i was emotional making this

I’m crying my eyes out for the second week in a row

the funeral for max was so sad. SO well done BUT I’M CRYING

And b&b’s i love you was so beautiful especially in context to them being apart most of the episode. Like I CRIED at the scene. And i’m not an emotional person I swear

I absolutely loved the episode despite all the pain and angst. Bones always deals with it so well. What an amazing show. How the hell am I suppose to say goodbye in a months time? :(

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forgive me for this weird ass question but since you've had sex before, does it feel good?

I’m one of the sex repulsed anons. I’m so sorry if you hate these asks… Just have to add that I turn 21 this year and all my gfs are obsessed with guys and dick so I just feel like something’s wrong with me. I’ve always ended things with guys before it got too far and I’m like never truly attracted to a guy unless it’s like celebrities/kpop stars. Your stories are honestly that weird not real way for me to experience things without having to actually experience them so thank you for that lol

i’ll write the answer under the line because i know people are #not here for this

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the caminah tag on the twitter had me in near tears wtf and i officially hate fabfive posts now it makes me emotional

good to know that, i’ll post more fab five 😛

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Hi Christine! I'm playing my first lead in a show right now and I really, really want to make my character memorable. I have a big emotional solo in the show and I know it sounds overly ambitious and a bit too Slytherin, but I want to move people. However at the same time I'm terrified; I'm scared that I'll get to day of the performances and I won't be able to cry during my scene, nobody will be moved, nobody will remember me. Do you have any advice on being memorable as an actress?

You are focusing on the end goal rather than the process. That is the checkmate, but there’s a long journey to get there. We can’t go into rehearsal thinking, “I need to cry here, I need to be emotional here, this has to move people.” We have to study and analyze and live honestly in the circumstances, and if the stakes are high enough and we’ve put the work in, the result is a moving performance. So start with step one–analyze and study. Understand the character, how they tick, why they do what they do, their objectives, their fears… then go from there!

Also, remember that we can’t guarantee that every person will be moved by what we do. Each person is impacted differently by a certain character or performance, so instead of going into this thinking “I need to make the whole audience feel for this character,” just live honestly in that character’s life. The moment you’re trying to make somebody feel something, they’ll know. Audience members can sense when you’re baiting a reaction.
sirius black (age 16-21)
  • wears eyeliner
  • always has a rubber band for his hair on his right wrist
  • got a muggle tattoo gun secondhand and enchanted it so he could make his tattoos move (see: a moon that changes shape according to the current phase)
  • loves boys
  • especially remus
  • people thought he was dating james for years - so much so that they were surprised when he was actually confirmed to be dating remus
  • likes stealing his boyfriend’s sweaters
  • braids lily’s hair and lets lily braid his
  • didn’t cut his hair at all over his first year at hogwarts; when he came back home over the summer (to get clothes before going to stay with the potters) his mom told him to cut it and his response was to never cut it again
  • can sing
  • wanted to start a band called ‘the marauders’
  • gives kisses to everyone when leaving a room, especially peter, because it makes him slightly uncomfortable
  • gives everyone matching marauders tattoos on their left shoulders
  • has asked both dumbledore and mcgonagall on dates
  • mcgonagall: get out of here and stop being ridiculous black
  • dumbledore: ah sirius i’ve already promised my heart to one james potter
  • paints his nails and got detention for flipping someone off after they told him it was ‘a girl thing’
  • has a reputation as a heartbreaker for some reason, when he’s never dated anyone
  • they seem to think he ‘leads them on’ when he’s been hung up on remus since their third year
  • used to scare frank longbottom, still doesn’t know why
  • hung a poster of a muggle girl for the following reasons
    • the fact that she was a muggle would piss off his parents
    • he knew they’d get even more pissed if he hung a poster of a muggle boy, but he wasn’t ready to tell them he was gay
  • has convinced his friends to go to muggle music festivals during the summer more then once, during which has gotten both flowers braided into his hair and into several fights
  • wants to kiss remus so badly sometimes his hands shake and his heart aches
  • nothing happens until remus has a particularly bad transformation and they’re sitting in the shrieking shack after he’s back to his human form and peter and james have gone to the kitchens to get food to bring back and he has his arm around remus’ shoulders and remus is leaning into him wrapped in a blanket and suddenly he looks up and sees sirius looking at him with an expression that looks like it belongs on the face of someone in a fucking nicholas sparks movie and he grabs sirius by the chin and kisses him hard and sirius is so shocked he doesn’t respond at all for half a second then he sighs into remus’ mouth and they make out for a solid fifteen minutes until james and peter come back with the food and they just hear from the door ‘jesus christ, i was worried they wouldn’t do it this year’ ‘shit, wormy, i owe you ten galleons’
  • obsesses over his best man duties when james asks him
  • feels both proud and slightly guilty that the other boys aren’t in the same position as him so he tries not to gloat
  • tries to get james to use sleekeazy’s hair potion at his wedding, fails
  • does lily’s hair and calm’s james’ nerves and ties remus’ tie and gets the dirt stain out of peter’s pants from where he fell thirty minutes before the ceremony
  • makes a killer fuckin speech with absolutely no editing or censorship and gets scandalized looks from family members but cheers from their hogwarts friends
  • loves his friends so so much and is willing to die for them
  • knows things are probably about to go to shit because they could all die any day now but for now relishes in the best day they’ve had and probably will have for a while