i was feeling quite emotional


Etter at jeg har klatret opp til
så spør jeg deg :
Hva skjer etter at jeg
har reddet deg?
Da svarer du:
Jeg redder deg tilbake.

This… has been sitting on my computer for a couple weeks. I’m not gonna finish it. But if you’re curious, it’s some thumbnails for the story I mentioned in this sketch dump here x. I just wanted to animate Nick landing in the cage which is why the camera angle doesn’t change (and I wanted to animate him hugging Judy…). The pacing of this is quicker than it would actually be though, because without any dialogue or the Coyote in the scene it would be a lot of Nick pretty much just staring off to the left. …..Anyway. I thought I should post it. Also, I know he doesn’t movie his tail around nearly as much in the movie but drawing Nick’s tail swishing around was fun haha


“I sort of know where he is now. Next season will be next season, he might go through a big change, I don’t know. He’s dear to me. I’ve lived with him for so long. I think I’ve come into a place of feeling quite emotional about him, actually, knowing that I’m not going to get to go back to him after next year,” Harington said in a statement.

He added: “I’m really trying to just take stock of having lived this sort of dual life with this character, and being through so much with this character. It’s been a strange journey, but I’ll always be fond of it.”

The seventh season of the popular fantasy drama series Game of Thrones will premiere on July 16. It will be back in India on Star World, Star World HD and Star World Premiere HD. The final season is likely to air in 2018.

Harington added that he has “just finished season seven, and I am already counting down the days until I get the season eight scripts”.

“Everyone’s been wondering how it’s going to end, and what’s going to happen right from the get-go, and theorising about it. It’s really exciting to me not knowing, genuinely having no idea where it’s going to end, what they’ve got in their heads, and being the first to find out,” he said.

The True Meaning of Shipping.....

As the weekend comes to a close, I must admit that after a week from hell with work projects, I am feeling quite rested, and a little emotional this evening.

After seeing the videos of Sam and Cait at ECCC….I am once again reminded why I became a fan of these two glorious people. They have an aura, a goodness, and all around love that makes you see and feel all that is right in the world. And because they were so giving of their time and space, I have decided to allow them their own. Everyone knows where I stand regarding these two beautiful people, and I hope their lives continue to be filled with love, and each other. I will follow them until the very end!

But, I have also learned this weekend that my “love of the ship ” really now centers around something else, and that is each of you. To all the ladies who shared their stories, pictures, squees, embarrassments and overall fabulous experience…..THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I felt like I was actually attending this con with you, and it has made me smile and laugh to no end. And, I am convinced that if they attend another one , we should figure out how to go as a whole group!! The fact that several of you got to meet, have dinner and just enjoy your experience together is what “shipping” is all about, and all of the Shipsters did us proud.

Who knows what the future holds for our dreamy duo, but I do know one thing. At the end of the day, it’s not about who is right, who is first, who has the biggest mouth ( we already know that one!😉), or who thinks they know the most…. It’s about finding a place to share, laugh, cry and even snark from time to time about something, or someone who is deserving of that kind of love and acceptance. We came together because of OL, and Sam and Cait. We are now together because of our support of each other, and that is the most beautiful ship of all.

Much love to all my fellow shipsters. I cannot imagine this place without each and every one of you, and we are the true captains of our own ship! And to those on the other side who cannot understand this level of love and friendship, well they can row right on by on their shaky lifeboats because they simply don’t get it, and never will.

Happy Sunday to you all, and thanks for a glorious weekend of memories and fun!💜❤💚💙💛

Guys, I’m so excited for the Black Panther movie that I’m actually feeling quite emotional. As a black person who loves superheroes, it’s so amazing to see a superhero movie come out where the main lead is black as well as most of the cast. It’s not us being the usual sidekick or even the villain but it’s us being in the role of heroes and so much more. I actually had my hand over my mouth because there’s just so much representation in that one trailer. Even seeing all the African clothing with the colorful prints is so goddamn familiar to me, it’s something that I hardly even get to see in a Western film. 

So this film means a whole lot to me and probably many others like me. It just really makes me happy and I can’t wait to see it on the big screen. I know there’s been talk about it for months now and we’ve seen the cast and whatnot. But seeing an actual trailer really cemented it for me, that this is real and it’s actually happening. 

I’m going to stop being all emotional now but yes, it’s finally here!

Seventeen as Boyfriends

A/N: after a looooong time i have returned with yet another series! don’t forget that you can always send me requests!

I have a feeling that our dear Wonwoo would be that type of shy, romantic guy, where at first he would seem a little cold but then would surprise you with such a sweet, romantic date and show you his soft side. So, while other people may think that he is actually quite cold you would know that actually he was very caring and showered you with affection. It would take some time for him to warm up and you would have to put in some effort to get closer to him but it would totally be worth it. Because once he would have opened up to you, you would get to know so many wonderful things about him and he would make sure you would always know how much he loved you. You would be his most prized possession and he would make sure you’re always happy, because as long as you’re happy, he is happy. He would often surprise you with small gifts, such as a nice book or a cute necklace and would plan cute dates. I feel like doing such things would get him really excited since he just loved seeing your eyes light up when you see what he had prepared. But he would also really enjoy lazy dates, just laying on the couch with you or playing video games. But his signature date would probably be the coffee shop date and you two would have been to a big amount of coffee shops and of course would have a favorite. Wonwoo would be the type to go on long walks with you and hold your hand and kiss your temple and sit down somewhere on a bench and just talk with you about everything. He would be that reliable, somewhat quiet type of boyfriend.
In conclusion, Wonwoo would probably be a very ‘soft’ type of guy, where he would always be there for you to lean on and often surprise you with small gifts or cute dates, even though he might not seem like the romantic, cheesy type at first.


I think that Seokmin would be that really dorky, funny somewhat childish kind of boyfriend. He would always know just how to make you laugh and lighten up your mood. He’d often make stupid jokes which you would have to get along with because there simply would be no stopping him. He would often go a little overboard with his reactions, but honestly, that would make him only all the more lovable. But don’t be fooled by his first impression, because once you get past that layer of dorky cuteness, you’ll find out so much more about him. Because even such a bright person like him has his few dark sides not many people know about. But it would take quite some time to get him open up to you like that because, to you, he only wants to be the happy dork. He doesn’t want you to see him sad. But he wouldn’t be able to avoid that situation for long, since I feel like he is quite an emotional person. However, once he realizes that you actually want him to come to you when he has problems, he would definitely become more open. Like Wonwoo, I think Seokmin would also be a very romantic kind of guy and would actually be very into PDA. He would love cuddling, whether you’re at home or out and about, and would always have his arm around you or hold your hand. He would often kiss your temple or forehead and ruffle your hair a lot. You would just always be cute to him no matter what. So it might be a little bit of a challenge to make him realize that you actually are capable of doing things yourself. But he just wouldn’t be able to help himself, he would always want to protect you and it might get a little too much from time to time, but keep in mind that he really only wants the best for you.
So, I think Seokmin would be very dorky and adorable but also very reliable since he would never want to leave your side. And you can always anticipate romantic dates he had planned and shouldn’t have anything against PDA because believe me, there is going to be a lot of that.

I personally think that Mingyu would be a mix of Wonwoo and DK. He would be so so affectionate and wouldn’t need any time to ‘get used to’ having a girlfriend. It would just come to him naturally. And coming together with that boyfriend behaviour would be nicknames. Lots of them. And they’d get weirder and weirder with time. Of course not he was running out of ideas on what to call you, no. He was just ‘changing it up’ and ‘getting creative’. Another big thing in a relationship with him would intimacy and skinship. And I don’t only mean physical intimacy. You would have to be okay with Mingyu wanting to know what’s going through your head, so he would often ask you what you are thinking. I also see him being huge on PDA. He would want the whole world to know how cute you are and that you belong to him and only him. There would be lots of ‘aww’ and small smooches all over your face because you are just too cute. He would always want to hold your hand and be a gentleman and carry your bags. You would always be able to have a fun time with him. But he would also always be there for you to listen to whatever you have to say and he would be your shoulder to cry on. And he wouldn’t expect anything in return. Mingyu would also be very open about his feelings, telling you when he was upset or anything like that. And his main priority would be to put a big, bright smile onto your face. Because as long as you are happy, so is he. And he would go to lengths to achieve that. He would plan out secret dates and drag you there only to see your face light up.
Mingyu would be a ‘natural boyfriend’, whereas he would always know just what to do to make you happy. He would be very affectionate and also show that in public. His hands would always be on you somehow and he wouldn’t even think about letting you go.

I see him as someone who would actually get very protective while pretending not to care at the same time. He would probably be scared of coming off as weak when telling you that he was worried you might leave him, which could make him seem quite cold. But after you had reassured him nothing of that sort would ever happen, he would definitely open up more towards you. Still, it would be a little hard for him to express his feelings but he would definitely try. Though he would very often get embarrassed when surprising you with a date or something like that. But he would definitely try to learn how to be a better boyfriend and would even ask the other members for advice to make sure you were the happiest girl in the world. Because he really did care for you deeply, he was just unable to show it. He would probably get jealous quite easily and would always try to protect you from basically everything. He would have very high expectations for himself and would often be disappointed because he couldn’t live up to them. So you would often have to remind him just how amazing of a boyfriend he is. Even though he would try to act all cool and tough, you would be his biggest weakness and he would always get so incredibly happy whenever you kissed him or told him you loved him. He would try to spend every free second with you and cuddling would be his favourite thing to do. He would love having you fall asleep with your head on his chest and just admire you because you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it.
Woozi would seem like a somewhat cold person at first. But only because he wouldn’t know just exactly how to tell you how much you mean to him. But he would try his best to make known to you just how much he loves you and it would just be the most heartwarming thing.

I see him as a very, very protective and also clingy type of guy. I can see him being pretty into PDA and he would often let everyone know just how much he loves you and just how wonderful you are. He would treat you so well and would always only want the best for you. But he would also be very clingy and would probably accompany you everywhere to make sure you are safe. He would always want to know where you are, but not really in an obsessive kind of way. More in a worried way if that makes sense. You would really have to sit him down and tell him that you are old enough to go places alone without being kidnapped or dismembered. Or even both. He would then really try to tone down his protectiveness as much as he could but later one you two would find a mix between him being protective but also letting you be independent. But you would never be able to turn off that protective part inside of him. He would also often try to be romantic and set up candles and whatnot to surprise you when you get back home. He then would probably get all flustered when you complimented him on how wonderfully he decorated everything and thanked him for all the effort he put in for you. He would always try to fulfil your dreams and keep you smiling. He would also be very open about his feelings and would want you to be the same way, telling him when something is wrong.
In conclusion, Seungcheol would be very protective and clingy to the point it would almost get annoying. But that’s just because you are so dear to him and he would definitely let you and everyone else know just how much he loves you.

We all know how extra Seungkwan can be. And I have feeling that wouldn’t change at all when he is in a relationship with you. He would constantly brag about you to the other members and wouldn’t care whether he would have told them just how beautiful you are ten times already. Even if you were around, or rather especially then, he would constantly talk to them about how gracefully you move and whatnot. He would often make you blush by constantly showering you with compliments and affection. And he wouldn’t even expect anything in return. He has such a big heart and you would take up almost all the space in it. You would always e his number one priority and he would always go out of his way to make sure you are happy. He would do anything to see you smile and hear you laugh. You would be everything to him and he would let you know so that you would never doubt his love for you. He would always be there for you if you needed a shoulder to cry on. If you were to surprise him by getting him a present or cancelling all your plans to spend some time with him, he would probably start crying. He would be very moved and would continue to tell you that you really didn’t have to do such a thing. He would always be very gentle with you and try to protect you from basically everything. There wouldn’t be a day spent without him showering you with kisses.
Seungkwan would be a very, very soft and gentle type of guy, your happiness being his first priority. He would always make time for you and continue on bragging about you to everyone he knows. He would show his love for you and wouldn’t be embarrassed about it by one bit.

I see Hoshi as being the kind of shy, cute type of boyfriend. He would often make silly little jokes to get you to laugh or make funny faces when you two were sitting opposite of each other. He would get shy when the other members would tease you two for kissing or sitting really really close to each other on the couch. In public, I feel like he would be pretty shy of showing his affection for you as well. He would never go farther than holding your hand or having his arm around you. But at home, he wouldn’t stop complimenting you and showering you with kisses. He would also be very playful, tickling you a lot and squishing your cheeks together and all that. Hoshi would try to teach you choreographies and ask you what you think of dance moves he came up with. He would often ask you for your opinion on basically anything. His outfit, hair and so on. He would always look for your approval and you would maybe even have to sitcom down and tell him that you think he’s amazing no matter what. He then would probably start crying because his feelings for you are just so overwhelming. I see him being a somewhat emotional person in general. Whenever something worried him, you would be the first one he’d ask for advice. But just how you are there for him, he would be there for you too.
Hoshi would be a very playful, sometimes shy kind of boyfriend. Your opinion would be very important to him and even though he wouldn’t show much affection outside, you wouldn’t be able to get him off you once you two were home. You would be able to tell him anything and everything and he would always try to get you to smile.

The first word that comes to my mind when I think of boyfriend Jisoo is soft. He would be so so gentle with you and make sure he isn’t hurting you in any way. Once he had fallen for you, your safety would be the most important to him and he would always look out for you. If you easily got cold, he would always bring an extra pullover or if you were clumsy he would always carry bandaids with him. He would be able to read you like you were an open book and would always know when something was wrong. He would always listen to your problems, no matter how small they may be and he would continuously spoil you. He would cook breakfast and surprise you with small gifts every now and then. He would celebrate all of your successes and would kiss you whenever he would get the chance. He would be a little shy in public though and would rarely do more than just holding your hand. But people would still be able to see how much he loved you. When he was away, you would always wake up to morning texts from him and he would try to video call you at least once a day and would always hype up your selfies and just make you feel so so good about yourself.
In conclusion, Jisoo would be a very gentle and loving type of boyfriend. He would always make sure you are safe and happy and would mediately know when something was wrong. His love for you would be visible to other people as well and you would always feel beautiful around him.

In my opinion, Jun would almost be a little secretive about your relationship. He wouldn’t be someone to continuously boast about you to the other members or constantly be all over you. But he wouldn’t be shy either. It’s not like he wouldn’t deem your relationship important, he would just like to keep things a little more private. Though, every now and then, he would fall into bragging about you to the others. But when the two of you were alone, he would always be admiring you and give you loads of compliments. He would always play with your hair and literally be up for anything the minute you said you wanted to do something. He would always try to keep you smiling and spoil you to the max. You two would be that couple with incredibly good style and you would always wear at least one matching thing, even if it only were socks. Jun would be your trusty shopping companion and hype you up as if there was no tomorrow, telling you how you could rock anything and everything. Making you feel beautiful and confident would be his goals and he would always be able to achieve it. At night but also in the mornings, he would get really soft and practically be glued to your side.
Jun would be very supportive of you in every way though he would like to keep things a little more private and not have everyone knowing every single thing about your relationship. He would do just about anything with you and always make sure that you were feeling confident.

Since Vernon grew up in America, I feel like his ‘dating style’ would be very different from the others. In Korea, the general style of relationships is pretty cheese whereas in America it’s not as movie-like. At least most of the time. I feel like Vernon would be a little more naughty. He would definitely be very straightforward about basically anything. His type of PDA would also be a little different. As I said, he would be a little more naughty and would even grab your butt in public just for the fun of it. But that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be loving. He would always be spoiling you and brag about you to everyone. Buying you new clothes or a necklace or maybe even a promise ring. He would always be about making you feel like royalty. Vernon would also be incredibly protective. Someone would only need to look at you a little too long and he would already be getting into possessive boyfriend mode. You maybe would even need to take him to the side and tell him to tone it down a little. While outside he would be possessive, but at home he would be very cuddly and he wouldn’t care who else was around. He would just be very open about your relationship.
Since Vernon grew up in a different culture, his way of dating would be different but he would of course still be very loving. His protective side would come out every now and again but it would be nothing you wouldn’t be able to deal with. Spoiling you would be one of his favourite things to do since he wants to make you feel like the most important person on earth.

Despite his cute and puppy-like appearance, Minghao would be incredibly possessive and also protective. Not in an obsessive way, where he would always want to know what you were doing at all times. But, if he were with you, he would make sure everyone around you two knew that you were his one and only and he was not to be messed with. Though he would often only have his arm around your waist, everybody would just know that they shouldn’t be looking at you for too long. He would be a lot like Jun and want to keep the relationship between you two rather private than having the other members know every little detail. But every now and then he wouldn’t be able to stop himself and best about you and tell everyone around him how cute you were anyhow happy he was to be able to call you his. I see him as someone who would be quite clingy when you two were alone. He would love to cuddle and often kiss your forehead or temple. He would have one or two nicknames for you and call you by those every time. Only if there was something more serious to talk about, he would use your real name and that’s how you would know you were in trouble.
Minghao would be quite possessive over you and always make sure that you’re alright. Like Jun, he wouldn’t want everyone to know everything about your relationship with him but would boast about you from time to time.

Honestly, Jeonghan would constantly spoil you. But not only by buying you new things. He would spoil you by treating you unlike he treats anyone else. He would always be looking out for you and would carry you if it was raining and you didn’t want your shoes to get dirty. He would literally do anything, you only had to mention it. But he would sulk quite easily. Since you are the most important person to him, he would want your attention to be on him and him only. So if you ever ignore him, for whatever reason, he would almost immediately start sulking and it would take some time to get him to talk. But then there would be a bunch of kisses because he loves kissing you. And by loves I really mean loves. He would never get tired of kissing you. When you two were out, he would kiss your cheek ever so often and, when nobody was looking, he would also sneak in a short peck on the lips. He would be very open about your relationship in front of others and would openly cuddle with you while the other members were around. He just wouldn’t really care about them.
In conclusion, Jeonghan would do anything and everything you wanted in the blink of an eye. Though he would also want all your attention which may get a little tiring. But he would make up for it by spoiling you to the max.

Our beloved Chan would be a little awkward at first. He’s the youngest of the bunch and dare I say the most inexperienced. The first dates would always be a little awkward but he would for sure soon get the hang of that whole relationship thing and you wouldn’t be able to find someone sweeter than him. He would cherish you so much but would most likely have difficulties expressing his feelings. But that wouldn’t stop him. He would try to express his love for you through lots of kisses and small gestures. And since he wouldn’t want to mess anything up, he would be really caring and thoughtful and always try to look out for you. He might go a little overboard though, so you would have to remind to slow down a little on the whole protective boyfriend thing. He would be a little shy in public but that would change with time and he would get more ‘daring’, even kissing you while you two were out. Sound the other members, he would always be their little brother and they would treat him that way which could lead to him being incredibly embarrassed when they did it in front of you. His cheeks would be red a lot during the first few weeks of you two being together, but again, that would change over time.
You would be able to see Chan develop over the course of your relationship. He would become more ‘mature’ and wouldn’t be embarrassed as often. He would always try to take care of you and give you all his love and attention.


Taking more creative liberty since it is hard to match these prompts exact since these dorks are texting after all. But also whoops? More angst? This is back in first year just cause as we rp’d this it had that kinda feel to it. Headcanoning on the basis at least for this Nagisa took an interest in cosplay but his mother wouldn’t let him get too into it unless he cosplayed a girl. Having put up the photos of a female cosplay he then kept his like of cosplay secret from her and cosplayed only guys. Karma being Karma happened upon his account. Rumour has it his next cosplay plan is from Sonic Ninja haha.

On a more serious note too touching on the idea or more the reality that victims of emotional abuse are often unaware that just because it doesn’t leave physical marks, doesn’t mean it isn’t abuse.

- Admin N

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dickkory! :D

OMG. I’m sorry anon! I forgot about these? BB/Rae week was a doozy @_@ Anyways, better late than never right?

  • who hogs the duvet:
    DICK. I mean, I think they both do, but Dick does it more. There’s usually some sort of struggle that happens in the middle of the night, where they both just keep swiping the blankets from each other, but Starfire always wins. Dick knows better than to engage in play fighting with her; she kicks his butt even when she’s going ‘easy’ on him. Granted, they usually end up having sex at this point, but shhh.
  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going:
    Both. I feel like Star and Dick have this super healthy relationship. They’re basically the pinnacle of a good romance, and they probably both periodically call one another to just check in. They’re definitely the type who prefer calling to texting.
  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts:
    Hmmm. Kory? I think she’d try to really think outside the box with his gifts, whereas Dick is more of a classic sort of man. Roses, a gorgeous dress, and a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant. Kory would probably take them dog sledding or something. 
  • who gets up first in the morning:
    Dick. He’s an early-riser, probably always has been. Kory likes her beauty sleep. 
  • who suggests new things in bed:
    Both. They’re very open in terms of sexuality, and neither shy away from trying new things/experimenting. The excitement alone is a turn on for them. 
  • who cries at movies:
    Probably Kory. Not that Dick doesn’t cry, just that it takes a bit more, I think. Kory is all emotions, and she feels them all quite vividly. So yeah, when there’s a villain and he murders an innocent to get at the protagonist, she’s all tears and starbolts. 
  • who gives unprompted massages:
    Dick. He’s definitely the type of guy who’s a giver. He likes to ‘set the mood’. With him, it isn’t a question of ‘wanna get intimate?’ It’s more of a subtle thing, such as a foot rub, ankle rub, thigh rub, and he just keeps climbing, if you catch my drift ;) Kory can take a hint. 
  • who fusses over the other when they’re sick
    Both. They’re both worry warts, honestly. Dick and Kory are fiercely protective of the people they love. This isn’t any different. 
  • who gets jealous easiest:
    Neither. I don’t see either Dick or Kory as the jealous types. They’re both extremely attractive folk who are confident and aware of it. They know and trust one another to understand that no one is a ‘threat’ to their relationship. 
  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music:
    Dick. I mean, I wouldn’t call it embarassing, but Star finds his love for old country music (70s,80s) pretty cheesy. 
  • who collects something unusual:
    Kory. She’s got this green thumb, so she has a habit of collecting any plants she deems interesting. She usually dries them out, and maybe tries getting seeds to plant them herself. She has a wonderful little garden. 
  • who takes the longest to get ready:
    You know what? Dick. He’s a pretty boy, and no boy that pretty doesn’t wake up without spending an hour in the bathroom grooming (but mostly ogling himself in the mirror because daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn). Plus, his suit is way more of a pain to put on than any of Kori’s gear. 
  • who is the most tidy and organised:
    Dick. He’s definitely one of those uptight clean freaks. He blames having to share a room/house with any of the other batkids. Kori is clean, but definitely disorganized. Dick is usually picking up after her and it’s kind of cute. 
  • who gets most excited about the holidays:
    Kori. Uh, an excuse to see friends, buy a bunch of cheesy decorations and make everything look ridiculous? I mean, her and Beast Boy practically bond over this stuff. 
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon:
    Dick is probably the little spoon. He doesn’t mind in the slightest. 
  • who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports:
    Kori. She’s pretty fierce, and doesn’t really get this concept of ‘letting them win’ to be polite. It sounds like hogwash, and on Tamaran, is probably considered disgraceful. 
  • who starts the most arguments:
    Probably Dick. Kori worries about him and obviously wants what is best, but the kid has his head up his butt sometimes, and he has issues letting people in, so you know that’s something they work through together quite a bit. 
  • who suggests that they buy a pet:
    Neither. Kori has Silkie and the idea of replacing him would break her heart into pieces. Plus, Silkie would most likely eat any other pet they brought home…it happened once to Gar’s hamster but as far as he knows, Taro is still just ‘missing’. 
  • what couple traditions they have:
    Oh, they definitely roleplay. They’re that weird couple that plays out some sort of scenario like they’re just meeting for the first time at an art gala and Dick is this handsome secret spy while Kori is a double agent, and they hit it off anyways. On a more normal scale? They definitely have more play fighting/sparring/training that usually just ends with them making out on the floor or something, all out of breath. 
  • what tv shows they watch together:
    Soaps and dramas, most likely. They watch them weekly, and argue/make bets about what will happen to x character(s) next episode/season. 
  • what other couple they hang out with:
    BB/Rae, Roy/Donna, Wally/Linda, Tim/Steph, pretty much any/all of the batfam members and their SOs. 
  • how they spend time together as a couple:
    Being silly and doing dumb, childish things. I mean, I can see them in their new apartment, and Star steps off the carpet in their living room and Dick is like: “KORY! NO!” He’s clutching his hair like she’s just committed a crime most foul. Then, he says: “THE FLOOR IS LAVA!” And they proceed to play tag, giggling like idiots. 
  • who made the first move:
    Honestly? It could have been either. On one hand, Kori goes for what she wants. On the other, she drops hints like mad, and it’s usually Dick that has to sort of acknowledge it. He’s too polite to just go for it, but Kori makes it clear quick she’s interested, so he might. Still, with Dick, the ladies probably take more charge than he does. 
  • who brings flowers home:
    Dick. He’s a classy guy. Definitely the roses and chocolates type. I mean, Kori has a whole garden; she doesn’t need to buy roses. But he likes doing it so she likes it when he does it. 
  • who is the best cook:
    Uh…Neither of them can cook? Kori burns everything she touches, and Dick’s dishes usually look like they crawled out of a horror movie. 

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Ymir and Mikasa?

//ah! Thanks!! I adore Ymir, I hope these headcanons are cool~

1. Mikasa initially finds Ymir to be incredibly…difficult. She doesn’t understand why Ymir distances herself or acts so confrontational.

2. After a short time in training, Mikasa notices that Ymir is extremely attentive to Christa. She begins to respect Ymir a bit after that.

3. As Mikasa got closer to Christa, she consequently got to know Ymir a little bit.

4. There were a few times that their mutual concern for Christa brought Ymir and Mikasa into working together and a tentative friendship was struck.

5. Friendship is a bit generous, considering that they were still very sarcastic with one another.

6. When Mikasa realized she was starting to develop feelings for Annie, Mikasa went to Ymir first. It was an odd conversation and at first, Ymir thought Mikasa was fucking with her and started to relentlessly tease Mikasa. She stopped after Mikasa actually began to cry and it was that moment that made Ymir realize that Mikasa was really, truly seeking the help of the only other person she thought had similar inclinations.

7. When everything happened and Ymir chose to help Reiner and Bertholdt, Mikasa was hurt and it sparked her anger and willingness to harm Ymir, regardless of Christa’s protests.

8. Mikasa still misses Ymir and every once in a while will crack a joke that Ymir would’ve appreciated.

9. In a modern setting, Mikasa and Ymir run in fairly different circles until Christa and Mikasa get partnered up on a project for a class.

10. This leads to Mikasa and Christa getting close and hanging out more. Ymir, obviously, is there as well and they end up bonding over a strangely similar fascination with music.

11. It also helps that Mikasa and Ymir watch the same anime and when one of them has seen or read a series that the other hasn’t, it leads to a marathon.

12. Mikasa keeps a book she fills with her favorite quotes from people she’s close to. There’s an entire “chapter” dedicated to Ymir’s snark.

13. When Mikasa and Annie eventually get married, Mikasa surprises Ymir by asking her to stand up with her.

BTS’s reaction to seeing their S/O cry for the first time.


He would walk into your shared bedroom to see you curled up in a ball on your bed. Instantly he would wonder what was wrong and why you were like that. Gently sitting down next to you on your double bed, removing your arms away from your knees. Your head shot up to look at Jin with red marks all over your cheeks from the salty tears. “Jagiya.” He would softly whisper before pulling you close to him and embraced you until you finally let out all of your emotion. After seeing you cry he would show so much love towards you, more than he normally does. All he would want to do is cuddle and spend time with you to make sure your mood doesn’t drop like that.

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Suga/ Yoongi:

I feel like Yoongi wouldn’t know what to do in this sort of situation. He wants to comfort you but at the same time, he doesn’t want to touch you because he feels like you would stop crying quicker if he wasn’t touching you. In the end he would awkwardly pull you into a hug and allow you to cry in his chest. Yoongi is quite hidden with his feelings so I think he’ll be quite awkward when someone is showing emotion. This doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t hurt him that you’re crying, it will. It will hurt him so much but he just wouldn’t know what to do.

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Jhope/ Hoseok:

Very different compared to Yoongi. He wouldn’t even hesitate to pull you into a hug when he sees you crying in the bathroom. He would be so worried about if you hurt yourself because you were sat on the bathroom floor. Thoughts flooded his brain wondering why you were crying and what it was that was bothering you so much. He wouldn’t ask you though and instead he would just try his very hardest to make you smile by being the absolute sunshine that he is.

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His heart would break as soon as he sees you crying. Wouldn’t know what to do, other than pull you into an hug. Even then he would still be wondering what to do. When should he break it or when does he ask if you’re okay. Eventually he’ll ask you it, loosening his arms up a bit so then his hug wasn’t so tight. After he finds out why his girlfriend was crying he would do anything she likes until he knows that she’s okay. He would watch her favourite movie with her, even if they’ve already watched fifty times before.

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He would be coming home from the studio to see you sat on the couch, with your head in your hands. The room was dark and the only source of light would be coming from the TV. He hung his coat up on the hanger and switched the living room light on. You didn’t move once he did that but he sure did. It only took him a second before he threw his body next to you and pulled you into his embrace. I don’t think he would ask you what was wrong with you and instead would wait until you were ready to open up. It would still hurt him seeing you cry though and it would worry him so much until you finally give him the reason.

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We all know that Jungkook cares for his Hyung’s very much and that wouldn’t change for you. Even though he does care about you, he wouldn’t know what to do when he sees you crying. Too many questions would but running through his head and he wouldn’t know what to ask first. Instead he would pull you into an awkward hug. Not really knowing where to put his hands or what to do. Soon he would be rubbing your back gently with his hand and once you finally calmed down. He would start to ask you the questions, making sure it wasn’t too overwhelming for you.

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Rap monster/ Namjoon:

You and him would be having a conversation about life and you would suddenly start crying during it. As soon as he saw the first tear fall from your eyes, he would begin to worry. Thoughts would flood him, thinking over the conversation to check if he said anything wrong. After that he would ask you if you were okay and what was it that made you cry. He wouldn’t pull you into an hug and would wait until he knew it was alright to hug you. He didn’t want to feel like he was making you feel overwhelmed but at the same time he would care about you.

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So we’ve got to the point where the incident has become a joke? I think I might be done with Emmerdale for good. I know I can watch the rest and not Robron, but it would just break my heart. I haven’t GA watched ED in…..ever. That’s excluding when I watched on-off between 2005 and 2008. Then randomly in 2013.

Oh and cheers for continuing to make Robert look like a total prat.

I don’t know if it’s been talked about yet, but here’s a little observation I made earlier when I rewatched the clip in peace, while actually paying attention to the lyrics. And while I think the lyrics were quite interesting in regards to Sana’s feelings and emotional state (I’m in pain, to be honest), I couldn’t help but notice this:

So, during the part where Isak and Even are walking towards the school, these are the lyrics:

Jeg vet, de vet han bitchen er gal

gal gal gal ga- ga- ga- gal

Han bitchen er gal 

I know, they know that (guy)* bitch is crazy

crazy crazy crazy cra- cra- cra- crazy

That (guy)* bitch is crazy

*(Not quite sure how to translate this properly, but in Norwegian it says “han” before bitch, and han = he as far as I know)

And during the entire time the scene seems to be quite focused on Even:

So it starts out with the two of them, walking towards the school together as the lyrics go “Jeg vet, de vet han bitchen er gal”  (I know, they know that (guy) bitch is crazy):

Then, a quick close up on Even as we hear “gal” (crazy):

A second later we go back to the two of them, but we only get to see both Isak and Even for a quick moment in the beginning and at the end of the shot. During the time the shot goes into slow motion, Isak is hidden from our view and we can only see Even in focus while the lyrics continue with “gal gal ga-” (crazy crazy cra-):

The lyrics finish with “ga- ga- gal / Han bitchen er gal ” (cra- cra- crazy / That (guy) bitch is crazy), while the boy squad greet each other. And even here, it’s Even (and Magnus, although his face is turned away from us) who is in the center (kind of turning his face towards us, even), while Isak is standing behind him, positioned on the side of the shot:

(Cue Sana walking past to “Don’t talk to me, no. Think you know me, know me. No.” and me crying)

Now I’m no good when it comes to analyzing things, but could this be some sort of foreshadowing about Even having another episode? Or something else about his bipolar disorder that will be important? That is somehow relevant to Sana’s story? Anyone wanna speculate?

(also i apologize for the quality of the gifs i’m still learning ok, so fight me. or even better teach me.)

Drown yourself in fanfics.
—  A temporary pain reliever.