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Not Your Babe

A/N: So I love Snart! He’s wonderfully sassy haha. Hope you like it :)

Request: Would you be willing to do a Leonard Snart X Reader fic? One where the reader is a part of team flash and can control the elements, but she’s recruited by Rip Hunter and constantly flirts back and forth with Snart?

Word Count: 1032

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Climbing upon the wave rider was like jumping into a science fiction novel, though everything in Central City lately had been a little out of the oridnary. I mean I was working with team Flash to fight mayhem causing metas and chaos causing criminals. Yeah, definitely not normal. But this was something else entirely. This was space travel, and time travel, with time masters and saving the universe and things I only believed happened in Doctor Who episodes.

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Calum Hood Smut: The Brother's Friend/ VISUALS

Pairing: Calum Hood + Y/N
Yep - “Could you do a smut where Calum is your brothers friend and he comes over but your brother isn’t home so you fuck him while he’s waiting for your brother to come home? Preferably visuals lol x”
Word Count: 676


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How I met Johnny Depp - 1

So maybe you’re interested in this…

The first time I got the chance to see Johnny was at the “Lone Ranger” premiere, 19.07.2013 in berlin. One of the greatest days in my life!!

After 6 hours waiting I first saw Jerry who was checking if everything was okay (I screamed as I saw him :D ) and after a few minutes later Johnny arrived. I was standing near the entrace of the cinema and Johnny arrived in the middle of the centre where the cinema was..so I only could see him at a screen (which was in front of me)..I was so nervous…my heart was beating so fast and my whole body was shaking…

At first Johnny gave many interviews and then they took photos of him..and then he went to his fans :) …and gave nearly everyone..EVERYONE his autograph!

And there was my moment…he came closer to me and my body was still shaking..I took so many photos of him..and then he was in front of me. I looked him in the eyes and I could not breathe… - there he was, the man I only knew from the cinema or the tv..he was in front of me… …and after a few seconds Johnny went further to the other fans..

It was only a second I looked him in the eyes..but it felt like an hour..it was so so great, awesome and fantastic! 

Thanks for reading - Proudtobeadepphead :)

Love Collaboration | Austin Mahone One Shot

(So another member wrote this and submitted it a while back but I never posted it so here is a one shot wrote by colorfulraindropsarefalling)

Today was the big day. I was finally gonna make the dream inside my dream come true. I’ve been a singer for about two years now, and I’ve always wanted to colaborate with the one and only Austin Mahone. I’ve been a Mahomie ever since I watched his cover of “Chasing Cars” by OneRebuplic. It was kind of like love of first sight. Anyway, my manager was friends with Austin’s manager and they finally got us together to cover Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You”. 

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[01.26.2016] Day for prove the foods!

Hi guys! How’re you? I hope that you’re fine!
As I said in the last post, we went for prove the foods, yay! I was so excited for it, since it had lot of food and omg, it was all delicious!
We invited some friends for go with us, we invited Becky, Pietro, Zaila, Alex, Fer and Alice, and also, me and Jhonny decided to pick our goddaughters Alice and Louise and take them with us, since we didn’t saw them from a loooooong time!
When we arrived, I stayed so enchanted with the local! It was so cute, and looked like a magic local haha! And when we entered, the style was so beautiful! It have a old style, and it’s so charming! I just loved it!
A few moments later, the waiters went with the salty food for us! We proved everything and omg it was so good! I loved everything, the entrace was amazing! I stayed in love with the salty menu, and when they came with candies, my heart almost stopped lol! For people that don’t know, I have a love for candies and chocolates, and pies LOL I just love sugary things!
After we finished the to prove, I need to take a pic and say thanks for our amazing cook and buffet owner Laura! She is amazing, and do amazing foods! And also, she is Jhonny’s godmother haha!
After all, we leave the twins at Del’s house, and went to home. Jasminne went falling asleep, but Chris waked up when we arrived at home. I passed all the rest of the afternoon with him in the backyard, while Jhonny worked in his Macbook in the living room and take care of Jasminne.

Look guys at how my bby boy is getting so big! I can’t with him!

So guys, that was the post of today! I hope that you all liked! <3
Any questions? Just ask! My inbox is always open for you!
Have a great day/night!