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Alistair. “Your Private Dining Experience at the Bull’s Head Inn, Kingsburry”
Harry. Gosh, are we having an experience? 

My Friend's House

Anonymous Submitted: 

My best friend growing up lived in an old house that was the coolest thing I’d ever seen. It had trap doors, a crawl space, and a loft that we spent most of our time in.

Over the years I’ve had many experiences at her house, we’ve heard footsteps and voices a couple of times when no one else was home, and the closet door (the crawl space entry is located in the closet btw) in the guest room would open on it’s own. But the experience that freaked me out the most happened the very last time I spent the night there.

My friend was home visiting from Grad school in Cali and I came over to hang out and spend the night, we were in her room which is on the second floor and has doors that lead out onto a balcony which run the length of the house. My friend was already asleep but I couldn’t for some reason, as it got later I felt more and more anxious. Finally at around 3 AM I heard three very hard and loud knocks that sounded like they came from under the bed.

I waited for her two dogs in her parent’s room down the hall to react but they didn’t…so I got up and turned on the light and tried to wake my friend, but she’s a very heavy sleeper so I just looked under the bed and when I found nothing turned on the TV, left the light on and finally went to sleep… which is weird but I felt like I was supposed to stay up to hear the knocking.

I realized just recently that the knocking may have actually come from outside on the balcony (her bed is up against the balcony windows which take up that entire “wall”) which freaks me out even more.

Fuck Yeah Moderator Gracie: 4/10 Thanks for the chills!

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I really liked that stowaway headcanon, would you mind doing one for MTMTE Megatron, Ultra Magnus, and Ratchet?

Btw the stowaway is a kid in my head

Megatron is nervous because he doesn’t know much about taking care of humans and he thinks he’ll scare the child. He approaches them the way some might approach a frightened kitten, then takes them to Ratchet since he’s had the most experience with humans. Once he drops them off at the medbay he has to sit down because he’s overwhelmed wondering when’s the last time he held something innocent without destroying it? 

Ultra Magnus scolds the stowaway, but only lightly because he misses having Verity around. It’s a long way to Earth (plus Cybertronians aren’t really welcome there…) so it looks like the kid is staying for a while. He sets them up in the room closest to his and makes plans to stop at the nearest organic planet for supplies. He’s already making a lesson plan in his head because being in space is no excuse for skipping out on school!

Ratchet is a sucker for children, and while he does give them a finger-wagging, he’s already in Grandpa Mode. He makes sure the kids has everything they need to be safe, happy, and healthy. He’s also very particular about who gets to watch them while he’s working. Usually it’s Magnus or Rung. And if his child gets so much as a scratch while he’s gone-!

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Do you know any good places to buy kitten gear from? I LOVE your blog btw💕💕

Thank you!!
These are the places I know that they sell both collars and other kitten gear:

Kitten Sightings
Kitten’s Play Pen

You can also go on Etsy to find really nice collars for a cheaper price if price is an issue. I recommend LucidArray on Etsy for collars and cuffs, because their collars are long lasting, bondage proof collars.

I have only bought from Kitten’s Playpen and LucidArray, but have heard good reviews on the other two shops listed.

Kitten’s Playpen, in my experience, is not one that I would highly recommend. I have had problems with their customer service quite a few times to where they haven’t responded or their items have been poorly made and have broken on me after a light use(2-4 times)

If time is an issue and you wish to have your gear soon(within the next couple months) I once again would not recommend KPP because of my experience with KPP.

I cannot say if they have changed in the couple years I have not bought from them, but my last experience with them was not terrible, but it wasn’t good either.
Hope this helps! 💕

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I'm in my last year of high school and I want to know what college is like? Can you pls reply! Btw, I love your blog!!

I might not be the best person to tell you about the whole college experience because I’m commuter student that still lives at home with my parents but I will try to give you an idea of the academic side of things. (I’m also almost done with my freshman year so that might impact some of these answers)

  • if you already have your major picked out (and it’s the right one for you) you’ll be taking classes that are actually interesting to you. High school is basically 4 years of gen eds (classes everyone has to take regardless of their major) but college is like “oh you want to take a class on film genres? here it’s available next fall”
  • The last couple weeks before finals week are even worse than finals week because that’s when all your big projects are due
  • Idk if you’re familiar with the comedian John Mulaney but he has this joke about how “college is just your opinion” it’s literally just your opinion. I wish I had a dollar for every time a professor said “Come on guys I want to hear how you feel about this” during a lecture
  • most professors won’t admit it but they will go easier on the people who volunteer to present their projects first
  • you get to decide your schedule so if you could have 3 hours between classes if you wanted or you could schedule your classes one right after the other
  • longer winter break and shorter semesters. I’m getting out of school a month earlier than I did in high school and it’s great
  • it seems that people communicate exclusively through snapchat (I haven’t made any friends really this is just an observation)
  • you will have a ton of reading (people say you should do all your reading i’ve found that you should do the first couple to see if you really need to do every reading for that class)
  • your professors also don’t want to be at that 8am/10am lecture 
  • in my experience a lot of professors openly express their hatred for Donald Trump (My symbolic logic prof once spent 5 minutes saying “we’re going to do the best logic. I have the most logical logic. And you’re all going to score bigly on your tests” it was real weird)

Btw I have found peace with the whole butt dilemma by declaring the time one can sit comfortably on one’s behind as the only true very scientific butt quality measurement. So nowadays when people ask my opinion on a butt I can simply say that I can’t possibly know unless I ask the owner or make them participate in a potentially lengthy experiment.

BTS reacting to you having a breakdown (requested)

A/N: I do have experience  with this one so it should turn out better you would have broken down because of stress btw This amazing idea was requested by @sakchixx  sorry for the long long wait but school just has me booked 24/7 and I have been really sick these last few weeks.~Zero 

Jin: It was without a doubt the most stressful time of your life. you and your boyfriend Jin were planning on moving in together, which meant packing, and you hate packing and your mother and father won’t stop nagging you because for some odd reason they don’t like Jin. Jin had decided to come over and help you pack however you had just got down fighting with your parents for the 100th time that day it felt like and you were on the verge of breaking down when Jin had actually managed to get into your room you just took one look at him and broke down into tears.Jin knew exactly why so he just ran to your side and scooped you up into his arms and put your head into his chest and let you cry until you didn’t have any more tears or until you feel asleep he wouldn't talk he would just hold you he might kiss the top of  your head here and there.

Originally posted by minseokked

Rap monster: I feel like Rap monster might panic a little bit when you just all of a suddenly burst into tears but none the less he would not hesitate to hug you and ask what was wrong when he found out that stress has caused this he would make sure to eliminate all the things that could possibly cause you stress for example the boys, work, chores, your parents anything he would want you to break down like this again.To get you to stop crying he would probably just kiss you let’s be real (I know the gif has nothing to do with this but I like it okay)

Originally posted by bangtan-tan

Jimin: Jimin has been really stressed lately and he wouldn’t tell you why because of that some of his stress started to rub off on you and it was making you stressed to the point where you felt like you wanted to rip your hair out so when he left for practice or so you thought you finally broke down and it turn out that he had forgotten  his phone so when he saw you crying he instantly walk you to you and asked you what was wrong and gave you the biggest hug that he could and he wouldn’t leave until you calmed down so let’s just say that he was late to practice because he decided to be stubborn and didn’t want to leave you side and deep down you both know that you are very grateful that he was there you comfort you.

Originally posted by itsyoongjams

suga: You happened to be extremely stressed and worried because you mother was unquestionably sick, you don’t know if she would make it and you were in Korea while she was all the way in the U.S. It has been about two weeks now you are not only stressing you yourself to the point you’re getting grey hair but you are also stressing suga out and he doesn’t even know why, when you have the break down is when yo get a call from you older brother telling you that mom only has two months to live you completely lose it you break down then and there in your’s and yoongi’s bed at three in the morning. Suga wakes up and asked you what is wrong in a voice laced with sleep when you tell him your situation he would instantly be awake and already grabbing the computer to buy two one way tickets to the U.S to make sure that you get to spend the next two months with your mother. (AWWWW)

Originally posted by yooingi

J-hope: The boys were actually on tour at the time J-hope made sure to call you and skype you as much as possible however, there was still one problem you had exams coming up in the next few days and you have been extremally stressed and have been staying up all night studying you couldn’t even remember the last time you ate.You were skyping j-hope when all of a sudden you just break down into tears J-hope: Omg jagi are you okay damn it why can’t I be there right now to comfort you.

Originally posted by jhopies

V: This was the weekend that Tae was going to meet your parents to say that you were stressed, and afraid was an understatement you see your parents are very hard to please and that worried you.However, it didn’t scare or worry Tae one bit. It was the night before your parents were coming over and you are going to make their favorite meal when you realized that you forgot half of the things that you needed that is when it happened in the middle of your kitchen right in front of V who was watching you make the dessert for tomorrow. V:“Jagi are you okay?I thought you were happy that your parents are coming to visit? Do you want a hug?Come here” he would say as he jumped over the counter to get to you

Originally posted by suga-com

Jungkook: You would be with the rest of the boys practicing for your vocal test at your school to see if you have improved from the begging of the year and there were one or two notes that you couldn’t hit and it was stressing the heck out of you and it was making you so discouraged when finally  when you thought no one was looking you let a few tears slip out and Jungkook had been looking at you.His first instinct would be to make you try and laugh cause he would hate to see his S/O crying from anything.Kookie: Hey jagi, look at what I can do. 

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Panic Attack

Request: can you do a reaction for BTS, of when you have a panic attack in public? I haven;t seen one done, if you don’t want to you don’t have to, i love your writing btw <3

Thank you for your request!! :)

I know panic attacks are the worst thing ever. I had one while I was a lifeguard. I felt my heart beat speed up, then my ears started to ring and I got chills and was trembling. I felt as though I wasn’t myself anymore, like an out-of-body experience and it lasted a good 20 min. I was in the stand at the time and I can remember I called a coworker over to get me down.

It came so fast and suddenly, it was honestly the scariest moment in my life and I hope that you never have to experience that.

~Admin Kirsten

Jungkook: You guys were shopping when all of the sudden he saw you start to hyperventilate. He would wait until you told him it is okay to touch you in order to insure that it doesn’t get worse.
“Tell me what you need me to do right now.”

Originally posted by comfyjimin

V: You were walking when he felt you grab tightly onto his arm and put the other in front of you. He immediately stopped and stayed with you asking what’s happening as you say you can’t see.
“I’m here. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

Originally posted by glitterskylines

Jimin: He saw you start to look around as if you were not sure what you were doing. Your chest started to rise and fall rapidly and he knew he needed to help you focus on something.
“Can you put your hands on your head?”

Originally posted by defchoi

Jhope: Everything was nice and fun until he saw you put a hand to your chest feeling your pulse spike. He heard you tell him you don’t know what’s happening.
“I believe you. You’re so strong and can get through this.”

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Rapmonster: You were drinking coffee as he saw you put a hand on your stomach and grow pale. He would stop what he was doing and focus on you.
“Let’s count our breathing. In 1. Out 2. In 3. Out 4.)

Originally posted by kpop-aliant

Suga: He was holding your hand at the moment when he felt your hands getting sweaty. As he saw you breathing heavily he quickly looked for a calm place for you to go to.
“It’s not the place Y/N. It’s the thought.”

Originally posted by sayjjanhae

Jin: He saw that you were holding your head and trembling. You were at the park walking and Jin had taken your emergency medication with him just in case.
“I have your medicine here if you want to take it.”

Originally posted by bangtan-jin-v

I hope you like it. Stay safe and Healthy. Remember to love yourself <3

i just took procrastination to the next level… I had the whole semester to write an essay about a book on an Indian paria woman’s experience with religious practices in Tamil Nadu and it’s due tomorrow. Guess who read a 600 page book in a day and a half and wrote a 3500 word essay in one take in a little bit over 2 hours (between 1 and 3:30 am)

i’m watching naruto from the beginning again and here are my thoughts so far:

  • who thought jirayia being a perverted jerk was a good idea? he literally hides in bushes to watch girls bathing?? it’s so creepy
  • sakura is so annoying omg. i didn’t remember her being so whiny and, well, useless? every time she tries to do something, she barely succeeds and then has to be saved by kakashi/sasuke/naruto
  • i’m not blaming her for this last part tbh. kishimoto just can’t write women having agency, apparently.
  • sasuke’s still very annoying. like i understand him but i wish ppl would let him rot alone he doesn’t deserve naruto’s friendship or sakura’s love
  • sakura’s love for sasuke, btw, is so cringey. why does she like him??? no one knows. not even sakura, i bet.
  • can you guys believe sakura ended her friendship with ino bc ino liked sasuke too?? like in my experience that’s what UNITES girls?? everyone having a crush on the same guy? esp when they are young??

ok this might seem like i’m hating the anime bUT I LOVE IT. neji’s still my fave character. the fights are all awesome. i just wish it didn’t have so many flashbacks tbh. so annoying.


Genre: fluff, strangers to lovers, drummer AU

Warnings: none :)

Word Count: 2.9k

Summary: mostly based on this prompt

rubatosis (n)

    1. the unsettling awareness of your own heartbeat. 

Dan’s new next door neighbour turns out to be an avid fan of playing the drums, something he and Dan don’t exactly have in common, especially after Dan has a long day at work. When he finally storms over to the source of the annoying drumming, he isn’t expecting the guilty neighbour to be so pretty.

A/N: i only ever write fluffy au’s where they end up getting together in the end omfg i promise i’ll probably maybe try writing something else soon. also i’m supposed to be studying for like 3 exams rn but that can wait because I Had An Idea. 

a) pretend the song i link you to later on is more upbeat and pop-ey

b) thank you all for 1k btw !! happyhappyhappy

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Olivia dating Tucker is a huge slap in the face, for her with the older fans. Also I hope they do mention her PTSD from being sexually assaulted being undercover in Sealview prison. I feel that no one at this current SVU and Tucker know about that and maybe that's her big secret. BTW I love Barba & Benson friendship

Perhaps you’re right, that it’ll come out eventually but going back past experience over the last five years, that seems a little more credit than they deserve. They’re not good at follow up. Olivia needs friends. Barba or anyone. But I fear no one currently knows what’s going through her head or understands that she’s lost it.

SimGuruRyan is leaving The Sims Studio

Ryan Vaughan – Lead & Marketing Producer of The Sims 4 (and previous Sims games) has decided to leave The Sims Studio.

Hey Simmers!

I wanted to share some news with you. After 8 amazing years, from The Sims 2 Castaway all the way through The Sims 4 Get To Work, the time has come for me to leave The Sims Studio. This has been a deeply personal and challenging decision for me, but it’s one that I believe is the best for the future of my family. The commute between home and the studio is crazy long. When you are a young single game developer it’s something you can cope with, but when you have a young family, that 3 hour commute becomes pretty arduous, no matter how much you enjoy your work.

Make no mistake, my love for this game, the people that make it, and you guys – the people that play it with such passion! – is unwavering. Deciding to leave has been one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make.

The memories that I’ve made over the last 8 years working in The Sims Studio are ones that I will cherish for the rest of my life, and I wanted to share just a few of my favorite with you!

• Working on my very first video game, The Sims 2 Castaway, was an incredibly eye opening experience. I was blown away by not only the talent of The Sims Studio’s artists and engineers, but their commitment to creating a high quality product. BTW – Castaway is awesome. If you haven’t played it and still have a Wii or PS2, find yourself a copy – it’s a blast!

• Teasing the announcement of The Sims 3 base game. When we put this image up and unveiled the awesome new TS3 plumbob, I got my first taste of how passionate The Sims Community was. You guys went crazy!

• Working on The Sims 3 Ambitions. This was the first pack that I got to be world producer on, and I learned so much overseeing the creation of Twinbrook. Can you guess who my favorite family is? The Bayless family! Why? Because their family description is the best line of text ever written in a Sims game; The origins of the Bayless name are a bit hard to track down. Written records (where legible) even two generations back use the “less,” “liss” and even “lies” suffix varietals. Debt prison records from 1788 list one Phillipe Bai l'Est as a catfish-thief and “chronic renegor” but lineage is circumstantial at best, and like little Chase says, “Why y'all cares ‘bout 'postrophes?”

• The Sims 3 Town Hall – I wasn’t on stage for this event, but I got to go and it was one of the first times I got to meet some of you in person. It was so cool to talking to you and getting to know you.

• Unveiling The Sims 3 Seasons – Admittedly, my delivery during this presentation was a little shaky (my first big presentation!) but it included my most favorite line I have ever said during a live broadcast “Winter is Coming to The Sims 3!”

• The Sims 3 Island Paradise – The pack was by far the most fun I’ve had developing and releasing a Sims Expansion pack. We did quite a few live broadcasts for these. “AQUA SLEDDDDDD!”

• Gamescom 2013 and Sims Camp – Wow. All I can say is wow. This week was by far the most fun week of “work” I have ever had in my life. Game Demos, Live Broadcasts, BOAT RIDES, and of course a little Kolsch!

I could seriously go on forever.

Words cannot express what working in The Sims Studio for the last 8 years has meant to me, both personally and professionally – it has been a truly awesome experience. And I couldn’t be more excited for the future of The Sims Franchise – Get To Work is just the beginning! There is no other studio like this one, no other game franchise like The Sims, and no other fans like you. I can’t stress enough how big of an impact your encouragement (and criticism) actually has on the development of this game. You guys may not realize it but we simply couldn’t do this without you!

It has been a great pleasure creating this game with you over the last 8 years and can’t wait to see where you’ll take it in the future.

Dag Dag Simmers,



Game Spaces, Or Lack Thereof

It goes without saying that when you’re into video games, there’s a good chance you’ll end up owning an ample amount of hardware and software. So possessing a bonafide library/collection often leads to, at the very least, thoughts regarding set-ups that best accommodates said interest.

For some, such organizing can become an obsession, especially for those of us who live in NYC or some place similar. Because the big city often means a tiny apartment, we thusly need to maximize every single square inch for pretty much everything, not just playing video games.

Does that mean I dream of living in a huge ass house, filled to the brim with every single system, along with every single game that came out for it? Far from it. Aside from the fact that making do with what little space can keep one’s spending habits in check, it can also keep one’s tastes in check as well.

Less is more, plus modest set-ups are just plain cute and awesome. K, maybe the above are not the best of examples, yet they still illustrate the over the top indulgence that is transporting the arcade experience home, in a fairly diminutive/restraint fashion. Even that last pic (am also be a fan of clutter at times). Here’s a few more…

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Uwahhh it’s been a month since my last drawing! I’ve been experimenting with this one so my style changed slightly - 7 -;;

Anyways, this is for the BTS project that is coming up! Their 3 Year Anniversary Next Month! I was supposed to do a collaboration with a friend but it didn’t go through so I decided to do it myself, hopefully she can join next time ^^

BTW Thank you for the 300+ Followers! jhdbsjhbghkbhgkb I don’t know how or why you would want to follow me but I’m really happy //A//)!! I’ll try to be as active as I possibly can and upload lots more!!


This is gonna be longer than fuck so… brace yourselves.

I’m gonna start off with the show, literally the best show I’ve ever been to in my life. It was a mixture of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s past tours with a bunch of extra beautiful shit added on top. Y'all saw the pictures, Beyoncé slayed so hard I cried twice and Jay was like the cherry on top. It was so overwhelming. You can really tell her and Jay are really the best of friends and you can see how deeply they love and respect one another. And they emphasized that they are NOT perfect and that bad things happen between them but love concurs all. It all had me caught up in the rapture of feels.

Now. To the really good stuff that y'all came here for.

I made sure to make nice with the security girl of our section, she looked familiar tbh, I think she goes to my school. Anyway, after the show I kinda sneak over to her and ask “Hypothetically, if I were trying to meet any certain dancers or other important people… where would I go?” lol Needless to say she told me where the trucks were going to be and where everyone would be leaving from and I hightailed it in that direction. 

First of all, I should let you all know that Miami, Fl is the city of thirsty and niggas who wanna be famous, say they know someone famous, or catch their big break so it came to no surprise that when we got out there there was a ton of people already  trying catch a glimpse of Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

It was chaos.

But chaos did not stop me from seeing my baby daddy Larry as soon as I walked up, followed by my side nigga Laurent. I screamed, “LARRY!” and his head turned in confusion like he wasn’t sure if someone called him or not. I waved like a maniac and he smiled and kept it moving. They were on the complete opposite side of the barracks from us so I just watched as they talked to some people on the other side. They looked like they were politely curving them because not too much sooner after they started walking back into the darkness, I’m assuming back to their bus. So I sat and waited. Eventually Beyoncé and Jay-Z came, hopped in their car and dipped, I saw her flip her glorious hair through the window—it was magical. After they left people like Bibi and The Mamas and some of the dancers started coming out to get on their busses. I saw Dnay and Ksyn talking to fans a little further down so I made my way over there. All of them were so nice, soooo freaking nice and I got to take pictures with most of them and I talked to Kimmie and Ashley and Ksyn for a little while. They’re really all so sweet and down to deal with crazy fans. Hajiba is the cutest thing on earth! I asked her if I could take a picture with her and she looked around and was like “Me??” and I was like “Yeah you! You don’t wanna take a picture with me Haji?” I think I scared her with my creepiness, so I apologized for being crazy but she laughed it off and said “look at me, I’m crazy too.” Her accent is adorable. My friend took a group picture of all of them but Dnay, she kept wandering off. Lol

NOW!! To the meat and potatoes.

I’m gonna start this off by saying Larry was the mission. I already met Laurent and so getting another picture with him was not my priority.

After waiting for what truly felt like forever, the twins finally decided to grace us with their presence again and it was kind of a mess. Me and one other girl specifically were BEGGING for a picture and Laurent kept saying no until Larry pouted and pushed him for being mean. So Laurent kind of discretely did a head nod in a direction away from the crowd that only a few people saw. That girl got chose and I was so jealous. She hopped over the barricades even when they told her not to, but some security guy allowed it and I just watched in envy. I asked if I could to and Larry said it wasn’t up to him so I sat and stewed while she got her moment.

When she was finished, I said “what about me?” and Larry said “I come back.” I said, “You sure?” he said “Yeah, I come back,” I said, “You promise?” he laughed and crossed his heart and said “I swear of God, I promise. Give me one second and I come back.”

Y’all Larry was looking so immaculately perfect. The man put a snapback over his twists I was telling you about and both of them were wearing all black. He looked so amazingly amazing.

So by the time he comes back out people started realizing they were over on our side and started crowding, so Larry was getting called in every direction and I kept getting skipped. So when he got to me I said, “You promised!” like a brat, and he said, “I know I promise, I’m here right?” so we took our picture and I told him how I was huge fan and he gave me a nice little hug and I nestled my face into his chest and continued talking about how I’ve been following them since world of dance until he pulled away and thanked me “for the love.” I was so content laying in his chest y’all. It was a short hug, but it was a beautiful one. Later on my friend was telling me that when he started showing me love everyone around me started grabbing and calling his name so that’s why he cut the hug short so he could move along, but I was not even paying attention to that. I got a little hug from Laurent and asked them when they were gonna do a workshop in Miami and Larry said never! Lmao. Laurent said all the studios in Miami are too small for a workshop, which is true, and that there’s bigger ones in Ft. Lauderdale, and I said “so do it in Ft. Lauderdale!” and they both shrugged and Lau said “Maybe.”

All in all they were both pretty nice, you could tell Lau was tired and y’all know how he gets irritated and blunt as hell when he’s tired, especially when he’s gotten to the point of verbalizing how tired he is. I will say for sure that your LT experience will vary based on how they’re feeling and how many people are around—the bigger the crowd the more closed off they seem to be. Which is expected, they really are some regular ass niggas and I don’t think I fully understood that until then. It hard to fathom that this super human insanely cute dances are ultimately just two regular guys.

They were both really playful with the rest of the crew, a lot who people pick on them for being so popular. One guy who looked like a roadie walked up to Larry while I was sitting near him and said “Hey, really amazing job I’m a huge fan,” before they both started laughing and play fighting. Larry told him to shut up or something to that effect and then immediately turned to me and felt the need to assure me that he knows him and that he wasn’t being serious. I just told him I believed him.

Omg I’ve written so much and there’s still more to go! Ugh.

I’ll sum it up with little side things that happened. After Larry and I took the picture I told him I’d put on Tumblr and I asked if he ever went on and he made a funny face and whispered, “Never” but we all know he was lying. Also when I was telling him for like the 3rd time how much of a fan I was he gave me a weird low five and told me they had some videos coming out soon, idk if that was confidential information or not but I trust y’all. And one time while he was walking around talking on the phone he saw me and I cheesed so hard and he smiled back and did that thing he does with his lips, when he pushes them out? Y’all know.

ALSO when I THOUGHT (thought because he really kept leaving and coming back even after Laurent stopped coming out. But I was there every time) he was leaving a I blurted out how much I loved his hair twisted and he chose that golden opportunity to come for my life y’all. I said “I love your hair twisted like that!” and he said “Thank you, but you see its’ my hair I twist.” I immediately got offended when I realized he was talking shit about my Marley twists. I said “so! My hair is twisted too, you ain’t special!” and he said, “But that’s not you real hair,” I was officially appalled y’all. I said “So?? I have just as much hair as you (I probably don’t) I could twist it if I wanted to.” And he smiled and said “Next time you show me.” And all my anger melted away, I just smiled like a goof like he didn’t try my weave and said, “Yeah, next time.”

I will say that Larry very much gave me the regular ass nigga vibe and, even tho I was being thirsty, I wasn’t being a spazz like last year when I met Laurent. Larry’s just easier to approach. Overall, it was a great ass night and I know I’m a creep for saying it but I just want to chill with Larry one time, he’s really laid back and seems so cool to just hang out with.

I think that’s everything. I still left some stuff out despite the longness. Sorry about that btw. Heres me and my future husband’s pictures.


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Hello! So I wanted to ask you about advice for a meeting I'll be running in a couple of weeks, and you have very cool ideas on using odd settings or nontraditional methods of doing things in game. It's going to be a feast thing, with characters and campaign already finished, and one of the players had their character take a vow of nonviolence at the end of the original campaign. How could I design a challenge for this player while including everyone else? It's 3.5 Eberron setting btw. Thanks!

Interesting question. One that’s worth asking publicly.

How to accommodate non-violent characters in TRPGs  

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What separates a non-violent character from a violent character in D&D? In terms of roleplaying and flavour there’s not much: both types of characters are going to use the same experiences and player skills to approach and solve problems in the world. They both sneak, they both bluff, they both use their environment to their advantage. The only big difference being that the violent character has a last resort the other doesn’t: killing. Everything up to that might be negotiable. 

Before you start planning encounters or making more of your game, you should speak with the player who’s taken the vow of nonviolence. Ask them, out of character, what they want to do with that vow. What are the vow’s limits? What are its exceptions? Ask what they think their character would do if forced into a situation where violence (which is kind of vague) was the only way to save another PC or important NPC.

Are they just against killing, or have they sworn off all forms of attacks?

Once you know how they want to treat their vow, you can better accommodate it at the table with the rules.

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Now, in terms of mechanics, here are some ideas I’ve got:

  • Non-lethal damage. If the player is still okay with attacking, but not killing, allow their attacks to deal non-lethal damage. This damage still reduces hit points, but if the hurt creature is reduced to 0hp it’s knocked unconscious instead of killed. This allows the player to still participate directly in combat.
  • Aiding Others. If the player is against all violent actions, allow them to use their action in combat to “aid another”, giving them advantage or a bonus to their next roll. This allows them to participate in combat without making attack rolls.
  • Sparing Others. Have you played Undertale? If so, you can see where this is going. If the player’s big thing is that they want to be able to convince enemies to surrender or give up peacefully, let them make Charisma checks to try and do so without the usual requirements in place. If they’re convincing enough each time, give them a bonus to their roll.
  • Use setting and class. Every player has a role and a tactic they prefer in combat. Wizards cast spells, fighters and rogues/thieves deal more damage, clerics heal others, etc. If this player’s class is one that hinges on combat (fighter, paladin, ranger, etc) offer to let them switch it up while they’ve taken their vow. Eberron features a lot of different sects, guilds, houses, and organizations; many of which pride themselves on non-violence (especially with the war over and the peace still fragile). Maybe have one of them step forward to offer these abilities to the player, giving them a new role in life so long as their vow is unbroken.

Here’s the important bit!

As a game master you need to decide if you want to impose consequences on this player’s character if they break their vow. If they give in to violent action, they (and the party) needs to lose something because of it: an NPC’s trust, an important bond, maybe they incur the wrath of a deity. Something. 

Also, if this is something they want to commit to, then the world needs to challenge it. Make this character hurt. Put them in situations where violence would be an easy solution. Test their character’s resolve. Non-violence is the more moral/ethical path…but it is seldom the easier one.

Finally, don’t let this player’s choice dictate the actions of the party, and don’t let the actions of the party overrule this player’s choice. This player (I’m assuming) made this vow of non-violence on their own, and the rest of the party is cool with it, but aren’t holding themselves to that same standard. Make sure the non-violent player understands that the other players are probably going to continue to be murderhoboing little shits, that that’s perfectly fine, and that they shouldn’t try to stop the party.

That said, If the non-violent player spares an NPC or monster, perhaps against the wishes of the rest of the party, don’t let the party kill them afterwards without giving the party a suitable cause to. 

I hope that helps a little. 

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robertswjohn  asked:

Hello Bobby. I understand you have a great head on you about working in the animation industry. What kind of advice and tips could you give to help me in my career at becoming a successful storyboard/character designer. I primarily interested in Television but am opened minded to featured films. Also I've got 2 years of college under my belt, AA in liberal Art, but not sure if could afford a school like Cal-Art or SCAD.

Hi John,  Hm, I think first I would decide now whether you want to pursue story or character design and focus your energy on your choice.  You could always have interests in other disciples of course and branch out later, but I think for breaking into the industry its best to focus on one discipline for now, because that’s what your competition is doing.  

With all respect to the aforementioned schools, I don’t think its absolutely necessary to attend the more expensive schools. I took a Concept Design Academy class earlier in the year and it was a great experience w/ an amazing instructor, at a fraction of the price.  I think nowadays with things like the CDA, CGMA, etc there are more affordable alternatives that still have industry professionals currently working in the industry teaching.

As for being a character designer, I’m still learning every day so take this w/ a grain of salt.  But I’ll say that strong draftsmanship will take you a long way, whether its TV or feature or games, etc, and will help with versatility from show to show.  

Ideas and what you can bring to the table I’m learning is huge.  And thats just a matter of digging into your life experiences, the things you like, your good taste, the way you see people.  And that stuff is super specific to YOU.  BTW, its the same for animation, the technical skill is one aspect and your ideas you bring are another, and the ideas are usually what people respond to.   

And I guess the last one that’s important for me personally is the ability to work extremely well with other people.  In my experience, character design isn’t just about doing great drawings and then passing them off to the next department. Its a hardcore team effort and communication is key.  In my mind, you have to support each others’ work to get our best result on screen.  

Again though, these thoughts are just pulled from my past and who knows if they’re right, but thanks for asking about my experience=)

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Hey Rachel! So, I've been questioning my sexuality (I'm bisexual, but I'm not sure if it's just a phase) and a couple of my friends have come out as lesbian or bi over the last few months, and I also think I'm developing a crush on one of my closest friends (who's straight and female) and I am so confused right about now. BTW I love your blog!

Thank you love! Well I don’t think there is a reason you need to label yourself. You’re young and can experiment to figure out who you are!