i was feeling bad so i decided to be useful

  1. Be aware of your surroundings. Bright lights and too much noise are hell for autistic people. Is there anywhere quiet or dim that you could take them to if they got stressed? Is there a way to lessen the noise and/or brightness?
  2. Don’t tell us to “stop acting weird”. Chewing on things, flapping our hands, rocking on our feet, and so on are all natural, healthy behaviours that help us to process emotion and sensory input. Telling us not to do them is akin to telling an allistic (non-autistic) person to stop smiling.
  3. Most autistic people are happy as we are. Some would rather not be autistic, it’s true, but most of us just want to be ourselves without shame or stigma. It’s generally bad manners to talk to us about a “cure” or “treatments” for who we are.
  4. Non-verbal communication – vocal sounds, text or written communication, sign language, etc – are all valid forms of communication which we sometimes have to use. (Or always have to use, in some cases.) Sometimes, we have to text the person sitting next to us because we can’t talk. Please don’t try to make us use our voices when we’d rather not!
  5. Research autistic groups before supporting them. What do actual autistic people say about this group? We like self-advocacy groups, we don’t like allistic people trying to talk for us. Not every group that claims to help autistic people is actually our friend!
  6. Special interests – things which autistic people fixate on and obsess over – are healthy and important. Don’t make fun of us for getting really into things, even if they’re “childish” things like Minecraft or Pokémon. It’s incredibly hurtful when someone we like just dismisses our interests without a second thought.
  7. When an autistic person is having a meltdown or shutdown, listen to them! Don’t fuss over them or get up in their face. Just listen to what they want you to do to help them, if anything. Let them write or text it, if they have to, and keep your voice down!
  8. We don’t process the world the same way you do. Sometimes things which seem obvious to you require explanation before we’ll understand them. Sometimes an explanation you understand will be one that makes no sense to us. Please be patient. We’re not being difficult on purpose! We want to understand, we really do.
  9. Be understanding when we say we can’t do something. Our energy gets used up a lot quicker than yours. Often we’d really like to do something, but we just can’t, and it can be difficult for us to explain that. Don’t guilt trip us for not going out or whatever – we already feel really bad about it!
  10. Listen to our boundaries. If we don’t want to be touched, don’t touch us. If we want you to leave our possessions alone, leave them alone. If we aren’t up to talking, don’t try to make us talk. We need boundaries a lot more than you do, so please try to respect them. It’s common courtesy!

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If you’re wondering why I used glitter, my logic is that nothing bad in my life has ever come from using gold glitter, so why not? 

Today I’ve got probably the easiest, most beginner friendly jar I’ve ever posted. I need good luck, you probably need some good luck, this is what we’re making today. Usually I have jars that have different herbs ans such for different elements of the jar for the jar’s purpose. Not today. Today it is literally one jar full of herbs and spices that all have one purpose in mind – luck.

So, because of that, you can use any of the herbs listed, as many or as few as you want to or have on hand. In italics are the ones I’ve used in mine.

  • lilac
  • acorn
  • bay leaf
  • clover
  • allspice
  • poppy seeds
  • tonka bean
  • aloe
  • caraway seeds
  • catnip
  • parsley
  • chamomile
  • dill
  • star anise

While there are others, I have only listed a few that I feel like people have on hand.

The put together of this jar in simple. Light your candle, focus on your intention, and layer in your herbs. Feel free to additionally use anything that is lucky to you. Perhaps when sealing the jar, if you have a lucky coin you could press it into the wax to leave the print of it, use sigils, etc. Anything to make this more personal, the better. For me, I decided to use gold glitter just because I wanted to. Glitter is something I always want to use in my draft but I never do, so I decided to today because like I said, nothing bad has ever come to me when glitter was involved, haha!

If you have trouble sealing your jar, I have a tutorial for that here.

In addition to that, you can find all my other jars and original posts here, or here is just a masterpost of them (so far).

If you have any questions feel free to drop by my ask box! And as always, if you make any of my jars, I would love to see them, so feel free to tag me! 


This is an old manga I did with an old friend of my school for a national manga contest. aboout telling a plot of a story in just 6 pages, This is the result.

We won the 7th place. But after that contest I refused to participte in another one anymore, because I discovered in that contest you could have more chances to win the first place if you paid an specific amount of money, also, the winner was a friend of the contest’s owners…so..yeah…that was one of many reasons to giving up and forget all about drawing in those years.

I found the comic deep in my files this week, so I decided to translate it and share it with you.


I feel kinda… bad now…really I didn’t noticed the similarities between they two…aaagh darn…i don’t know if that’s ok or not..DX.

Anyway…this is how I used to draw 4 years ago. With this short comic I learnt how to use the patterns in Manga Studio and also a bit of perspective…so it wasn’t a waste of time, after all.


27.02.2017 12:25

Here are my favourite supplies for school, I love working with the Ipad Pro for research and highlighting! I bought the Washi Tape at Hema, a stationary store from the Netherlands 🌱 I’m so bored by my Leuchtturm BuJo, that I decided to use a small one by Muji as a journal, I need to focus on the upcoming weeks (A Levels are around the corner) I’m actually proud I pushed myself to study around 4 hours yesterday evening, I hope I’ll do the same today 👩🏼‍💻 I just had breakfast and I baked a vegan cake with pears for some healthy nutrition 🍰

(Sry for the bad lighting, it’s so dark outside 😞) I hope y'all had a good weekend and feel empowered to get through this week, stay motivated, I wish y'all a blessed week!

Rooftops : Jughead Jones Pt. 1

Part Two

request: a jughead x reader lil thang where maybe the reader broke up with archie? or one of the football players. and they used to always chill on the readers roof (a cute childhoodism) and he maybe finds them up there and comforts them (possibly romantic?) 

 requested by: anonymous

A/N: I DID NOT MEAN TO VILLIANIZE ARCHIE, but I did. I am so sorry about that. Whoops. Overall, though, I am in love with this. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did writing it. I would love if you guys would give me some feedback on this. Potential fic???? Let me know, darlings. xx aubree

warnings: cheating. 

word count: 993

(gif not mine)


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On the weekend of July 4th, Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, and Y/N Y/L/N were planning on taking a road trip. Archie had bailed on both his best friend and his girlfriend, earning the wrath of both. Archie and Jughead hadn’t spoken since, until Betty brought them together. Archie and Y/N had been having relationship problems ever since.

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I haven’t seen one of these yet so I decided to make one!! Feel free to use! Please don’t reblog if you’re a cg/l or dd/lg blog

Makeup Voiceover;Mark

Request: could you please do a mark scenario where his girlfriend is a beauty youtuber and they do the “boyfriend does my voiceover” challenge?

  • okay before i start i want to apologise in advance because i don’t use make up at all so i’m not familiar with the termologies or brands skmdnd
  • and im just really bad with anything that’s got to do with make up so!!
  • and this was shorter than expected :-(
  • without further a do,
  • let’s start

  • so you had always wanted him to do it

  • and all your subscribers know how cute you both are and they’ve been requesting non stop
  • but shy mark was so afraid and scared he couldn’t do it until you agreed to spend the whole day cuddling with him
  • and he agreed almost immediately
  • “if i knew you’d agree that quickly, i should’ve said that earlier”
  • “hehe don’t break your promise!!”
  • so you lock him out of your room so you can film your makeup tutorial video
  • and you decided to just go for a simple and casual look
  • and outside you can hear mark calling haechan
  • on speaker
  • “why am i nervous for this”
  • “it’s only a voiceover?? it’s not like you’re showing your face”
  • “yeah i know, but my heart’s beating so quickly im-”
  • “shut up and just do it, you can rap in front of so many people but you can’t do a single voiceover? surely absolutely fully capable!”
  • “i called you to give me encouragement but i guess you’re right”
  • and thanks to your professional and talented™ skills,
  • you finish in 15 minutes
  • and after checking the clip one last time,
  • you call mark in to sit beside you,
  • a mic in front if him
  • “just say whatever that appears on the screen, i showed it to you bright and clear!!”
  • you see him nervously smiling and giggling,
  • before clearing his throat and pressing the record button
  • “uhm… hi everyone, it’s mark, y/n’s boyfriend and as you can tell i’ll be doing her makeup voiceover for today, i heard you guys have been requesting this for quite some time now, so here it is”
  • and you smile brightly at him, giving him a small thumbs up to nudge him to continue
  • “as you can tell she’s barefaced right now- still as beautiful as ever and i can never ever see a difference- but oh my goodness what is with that pout, how cute”
  • “she’s holding up a small little stick right now, oh wait- it’s the nyx foundation stick”
  • “ahh, apply it in small streaks around your face and make sure to find the correct shade for yout skin tone!”
  • “spread it out evenly, you don’t want any patches”
  • “she looks so beautiful-”
  • whispers mark, focus”
  • “haha oh- next you want to take this eyebrow pencil”
  • “i can’t see the brand and words it’s too small”
  • “i’m serious oh my god, stop giggling at me”
  • “it’s okay- anyways, you want to start shading your eyebrows”
  • “make sure they’re symmetrical”
  • “how did she do it in one go, that’s my talented girlfriend right here”
  • “oh no her smile is so cute”
  • “mark stop it i’m blushing like mad right now- okay guys i’m sorry if you hear small conversations like these, he’s just sitting beside me recording right now”
  • “i can’t help it”
  • “you want to do your eyes next”
  • “she’s using the naked2 eyeshadow palette- i’ve seen this somewhere before- and she’s going to use the lightest shade of brown”
  • “oh it’s shiny”
  • “apply it gently on your eyelids”
  • “she did it again guys, in one try, that’s my girl”
  • “oh she’s moving on to the blush already?”
  • and he whispers to you
  • “you’re not applying highlight?”
  • “i was too lazy, but anyways continue babe”
  • “you still look good anyways”
  • “why is she giggling to herself”
  • “huh- wait isn’t that my voice”
    • the background plays his conversation with hyuck *
  • “i didn’t know i was that loud- oh my god”
  • “she can’t stop laughing, look at her face HAHAHA”
  • “im so embarrassed but she looks so cute giggling to herself wow”
  • “on a side note, haechan if you’re seeing this we both got exposed”
  • “okay she’s calmed down now”
  • “she’s using a very light shade of pink, just perfect for her natural rosy cheeks”
  • “her side view is wow…”
  • “she’s smiling again aw how cute”
  • “her cheeks are all pink now”
  • “i want to pinch those cheeks so badly haha”
  • “ow omg don’t do that”
  • “guys he literally just pinched my cheeks”
  • “hehe”
  • “on to the lipstick-”
  • “aw babe”
  • “story time: i actually got this for her last week because she was having bad day and i thought this might make her feel better”
  • “yes thank you so much mark, i love it and i love you”
  • “i love you too”
  • “it’s actually the moonshot lipstick”
  • “ahh.. it’s the peach and cream shade!! i remembered it hehe”
  • “i thought that she’d look gorgeous in it so i decided to get that shade”
  • “look at the way she pouts her lips again- how adorable”
  • “oh my goodness, i just realised she actually did all of that without using any mirrors, how wonderful can she be???”
  • you’re blushing like mad again at this point of time
  • and you see him frown and pout a little
  • “it’s come to an end already?? that’s fast”
  • “anyways look at my princess posing for the camera- you look great”
  • “look!! at!! her!! smile!!”
  • and he starts giggling
  • “anyways i hope all of you enjoyed watching this!”
  • “thank you for subscribing and supporting my baby and watching all her videos”
  • “continue doing that and give her all the love she deserves!!”
  • “it’s been mark here, hope to see you again hehe”
  • and he giggles again
  • he lets out a breath of relief and you give him the warmest hug ever
  • his words never fail to make you feel better about yourself
  • and he gives you a small peck on your lips,
  • “can i do that again someday? i actually liked that hehe”
  • “of course mark, anytime”
  • “and you did great, like always”

Forduary week 1, the Portal. I decided to go with the 1000 alien moms type thing and actually have something nice happen to him. I decided to use @stanchez-slack and @spinetrick‘s sort of group tentacle monster oc Carol for the part. She see’s him in the market and feels bad for him because he looks like a lost kitten, so she makes him a sandwich and lets him sleep on the couch for the night. Maybe she she even lets him do some laundry and clothing repairs and get a shower, then sticks some food in his bag when he leaves. 

(When he sleeps on the couch all her alien cats decide to sleep on top of him, it’s a little slimy but it’s still nice.)

Enjolras is intensely, almost aggressively affectionate.

Enjolras is so concerned with other people’s health - sometimes even ignoring his own if he thinks he needs to look after them. 

He will almost literally mother hen the sick person into bed rest, chicken soup and other prescribed medication, and he’s been known to stay at the person’s side until he himself falls sick from exhaustion, just to make sure his friend gets better. Naturally, this makes the sick person feel bad for worrying Enjolras (and making him sick the process!) so naturally they behave themselves and actually get better.

Despite the fact that it’s borderline emotional manipulation, Joly almost shamelessly uses Enjolras as a threat when looking after his Les Amis patients. “Do you want me to tell Enjolras that you’ve decided to go to work even though it’s raining outside and you’re still recovering from the flu? No? Good. Now drink your tea and get a couple more hours of sleep; I promise I’ll be here when you wake up.”

Enjolras’s over-protectiveness of Cosette is almost legendary. 

It’s not because he thinks she’s weak and needs constant protecting. No, never that. It’s because he loves her in a manner that has little to do with being cousins and everything to do with the fact that she was his one true friend growing up. They both came from affluent families, and the children of their parents’ circle were almost universally selfish and entitled and Enjolras had had many fights with all those brats who had believed that he was only play acting at caring about the welfare of those who were less fortunate than them. And Cosette, well, she’d been right there next to him, throwing punches and getting her clothes dirty.

So Enjolras loves her with a ferocity that has Marius almost faint with fear the first time she introduces the shy young man to her family. Never mind that her father had a shadowy reputation from having spent years in jail, Marius had learnt very quickly that there was nothing scarier than Enjolras giving The Shovel Talk.

“You do know what the shovel talk is, don’t you?” the tall blond asks almost mildly.

“Yes, yes of course,” Marius agrees hastily.

“And will we need to have it?”

“No, of course not.”

Enjolras raises an eyebrow at him. “You’re sure?”


Enjolras nods, then walks off in the direction of the dining table where his parents are already seated with his Uncle Valjean.

It takes Marius another five minutes of Cosette’s gentle encouragement to coax him into joining them for dinner.

Enjolras has elevated buying gifts into an art form.

He can literally take hours picking out a card, and let’s not even get started on the process of buying the gift itself. Combeferre has over the years learnt to just to go with it, so when he and Enjolras go to buy gifts together, he brings a book, or loads his tablet with news that he needs to catch up on. 9/10 times he can find a cafe to sit in and wait for his friend.

Courfeyrac, on the other hand, opts for the opposite approach; if he can’t convince Enjolras to order Christmas presents online– 

(”But it’s so impersonal, Courf!”

“Enjolras, the fact that you already know what to get that person indicates that you’ve put a lot of thought into choosing the gift - you can’t get much more personal than that. You’ve already out a lot of mental effort into it, no need to add physical effort if you don’t need to.”)

–he offers to buy the presents himself. Which means having to navigate the Christmas crowds himself, but it’s still better than standing in the men’s underwear section for two hours waiting for Enjolras pick out appropriate socks for all their friends (”It’s meant to be the coldest winter in decades, Courf - everyone needs comfortable socks made from the finest merino wool!”)

Enjolras attacks courtship like a medieval knight storming a castle in order to win the hand of his beloved.

After several painful conversations with his friends, being on the receiving end of The Shovel Talk from Eponine and Bahoral, and finally - after years of  obliviousness and a few months of denial - scraping up enough courage to do something about his crush on Grantaire, Enjolras has A Plan.

Given their history of antagonism and Enjolras’s rather unfortunate tendency towards throwing harsh words at Grantaire when their arguments get a little too heated, his friends suggested that he start with showing Grantaire first that he’s special to Enjolras, that way when Enjolras finally confessed his feelings, his actions would back up his words quite nicely.

So Enjolras grits his teeth when Grantaire is being particularly obnoxious in his latest rebuttal of Enjolras’s proposals, thanking him sweetly for the insightful points and promising to take them into consideration. That’s Enjolras showing patience and his willingness to listen, even though Grantaire looks confused for the next hours.

When Grantaire shows up at Combeferre’s apartment soaking wet and shivering because he hadn’t checked the weather forecast and didn’t realise that they’d be having a thunderstorm that night, Enjolras storms into Combeferre’s room to grab some clothes, frog-marches Grantaire into the bathroom and stands over him to make sure that Grantaire is properly dry and warm, and not cold and in danger of catching pneumonia. That’s Enjolras being personally concerned with Grantaire’s well-being, even though Grantaire blushes and changes behind the shower curtain in a sudden fit of modesty.

On the night of Grantaire’s exhibit, Enjolras clears his work calendar, reminds Cosette to pick him up so that he’d have to go to the gallery, then promptly buys half of the pieces on sale. He doesn’t understand why Cosette gives him a kiss on the cheek, Courfeyrac laughs at him, and his parents sigh in resignation when the pieces are delivered a week later. That’s Enjolras supporting Grantaire’s interest, even though Grantaire stares at him with a mixture of terror, disbelief and awe when he hands over his credit card to Grantaire’s eager agent.

When Enjolras finally confesses his feelings, he has a speech ready, a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of (what he is told to be) Grantaire’s favourite wine. He starts his confession by quoting Mr. Darcy (because he has read and researched dammit, and Mr. Darcy is apparently the epitome of a swoon-worthy gentleman), but he only gets up to “You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you” before Grantaire falls off his chair laughing. But then Grantaire decides to kiss him stupid afterwards so Enjolras guesses the embarrassment is worth it after all.

So adding to that I’m going to add context with some whining.  After getting my tax return I finally decided to use this gift card to Best Buy my mom got me for Christmas and pick up the new Intuos Pro since they’re $50 off right now.  I figure spending $100 on a brand new tablet to replace my really old and scratched up Intuos 4 isn’t a bad deal at all.  And now that I’ve gotten it, I feel like Wacom deliberately keeps making these new versions of the Intuos more and more rough specifically so the nibs wear out quicker and quicker.  Long rambling ahead…

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Secret Part 2 [Jughead Jones x Reader]

Okay, so I gave in and here’s part two. I know it’s shit, I wrote this on my phone and I still am trying to figure out the app.

I hope you like it, I’m not such a big fan of cheating drama and stuff, but I like the way this ended.

Part 1
Part 3

Summary : Cheryl stops by your locker to tell you to come to the Cheer practice to see by yourself how close Betty and Jughead are.

“They are spending a lot of time together.” Cheryl said, as you closed your locker, making you jump. “What are you talking about?” You asked, but already knew the answer. “I am only saying this, because you were a good friend to Jason.” She sighed, then added “I’ve seen Betty and Jughead together. There is something going on.” You rolled your eyes at her words. “Because they are writing an article together maybe?” You raised your brow. “They’re more intimate than that.” She said, right before Archie appeared. “Hey ladies.” He smiled. “You’re not serious.” You ignored Archie. “Come to the Cheer practice tonight.” She said, and with that left.

You were only going so you could prove Cheryl that there was nothing going on between your boyfriend and your dearest friend. You smiled at Archie and asked him to come with you to the Cheer practice, but didn’t tell him the real reason. You only told him you wanted to see Veronica and Betty. And he bought it. The two of you headed to class talking about today’s assignment for history, which was to do an essay about what if you were a king, or queen, back in the day, and if your counselor, or friend, would’ve betrayed you, due to the fact you have been studying King David for the past days. Your substitute teacher was preaching to a church on Sundays, and he thought that a drop of Religion wouldn’t hurt anyone. Oh boy.

After classes you called your mom saying that you’ll be out with Archie, since Jughead bailed on you saying that he needs to gather info for the article. You and the redhead went to Pop’s to eat something and drink before going to the Cheer practice.

“So, wanna tell me real reason why you want to go?” He asked. 

Apparently, he didn’t buy it.

“Okay, but it’s not a big deal. Cheryl came by my locker to tell me that Jughead and Betty are pretty close, and to come to the Cheer practice to see by myself. I am only going to prove her wrong, and that Jughead loves me.” I smiled. “Uh, I’ve seen it too.” Archie said, making you choke on your milkshake.

You arrived at the Cheer practice, which was being held outside on the field, since the weather was nice and the boys didn’t have practice today, unlike the cheerleaders.

There wasn’t much to see, only a bunch of chicks stretching and jumping and stuff like that. You greeted Veronica and Betty, and told them that you’re here to see them. You felt ashamed to tell them that you didn’t trust Jughead, but after Archie said that he saw them too, you had to see by yourself.

After a while, Cheryl asked you to go to the girl’s locker room and bring her an agenda, that should be somewhere on the benches.

So you went, silently walking in, as there was night and only the cheerleaders were allowed at this hour in the school.

“You know I love you, but I don’t want to hurt Y/N’s feelings.” You heard a familiar voice. It couldn’t be him. “I know, and she is my friend. A close friend, but I feel so guilty for loving you.” You heard another familiar voice. Oh hell no. “I can’t keep up with this secret anymore.”

You tried to get closer to the voice, only to see Betty in Jughead’s arms, him gently rubbing her back and kissing her forehead. You tried to hold back the tears. You really did. You grabbed the agenda and silently left, but breaking into tears outside. You lost him. You lost the best thing that’s ever happened to you to your friend. Your closest friend. They loved each other and you were only in the middle of their happiness.

While you were crying, the door opened, and Betty came out, fastly closing it.

“Y/N? What happened?” She quickly hugged you tight.

You could smell Jughead’s perfume on her and yet you noticed it now. Just now.

You wanted to yell at her for betraying you, but you couldn’t. It wasn’t her fault for falling in love. Love just happens.

“I… I…” You were at loss of words. But you decided to be stupid and do the right thing. “I don’t love Jughead anymore.” You lied. Oh boy you loved him. “I feel so guilty and bad and he deserves someone to love him forever, but I just don’t feel the sparks anymore.” You lied again.

The next day you broke up with Jughead and he didn’t take it that well. He was tearing up, but respected your decision. Maybe he didn’t love you like a girlfriend, but you still remained friends. Not like you used to , as you closed yourself and stopped being the happy and bubbly person you were. You didn’t tell them that you knew their secret, but you did tell Archie. He was always there , alongside with Veronica and told them not to tell Jughead and Betty that you knew.

It had been weeks since your breakup, you started being yourself again, but Jughead and Betty still didn’t go public. You didn’t know or care if they broke up or still needed time. You kind of regretted not yelling at them, but it wouldn’t have helped with nothing. Of course your friendship with Betty kind of died, and only resumed to greetings and a homework here and there. She tried to fix it, but for now you just needed time.

As for Jughead? You were still pals, not that close, but still talked here and there.

You were at peace now.

Well, more or less, they still betrayed you, but you weren’t that type of dramatic person.

Hidden Self Spread by intuitive-witch

**I created this spread as part of @thespiritedtarotchallenge and, for the purposes of the contest, I follow from my main blog @mainly-intuitive.

This week’s prompt is moonshine. I would have loved to have made a little moonshine cocktail while I worked on this spread, but, tragically, I do not like moonshine. I say tragically because I’m from the deep South and it’s practically a way of life here. Whenever I think about this alcohol, the first thing that comes to mind is the clandestine production in sheds and basements of moonshine during prohibition. So, I decided to create a spread about the secret and hidden parts of ourselves. You can use this spread to get a better understanding and acceptance of your hidden self. 

1. Your Dark Side - These are your qualities that you may perceive as bad or undesirable. You may even feel ashamed of these parts of yourself, so you attempt to hide them from others. The first step to self-improvement and self-acceptance is to acknowledge the parts that you may want to work on.

2. Your Hidden Dreams - This card shows the seemingly far-fetched fantasies you may have. It could be that dream job, dream relationship, dream whatever that you may be embarrassed to tell others about or think you’ll never be able to achieve. I do want to add that while this is a fairly common reaction, you shouldn’t have to feel silly for your dreams and desires :)

3. Your Deepest Secrets - This represents the experiences, memories, actions, feelings, etc that you don’t tell anyone, or very few people, about. This card can also explore why you feel the need to keep those things secret.

4. Your Greatest Fears - What things make your skin crawl? What outcome or event do you dread more than anything? This card may help you understand the things you fear, and why you fear them.

Now that you’ve put a name to all of these parts of yourself, what you do with the information is up to you. Is it time to make a change, take a chance, and/or let someone in? It’s all up to you. I hope you enjoy this spread, kind reader! 


1. Love. Love just how God loves you. Everyday ask God to show you his love so you can in turn show others. Love does conquer hate. Love is patient, Love is kind, Love holds no record of wrongdoing, Love does not boast. Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 

 2. Forgive. Honestly, 2016 wasn’t the yummiest year for me but one thing I learnt is, in order to move on, in order to show love, in order to be free, you have to forgive. I can tell you for free it’s not easy but it’s not impossible. Only God can help you so ask him daily, ask him every minute, to help you to forgive, to help you to love, and to help you to be like Him.  

3. Sometimes God makes you go through situations where all the doors keep closing and it’s left with you and him in the hallway. It’s there that you’ll have to face Him one on one. 2016 was full of closed doors. I just felt like it was never going to end but in the midst of these closed doors, I found Jesus. It was literally left with me and Him and there I learnt to be vulnerable and to put my trust in God. 

4. There will be a time when it seems like God is not there or He isn’t listening or He doesn’t care and it hurts. Not even going to lie it hurts but always always remember that God will never leave you and your story WILL have a happy ending. All you have to do is trust in Him and believe that the plans He has for you are goody good good.

5. FOMO will disappear.

6. Remember that God’s plan for you are ONLY good and He has such amazing plans for you. No, He isn’t going to give you a preview for you to believe, that’s where faith comes in, faith is the evidence of things not seen. Believe that God plans are to prosper you and not to harm you and to give you hope and a future and you’ll be able to see a closed door as an opportunity and not a loss, sunshine. 

7. Every bad situation will either make you or break you. You have the choice to decide what happens. Ask God to help you come out of it a better person, and come out learning all the lessons you were supposed to learn. If the situation is to take away from you, let it take away the bad parts of you cause you my baby are not perfect. 

 8. Learn to apologize. I used to hate apologizing when I was wrong so imagine when you feel justified to be the resident Petty Wap. Apologize when you feel a weight on your shoulder or in your heart. You won’t lose anything. Trust me, you can come up with 100 and 1 reasons why you should be petty especially when someone has hurt you but apologize for your part. It will free you. 

9. Plug out of the world if you have to. Put your phone off, log out of the apps. 

10. Readddd! Favorite Authors are Karen kingsbury, Francine Rivers, Frank Peretti and Max Lucado.

11. What you expose yourself to is what you’ll become. Friends, shows, movies and music. Its subtle, so subtle, you may not even notice but it’s always always in the little things so surround yourself with what you want to be.

12. Stand for what you know is right.

13. Every single thing happens for a reason. You will not understand in the moment and what more do humans hate than the fear of the unknown but when you look at every situation in the light that God is working for your good you’ll smile, I mean it’s hard, especially in times of trouble but you’ll smile.

 14. You are not and can’t be someones source of happiness. You also can’t make someone the source of your happiness because when that plug is pulled, you’ll be left empty. Remember, God is the source of your happiness and you are just an addition in someones life as someone is in yours. 

15. God will always always give you signs and sometimes you’ll ignore them cause we are tooknown. You know deep in your heart what you instinct says or how you feel about a situation but you choose to give unlooking. Trust your instincts, baby. 

16. That the glory of God will be shown in every single thing that I do. Let God take the front seat so that it won’t be by your works but His and at the end of it all glory will be given to His name.

17. Believe in Gods timing. He makes ALL [keyword is all] things beautiful in his time ECC 3:11

19. Quiet time with God. I try to sleep with my phone on airplane mode so I don’t wake up to notifications. Look for what works for you but make time for God. UCB word for today is an amazing start.

18. You can’t choose family. Love them with all your heart and let them know you appreciate them in your own little way.

19. Don’t assume. Always ask 

20. Give people a second chance aka don’t be Judge Judy.

21. Don’t be afraid to fail. Learn from your mistakes and always get up and dust yourself when you stumble or fall. 

22. Get yourself a good set of friends. Friends that’ll uplift you, motivate and love you

23. People will always always always have an opinion. You decide what to do with that opinion. Never make someone’s opinion determine your actions. Be true to yourself.

24. Travel. See the world

25. Love yourself, sunshine.

Always You- Kili (Part One)

Pairing: Kili/OC

Prompt: sango-hentaitenshi asked:
Can I request a Kili x Reader where Kili thinks she’s into Fili and it takes someone pointing it out to him that it’s KILI the reader is really crazy for? Bonus points if Fili knows this and uses it to wind Kili up and flirts hella hard with Reader. Thank you!

Warnings: None!

A/N: Okay, this turned into sort of a project lol meaning that it got really, really long. I feel bad for leaving you guys hanging, so I decided to break it into parts until I can finish it. Here’s Part One…Look for the next tomorrow!

Part Two

Nori was poking at the small campfire with a stick, trying to keep the flames alive, while Ori sloshed stew into another bowl. I felt some of my anxiety deflate, just a little. It was quiet nights, like this one, I looked forward to. Even though I knew they would be even fewer and farther between as we grew closer to the Lonely Mountain.

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I have been getting dicked down and put to sleep consistently and I want you all to know that in my most shameful moment I was hanging off of the bed, limbs lifeless and yet, seemingly shivering all at once, and I couldn’t lift my legs and needed my man to literally pick them up for me and place them on the mattress…I know…for shame. I have now decided to subscribe to a life of pillow princess fuckery because I am appalled at my own wackness. Who am I? I used to ride dick like a soldier. What have I become? Why is he so good? Why am I now, for the first time ever in my life, feeling bad? I mean he came or whatever but only because I pulled a super move and started talking about swallowing his cum if he came. That’s cheating. I am ashamed.

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ksi imagine - ex girlfriend tag

REQUESTED:  “Hello, please do a JJ imagine where you are exes and you do a video similar to Kian Lawley’s video kissing my ex girlfriend and old feeling coming back”

“Hi everyone it’s your boy KSIOlajideBT,” I remained quiet in the gaming chair as he began his introduction, his fingers forming a salut by his temple. “How are you all? Don’t answer that, I can’t hear you, it’s a pointless question.”

I giggled slightly, receiving a grin from JJ.

“Today I am here with a, erm, slightly…different video, we shall say!” The nervous giggles continued. I’d missed that contagious cackle. “As you can see I’m not alone, would you like to introduce yourself?”

“I mean I’m sure they all already know me, but hi, I’m Y/n.” With a somewhat timid wave I introduced myself before returning my hands to my lap and smiling. 

“Yep, probably. So this is Y/n, Y/n would you like to say a bit more about what we’re doing today or..?”

“JJ,” I laughed slightly. “Why are you being awkward? You good?”

“Man, I dunno it’s just…weird.” The laughs continued. His contagious giggle warmed my heart slightly, even after all this time. “Okay, so incase you are somewhat new to my channel I guess, Y/n is my ex girlfriend. We’ve been broken up for about, six, seven months now?”

He turned towards me to monitor my approval and I nodded. “Seven months,” I confirmed.

“Well, we haven’t actually seen eachother since the break up, but since Y/n was in London and is actually trying to grow a channel herself now we thought let’s rekindle the fire and film a collab!”

“Rekindle the fire?” I questioned. Jide simply shot me a wink. I rolled my eyes.

“Nevertheless, what can be a better idea than texting the first girl you ever loved and inviting her back to your house to bring up all the painful memories you’ve been suppressing for seven months in front of a few million people on YouTube right? So let’s go on!” 

My eyes widened slightly at the extent of his honesty - although I don’t know why I’m surprised. It’s Jide after all. 

“JJ, are you sure you wanna do this? I’m feeling you might be a little bit hesitant about this whole thing,” I rested a hand on his shoulder. “I’m gonna ask you again - you good?”

“Yeah, I’m good.” He confirmed, reassuring me in all seriousness before continuing the video.

For around half an hour JJ and I proceeded to answer generic questions, revisit memories, and discuss where our lives had taken us now. We decided to check twitter for some more insightful questions from people that knew most of our history - a lot of our relationship had been very public. Even the breakup. It didn’t necessarily end on a bad note, but we didn’t continue contact after, which I was beginning to feel slightly sad about. This time had made me realised how much I had missed Jide as an asset in my life - even if not in the way he was seven months ago.

“Okay so, twitter questions,” He scanned his phone.

“Jide, I swear to God if any of these are sexual-”

“I’m not promising anything.”

“Jide.” I narrowed my eyes, my tone very demanding. He held his hand up in defence.

“Alright alright! Innocent questions only!”

Yeah, right. KSI fans wouldn’t know innocent if it smacked them around the face, I thought. 

“Okay - where is your relationship currently at?” Jide’s voice became serious, professional even. I lifted a leg to my chest as I contemplated.

“Well, as of now, we don’t have much of a relationship,” He watched me intently. There was genuine interest on his face. “But I don’t see why we couldn’t build one? I’ve been planning to move to London, as you may know, and so I think we could definitely spend more time together.”

He nodded along with my words before turning to the camera. “So basically to answer your question she still wants my dick.”

“Jide!” I scolded, hitting his arm although I couldn’t not laugh as he apologised.

“No. What I’m saying is, friends is definitely foreseeable.”

“She’s using big words again I’m just gonna…yeah, move on. Okay, this one’s cool - do you still find each other attractive?”

“You know what Jide, I’m gonna let you take this one away.” I rested my hand on my chin. “Go on.”

His smile brightened to which my heart warmed slightly. As he cleared his throat I raised my eyebrows in an encouraging manner. Interest fulfilled my mind.

“Well,” he proceeded. “I mean of course.You’re pretty fit.” Shrugging, he moved his focus back to his phone.

“Is that it? Pretty fit?”

“What? It’s a compliment!”

“Nope, not good enough, try again.”

“For Gods sake,” he laughed, and I folded my arms. “Nah but in all seriousness guys, of course I still find Y/n attractive. We were together a long time, that wouldn’t change in such a short time, or probably ever.”

“Awww Jide!” I cooed. That was really sweet of him. I really have missed this boy, I thought to myself, and I genuinely hoped our interactions would continue after this video. 

“Plus I’ve seen her naked, so,” he shrugged and I rolled my eyes at the camera. 

“Right, sick.”

“I’m joking!” 

Raising my middle finger at him I encouraged Jide to continue with the questions.

“Okay, we’ll do one more, then we’re gonna go get nandos cause I’m starving.”

“Jide, you know I don’t like nandos right-”

“Y/n, I do, and that’s all that matters.”

I once again looked back at the camera as Jide exploded into laughter at his own jokes. Pointing a finger at him, I raised my eyebrows.

“To anyone wondering why we broke up - this is why!”

“No it’s fucking not don’t lie,” He choked between laughs and I looked down to mask my own giggles. “Okay, okay, I’m gonna scroll and whatever question my finger lands on we have to answer okay?”

“Unless it’s sexual,” I interrupted.

“Even if it’s sexual,” he corrected.

“Andddddd stop! Here we- oh. Shit.”

“What? Jide I fucking swear-”

“No, no, it’s not sexual.” He picked his professional attitude back up, a smirk still present on his face although he appeared slightly nervous. “Can you two kiss for the camera?”

“Oh dear God.” I groaned. “Fuck it.”

Pressing both my hands to his face I leaned into Jide, kissing him swiftly. Although at first he appeared taken aback, he soon warmed into the kiss, placing a hand on my waist just as he used to when we were together. I felt all the love wash back over me in a terrifying way. Do I still love him? Was this a bad idea? Was he thinking the same?

When I pulled back, Jide looked almost disappointed. I edged my eyes over to the camera and watched as realisation hit.

“Oh that! I forgot we were filming,” he scratched the back of his neck. “I can always edit out anything you don’t feel comfortable with keeping in. It’s no big deal.”

I smiled at his gentleman nature.

“In fact,” he continued. “I might just end the video on us leaning in, just to see the comments go crazy.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at his contagious, juvenile excitement.

“Can we get food now, for real?” He pleaded with me and I smiled.

“Sure. Let’s go.”

12x14 watching notes

this show normally never makes me cry except that 1 episode in season 7, but god dammit Berens got me TWICE I’m disowning him

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The Contest-Part 14

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only red, @oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

 Part 1 (all parts are linked)

After what felt like an eternity of waiting, the doctor finally came out to speak to Ryan.  “Emily did great.  We’ll need to keep her for a few days for observation since we had to do an emergency C-section, but she will be fine I think.”

“And the baby?” Ryan asked.

“Your son is fine.  Nice healthy set of lungs.  Emily is in post-op and the baby is getting checked out by the pediatrician.  You will be able to see them both shortly.”

“What are you naming him?” Jared asked.

“Dylan James.” Ryan told him.  There were tears in his eyes as he tried to hold it together.

We stayed with Ryan until he was allowed to go and see Emily.   I gave him my cell number and asked him to give it to Emily to call when she was feeling up to it.  Nikki and I hugged him and Jared shook his hand.  “Thanks for everything.” He said as he followed the nurse out of the room.

Jared was driving the three of us back to our apartments when Nikki spoke. “Why don’t you tweet something, Y/N?  Most of the crew follows you on Twitter, that way everyone will know whats going on.”  

Y/F/N  Y/L/N                                                                                                          @GeminigiraffeRN

Please join me in welcoming the newest member of the SPN family, Dylan James.  Mom Emily is doing great! We love you Em!

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BTS reactions: To you telling them that you can’t see without your glasses.

A/N: I myself have glasses and know how bad it is when they fall down.I hope you like this and sorry for any mistakes made.

Requested by: Anonymous

Request: “ bts reaction when their s/o tells them she uses glasses and is basically almost blind without them 


  He will get worried in his motherly way and I think that Jin would have another pair of glasses on him when you go out together. Just in case something might happen.”Don’t worry jagya, I have another pair of glasses with me. Look we match now.

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Min Yoongi/Suga:

  Yoongi knows that you have bad eyesight, but wouldn’t expect it to be that bad.He will be worried as well and suggest contact lenses, just so you won’t have problems with glasses.You might think about it, but he won’t give up on getting them for you. “Jagya, at least try them for a week.

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Jung Hoseok/Jhope: 

  He will become overprotective of you and make sure your glasses are always clean. I feel like he too will suggest contact lenses because he is worried that if they fall you might have trouble walking. “Jagya I am scared that you might fall and get hurt.”

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Kim Namjoon/Rap Monster: 

  Namjoon will worry about your eye problem, but will let you choose what you want to wear. If something happens and he sees first hand how bad things are, he might go to the extreme and suggest surgery, but will still let you decide if you want it. ( ignore the subs )

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Park Jimin:

  I see him saying all kinds of things in a cute voice. “Jagya you look so cute with glasses.”. Of course he will be concerned as well, but he will use that as an excuse to be with you almost all the time.

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Kim Taehyung/V: 

  I feel like Tae will go and buy glasses that match yours. He would love having the same pair as you, couple accessory style. Taehyung will google things that help eyesight and immediately make you try them out.He would probably take off your glasses and kiss your eyes “There, my magical love filled kisses will help you jagi.”  

Originally posted by bwipsul


  He will take your glasses off and walk around the house with them. When you tell him that it isn’t funny and explain how bad your eyesight is, he will feel bad.He will turn into a scared bunny and start saying he is sorry for doing it.”Isn’t it difficult with glasses jagya?Let’s go to a doctor, he might have a solution.”

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