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Shades of Red and Blue

I’m ruined by McHanzo, y’all. Sorry-not-sorry. Please enjoy these drabbles about a certain surly warrior and his lovestruck cowboy boyfriend (or future boyfriend, in some of these cases). Cut is for length, not for content.

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“Full house!” Jesse crowed, delighted with himself as he slapped his cards on the table between them. “Pay up, sugarplum.”

Hanzo let out a deep, concentrated breath, dark brows knit over stormy eyes as he stood up to untie his obi, adding it to the growing pile between them that consisted of his bow, his quiver, both of his re-enforced boots, and his hair scarf. Jesse’s cheshire cat grin widened as he wiggled his socked toes, the only item of his between them being his boots, which now Hanzo was certain was because he let him win the first round.

“I do not appreciate being taken for a fool, Jesse McCree.”

“Aw, c’mon!” Jesse laughed, taking a sip from his glass of whiskey. “We ain’t gotta play much longer.”

Hanzo was unconvinced. “Is that so?”

“Yeah. Just…” He glanced around the table at the remaining pants and tunic that Hanzo wore. “Like two more hands. Maybe three. Never can tell with ya, darlin.’ I have been surprised bef– hey now!”

He just barely caught the empty teacup as it was hurled at his head.

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Child’s Play

CHILD’S PLAY: in which ( y/n ) reluctantly teaches justin how to bake and the kitchen shenanigans end up being a hearty mix of back and forth banter, playful moments, as well as a little bit of pda. both justin and ( y/n ) have never considered themselves to be anything more than just friends, but despite the simplicity of their relationship there’s absolutely no doubt that there’s a mild tension between the two. and their time in the kitchen ends up proving just that. 

so basically i wanted to write something really fluffy because that was just the type of mood i was in today. i’m actually pretty happy with the way this one turned out, and i hope that you guys like it too. as always, feel free to tell me what you thought about it because i love hearing from y’all. 

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Prompt: “Scotty needs some love. How about one where the reader is an engineer, possibly better than he is, but is permanently paralyzed and stuck in a wheel chair. He manages to get her on the Enterprise but it takes Keinser and Jalya to convince him to ask her out.” - Anon

Word Count: 1,599

Author’s Note: I am not paralyzed myself, nor do I have any friends who are. I have, however, spent more time that I’d like to admit in a wheelchair, so I tried to synthesize my experience with the actual state of paralysis to build the image of this character. If I’ve done anything wrong with this, please leave me an ask and I’ll fix it.

Also, I used the word ‘hose’ several times and, as a testament to my maturity level, I ended up laughing more than is reasonable through that scene. Enjoy my loves <3

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Holiday, Chapter 5

Author: @appleblossomgirl0305

Rating: E

A/N: Hi! Another tough prompt this week to incorporate into a WIP, but I did my best with a flashback scene (again, I hope I’m not cheating)! A huge thank you to @xerxia31 for pre-reading this with incredibly short notice. This chapter is unequivocally E rated for smut (which I’m pretty nervous about) – please, enter at your own risk…

I threw together fish tacos and mixed the passion fruit mojitos before carrying plates out to the deck where Katniss was watching the sunset. I handed her a plate and her cocktail and she placed her plate on her lap before removing my drink from my hand and shaking her head at me.

“No drinks,” she smirked, placing both glasses behind her.

I laughed and scratched the back of my neck. “Think we could make a one-drink exception tonight? I hand-squeezed about a million passion fruits to make that and I’m kinda excited to try it.”

She eyed me skeptically before nodding her assent and handing me back my glass. “It does sound really good.” She took a sip before nodding enthusiastically, “Yep, amazingly good.”

I couldn’t keep the smile off my face.

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Adore You: a one-shot


When you say you love me, know I love you more.  Boy, I adore you.


His cheeks were tinged a light shade of pink, burning slightly from the cold.  His neck hidden from the air, a scarf wrapped tightly around him, almost strangling him in warmth.  His never ending torso was shielded underneath a multitude of layers; a long sleeved shirt that clung to his skin, a loose fitting sweatshirt, and an overly puffy winter jacket that added about ten pounds to his regular body weight.  He looked clumsy carrying his snowboard in his hands and she could only imagine his feet proving to be a challenging obstacle for him in the snow, their tendency to point inwards causing him to stumble often.

Her eyes traveled along the page of the magazine, her gaze reluctantly falling on the girl that stood in front of him.  Tall and slender, a model’s body for sure, she couldn’t help but feel a few pangs of jealousy sweep through her veins.  Her long dark hair, pin straight in texture, was pulled up into a high ponytail, the ends barely touching the middle of her back.  Unlike his face, which was covered in a gigantic pair of ski goggles, her face had been left exposed.  Her eyes matched her hair color, a beautiful dark brown, which appeared almost black in the print of the magazine.  Her naturally tanned skin was a bit pale, but it worked for her, making her eyes pop more against the lightness.  Her cheeks were sunken in just slightly, her cheekbones protruding a little in a naturally dramatic look, proving once again that modeling was her calling in life.

She found it hard to be happy that he was enjoying time with friends.  Jealous in the fact that she was closed off in her bedroom, her head already dipped low in study books as the semester got underway rather than enjoying the winter fun in the States.  Daydreaming of all the possible moments they could’ve spent together.  Cuddling by the fire in the cabin after a full day of “hitting the slopes.”  Nursing sore limbs by lazily tangling themselves in one another.  Spending any free time they had wrapped up in bed or on the couch underneath blankets.  Silly selfies of them with their ski goggles, making ridiculous faces at the camera.

She felt selfish in wanting to be with him twenty-four seven during his time off, knowing that it was always on the clock, always close to expiring before he went on another tour for an extended period of time.  And she felt increasingly more selfish for wanting to keep him by her side around girls that looked like her.  Never the insanely jealous type, she always believed that it only led to distrust and that was the last thing she wanted him to think of her.  Nothing good ever came of distrust.

But it still got to her, especially when he was off in a different country and she hated herself for it.  She wouldn’t have felt so bad if he was somewhere in the UK, or even in the Alps.  Places that weren’t so far from home and more accessible to her.  Places that were easier for her to surprise him on a weekend and spend a few days with him before having to go back to classes.  Places that made it easier for them to have a few Skype dates without having to worry about time differences.

Her eyes scanned the page for what felt like the hundredth time, her eyes ghosting over the fine print meticulously, picking out details that she knew shouldn’t have mattered to her.  Things such as how the two of them spent dinners laughing or how they occasionally would graze each other’s hands.  Details of how they acted on the slopes, taking a ski lift together and practically being cuddled in the chair.  Or how he would wrap his arms around her when she fell trying to stand up on the mountain.

She’s pretty.  It was sent before she even knew what she was doing, her phone screen illuminating her face in the darkness of the night.  Her fingers subconsciously typing out the words that she was meant to keep to herself.  She couldn’t help but gasp just loud enough for only her ears, her heart thundering as it began to race against her chest.  Her fingers frantically typed against the screen, trying her best to cover up their mistake.  Please ignore that, she typed.  I hope you’re having a blast xo.

She waited, her eyes glued to the screen as she debated whether or not she wanted to get a response from him.  Yes, she wanted to talk to him.  She wanted to maybe hear his voice telling her that she had nothing to worry about.  But at the same time, she didn’t want to hear him question her, question whether or not she was fully committed to their relationship like they had discussed.  In the end though, she couldn’t help but feel her heart sink just a little bit when twenty minutes had passed and he still hadn’t said anything.  Not even a “Hi.”


She had walked around town for what felt like all day when in reality, it had been a few hours.  Constantly weaving in and out of the crowds of people that cluttered the sidewalks, she tucked her chin into the top of her jacket, her head remaining down.  Bundled tightly to fight against the nighttime chill, she felt like a marshmallow, her jacket resembling the one that he had been wearing while skiing.  She popped in and out of quaint little shops; small bookstores that instantly greeted her with the smell of old paper, vintage record stores that made her want to buy the stores entire collection just so she could hear the sound of the needle winding around the record surface.  Vintage clothing stores that made her envious of everybody who threw away old band shirts, wanting so badly to be able to go back in time and experience the concerts firsthand.

She had eaten dinner by herself at one of her favorite delis.  Just a simple cup of chicken noodle soup and a half of a sandwich warmed her numb limbs, an instant smile appearing on her cheeks as the waiter cleared the table for her.  Having left her phone at home, she didn’t have the pleasure of burying her nose in the likes of Twitter or Facebook and she quiet enjoyed the solitude of not having to answer to anybody, forcing her to entertain herself with people watching. 

“Reckon they’re fighting?” She shook her head, startled as the waiter leaned slightly towards her, his voice hushed as he looked at the young couple a few tables down from her.

“Uh…” She hesitated.  “I’m not sure.”

He took a quick seat across from her, flashing a small smile before his eyes returned to the couple.  They couldn’t have been any older than her.  They had been quiet throughout the entire meal, until now and it hadn’t been pretty since.  The young girl, a natural redhead, continuously tugged at the ends of her hair.  Resting just at her shoulder blades, she twisted her fingers in and out of the strands nervously as her eyes darted from side to side, widening slowly.

The waiter shifted, “Oh no.  It’s a breakup.”

“How do you know?” She asked him softly. 

He glanced at her, his eyes narrowed knowingly.  “He’s doing all the talking.” He answered.  “And she looks like she’s about to burst into tears.”

She looked at them again, immediately noticing the tears that welled at the girls’ eyelashes.  She watched as she tried to interject, her lips parting just enough to tremble before being forced closed again when the boy denied her.  “Seen a lot of breakups in here?”

The waiter shrugged, “A few.  But no one is really that ballsy to actually break up in public.  They all just say that they need to talk and end up walking out before someone starts crying.”

“Do they always cry?”

He shook his head, looking at her now rather than the couple.  “Not all the time.  But when they do, it’s like the floodgates have opened.  Balling.”  She chuckled as his face scrunched up as if he was about to cry, his hands running in front of his face to simulate the buckets of tears he described.

She sighed, “You should become an actor.  Or at least a mime.”

He smiled, his lips moving as if about to say something just as the girl bolted up out of her seat, running towards the door.  Her chest heaving in sobs as she tried her best to cover the crying that slipped from her mouth.  The waiter hissed, “Must not have been an amicable split.”

She shook her head, “I hope she’s okay.”

“Do you have one?”

She looked at him, her eyebrows creased in confusion as she watched him stand up, his body towering over her.  “Huh?”

“A boyfriend.” He repeated.  “Do you have one?”

“Oh.” She smiled, “Yeah.”

“Well, for your sake, I hope you don’t get dumped in a deli.”


He hadn’t expected her to be gone.  After knocking thirty times – each time more forcefully than the previous – he assumed she had just gone to bed.  He wanted to find her asleep on the couch, her body curled into itself underneath a blanket, her face so peaceful he always felt bad for waking her up.  Or he wanted to find her asleep face first in one of her textbooks, like he had known her to do during school.  Her pen always still grasped loosely in her hand, hovering over her notebook beside her.  He always laughed when he woke her up during those incidents; she was always so disappointed in herself that she had done it again, but she was never surprised, blaming the material for literally “putting her to sleep.”

The eleven-hour flight left him with a lot of time to imagine what he would come home to, but a dark apartment wasn’t one of them.  He had called her phone numerous times and she never answered, leaving him somewhat frustrated and a bit worried, hoping that nothing had happened to her.  He cursed at himself when he realized he forgot the key to her place, knowing exactly where it was at his house, but too lazy to actually go get it.  He racked his brain to try to remember where she left the spare key, pacing in front of the door for a few long minutes before he nearly jumped out of excitement.  Remembering to sweep his fingers along the edge of the top of the door frame.

He noticed her phone right as he let himself in, all of his messages and missed call notifications lighting up continuously against the dimly lit living room.  He flipped the closest switch he could find, his fingers fumbling along the wall until the light on the end table turned on.  Her books were left strung along the coffee table, a bundle of pens towards the edge.  Notebooks lining the front as he pictured her furiously taking notes.  A blanket left underneath the table to warm her feet, her dislike of socks never a good thing during the wintertime, and a blanket thrown on the edge of the couch for her shoulders.

He sighed heavily, making his way towards the couch.  Sitting carefully on the edge, bringing his hands up to cover his face as he finally settled from all the traveling.  His body was exhausted, completely spent.  Between skiing and snowboarding, traveling to and from the ski lodge, traveling to and from Los Angeles…he wondered how he was even functioning.  He didn’t have enough time to even let his body recover from the world tour he had finished just a few months prior before he was whisked away yet again.

He hadn’t planned on being home so soon and honestly, he quite liked the sunny 70-degree weather of Southern California.  But as soon as he got that text, he knew that his time was up.  He was at Walgreens, casually perusing the aisles for food that looked appealing when his phone had buzzed in his pocket.  Originally he smiled when he saw her name flash across his screen, but his smile soon fell as he scanned over her words time and time again.  The world slowing down around him as his heart sunk to the floor, his stomach immediately bubbling with nerves.

They had talked about his friendships with other girls, including his friendship with Kendall and she had never seemed to have a problem with any of them.  They had discussed how her being okay with them made it easier on him, how her approval was a vital key to their relationship working, especially during the grueling months on tour.  And she was just that, she was okay.  She was okay with seeing him photographed with other girls, knowing full well that he only wanted her.  Knowing that she had nothing to be jealous of when he was with them because his heart belonged to her. 

His fingers massaged his temples, the pressure pushing at the tension that had settled in rather permanently.  A headache that seemingly only grew bigger and bigger each day and today was proving to be a tough one.  His head perked up the minute he heard her keys jiggling in the lock, the knob visibly turning.  His heart hammering against his chest in anticipation.

“Oklahoma!” She gasped as she entered the apartment, her hand flying to her chest as she found him on her couch. 

His face wrinkled, “Oklahoma?”

She closed her eyes, trying her best to settle her racing heart.  “Shut up, I just watched We’re The Millers the other day and one of the characters says it.”

He only nodded, an unsettling silence falling between them as they both fell mum.  He watched as she unraveled herself from her multiple layers, smiling slightly as he noticed his old Ramones shirt against her body.  His eyes followed her movement as she hesitantly walked towards him, stopping just a few feet shy of the couch.  Arms crossed against her stomach, eyes lingering on her feet, refusing to meet his already questioning gaze.

“You know we’re just friends.” He whispered.

She nodded, her head still hanging in guilt.  “I know.”

“I promise you, that’s all we are.”

She finally looked up, her dark eyes immediately locking with his own.  His heart warmed as they connected gazes, always loving the fact that they seemed to magnetize towards each other.  Whether it was across a crowded room like seen in movies, through crowds and crowds of people or if it was just the two of them doing separate things – he could’ve been mindlessly plucking the strings of his guitar while she washed dishes or did homework.  They always seemed to find each other’s gazes and it was secretly one of the things he loved most about their relationship. 

“I know.” She repeated softly.  “I know.”

He reached for her, quietly pleading for her to join him so that he could wrap her up in his arms.  Needing to feel her body close to his, wanting so badly to cuddle her up and take away her insecurities, despite how unnecessary they had been.  But she hesitated, and he noticed.  The way her teeth pulled her bottom lip between them, gnawing nervously on the already broken skin.  They way her hands wrapped themselves tightly around her elbows as if holding herself together.  The way her eyes glistened in the light, tears welling up against her eyelashes.

“Baby…” He sighed, pushing himself up off of the couch, taking only one long stride towards her before he forced her into his arms.  Burying his nose against her dark hair as he felt her latch onto him, her hands winding around his torso tightly.  Her hands fisted the back of his sweater as she nuzzled her face deeper into his chest.  “Shhh.”

She shook her head, “I’m so sorry.”

“Shh.” He repeated, “It’s okay.”

She pulled away, glancing up at him as he towered over her.  “I don’t know why I sent that text.  I didn’t mean it, I promise.”

He nodded, his brows creased as he watched her, worry coursing through his veins.  “I know.”

She gulped down a breath, her chest heaving as she continued to cry.  “It’s just hard sometimes when you’re away.  And I know that I have no reason to be jealous of anyone.” She drew another breath, “But when they look like she does…”

“Hey, hey, hey.” He stopped her, his hands shifting so that they cradled her head.  His thumbs swept against her cheeks softly, cutting off the tears that rolled down her face.  Their eyes locked in an intense gaze, their orbs darting from side to side.  “You have nothing to worry about.  Do you hear me?”  She nodded reluctantly.  “Nothing to worry about.”

“I know, but – “

He shook his head.  “No buts.  You are the one that I love, the one that my heart beats for.  The one that makes me heart explode at just the mention of your name.  You are the one that is constantly on my mind, whether we’re together or apart – “

We can both remove the masks and admit we regret it from the start.” She whispered, a small smile tugging at her lips.

He laughed, his eyes closing as he shook his head playfully.  “You are the one that I love.  You are the one that I love to the ends of the world and back, the one that I obsessively love and no one can take that away from you.  You are mine and I am yours.” He continued, not losing a beat of the rhythm he had going for him.

She smiled.  “Okay.”

He leaned forward, his lips capturing hers in a sweet kiss, an important kiss.  A kiss of reassurance.  Their lips molded to one another’s, a slow rhythm forming as they held each other close.  His hands remaining against each side of her face, her hands winding their way up to his hair, her fingers twisting themselves in between his curls.

They pulled away reluctantly, their lips both slightly swollen.  He kissed the tip of her nose softly before he touched his forehead to her own, smiling down at her.  “You are my girl.”