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[01.26.2016] Day for prove the foods!

Hi guys! How’re you? I hope that you’re fine!
As I said in the last post, we went for prove the foods, yay! I was so excited for it, since it had lot of food and omg, it was all delicious!
We invited some friends for go with us, we invited Becky, Pietro, Zaila, Alex, Fer and Alice, and also, me and Jhonny decided to pick our goddaughters Alice and Louise and take them with us, since we didn’t saw them from a loooooong time!
When we arrived, I stayed so enchanted with the local! It was so cute, and looked like a magic local haha! And when we entered, the style was so beautiful! It have a old style, and it’s so charming! I just loved it!
A few moments later, the waiters went with the salty food for us! We proved everything and omg it was so good! I loved everything, the entrace was amazing! I stayed in love with the salty menu, and when they came with candies, my heart almost stopped lol! For people that don’t know, I have a love for candies and chocolates, and pies LOL I just love sugary things!
After we finished the to prove, I need to take a pic and say thanks for our amazing cook and buffet owner Laura! She is amazing, and do amazing foods! And also, she is Jhonny’s godmother haha!
After all, we leave the twins at Del’s house, and went to home. Jasminne went falling asleep, but Chris waked up when we arrived at home. I passed all the rest of the afternoon with him in the backyard, while Jhonny worked in his Macbook in the living room and take care of Jasminne.

Look guys at how my bby boy is getting so big! I can’t with him!

So guys, that was the post of today! I hope that you all liked! <3
Any questions? Just ask! My inbox is always open for you!
Have a great day/night!