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Exit Through The (NPR) Gift Shop - Vicky Diaz-Camacho

Vicky Diaz-Camacho

Internship Position: Arts desk

Hometown/University: El Paso, TX/University of Kansas

Favorite DC spot: Dog Tag Bakery in Georgetown (but go to Baked & Wired because the coffee is heavenly)

Favorite NPR show, blog or podcast: All Things Considered, Weekend Edition, Shots, the Two-Way, 13.7: cosmos & culture, Code Switch, Monkey See

Number one song that you’re jamming to right now: Tártaro by Buscabulla 

Coolest thing you’ve done while at NPR: Once, I observed as Susan Stamberg interviewed the famous artist David Hockney. My art nerd heart fluttered. I also got to be a helping hand during NPR’s Nobel Prize of Literature coverage. A group of us got to the headquarters at 6 a.m., had coffee and doughnuts and waited for the Swedish academy to make the announcement. I saw and worked behind-the-scenes for NPR’s fabulous Book Concierge. Another day I wandered D.C. by bus, reporting gear in tow, to interview people on buses for Neda Ulaby, an arts correspondent. In November, I worked the Kennedy Center Honors awards show with super producer/reporter Elizabeth Blair. On the red carpet. I saw Linda Carter, Jeff Goldblum, Aretha Franklin, Don Cheedle, not to mention I rubbed elbows with pro reporters from the AP and Reuters. Finally, on Dec. 9, I spoke with Scott Simon on-air about my family’s scrumptious Puerto Rican holiday recipes.

Top #NPRLife moment(s): My very first day because I got to attend my first Tiny Desk concert. It was Corrine Bailey Rae! Writing and sharing my grandfather’s story with the NPR staff for the NPR Oye blog meant the world. That time when the arts desk needed someone to cover Kanye West’s tour cancellation and it turned into a full-fledged story. Talk about adrenaline.The day I got to be in the recording studio, *behind the mic*, for the Weekend Edition segment with Scott Simon. That’s exactly where I wanted to be, but would have never known. Connecting with hometown folks because who knew there were so many El Pasoans at NPR?! Every day because I’d walk in and be amazed at each new thing I learned, each new person I met and the work I was trusted to do.

Dream Tiny Desk artist: Prince (RIP) or the OG Selena Quintanilla (RIP)

What’s next for you: Working as a copywriter and editor until I find a public media job!

Advice for future interns: It’s a whirlwind. I know. Your first day is packed with training, coffee and food, then you’re plucked from the crowd in Studio 1 and walked to your desk. Now what? This will fly by. Take full advantage. You want to get the most out of this experience, right? Work hard. Make connections. Learn from the pros. Be persistent. Be kind. Finally, don’t doubt yourself because you are unique. You have independent interests and might have knowledge of topics other don’t. Or maybe you’ll help others see new perspectives.That could help widen the audience net NPR hopes to reach. That’s why we are here!

‘Donnie Darko’ sentence meme

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  • “What the hell kind of name is that? It’s like some sort of superhero or something.”
  • “Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion.”
  • “You can go suck a fuck!”
  • “Some people are just born with tragedy in their blood.”
  • “Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit?”
  • “Beer and pussy. That’s all I need.”
  • “What if you could go back in time and take all those hours of pain and darkness and replace them with something better?”
  • “Why do you gotta get so smart on us?”
  • “I think about fucking a lot during school.”
  • “This famous linguist once said that of all the phrases in the English language, of all the endless combinations of words in all of history, that “cellar door” is the most beautiful.”
  • “I think you’re the fucking Antichrist.”
  • “You’re such a fuck-ass!”
  • “No one ever knows what they want to be when they grow up.”
  • “Do you believe in time travel?”
  • “I hope that when the world comes to an end, I can breathe a sigh of relief, because there will be so much to look forward to.”
  • “Smurfette fucks all the other Smurfs. Why do you think Papa Smurf made her? Because all the other Smurfs were getting too horny.”
  • “Do you feel alone right now?”
  • “You’re not a bitch. You’re bitchin’, but you’re not a bitch.”
  • “I can do anything I want. And so can you.”
  • “If we were able to see our destinies manifest themselves visually, then we would be given a choice to betray our chosen destinies.”
  • “They just want to see what happens when they tear the world apart. They want to change things.”
  • “What’s the point of living if you don’t have a dick?”
  • “The children have to save themselves these days because the parents have no clue.”
  • “Every creature on this Earth dies alone.”
  • “I promise that one day, everything’s gonna be better for you.”
  • “When you fall asleep tonight, I’m gonna fart in your face.”
  • “I’ll write a book and draw the pictures. Then maybe people will understand me.”
Las Vegas Love

Pairing: Gabriel  x Reader
Word count: 1,154
Warnings: None. It’s a fluff fest
Written for my 400 Followers Celebration
Requested by: @sudoku-and-heavy-metal . Prompt: Las Vegas / Quote: “When was the first time you fell in love?”

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Today was my boss’s last day at the office – he got promoted to be head of sales for the entire company, so he’s moving to Germany, where our headquarters is (and where he’s originally from). We gave him a good send-off, with a mid-afternoon party featuring food, lots of booze, and a surprise gift: an exact genuine replica of Harrison Ford’s leather jacket from “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, because the boss not-so-secretly has a huge hero-worship man-crush wanna-be thing centered around Indiana Jones (when he opened the box and saw the jacket he whispered “Wow, now I’ll be able to live out all my fantasies…” and then quickly stopped himself :P). It’s cute because he’s this very smooth and accomplished guy, kind of looks like a model and has this classic silver-screen voice, but at heart he’s just a big kid – he was so excited about the jacket that he actually jumped up and down a little bit before he remembered to act cool and collected.

Anyway, he’s a sweetheart and we all love him and don’t want him to leave us, so today was an emotional day at the office. Lots of drowning-our-feelings-in-whiskey took place, starting from about noon and continuing onward. When the time finally came for him to leave, one of my coworkers handed out tissues to everybody, and we lined up on both sides of the corridor and waved them pathetically as he headed out for the last time, laughing fondly at us.

Of course we all signed a goodbye/congratulations card to him as well, but there are so many of us I didn’t have space to write more than “Thanks for everything.” So when I got home from work and sobered up, I texted him this:

I didn’t get the time to say this in person today or have the space to write it in your card, but: you were an absolutely awesome boss. Your relaxed and yet encouraging attitude made it a real pleasure to come to work each day, so thank you! Keep on keepin’ on, Dr. Jones ;) ~ Jinx

(In case you’re wondering, I don’t normally sign my texts, but I just changed my phone number and I knew he didn’t have the new one yet)

Then I got this response:

Hi Jinx, thank you so much for saying that. That really means a lot to me. On the other side, you did make it very easy to be a good boss. Thank you for all the crazy projects you did over the years and all the extra miles you are always willing to go. And this won’t be the end of it, since I will keep [redacted] as my client, and therefore will continue to seek your guidance and extraordinary expertise on all of these projects. Besides I also will continue to try to develop some more business for the US office, so I’m sure you will hear from me regularly with requests to edit RFPs and other such shenanigans. Good luck with everything and I’ll talk to you soon.

I’M SO HONORED like oh my gosh?!?!?!?!? What a sweet message gahhhhh :’) I can’t handle feeling this appreciated??!?!??

toiletpapersims  asked:

Mystic maroon, scarlet, black, periwinkle

Mystic Maroon: Met anyone famous?
I once met Robson Green, but if you’re not British you probably won’t have even heard of him aha! I’ve also met a bunch of football players and other more lowkey British actors/musicians but no one particularly exciting I’m afraid :(

Scarlet: Favourite book?
I answered a similar question a few weeks ago here!

Black: Favourite season?
Definitely Autumn, I’m a sucker big scarves, oversized jumpers, && those amazing pumpkin spiced lattes ??? also halloween ??? spook-ayy

Periwinkle: Favourite website?
Probably tumblr to be honest- I have all you wonderful people???? but I’m also a bit of a reddit lurker ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I also watch Twitch Streams pretty much 24/7


It's not easy being famous Tintin.

I wish I was one of those kids!  once again Jean-Pierre Talbot will always be the best Tintin. I like Jamie Bell too. but Jean-Pierre is the best!

Also the title is the same place Jean-Pierre was born. and I’m also guessing this is the same year The Calculus Affair was published.

Happy is The Word

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17. Did I ever tell you about the footprints?

“She has your nose.” Hector whispered, pointing at our little baby’s nose as she slept soundly in her crib. It has been our habits since the day she born, watching her asleep before we went to bed ourselves.

“Well, she definitely has your lips.” I giggled as I glanced at her little plump lips, just like her dad. I traced my finger on Hector’s lips, which made him smile. He put his arm behind my back, pulling me closer to him.

“Thank you for completing my life.” He murmured in my ear before he placed a tender kiss on my forehead. I closed my eyes before I cupped Hector’s face in my hand. Never once I imagined marrying Hector Bellerin, the famous football player, since I was just a normal girl who went to the college myself. He captured my heart with his humbleness and his positivity; he was the one who encouraged me to get my bachelor degree before finally asking me to be his wife.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked again, puzzled looking on his face. He entwined both my hands with his, still leaning our side to the rail of the crib. I shook my head to his question and grew a smile.

“Oh! Did I ever tell you about the footprints?” His face turned excited, which made me stared at him confusedly.

“What footprints?”

“Footprints tattoo! Oh, I forgot to ask you about this. I’m planning to make another tattoo.”

“What tattoo?”

“Her footprints!” He let go of my right hand, his hand now pointing at our baby’s little feet. “Her footprints will be on my feet, just like your handprint on my chest.” He pulled my hand and put it on his chest.

I hugged him, laying my head on his chest in response. My heart pound harder than before and knowing it was because of Hector’s charm, part of it was simply his nature – and that part was sweet and selfless.

“A little bit of you, and a little bit of her, made my life so perfect”

I remembered the happy face he made when he showed me my handprint tattooed on his chest, right above his heart. He said the meaning of that tattoo was that I would always be in his heart, literally right above his heart. And “happy” seems to be the right word to describe my life as Mrs. Bellerin.

Honestly once I’m extremely famous I’m just going to live in one of those Spanish-style cottage apartment squares in LA like in mulholland drive where the rent is $1000/month for a studio and I’m giving all my money to the People idc if that sounds like naive and middle schooler idealistic of me it’s true. Like they’re gonna fly me around the globe for interviews and shit anyway and it’s really not that expensive to travel on my own in the long run considering how filthy rich I would presumably be. I don’t need excesses all I’ve ever wanted is a Cottage Apartment Of My Own and to not have crushing anxiety over all my finances and also help my mom the rest I really think could be put to amazing use. This is so funny bcs this isn’t happening but this girl is dreaming!

ok so I just came back from seeing my favorite band live (they’re called Tigercub) and since they’re really small and not very well known they actually know who I am since I tweet them quite regularly and I always end up hanging out with them after gigs but anyway

tonight after the gig a girl came up to me and asked if I was fiona so I was like yes?? why?? and then she just goes “you’re famous” and I’m sitting there like :o what?? and she said “yeah I recognized you because Tigercub retweet you quite often” so I was just thinking this can’t really be happening but she once again said that I was famous and when I talked to the singer of the band afterwards and told him about it he actually said “you /are/ famous”

so I guess now I’m famous #amazing