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You Bring the Calm

Fandom: Marvel
Ship: Peter Parker x Reader
Requested: Yes, and from this prompt list: “Call me if you need anything.” and “Stay there. I’m coming to get you.”
Genre: Angstish
Warnings: Mentions of Death, Injuries, Breakups, Crying, Kissing

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When your boyfriend had broken up with you earlier in the day, you weren’t expecting it. You knew you weren’t in love with him––that much was obvious to you, and to everyone else––but it still pained you to be dumped out of nowhere. You thought you had the potential to love him. Maybe you didn’t love him today, and you wouldn’t tomorrow, but someday. You figured there would be a someday

Regardless of the sadness you were feeling, you forced yourself out of bed the next day. You had been dating him for awhile now, nearly a year, and waking up for the first time without a text message from him to help you greet the day– well, it just didn’t feel right. But although you didn’t receive a message from him, you did receive one from your best friend.

I’ll see you at school today. Remember to smile, the sun will always rise!

You couldn’t help but let out a light laugh. He had always said that to you when you were feeling down. When your dog died, and ‘The sun will always rise!’. When you broke your ankle and couldn’t participate in the school field trip you’d been looking forward to, then ‘The sun will always rise!’. Any situation that you thought back to, Peter was there with a bright, cheesy smile, and a phrase that would always make your day. 

You got out of bed and hurried your way around your room, getting ready for school. When you arrived at the doors of Midtown High, you sighed before walking in. You knew your boyfriend would be around somewhere, and you didn’t know what you would do if you were confronted with him. 

“Hey!” You heard from behind you, and you jumped. But when you turned around to only see Peter, your shoulders sagged slightly in relief.

“Hey,” you replied. “What’s up?”

“Well,” he said, grin still painted on his face. “I’ve got something to say to you, considering the circumstances.”

You saw his eyes dart around as well, presumably looking for your boyfrie- ex-boyfriend. But you payed no attention to it as his mouth opened and the words came flying out. “The sun will always rise,” he whispered mischievously, and you cracked a smile. 

“Thanks, Pete,” you murmured in response. You tilted your head at him slightly. “Why do you seem so cheerful today?”

His eyes widened, and his eyebrows furrowed only slightly. “I- Wha- What makes you say that?” 

You noticed his cheeks redden. You stared at him with squinted eyes as he kept his gaze anywhere but on you. “Never mind,” you said slowly, and he nodded, moving to walk around you.

“Let’s get to class,” he muttered, and you could hear the nerves in his voice. You ignored it.

The day passed quickly, and you didn’t spot your ex once. It aggravated you. If he was the one to break up with you, why didn’t he have the guts to show up to school? 

You were walking through the school doors with Peter, and you were about to part ways when he stopped you. “Wait,” he said, grabbing your arm lightly. 

You turned towards him again, looking at him curiously.“Yeah?” You replied.

“I know who you’ve been looking for all day,” he said, not looking you in the eye, and you tried to take a step back. He didn’t let you. “(Y/N),” he sighed. 

You knew what he was thinking, about the fact that you were never great with showing your feelings. “Peter, I’m fine,” you stressed to him, but you weren’t sure if you believed your own words. By your best friend’s expression, you knew he didn’t believe them either.

“Just call me if you need anything, okay?” His face was concerned, and you smiled lightly at him. He had always been clear about how much he cared for you; you appreciated it in moments like these.

“I will. Thanks, Peter,” you reached forward and wrapped your arms around his neck. You knew he was startled when he waited a few seconds to hug you back. When he did, he held you close to him. You breathed out, feeling the calmness overcome you in your best friend’s arms. You furrowed your eyebrows, confused by the feeling. 

You pulled away, taking a few steps back. You hoped he didn’t notice. You gave him one last nod, turning around to walk home. On the way back, you couldn’t help but think about the feeling Peter gave you when you hugged him. You shook your head, trying to rid the thoughts from it.

You were probably just tired. You hadn’t gotten much sleep last night, thoughts of why you had been broken up with clouding your mind. And suddenly, you found yourself taking a different direction. You weren’t on your way home anymore, but to someone else’s.

When you arrived at the brown, wooden door, you rang the doorbell once. You waited, and felt the regret seep in. You weren’t sure why you were here. You went to turn around when the door opened, and you sucked in a quick breath.


You looked towards him slowly, smiling shakily. “H-hey,” your ex-boyfriend stared down at you with confused eyes, but you could see the irritation behind them. 

“What do you want?” He asked, an ounce of harshness in his voice.

“I just-”

“What’s taking you so long,” you heard a girl’s voice from inside, and you saw an arm snake around his waist. Your eyes widened as the door opened more, and there a girl stood with only a large t-shirt covering her. You remembered when you were the one wearing his t-shirts, and took a step back.

“How long has this been going on for?” You asked, willing your voice not to crack. You saw him hesitate. “Answer me.”

“A few months,” he replied as the girl’s grip around his waist tightened. You weren’t sure if you wanted to slap him––or her––or if you wanted to run away crying. 

You laughed bitterly, shaking your head. But even with the anger you felt, you couldn’t help but feel tears crowd in your eyes. “So while we were-” 

You trailed off, swallowing loudly. You needed to prevent the tears from falling, and he knew what you were going to say anyways. He nodded silently, and you didn’t see an ounce of regret on his face while the feeling filled your heart. 

You felt regret on ever agreeing to be in a relationship with him in the first place. He clearly never truly cared about you. He said he did, but those were lies. You were letting those lies put you to sleep at night, let those lies keep him in your mind. 

And to think you were upset about him breaking up with you out of nowhere. But really, it wasn’t out of nowhere. This had been coming for months, and you had just been too blind to see it.

You nodded and turned around, rushing down the steps of his front porch. You heard the door slam behind you after a few words were whispered between your ex and his lover. You felt the tears fall from your eyes and onto your cheeks, and you pulled your phone out of your pocket as you began to run. You wanted to get away from his house where you had made so many memories, away from this neighborhood. Away from him. 

“Hello?” The voice replied after the phone rang into your ear for a few seconds.

“Peter,” your voice broke as you spoke. You continued to run, and you were starting to lose your steady breathing. You didn’t care.

“(Y/N),” his voice suddenly became much more alert.

“You said to call you if I needed something,” you said before he could say anything else. “And I need my best friend right now.”

You stopped running to crouch down, one hand on your knee as you breathed in and out heavily. You pulled the phone away from your ear so Peter wouldn’t hear you as you sobbed quietly, still trying to catch your breath.

You weren’t sure why you were so upset. It wasn’t like you were in love with your ex. You shouldn’t feel this strongly about him breaking up with you if you didn’t even love him. But maybe it was the betrayal that was overcoming you. Maybe it was the knowledge of the fact that after you kissed him goodbye at the end of the school day, he would run off and kiss another girl hello. 

“Where are you?” He asked, and you heard some ruckus in the background. You figured he was getting ready to leave. You looked around, telling him the street you were on. “Okay. Stay there. I’m coming to get you.”

“Can you just meet me at my house?” You said, and you knew your voice sounded defeated.

He sighed. “Okay, I’ll meet you there.”

You hung up the phone shortly after and walked the rest of the way home, head faced to the ground. At some point, the tears had dried up, and you were only left with blotchy cheeks and red eyes. By the time you had made it home, you had tried to wipe your face clean.

Peter was sitting on your front stairs, eyes directed at the ground and leg bouncing impatiently. When you cleared your throat, his head snapped upwards. He jumped up and immediately wrapped you in a hug.

Although he didn’t say any words, you felt the need to say something as you leaned into him and hugged him back. “He was cheating on me, for months.”

Peter’s arms held you tighter. You rested your head on his shoulder, and you felt him let out a heavy breath over yours. You knew he was angry. You could tell, could always tell with Peter.

But he simply kept his arms around you, and you let the calmness from earlier in the day overcome you again. 

Here we go!! I hope you guys like it :) Please let me know what you think of it. Requests are open, although I might not get to them for awhile since I just started school.


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1, 6, 23, 24, and 30 for wondertrev please!!!!!!!

Wondertrev headcanons!

Omg @justpond–eringtheuniverse thank you so much for doing this OTP question meme with me. You have no idea how stoked I am. I love Wondertrev so much my heart could implode and I have so much to say about them! Please bear with me as this is going to be one hell of a long post and I apologise in advance for the overwhelming length.

The following answers are based on my head-canon, in which Steve somehow was resurrected and returned to Diana as an immortal (perhaps as a gift from the powers that be), soon after the explosion and defeat of Ares in 1918, and they have been living blissfully ever after.

I must emphasise the fact that I love fanfics that have Steve resurrected and become immortal in the 21st century as much as the next Wondertrev shipper, given the interesting role reversal and the fish-out-of-water situations that have Steve attempt to adjust to modern technology, but my heart aches whenever I try to imagine how excruciating and disheartening it must have been for Diana to live through a century without Steve. Alas, here we go:

1. Who is the most affectionate?
They are both passionate about each other but their upbringings make them manifest their love and passion very differently. She may seem reserved to others (with the exception of her original friends like Etta and the guys) but Diana is never one to hide her emotions and perpetually deep affection for Steve, in private or in public - she speaks her mind and put her words and thoughts into action, praising, complimenting, kissing, hugging, caressing and touching him whenever possible. Canonically speaking, in the movie, Diana was the one to hold his hand first and she made it clear that she wanted him to stay in her room in the inn in Veld and she even initiated the kiss. She is unfazed by the societal expectations, norms, customs and traditions of Man’s world which were holding Steve back occasionally. I like to think he is just as affectionate (and he certainly loves her as much) but he was also brought up as a gentleman and born in 1880s after all. At first he wasn’t too accustomed to public display of affection beyond hand holding, cupping Diana’s face, touching her hair and light kisses on her forehead or cheeks but eventually he became bolder and more relaxed in public with her, as they cherished every opportunity to be affectionate to their other half, especially after almost losing each other forever that night in the airfield in Belgium in 1918 and the societal standards changed gradually over the century they have been living in as a couple. It also had something to do with how Diana was rubbing off on him with her Amazonian ways. Steve is also the one to shower Diana with surprises whenever possible and mostly something non-materialistic as he knows well enough the preferences of his goddess. At home or in private they are very on par and in sync in terms of affection, although Diana would be more verbal about everything and Steve tries his best to catch up. They just love each other with every fiber of their being.

6. What is their favourite feature of their partner’s?
Diana’s favourite feature(s) of Steve would definitely be his mesmerising and bright cerulean eyes which remind her of the tranquillising blue waters of Themyscira. A close second would be his ash blonde hair (and he’s been keeping the same haircut from 1918 to 2018, as it never goes out of style), followed by his physique. She is just so pleased with his well above-average overall physical appearance and vigour and there is nothing she would find undesirable. To Steve, Diana is his angel (and actual goddess and salvation) and his love for her is a combination of utmost respect, devotion, admiration, affection, adoration and romantic attraction, thus to him she is simply perfect in every sense and it may be hard to pinpoint a feature but if one must ask he would say her eyes can reach one’s soul and her lips hold all the truths in the universe and he would never get tired of savouring her ethereal beauty.

23. Who comes up with cheesy pickup lines?
Gotta hand this one to Steve. His dry and sometimes cheesy humour is incredibly endearing to Diana and when the pickup lines are embarrassing he blushes so hard and Diana would first chuckle and then kiss him. Every now and then she turns the table on him and be the one to say them and for him it is always part hilarious and part enticing. Both of them can be goofy at times and they always end up laughing at the lines together lightheartedly.

24. Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear during inappropriate times?
Both, although Diana instigated this. In the beginning, she didn’t even realise these things and circumstances are inappropriate because they seemed normal on Themyscira. It certainly had him very flustered and made it difficult for him to keep his composure when she first did that. Eventually Steve was emboldened and she knew he could handle this and they frequently do this to each other.

30. One headcanon about this OTP that mends it
This is by far the best question and I could talk about it all day. And if I were a better writer I would turn this into a fic (I actually tried and am still too ashamed to publish it, seeing there are so many brilliant pieces already, or perhaps I will, when I finally have mustered up enough courage to do so). Humour me, yeah?

Essentially, the major headcanon - shortly after blowing up the German bomber plane with himself in it, in Belgium, 1918, Steve was resurrected and returned to Diana as an immortal and they have been living blissfully ever after - encapsulates numerous minor headcanons:

1918 to 1940s:

  • a month into their reunion, Steve proposed to Diana and she immediately said yes; marriage might have been a foreign concept to her at first but after having been through so much in terms of life and death, they couldn’t and wouldn’t be separated again, and matrimony became very justified ; they wanted to hold, cherish and love each other more than anything and they intended to spend the rest of their eternal(!) lives together
  • Diana and Steve had a simple yet blissful wedding ceremony at the City Hall, attended by Steve’s only and elder sister Tracy, Etta, Charlie, Sameer and the Chief and their family members (Steve’s parents passed away before he joined the US Army)
  • Steve was in his US Army military uniform and he was stunned by the breathtaking sight of Diana when she entered the room, escorted by Etta and Tracy; she wore an airy sleeveless and low-cut white silk wedding gown that made her resemble the Greek marble statues and he was lovesick and his eyes glistened with joyful tears and he grinned so hard his cheeks stiffened, meanwhile she was blushing and smiling like he was the most precious being in the universe
  • They were now Steve and Diana Prince-Trevor; Diana thought she liked the sound of Mrs Trevor, there was a nice ring to it, however, out of respect, Steve said it was up to her to keep the surname he crafted for her, and they decided on hyphenating them
  • British Intelligence learnt of Steve’s immortality and his profile became top secret; due to his physical advantage over other officers and criminals, he was assigned special ops and high-risk rescue missions, much to Diana’s dismay (”Steve, you are not invincible, you could still get hurt,” sighed Diana), but Steve wanted to help more people, so he assured her that he would take proper care of himself and if she wanted to help him he was more than content to have her by his side; British Intelligence obviously knew about Diana and her identity as Wonder Woman by now and they condoned this
  • Diana received a degree in ancient art history and archeology from Oxford, completing the courses in less than 3 years, which wasn’t surprising to Steve at all; she speaks hundreds of languages and has an eidetic memory, for starters, and she went on to become a curator of the British Museum

1940s to 1970s:

  • They fought side by side during WWII and helped the allies tremendously in liberating concentration camps, pushing the frontlines and gathering  strategic intel
  • After the war, Steve resumed his secret missions for British Intelligence and Diana also joined SIS, as her colleagues at the British Museum began to show concern for, if not suspect, her apparent lack of aging; the SIS continued to provide them with identifications that could avoid suspicion pertaining to their condition
  • They visited Tracy and her family every now and then; she kept the questions about his peculiarly youthful appearance to herself and Steve was more than grateful for her understanding and she passed on at the age of 70; her children were curious about their uncle’s secret too but knew better not to ask
  • They maintained their close friendships with Etta, Sameer, Charlie and the Chief over the years, up until their passing, either due to old age or illness; afterwards, Diana and Steve had a sabbatical and travelled the world for several years, their wealth accumulated over the years kept them comfortable

1980s to present:

  • After their sabbatical, they parted with British Intelligence to relocate to the US, and there they joined the CIA (the Agency knew about Steve and Diana and their work from top-secret joint missions with the SIS); they were living in the States only every now and then as their operations required frequent worldwide travels; a decade or so later Steve requested a transfer to a command and strategic position based in the US as Diana became a curator for the Smithsonian Institution
  • Another decade later, Justice League was formed, and Steve has been leading US government’s ARGUS since; Diana is Head of Antiquities at Louvre when she isn’t busy saving the world as Wonder Woman
  • 100 years later Diana and Steve are still living happily ever after and saving the world together

Throughout the years:

  • They tried out various flavours and types of ice cream in countries they visited but Diana’s favourite is always the homemade ones Steve concocts for her
  • So is breakfast, they certainly sampled numerous and miscellaneous kinds during their globetrotting travels, yet she always favours the Trevor special, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrown, baked beans and toast always all cooked just right and impeccable, prepared before she wakes up and served in a tray to be enjoyed in bed, and always followed by cuddling
  • Steve’s missions always require him to pilot airplanes; despite knowing he is immortal, Diana still gets worried (but she doesn’t make a fuss about it and Steve really appreciates that)
  • Diana and Steve didn’t always just work for the government, they make their best effort to save people outside of the bureaus’ jurisdictions whenever possible
  • Steve’s father’s watch is kept in a safe for preservation; Steve and Diana have been wearing matching watches (besides always wearing matching couple outfits, much to the amusement of their friends and acquaintances)
  • They rarely argue, let alone fight, and if they did they reconcile soon after (Steve is always patient and understanding and Diana is very compassionate and caring)
  • Diana is amused when she realised Steve actually needs glasses (despite his excellent marksmanship) and she chose pairs of them for him; although Steve started wearing contact lens once they were commercialised, he still wears glasses from time to time (think Chris Pine wearing glasses, *wink wink*)
  • Steve is polylingual (English, French, German, Dutch, Danish and Swedish) and Diana is always there to teach him other languages, either for professional or personal/recreational purposes
  • They always make time for vacation
  • They visit Themyscira every 3 years (except during WWII)
  • When they are at home they always find time to sway to some slow and soothing music

I have had bright Pink hair before so I feel you!


  • When he sees you dying your hair basically the same shade of green from his youth he is ready to die from cuteness 
  • Lowkey offers to help you dye. 
  • I mean he knows what he is doing


  • He will laugh a lot 
  • “Babe you think blue hair will be subtle on missions?” 
  • He is kidding of course, He genuinely loves your new bright look. Calling you adorable 


  • “So…why you wanna have purple hair again darling?” 
  • He finds it shockingly adorable. He wasn’t expecting to love it as much as he did 
  • Drowning you in praise and love. 


  • Seeing you dye your hair blue brings up a little bit of complications for him
  • He adores it, But should he be your boyfriend or your boss? 
  • He just adjusts the rules so that people are allowed to have unique hair colors

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Okay so I know this post sounds silly because it’s “high school” and you shouldn’t expect anything “serious” but please just read. it’s a warning message about caring too much.

this is the last text conversation I had with the first boy I ever seriously liked. before him, I liked guys, just hadn’t found one who I was so into and had actually considered dating. I wouldn’t necessarily call it love but it was for sure something more than a crush.

even though he was an amazing guy, I had wasted my whole senior year of high school on him, and I wish I didn’t.

I started started talking to him in October just as a causal thing, but by early January, I was falling hard for him and he was falling for me.

In February, we had to stop talking to each other for a week because he went to Europe for a senior trip with some of my really close friends.

Although I was sad to stop talking to him for a whole week, my friend who had service in Europe texted me basically saying that she had talked to this guy and that I was the first girl who he had seriously considered dating since his ex.

This made me beyond happy because this was the first time I felt so seriously about someone. When he got home from his trip to Europe, the first thing he said to me was “I almost forgot how cute you are”.

Things were going amazing until early March when he stopped talking to me out of nowhere. I would text him and get no response. I would go to find him at lunch (and sit next to him, like I normally did) and he wouldn’t be there. I had no clue what was happening, but I know what did happen was that for the first time, I felt truly sad about a guy (which I had never felt before).

Then, he texted me this in late March. I have never cried more about a guy before than I did then; I had experienced my first heartbreak. I wanted to know what I did wrong, what happened. All he told me was that “he would hurt me if we took it any further”. I was beyond confused, sad, and frustrated.

One day in April, I was hanging out with a group of my friends and we were all talking. One of them asked what happened to me and ____. I told her that I didn’t know.

Another one of my friends, who didn’t know I had a thing with him, was shocked and said that _____ had been talking, and hooking up with, to 4 girls throughout the whole senior year.

I then found out that he slept with two really close friends of mine, one of which was on the Europe trip with him. I was literally so sad that he would tell my best friend that I was the first girl he seriously considered dating since his ex and hooked up with another girl on the same day.

I then realized that this is why he sent this text. To stop from hurting my feelings anymore.

Two months later and I CANNOT believe that I wasted 6/7 months of my life on him. I would say that I appreciated the time we had together, but I didn’t. When a relationship, even though mine had no classification, is built on lies, in the end, nothing seems real. you start to wonder what was fake and what was real.

I am just going to assume a majority of it was fake given that in this text he says “I don’t think girls are what I need in my life now” but he was, and is still, hooking up with them. I just cannot stand it when people lie, and especially for such a long period of time.

So the one thing I learned out of this experience, and that you should take away from this story is:
Do not put more effort into a relationship that someone else; it needs to be 50/50 otherwise if one person cares too much and the other cares too little, everyone will end up being hurt in the end.

Secret Surprise

A fan asking Sebastian a question about you at a convention, he lets everyone know a big secret that he’s been keeping for a it.

Fan: Where’s Y/N? We haven’t seen her in ages!

Seb: Yeah, she’s at home just taking it easy, trying to take care of herself and the baby.

Fan: You guys are expecting!

Seb: Shit I didn’t mean to say that

Crowd: *Cheers*

Sebastian giggles and facepalms. “Thank you, I love you all”

Fan: is it a Boy or Girl?

Sebastian smiles “I hope it’s a girl. Because I would treat my little girl like a princess”

Fan: What if it’s a boy though?

Seb: “Well I’ll love my child either way, and if I do happen to have a son, then I’ll treat him like a king”

I’m Sorry - Draco Malfoy

Request:  Hi! Could you please write one where reader and Draco have been dating for a long time they were childhood friend. There parents are best friends and they both go through the same type of family situations. They have expectations to uphold. Reader is a Slytherin as well. Her and Draco get into a big fight and another guy tries to hit on reader hoping to break her and Draco up but reader goes on a rant about how much she loves Draco and she would never leave him. Draco over hears. Just fluff ♥️

Originally posted by harrypottersource

Your relationship with Draco hasn’t always been love, it started as a business arrangement. You were both from high-class, Pureblood families who believed they had to keep the bloodline pure. In the beginning, you both agreed to put on an act. While your parents were around, you’d be a happy couple. It worked for a while and you began to build a friendship, which eventually evolved into love. 

Your heels click against the hard wood of the Slytherin common room. Your eyes lock on Draco, who is visibly frightened. While Draco may keep the appearance of being cold and harsh, you could be worse. You held a crumpled slip of parchment tightly in your hand. You slowly pull out the chair beside Draco and sit, maintaining eye contact. 

“Why did I find a letter to Parkinson in your robe pocket,” you ask calmly. 
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Draco replies in a whisper. 
“Bullshit, Malfoy. What the hell do you mean you want to end our arrangement?” Your hand slammed against the table, causing the other students to stare. 
“I didn’t mean it like that,” he says through gritted teeth. 
“You need it more than I do, Malfoy.” With that, you stand and go to your room, ending your day in tears. 

It had been a week since you blew up on Draco. You hardly ever did, you had a rich history of friendship and rarely fought. You pulled your sweater tighter to your chest as you walked through the blistering cold of winter. 
“Hey, sweetheart, how’s it going?” a Gryffindor calls at you. 
“Bugger off, mosquito-brain,” you retort. 
“Aww, you’re so cute when you’re mad.” He places a hand on your waist. 
“I’ll give you 3 seconds to remove your hand before I hex it off,” you seethe. 
“You could have all this, sweetheart,” he said with a wink. 

“Listen here, jerk. Draco and I may bicker and fight, but I love the asshole with all of my heart. I would never leave him. While you may not understand love yet, maybe you’ll fall in love with another jerk and you can live together in happy harmony. Until then, leave me and my life alone.” 

You stormed away from him and straight into Draco. Inhaling a deep breath, you spoke. “You heard all of that, huh?”
“You know I did, love. I’m truly sorry. I didn’t mean any of that.” 
“I forgive you. I’m sorry for what I said, too.” 
“I love you.” 
“I love you, too.” 

percydeathrot  asked:

I love your blog, and if you're still taking requests: Number 17 please, "I walked here in the rain, that's how much I love you" with the ship stenbrough (stan and bill) if you don't mind. Thank you!

Thank you so much and as requested here’s some stenbrough!

Bill walked into the synagogue completely drenched. Stan heard a presence behind him and turned slowly, expecting his worse nightmare.

“Bill? What are you doing here?” Stan said, turning bitterly to continue cleaning up.

“Y-your b-b-bar mitzv-vah-” 

“Yeah well you’re a little late. Oh about two hours too late.” Stan interrupted.

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Please note: A bit dramatic!

You and Seth are together since almost four years when he asked you the questions of all questions. It was on a cliff at the Californian coast. Seth organized a picnic for your anniversary. When the sun went down and the light was perfect he went down on his knees and asked you. You were the happiest girl in the world. You’ve never expected this. But this meant he loved you really. By all his heart.

A few days before the wedding day you felt sick. That’s why you went to the doctor. And this was the last time he saw you. You disappeared out of his life. You just sent him a goodbye message.

 Seth, I’m sorry. I can’t marry you. No more.. Please don’t call me. I will.. if time is right..

 From this moment on your phone is off. Seth can’t reach you anymore. That’s why he go up the wall. He stayed home all day. Wasn’t able to work. He felt heartbroken. Why did he opened his heart and let you in? Why did he ever fell in love you? If you don’t fall in love no one could hurt you. When he came home all your things were gone. All your clothes, pictures and other stuff. The warm piece of the house were away. When you went away you took all with you.

 Seth wore his pyjama and a bathrobe all day. He sat on the sofa he watched tv all day. *PIC* He failed to understand why. Everything was fine between you and him. You never had arguments or fights. It was an harmonic relationship. With a lot of fun and laughter. Full of passion.

A few days after the wedding day Rachael came by to visit him.

Rachael: Hey brother, how are you?

Seth just looked up with sad brown eyes and shaked his head.

Seth: If I would know where she is. I.. I don’t get it.

 He stood up.

Rachael: I don’t get it too. Did you had an argument? Did you said something wrong?

Seth shrugged his shoulders.

Seth: I don’t know. I mean.. she understands my sense of humour. She laughs about everything. She was never hurt by a joke. Never.

Rachael: You can’t let you down. Okay? I’m sure that she loves you. She said that so many times. That’s why I’m sure she will come back.

Seth: Rach?

Rach: Yep?

Seth: I really want her back. I miss her. Is miss her much. I don’t say that very often but she was perfect.. she is perfect. She is perfect for me.

 Rachael: Oh funny, she said the same about you the other day.

 She hugged her brother and leave the house.

End of Part 1, Part 2 tomorrow!

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I truly believe that Archie doesn't 'like' Betty, like what people think after the finale. However I do believe that Archie feels a sense of possessiveness towards her, if you know what I mean. & also when the "I love you" scene rolls around for varchie, whenever that may be. It should be Archie that says it first - I feel like it would really be a great standing point for him and also archie haters who thinks he's still into Betty can think "hm maybe i was wrong." it would be great for him.

Omg, I agree 100% with you. 

Of course he feels affection and love toward Betty. They’ve been friends since forever. I would say he feels protectiveness toward her rather than possessiveness. We saw how he reacted when he saw Betty’s locker being vandalized. He reacted very strongly, as he always does when people mess with his friends.

And I like the idea of Archie saying it first. To be honest, I kind of expect him to say it first regardless. In my opinion, Veronica has her heart way more guarded than he does; he’s super transparent and wears his heart  on his sleeve. Veronica has had a … questionable past, in terms of relationships. I see her being weary in her relationship with Archie specially now; I think she will question herself a lot: “Am i good enough? Can I really make him feel better?” After all, isn’t it the New York sophisticate that is suppose to corrupt the sweet small town boy? Archie is way more vulnerable and open with his feelings so I definitely imagine Archie saying it first. 

The fangirl inside of me wants him to say it without intending to. They are just hanging out and he just says something like, “i love you so much.” just being affectionate and all. And then they both pause and realizes what happens. xDD I think it’ll be adorable that way.

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Happy birthday!!!! Have more headcanons: Ianto expects his first bday at TW3 to go unnoticed because he's doing his best to be invisible. Jack knows it, but Ianto suspects that Jack forgets things like bdays easily. Ianto is kinda morose tho, because he's remembering Lisa from the year before and his mom&sister called but he didn't really want to talk to them. So he goes into the tourist office, not expecting much, but then he finds Jack there, waiting with a little cupcake and gift for him.

Thank youuuu!!! And this is so sweet 😌 I love the little details that remind Ianto that he is important and he does matter ❤️ also celebrating birthdays is one of my favorite headcanon/fic tropes (? Is that the right word for that? Idk it’s late but thank you for this ☺️)

Here’s my KiriMina daughter!! I created her for the first time last night and couldn’t stop thinking and developing her haha!

She has Mina like hair, Kirishima’s teeth and quirk, and a combination of both of their personalities!!

I love her design and personality a lot, so expect to see more of her!

this was created in mmd bc i cant draw lmao

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if i can be honest for a sec, the second i saw diego stumbling around looking for coffee and expecting eating rocks like it's the most natural shit in the world i knew i would never love a fictional character more than him like what the fuck how dare he

I too love him a lot. Id take him for coffee tbh

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Mashima has been hinting jerza to be a sexually active couple for so long with the doodles of then in bed and you know them being MADLY IN LOVE SINCE YOUNG and all but twitter today BURIED ME I WAS SHOOK HE REALLY WENT FULL BLAST NO IMPLIED !

I was shocked too that he drew this explicit pic for them because I didn’t have much expectation on him when it came to Jerza. 

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See,how do you expect me to sleep after reading your Bill Skarsgars imagine?sooooooooooooo amazing! I'm already in love with this couple!please tell me there'll be more! I see her as Iron Man daughter(since the first movie),so they have the same age,and she was in Thror as well,so Stellan kindda thought of her as his own daughter,and he knows his son have a MASSIVE crush on her,so he invites him on set and ...OMG!!!!

I don’t really, have you not realized I was born to ruin your lives? It’s what I live of! haha I sometimes stay till late at night thinking about said stories myself, I get carried away but it’s always fun and I suuuper happy to know you enjoyed it so much!

Truth is I would absolutely love to write more of this idea of a couple, and other Bill imagines in general ^-^ Plus, you know me I never miss a great opportunity to mix all of my favorite fandoms into one big world! She would be the kind of daughter that wants to become a superhero but Tony said no because he wants to protect her and she still refuses and in the end- You know what? She gets her own movie in the MCU and oooh wait, what if Bill stared in it? And maybe throw in his father, yeah Stellan’s portayal of Erik was sooo great especially in the second Thor I would love to have him there!

Oh and yes of course let’s not forget he’d ship it to no end! He’d be like in interviews:

“Oh I- I think my favorite scene was the romantic date my son’s and (Y/n)’s characters had.”

“But there was no such scene?”

“Oh oh really? Oops yeah I forgot. That happened in real life when we first started filming”

“Oh but wait! Was there a kissing scene or did that happen for real too?” Alexander steps in of course.

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Oh and imagine Bill and (Y/n) trying to hide their relationship and Stellan but mostly Alexander loving to mess with them! Oh and let me not get started on their first meeting, I have so many ideas! 

I really do think Stellan would see her as his own daughter for sure, so why not make her his daughter in law?

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71 for the fic drabble thing. For Otayuri of course. I'm looking forward to what you come up with

Ahhh I love you so much kitty! I’d be scared if you didn’t request Otayuri ;) I hope you love it!! (If you see any mistakes let me know as it is past my bed time and I’m tired!)

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71:  It’s relaxing. You should try it.

Yuri never expect this, sure Otabek has done either weird stuff in the past. Or he’s done home out of character stuff, like the time Yuri caught him listening to, “Me too.” at full blast. (Otabek still denies it!) However this takes the cake for Yuri, the literal cake for him. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes thinking that he was imagining something but nope. Sitting on their kitchen island is a beautiful cake, the cake is a soft baby pink the body made up of large flower petals curling at the ends. To top it all off was an arrangement of small pink flowers of varying sizes with pastel green leaves, all sat on a white cake stand. Yuri walked closer to the cake, marveling at its beauty and questioning how it got there. He reached his hand out to poke one of the petals when the shout of “Don’t touch” startled him from doing so. He turned to see a sleep deprived and flour covered Otabek in the kitchen entrance. “What his this?” Yuri gestured to him and the cake, “It’s flour and a cake.” Yuri sighed, “No Beka why are you covered in flour and what is this cake doing here? Did you make it?” Otabek’s expression changed from his normal stoic face to a small smile, his eyes seemed to grow brighter as he proudly said, “Yeah I made it” Yuri’s mouth hung open a bit as he started at his boyfriend, “I knew you could cook but this…” once again he gestured to the cake, “How come I never knew about this!” Otabek shrugged, “My mother taught me, I guess it never really came up.” Yuri stood in the same spot staring at the cake and then back to Otabek, “It’s too early for this shit.” was all Yuri said as he exited the kitchen in favor of his bed. Yuri thought that maybe if he went to bed this would all be some crazy dream that his brain had cooked up. After he took an extra nap he slowly woke up to Otabek’s warm body behind him and potya purring, cuddled up next to his head. He snuggled back into Otabek’s arms, basking in the safety and peace he felt. About thirty minutes later Yuri’s stomach rumbled so loud that he thought people in China could probably hear it, he tried to wiggle free from Otabek’s grasp. “Beka I love you, but you’re like an octopus.” Yuri grumbled as Otabek wouldn’t let go. “ Yura?” was his response as he started to wake up, “Sorry Beka, I’ll make you breakfast as an apology, come one let’s get up.” Yuri combed his fingers through his hair, “Mmmmh tired” was the response Yuri got. “How late did you stay up, medved’?” Otabek sighed with content, “All night.” Yuri stopped his movement, “What, why?!” Otabeks eyebrow moved up. “I had to bake that cake.” Yuri pressed his hands to his face as his boyfriend whined without his touch. “I thought it was all a dream.” He shook his head as Otabek’s body rumbled with laughter, “No süyispenşilik, I would show it to you but anam took it.” Yuri collapsed back onto the bed, “Oh god,” he paused, “So you bake?” Otabek shrugged, “Is that a bad thing?” Yuri shook his head, “No no I just didn’t expect it.” they sat there as Yuri began to process that his leather clad boyfriend, who doesn’t express his emotions around others except him. Who drives a motorcycle and dj’s at clubs is a baker. “I’m going to make breakfast,” he pressed a kiss to Otabek’s forehead. “Sleep and I’ll wake you for it okay. You can’t sleep all day or it’ll turn your sleep cycle to shit.” Otabek gave a weak grunt already half asleep as Yuri left to make food.


Yuri slammed the door shut, he angrily kicked his shoes off and threw his skating bag. He started muttering under his breath as he threw his coat to the ground. His face softened however as Otabek came to greet him at the door, “Rough day?” Otabek opened his arms and Yuri gladly went into them, “It’s hard without you, the piggy and the old man’s pda was worst then before, Mila kept trying to pick me up and Yakoh wouldn’t stop yelling at me.” Yuri mumbled into his embrace, “Why don’t you shower and I can show you something?” Otabek slowly started to rock Yuri, “Will you join me?” Yuri hugged him tighter as Otabek smiled, “Yeah, let’s go.” Otabek grabbed Yuri’s thighs as Yuri wrapped them around his middle and he carried him to there bathroom. While Yuri was just a bit taller than him he still like to wrap himself up in Otabek’s embraces. “Beka can we take a bath instead?” Yuri said as Otabek set him down on the counter, “Of Course kotenka.” He prepared the bath adding some bubbles to the water, all while Yuri watched from the counter. “Come here meniñ ayuım.” Yuri stretched his arms out. When he reached him he set his hands around his hips and Yuri cupped his face. “What did I do to deserve a boyfriend like you?” Yuri leaned in and kissed Otabek, “I should be asking you the same question.” Otabek brushed some hair out of Yuri’s face. Once the bath was full they undressed and stepped in, Otabek holding Yuri in his arms. They sat in silence for a bit just enjoying each other company. “Lets wash up before the water gets too cold.” Otabek grabbed a washcloth from the side of the tub, he washed Yuri taking care to rub his aching muscles and not get soap in his eyes. Then Yuri helped wash Otabek both of them laughing as Yuri spiked Otabek’s hair into a Mohawk. They soon left the tub and changed into soft pj’s even though it was mid-day. “When can you come back again?” Yuri said as his toweled his hair dry, “In a two days.” Otabek grabbed for the brush as Yuri liked his hair combed. Otabek cringed at the memory of badly landing a jump and spraining his ankle pretty badly. “Good I hate that you’re not there with me.” Yuri sat on the bed and Otabek sat behind him brushing his hair as Yuri practically purred with content. He braided his hair then slowly lead him to the kitchen. There he uncovered a plate full of  non- decorated cupcakes, Yuri tipped his head in confused and Otabek gave him a soft smile. “When I had a bad day my mom and I would make cupcakes, frost them and take some to the neighbors. I thought that instead of taking them to the neighbors we can secretly keep them, plus I thought it could help relax you more.” Otabek pulled him in for a hug, “I don’t know Beka.” Yuri mumbled against him, “It’s okay, they don’t have to be perfect plus, It’s relaxing. You should try it.” he rubbed his hand up and down Yuri’s back. “Okay I try it.” Otabek hugged him tighter. Otabek pulled out the kitchen stool for Yuri and sat on the one next him him. He gave him the necessary supplies out of the bin next to the cupcakes, he showed him the different tips and how to change them and fill the piping bags. Once Yuri felt confident enough he let him loose, Otabek decorated his with swirls and flowers creating beautiful designs. While Yuri tired to repeat him he just couldn’t, they came out sloppy looking and uneven. Yuri grew frustrated at this and was about to give up when Otabek gave him kiss on the cheek and remind him to just have fun. Yuri calmed after this and seemed to enjoy himself more, putting as much frosting on the cupcakes as he could get away with. Once done they stacked them back on the plate, marveling at how Otabek’s turned out perfect enough to be on a magazine. While Yuri’s looked like they were done by a child but they were happy with there work, each of them grabbed a cupcake to enjoy while they watched t.v. Later that night after dinner they made sure the cupcakes were Potya proof and settled in for bed. For tonight Otabek was delighted that Yuri let him be the little spoon for once, Yuri’s strong arms and warmth slowly rocked him to sleep. As he was drifting off Yuri spoke softly, “Thank you Beka.” Yuri cuddled more into him and they both fell into a blissful sleep.

Send me a drabble! :3

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I can understand feeling somewhat cheated by Misha's will-he-won't-he, but I think he probably didn't expect to get the Olympic spot. He already seemed unsure about the whole retirement beforehand, so I don't really blame him if that made him change his mind even if he'd been building up for the "last skate". Giving up a spot for the Olympics just doesn't sound like something any athlete would even think of (and I rlly love his skating so idc if he plays with my feelings one more season ;--;

I think it was always very obvious that he was going to win a spot for Uzbekistan, and to be honest, that was part of the big emotion of his Worlds skate; that with it he was going to win a spot that would have to be given back, because he wouldn’t be there to use it, and that was the saddest part.

I hope, at least, if he is to continue, that he has a great season. And I’m glad, for your sake, that you can delay that heartbreak for a little longer.

Hello yes my heart is ready to be taken



at the beginning of the dream he totally hated the cat for looking like him, but by the end of the dream he was in love with that cat and it became his sidekick goodbye