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Hello there! I'm excited for this blog! :D Let's see. #26. “I think I’ve been holding myself from falling in love with you all over again.” Ignis x Reader. Thank you! <3

I am having a hard time writing Ignis, so I apologize if this is a little out of character. But practice makes perfect, right? Thank YOU for the request!

“I think I’ve been holding myself from falling in love with you all over again.”
Ignis x reader
561 words, SFW, fluff angst?

The battle with Leviathan, Lunafreya’s death, Altissia, Ignis… it was all too much to handle. But you did your best to stay strong. You needed to stay strong. Noctis needed you, Ignis needed you. You had always cared for Ignis. In fear of rejection, you never voiced your feelings to him. He already had enough on his plate and did not want to add to that.

After several days after the Leviathan battle, Ignis had woken up. Finally. His wounds were still mending, but he was awake and aware of his surroundings. “Eyesight’s a matter of time”, the words Ignis would repeat any time you showed a sign of concern. He knew you didn’t believe him. As the days passed, you tried and tried to stay strong, but the sight of the man you love in such pain was breaking your heart.

Once Ignis was on the mend and Noctis had woken up, you found yourself on a train, sitting next to Gladio. Your group was on the way to the next royal tomb in Cartanica. Then the confrontation between Noctis and Gladio happened. What was happening? Why was this happening? You were going to be strong, you needed to be strong, but you couldn’t stop the tears silently falling from your eyes.  Prompto realized what was happening and excused himself.

You were no longer able to hold back the sounds of your sniffles and tears. “_____, what’s the matter?” Ignis asked as he sat in the seat behind you. “I can't…” you  cried, choking on the sobs that escaped your throat. “I… can't…” Ignis slowly stood up, turning towards the sound of your voice. You saw Ignis rise from his seat and immediately grabbed his hand to guide him to the seat next to you.

Ignis whispered as he looked in your direction, “If you wish not to speak, I will not pressure you but please ______, I want to help you but cannot unless you tell me what is wrong”. Another sob escaped the back of your throat before crying out, “The accident – I- I- when I found out what happened to you… My heart, Ignis. What would I do if something happened to you before I could tell you how I feel!!

If you weren’t sitting next to Ignis, you may not have been able to hear him softly whisper your name. You lifted your eyes to stare into the cloudy green eyes before you, “I think I’ve been holding myself from falling in love with you all over again.” You gulped. Did I just say that?

Again?” was the first word that escaped Ignis’ throat. Your face went red from realizing what you had just said. “I mean- I’ve always loved you, Ignis. I love you. The thought of losing you, it is too much- I-I’m afraid what will happen if I give into these feelings.

Ignis tried to stay composed, but he choked at your words, before finally saying “I love you, too, _____. But I do not wish to burde-” Ignis was cut off as you grabbed Ignis’ hand, bringing it up to your face. You were shocked how Ignis questioned himself. Ignis was always so collected. Slowly nodding, “You are never a burden, Ignis. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but let’s face it together”.

I am working on a Biker itabag!! There’s never any Biker stuff to be found so some wonderful artists gave me permission to make their work into pins. I’ll post the finished bag along with the artists names when it’s done!! I am so excited. I made this as a pin design for it :D

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DAD I REWATCH EPISODE 11 AND I SAW SOMETHING. When Dina is going to appear and Mikasa wants to see were is Eren, she had a flashback when the titan broke her ribs, right? Maybe there is a possibility that WIT studios is not going to quit the scene when Mikasa ask about Levi's ankle, (and put an 30 second flashback or maybe more). I DON'T KNOW IF I AM EXAGERING OR IT'S TRUE

That’s a nice thought. I would actually like it if they’d do that. Are you excited to? Like to see the new season? It’s my favourite arc 💕

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TAG, YOU'RE IT. The rules are to state 5 random facts about yourself. Then go to ten favorite blogs and tell them they are it!💕

Ahh, thank you bby!!! I love you and your blog too :D I’m so excited for Act 2, you don’t even know!!!!

  1. I burned my thumb when I was around 16 and almost 10 years later it’s still not back to ‘normal’!!! These days, the skin still feels very plasticy and ‘air bubbles’ still form under my skin :’)
  2. My first pet was a bunny :-D
  3. I love having my birthday at the end of July because it meant that didn’t have to go to school on my birthday when I was a kid!! (Nowadays I still have to work, sadly :~( )
  4. I‘ve been playing a lot of BotW lately and I love that game so much!!!
  5. I‘m ~~trying~~ to diet a bit but itS HARD OKAY
WIP Wednesday!!!

Because it’s the East Coast and it’s officially Wednesday, and because I don’t sleep when I should… and I’m really excited to share this one with everyone!! :D

The supernatural coffee shop au that I got in trouble for but am writing anyway!

“You don’t understand. They are actual faeries, as in the Fair Folk, the Fae, whatever you want to call them.”

Wufei arched an eyebrow at her, never shifting from his position over the keyboard. “You could just call them gay.”

Hilde’s eyes widened as her face turned an impressive shade of red. “Oh my God, I could smack you.” He didn’t doubt that she would. “I’m being serious!”

He was beginning to doubt her mental state, given how seriously she took the issue. He made a mental note to have Heero approve some time off for her once the trial prep was done.

“Faeries don’t exist.” Wufei said flatly, his tone clearly conveying his disbelief that he even had to say it out loud.

Hilde dismissed his skepticism with a wave of her hand. “So you say, but I’m telling you, all the signs are there.”

As she spoke, he toyed with the idea of calling Heero and Trowa in to hear her theory. They could use a break, and the added laugh would do them good. And he wouldn’t be the only one to suffer through this ridiculous topic. They had practically dragged him to the coffee shop in the first place; they should face the consequences. Before he could decide, Hilde began rattling off her “signs”, ticking them off on her hand.

“One, the doormat is a faerie circle-”

“The doormat is one, a half moon shape, and two, a picture of grass with a stone border.” Wufei pushed his keyboard out of the way to rest his elbows on his desk, massaging gently at his temples. He couldn’t possibly be having this conversation.

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how about 27?

Oooh, good one!

27. Best review you ever got?

So, there are a lot of general kind of reviews I get that stick with me, even if I can’t remember the story or the person. Stuff like, “I didn’t think I would like this story, but I took a chance and I’m so glad I did.” Or when someone picks up on something really subtle that I’d been excited about but no one else commented on it.

She’s going to blush like mad PROBABLY but @caprelloidea‘s tags (which I consider her reviews) on Coming Home to You have really been unbelievably heartening for me. There’d been a lot of people who were unhappy with Emma’s behavior in earlier chapters, and I’d gotten a lot of comments about how her unhappiness was a well-deserved consequence of her leaving Storybrooke. But Liz’s tags were about understanding where Emma was coming from, and how she was almost torn between wanting Emma to stay, and wanting Emma to get back to Boston back to her life there. And it was just such a relief, and made me feel so much better about the direction I was going in with the story, and the work I’d put into the characterization.

And I can’t ever really answer a question like this without mentioning that I have an entire, amazing friendship with @optomisticgirl because she left sweet, amazing reviews on With Affection way back in the day.

Fanfic Writers Asks


I’m not laughing at you,
I’m laughing at what a sap I am.
At my flushed face and racing heart.
At how many times I think “Woah.” When you turn to me.
I’m laughing at my improbable luck,
Either absolutely horrendous or amazing,
I say “You’re ridiculous.”
You say “Sorry.”
Don’t be sorry.
You’re ridiculously beautiful,
Ridiculously real.
I’m laughing out of pure random glee, or maybe contentment, maybe both.
I remember old stories just so I can see your animated reactions.
It’s really fun to remember things I’d forgotten.
I’m excited to talk with you and be open with you.
I’m excited to be talked to, and learn even more about you.
I try to remember things about myself and sort out thousand year old confusions just because you’re willing to listen.
I snort more than I’d like when I laugh around you, my otherwise musical laughter flawed.
But I’m comfortable around you.
I police myself less and less because I feel almost free.
I don’t monitor my ugly anxiety ticks,
Or my tone and volume that vastly changes depending on my excitement,
That I know is surely annoying.
I get caught up.
And then ask you if it’s okay.
And you say it is.

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WHOOPS there’s another question 

What was your reaction after seeing “end of the galaxy”? 

Ohh man. In the weeks leading up to it, i’d only joined the WOY fandom around… the 4th of May 2016- so the weeks leading up to the end of the galaxy were the first episodes coming out of the show i’d experienced. So I was very excited to see how or if they addressed the questions that had come from the rest of the series and the waste of time especially! 

I’d also obviously heard that the series was, in fact, cancelled and ending soon- i remember finding this out in the middle of the night after watching the waste of time- mostly, I was so mad that such a good show was not only ending not long after I’d watched it for the first time but it was cancelled!

so on watching the finale, i was a mix of emotions- happy cause i really enjoyed the finale (i was cheering “hate’s great, best villain!”), sad because it was over, and ultimately a little bit annoyed that some of my most burning questions weren’t answered and might’ve been answered in the planned third season. but for the most part? i was just happy to have seen and experienced this wonderful show and been a part of the fanbase, which is honestly pretty much the best fanbase i’ve been in- it’s small but for the most part is the most harmonious and peaceful fandom i’ve been in. 

so thank you to each n every one who reads this for being part of this fandom and sharing this journey together!! 


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hello, may i have a ship thing? marauders era and with a male please? so here's a short description about myself: i have strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes with large glasses that take up a lot of my face. my skin is super pale and cannot get tan for the life of me. i sleep a lot and am defiantly not a morning person. i love musicals + all kinda of music!! i am very sarcastic but super shy when you first meet me! dude thanks for doin this i am very excited !!

Sure why not! :D hope you like it!

I ship you with: Remus Lupin!

Why you’d be great together: You’re each other’s person.  When he came into your life, he made you realize why things had never worked out with anyone else you had dated, and he felt the same way <3


  • Taking him to a Broadway or West End show over the holidays!!
  • Holding hands with your fingers intertwined, and he’d always rub his thumb on the back of your hand and shoot you a cute little smirk
  • You staying over in the boys’ dorm and you both wake up wicked late the next morning and realize you’ve missed half of Potions, but Remus just smiles sleepily and says he doesn’t care if you don’t care
  • Tending to him after transformations–even when he’s really not all that beaten up he still milks your attention for all it’s worth…very needy hahaha
  • “You’re lucky you’re cute, Lupin,” you’d say with a smile as you clean his cuts
  • One day you’re eating breakfast in the Great Hall and reading the Daily Prophet when you look up and catch Remus just starting at you and you give him a quizzical look and he says “I’ve just never seen someone look so cute eating toast before.”
  • Spending all day in bed just cuddling and napping on and off…sometimes he hums and you can feel the vibrations in his chest where you rest your head <3
  • Soft, sweet kisses and long, comforting hugs (Remus Lupin is an expert hugger I am 150% sure)

Cait :)

justin in a disinterested monotone: I cast prestidigitation and shoot sparks out of my fingers. cast minor illusion put myself in a dope outfit and start walking down the catwalk with all the style and panache I can muster. which is, I should know, a fucking lot.
griffin laughing: yeah roll charisma
justin still in a fucking monotone: oh that– that’s weird I got 30 because it’s so fucking fly. that’s very strange and interesting.

SPACE ROSE 💫🌹 The Last Jedi

I was so happy when Kelly Marie Tran was cast in Star Wars, and Rose is by far the character I’m most excited to meet!!

Hobi: Ahh coming, coming! ~

Hobi: Ah hey Chim Chim, what’s up?

Hobi: Eh handsome guy you say? Coming my wa–

Hobi: — ?

Both: !!!!!!!!!

Hobi: !!! HOLY SHIT – hey dude I gotta go – CALL YOU BACK LATER!!!!!!! *abruptly hangs up*