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[Music teacher]

I was in middle school, it was a music class and we had to pass a flute test individually.
During my turn, I made a mistake, cursed, then continued, hopping that I’ll do the rest right, and I did. I had everything right exept that one note and I felt like I was so close to succeed, I looked down.
Then My teacher said:

“It was really good! You made no false notes, you have the rythm, it’s a 10/10 score for me.”

I looked up at her a little surprised.

“But I’ve made a mistake.”

“Yes, but you didn’t stop here, you quickly continued anyway. That’s what matters.”


[Technology teacher]

The next year, I had that technology teacher who was a big nerd of Citroën 2cv cars. At that time, I began to felt out of space, different. I had dysphoria, but as I had no idea that thing existed, I had no idea why I felt different. It was just a weird period for me.

Then one day after class, every student left but the teacher called me, asking me to stay sit, so I did.
He then sat next to me, looked at me and said.

“Are you alright ?”

I was surprised he asked me that. I said nothing and he continued, telling me I looked sad and distant from others, that he was worrying.
And suddenly I just started crying.
Nobody ever told me that before, I had no idea myself that I was, yeah, unhappy. I never cried in school, never had a fight, I was just shy and reserved. But that teacher saw that something was wrong when nobody did, not even myself.

And even if he didn’t know what was going on, even if I never really talked to him, he often stayed with me after class, telling me everything was going to be okay as I cried.


[History teacher]

First year of hight school, I was really depressed. Still not knowing what was making me feel that way. I started to harm myself to get out of the frustration, and maybe to call for help as I was beeing bullied by many different people, including my french teacher, because I had blue hair and was really shy.

At that time I began to lose interrest in school, I wasn’t working at all anymore, I never studied, and one day we had to take a History test. I started writing a letter to the teacher instead of writing down the answers because obviously I didn’t know any of them.

So I just started writing non-senses, including that I wished I could copy on my neighbour but how I remembered he wasn’t the best either. How I would end up alone in a house with twelve cats, one for every Kights of the Zodiac.
It was just funny things running throught my mind at this moment. Then I gave that to the teacher at the end of the class as my test.

When she gave back our copies the next week, I had a surprise. She actually responded to my silly letter. She responded to everything I had written down, saying I was beeing mean to my neighbour with a “XD”, then that twelve cat was a good number because if I inclued a female Athena one, they would fight for her.

She was just beeing as silly as I was. Then at the end, she wrote.

“That was really fun to read! It gave me a nice break from all that work. But I don’t want you to give up at school, I saw what you did before, and I know you can do it. Don’t give up!”

At the end of the class she waited for me, then offered me a text book with a pretty picture as a cover. She said I should keep writing.



The next year. It was the hardest time of my school years. I still hadn’t found that who I was, I was switching my sexual orientation and identities every so often, and I was heartbroke by a very destructive love story. All of that eventually sent me to the hospital.

When I came back, nothing changed even if I thought it would. I began to skip classes, I lost almost all my friends, and I was beeing harrased by a crazy girl, among the usuall bullying.

I had stoped sleeping properly, I had lost weight, and that day, I really wasn’t feeling like passing that test. So I went to the nursery, hoping I could fake an illness.

The nurse gave me pills and food, I faked the fact that I swallowed the pills then she told me to go rest in the bed behind the room we were in.

The following days I tried again, and she always was allowing me to skip classes, with pills and food and a bed. I was taking advantage of her kindness, but at the same time, everything was so quiet, and peacefull, I was alone, I could listen to music and sleep. I felt safe.

Then one day, I came back again, telling the same things, but this time she sighted and told me:

You can’t continue like this.”

I thought I was going to be kicked out.

“You can’t just came here and skip class. You have to talk to me now.”

But she just wanted to help me better.
And she did.
I continued to come to the nuresery, but this time, to talk with her. And eventually, I didn’t need to come back at all.

The rest of the years, each time we saw each other, we smiled and waved.


[English teacher]

The last year of hight school, we had a new english teacher. I was in a Engineer class, so the level of our english lessons were very low. As I grew up with english songs and video games, I was bored. (nb: I’m french, english isn’t my native language)
I never listened in class, never participated, and I could clearly see that our teacher didn’t really like me or my attitude.    

One day I was just scribbling on my book, not paying attention at all until the teacher called my name. I looked up, she was asking me to read a sentence written on the blackboard, apparently it was a phonetic lesson, and she saw that I was not paying attention and gave me that mean look, hopping that I would failed to teach me a lesson.

But I didn’t. As I pronounced the sentence right with a fluent accent (I surprised myself a little, I wouldn’t lie)  she oppened her eyes wide and said with a smile:

“That was perfect!”

Then she moved on.
The next days she gave me a bunch of lessons she had prepared for her last year students from the Expand English class. Then I started having fun and learning things again.

At the end of the year, when final exams were done, she saw me arriving and quickly wen to me and asked what score I had at the english test. I told her I had 20/20.
She raised her fists in the sky and screamed a “YES!” of relief.


I often remember them. I was very lucky to have them all, and I know that.
When I hear students complaining about their teachers for free, saying that they all don’t care anyway, I silently got mad.
I saw teacher crying because of their students. I saw teacher beeing bullied.

You know kids, some of them are really here to help you and make you grow.

(Archie Andrews x Reader): You’re such a cliche

Summary: Archie and Reader (a cheerleader) develop feels and eventually a relationship, the only problem is that the reader doesn’t want it to get out.

A/N: (apologies for spelling and grammar) This is a different style from what I normally do so I hope you enjoy it :)

 It had all started after an away football game. (Y/N) had been sitting at the front of the bus like she usually did (she claimed she got carsick; she was really just trying to avoid most of the other cheerleaders so she could read in peace) and Archie sat down next to her.

“Is this seat taken?” Archie asked, causing (Y/N) to look up from her book.

“I guess not,” You mumbled, a little annoyed to be distracted since you were just getting wrapped up in the story.

“Sorry, there’s no other seats, otherwise I wouldn’t bother you, you seem pretty pulled into that book.” He explains, looking a bit nervous.

You take pity on him, “That’s okay, I just usually sit up here to take a break from the girls, I love them but sometimes they’re a little too much.” You admit.

Archie nods, “I totally get that, I have the same thing with a lot of the guys on the team, that’s why it helps to have good friends who aren’t only thinking about football.”

You shrug, not wanting to admit that you don’t really have any good friends, just the other cheerleaders.

“So what are you reading?” Archie asked.

And that’s how it all started. The two spent the whole ride back to Riverdale talking about everything from books to music to politics.

After that the two found each other more and more often, they started partnering up in the classes they shared and Archie made it a habit to always sit next to (Y/N) on the bus to and from away games. Any time anyone asked if they were dating they would both scoff and reject the idea, both convinced that the other one didn’t feel the same way.

You were at a party, you hated parties, the music was always too loud, it was too hot, and everyone around you was too drunk. Cheryl was hanging on to you, her arm around your shoulders, “Isn’t she so tacky?” She asked you, her words slurring together.

“Who?” You asked dumbly, realizing you’d zoned out of the conversation.

“Veronica, of course” Cheryl sighed, “God, you’re so stupid sometimes. Anyway, I think she’s probably had work done, I mean…”

You nodded along as Cheryl droned on, not noticing Archie standing nearby watching you.

Eventually you excused yourself to go to the bathroom and carefully pried Cheryl’s arm off of you. When you got up to the bathroom you stared at yourself in the mirror for a long time, wondering how you’d gotten yourself in this situation. After washing your face quickly you opened the door only to stumble into Archie.

“Oh, hey!” You say cheerfully, putting on the facade you’d perfected in recent years.

“Why do you act that way when you’re around the other cheerleaders?” He asked bluntly.

“What way?” You asked, playing dumb, even though you knew exactly what he was getting at.

“It’s like you’re a completely different person when you’re with me, I don’t get it.” He tells you.

“It’s just easier.” You respond, defensively crossing your arms over your chest, “It makes it easier to fit in.”

Archie sighed, “Yeah, you’re a cheerleader, but you’re also so much more than that. Don’t let people like Cheryl dumb you down.”

“I appreciate that Archie, I really do, but if I was myself around these people…I’d probably get kicked off the team.” You reply, “Now if you’ll excuse me,” You add before slipping past him and making your way back to your post next to Cheryl.

The next weekend was an away game. It was a brutal loss and Archie was unusually quiet on the bus ride home because of it.

“Hey, you played great tonight, you know that right?” You said softly.

“Thanks, (Y/N), but I still feel bad, I could have played better,” Archie replied. 

“Hey, I’m sure next weekend will be better,” You say as you gently and hesitantly intertwine your fingers with his own. Your brain tells you not to, that this is a bad idea and you’re slowly becoming everything you hate but another party of you can’t bear that you’re not touching him more.

“(Y/N)…” Archie mutters softly, looking down at your hands and then back up at your face.

“Is this okay?” You ask quietly.

“Yes,” He replies quickly.

You smile softly as you turn to look straight ahead again. 

They held hands the rest of the ride, neither one wanted to be the first one to let go. Once they got back to school and everyone started getting off (Y/N) quickly snatched her hand away before anyone could notice it.

“Can I walk you home?” Archie asked, surprising you. The two of you never spent time together outside of school and stuff for football, especially not alone. 

You smiled and nodded, “Sure.”

As they walked Archie reached for your hand again.

“So what are we?” Archie asked as you walked up to your porch.

“I don’t know,” You replied, turning to face him, “I’m turning into everything I used to make fun of, but I don’t hate it.”

“Well, do you want to date?” Archie asked.

“I think so,” You admitted, “Do you?”

“Of course, ever since I first sat next to you on the bus I’ve been trying to figure out how to ask you out.” He replied, blushing slightly.

“Then you should pick me up tomorrow night at seven,” You reply as you unlocked your door.

Their first date was at Pops, they were having a good time, talking about their families and how dysfunctional they are when some cheerleaders walked in and made their way over to where they were sitting.

“Oh my god! Are you guys on a date?” One of them asked excitedly.

“No,” You quickly replied, “We’re just hanging out,” You lied quickly and believably.

“Oh, sorry,” She replied awkwardly, “Well…we’ll leave you to it…” She said before the group walked away.

“Sorry about that,” You said, turning to Archie, “They’re just…”

“Why did you say we weren’t on a date?” He asked.

“They-There are these really dumb stereotypes, you know, the whole cheerleader and the football player cliche? I just, I can’t become that.”

“But isn’t that what we are?” 

“No! We’re more than that, we’re more complex, but that’s how those girls will see us, and I just can’t-”

“Do you want to be in a relationship with me?”

“I-yes.” You admit, “But we’re some fantasy straight out of the 1969s.”

“Why is that so bad? What we have is real, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” You reply again, “Archie, I want to be with you, but if we are, we can’t tell anyone, at least not the football team and cheerleading squad.”

“Are you ashamed at the thought of being with me?”

“No, I just wanted what we have to be just between us, it’s too special to taint with everyone else.”

And for two months they did just that, they went on dates, spent time together, did everything that couples do, the only difference was that they didn’t tell anyone one at school, or act in any slightly romantic way when they were around other kids.

Archie had a hard time keeping it from his close friends. Betty, Veronica, Kevin-and even Jughead-sometimes tried to set him up with people, but he just kept avoiding their ideas, claiming that he was too busy with music and football and work to have a girlfriend. None of them really bought it (I mean, it hadn’t stopped him before when he was with Grundy or Valerie) but they had a hard time figuring out why Archie would be so adamant about it. Kevin was the one who first brought up the fact that he was hiding a secret girlfriend but everyone else thought that was highly unlikely, they’d never seen him act more than friendly with anyone, and none of the girls he hung out with stood out more than others.

But, like all secrets, the truth came out eventually.

You and Archie were at Pops one Friday night, enjoying your tradition of splitting a hot fudge malt and a basket of fries when the ice queen herself, Cheryl, walked in.

“Well, well, well, what are you two doing here? Out on a date?” She asks as she saunters over.

“Cheryl, for the last time, we’re not dating, we’re just hanging out.” You reply with an eyeroll as you glance over at her.

“Well, you two do an awful lot of hanging out for two people claiming to just be friends.” She comments, “Every weekend someone finds the two of you here, just the two of you,”

“Cheryl, everyone hangs out here all the time, what are you trying to say?”

“I’m just saying that if you’re not dating Archie, you should give someone else a ride on the ginger stallion.” She replies suggestively as she gives Archie a meaningful glance, “What do you say Archie?”

“I um-” He stalls, glancing at you nervously.

“Oh come on Cheryl, just because Archie doesn’t want to make out with you doesn’t mean he’s dating someone,” You cutting, starting to feel a bit defensive.

“Well, that didn’t stop him last time.”

“What?” You ask, feeling completely thrown for a loop.

“At my family’s maple syrup tapping,” Cheryl replies.

“Oh, that doesn’t matter, that was before we were dating,” You reply before realizing what you just said and claiming your hand over your mouth and glancing at Archie with wide eyes.

“Ha! I knew it!” She shouts triumphantly, “Jesus Christ, you guys made that way harder than it needed to be. I can’t wait to tell everybody, this is so exciting.”

“Great…” You mutter as she walks away, already typing on her phone (presumably texting the group chat the ‘good news’), “Shit,” You mutter as you rub your hands over your face. From across the table Archie reaches over and grabs your hands away and holds them in his own. 

“Hey,” He says softly, “It’s going to be okay, we’ll figure out how to deal with this, and I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you’re okay with this.”

“What did I ever do to deserve you?” You ask, giving him a loving smile, “I guess now that the cats out of the bag we should just embrace it, you know? I was getting kind of tired of hiding it anyway.”

“Good, because I’ve been wanting you to wear my letter jacket for ages now, and I think Monday would be a great opportunity for you to debut that look.”

“You’re such a cliche.”

“You know you love it”

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I wish dan had tweeted tomorrow then posted slightly later tomorrow instead of doing what he did. I just don't like the whole hype thing as people end up theorising what he going to do and a lot of the time it's not what people say so we just get "let down" because it's not what some expected. Then I feel bad for dan because of the backlash but some of it is due to his early tweeting so I'm ahhh and it goes on and on

you know, it’s incredibly rare for me to take dnp’s side over fans but it strikes me as being distinctly not dans responsibility to ensure that the “theorizing” his audience does is rational and based in the available facts, or to ensure that the audience remembers that short of any actual info a theory is just that–a theory. meaning it could be wrong. i feel like the only time in recent memory that a cycle of events like the one you described occurred was around the video he teased back in feb/march as being “a big deal” and “a long time coming” when ppl clung to those words rather than all of dans other ones–that it was also “cheeky” and cringey and a good one for people who like to laugh at his misfortunes and, crucially, one he decided not to go through with at that time. based on that partial info some people got hyped about it being a coming out vid or something else personally significant, instead of the rebrand video that he dropped plenty of hints about it being. to be fair it would be better if dan wasn’t so damn confusing in his communication style. it would have been better if he hadn’t had to bag that video after teasing it and that he didn’t decide to do isg 9 instead. but, again, he told us he bagged it and i don’t think anyone who actually listens to all of dans live shows was surprised or confused or “let down” by that! all of this to say that i don’t think dans early tweet about this bahamas vid should create any hype or give ppl a sense of entitlement to the content he makes to the extent that they would be legitimately let down or lash out at dan if the video isn’t what they want…. especially bc in this case we rly don’t have much info to go off of!!! there’s no significantly solid grounding for the “theories” about it, so if ppl are upset about being wrong i think that’s on them, not on dan or his tweet. i hope that makes sense?

A little bit of honesty...

I reacted to something emotionally last night. And for that I apologize. I did not realize the reaction my bowing out would produce. I did not mean to upset anyone or to manipulate anyone’s feelings.

I was simply trying to get out from under someone’s intentional attempt to bring me down in order to make themselves feel better.

That being said, I would like to thank everyone for some of the kindest most heartfelt statements of love and support. It takes a special person to try to change someone’s mind with love and acceptance when they could have spent their night doing just about anything else.

So, what’s that mean. It means that I’ve reminded myself that it’s just Tumblr and the opinions of those I’ve never met who think they have me pegged based on one social media site is irrelevant. Hate me if you must. I can’t stop you. I respectfully ask, however, that you leave me be. It’s just Tumblr, all of this hate in my inbox every time I open it is unnecessary. I am well aware of my shortcomings, I don’t need anyone to point them out.

I was also lovingly reminded of all those who have come to me for advice who still need me in that capacity. So I will stick around for you as well as the many readers who were very sad to not get to be able to read the rest of First You Fall.

Again, I did not mean to upset anyone or manipulate you into anything. I am grateful to those of you who reached out as well as the friends who dropped their evening to talk me off a ledge.

I appreciate your love. I am grateful for your support. I took my own advice and I checked myself. Have a good night. 😘

Hi guys! Long time no post! To be honest I’ve fallen off using tumblr for the longest time, but I’ll try my best to be more active here.

Anyway here’s a finished illustration I did of Rhysand from Sarah J. Maas’ ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ series. Finishing up her latest book now and uuuugh so many feelings! I have more art from it coming down the pipes so stay tuned! 😊

So much to talk about in the finale. First of all, why wasn’t Killer Frost and Savitar’s origin more explored? They obviously had a relationship with each other, why wasn’t more interaction showed? I honestly feel like Iris and the WestAllen relationship was everywhere I turn. I wanted to see action and I did get some but this finale didn’t feel like one. Did it for you? It felt like more filler, more bull shit on an already weak season. I think Season 3 will down as the worst one. I truly wish the show will reboot in Season 4 and come back to the things that made it great in the first place. Like friendship, love, superhero triumphs, family and drama kept to a minimal.
—  Anonymous

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How did you meet your girlfriend? (Sorry if this is too personal you don't have to answer)

We originally met on this blue hellsite because Star Trek (and musicals), and found out we lived fairly close to each other (they go to school about a 30-40 minute drive away from me), so once school started to simmer down and we both had more free time, we decided to start meeting up in person. I realized I had feelings for them sometime shortly before we first met up, and by after the second time, I was much more certain of those feelings/what they meant so I knew I had to tell them about it soon.

Since I’m a fucking dweeb who overthinks literally everything, I was in the process of figuring out how to tell them how I felt when they beat me to it and told me they liked me themself! We were both shocked because honestly when the fuck does your crush EVER like you back??? (I mean obviously this time, but we both just got extremely lucky in finding each other.) I asked if they wanted to start a relationship and they said yes and we screamed some more. Now that the initial shock has worn off, we’re much more confident in expressing our affections for each other, and I’m completely enamored and excited to see where our relationship will develop from here. 💕

And that’s how a Vulcan and a Borg drone fell in love.

Alright my PLL Fam… it’s time for tonight’s thoughts:

- FaceTime Aria is going to haunt me in my sleep tonight.
- Mary and Spencer passing notes around in a bottle is so sketch like if you are coming to get the note just come on in and have a real conversation.
- Marco is catching on to Spencer, like run girl…
- Aria is heading down a dark road… also WTF how did AD swap that comic book with a hoodie so fast?!
- Emison was life tonight. Also I bet NO ONE called Paige getting Alison to ‘Kinda’ admit her feelings for Emily. She was so lost talking about how Emily made her feel she didn’t even realize she answered Paige’s question.
- Emily and Alison are going to have a babe and I am not crying you are…
- Mona is a freaking queen when it comes to this game. Like she and Hannah are about to straight up murder this game watch. ( how in heck did she figure out how the game is built and designed).
- Hannah talked about having babies with Caleb and omg my heart melted because they would be so freaking cute.
- Lastly Spencer and Wren were sketch AF at the airport. Or was that Spencer (see what I did there gotcha thinking now)

This episode was probably one of my favorite episodes of the whole season so far. What did you guys think?

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How did you feel when you began taking zoloft? And did you experience anything bad when you stopped taking it? (I ask because last summer I took zoloft after telling my doctor how bad my anxiety was, and after a month, I cut ties with my source of anxiety and flushed the refill down the toilet. I think I had a few nights of aches, sweats, weird dreams, and grumpiness as a result until my system readjusted.)

I never took it, though it was prescribed to me. Followers of mine have taken it though so I will let them reblog and answer.

Tunnel Episode 16 (FINAL)

It’s over. I’m keeping this short because I agree with Sun-jae, that’s how farewells should be. Especially when you have been so emotionally invested in a story that was full of twists and turns, and edge of the seat moments.

Mok Jin-woo kept his believes until the very last minute. What a psycho, but it seems true to the character that he didn’t break down -even though he confessed everything- since he honestly thinks he was righting wrongs when he killed all those people through the years.

The episode it was more focused on Kwang-ho’s farewell and whatever he would be able to return to his time. He did and actually managed to catch Mok Jin-woo on that timeline too, so some of his victims were saved. I think this is what happened because I don’t believe he’s the kind of person to feel so carefree when such an important case is still unresolved.

I thought it was a really nice touch that we also got to find out how both Park Kwang-ho’s were connected. It seems adult Kwang-ho was always mean to travel in time and find justice for the victims of Mok Jin-woo.

I also loved to through the show the development of the relationship between all the members of the Violent Crimes Unit 1. Sun-jae started as a loner to become a crucial member and also learnt to rely and trust others. His relationship with Kwang-ho was always tainted with some melancholy due to their sad fate connection but I was happy they actually managed to built a partnership and friendship beyond that. Which is why it makes sense that Kwang-ho would trust his daughter’s safety to present day Sun-jae, and would keep kid Sun-jae around his house. Dad is totally setting the kids up.

The character, in my opinion, with the greatest emotional development was Professor Shin. She started out as a stand off-ish character that could only connect one a rational level with people, never really emotional. She was too closed up for that and ended up developing lasting friendships with the whole team, enough to believe a crazy time-travel story and become a key point into breaking down Mok Jin-woo. Her story was a sad one but ended with on a happy note with her finally having a family in Kwang-ho and Sun-jae.

As for the rest of the team, Min-ha and Tae-hee were an excellent comic relief but they were also efficient and relentless at their job. There’s no way Kwan-ho would have been able to solve this case without their help.

Finally, I think we can all agree Sung-sik was the heart of the show with his undying loyalty to Kwang-ho and leadership through all the crazy time travel shenanigans. If not for Sung-sik’s friendship, I don’t know how things would have worked out for Kwang-ho and it was also our team leader who brought all of them together when it was time to reveal the truth. Sung-sik was strong and caring, and the best of friends. This is a bromance I will miss dearly on my TV.

The show as a whole had a great pace, never too fast nor slow, and you could see through every new reveal and shocking moment the writer had a very clear bigger picture in mind that was pulling at the story. The characters had great development in their relationship with each other and not one but two crazy antagonists that kept on pushing the story forwards. All these reasons make OCN’s Tunnel one of the best dramas of the first half of the year.

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@regretful-commander :  💎

    A fraud. Nothing but a pretty imitator, plastic trying to feel like the strength of metal but falling short with pale colours and weak breath.  

    A four if only because you were a dashing promise, but even just looking at you now I want to chop it down and bury it into the negatives with how you make my stomach turn.

Got home from hanging out with Brittany while she worked.
Saw Cogsworth out of his hut.
Noticed that his skin seemed discolored.
Discovered that he was covered in fleas.

Gave him a long bath, dumped everything in his cage, scrubbed down the housing, and put him in quarantine over night.

1) It had only been like 36 hours since I laid eyes on him last. HOW THE EVERLOVING FUCK DID HE GET SO MANY FLEAS WHEN I HADNT EVEN SEEN ONE (1) 1️⃣PREVIOUSLY
2) WHERE DID THEY COME FROM he is the only animal inside and I don’t take him outside because the last time he played outside he got mites
3) I feel like the WORST pet owner in the world for not seeing the creepy crawlies earlier and am dealing with some guuuuiiiiilt

Bright side: research shows that hedgie fleas are hedge-specific. They shouldn’t bite us.

Getting up first thing tomorrow to go get fleas treatments and give Cogs his second bath in 24 hours. Which he’ll love. Although, he almost seemed relieved to get a bath tonight… which is an indicator to how uncomfortable he felt and makes me feel even worse.


Ep. 8

First off I can’t believe Toneri’s punk ass is back like sis go sit down somewhere. I love how my son Mitsuki just pops up and inserts himself into conversations like he’s been there the entire time. I’m ngl I really did expect a different reaction from Hiashi bc he was a real hard ass especially to Hinata but of he’s eased up and I’m really happy at the way he treats Boruto and Hima which I’m happy I got to see a little bit more of the little cutie. HANABI’S CHARACTER DESIGN IS SO CUTE AND I AM JUST SO HAPPY TO SEE HER. Also feeling the long hair. It almost seems as if Boruto and Himawari visit them often but not on an everyday basis so that’s great. I wonder why Hinata didn’t go with them too? I am a little irked that Naruto really won’t believe Boru on the byakugan business like I get not every Hyuga can awaken it but we’re talking about the child of some really exceptional ninjas why wouldn’t he have it🙃 anyways I’m excited for the next episode. Really can’t wait to see more of Hanabi bc she never really got any screen time either and I really liked her when she wasn’t being encouraged to beat Hinata’s ass lmao

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How much of Kathus was "lost" when he became what he is now? Are there human elements that an undead body simply can't support, or does magic to some extent compensate? For example, if he possessed certain emotions in life that he no longer feels or even remembers how to feel anymore. Is the opposite true? Does he feel or understand certain things now that he never had the senses for when he was living? Or has his personality and way of thinking always been somewhat consistent?

((Thank you for the question, anon! Pardon that I did not get to it right away, so I have no way of knowing if it will find it’s way to you.

There’s a lot here! Let me try to break it down…

How much of Kathus was “lost” when he became what he is now? Are there human elements that an undead body simply can’t support, or does magic to some extent compensate?

He lost his original body. Nothing remains of it, as far as I can tell. He’s a copy of a copy of a copy of himself in a way. He’s held together by fell magic and willpower and each time he is destroyed he is remade from those same forces. He’s powered by all the death behind the isles. It’s a closed system now, a natural nuclear reactor so to speak- even without funneling souls directly into it, he would continue on. Ideally some heroes would need to make their way into the story and destroy everything. It would be risky.

I compare him to a cancer on runeterra, to a radioactive nuclear meltdown because those things frighten me and they are apt in their tenacity, alienating, destructive feeling and their inhumanity.

He has a heart, he has lungs. They have new functions now. He has some functions that resemble those of a mortal, but his form has been presupposed, and to his mind, scoured of any imperfections and inconveniences and unimportant details [do we take this to mean his nose, perhaps? It seems to be one of the casualties hahaaha]. His telekinetic magic is something he’s very accustomed to now, so his movements and mannerisms and ways of navigating the physical world are slowly drifting away from their human origins.

For example, if he possessed certain emotions in life that he no longer feels or even remembers how to feel anymore. Is the opposite true? Does he feel or understand certain things now that he never had the senses for when he was living? Or has his personality and way of thinking always been somewhat consistent?

I think he had a little more humanity to him in life, but he was always a broken creature, for lack of a better term. I don’t know what he would be diagnosed with. Delusions of grandeur? Sociopathy? Psychopathy? Narcissistic personality disorder? He was born a monster in a way that many people in our world are- you wouldn’t know it by looking at them, but they’re monstrous on the inside. I modeled him off of that and that’s where I draw inspiration. Serial murderers, cult leaders and corrupt religious leaders and so on.

I think at times he has always been aware that he has a few empty places in his heart. He watches love and affection and it doesn’t ring familiar to him- he can go through some motions and he can be fond of someone and something but even if @thelanternwretch‘s Thresh were to finally fall and be out of his grasp he would be puzzled, angry, seeking something that he was not made to feel. Pain is a distant annoyance for him and always has been. He is a Sadist not a Sadomasochist or a masochist. He will weather it, tolerate it, but it brings him no pleasure. He likes to inflict pain on others or feel pleased himself.

This applied before what he calls his ascension and this still is valid now. He’s always wanted power over others and will take it as he sees fit. I don’t think he fully comprehends others as living[ or unliving!] thinking, feeling beings. In his world, he’s all that matters. He is his own moral compass and that is more dangerous now, I’d say.

okay so i just did something i will probably regret doing later on ( who am i kidding i already feel bad for doing it ) which is making myself a tinder account ?? idk why i feel so bad about it i mean i will probably delete it later anyway but ?? my family looks so down on it like “pls don’t tell me you’re on tinder” so i ain’t gonna tell them and a big part of my friends looks down on it as well ?? like some of them have tinder but they made it as a joke and i’m just… desperate ?? so i don’t even dare to tell ‘em i made it. like i’ve heard so many stories about dudes only looking for a fuck buddy or a one night stand on there and god i’m looking for my first ever boyfriend ?? i have never even kissed a guy in my life. but lately everyone around me seems to start dating, including my sister, and i feel so… alone ?? like every day i wonder when it’s going to happen to me ?? like i feel as if i reached this age where i want to experience and explore those things such as being in a relationship, KISSING SOMEONE FOR FUCKS SAKE, intimacy i guess ?? but it feels like i’m going to be alone forever ?? like i am just incapable of meeting someone who is genuinely interested ?? i am not a fan of the party scene, i like being at home or w friends cosy to talk etc… and i am pretty shy ?? i genuinely believe it just isn’t going to happen for me. so why not try tinder right ?? i know people who found real love on there ?? but on the other hand i feel so… idk… it doesn’t feel like me ?? what to do now ?? i know i am still young and i have time to find love and that’s 100 % true. but is it bad of me to not want to be a 26 y/o who has zero dating/kissing/sexual experience ?? because i am so petrified that is going to happen… and it makes me want to cry my eyeballs out. 24/7.


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I’m sorry, Seven, but imma still go for Juju so just wait. Your. TURN. B O I .

That time my dog disappeared into Carrie Fisher's house

From reddit user: /u/AinsleyIscariot

Someone recommended I make a post out of a comment that I made elsewhere so here it is! True story and still cringe inside whenever I tell it.

One of the most awkward moments of my life was meeting Carrie. I live in London and walk my dog because he needs to shit every now and then- usually when I get back to my road I let him off the lead and he will run to the house. He will, that is, unless there is ANYTHING else of interest within a 1 mile radius of the house. One day he just ran straight through someone’s open door and I was there on the doorstep tentatively calling after him while I could hear him sprinting around the house. Then there’s lots of barking and I realise there’s another dog there and sure enough my dog comes sprinting out the house being chased by a small dog that seemingly wanted to play with him. Anyway this American woman comes to the door, hearing all the commotion and I make my apologies and we have the usual dog conversation. She then invited me in for a coffee, I thought why not and so we started chatting, and she explained she was renting the house for a month while she was in London. I asked what she did for a living and she told me movies, I asked “Anything I would know?” Slight pause “Star Wars?” “Oh right what did you do in it were you on the crew or an actress?” “An actress” “Oh great who did you play” “Princess Leia?” I swear to fuck I stood there with my mouth open, feeling as if I’d somehow just shat down my own throat. (This was before the franchise reboot so the image of her in my head was the Carrie Fisher in her twenties) She, however, thought it was really cute and laughed it off. Absolutely lovely woman with one crazy fucking dog named Gary.

TLDR: I had a twenty minute conversation with a woman who had been on the receiving end of my dog’s home invasion and didn’t realise it was Carrie Fisher until she told me.