with Snoke, and he is not amused.”

She looked at Hux apologetically, but he simply smiled.

“Thank you, Ren.”

As the Commander walked away, Hux turned to her. A simple glance told her he was willing to miss this meeting, just to be with her. She smiled and kissed him again.

Kylo Ren

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“You’ve never been kissed?” he seemed surprised. You frowned.

“N-no, sir, I haven’t,” you stuttered out a reply.

“Interesting,” he murmured, pacing a bit. After a moment, you spoke.


He turned to you again, and you wondered if he was angry for some reason. He was always stiff and menacing, but perhaps this change in mood was a sign of rage? You cringed and leaned back, hoping you wouldn’t anger him more.

And then he took off the helmet. You suddenly understood and your fear melted away as you studied his long raven hair, his beautiful face, his body, everything. He grinned and stepped forward, making you step back.

“S-sir, I’m not, sur-sure if this-”

Before you could finish he stepped forward one last time and looked you in the eye.

“May I?”

You gulped, looked him in the eye and nodded.

With the permission granted he stepped forward and kissed you. You gasped as his lips touched yours. He moved your hands to the appropriate positions and wrapped his own around you. As you began to kiss back, a loud noise made you pull apart.

You blushed furiously and looked down when your eyes landed on Captain Phasma.

“I apologize for the intrusion, sir, but you are needed.”

You felt Kylo nod, and mechanic footsteps left. You looked up shyly to find Ren’s apologetic face.

As he began to put on his helmet, he spoke. “I have to go. But I- I enjoyed that. I will see you again, Y/N.”

With that, he was gone, and you were left to scurry back to work.


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“You’re home!” Y/N called out across the room. The man turned around, his face brightening as he caught sight of his girlfriend.

“Y/N!” Poe grinned, running to her. They met in the middle, wrapped up in each others’ arms.

“Come on,” she said with a hint of mischief, entangling her fingers with his and running into a deserted hallway, both of them giggling. Once they were alone, she stood up on her tiptoes and kissed him.

The kiss was passionate the result of not seeing each other for weeks.

“I missed you so much,” she whispered, wrapping her arms around him once again. Poe grinned against her lips.

“You have no idea how much I missed you.”

She slipped her hands under his jacket, rubbing his back and deepening the kiss. Suddenly, a series of frantic robotic noised interrupted them.

They separated and looked down to find BB-8, rather excited to see his owner back again. Poe laughed and, keeping an arm around Y/N and dragging her down with him, squatted down to his droid’s level and began to speak.

Meanwhile, Poe’s girlfriend simply rolled her eyes and began to greet the droid as well.

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Side Chick (Part 2)

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Part 1

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“Mind if we join you?” he questioned. You could see the look in Calum’s eyes and knew what was happening. He was jealous. The type of jealous that made you question just exactly where the two of you stood in your “relationship.”

     Before either you or Eric could respond Calum was sliding into the booth along with his friends. As a result, you were smushed between Eric and Calum while Calum was between you and Ria. “What are you doing here?” you asked Calum. To everyone else your words sounded like an innocent question, but to Calum he could clearly hear the waver in your voice and a hint of annoyance. You could see the smirk on Calum’s face begin to grow. 

“We just stopped by to grab some food. You know I think I saw you at the party, Y/N I could have sworn I overheard you saying you weren’t coming tonight,” Calum said. For a split second you could see Calum glower at you. His jaw had clenched and he looked down at you with raised eyebrows. 

“Y/N decided last minute that she wanted to come,” Eric answered for you. He looked at Calum with the same expression the Maori boy was giving and you could feel his hand pull you into him even more. Calum had noticed the action too and his clenched jaw grew even more. 

“Hi I’m Ria. I don’t think we’ve properly met,” Calum’s girlfriend interjected, breaking the tension that was in the air. She had peered over Calum’s shoulder and sent you a beaming smile. You studied the girl curiously taking in her dyed blue hair and piercing brown eyes. “I’m guessing you all have class together?” she commented, resting her chin on Calum’s shoulder. You were stunned. Ria’s friendliness taking you aback for a minute. The two of you had crossed paths before, but had never actually spoken to one another. From looking at her now you could tell Ria had not the slightest clue what was going on. She only assumed what Calum must have told her that they were going to grab something to eat. 

“I’m Eric,” the boy beside you spoke up, reaching the hand that wasn’t wrapped around you to shake Ria’s hand. 

“Y/N,” you smiled, feeling guilty at the fact that you were fucking this girl’s boyfriend and she had no idea. You had always wondered what it would be like to meet Ria; thinking she would be the nastiest person ever or some stuck up bitch. Instead you were met with the opposite. This girl seemed sweet and from the looks of it she was so in love with Calum. It made you sick to your stomach at the fact that you were hurting her. 

“You two look like a couple. Am I right?” she asked. You could feel Calum stiffen up beside you and broken sentences began to leave your lips as Calum stared at you curiously.

“Uh no-we’re-uh,” you muttered not sure what to say.

“We haven’t gotten that far yet,” Eric laughed making an uneasy smile come across your face. Calum was scowling now and you swallowed hard. This must have been what Eric wanted to admit. That he had feelings for you and wanted to take you out on a date. 

“Are we going to eat or what!?!” one of Calum’s friends whined. Michael, you mentally reminded yourself. Calum’s group nodded in agreement and before you knew it they had gone off to grab food. 

“Excuse me I have to use the restroom,” you muttered, slipping past Eric quickly and making a dash for the bathroom. You felt terrible and your fingers tightly gripped onto the porcelain sink as you dry heaved into it. You felt tears prick at the corner of your eyes and your breath became ragged. “What are you doing?” you muttered to yourself. Your head lifted and you stared at your reflection in the mirror. Your eyes closed and you sucked in a deep breath before slowly exhaling. You then turned on the faucet and began to dab cold water on your face to cool your skin. Ria didn’t deserve any of this. She didn’t deserve to have Calum cheating on her. After finally meeting the girl you realized all of this was wrong. Your feelings for Calum went beyond sexual intimacy which made you feel even more guilty. After a few minutes you left the bathroom only to run into Calum.

“So you and Eric huh?” Calum questioned, leaning against the opposite wall and staring at your with dark eyes. You rolled your eyes at his words and crossed your arms over your chest.

“So you’re all of a sudden jealous?” you scoffed, “Go back to your girlfriend, Cal and let me enjoy my night.”  You tried to walk past him, but Calum was quick to grab your arm and pulled you back into him. 

“I thought I made it clear that you weren’t coming to the party tonight and yet when I look across the room what do I see? You grinding up against pretty boy back there,” Calum hissed. You bit onto your bottom lip and your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. You weren’t sure if Calum was angry that you had gone to the party, or that you were flirting with Eric, or both. “I’m telling you now that I’m not one to share, so whatever the fuck you have going on with him you need to end it,” Calum demanded. You looked at him in surprise and you could feel your anger boiling. 

“You’re not one to share!” you exclaimed, immediately being shushed by Calum. You accusingly pointed your finger at him. “You’re such a hypocrite. You’re not one to share, but I’m the one sharing you, Calum!” You pushed at his chest in anger the minute he took a step towards you. “How could you? How can cheat on Ria? Sit there next to her all while you’re secretly screwing me in the backseat of your car?” you questioned. Calum stared at you in shock. “You wanted me to stay in my lane and so I did. Not once did I approach you at the party, but all of a sudden you get jealous and follow me out just to ruin things.” You caught your breath, chest heaving up and down at your small rant. 

“You done?” Calum questioned, looking at you with a bored expression. Your mouth clamped shut and you could feel your skin become hot. Calum peered out the hall and his eyes landed to where the group was. Everyone had gotten back to the table with their respective food. They were all to engrossed in conversation to notice that you and Calum were gone. “I’m not the only one in the wrong here, Y/N. You knew from the jump that I had a girlfriend. You enjoyed sleeping with me as much as I enjoyed sleeping with you, so don’t go around pointing the blame at me when you’re the one at fault too,” he said in a low menacing voice. Calum licked his lips and he inched closer to you until he was towering over you, but also looking down at you. You swallowed hard and just like earlier that day your breath was sucked out of you. “Just because you went against what I said I’ll be stopping by your place at three to remind you who’s in charge. This is the last time I’m telling you…I don’t share, so end things with Eric.” With that said he left to head back to the group and seconds later you rejoined them. Your happy mood deflated as everyone sat eating and Calum spent the rest of the time making out with Ria.

     “You and Calum are what!?!” Eric questioned, mouth parting in surprise. His mouth quickly closed when he felt the food almost fall out. You quickly glanced at your surrounding to make sure no one was eavesdropping on your conversation. Talking in the dining hall resulted in everyone knowing your business whether you wanted them to know or not. 

“We’re sleeping with each other,” you repeated, nose scrunching up in fear of what Eric might say. You flicked your fork about in the pasta you had been eating and avoided Eric’s gaze. He swallowed the food in his mouth and then cleared his throat.

“Why are you telling me this?” he asked, shifting in his spot at how awkward the air between you two had become. Eric’s feelings for you was clearly known by now and hearing that the girl he was currently seeing was also having sex with someone else wasn’t something he wanted to know. He wasn’t expecting your lunch date to turn into this discussion at all.

“Because I really like you and I thought you should know because I’m such a terrible person for sleeping with a guy that has a girlfriend,” you explained. It was true, in your mind you were the worst person ever for possibly ruining a relationship. Ever since the party you and Eric had been spending a lot of time together. You had even gone on a few dates to Calum’s dismay and throughout the whole thing you were still seeing Calum.

“You’re not a terrible person, Y/N,” Eric reassured, grabbing your hand and giving it a small squeeze. He let out a deep sigh and asked the question that was nagging at the back of his brain. “So what you’re telling me is that you’re a side chick?” Eric hesitantly asked in shock, he slumped back into his spot. When you said you had something to tell him, well Eric wasn’t expecting to hear this. You quietly nodded and was suddenly aware at how much he was staring at you. 

“It’s not something I’m proud of okay? I feel bad because after meeting Ria and seeing how nice she is…god I’m so stupid for getting myself into this mess,” you sighed, chewing frantically at your bottom lip. This wasn’t fair to Eric or Ria.

“Then why not end it? Clearly you feel second to Ria, so you shouldn’t feel like that with someone you’re dating,” Eric explained. He somehow caught on to the fact that you must have had some type of feelings for Calum. Otherwise you would have ended things sooner.

“Calum told me to end things with you. He doesn’t like to share,” you said. Erick blinked back in surprise. You eyebrows rose in a ‘yeah I know’ type of way and you continued to poke at your food. Eric rolled his eyes.

“What does he mean “he doesn’t want to share” that’s a bunch of bullshit. Y/N you should be with someone that doesn’t hide you away from the world. Someone that wouldn’t cheat on their girlfriend,” Eric said, he squeezed your hand again. You could already tell what Eric’s next words were going to be, but Eric wasn’t the one to say it.

“Someone like you I’m guessing?” the all too familiar voice butted in. Eric’s face contorted into a scowl and he turned in his spot to face Calum. 

“Always a pleasure, Hood,” Eric said. You could hear the sarcasm in his voice. “But yeah now that you mention it Y/N should be with someone like me,” Eric stated. You could see Calum’s hand ball up into a fist and the vein on his neck only seemed to pulsate as his anger grew. “At least she would know she was number one in my life. Unlike you,” Eric said, staring Calum down. You were lost for words. Even if you and Calum weren’t in a relationship you knew just how possessive he became. In Calum’s mind you were his even if you were just his side piece. You could feel the tension get thick and it must have been felt around the area too. Almost everyone that was close by was staring at the three of you. Overhearing everything that was being said. 

“What makes you think she would want to be yours?” Calum taunted, raising an eyebrow in challenge. “You don’t know Y/N like I do, so I suggest you back up off my girl before we have a problem,” he said. Eric smirked at Calum’s words and scratched at his cheek in amusement. Eric looked at you then back to Calum and then back to you again. To both yours and Calum’s surprise Eric’s head dipped down to give you a quick, but passionate kiss. 

Calum so far hadn’t made a move, but Eric decided to take things one step further. Getting up from his spot and getting in Calum’s personal space. “I don’t think she’s yours, but you know I wonder what Ria would think about your little affair with Y/N?” Eric’s words came out as a threat. “You know I think I see her coming into the cafeteria now,” Eric stated. Calum didn’t even hear Eric’s last words. Eric had already pushed Calum’s buttons enough by kissing you and he tipped the scale even more by threatening to expose him as a cheater. Calum’s fist flew up and collided with Eric’s jaw. You let out a small yelp and reared back as Eric stumbled for a second then took a swing at Calum too. Not too long after the two were fighting right there in front of everyone. Eric sent a punch to Calum’s stomach making him double over in pain for a minute before he sucker punched Eric in the eye. 

“STOP IT!” you yelled, not wanting to jump between the two in fear of getting caught in the crossfire of their punches. They were on the ground now and you watched in horror as Eric tackled Calum down into a chokehold. “Holy fuck,” you gasped, your hands flying up to grip at your hair. Calum jabbed his elbow into Eric’s stomach and Eric grunted, hiis hold on Calum releasing. Calum gasped for air, but was quick to get back to fighting.

“CALUM!” Ria shouted now joining you to watch the two boys go at it. Calum’s attention was taken off of the other guy at the sound of his girlfriend’s voice. Ria was looking at him in surprise not sure why he was fighting Eric. At that moment Eric pinned Calum down to the ground and overpowered him. You had remembered Eric telling you he was on the wrestling team for the college. 

“Tell her!” Eric demanded making Calum face Ria. You shook your head no. This was the opposite of what you wanted. Calum spat out blood and glared at Eric’s words. “If you don’t I will,” Eric threatened. Though he didn’t have a chance to fulfill his threat, Calum’s group of friends pushing through the crowd and pulling Eric off their friend. 

“Break it up!” Luke yelled, pushing Eric in your direction and flinging Calum towards Ashton and Michael. “You don’t do this shit on school grounds man!” Luke yelled, slapping Calum upside the head. Calum wiped blood from his mouth and glanced towards you. You were too busy trying to make sure if Eric was okay to notice his longing look. But Ria noticed it, her attention shifting between you and Calum. Out of everyone in the group she didn’t know her boyfriend was cheating on her with you.

“Look I have feelings for you too Y/N and I won’t be second to that asshole, so whatever you have with Calum you need to figure it out and when you do then give me a call when you’ve sorted it out,” Eric said, grabbing the napkins you had given him to wipe his bloody nose. He gave you one last kiss before grabbing his things and leaving. Pushing past Calum and exiting the cafeteria before campus police could show up. You let out a huff and looked at Calum in worry. Your attention was taken off of him when you felt a tap on your shoulder. You turned to see Ria eyeing you nervously. 

“I couldn’t help but overhear what Eric had said to you, but answer my question honestly,” she slowly said. Her words had reached Calum’s ears, who wasn’t standing that far away from the two of you, and his eyes widened in horror. Clearly Ria had put two and two together, though she had some suspicion about Calum cheating this fight only seemed to heighten it. Now she was going to the source wanting to hear from your mouth that you were in fact having sex with her boyfriend. “Are you sleeping with my boyfriend?” she questioned.

Supergirl AU

Cat Grant knows her assistants are cheating, she just doesn’t know how yet.

She even knows the exact date it started almost two years ago, when suddenly her constant stream of incompetent aides began to improve, to last longer. All her life her assistants have been barely adequate, but for some reason the last handful have gotten sharper and sharper. 

It’s been three weeks with this new one and, while his performance within CatCo is lackluster at best, he has yet to make a single mistake with her coffee or food orders. And if there is one thing Cat values more than all else its what she consumes; she spends all day creating media for the consumption of millions so what she herself takes in is of the highest priority.

This week she had a stress headache and she sent him off with a screech to get her some sustenance. Now she had very low expectations for this, so imagine her surprise when he comes back with a perfectly made bacon wrapped hamburger (her headache guilty pleasure) and a medium latte with just a dash of cinnamon. 

There is no way on Earth that this Witt fellow should know about that. Her guilty pleasures are closely guarded secrets, and Cat Grant has never explicitly told anyone about her infatuation with bacon and cinnamon (both separate and together). And yet when she needed it the most, he just happens to get it exactly right. This assistant hasn’t even made it a month yet; there’s no way he knows this is a weakness of hers.

Which means there’s a snitch somewhere feeding answers to her assistants.

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On My Own (Harry Hook) Part Five (Important Message @ Bottom!)

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You swore you’d never hurt me.

You swore you’d never leave me On My Own.

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six

“Are you sure about this, Harry?” Gil asked nervously, juggling a can of spray paint from hand to hand. “Course I am,” Harry shot back. “Uma wants us to do it, so we’re going to do it.”

“But I thought she wanted us to lay low?” Gil asked, confusion evident on his face. “She does. But she also wants to make sure this school knows who they’re dealing with. Now get to work.”

Somehow, once again, you found yourself staring at a show of the pirates’ handiwork. We Ride With The Tide was tagged on every. single. wall.

“Harry Hook!” You shouted, whirling around to face the crowd. “Who knows where Harry Hook is!?” You could feel how close you were to snapping back into the angry girl you were on the Isle, but you couldn’t seem to stop it.

You growled when you noticed faces mixing from fear of you, to no doubt fear of dare snitching on the hook wielding pirate.

Yes, Fairy Godmother had finally let Harry have his father’s hook back. In a locked case of glass. It seemed she forgot he was from the Isle, seeing as he had the hook free from its prison in a matter of minutes.

“If I find out any of you are lying I will turn you into a frog!” You threatened through gritted teeth. “He’s on the tourney field!” The son of Rapunzel shouted out quickly.

You whipped around, storming to the tourney field where the team should have been mid-practice. But, seeing as they weren’t on the field, you could only assume they were in the locker room. Which you were not above entering to drag the pirate out by his ear. So, that’s exactly what you did.

Throwing open the door to the locker room you let out a quick “This is your only warning to cover your fun-sized tourney sticks!” Before walking in. “Harold James Hook I suggest you come out right now!” You shouted, storming through the aisles of lockers and half naked boys who, thankfully, heeded your warning and covered themselves.

“Really, lass? Did you miss me that much you had to come strollin’ in here? Or, maybe ye just hoped to see me bare as a wee babe,” A voice taunted. You whipped around to catch Harry leaning against a wall of lockers, clad, thankfully, in a pair of shorts and that tattered, sleeveless hoodie he always wore. It’s not as if you hadn’t seen him in less. Just, you didn’t need that distraction at the moment.

“Tell me, Harold, have you any idea who spray painted your crew’s little slogan on every wall of Auradon Prep?” You jeered, as if you didn’t already know the answer.

“Why, are ye accusin’ me, Y/N?” Harry mocked, pushing off of the lockers and sauntering over to you. “Because if so, that’s not very nice of ya to do. But it’s very Auradon of ya to do. Always accusin’ the poor, innocent lad that just wants to fit in.” He gave you a frown that might have seemed legit to everyone else. But, you could see the wickedness, the evil, the pure darkness lurking in his eyes.

“Stop harassing him, Y/N,” Chad chimed in from his locker. “It’s against the rules for you to be in here so leave!”

You gritted your teeth, head snapping to face the egotistical blond. “Yea,h well so was you and Audrey sneaking off grounds to make out by the lake but you didn’t see me saying shit,” You snapped. “Now mind your own business!”

“You may have your little team fooled, but you don’t fool me for a second, Harry,” You gritted, glaring up at the boy.

“Ya see, Y/N, that’s not my problem. That’s yers. Because, who will someone believe, hmm? The daughter of an evil sorcerer who turned a king into a frog? Who broke a lass’s nose, a lad’s arm, and covered the headmistress’s office in goo when she arrived? Or the son of a misguided pirate who just wanted to break free of the prison of an island he had to call home?” Harry whispered, lips barely grazing your ear.

“Sorry, Lass. It may have been yer territory before, but it’s ours now. And we ride with the tide.”

It was the first Saturday you actually got to sleep in since the pirates came to Auradon.

Well, that’s what you thought. Until you were woken up at nine o’clock by a frantic Dizzy. “Y/N! Y/N! You have to come downstairs! Harry and Jay are fighting!”

You sighed, sliding on your bunny slippers. Everyone had already seen them, so what was the point in changing? Wrapping your comforter around you, you held your hand out to Dizzy, “Take me to them.”

She quickly tugged you downstairs and out to the tourney field, where a small crowd had begun to gather. “We tried to get Uma to stop it, but she’s the one refereeing it,” Dizzy informed you. You opened your mouth to tell her you’d just let them fight it out before you paused, mouth wide open. “What about his hook?” You asked, fearful of the answer.

“I think he’s using it.”

You shoved your way through the crowd, shooting glares at anyone that tried to rebuke. When you finally made your way to the front, you let out a breath of relief. Harry’s hook, and his hat, lay a few feet away on the bottom of the stands.

“Harry! Jay! Both of you stop this right now!” You demanded, stomping over to the two boys. Gritting your teeth when you received no reaction, you took in a deep breath.


The boys quickly shot apart at the sound of your voice, as this wasn’t the first time you had to break up one of their fights. They had enough brain capacity to remember the consequences you’d give them for not listening to you. Scraping Lady Tremaine’s bunions was the lightest punishment. The others they forced themselves to forget.

“Look, I really could care less about what petty thing you two are fighting over this time, but keep the fights verbal, not physical,” You whined before turning to Harry. “I’m just trying to sleep in on Saturdays without you doing something bad that results in me having to get out of bed, Harry. Please just chill out,” You begged.

You could see a familiar flame ignite in Harry’s eyes, but before you could stop him, he blew off. “I guess that’s all I am isn’t? A fuck up. All I live to do is fuck up yer day, eh? I fucked up yer relationship now I’m fuckin’ up yer perfect little life here at Auradon!” He shouted, face growing red with anger. “I tried to appease ya, Y/N! But ye won’t fuckin’ listen to me! I’m sorry I’m not some perfect little prince that will wait on ye hand and foot and treat ye like some dainty little flower because that’s not who I am! And I will never be that type of man so I guess I should just finally give up on us and go back to the Isle shouldn’t I!?”

Your mouth gaped open as the crowd grew awkward at Harry’s words.

“Harry I-”

“Save it, Y/N. We’re over. I get it. I’m pathetic. I get it. No need to rub it in.

You could only stare after him as he stormed away, Uma in tow.

They mad it to the tree before Harry started speaking. “I’m in. I know I wasn’t sure about it before but, I’m in. This plan of yers. Whatever it is. Whatever ye need me to do I’m in. Even with yer plan for… Even with yer plan for Y/N.”

Uma smirked, “I’m glad you finally see it my way, Harry. Now, here’s the plans for Operation Take Everything Away.”

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Christian Yu x Reader: Let Me Explain - Chapter 6

Chapter 1: These Seoul Streets. | Chapter 2: Uninvited Guests | Chapter 3: Confrontation | Chapter 4: Who Wouldv’e Thought?| Chapter 5: Red Roses

Chapter 6: It’s Party Time

Word count: 5287 (I’m sorry lol)

Series type: Angst.

Warnings: Bad language and mentions of alcohol and consumption of it.

Additional Characters: DPR LIVE (Dabin) and mentions of other artists/fictional characters.

A/N: Thank you everyone for supporting the series the way you have, sadly all good things come to an end, this is part one to the finale. Please keep in mind English is not my first language therefore there might me some spelling/grammar mistakes

You can’t even explain how everything happened so fast. It’s been three days since that night, and it has also been three days since you’ve seen Christian face to face. You keep in contact through texts and calls and see him through late night face time sessions, but both of your schedules were too packed to actually meet up. Especially now that operation fake relationship is up and running.

After Christian attended that meeting at YG he had been so busy, being pushed around like the media puppet they made him to be. Christian explained that they wanted to get the important stuff out of the way first so that the public would keep paying attention to them, which was key for all of this to work. He told you it was temporary. That he’d be really busy for a week or two before things would slowly start to die down. It was exactly what you were afraid of. Every time he’d text you to ask you if you were okay with something you didn’t have a choice but to say yes. You had to. He was being considerate of your feelings throughout the whole thing, but you didn’t even put up a fight. Not even when he expected you to because you felt like you were secretly being watched by Hyung Suk. It made him question why you didn’t care anymore, but he didn’t have much time to think about you because he was kept busy. Christian was only trying to please and help everyone around him at the same time, neglecting his own work and relationships in the end. In some weird way you were relieved he was too busy to be with you. It made it easier to keep your secret. But you missed him. More than you expected to.

You could have predicted this. You could have said no when you had the chance. But now you’re glued stuck to a spot you couldn’t get out of because you were being blackmailed. You partially blamed yourself for this mess, thinking back to that night in the dance studio when you so childishly thought of this deal as a test for Christian’s loyalty to you. Would you have done differently if you could have? Absolutely. Can you now? Absolutely not. Not with all of these consequences. You weren’t only responsible for your own life if this video got out because of you, but also the lives of Christian, Dabin, Cream and the rest of the people affiliated with DPR. There was too much damage to be done with the truth. Damage that couldn’t be mended.

You nearly broke your brain overthinking the past couple of days and nights. You contemplated on whether to tell Christian or not, but you know you can’t. Not until you figure out a solution.

You had been coping with your emotions by shutting them out. Living on automatic pilot. It’s like you slowly tricked your mind not to care anymore, even though you do. More than anything.

You manage to smile at the Starbucks employee who handed you your two Americano’s. Saying a quick thank you. You hastily run to your car through the rain and put the coffees on the passengers’ seat. You drive to Dabin’s apartment. You hadn’t seen him since that night either. He texted you last night If you could come over at around 3 in the afternoon to listen to some of his new music. He loved to hear your opinions on his stuff because he knew you get to listen to new releases before most people, since you choreograph songs for many idols and solo artists. It unexpectedly made you an expert on new trends in kpop/khiphop.

You arrive at around 1:15 in the afternoon, you knew you were early. A little too early. But you were bored and way too happy to find some distraction with a good friend.

You ring his doorbell first, waiting for a good 30 seconds before you decide to bust out his spare key. He does it to you all the time, so you figure you could too. Maybe he isn’t home? Hence the 3 o clock time stamp you figured.

You clumsily enter, trying not to drop the coffee.

“Dabin?” you yell out kicking off your sneakers before you walk into his living room. No response.

You frown putting the coffees on his kitchen counter when you hear a door open. You turn around to see a half naked Dabin standing before his bedroom door, softly closing it behind him. You raise your eyebrows at him.

“Where’s your shirt? It’s 1 in the afternoon” you ask looking him up and down.

“Why…. are you here?” he asks wide eyed in a hushed tone.

“Uhm, you asked me to come?” you say crossing your arms.

“Yeah at three y/n. At three” he repeats, still talking in a hushed tone.

“Why does it matter, you’re always up at 10.” You say rolling your eyes. “And why are you whispering. Is Lori sleeping? Is Christian making you dog-sit again because he’s too busy?” you ask taking a sip of your coffee.

Dabin doesn’t say anything, he just stands there guarding the door to his bedroom when suddenly it clicked.

“Oh my god…Are you? Did you? Is someone here?” you stammer.

He closed his eyes nodding. He’s embarrassed, how cute.

Your eyes lit up, giving him a devilish smile “Can I meet her” you say enthusiastically.

“What!? Are you crazy!?” he says in that hushed tone again, frantically looking around for his shirt.

When you look around with him you see a trace of both male and female clothes paraded on the floor.

You snort trying to hold in your laughter when you see Dabin trying to collect both his clothes, and the clothes of the still unknown female.

“Is she still asleep?” you ask walking towards the couch to sit down.

He nods still trying to find something.

You adjust yourself on the couch, feeling something poke you, your hand searched for the culprit, pulling it out from under you. A bra.

“Were you looking for this?” you ask swinging it around in the air.

Dabin looks at you with his embarrassed/angry look and nearly jumps you trying to get the bra from your hand.

“Y/n I swear to god” he says pretending to slap your cheek. You just chuckle at him. Enjoying the fact that you got to tease him.

It has been too long since playful you took a step outside. You knew that coming here would result in a fun time, but you didn’t imagine it to be this type of fun.

“Who’s the lucky lady?” you ask taking another sip, crossing your legs making yourself more comfortable.

He sighs. “Remember Kang In Ah?”

“Kang In Ah, you had a crush on since middle school Kang In Ah?” you ask surprised.

“Yeah, I’ve been…seeing her” he says avoiding eye contact.

“Is that why you always leave early or bail on Christian and I lately?” you ask cocking your head to the side.

He just nods at you, combing his fingers through his hair.

You smile, genuinely happy for him. If anyone deserved to be in a loving relationship it was Dabin. You were especially happy because it was In Ah he was seeing, you always hit it off very well with her.

“Why didn’t you tell us? We could have hung out together.” You ask a little offended.

“I didn’t want to introduce her officially until things got serious, besides when do you or Christian have time anymore.”

Your smile drops hearing his name, and it didn’t go unnoticed. So much for your fun distraction.

You try to steer the conversation back into the casual direction. ‘Well…looking at the clothes on the floor I’d say things got pretty serious.” You say with a faint smile on your face, trying to conceal your true feelings once again.

“When is the last time you’ve seen him” Dabin asked sitting down next to you, you should have known those things don’t work on him. He knows you like the back of his hand.

You don’t respond biting your lip, looking to the floor.

He sighs. “You miss him, don’t you?” he asks fixing a piece of hair that was in front of your face.

You just nod, looking at Dabin. He gave you a warm smile, softy rubbing your back.

“Things will go back to normal in no time, you waited 2 years to actually be with him because both of you were too afraid to admit your feelings. Two more weeks won’t kill you right?” he says trying to make you feel better.

Oh Dabin. You know he means well.

“I guess.” You reply not knowing what else to say.

“At least you’ll see him tonight.” He says leaning back. “Maybe not in the way you want to but at least you’ll see him.”

Right. You almost forgot.  The first public appearance of the YuYu couple was tonight. Their couple name made you want to throw up, without exaggeration. Since everyone of DPR was going to be at the AOMG party tonight, so did you. It didn’t only mean you had to see Christian pretend to be in love with someone else, but it also meant that the chances of running into Hyung Suk quadrupled. You closed your eyes. You weren’t mentally ready for this.

“Hey” Dabin says squeezing your thigh. You look up to meet his eyes. “You don’t have to go If you don’t want to.”

Suddenly your mind flashes back to the letter Hyung Suk sent you.

If you, in any way or form talk Christian out of our little deal or form any type of threat, I will release the video online with a time stamp. Showing his disloyalty to Yura. Turning him into the bad guy. What a story that would be righ?

“No I have to go…It’d look to weird If I didn’t go. Especially since there will be a lot of people there who personally know Ian and me. Everyone thought something was going on between us, so if I’m not there I feel like I’ll make that more obvious” you say playing with your fingers.

Dabin pursed his lips together. “That’s damn smart of you to think off, but also very inconsiderate of your own feelings.”

“It’s not about me right now.” You say resting your face against your palm.

“Right, It’s about Yu-ra” Dabin says articulating Yura’s name extra strong, making you look up at him. He was mocking her.

“I still think her sudden change of heart is a little strange don’t you?” Dabin says looking at you, trying to read your facial expression.

“Well, I don’t know. I guess her whole story kind off makes sense?” you say not knowing where this is coming from.

“To me it kind off doesn’t.” he says.

“What do you mean?” you ask out of curiosity.

What is Dabin’s point of view to this exactly?

“I mean, even though things in her life are very unfortunate, she always manages to get what she wants.” He says shrugging.

You think about it for a second. She did admit she liked Christian.

Yura was being really nice to you. Maybe a little too nice? Would she have been nice to you if there was another way to solve her problems?

You shake the thoughts out of your head. You had enough to deal with as is.

“I don’t know Dabin. I really don’t. All I know is that Christian really wanted to help her out. He was the first one to notice that she was a descent human being.”

Dabin bites the inside of his cheek. “Whatever. I just hope it’ll be over soon so we can all get back to our regular grind. Christian has been so caught up in this whole fairy tale that he forgot to edit my latest video.”

You frown. “That’s so unlike him”

“Yeah, it’s also so unlike you to let this happen, but the day I figure out what’s going on in the both of your heads is the day world peace is declared I guess.”

You roll your eyes at Dabin. Getting up.

“Let’s do the whole music thing next time. I don’t think I could have picked worse timing.”

He jumps up smiling widely. “Finally! Something we agree on.” He says grabbing you by your shoulders, walking behind you to lead you to his front door.

He was desperately trying to get you out off here before Kang In Ah woke up.

“So, I’ll pick you up at 11.15 tonight”

“Eh okay” you agree as you were being rushed out of his apartment, quickly putting your shoes on.

He opened the door for you giving you a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks for the coffee y/n, see you tonight!” he says giving you one of his boyish smiles again as you step out of his house.

“…See ya, and next time I want to meet her!” you yell a little louder hoping it’d wake her up as he was already closing the door.

Dabin stuck his face through the little opening, giving you an angry look before closing the door on you.

You chuckle. Shaking your head at him.

                                                    - time jump -

You check yourself out in the mirror one last time. Dabin was already downstairs, waiting for you in the car. You take a deep breath. “You’ve got this” you encourage yourself looking at your attire.

You were wearing a black off the shoulder tight fitted midi dress that complimented your figure. You had minimum jewelry on so the attention would be drawn to your glammed up make-up. You put on your heels and grab your jacket just in case the weather would turn on you.

You rush down the stairs knowing Dabin was waiting for you. As you open the door to the passengers seat you were greeted by a whistle.

“Daaaaaamn girl, where you going?” Dabin says smiling, looking at you.

He knew how anxious you were about tonight, so he couldn’t help but lighten the mood. You chuckle smacking his arm. “Shut up.”

“Don’t forget I’m right beside you okay? He says starting the car. You nod at his words, feeling somewhat ensured with Dabin’s presence. You really don’t know what you would have done without him.

You talk about this and that, mostly about Dabin’s new music or gossip in the industry. After about 35 minutes you arrive at the club.

You got out of the car, smoothing down your dress leaving your jacket in the car.

“Are you sure you won’t need that tonight?” Dabin asks referring to your jacket putting out his arm for you to loop yours through. You start walking to the club shaking your head. “I’ll be fine.”

Your heart was beating super fast when you entered. Both of you avoided the red carpet, not feeling up to it. Dabin let go of your arm to hold your hand, squeezing it for reassurance. “Smile” he says through his teeth.

You do as he says as the man of the evening approaches.

“Ayee DPR gang wassup!” Jay Park says coming in for a kiss on your cheek and one of those ‘bro hugs’ with Dabin.

“Where’s the man of the hour?” he asks looking at you.

“I guess he’ll be here soon” you answer acting innocent to your best ability.

“He’s all up in online news lately though, did you guys know?” Jay asks leaning on a pillar looking into your eyes.

Dabin chuckled. “Of course we did. He’s family” he answers putting his hand over your shoulder.

Jay’s attention diverted to Dabin, giving him a nod. “Is he bringing her?” he asked.

Jay isn’t stupid. He was asking all of the important questions because he knew something was iffy about the situation. Jay had always seen you as Christian’s girl.

“Yes” you reply. “He told me he would.” You try to keep your facial expressions neutral. If you seemed just the slightest bit nervous or put off, you know the questions wouldn’t stop.

“Well I’ll anticipate their grand entrance. So many reporters are lined up outside because they found out they were both on the list. It’s crazy.” Jay says sniffing. “The rest of your crew is on the left side of the VIP area. I’ll let the staff bring some bottles to your table” he smiles winking at you.

Dabin was the first one to thank Jay with another one of their bro hugs. You do the same, giving him a quick hug, walking towards your table. The club wasn’t that packed yet, but a lot of eyes turned to the both of you when you walked to the VIP area.

“If this is what tonight is going to be like than I don’t know if I can handle it” you say to Dabin sitting down.

“People are nosey as fuck.” Dabin says annoyed. “We just have to act like we don’t know much. Let Christian deal with it. He wanted to do this so badly.” You bite your lip, somewhat agreeing with him.

You’ve never had this many people say Hi to you, trying to make small talk. Of course it was always about Christian and Yura. Your head hurt from all the fake smiles and fake story’s, so you decided to order something a little stronger than your usual virgin cocktail. The alcohol loosened you up a bit, so you started talking to people how you normally would, trying to forget the problem at hand.

It was now half past twelve. The YuYu couple still hadn’t arrived and it was making you more and more anxious as time went by.

Dabin was chatting it up with some Show Me The Money 6 contestants while you were seated beside a few female artists from AOMG and Club Eskimo who were gossiping away with each other. You didn’t really pay attention to what they were saying, too consumed with your own thoughts to actually hear what was going on. Suddenly all of their heads turned to the entrance of the club. People were talking louder and pictures were being taken. You just knew that had to be them.

You close your eyes for a second. Mentally preparing yourself for what you were about to see.

You look at them as they entered. Yura was smiling from ear to ear. Happily showing off her arm candy. She was dressed to impress, that was for sure. Christian’s facial expression was neutral. He looked good, maybe a little too good. He led her through the entrance. greeting Jay. You watched them as they said their hello’s. Your heart was beating like crazy, your eyes searching for Hyung Suk but he wasn’t there. You guess the universe seemed to be on your side just a little bit tonight.

Jay pointed to your table, probably telling him that the rest of us were seated over here and that’s when you made eye contact with Christian. He looked at you, and kept staring. Your heart dropped and you immediately look away, getting up.

“Excuse me girls, I have to pee” you smile at them as they let you through.

You struggle walking through the crowd as everyone’s attention was fixated on Ian and Yura. The alcohol in your blood didn’t make it any easier for you either.

You almost trip at least twice before you make it to the ladies’ room.

You open the door, happy to see it empty. You stare at yourself in the mirror suppressing the urge to cry and run away.

All of this has become too much. You close your eyes, only seeing the way Christian looked at you once you locked eyes. It’s like he forgot you were going to be there. He hadn’t even texted or called today either.

He’s slowly slipping away from you, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Without your knowledge a tear escapes from your eye. As you feel it go down your cheek you look up. Immediately wiping it away, trying not to ruin your make-up.

“It’s fine. You’re okay” you encourage yourself taking a deep shaky breath. “Let’s just find some distraction”

                                                   - time jump –

Dabin had been looking for you for the past half hour. He knew he couldn’t ask people if they had seen you. It’d be too obvious because you went messing the second Christian and Yura walked in.

After his second round through the club, Dabin decided to tell Ian.

“Bro.” Dabin says coming up closer to him. He paused when he saw that Yura was listening as well.

“Have you seen y/n? I locked eyes with her when I came in but when I looked back she disappeared.” Christian says worried.

“I was just about to tell you that I can’t find her either.” Dabin says frowning. “She won’t answer her phone when I call.”

Yura stayed quiet until Christian was about get up to leave and look for you. She grabbed his arm, pulling him back down on the seat again. He gave her a confused look and so did Dabin “Don’t you think it would look a little weird if you would leave me alone to look for someone else?” she says giving him a sheepish smile.

Dabin squinted his eyes at her. Of course she’d say that.

“This is y/n we’re talking about.” Dabin says. “You know, his actual girlfriend.” He gave her a blank look.

Yura’s eyes widened. “Don’t speak so loud!” she says shocked. Dabin saw the annoyance in her eyes, but Christian was a blind man when it comes to things like that.

Christian frowned at the both of them, not knowing what to do or say. “Let me call her.” He says.

Yura rolled her eyes while Dabin sat down beside him, putting his arm over Christian’s shoulder while leaning in so he could hear the phone.

                                            - your point of view –

Your phone lit up “Christian?” you read out loud.

You lean your cheek on your palm contemplating on whether or not to answer the phone, but your alcohol controlled brain already pressed the ‘accept call’ icon.

“Y/n?” you hear his voice. It was muffled by the sound of the loud ass music on the background. But you could recognize his voice through anything.

“Y/n where are you?” he asked impatiently as you didn’t reply.

“At the club” you slur your words. Your elbow slipped off of the bar, losing the support you were giving your heavy head. You lose balance for a second but regain your composure, giggling at your own clumsiness.

“Are you drunk?” you hear his voice again.

“What? She never drinks” you hear Dabin this time.

“Dabinnie!” you say excited to hear his voice.

You hear rumbling on the other end of the line and raise your eyebrows.

“Y/n” you hear Dabin this time. “Where are you?”

“in the club” you answer again, a little annoyed this time. Why can’t they just leave you alone? For the first time in the past couple of days you feel fine.

“I get that you’re in the club, but where.” He says like an angry father.

You look around, inspecting your surroundings. “It’s like…open air? Jesus It’s cold up here.” You answer slurring your words again.

“She’s on the rooftop bar” you hear Dabin say to Christian.

“y/n don’t move; do you understand.” Dabin says in a stern tone.

You nod as if he’d be able to see it. “Aye-aye captain.” You giggle.

You hang up the phone, resting your head on your palm again.

                                                   - meanwhile –

Christian wanted to come with him but he told him no. Yura was constantly breathing down his neck and he didn’t know what your drunken state would do if you saw either of them. Dabin promised to call Christian once you were safe and out of the public’s eye.

Dabin rushed back to his car to grab your jacket before he went to get you. He opened the door to his passengers’ seat, lifting your jacket from the chair when suddenly a red card fell out of one of your pockets. He frowned, not thinking much of it as he quickly put it into his pocket, running back to the club to come and get you.

He ran up the stairs, seeing you chatting with the bartender. Dabin sighed walking up to you, putting your jacket over your shoulders. “Let’s go” he says removing your shot glass from your hand, returning the new bottle of Soju to the bartender. “She’s had enough” he says putting a 50,000 won bill on the table to pay for whatever you had consumed. The bartender nodded taking the money, giving him back the change.

“Dabin” you ask staring into his eyes. “Did they leave?” you ask trying to get up.

Dabin quickly got a hold of your upper arm, making sure you were stable enough to stand. Which you weren’t.

“No y/n they didn’t leave. You did.” he says trying to make you understand. He had never seen you like this before. It saddened him.

“Shit! Do you think people noticed?” you ask worried.

He just shook his head “No, y/n.” he answers. He only gave you short answers. He’ll talk to like an adult you when you’re sober.

“Come on.” He says linking arms with you to support you. You carefully walk down the stairs avoiding crowded places or people you may know. The both of you finally arrive at the hallway where back exit of the club was located.  You see Christian standing there. Waiting for you.

You squint your eyes, trying to make sure if it was really him.

“Babe are you okay? Why did you drink so much?” he asks putting you down on a random stool in the hallway, kneeling down in front of you.

“Who babe? Me babe?” you ask pointing at yourself with a fake confused expression on your face.

“Don’t be like this.” He says looking into your eyes.

“Where’s Yura?” you ask him, fixing a piece of his hair for him.

“Y/n come on.” Christian says a little tired of your childishness.

Dabin crosses his arms, waiting for things to kick off between the two of you.

“What? Don’t you think I have the right to feel this way?” you say stumbling over your own words a few times.

“No. You don’t. I have asked you a hundred times if you were okay with this, and you kept saying yes. You didn’t even care! And now you do?” he says angrily.

“I don’t have a fucking choice Ian!” you yell at him this time.

“Yes you did! What are you talking about!?” Christian says getting up.

“Guys calm down. If people hear us we’re in trouble.” Dabin says putting his hand on Christian’s shoulder. “Don’t take anything she says too serious right now okay. I’ll take her to my place and let her sleep it off.”

“I want to go to my own house” You say giving Dabin a look.

“You don’t get to want anything right now.” Dabin angrily says looking at you.

It was like they were both ganging up on you. Where Dabin was usually on your side with things like this, this time he was on Ian’s. You can’t really blame him though. Even you knew you were being unfair. You cross your arms and legs. Annoyed at the both of them.

Christian sighs after having calmed down a bit by Dabin’s words. He looks at you a little saddened.

“Just…sleep it off okay, we’ll talk tomorrow about all of this.” Christian says kneeling down in front of you again, putting his hand on your thigh, trying to comfort you.

You look at him. “I can’t talk to you about this” you say looking away again as if he was supposed to understand.

“What do you mean?” Christian asks a little hurt.

“I just can’t. I’m not allowed.” You say out loud, and immediately regret it. You curse at yourself and the alcohol for making you slip up.

Christian and Dabin both looked at each other, unable to understand what you were saying.

“I think it’s time to go.” Dabin says, helping you stand up.

“I have to stay here.” Christian says. “I’ll be at your place first thing in the morning.”

Dabin nods at Christian. “Thanks man” Christian says giving Dabin a hug.

You look at them, but when Christian looked at you, you look away.

He walked towards you, making you look at him with his thumb and index finger on your chin. “Try to sleep alright?” he says trying to get you to look into his eyes, but you wouldn’t.

He sighs, pulling you closer to him to kiss your forehead.

You look at him as he did, and look away again, not saying anything.

Dabin took you by the arm. “Let’s go.” he says pulling you away from Christian who was also reluctant to go back to Yura. He just stood there, watching you until you were out of sight. He sighed to himself. He walked back to his table to see Yura on her phone.

“I was just about to call you, how is y/n? What happened?” she asked worried.

Christian sat down beside her putting his arm over Yura’s shoulder. “Let’s not talk about it okay?”

Yura smiled at Christian, nodding at him.

The ride to Dabin’s home was silent. You fell asleep after 15 minutes of staring out the window, giving in to your heavy eyelids.

You made a fool out of yourself tonight, you knew you’d deeply regret your behavior tomorrow when you woke up. There’s a reason why you don’t drink.

Dabin carried your sleeping state into the house. He put you down on his bed, taking off your shoes and your earrings, putting the covers over you. He sighed looking at you. “You know better than this y/n” he says shaking his head.

He walked back to his living room, ready to get comfortable on the couch to go to sleep. He took his phone and money out of his pockets to put it on his coffee table when he suddenly feels that odd red piece of paper in his hands again.

He remembered how it fell from your jacket and put it back on the coffee table.

                                                    - time jump –

You woke up with a pounding head and a dry mouth. You groan at the throbbing pain in your head and turn over to lay on your stomach.

You open your eyes, looking at your surroundings. Why are you in Dabin’s bed? You look around again. You don’t see him.

You remove the covers off of yourself, seeing how you were still dressed in your dress from last night. Something clicked seeing your attire and suddenly all of your lost memories came rushing back.

You panic a little, not knowing if you did anything else that would get you in trouble.

You curse at yourself rubbing your forehead.

You walk out of Dabin’s room, into his light filled living room.

You squint your eyes at the attack of sunlight and walk to his kitchen for a glass of water.

“y/n?” you hear Dabin’s voice. You turn around slowly, feeling like you were about to get scolded like a child.

“What the fuck is this!?” he angrily says, throwing a red card down on his kitchen counter.

You stare at it. Unable to take your eyes off of it. You only needed a fraction of a second to understand what it was.

You close your eyes. Fuck.

Chapter 7 

Bad Dates (Peter Parker x Reader)

Originally posted by hollandoakes

Word Count: 1446

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

AN: Hi sorry haven’t posted in a while but here ya go :) You can read part two here

Your fist clenches in anger as you hastily walk down the busy city streets, probably scaring the New Yorker”s that pass you by. The sound of thunder crackling through the night sky doesn’t bother you until it is followed by a sudden heavy downpour, only dampening your crabby mood further. Attempting to shield yourself from the wintry rainfall you take shelter in a nearby cafe. The door chimed as you entered the almost empty place, your leather combat boots squeaking against the tiles as you moved. Slumping down into a nearby booth you reached for your phone, calling the girl who got you into this mess in the first place. The phone rang a few times before you were finally greeted by the familiar voice of your best friend. “Hey Y/N, so how’d it go?”

“MJ! You have a heck of a lot of explaining to do because that boy was a complete jerk!”

One hour before this call…

You couldn’t believe Michelle had talked you into this, you’d never even been on a proper date let alone with someone you’d never met before. But from the way she described this boy you couldn’t deny you were interested. According to MJ Peter Parker was a slightly shy but sweet boy who would be perfect for you, and it would be a shame to miss out on something potentially great. So now you were incredibly nervous as you stood in front of the mirror, not quite sure if you should wear this outfit or the first one you tried on an hour ago.

“May! I need your help!” At the sound of Peter’s voice his aunt appears from the hallway looking somewhat worried by his words. “What’s going on Pete?” Beads of sweat started forming at the base of his hairline as he begin to pace in front of his aunt frantically.“I’ve got a date tonight! That girl, the friend of Michelle’s, she finally said yes and it’s tonight and I have no idea what to do or how to act-”

Peter’s pacing comes to a halt when aunt May’s hands grip onto his arms, her brown eyes staring into his own with concern. “Pete you need to calm down you’re freaking me out.” Taking slow breaths in and out he eventually calmed himself down, not wanting to trouble his aunt with his nerves. “Sorry it’s just, I really don’t wanna mess this up May.”

A small smile appeared on her face as she took in the sight of the little boy she’d practically raised his whole life. She’d almost forgot that this day would come, when her little boy would start growing up. But even as he was getting ready for his first date he was still the same Peter Parker, a flustered and nervous mess. “How can I help?” 

Her words made Peter sigh out in relief as he looked helplessly down at the clearly loose tie that hung around his neck, a few knots here and there on the fabric as a result of his failed attempt at tying his tie. “Do you know how to tie a tie?” May’s brows raised as she took in the mess of fabric that he wore, hoping to god that the internet could save her this time. “I don’t but YouTube does.”

3 hours later

After both Peter and May mastered the tie the boy continued getting ready for his big night. He showered longer than usual, scrubbing extra soap onto his skin and lathering his hair in another layer of shampoo just in case it didn’t feel clean enough after the first time. To say the boy was anxious about this date was an understatement. He combed and gelled back his hair for a solid ten minutes until he was satisfied with how it looked and tried on about 3 dress shirts until he settled on a white one matched with black dress pants. Never had the boy looked so grown up, making his aunt almost let a tear slip out at the sight. 

Now he was sitting beside May in the car outside the restaurant, asking last minute questions before he went inside. “What if I screw this up May?” The thought made Peter feel uneasy, knowing his luck something would happen and would ruin his date and he’d only thought about it now. Sometimes being Spider-man was a curse for Peter Parker. “Hey don’t think like that, you’ll be great. Any girl would be lucky to date my nephew.”

“Not very reassuring but it’s now or never I guess. Wish me luck.” Taking a deep breath he unbuckled his seat belt and exited the passenger seat, sending his aunt a small wave in appreciation. “Good luck Pete!” 

He heard the car pull out as he came closer to the restaurant, quickly changing directions to a nearby alleyway. “Let’s just hope I won’t be needing this.” He mutters to himself as he grabs his backpack that contained his Spider-man suit and quickly webs it to the wall before heading inside. Little did he know he’d be heading back outside much sooner than he expected. 

“You must be Peter?” The sound of your voice caught the attention of the brown haired teenage boy who was sat at your table. Upon your arrival he sat up straighter in his chair and sent the girl a friendly smile, just like his aunt told him too. “Y-yeah that’s me.” He was evidently taken aback by your beauty, not believing that he could actually ever stand a chance with you. “It’s nice to meet you.”

A blush crept across your cheeks at the clearly nervous but definitely cute boy in front of you. Michelle wasn’t lying when she said he was a sweetheart. "You too. So you been here before?“ You asked as you took your seat across from him, oblivious to the fact that Peter was Spider-man and that currently his senses were going crazy. He couldn’t not stare in the direction it was coming from as from where he sat he couldn’t see any evident threat. "Yeah, they have really good pizza.”

Confusion was etched on your face as you stared at the boy, wondering what could be more important outside that window than you. "In a Japanese restaurant?“

Still no response left his lips as he continued staring out the window, completely ignoring your presence. What a gentleman. His lack of attention to the conversation made you rethink your first impression of him. Maybe Peter Parker was just like most guys you talked to, a jerk. Attempting to start conversation again you leaned in closer, braving a smile in hopes that his attention would stay on you. "So what do you like to do? I mean do you have any hobbies?”

Still distracted as he looks back and forth from the window he finally looks at you, wearing a look of uncertainty on his face. "Sorry, what were you saying?“ As the words leave his mouth you couldn’t even find it in yourself to be angry at this boy, now you were just upset to be treated this way. Was it something you did? Was is how you looked? Were you that boring to Peter that he couldn’t even hold a conversation with you?  A tear threatens to fall as you abruptly stand up from your seat, the chair squeaking against the tiled floor snapping Peter’s attention back to you."You know what I think this was a bad idea. I don’t know what MJ was thinking.”

A loom of guilt flashes across the boys face as you hastily grab your purse and flatten out your dress. “No wait! Where are you going?” Poor Peter Parker, always oblivious to girls. Always sacrificing his happiness for the greater good. Always running away to be Spider-man. Could he ever catch a break?  

“You obviously don’t want to be here Peter and i’m not wasting an hour of my life talking to myself whilst my date ignores me the entire time.” Leaving him with those harsh words you stormed out of the restaurant, receiving pitying looks from customers and staff as you exited. And that’s when your hatred towards Peter Parker began. 

That night when you got home everyone was already asleep which you were thankful for as you weren’t in the mood to explain how your date was a total douche bag. Slumping down onto the couch you flicked on the TV, the news appearing on the screen with the words “breaking news” plastered across the bottom. “Another incident involving the deranged villain the green goblin occurred earlier tonight, but was luckily ended by New York’s favourite hero, the Spider-man.”

Young Romance

Jughead x Reader

Summary: You and Jughead were best friends in childhood, until a miscommunication pulled you apart. Years later, you run into Jughead in the most peculiar of places.

     Being late to school had become a regular occurrence for you. You would repeatedly rush into class frantically ten minutes after the bell, and take your seat with all eyes on your and glare from your teacher. This particular day however, you decided that you were going to be early. Pulling into the empty parking lot, you smiled triumphantly at your success in actually getting out of the door on time and to school. The doors to the building were unlocked in the morning for the early rising teachers, and so you figured it wouldn’t hurt to go ahead and sort out your locker situation. You had never been the tidiest person, but your utter lack of time at school had resulted in your locker being a mess. Just as you were about to pass the first floor staircase, the janitor’s closet door opened. Jumping, you fell to the ground in a poor attempt to step back quickly. Looking around you, you realized that all of your belongings were scattered across the floor, on account of the fact that you had failed to zip up your backpack. It seemed like the world was against you. Reverting your gaze to the person who had caused this, you were surprised to see the town outcast, and your childhood boyfriend, Jughead Jones.

“Oh god, I am so sorry Y/N.” Jughead said anxiously, crouching down to help me pick up my stuff.

     Focusing on his face, you noticed the wet ringlets of hair falling around his eyes. “It’s okay…but why is your hair soaking wet and what were you doing in the janitor’s closet?” You said inquisitively.

     Jughead visibly tensed, but you just raised an eyebrow in further question. Sighing, Jughead stood up and reached a hand down to help you up, before pulling you into the closet and shutting the door quickly behind you. “This is what I was doing in the closet.”

     Analyzing the area I saw a blanket, books and clothes scattered around, and canned goods littering the floor. “What, living?” You quipped, sarcasm dripping from your voice. From Jughead’s following silence, you knew you had fucked up.

“Oh Jughead.” You said, looking around once more before turning to him in concern. “What happened?” You asked at the realization that he was literally living in the janitor’s closet at school.

     Scratching at the nape of his neck he pulled out a picture of the drive in and you looked at him with a blank stare. Rolling his eyes he tugged at his beanie. “That’s where I was staying before here.”

“But what about your dad, what about Jellybean?” Your worry became evident in your voice as you tried to piece together what had happened to Jughead in the 4 years that you had grown apart.

“My dad fell off the wagon. He was doing drugs, getting the family into dangerous situations, so my mom packed herself and Jellybean a bag and left. At the time I refused to leave my dad, but things got progressively worse and so here I am. Welcome to my humble abode.” He said, holding his arms out and nodding towards the small space he occupied.

“Juggie.” You whispered, so low that you questioned whether he had even heard you until his eyes met yours. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

     You knew why he hadn’t. It had been years since he had chosen Betty and Archie over you, and he damn well knew that you had wanted nothing to do with him ever since. Over the last couple of  years, you had internally forgiven him, but of course he had no way of knowing that.

“Well Y/N, I wouldn’t exactly call us friends. I would barely call us acquaintances as this point.” He said with a shrug and an expression that indicated anxiety and irritation.

“I care about you though. I never stopped caring about you.” You mumbled quietly, avoiding eye contact with Jughead.

“Really? Because it sure didn’t feel that way when you ditched me for fucking Reggie Mantle.” Jughead threw his hands in the air, exasperated.

“That wasn’t the same as you ditching me for Archie and Betty. I was dating Reggie.” You told him, reminding yourself of the horror that was seventh grade.

     Jughead just looked at you, searching your face for some recognition of something that wasn’t there. “Are you serious? Dating Reggie? You aren’t even going to acknowledge the fact that we together? Whatever, it doesn’t matter. We were 13, and we aren’t anymore, and we aren’t the same people anymore either. I don’t know who you are now, and you don’t know me. So how about we stop pretending and just get on with our day.”

     Your chest suddenly felt restricted and full of pressure. As your throat began to swell, you managed to choke out “What do you mean we were together?”

     Jughead stopped gathering his binders for a moment to stop and look at you. “I don’t get what you’re saying. We were together? Had we not always been together? We were children Y/N. It was so juvenile.” He shook his head as he reached down and picked up his laptop.

“I didn’t get the memo then, I guess. I had the biggest crush on you forever. I thought we were just close friends.” You spoke, scared of how he would react.

“Oh yeah, right. Because that’s why we were each other’s first kiss, and why I spent almost every waking moment with you, and why I got angry when you would talk about how nice Reggie was.” Jughead’s voice was beginning to get louder and you placed your hand over his mouth, knowing that people would be piling into the building by this time.

“We kissed because our friends had already had their first kiss, not because we were dating. And I thought we were just really close friends.” You argued, trying to make him understand your point of view.

    Refusing to meet your eyes, Jughead brought his hand up and detached your hand from his mouth. “This is pointless. Either way, we haven’t spoken in years, and whether or not we were dating as 13 year olds isn’t relevant anymore.”

“Jughead. Look at me.” You brought your hand up to his face and turned it so that he couldn’t continue to avoid your eyes. “I still care about you. I don’t want this to be your home. My family loves you, and you still talk to them. Why wouldn’t you just come stay with us?”

“Yeah, because it would be a great idea for me to just show up at your house one day, after our last encounter, to tell you that I am now a proud member of your household. Not likely.” He reasoned, which made you become frustrated.

“For fucks sake Jughead.” You said as he began to push past you to get out of the closet. Grabbing his beanie from off his had. You backed up, tripping on the bed that he had laid out on the floor and falling onto it. Of course, his hand immediately flew to his head and he groaned, turning around to look at you with distress.

“Give it back Y/N. You know that I can’t go out there without it.” Jughead told you, holding out his palm to you firmly.

“Come and get it.” You bit back, grabbing his hand and pulling him towards you, so that he fell onto the makeshift bed beside you. You held the beanie behind you, just out of reach and watched as he scrambled around you to try and get it, to no avail. Soon enough, he hovering in front of you, and snaking his arm behind yours to reach your hand. With his face less than a foot away from yours, you pulled your arm around and promptly placed his beanie right back on his head, before using it as leverage to pull his face closer to yours.

     Jughead, exhausted, didn’t move, and you watched as his eyes fluttered, eyeing your lips and then your eyes again. “You’re going to regret it.” He whispered, his breathing fanning over your face. Ignoring his comment, you leaned up and pressed a small kiss to his lips, before deepening the kiss and sliding down so that he was effectively positioned with one leg between yours, hovering on top of you. At this point, you knew that he had the upper hand, that he could push himself off of you and leave, but instead he placed his hands on either side of you and kissed you back. His lips were soft, and you could feel him shaking slightly, but you didn’t care. Disconnecting your lips, you gave him multiple pecks before lightly pushing him to let you sit up.

You watched him for a second and he watched you, both of you apprehensive of what to do or say next.

Finally, after what felt to you like an eternity, he spoke. “I’ve missed you.”

Smiling, you traced your fingers on his leg and nodded. “I’ve missed you too.”

Jughead looked down at the light circles you were making on his leg and reached his hand down to intertwine it with yours. “I’m sorry for being so irritable. I’m going through a lot and talking to you just…it just-”

“Hey, Juggie, I get it. You don’t have to explain anything to me. When we stopped being friends, I went through a long period of resentment. I was angry that you looked so happy with Betty and Archie, that you could move on so quickly.” Your throat closed up as Jughead’s thumb gently brushed yours. “I was just a kid and you were my only friend, and I’m sorry that I didn’t just talk to you.”

Jughead smiled softly and fixed the beanie atop his head. “I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you that I thought we were dating. Gotta love that young romance.” He said laughing a bit.

You smiled back at him. “I know we are still young, but do you think we could try it again? You know, where both of us know that it’s happening this time?”

Rolling his eyes, he brushed off his pants and stood up, lending you a hand. “Buy me an apology burger at Pop’s tonight and I’ll think about it.”

     Scoffing at his remark, you hit him playfully. Jughead caught your arm and pulled you close to him, the heat of his body radiating onto your own. Squeezing your hand lightly, he brought his other hand up to your face and ran his thumb smoothly over your skin. A small peck was placed on your lips, gentle and forgiving. Looking up into his eyes, the gleam of them twinkling back at you, you relaxed into the knowledge that for you two, this wouldn’t stop at young romance.

5. Being Attacked by Bugs

So andavs is not quite ready to post her art version yet (we already checked, the mind meld factor is not high…), but I wanted to put this up because it is a special gift for obriensnipples! Primarily as a belated birthday present, because she wanted Derek mowing the lawn shirtless but also because rough times suck and I hope this fic helps with that even if only a little bit!

So this next Not Quite Normal OTP challenge is for you, babe! I hope it brightens your day a little bit!


Stiles’ summer vacation does not start out well. In fact, it starts out pretty poorly.

Okay, really, it’s a fucking disaster.

 Because, Stiles is walking out of Beacon Hills High, officially a Junior now that the final bell has rung, and he’s talking to Scott who keeps insisting that Junior year will be the year that he will finally ask Allison out and Scott has fallen behind to stare at her and Stiles keeps walking because Scott will catch up eventually, though Stiles is keeping an eye on him, and-

Well, that’s when he gets hit by a car.

Not just any car, though. No, when Stiles regains consciousness and manages to blink away the dark spots that take up 90% of his vision, he finds himself staring at the front of a black Camaro.

And the only black Camaro in Beacon Hills belongs to…

“Oh my god.” Derek Hale.

Derek Hale, the now-senior lacrosse player and subject of almost all of Stiles’ dirtiest fantasies.

He groans. And it’s only partly from the pain.


“Stiles!” Scott sounds frantic. “I’m calling an ambulance.”

“I don’t need,” Stiles tries. And then stops. Because he looks down to see his leg covered in blood and he has never liked blood and- well, he doesn’t complain when Scott stands up with the phone pressed to his ear.

“I’m sorry!” Derek Hale is saying and he sounds… angry? This is not how Stiles wanted his first interaction with Derek Hale to go. “You just- you just walked right into the road!”

“Dude,” Stiles replies, rubbing at his eye. “Are you really blaming me for this?”

“Not blaming you, I just- you walked right in front of me!”

“You hit me with your car!” Stiles winces at the sounds of his own voice. It’s too loud. Everything is too loud.

When he opens his eyes again, Derek’s eyebrows are draw together in concern.

“I’m sorry,” Derek repeats. It’s probably just the result of Derek’s ridiculously attractive face and Stiles’ epic crush on the kid, but Stiles forgives him instantly. Even though he’s getting colder by the second and he’s pretty sure that’s not a good thing.

“Don’t worry about it,” he says, waving a hand and regretting it when the motion hurts his leg somehow. “I’m sure I’m fine.”

Keep reading

Doll face

Raphael x Reader

‘Doll face’

Prompt;  Imagine scenario: y/n is very shy and quiet and has a big crush on Raph but she feels like he hates her because Raph teases her for being shy come to find out Raph also has a crush on her just doesn’t know how to speak his feelings.

Word count; 912

warnings: None? Unless you count hot make outs as one or angry Raph!  

Written by; Admin RM <3

When you met the turtles, you were a nervous wreak than you already are! April introduced you to them, they were all nice to you, and didn’t mind your shyness at all. Mikey, he made you feel welcome, with cooperating with that shyness and tries to make you to talk more, but he doesn’t force it at all, he likes it. Donnie, he helps whenever you need it. Homework?  You have his full attention! Donnie doesn’t make you talk, he likes the quiet. Leonardo is just like Donnie, he is like an older brother that you can always ask for! He steams up some tea for you, ask about your day.

The last turtle is always on your mind, however. Raphael, the second eldest. He has a big temper. You didn’t mind at all. You always eternally thought that there was something like opposites attract. Whenever Raph had a breakdown, whether it be over Mikey, Leonardo, Master Splinter or over himself. You were always there for him. You’d let him talk, and you give him small advice. At any time, Raphael had accomplished on his temper, he always teases you. You didn’t mind at first, but as soon you developed your crush on Raph, the red mask vigilante, you started to dislike the feeling of being teased.

Today wasn’t so different. Raphael had this, somewhat minor problem with Leonardo, again. Leonardo seemed to push Raph too hard in patrol, which resulted in Raph exploding in anger, which had them be discovered.

Right now, you were in his room, sitting in the middle of his bed as he paces his room back and forth. His feet stomping, his nose practically having steam coming out of his nose.

You softly let out a restless sigh. Everyday seemed like you were there to compose Raphael’s self. After is meltdown, he teases you how shy you are. You laugh to it, because even if you hate the fact he probably despises the fact you’re shy, you’re able to help him.

“Raph, you can’t put the blame on Leonardo, even how much he seems to anger you by the decisions he makes, he’s your leader, he’s not doing it by himself, but for you and your brothers.” You stammer, rubbing at your arms. The soft stutter in your voice has slowly became controlled after being around Raphael, he has this effect on you. Which you never had experienced before.

“But- everything I do, Leo always has ta’ treat me like he’s above me!” Raph declares, a growl deep in his throat as his anger rises just even thinking back to what happened. He couldn’t bare the fact, even how much it angers him, he knew you’re right. Leo was doing everything for him. Raph slowly counts to ten in his head. He didn’t want to blurt out something to you in anger. He had a small- well, big crush on you. You were always there for him to settle him down, to comfort him, to make him feel wanted in his life. He has his doubts about his feelings. That he’s a big freak that shouldn’t be alive! Maybe eating a leaf on the streets where maybe someone takes him in as a pet, but he’s like…this.

“Raph, be in your brother’s shoes, he must be struggling, um—too,” You stutter, but continued, “He wants to get you safe to Master Splinter, in your home.” You say, as you stand up, placing your small hand on his bicep, which took a lot of courage to do. You tightly squeezed it, which to him was a soft one since how strong he is.

He looks down at you, he seemed to finally compose himself, was it from your touch?

‘No, don’t be ridiculous!’ you thought to yourself.

“Thanks, doll face I really needed that.” He says in a low whisper. His accent rolling off his tongue that makes you shiver in delight.

“Um, y-yeah,” You stutter, softly.

“You’re so shy…’ He states in a soft manner, as if his voice will break you too!

You frown and burst open as if someone opened something too fast. “Do you not like that?’ you asked frantically.

“Watcha’ mean?’ Raph asked, straightening up as if he was being scolded by his mother.

“I mean, you always say something about me being shy, and I don’t want you not to like me because you don’t like it, I really like you, and I always want to know what you’re thinking but me being so damn shy has me so bottled up!” You holler, before you slap a hand over your moth over what you just said.

Raph has a soft feature shift to his face, his hand reaching up and cups your cheek. You lean into his hold, and blush heavily. “I’m sorry- I shouldn’t have sad that…” You whisper quietly, but Raphael doesn’t say anything. He just leans down and softy kisses you. You gasp, but don’t hesitate to kiss back. His kiss was fierce, hot, messy, but had tons of love and passion poured into it. You both pull away for air and smiled at each other. “I always wanted to do that, but I never been able to come out like this ta’ ya, you know? But, now I know how you feel, and you know how I feel, did you feel sorry for that?” He smirked.  

“Hell no.” You whisper before you both start to kiss once more. With the faint sound of Mikey screaming,


My first fic!!?

Haha so here’s a short klance sickfic, it’s the first that I’ve ever actually finished and posted! I’m hoping to write and post more over the summer, so we’ll see how that goes! Thanks to @hastalalaterkeith7152 for beta reading and being a good supportive friend

7pm. 7:01. 7:02. 7:03….

It wasn’t unusual for someone to be late, was it? No, not at all. Especially by just three minutes. But Keith was always on time. He was never late, not even by one minute. Lance felt his stomach twist with concern for his boyfriend.

At 7:05 Lance was about to pull out his phone and send Keith a text when a familiar red car pulled into the parking lot of his apartment complex. He grabbed his jacket and quickly locked up before rushing down the hall and descending the stairs. He had to take a moment to compose himself before leaving the building, realizing he’d run down three flights of stairs and almost tripped four times. Keith probably already thought he was silly, and showing up for a date all giddy and disheveled certainly wasn’t going to help. He smoothed his hair, checked his breath and straightened his jacket, and pushed open the glass door. The flush hadn’t left his cheeks, but with Keith so near it rarely did.

Keith was waiting, leaned against the hood of his car and looking absentmindedly at a single red rose held between his fingertips. Lance had to make a conscious effort not to stop dead in his tracks. He would never get used to just how gorgeous Keith was. Standing there in his leather jacket and a beanie, eyes sparkling and mouth tilted into a small sideways smile, he was both stunning and roguishly adorable.

“Hey,” Lance said, willing his voice not to crack.

“Hey, Lance.” Keith’s smile widened, and he offered Lance the rose. “I guess one rose is a little cheesy and cheap, but—”

“It’s beautiful and I love it,” Lance said as he accepted it. “Just like you.” Now it was Keith’s turn to blush.

Once they were settled in the car and cruising down the street, Lance expected the nervous, queasy feeling in his stomach to go away. So far, it hadn’t.

“I’m sorry I was a little late,” Keith said, popping in a CD they both liked. “Traffic is crazy bad Friday nights.”

“It’s okay,” Lance said with a teasing grin, “I wasn’t worried. It was only like, what? Five minutes?” And thirty seconds, he added silently.

Keith smirked. “You were about to send the FBI after me, weren’t you?”

“No!” Lance feigned indignance. “Though, I may have had to call off a small search party when you pulled up.”

Keith chuckled fondly, taking Lance’s slender hand in one of his own, the other kept firmly on the wheel as they stopped at a red light. He hadn’t been lying about the traffic; the intersection was still packed with cars, trucks, and buses, drivers all eager to go home after a long day of work. Keith was just eager to have dinner with his boyfriend. He and Lance had finally both had a night off, and they’d decided to spend it together. He glanced over at Lance to find a frown etched upon his delicate face.

“Everything okay?” Keith asked, giving his hand a squeeze.

“Hm? Oh, yeah,” Lance answered quickly, “I’m fine. Just had a long day. It’ll be nice to relax.”

“Okay. If there was something wrong though, you’d tell me?”

Lance nodded. “I’m fine, really. The light’s green,” he added, snapping Keith’s attention back on the road. He was fine. Really. Maybe just a little off. But fine. He would probably feel better once he ate something.

When they arrived at the restaurant, Keith was endearingly gentlemanly, opening doors and confidently stating they had a reservation under “Kogane,” an arm around Lance’s waist. Their waiter led them to a table close to the doors, and Lance was thankful for the constant flow of fresh air. They ordered, and while they waited they talked, lightly kicking each other’s feet under the table and making origami out of napkins. Lance stared, starry-eyed, as Keith animatedly told him about his day working in the music store downtown. It was so easy to get lost in Keith’s soft laughter and gentle grins.

“So, what about you?” Keith asked. “You said you had a long day, how was work?”

Lance groaned as dramatically as possible. “Borderline apocalyptic. We were way understaffed. At least three people are out with the flu, and so I had to cover almost all their responsibilities. If I had to choose between that and getting trampled by a horse, I would seriously consider the horse.”

“Sounds rough,” Keith said sympathetically, just as their waiter appeared with their plates.

Dinner was enjoyable. The food was good, even if Lance wasn’t very hungry. He tried to at least eat something; he didn’t want Keith getting suspicious. Because there was nothing wrong. Everyone had an off day now and then.

The drive home was less enjoyable. A thick rain had set in, driving hard against the roof of the car with heavy thuds. Keith nearly had a heart attack when he realized one of the back windows was open and half his car interior was drenched. His loud, sudden curse and frantic button pushing had Lance panicking, and after they settled down Lance spent the rest of the trip with his head leaned on the window, trying to slow his heart rate, breath fogging the glass that was already warped from the downpour.

Keith pulled an umbrella from the trunk, escorting Lance to his apartment building under a safe bubble of rain protection. “I didn’t know it was going to rain tonight,” he said as they climbed the stairs.

“Me either.” Lance fumbled with his keys and pushed open the door. The first clap of thunder boomed outside as he hung up his jacket. Rain hammered on the windows. It cast eerie shadows along the length of the room, making Lance shiver. “Maybe…you could stay the night?” he suggested hopefully. He liked rain, loved it, but paired with thunder and flashes of lightning, it was just lonely.

“Sure.” Keith flopped down on the couch and flicked on the TV. “You want to watch a movie or something?”

Lance had to force himself to speak clearly and not mumble. The journey up the stairs had taken about all he had, and he was exhausted. “I dunno. I’m kinda tired. You can watch something if you want, but I’m just gonna go to bed.”

“Alright,” Keith said, already typing ‘Transformers’ into the search bar. Lance chuckled. They both had a thing for giant robots.

Sleep should have come easily, but the more Lance tried to drift off, the more he tossed and turned. His limbs felt like lead, being dragged into the mattress. His stomach squirmed and growled, but he wasn’t hungry at all. He’d barely been able to finish dinner, and the mere thought of eating now made him curl in on himself.

He wasn’t sure how much time had passed (though it was presumably the length of at least one giant robot movie) before Keith wriggled into bed next to him, clad in Lance’s pyjamas and drowsily brushing hair from his face. Keith gradually scooted closer, wrapping his arms and legs around Lance in prime cuddle position. The steady sound of Keith’s heartbeat finally lulled him to sleep.

Lance didn’t really know what woke him up, but one thing was for sure, he felt ten times worse. He looked blearily at the clock. 2am.

He knew from experience that it was always best to tell someone when you weren’t feeling well. Lack of doing so resulted in one of his least favourite memories: collapsing in the peacock habitat on his fifth-grade class trip to the zoo. Ever since the traumatic experience of being feverish and surrounded by blue plumage and angry squawking, he’d done his best not to keep it a secret when he was feeling under the weather. Besides, hadn’t he told Keith he would let him know if something was wrong?

“Keith. Keeeith,” Lance whispered, poking his boyfriend’s forehead.

“What,” Keith mumbled through a yawn, “what is it?”

“I don’t feel good.”

Keith seemed to snap awake, disentangling himself from the mess of blankets and Lance. “What do you mean? What’s wrong?”

“My stomach hur—” Before Lance could finish, he felt his gut lurch. He jolted from the bed, stumbling blindly down the hallway and into the bathroom. He fell to his knees in front of the toilet, gripping the cool porcelain with clammy hands. Keith followed him, flicking on the lights and kneeling down to gently rub Lance’s back as nausea overtook him and heaves began to rock his entire body.
Even after the vomiting spell was over, he was still shaking and sweating uncontrollably. He fell back against Keith, burying his face in Keith’s chest to try and stop the sniffling and hiccoughs that wracked his own slim frame.

“Shhh,” Keith soothed, running his hand through Lance’s hair, “it’s okay, baby. I’ve got you.”

“What’s wrong with me?” Lance moaned into Keith’s t-shirt.

“You’re alright, babe. I think you just have a little stomach bug, is all. You probably caught it from one of your coworkers. Hey, do you think you’ll need to throw up again, or are you ready to go back to bed?”

“Bed,” Lance replied weakly. He clung to Keith as the two stood, his knees wobbling together. Keith sighed and scooped him up, tucking Lance’s head against his shoulder. Lance let Keith carry him into the bedroom and ease him under the blankets.

“I’m going to get you a drink of water, okay babe?” Keith asked, pressing a kiss to Lance’s forehead. He frowned at the thin sheen of sweat and layer of heat that sat there.

“Be quick,” Lance pleaded.

“Five seconds.”

Lance didn’t have the energy to count, but Keith returned momentarily and made him sip the water before he crawled into bed next to Lance for the second time that night.

“Try and rest,” Keith murmured as Lance snuggled up to him.

“I’m sorry,” Lance said softly.

“Sorry? Lance, you don’t need to apologize. It’s not your fault if you’re sick.”

“But I woke you up. And now I’m all gross and pathetic, and I probably have bad breath—”

Keith slipped a finger under his chin and tilted his head up to look him in the eye.

“I love you,” he said with a small smile.

Lance smiled back. “I love you too.”

“Goodnight, sweetheart.”


More Enjoltaire cuddles

 & general Amis friendships, modern AU, ~1.3k

For @adorablecrab <3

Being with Enjolras was easier, Grantaire had found, than just being around him. And not just because he didn’t have the whole ‘unrequited feelings’ thing to deal with now. No, interacting with him was just a lot easier now he had the option to pull Enjolras into a hug instead of saying something. Everybody agreed about that actually. When they had gotten together, Courfeyrac had told Grantaire that he was now the designated source of cuddles for Enjolras. Grantaire hadn’t really paid attention to that because one, he had just gotten together with the man he’d been in love with for over a year, and two, he and Enjolras had talked about what a romantic relationship between the two of them would involve and Enjolras had been absolutely clear that cuddling would be very welcome.

By now, however, Grantaire has learned that being Enjolras’ “designated source of cuddles” is as much for the benefit of the rest of the group as it is for his and even Enjolras’ benefit…

“Grantaire!” Courfeyrac exclaims when he steps into the Musain. “You, Enjolras, couch, now.”

“Gee, Courf,” Grantaire says sarcastically. “Don’t I get a minute to take my coat off?”

“You’re not wearing a coat,” Courfeyrac points out. “Now get to holding my best friend.”

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Fic: Foresight (Vax, Vex, ensemble)

[AO3 | FFN | More Fic]

In his memory, Vax is forever locked in a moment (in a moment in a moment).

Major spoilers for episode 102.



In his memory, Byroden is forever locked in springtime.

Warm light glints off sun-dappled leaves, distracting the eye from even the most vivid of wildflowers that pitch and sway with the wind-blown grasses. He’s young, sitting in the dirt and watching his sister methodically pull up strands of grass and release them into the wind to flutter and flicker away. He’s thinking about Jerren, the kindly old man next door who’d died last week. He’s thinking about his mother leaning in close with tears in her eyes and saying, “I’m so sorry, but he’s not coming back,” he’s thinking about what it means to end and to make other people feel sorry, he’s thinking about what it means to go and not come back.

“I never want this to end,” he says.

Vex just looks at him, pulling up another handful of grass. “I’m getting hungry. We gotta go in sometime.”

“I mean, I’m gonna remember this when I’m two hundred years old,” Vax says. “This day, today. The way the sun looks and the grass looks and the sky looks.”

She grins. “You’ll definitely forget.”

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Klance - Prejudice and Acceptance (much fluffier than it sounds)

So this is a headcanon that came about as I was talking to @librebananr about what we wanted in season 3. One thing we want to see more of is bonding between Keith and Lance, when they are both CONSCIOUS. This is the result of me being on that train of thought:

Keith and Lance are on a mission to rescue some aliens. However, when they meet them, Keith is accused of being a Galra, and the aliens start saying how they’ll never trust one of them, no matter whether they are only part Galra or not.

Keith is just trying to hold back his temper as their arguments increase, and just when he’s about to snap, Lance suddenly explodes. He starts accusing them of being ungrateful. Of judging Keith without even knowing him.

Let’s say the aliens had a bad reputation amongst others (but Allura insisted they had to save all innocents) and Lance tells them about how hypocritical they are of expecting others to give them the benefit of the doubt, despite their own reputation. He is really getting into it, gesturing wildly, flinging his arms as his voice continues to rise in volume.

Keith is speechless. He’s never seen Lance like this. He always acts so chill or silly. And KEITH is supposed to be the “Hothead”. He calls Lance’s name, saying maybe he ought to get Hunk or someone else to give Lance backup. That it might be better if he left.

“NO! They have NO reason to be picky! If they don’t want our help, that’s their problem. They can wait for someone else to come to their rescue!”

Keith tries again to placate everyone, but it’s hard. Lance, meanwhile, is confused why he’s letting them say this, but then sees how Keith is shaking at the effort of holding back. Notices how his voice is breaking when he calls his name. He realises, it IS hurting him. That Keith’s trying to hide it. He turns back to the aliens.

“Well, if you don’t want our help, we won’t force you to be rescued. Come on, Keith, let’s go!” He grabs Keith’s elbow and starts marching off back to their lions.

Just as they get within a hundred metres of their lions, they hear the frantic calls of the aliens.

“We’re sorry! We’re sorry! PLEASE don’t leave! We need your help!” Lance doesn’t turn to face them, but he’s stopped pulling Keith along. Keith glances over his shoulder at the aliens and sees how desperate they are. He lightly shakes off​ Lance’s grip and walks in front of him to see Lance’s scowl.

“Come on, you know we can’t leave without them.” Lance purses his lips before letting out a sigh, glancing at Keith before turning back to the aliens.

“Even if Keith is the one saving you…?”

“Yes, yes! Please help us, we’re so sorry!” Lance sighs and relents. As the aliens start to lead them to the threat, Keith nudges Lance’s arm.

“Hey, I’m not ungrateful or anything but… what was that?”

“/You’re/ asking /me/?! What about you?! Why weren’t you speaking up?!” Keith just blinks at him for a couple of seconds before replying.

“Well, I wouldn’t appear less threatening by getting angry. It would’ve just made the situation worse, and strengthen their beliefs…” Lance gives him a look that shows his surprise at Keith’s reply.

“W-Well, I suppose. Still, you shouldn’t have let what they said get to you. They’re stupid for judging you because of what, not who, you are. Now, they realise that too.” Keith smiles.

“Well, thanks for sticking up for me…” The softness of his look and words makes Lance’s chest feel tight. He slaps Keith hard across the shoulder, causing him to stumble forward a step.

“Come on, bet I can get there before you!” he shouts as he runs ahead.

“Hey! No fair! You got a headstart!” But Keith can’t hide the giddy laughter bubbling in his chest as he chases after the blue paladin.


I’ve been coming up with lots of Voltron headcanons recently, so I might post some more soon. Again, I welcome requests, but I can’t promise when I’ll get around to them, and I shan’t write anything I’m uncomfortable with.

Auston Matthews #2.3

Word Count: 1840

Warning: angst

Author’s note: Part three! There is one more after this! Please read the ones before this so you understand what is going on (or don’t i’m not your mother but you might be confused lol)

Auston Matthews #2 | #2.2 | #2.3 | #2.4

Originally posted by hail-to-the-goalies

It had been almost six months since you and Auston broke up. Your friends kept you busy and you were on track to graduate early. You had different interviews from all over the country. Your favorite option was the ones in the big cities like Vancouver, Calgary, and Winnipeg. The Maple Leafs biggest game of the season was tonight and you agreed you’d go for Mitch. It would be your first time back in the Air Canada Centre since dating Auston causing your heart to beat quickly.

The game was against the Vancouver Canucks. It was a playoff qualifying game one that Mitch was so excited about he wanted all of his closest friends there. You couldn’t deny him of that. You waited for Liz to finish getting ready for the game when you got a call from a frantic Mitch. “I need you to go to my lucky headphones at my apartment,” he rushed. “Woah woah, what? Why can’t your mom bring them?” You asked. “Because she already left, I really really need you to do this for me. I haven’t forgot them once this season and if I forget them now we might lose,” he admitted. You could hear the worry in his voice and you didn’t want him to have to worry about the headphones. “Fine,” you groaned, “I’ll get them now.” You heard him thanking you a thousand times as you hung up. You arrived to the Air Canada Centre in record time with Mitch’s headphones. You sent Liz to find the seats as you walked down to the locker room. You texted Mitch saying you were here with his headphones. You leaned against a cement brick wall while waiting for Mitch. The hallway was buzzing. People from all different functioning parts of the organization where hustling around trying to make sure everything went smoothly tonight and resulting in a win. To the left of you was a player you didn’t recognize, making you think he was a player for the Canucks. He had two reaction balls on each of his hands and was throwing them against the wall and catching them, an obvious goalie warm up. You were memorized by the rhythm of which the player caught and threw the balls. It was fascinating to see how fast he could react to a split moment. You didn’t notice but he felt you staring at him and kept giving you quick glances between throws. “Impressive, isn’t it?” He hollered at you as her stopped his warm up. His voice snapped you out of your trance. You smiled and looked at him. He was taller than what you expected but he was very big and muscular. He had pretty blue eyes and dirty blond hair. His arms were covered in tattoos making it seem like he had a bad boy image to him. “Very impressive” you giggled. He walked over to you. “Jacob Markstrom,” he said confidently as he held out his hand for you to shake. You replied by introducing yourself and shaking his hand. There was a moment of excitement when you touched his hand. An excitement you haven’t felt in a long time. He dipped his head towards you showing he was interested in you, making your stomach flip in glee. “What brings you down here?” He asked gently. You smiled, “just bringing my friend his lucky headphones,” you said while holding out the case the headphones were in. “Just a friend,” he asked slyly. You but your bottom lip and looked up at the tall blonde. “Just a friend,” you huskily clarified. “Good,” he responded in a bit of a whisper,” you two flirted for a little bit longer. He asked you about yourself and vice versa. He was from Sweden and he knew how to charm a woman. Mitch’s advice about how you fall in love more than once rang through your ears as you flirted back. It was fun flirting and nothing serious. He asked for your number and you felt comfortable enough to give it to him. “So you’re a student here in Toronto?” He asked for clarification. You nodded your head, “but I’m graduating soon and I’m thinking about moving to another city,” you admitted. “Maybe Vancouver?” He asked while sexily arching his eyebrow. You nodded your head and looked up at him more. It seemed like the two of you had moved closer while talking and as you looked up at him it felt like your faces were only a few inches apart. Then you heard your name being called by a voice you hadn’t heard in quite a long time and one you didn’t want to hear ever. You turned quickly and stumbled backwards into Jacob. He reacted quickly by placing his arm around your waist to steady you. You both didn’t move, “Auston,” you responded shortly. You could see him analyzing the situation in front of him and he had a little anger in his eyes. One that angered you. “What… what are you doing?” He asked. “I was waiting for Mitch. He needs his lucky headphones,” you said trying to calm your nerves. Auston still affected you in ways you wished he didn’t. Nothing would compare to the way he made you feel. “I can take you into the locker room,” he said angrily while keeping his eyes on Jacob. Your anxiety was high with the tension Auston had for Jacob. “It’s fine, Auston,” you told him. Your frustration coming out. Who was he to get angry. Jacob didn’t seem too worried about Auston but he was on protective mode. It was heartwarming to see him protective over you just because of your body language towards Auston, but you could see that it was angering Auston even more. You knew this wasn’t a good thing so you decided to defuse the situation. “Take me to Mitch,” you rolled your eyes. For a split second you saw Auston’s mouth twitch into a smile, but it quickly returned to his normal stoic face. You turned your body towards Jacob, returning to your close proximity, “it was a pleasure to meet you,” you said quietly to him. He gave you a soft smile back. You hugged him feeling his large frame protecting you. Once you were out of the embrace, you turned to Auston with an icy glare. He returned one back. You turned around to see that the Vancouver goalie was walking back to his locker room, “Jacob,” you called out to him and he turned around, “I have an interview in Vancouver. Hopefully I’ll be able to see you again.” you announced to him with a smile. He smiled and gave you a playful wink, “Good.” Auston looked aggravated. You smiled to yourself knowing you made Auston angry and knowing that for the first time in a long time you were getting a grip on your romantic life. “Do you think it’s funny flirting with every NHL player in the league?” he asked angrily. You looked up at him confused, “what hell,” you commented, “Auston, you have no right to talk to me about this,” you told him. “The hell I do because it makes me look bad,” He yelled at you. You turned to him, anger and sorrow dwelling in every words you were about to say., “Auston Matthews you are one of the most selfish human beings I have ever met. I’m doing thinking about you. I don’t care if I make you look bad. I don’t care about you anymore,” you lied through your teeth. Your heart pounded with passion and anger for your former lover. He stood their stunned at your words. He had this almost innocent look to him like he wasn’t expecting you to say you don’t care for him anymore. As of right on cue, Mitch came giggling out of the locker room door. You heard loud music coming from the locker room. You looked at Auston with a bit of panic in your eyes. You didn’t want Mitch to see his two best friends fighting each other before such a big game. Auston seeing this in your eyes, smiled at you a charming smile, “I’m glad you’re doing well,” he said in a convincingly happy tone. You smiled back with a genuine smile. It was nice of Auston to do this for you and Mitch. “Thank you,” you said honestly. You turned around and looked at Mitch, “Mitch,” you said with a big smile, trying to over compensate for the feelings in your stomach. He gave you a very confused smile. He looked between you and Auston trying to figure out what was going on. You prayed he wouldn’t figure it out, at least for now. You would eventually tell Mitch everything that happened tonight, but just not before one of the biggest games of the regular season. Mitch needed his mind clear and ready, but at the same time, so did Auston. You hadn’t at first even thought about him because you had so many negative thoughts associated with Auston. You didn’t even think about what yelling at him could do for him during the game. You scrunched your lips not wanting to be the reason something bad happened to the Leafs because their star player would be playing off. “I brought your lucky headphones,” you handed him the expensive headphones. He snatched them form your hands eagerly, “thank you, thank you, thank you,” he repeated joyfully. He embraced you into a deep yet quick hug. “I’ll see you after the game?” Mitch asked. “Yep,” you popped the p. “Good, I’ll see you then,” he said while going back into the locker room. “Good luck,” you hollered at the active boy. He waved at you. You laughed a bit at him. You turned towards Auston and bit the bottom of your lip not wanting to apologize but knowing you had too. “Auston,” you said softly. He smiled at you. One you hadn’t seen in a very long time. One that made your heart skip a beat. The same smile he had when you first told him you had feelings for him. “I’m sorry for making you look bad,” you breathed out, “It wasn’t my intention and honestly I wasn’t even thinking about you,” you threw in for a little shade. You could see Auston’s smile drop a little bit at that comment but you couldn’t help it. “I know,” he whispered. He softly smiled, “I never thought I’d hear you apologize to me like this,” he chuckled. You gave him a playful glare, “I can admit when I’ve made a mistake,” you replied. This caused him to laugh even more, “not when we were together,” he joked back. You laughed for a second at that because of the truth in it, but honestly it brought up hurtful happy memories of your relationship with Auston. You awkwardly coughed, bringing you both back to reality. “Well, good luck tonight,” you stated quickly and left Auston confused and in the dust.

It’s A Gift (12x23)

Dean Winchester/Castiel
Words: 3.1k
Warnings: some language, angst in the beginning w/ a happy ending
A/N: Yes, the first line is a Twist & Shout reference. All credits to those writers for that amazing line and story. We were all hit pretty hard by the season finale, so I put a spin on the ending!

Originally posted by dailydestielposts

Castiel died on a Thursday.

It would have been a beautiful night for star-gazing under any other circumstances. Instead, it left Dean’s head spinning in a cloud of rage and grief beyond any that he had felt before.

Rowena was long gone. He could handle that. He had owed her, sure, but it’s not like they had established any sort of relationship over the past years.

Eileen had passed nearly two weeks before , leaving his brother once again heartbroken. Dean had felt a different kind of pain then. It was one of empathy towards his brother that made his soul ache along with a longing to see her back by Sam’s side.

Crowley was dead by his own hand. It had shocked Dean more than anything at first. The King of Hell actually sacrificed himself. No denying it, that hurt him, too. Crowley had helped them beyond measure and had saved their asses more than once without batting an eye. He knew he would miss him.

Mom had disappeared. Dean had just gotten her back from the hellhole of a place her mind was in and just like that she was taken from him again. The very thought made him want to punch a wall or take out his anger on anything nearby. He was afraid to think of what he would do if they couldn’t save her.

These things hurt worse than Hell or Purgatory or the Mark of Cain or anything that he had ever faced before. He was broken enough as it was with all of those things, but he would move on.

None of that could compare to the unbearable, excruciating pain he felt as he watched the life drain out of Cas.

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pipe dreams (part four)

pairing: reader x yoongi

genre: angst, fluff

⏎previous chapter

warnings(!!): CUSSING, themes of sexual assault/stalking, nsfw

summary: you’re the girl yoongi left behind to pursue his music career. flash forward seven years, and you’re a lawyer representing a company suing bighit for copyright infringement. what happens when yoongi is still harboring feelings for you?

a/n: ok so i worked my ass off tonight writing and editing this because finally HER IS OUT and i felt inspired by my love for min yoongi which has grown exponentially as a result of his sinful good looks in the m/v and his voice ugh.(lol this is the a/n i had from when i first started writing but it’s been literally weeks since i started i’m so sorry this took so long)

also warning this is not edited

Originally posted by jimiyoong


You wake up to the smell of breakfast wafting into your bedroom. Groggily dragging yourself out of bed, you stretch your arms out as you stumble into the kitchen, smiling subconsciously when you’re greeted with the sight of Min Yoongi setting the table.

“What’s this, Yoongi?” You’re grinning from ear to ear as his brows furrow.

“I’m not done yet! I’m still setting the table. I made breakfast for us.” His fingers are fumbling with straightening silverware and plates.

Walking over, you embrace him from behind, resting your head on his shoulder as you sigh contently.

“Thank you.” Your voice is muffled but Yoongi turns to hold you sweetly in his arms.

“But that’s not all.” He looks smug. Sneaking into the living room, he returns with his arms behind his back. You don’t say anything, simply cocking an eyebrow in curiousity.

“Ta-da!” His hands reach out, extending a bouquet of flowers to you.

You swear your heart is beating in your throat as you take in the sight of vibrant orange tiger lilies. Instantly, memories flood your brain.

When he’d asked you to be his girlfriend, he’d given you the same flowers. In fact, for every anniversary, Valentine’s Day, and special occasion, he’d always come armed with a bouquet of orange tiger lilies. It was your flower, something you and Yoongi deemed to be special. A symbol of your budding love, perhaps.

It has been years since you’ve even seen the flower, and bubbles of excitement rise up in your stomach.

“Do you like them?” Yoongi’s gaze is vulnerable, uncertain. You pause to regain composure, and Yoongi starts to falter, eyes wandering towards his feet.

“Yoongi, I love them.” You say softly, wrapping your arms around his neck and pressing a firm kiss on his soft lips. The corners of your lips turn upwards in a smile during the kiss, and Yoongi’s do the same. He pulls away rather reluctantly, unlatching himself from you to pull a chair out. He gestures for you to sit and he pushes your seat into the table.

Yoongi has just taken a seat across the table from you when your landline rings, startling you. Making your way to the phone, you wonder who could possibly be calling at such an early hour.


“Hi, Y/N, this is Yifeng calling from TF Entertainment. I’m sorry to bother you so early in the morning. I know you weren’t supposed to come in until later, but we’re missing quite a few documents and need you to come in immediately. It’s an emergency, or else I wouldn’t have called!” The voice on the other end of the phone is frantic. The hearing is set to be in about a month from now and everyone at the office is scrambling to finish final preparations.

Looking over to Yoongi smiling to himself at the table, you sigh, knowing you’ll have to leave him to head into work.

“Okay. I’ll be there in about thirty minutes.” Clicking the phone, you hang up and return to the table, giving a feeble look of affection to Yoongi.

“Who was that?” He says, cheerfully shoveling food into his mouth.

“Work. I have to head in early today. Something from the case came up.” Your words rush out apologetically. You can see disappointment float to the surface of Yoongi’s eyes.

“What about breakfast?”

“It’s an emergency. As much as I’d love to stay, I can’t.” You grimace, guilt coursing through your veins.

“But you can.” Yoongi’s eyes are harsh. “Just don’t go for a little longer and stay and eat with me.”

“Yoongi.” You sigh, standing up and brushing yourself off as you head to the bedroom. Yoongi trails closely behind you. “I have to go, it’s my job.”

His voice is small as he finally voices something that appears to have been plaguing his mind for quite some time. “I know it’s your job to believe your client, but did you ever stop to think about my credibility? You know me, Y/N. And you know that I would never steal someone else’s work.”

You don’t say anything, feeling anger building in your chest as you brush through your hair quickly.

“We didn’t steal the song, Y/N. Don’t you believe me?” He repeats.

It’s as if his words have caused something within you to snap. You’re not just angry now. You’re furious. How dare Yoongi ask you so outwardly to throw the case? Did he really think so little of you that he’d do such a thing? Was he only spending time with you in attempt to woo you into not trying your best in the case?

Your teeth are gritted as you speak, dressing yourself in your attire as you refuse to spare a glance at Yoongi.

“I’m sorry, but I’m a lawyer. I’m not always here to fight for who’s right. I’m here to fight for the client I am assigned to. It’s kind of twisted in that sense, but that’s what I believe in. Everyone deserves to have equal standing in front of the law. Everyone deserves a solid shot. If you’re telling the truth, then just have faith in the system. Things will work out in your favor if you’re really in the right. That’s how the justice system works. Not by coercing your ex-girlfriend into being biased so that you can get off easy. Why do you think that I would just give up so easily, dating, we’re not even anything.” You know your words are harsh, but you can’t help it. This inkling that Yoongi was using you had been embedded in your mind ever since he’d said

Fuming, you turn to leave without waiting for Yoongi to respond to your harsh rant. “Lock the door on your way out. Or don’t. It doesn’t matter, just let yourself out.”

Without looking back, you exit and go to work, finding Yifeng immediately when you arrive.

“What’s the emergency?” You try to seem normal, but you’re still heated from your argument with Yoongi.

“We’re missing an important document! Can you help look for it? The deadline to submit is today, and I think maybe no one complete it.” Yifeng is frantic, pacing around. He tells you what document it is, and you start moving things around on the table. Looking underneath the printer on the desk, you find the document.

Scoffing, you wave it in the frazzled TF Entertainment intern’s face.

“Is this what you’re looking for? The so-called ‘emergency’?”

Yifeng pales at the sight of the paper. “W-where did you find that?”

“Under the printer.” You deadpan.

“O-oh, Miss Y/L/N, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have called you on a whim, I was just freaking out and it was under my nose this whole time! I’m so so sorry!” Yifeng buries his face in his hands.

Rolling your eyes, you swivel on your heel and trot into your temporary office, not feeling in the mood to put up with dumb intern’s mistakes today. The day drags on as you make various phone calls and read long documents, and it’s when you’re finally finished with your workday that you finally check your cell phone.

[Unknown]: Hey Y/N

Frowning, you text back, uncertain of who would be texting you that you weren’t aware of.

[Y/N]: Who is this?

Three dots appear as the mystery person types a response back, a whoosh signaling that they’ve responded rather quickly. Your head drops instantly as you read the message.

[Unknown]: It’s Jaebum.

You feel kind of dizzy in the moment, surprised that Jaebum has contacted you. But you should’ve known he would try something after his disgusting behavior at the corporate event.

[Y/N]: How did you get my fucking phone number

[Im Jaebum]: Jinyoungie gave it to me after I asked him…i said I wanted to ‘network’.

[Y/N]: Ok

You send the last message hoping it’ll kill all conversation, making a mental note to kick Jinyoung’s ass the next time you see him. Jaebum seems to have other ideas.

[Im Jaebum]: Want to go out for dinner tonight? My treat.

You snort out loud, eyes rolling to the back of your head.

[Y/N]: lol sorry but fuck no.

Three dots appear quickly, and Jaebum responds within seconds, seemingly unfazed.

[Im Jaebum]: Why not, Y/N?

[Im Jaebum]: That’s no way to treat an old friend.

Through gritted teeth, you type out your response deliberately.

[Y/N]: WE are not fucking FRIENDS.

[Y/N]: You cheated on me, asshole. I trusted you.

[Im Jaebum]: C’mon, Y/N. You’re still hung up on that?

Hell yeah, you were. Time to ignore his messages now. Slamming your phone upside down on your desk, you expect Jaebum to finally give up. When your phone makes a text tone sound, you groan loudly. Will this man ever give up? Has he no pride?

[Im Jaebum]: Not responding now? Leaving me on seen?

You grit your teeth, fighting back the urge to respond.

[Im Jaebum]: Maybe this will change your mind.

[Photo attached[

You open the photo, waiting for it to download.

When it does, your phone almost slips out of your hand as you choke on your saliva.

The photo is dark and grainy, but it’s clear what the image is of. You and Yoongi. Kissing. And it was obviously taken at the charity gala you had attended with Kyungsoo. What the fuck? Jaebum was there?

Fuck. You knew you should have been more careful, that you shouldn’t have done anything risky where anyone could see. But the thrill of getting caught was such a turn on at the time, and you couldn’t help yourself. You know the repercussions that can follow if Jaebum decides to share this photo with anyone. Your career. Over in an instant for a moment of unprofessional behavior. Actually, many moments.

Typing out a response, you gnaw on your lip anxiously.

[Y/N]: What do you want, Jaebum?

[Im Jaebum]: Simply put, I just want you to be my girl again.

[Im Jaebum]: To spend time with me, and to let me take you out.

[Im Jaebum]: I made a mistake cheating on you so long ago. I told you, you’re so fucking hot now that I regret it so badly.

You can practically feel the bile rising in your throat as you take in his words pixellated on your screen.

[Y/N]: And if I don’t?

[Im Jaebum]: Let’s just say that this photo is going to be “leaked” to every major media outlet in Asia.

[Im Jaebum]: And as for a certain someone…she may just lose her gig as the legal representation of TF Entertainment.

[Im Jaebum]: Now you don’t want that, do you, babe?

A shiver runs through your body at the word “babe”, despite the fact that it’s just a word on a screen. However, it’s powerful enough to conjure up the image of Jaebum whispering it into your ear, his scalding breath on your skin. But he’s not here. You’re safe here, protected by the barrier of the Internet and cell phone waves.

[Im Jaebum]: I’ll give you some time to think it over.

Your eyes reread the whole conversation and you skip over the image of you and Yoongi. Gulping, your mind is dizzying with thoughts as you hop into a taxi to go home, dialing Joy’s number. Before she can get a word in after picking up, you’re whining loudly.

“Joy! My career is going to be ruined by Im Jaebum. What do I do? He’s got shit on me!”

“What? He’s fuckin’ blackmailing you now? I’m going to track down that motherfucker and skin him alive, I swear! The nerve!” Joy is spewing out words immediately, not even waiting to hear the full story as she springs to your side without second guessing.

“No! Joy, you can’t. He’s going to send a photo of me and Yoongi kissing at the gala to literally everyone he can get in contact with, unless I agree to go out with him again.” You groan into the phone.

“Y/N…what did you get yourself into? If you’re going to suck face with your secret boytoy, don’t do it somewhere where everyone can see.” Joy scolds.

“I know, I made a mistake, okay. What do I do? Help me!” You’re whiny mess at this point, tugging at your hair forcefully.

Joy sighs. “What can you do? Nothing, really. You have to give in, to sacrifice a little. Besides, this only has to go on until you’re finished with the case.”

“Joy, that could be months from now!”

“You have to do what you have to do, Y/N. Don’t let Jaebum ruin this for you, okay? You worked your ass of for this career and you can’t let your dumb ex wreck it after you made one mistake.”

You let out a huge sigh. “You’re right.”

She does have a point. Thanking her, you hang up with the promise of keeping her updated. The taxi comes to a stop, and you pay the driver before trudging up to your apartment, throwing yourself on the bed to breath in ragged breaths before pulling your phone out of your bag again.

Acquiescing, you text back Jaebum and make a date to see him.

The first few times go exactly as you imagined they would. He’s his usual grimy self, and it’s bearable to a certain extent. You give him thin-lipped smiles, which he accepts. He’s got to get what he can, and that’s all you’re giving him. You avoid his touch, although it’s impossible at times.

Tonight is your third “date” with Jaebum, and he’s taken you to a very fancy restaurant. Hate him as you may, but he is a lawyer after all, and he has money to burn on you.

Jaebum informs you to dress nicely, and you try to get away with wearing pants, but when he spots you when he arrives to pick you up, he instructs you to change immediately. He demands you wear something more revealing, claiming, “You have a nice body, so show it off. I want people to see how hot my date is.”

You can’t help but compare his sleazy words and mannerisms to Yoongi’s. Yoongi wanted you all to himself. He didn’t want to share you with others, or to use you as some object he could show off, unlike Jaebum.

Arriving at the restaurant, you hold back a scoff when the hostess leads you to a booth in the corner of the restaurant, rather secluded to the restaurant. Trust Jaebum to pick the only booth in a fancy restaurant, and the most private one at that, too. It’s only visible to a select few tables in the close proximity, obviously all reservation-only.

Jaebum uses the opportunity to press himself against you, giving you a sideways look as he picks up the menu. You squirm uncomfortably, hiding your face behind the menu. The hostess’ voice drifts into the room again, and you instinctively look up, only to regret it.

Just your dumb luck. Yoongi has just walked in, looking absolutely breathtaking in a dark, emerald colored suit that’s tailored to his physique perfectly. The rest of the Bangtan boys follow closely behind him, and you turn your head away quickly when Jaebum tugs at your menu, trying to avoid being seen.

Jaebum seems to think that you turning your head towards him is you making a move on him. Misconstruing your intentions, he leans in close until his breath is on your neck. You shiver (something you do a lot in his presence, it seems) when his cold lips make contact with your exposed neck. Your eyes flicker to the boys, panic rising in you as you see that they’re being seated at the one table directly in front of your booth. No doubt they have a crystal clear view of Jaebum’s shameless attempts at conquering your neck and collarbones.

Before they take their seats, Jimin notices you, and you cringe at his voice, too late to duck out of view.

“Ah! Attorney Y/N! What a surprise!” His eyes crinkle cutely.

You’re speechless, eyes trailing to capture Yoongi’s gaze. His eyes are dark, and you remember that you haven’t texted or been in contact at all since the morning you had fought. That was over a week ago. It just so happens that whenever you’re at BigHit, he isn’t.

They’re close enough where they can speak at a comfortable volume when addressing you.

“Is this your boyfriend?” Taehyung muses out loud, looking cheekily at you and winking rather indiscreetly.

Right as you blurt, “No!”, Jaebum says, “Yes.”

At that moment, you want to shrivel into a ball and die. Taehyung looks mighty confused and the conversation dies off awkwardly, but you could care less as turn your focus onto Yoongi again. He’s looked away completely, averting his eyes from the situation taking place in front of him. However, he’s taken a seat at the table, and it seems he’s chosen the strategic spot where he’s facing you directly.

Yoongi’s eyes are on his napkin in the meantime, as he peers at it curiously like it’s the most intricate white cloth napkin he’s encountered in his lifetime. Even throughout ordering and eating, you keep your attention on Yoongi, and it’s not exactly a secret, as Jaebum repeatedly vies for your attention by clearing his throat.

You’re finally distracted by the sensation of Jaebum’s icy cold hand sneaking onto your thigh underneath the table. Slapping it away immediately, you give him an uncomfortable look.

“Please don’t touch me.”

Jaebum ignores your words as he continues to rub at your leg. “Y/N, what do you say we put on a little show for Yoongi, huh?” He smirks at you, talking at a lowered volume as his face inches closer to yours. “I don’t want him thinking you’re his. That ended when I came back into your life, babe. Aren’t you glad to be with me again?”

Jaebum’s other arm slips around your shoulders loosely as his hand reaches up to smooth at your hair in what onlookers would consider to be affectionate. But you know his underlying intentions, and it’s upsetting to feel him touch you without your consent.

Tearfully, you nod as you’re reminded again by the control Jaebum has over your life because of that one picture. Your head is lowered, but you don’t have to look up to feel Yoongi’s seeing gaze on you. It’s practically burning your skin.

Jaebum makes you feed him, and you have to allow him to do the same for you, too, in cheesy staged displays of affection. His arm remains on your shoulder the whole time, and your head stays lowered, feeling so incredibly ashamed.

What must Yoongi think of you right now? He must think that you’re easy, allowing your cheating ex-boyfriend to come back into your life so easily after being with Yoongi a short few weeks ago. He must think…that you still love Jaebum.

Although your whole situation at the moment sucks, that’s the part that hurts the most. That Yoongi might misinterpret things to mean that you still loved Jaebum.

Why, oh why, did you confess those things to him that night? That you had loved Jaebum simply because he was similar to Yoongi. You’re a damn fool. It’s so clear to you now that Jaebum will never amount to be even half of the person Yoongi is.

After your meal is finished, you hurriedly rush Jaebum out, not looking at the Bangtan table as you exit. You drag him towards the parking lot, but Jaebum seems to have other plans. As soon as you pass through the doors of the restaurant, he pulls you forcefully by the wrist, his fingers digging into your skin painfully.

Suddenly, you’re in the alleyway next to the restaurant, and he shoves you backwards brutally until your back slams into the brick wall behind you. Within seconds, he’s pounced on you, hands grabbing and assaulting whatever he can as you fight back whimpers of disgust and push against his chest to no avail. His slimy lips press against your skin again, and you stiffen, practically lifeless as you will this to end.

As you’re praying for it to stop, your wishes are granted. Yoongi has somehow materialized out of nowhere, pushing Jaebum off of you.

“I thought I told you to stop preying on women in front of me.” Yoongi growls viciously at Jaebum, his hands trembling from pent up rage.

Jaebum sneers, looking calm given the situation. “Instead of mindlessly trying to protect your precious Y/N, maybe you stop to ask yourself why she’s here with me and not you.”

Yoongi’s left gaping as Jaebum shoots a smirk at him, grabbing you by the shoulders tightly and maneuvering you to the parking lot speedily. He drives terrifyingly fast back to your apartment, and the last glimpse you see of Yoongi through the window is of him staring sullenly at you from the distance, a mere silhouette left behind in the dust.

When Jaebum finally leaves you at your place, you scrub furiously at your body in the shower, hot tears streaming down your face. Tears of shame, tears of feeling pathetic, tears of regret. How could you be so stupid? It was all your fault. You deserved Jaebum’s assaults, his constant harassment. If you hadn’t been so careless, this wouldn’t have happened, right? This was the only way to fix things?

You can’t seem to find solace in slumber, either, as you toss in turn in your bed, thoughts and memories of Jaebum’s touch and words plaguing your mind.

Sounds of someone pounding on your door shake you from your thoughts, and your body quakes when you realize it’s probably Jaebum, back for more. As you approach the door timidly, you begin to shed tears silently again. You tiptoe as you glance through the peephole. Perhaps if you’re quiet, Jaebum will leave, assuming you’re asleep.

But instead, you see Yoongi standing in front of your door, fist hitting the wood relentlessly. Fumbling nervously to open the door, you let him in shakily. He stomps in, eyes searching the room for you as he yells and you hide behind the door, closing it lightly.

“Y/N, what the fuck is your problem? Do you think you don’t deserve me or something? Because you’ve got this image of me in your head as someone untouchable, unreachable, out of your league. But it’s a fucking delusion. Why are you settling for that piece of shit? It’s fuckin’ insulting that you think he’s similar to me. It’s such a huge downgrade! He’s nothing like me in the least. I know you hate how undefined our relationship is right now, but we’re easing ourselves back in, aren’t we? I thought you understood that. But now you go and do this. How could you still love him, Y/N? Tell me.” Yoongi spits out these words venomously, but his eyes soften when he spots you, acknowledging the tears streaming down your face.

“Why are you crying?” He immediately reaches out in instinct to wipe the tears from your eyes, thumbs brushing your cheeks familiarly. You cringe at the feeling of skin to skin contact, despite the fact that it’s Yoongi. Thoughts of Jaebum flood your mind.

“Y-Yoongi.” You cough out, your voice weak and strained. “I don’t love him. I hate him.”

“So why are you going out to dinners with hi dressed in such an amazing dress?” He shoots daggers at you.

“I-It’s complicated.” Your eyes flicker around the room, avoiding his gaze.

Yoongi gently nudges your chin down so he’s peering into your eyes deeply.

“Well, it’s your lucky day. I love complicated.”

Hiccuping, you try and catch your breath. “Sit down.”

The two of you sit on your couch, and you crisscross your legs and face Yoongi. With one last deep breath, the whole story spills out.

“Jaebum has a photo of us fro the gala. It’s…compromising, to say the least.”

“He has a photo of us? You were on your knees, and I was blocking your body anyways. I’m sure it’s unclear; it has to be.” Yoongi butts in.

“No, I’ve seen it. It’s of us kissing, thank God, and you can clearly tell it’s me and you.” You resume talking.

Yoongi pushes his hands through his ashy hair. “Well, fuck.” He looks up at you curiously. “But what does that have to do with you going out with Jaebum again? It’s just a photo.”

“Just a photo?” You laugh bitterly. You were really going to have to spell it out for Yoongi again. “Yoongi, that photo could ruin my whole career!”

The gears in his head finally seem to start turning. “That’s why you’re going out with him? A stupid fucking photo? He’s blackmailing you now?”

You nod, gulping hard as fresh tears threaten to spill over.

“Okay…so what? You’re not going to be on this one case forever.” Yoongi furrows his brow, confused again.

“But this is my big break! This case is huge. I’m going to get insane recognition for this. Hell, I already am! It’s all over the news, and you of all people should know that.”

“Okay, so just ignore him until the case is over? Then he can do whatever the hell he wants.” Yoongi shrugs nonchalantly.

“It’s not that easy.” You sigh out.

“Yes it is.”

Yoongi looks so determined that you cave, agreeing to ignore Jaebum. As if on cue, Jaebum texts you. Yoongi picks up your cell phone, reading the text with his jaw tensed. Peering over his shoulder, you read it, too.

[Im Jaebum]: Hey babe, are you up?

[Im Jaebum]: What are you wearing right now?

Yoongi cocks his arm back to throw your phone across the room, but you grab at him until he puts it back down softly.

“Let’s go to bed.” You coax him, a sudden desire to have him accompany you to bed surging through your veins. Yoongi felt safe. It’s as if he could protect you from all the dangers of the world, namely Im Jaebum.

Crawling into bed with you, he spoons you and you fall asleep as his musky and minty scent washes over you, flooding your senses. Slumber comes easy despite the turmoil you had experienced with falling asleep earlier. It’s comforting feeling his strong arms wrapped tightly around your middle, like nothing could ever pull you from his hold.

Sounds of your phone vibrating on the nightstand cause you to stir in your sleep. Your heart sinks into your stomach as you know who your text is from.

[Im Jaebum]: Ignoring me again I see? Seeing Loverboy Suga is making you unclear of things again, right? Let me give you a refresher.

Attached is an image of an email draft directed towards a popular new outlet.

[Im Jaebum]: If you don’t text me back by noon, I’m hitting send.

Shit. It’s ten o’clock right now, and you frantically shake Yoongi awake, wordlessly shoving the phone screen in front of his face as he rubs at his eyes groggily to clear his vision. The serene look on his face morphs into one of blatant disgust as he reads Jaebum’s messages to you.

Panic rises in your chest swiftly, and you tug at your roots. “What do I do? I can’t avoid him, he’s too unpredictable! It’s only been one night without responding to his texts and he’s already this close to going through with things!”

Firmly catching hold of your hand, he rubs soothing circles into the back of it as he speaks. “Calm down, Y/N. Just tell him you’re going on a trip. Hell, I’ll take you on a spontaneous trip away for the rest of the weekend just in case he shows up at your door. There’s no way he’ll be able to give you shit for work matters.”

You nod in agreement, ignoring the bubbly feeling at the idea of a weekend away with Yoongi. Thinking up an excuse for being missing in action last night, you respond to Jaebum.

[Y/N]: Sorry! I was asleep and my phone had died last night and I didn’t have a charger.

[Y/N]: I’m going on a business trip to the other side of Seoul for the case, so I can’t meet up this weekend. :( sorry jb

“JB?” You look over at Yoongi who looks surprised at the nickname.

“What? You want me to call him ‘asshole’ instead?” You roll your eyes but find his jealousy cute.

[Im Jaebum]: hmm, okay. that’s fine.

[Im Jaebum]: i’ll see you when you get back, babe.

Again, his words never fail to generate shudders from you. Yoongi’s hand repositions itself on your back and he soothing pats. His breath tickles you ear as he speaks.

“See, I told you. And now I’m going to whisk you away to a nice hotel for the weekend.”

And he does.

Being able to look over to see Yoongi driving by your side for an extended period of time is fantastic. Peering over at him, you see his pale blue veins clearly through the translucent white skin of his hands. His jawline is so sharp it could draw blood. Every so often, he catches you admiring him and gives you bemused expressions.

“Like what you see?”

Blushing furiously, you look away bashfully. Yoongi presses the back of his and against your cheek.

“Wow, you’re really burning up there.” He teases.

Slapping at his hand, you giggle. “Both hands on the wheel, Min Yoongi.”

“Make me.” Yoongi’s rough hand settles on your thigh, gripping it gently as his other hand guides the steering wheel, eyes looking at the road. Taking deep breaths, you try to extinguish the flames quickly igniting in the pit of your stomach, but to no avail. Your mind is wandering, unable to focus because of the conscious awareness that his skin is touching yours. The cool feeling of the rings adorning his fingers against your exposed leg causes a smile to form on your face.

The rings are new to you. He’d never worn rings when you were together so many years ago, and you liked them more than you could imagine. You particularly liked that there were still things about Yoongi left to discover.

The car pulls to a gradual stop in front of the hotel, and he goes up to the reception to check the two of you into your room while you wait in the lobby area. Earlier he had called and made a reservation under your name for the next two nights. Waiting in the lobby area, your gaze travels around the room, taking in the bougie decor. A massive chandelier hangs in front of you, and the floors are a sleek marble texture. Yoongi returns to you with a key card dangling between his fingers, waving it at you while he smiles his precious gummy smile at you. Nodding towards the elevator, his hand positions itself on your lower back protectively, and he guides you in, pressing the button for the top floor silently.

You cock an eyebrow at him in wonder, but he shrugs nonchalantly as he swipes to gain access to the floor. Immediately upon entering the room down the hallway, you gasp. It’s a huge suite, featuring conjoined rooms of a living room and bedroom, as well as an attached luxurious bathroom.

“Yoongi!” Your eyes widen. “This must’ve cost a fortune.”

“You can always pay me back in kisses.” Yoongi puckers down at you cutely and you lean in close, his breath becoming noticeably ragged as your noses brush gently. Right as your lips are about to meet, Yoongi’s eyelashes fluttering against his cheeks, you pull away and pinch his cheek playfully, swiveling to admire the bathroom.

Squealing, you observe all the details of the room, from the huge mirrors to the shiny polished bathtub. The view from the window is incredible, and you quickly snap a photo to upload on your social media. Meanwhile, Yoongi has tossed himself onto the plush bed, and you quickly follow suit.

“What should we do?” You ask, with no intentions in mind.

Yoongi’s eyes twinkle in response with a hint of something that’s all too familiar by now, something rather suggestive.

“Yoongi…” You sigh, feeling your ears turning red again as you burrow your face into the pillow.

Yoongi’s cold finger pokes at your exposed ear. “Even your ears are turning that cute pink.”

You simply groan in response, the sound muffled by the bedding.

“I’m just kidding, Y/N. Let’s take things slow for now. You sucking me dry at the gala has already caused enough shit, don’t you think? Plus, we have all the time in the world together.”

You gulp, hoping Yoongi doesn’t notice. But the case…?

Shaking the thought away, you decide to focus on other things. If Jaebum was going to blackmail you regardless, you should at least revel in being in a relationship with Yoongi again. Fuck the case. You could do discreet.

You know that you’ll do your best with the case no matter if it hurts Yoongi or not, and he should understand that, right? Whatever truly happened with the songwriting process would pan out eventually, and whoever was in the wrong would be punished, and that’s that.

Sighing before looking up at Yoongi, you peer through your messy hair falling in a curtain over your face. He tenderly brushes away some strands, tucking sections behind your ear.

“You’re really astonishingly fucking beautiful, you know that?” Yoongi’s voice is so low and quiet that it’s almost inaudible. His hand doesn’t leave our face, cupping your chin again in a way that’s grown to be familiar, his thumbs brushing against the apples of your cheeks, caressing your skin as if it’s a delicate object, as if he’s afraid you’ll disappear from in front of him.

“I know.” You whisper back, trying to keep a straight face as you look up into his eyes.

Yoongi groans, but can’t hide his smile. He rolls over onto his back, whining softly.

“Way to ruin a moment, Y/N.”

You giggle and roll sideways until you’re on top of him, your chin resting on his chest as you peer up at his half-lidded eyes as he gazes down at you. From where your hand is resting on his firm chest, you can feel his heart beat. It’s going quite fast, at a pace matching your own. Leaning up slowly, you press a firm kiss against his lips.

Immediately, his heart kickstarts and begins pacing even faster under your fingers, and you keep your lips locked until you can’t possibly breathe anymore. Slumping against his chest after your lips separate, you feel drowsiness hitting you, but you also feel like you’re floating outside of your body in a feeling of content. You’re up in the clouds. The feeling of Yoongi’s warm body against yours, his presence in general, is so extremely soothing, and you feel yourself drifting off.

“I really did miss you so much, Y/N.” Yoongi whispers into your hair as he strokes his fingers through it. Humming sleepily in response, you fall completely into slumber against his chest.

The last sensation you register is the feeling of his heart thudding swiftly.


a/n: fuck that took me so long to write! I’m so so so incredibly sorry for the delay between chapters,, i know i’m usually much better at uploading and writing in general. uni has been a wild ride so far so i’m still adjusting and i just now got time to write. i hope this is worth your while and not total shit, because i owe y’all one for sticking around with pipe dreams hehe~

Z is for Zoonotic Disease (26/26)

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS).
 Reader X Bones.
Prompt: Fic 26 of 26 in the CMO’s Log – A to Z series.  Z is for Zoonotic Disease.   Click here for a listing of all the fics in this series!
Word Count: 3032.
Rating: Teen+.
Author’s Note: The last fic in round 1 of this series!  I’m pretty emotional right now.  This is the first time I’ve ever managed to finish a writing project I’d started, and I’m honestly kind of floored.  I never could have done it without the support and interest of all of you amazing people.  Thank you for sticking with me and reading these!  I hope you’ll stick around for round 2: A to Z 2.0, and for other fics I post in the future!  Cheers!!! (As an aside: the medications mentioned in this one can be found here.)

CMO’s Log – A to Z – Z is for Zoonotic Disease

Your vision is fuzzy around the edges and your hearing is vaguely muffled as you walk unsteadily over the threshold into med bay.  You’ve been feeling unwell for days with an on-again, off-again high fever, cough, aches, and chills, and while you’d initially thought you’d had the flu, a visit to the med bay a couple of days earlier had revealed instead that it was pneumonia plaguing you.  At that time, you’d been given an antibiotic and asked by Dr. M’Benga to follow up once a day for a quick assessment to see how you were progressing, and so as ordered, you’re shuffling into med bay for a daily check, feeling worse than ever.

“Y/N,” Dr. M’Benga calls from several feet away as he sees you wander in.  “Come over this way, let’s sit you down.”

The tone of his voice suggests that you look as bad as you feel and you slowly make your way over to the bio bed he’s standing beside and allow him to help you up onto it.  Lying back, blinking away the harsh overhead lighting, you relax as he begins an assessment.  Your head aches so badly that its affecting your hearing, and even so near your head the whirring of the tricorder sounds like it’s coming from underwater.  

“You’re not responding to the antibiotic,” Dr. M’Benga explains as he holds a holoscanner over your chest, looking at the x-ray image there showing him patchy consolidation in your lungs.  “We need to keep you here and isolated until we figure out exactly what kind of a bug you’ve got.”

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Forgetful (part 3)

Word Count: 1,633
Reader Gender: Female I guess idk
Warnings: Hospital, reader injuries
Love Interest: Pietro Maximoff
Note: This might bring a close to the Forgetful series, but idk ‘causeI haven’t written it yet. I’ll write more here once I’ve finished writing this part see you in a jiffy.

It seems I have done a 50/50, but I felt like this was a solid ending.

Tags: @ladywolfdemon @iamvvanda @hownottodie101 @aweways @kkrissy12

|| Part 1 || Part 2 ||

Originally posted by hospitalheaven

The soft, steady beeping of the heart monitor gave Pietro comfort, yet it sent him into panic all the same. While the heart monitor gave a reassurance that she was still alive for the moment, it didn’t promise that she’d be alive in the future. So, here he sat for the past two weeks, sitting by her bedside. The only time he’d leave is when he’d need to use the restroom. He’d only eat when forced; which meant Wanda all but shoving food down his throat whenever she came to visit.

The rest of the team came to visit when they could, and while they worried for her, they also worried for Pietro. There were many mixed emotions going around the team; some blamed him, others felt bad. Tony was a main party in those that blamed Pietro, and he made sure to let Pietro know whenever he was in the vicinity. Bucky was on the fence on how to feel about Pietro, Bucky was more concerned about her well being than anything else. Steve was similar, but still harbored feelings of blame on Pietro.

Nat was beyond pissed at the both of them, but her anger for the figure in the hospital bed was matched by her endless worry. Clint would bring her cards every day, and they got a little more ridiculous as the days passed. Bruce was still missing, but he had sent her favourite flowers and a simple note that said ‘Don’t die, friend’. Thor came back down to check on things a few days ago, and was very distressed when he was told. Needless to say, Pietro got an earful from him.

Even without the entire team letting him know exactly how they felt, he was still in daily panic. Even more so than usual, there’s been 3 near-deaths in time she’s been here. Pietro completely blames himself for everything, and the weight of guilt keeps him from moving from his chair. Guilt and love, that’s what keeps him here. Some time ago he came to the conclusion that her being in the hospital is some twisted way of making him pay for what he did. That’s why he never argues when Tony goes off on him.

Between him losing himself in his guilt-ridden thoughts, and him crying his eyes out, he talks to her. The topic will vary occasionally, but it mainly stays with him either apologizing, making promises, begging for her to come back, or vocalizing memories. Right now he had his head in her blanketed lap, his hand in hers. They had, at one point, her hooked up to a breathing machine when she had first got here. To say that she had sustained severe injuries would be an understatement.

The doctor himself even said that it was a miracle that she was even still alive right now. There was injury to her organs, hips, ribs, neck, arms, and one of her legs. There was also a large portion of skin damaged on her back, and it’d still be a bit longer before that healed.  Her neck was almost fully healed, as well as her arm. Today Tony was in the room along with Pietro, which had become a norm. Tony was with her almost as much as he was, the difference being that Tony wasn’t the one that put her in here.

“You did this, you know.” Tony said, beginning to start another argument.

“I am well aware.” Pietro clarified for the millionth time.

“Great, because I’m here to remind you. Think of me as you own personal alarm clock.” Tony said.

“Will do.” Pietro said with a sigh.

“Not like you have much of a choice here, anyway.” Tony said matter-of-factly.

“I realize this, Tony.” Pietro spoke, closing his eyes in frustration.

“You better, because she’s going to go off like a firecracker when she wakes up,” Tony continued, “Like the Fourth of July of doom.”

“Looking forward to it.” Pietro spoke, a little more passively this time.

“Will you two-ow-shut the-ow- fuck up-ow.” A familiar voice said, clearly irritated. 

“Y/n!” Tony and Pietro said at the same time.

“Wow, can we not talk so loud, I have the world’s biggest headache.” Y/n said as Tony went to notify a nurse.

God, I’m gone for two seconds, and they’re already at each others throats. They’re both secretly children, I’m almost positive. Wait, why the fuck am I in this room? This is not my bedroom. This is not the Tower. This is not anywhere that I’m familiar, it’s too fucking white and bright to be any room that I’d ever go in. I looked down, now noticing that I had on a hospital gown on instead of my normal clothes.

I looked up, glaring at the person closest to me (and the only person in the room), Pietro. He, surprisingly, looked like the worst thing in the world. He had clearly not been sleeping properly, to say the least. His eyes were red, like he had just been crying. He was also holding one of my hands. another thing that I just noticed. I would’ve snatched it away, but the sight of a needle in my arm caught my attention instead.

“Don’t even think about it,” Pietro said immediately, covering the IV with his hand, “It’s suppossed to help you.”

“Oh yeah, sure, just like you helped me?” I questioned harshly, still glaring.

“I’m sorry.” Pietro said and my glare softened a bit.

“Yeah, well, sorry doesn’t get me out of this fucking hospital.” I stated simply.

Tony came back into the room, the doctor following shortly after. The doctor greeted me politely, but I just grumbled in response. I fucking hate hospitals, I want to stab someone. I huffed as the doctor started explaining everything, and small flashbacks of the incident began to pass through my mind. The sound of the glass shattering underneath me. The feeling of the tires rolling over my stomach.

The headlights of the vehicles burning holes into my eyes. My skin tearing on the metal of the vehicles. The sound of sirens that was barely audible to my ears. The sight of pure darkness, consuming me with blinding pain. The gentle, yet distressed, touch of a hand on my cheek. ‘Please, please, stay with me,’ rang through my mind. At the time, I didn’t know who it was, but now that I can think a bit clearer, it was obviously Pietro.

The doctor took his leave, telling me he’d be back soon with test results. Tony then announced that he was going to head to the Tower and tell everyone that I was awake and alive. Silence ensued between Pietro and I, neither of us bothering to say a word. For different reasons, I’m sure. I didn’t know what to say. Part of me wanted to scream, just for everything that’s happened. Another part of me just wanted to be hugged at the realization of me almost dying.

“Listen, I know you probably don’t even want to see me right now, but I’m so sorry, Y/n.” Pietro said.

“Hey-” I began.

“It’s all my fault, I know. If I hadn’t asked you to come and meet me, and if I hadn’t done what I did, you wouldn’t be like this.” Pietro continued, referencing my hospital-ridden state.

“Well-” I began again.

“And I know that me asking for forgiveness is selfish, and probably too soon, but I’m just glad that you’re okay.” Pietro said, and I raised my brows, “I mean, I know you’re not healed yet, but you don’t know how happy it made me to see you awake. You could’ve ended up in a permanent coma, or worse, because of me.” He continued.

“Pietro-”I began.

“I know that this is karma getting back at me for what I did, but can you please forgive me?” Pietro asked again.

Well, if you’d let me talk, you big blue idiot.

“Sorry.” He apologized again.

Whoops, didn’t mean to say that one out loud.

I looked at him for a moment, seriously considering what he had said. He really did look awful, and remorse was very clear on his face. He looked like he’d simply die on the spot if I uttered the opposite. While I was still very angry at him, a small part of me wanted to forgive him. I don’t think we could go back to being a couple, at least not so soon. So, forgiveness at friend status is now up for debate.

I suppose I forgive him for putting me in here, it wasn’t directly his fault. It certainly wasn’t mine either, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay for me to just take it out on him. I sighed deeply, his grip on my hand tightening slightly. Maybe it’d be okay if we were just friends? Like, friends who met on the first day of school and are only talking to one another because they don’t know anybody else. It’s oddly specific, but there we go.

“Fine, but you’re never to speak to me again.” I stated simply.

“O-Oh, okay, that’s fine, I’m just really happy you forgave me.” He started, “I guess I’ll just go then, I’m sorry, I’ll get out of your hair-”

“Pietro, Pietro,” I began frantically, “I was just kidding.”

“Oh,” He sighed deeply, a little relieved.

“I forgive you, but I don’t think we can go back to what we were,” I began, “At least not so quickly, but we can be friends.”

“Thank you, thank you so much.” He said, and it appeared as if a weight had been lifted off his shoulder.

“You’re welcome,” I said, “Now get over here and give me a very platonic hug, reality hit me in the face like 10 minutes ago.”

I did an otp question meme thing for Etta/Diana. Be warned: I’m basing this all off the movie, which I’ve only seen once. I might be iffy on characterization or speech patterns. Also, I rambled.

Who is the big spoon/little spoon?
Diana likes both, but Etta definitely prefers being the little spoon. The first time Diana tucked an arm around her in bed, Etta’s eyes got really wide and her breath caught, because while she’s a fierce, determined (and previously single) woman in her mid-40’s, she yearns for cuddles. Especially cuddles from tall, beautiful, badass women.

Favourite non-sexual activity?
After a number of truly disastrous dates, Etta finally loosens up about trying to corral Diana in public and just lets her be, and finds she enjoys going out and just exploring the city together. They do a lot of traveling, too, to wherever Diana is needed, and even though Etta makes a lot of frowny and/or exasperated and/or frantic faces over trying to be the more organized and responsible of the two during their adventures (you can’t just show up in another country and start winning people’s wars or solving crisis’s, Diana, there’s plenty else that’s got to be considered like food and lodging and not creating an international incident) she loves getting involved and making a difference.

Who uses all the hot water?
Diana, because it occasionally escapes her notice that she’s no longer in paradise, and she does have a very subtle spoiled streak (bloody princess); but Diana goes out of her way to make sure Etta gets to have relaxing baths and other self-indulgent activities, so it evens out in the end.

The most trivial thing they fight over?
Diana feels that Etta clings far to closely to social rules that make no sense (why shouldn’t I hold your hand in public? I was told this is to show others we are together) and Etta thinks Diana takes safety for granted. The issues are actually not trivial at all, but each thinks it is.  

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quakejhnson  asked:

OMG PROMPTS ARE OPEN YAY!!! so, in hbp, first potions class, when harry stands close to amortentia, he is able to smell things he liked most, including ginny (that the little nerd was still oblivious about). taking that slughorn's first class to sixth years is still that one on the following school year, can you write something about ginny smelling his scent and knowing it was his bc they had been together months before? maybe something about her missing him and stuff? love your work btw

A/N: I hope this captures some of what you are looking for!  Thank you for this prompt, I had fun working on it :)  (note there’s a semi panic attack in this one) Also thanks to everyone for your input when all I could think of was ‘musk’ xD

Also available on FF and Ao3!


The normally muggy Potions classroom is downright unbearable when Ginny slumps into her aisle seat and sets her cauldron on the creaky table with a thunk.  Normally, she would wait to choose a seat, favoring the old ‘safety in numbers’ adage, but since Luna…

At least Slughorn’s already in the classroom, fiddling with the broad, steaming cauldron that sits covered at the front of the room.  He sends her a wan smile as he swipes his forehead with a monogrammed handkerchief he’ll probably brag was a gift from some well known dressmaker from the continent.

A smile ticks the corner of Ginny’s mouth, gone like a whisper before it really settles once the heavy door creaks open, a couple of broad, beefy looking Slytherins eyeing her distastefully.  Unease trickles down her spine, following the sweat that drips from her hairline, as they settle down across the aisle and one row back.  Ginny can practically feel their dark gaze on her, dangerous and judging, as she putters with her ingredients, squinting at the Slughorn’s chalky letters curling across the board.

Slowly, in singles and groups, the rest of the 6th year Potions students filter into the room, voices pitched low and eyes hesitant, like everyone’s has been since the Carrows came, since Harry didn’t.

Ginny blinks rapidly, fighting the rush of tears pricking at her eyes and flips through her textbook until Slughorn calls the class to attention.  The students quiet fairly quickly, in fact most students have kept to themselves unless they’re among the chosen few in Slytherin or willing to risk detention with the Carrows.  Most of professors prefer to keep their chastisements to a minimum, knowing a bit of unruly behavior doesn’t deserve the type of punishment likely to be handed down to muggleborns and blood traitors by the new regime.  Early on, McGonagall and a few others attempted to deal out their own punishments quietly but were quickly outed by ‘do-gooder’ students on the increasingly violent Inquisitorial Squad.  Eventually, the heads of house decided privately that any indiscretion committed by a student wasn’t justification for inhumane treatment, and the students seemed to come to the same conclusion.  It wasn’t that the increase in corporal punishment was effective in a positive way – more that the spirit of Hogwarts students was slowly being crushed beneath the weight of Voldemort’s reign.

And apparently Slughorn’s preferred way of combatting the pressure was introducing a large vat of love potion to his Sixth Year Potions students.  After flicking his wand and instructing the class to turn to the appropriate page for the instructions, Slughorn asked them to file forward in an orderly fashion so they could observe the ideal result up close.

Ginny’s somewhere in the middle of the queue, jaw clenching with each angry shove from seemingly phantom limbs.  When she’s standing at the brim of the cauldron, her eyes slip closed of their own accord, her lungs drawing in the heady scent wafting from the swirling tendrils of steam.  

Gingerbread.  Late winter nights at the Burrow, crowded around the fireplace with the whole family wrapped in newly gifted sweaters, each cracking open their personal tin of freshly baked gingerbread lovingly prepared by Molly, and Ron and Ginny once they were old enough.  She can almost taste the sharpness of the unbaked dough on her tongue, small pinches stolen when Molly wasn’t looking to closely.

Fresh cut grass.  A smile spreads across her face, warmer, broader than she has since – a long time – as her mind drifts to late nights out in the Burrow’s paddock, toes brushing along the soft green shoots.  But not just that, she can almost see Harry’s flushed face, eyes alight with happiness as he goads her from his perch on a broom now smashed to bits.  

And then, it’s a combination of smells that calls to mind late nights piled around the wireless at the Burrow pressed close against Harry’s side, long hours spent battling over the snitch on beat up brooms with dangling feet barefoot and dirty, that smell that’s a mix of warm woodsy boy and fresh laundry dried in summer air.  That smell she knows from stolen afternoons beneath the beech tree, sticky with sweat and faces flushed with sun and each other.  She can almost feel the breeze off the Great Lake, hear the Giant Squid playing in the waves, and for a moment, she wants to turn and offer Harry a whispered quip over one sun-kissed shoulder and watch his emerald eyes spark with mischief and laughter.  That aroma that can only be described as Harry.

She’s still wrapped in the warmth of her memories when another shove, harder and angrier than before, nearly sends her toppling into the bubbling cauldron.  Before she can even think, rage boils up her spine and floods through her fingertips, and somehow her wand is in her hand, spell after spell leaving her lips with dangerous precision honed during those hours in the Room of Requirement with the DA.  

Maybe her temper sparks because for a moment, she forgot that the memories weren’t reality – that she was estranged from one brother, while another was wandering who knows where with one of her best friends and her brother and her – Harry.

And as if they can read her mind, three grumbling Slytherins begin spewing hatred for Harry and anyone associated with him, promising torture and death and worse.

Blood pounds in her ears and she can barely hear Slughorn’s increasingly frantic shouts as her spells slice across the room, students diving for cover.

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