i was excited :d

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I think you're right. Tlj will probably end with reylo and it makes me so excited. Any detailed headcanons? I love the way your brain works ;D

Thanks for the compliment anon!😉

My headcanon….well, I don’t think it will end like many other fans are speculating here - that it will cut right after the fight with Snoke’s guards. It’s too hectic to end a SW movie like that, and if we look at the previous SW movies, they always end on a more calmer note. So my guess is that Reylo will fight Snoke’s guards, defeat them and then leave that place (in the middle of the chaos). Then we will know what happened to Finn/Rose/Poe and the Resistance. And then it will cut to the very last scene where we see Rey and Kylo on a ship together (preferably the Millennium Falcon), deciding on where to go. I honestly think we’re going to get a small but calm scene between them here. I picture Rey opening the door to the room where Kylo is in (processing what just happened), and sits down in front of him and starts talking to him…

Lol, I might as well get the rest of my headcanon out as a monologue here.xD

Rey: Where will we go..?

Kylo: You should go back to the Resistance, you’re safer with them. I will not follow you. Snoke is still alive and you heard what he said. We will meet again, and I intend to be prepared once that happens.

Rey: You can’t fight him alone.

Kylo: I have to -

Rey: No you don’t! Not this time… I want to help you.

Kylo: Rey…

Rey: I’ve already made my decision. We need to destroy him, you and I. Together.

Kylo: *Continues to stare at her shocked, but in awe*¨

Rey: So, where will we go?

Kylo: I think I know a place….

*And then we see the Millennium Falcon going into hyperspace. The end*

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Is it terrible of me to be ecstatic that my black neighbor knows how to make collards, shared them and they were divine?

When I lived in Brooklyn, my (really) old Albanian landlord would come up and knock on our door every Friday to bring us fish and whatever else they cooked. I went to work every Friday morning excited that when I got home I’d have some bomb ass traditional Balkan cuisine waiting on me. 

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I just got your fairylights Tony as a clock, and the mismatched wings art print and I'm so excited!!! :D I can't wait for them to arrive. Merry Early Christmas to meeeee. ~TB

Thank you so much for getting something from my shop! I hope you’ll like the clock and the print when they arrive to you! :)

Merry early christmas! <3

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OH My god chapters 1 AND 2?!! I will start saving up money right now! I'm so happy

yes!!! it’s gonna be a big o’ book :D hopefully around 300 pages long!! i’m so excited :’)


It isn’t indifference,
I do feel pain and fear.
But why would I
want to worry
I hold dear?
I do get excited
and hopeful and passionate.
But I’d never let it control me;
my mind must be clear.

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Your Ice Queen story is very interesting...I'm so excited to see what's gonna happen!!! :D

I’m so confused i was like 100% sure it’s such an old concept no one will like it lmao but I’m really really glad you do! 💕💕 will try to make it interesting!

Banana Milk

So honestly, I had never even heard of banana milk until @therealjacksepticeye started defending it a bunch. But even after this, I still hadn’t even seen it IRL. I guess it was one of those things that you never actually see, so you begin to wonder if it actually exists, because today I was at Wal-Mart and…

I was so excited to actually see banana milk because I’d never seen it before. I ended up dragging my friends that I was with over to show them.

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Oh, I love that you're continuing the dark!jon verse! We might never see GRRM's version of him but I think yours is damn good :D And it really lends itself to SansaxJon - I could see a a darker and twisted Jon being attracted to Sansa in the books (should GRRM unexpectedly go that way). Hope you'll have a nice Christmas season!

Oh man, that’s so my jam. I mean, I love me some sweet Jon too, but a dark!Jon, who can’t help but be attracted to Sansa? Yes, please. Lol. I’m excited to write more too. :D

I’ll be heading to London and Paris for the next three weeks for holiday (WOOHOO) and I’ll be taking that time to write a Tom Holland series!!! I’ve been inspired by a tv show that I watched so YIPEE and I’ll be taking requests (not that anyone ever requests) I will also be writing for Christmas!! I’m really really excited now that I have more time to write :D


Ỳ̴̭͉́̂̀̽̀͘͠͠ǫ̷̩̱̳̬̙͙̀̈̄͐̀̏̆̐̓̔͆̚͜ͅu̴̧̢͒̉͘'̴̺͚̐̿̂̿̈́̏͒͗̈́͘r̶̡̡̢̢̬͎̻̤̱̪̹͔̰͊̏̚͜ȅ̸̡̛͎̘̤̄̇̂͐̅̏̒͂̆ ̸̗͈͊͋̑̀͠j̸̡̛͎̲̗̥̗̓̓̓̿̅͜͝͠ǘ̸̫̭̟̠̮̪̱̼͇̘͐̒̔̒̏̕s̶̛̛͍̳̎̓̆̐͋͒̈́̃̍̒͋͜͝͠t̷̢͎̝̠͔̠̦͚͎̘̍͛ ̷̜͊w̷̨͛̈́͐͝͝á̷̢͉̞̳͕͉̦̯͔͓̫̠̯͊͊̂̎̚ẗ̶̛̹̺̹͔̲́̆̿͌́̍͐͊c̴̨̢͔̘͈̟̞̖͖̈́̋̓̐̃̃̆̀̓̈͂̀͝͝h̸̛̪̙̫̹̝̝̳̘̱̪͂̒͜͝i̵̡̡̝̘͓̳͕̠̘̘͈͉̥̳͑n̸̩͕͕͐͊̃͒̈́̀͂͐̆̽̓͘ģ̸̧̧̲̝͙̺̠̱̝̬̙͈̎̂̉̏̓̈́̋̓̄̊̀̓̔͘͘ͅ

justin in a disinterested monotone: I cast prestidigitation and shoot sparks out of my fingers. cast minor illusion put myself in a dope outfit and start walking down the catwalk with all the style and panache I can muster. which is, I should know, a fucking lot.
griffin laughing: yeah roll charisma
justin still in a fucking monotone: oh that– that’s weird I got 30 because it’s so fucking fly. that’s very strange and interesting.

SPACE ROSE 💫🌹 The Last Jedi

I was so happy when Kelly Marie Tran was cast in Star Wars, and Rose is by far the character I’m most excited to meet!!