i was eating cereal while making this

what if it seems like batman has safehouses all over the country because he’s a paranoid maniac always ready to go into hiding in iowa, but actually he just goes on a lot of business trips for his day job and when he sees a cute house he buys it and stays there. he grew up in a big mansion with a butler, a house with only three rooms is like camping for him. he thinks it’s fun. he gets to play house and eat cereal for dinner. the flash accidentally committed some light treason and needs to lay low for a while so batman sets him up at this little place in maine. flash is like “wow he really does plan for everything” but no, he just saw an old queen anne with green shingle siding and white accents and he couldn’t help himself. it had a wraparound porch and a spire. a spire. technically it wasn’t in his carefully alloted ‘whims’ budget but he sold an extra yacht to make room. “geeze bats i get that it’s a safehouse but couldn’t you have stocked the pantry with something besides kix and peanut butter?” flash asks. “they’re shelf stable,” batman says, as if that is why he bought those things, as if this is not just What He Does when alfred leaves him unsupervised.

the signs when HIGH

(just silly stuff, mostly based off of people i know lol)

(also  guess who’s high right now lol)

aries: the DJ, the one sitting near the speaker with their eyes closed,swaying, looking like the music is literally IN their SOUL. plays the weird stuff that always seems to work

taurus: the one who doesn’t even seem high, sits there basically acting the same except there will be a few little actions they do that make it clear - touching their hair a lot, laughing a little more. probably the one getting snacks

gemini: the active one, lots of nervous talking, looking around, can’t seem to stop rubbing their hands or knees, can’t. stop. moving!!

cancer: the ~~out of their shell~~ one, oh boy do the crabs come out when they r high, suddenly joking, really funny and weird, lots of really, really weird comments like “wtf i didnt know they were like this,” also probably gets HELLA munchies 

leo: the hook up, gets the weed, rolls the joint (or whatever), they are the PROVIDER, makes sure everyone is taken care of, generally talks and laughs more, super friendly when high!

virgo: the sleepy one, will straight up pass out on the couch. like they’re the ones who smoke, eat some cereal, and then just go to sleep while everyone else is still fucking around, honestly they’re the stereotypical “tired” “stoned” stoner

libra: the helpful one, when they r high its kinda like taurus, its not super easy to tell, but libras r way more willing to help out when high, they’ll grab u a snack, some water, down to talk to anyone, da real MVP

scorpio: the deep! philosophical talks! one: tbh they’re fucking socrates when high, has really philosophical talks with people but if anyone else heard it they would just sound hella dumb LOL, will probably be the one up till 3am

sagittarius: the one who always fucking runs outside, is just like “guys lets go outside!” or to the park! or to in n out!!, just wants to fucking move around, not a lot of talking tho, mostly laughing and singing

capricorn: the one sitting in the corner just chilling, just doesn’t really get hyperactive when high but just relaxing to be around, also willing to take care of people if they don’t pass out first like virgo lol

aquarius: the where they fuck did they go? one, randomly decides to go on a walk and everyone’s like uhh is aquarius ok? and they come back an hour later looking chill, will occasionally join in to scorpio’s ~~deep talk~~ but doesn’t talk as much

pisces: the quiet smiley one, so fun to be with, will just quietly stare at everyone smiling, laugh every now and then, they always have a go to when they get munchies OR they make hella weird food combos, no in between. the EMBODIMENT of CONTENT

cleansing yourself when your disorder is acting up

notes from things i personally do. for when you can’t bring yourself to shower or do rituals, when you can barely get out of bed and when you’re just exhausted

  • wash your hands, feet and face. water and soap, classic
  • or wipe them with wet wipes/toner/etc. who says they don’t have energy cleansing properties?
  • brush your teeth. mint helps with healing, plus you’ll feel better and cleaner physically
  • drink water. both important for your body and cleanses from the inside
  • lie down. just lie down on your bed or anywhere else and imagine your stagnant, stuffy energy being replaced with a new and comforting one
  • eat something. a piece of toast? great! cereal at 2 am? no problem. eating is good to help clear out any blockages caused by hunger and you’ll feel your energy circulating a lot smoother after
  • listen to music. lie down with your phone and blast some songs you associate with cleansing, bam
  • watch your favorite videos! they act just like songs, plus you’ll be having some fun too
  • say, “i am cleansed and feel better the moment i wake up.” mean it. really mean it, then take your nap or sleep for hours on end. whatever makes you feel better
  • and just be mundane for a little while. your craft won’t go anywhere, it’s always waiting for you when you’re ready to dive back in again

Tbh I would watch a whole 2 hour long sequence of Finn, Jack, Wyatt, and Jaeden vines like those 4 are fucking comedy legends

Like Jack and Finn and Wyatt would be doing some really bizarre dialogue while Wyatt makes obscure meme references and stares in the camera every time he does and Jaeden would be in the background eating cereal and crying for some reason the whole two hours bc Jaeden is super weird and subtle with how funny he is

anonymous asked:

Prompt: Winteriron, "You're surprisingly warm for someone called the Winter Soldier"

This is cute!

Tony sneezed; once, twice. A chill runs up his spine and across his shoulders. It’s currently smack dab in the middle of winter and, despite the heat being circulated throughout all the rooms in Avengers Tower, he still feels cold. He has long since ditched his jeans and well-worn AC/DC tank top for sweats and a hoodie. At this point, he is contemplating gloves or just going to bed. 

Cranky, Tony more or less storms his way towards the kitchen on the main floor for a cup of coffee. He’d do hot chocolate, but FRIDAY informed him that Clint drank the last bit earlier that day and didn’t inform anyone. Now the streets were covered in thick blankets of snow and no service would be willing to deliver in this sort of weather. Not that Tony wanted them too. Safety of one’s self and all that. 

“Barton’s a lazy ass,” Tony mumbles to himself while shoving his hands, aching from the cold, into his hoodie’s front pocket. “Could have said something.”

It’s nearing midnight now and he had been in the workshop juggling a new circuit board while taking calls left and right from Pepper and Rhodey. Pepper staying in California (that lucky lady!) and Rhodey visiting family overseas, but both making time to talk to him. 

Most, if not everyone, has retired for the day. A sort of sleepy mood taking over the superhero residence as the snow drifts from the sky. Steve mentioned something about everyone playing in the snow sometime tomorrow. Probably after breakfast. Clint and Thor were instantly down with that. Natasha only grinned and Bruce offers a small smile. Then there was Barnes who didn’t react much to the idea of being out in the “snowy wonder” as Steve called it. Tony, however, passed almost as quickly as it was brought up. 

Snow is cold and wet. Two things Tony hates very much. But at Steve’s fallen face, Tony offers a list of Christmas-themed movies they could watch together. And relaxes when Steve accepts.

Upon finding the kitchen, Tony doesn’t bother turning on the light. It’s his tower. He designed it piece-by-piece and knows where everything is located. Even so, some light is supplied from the hallway right outside the kitchen. Just enough that he can see his coffee maker and just a bit beyond that.

Coffee going, Tony turns to the fridge to grab the milk. Opening it up, he scans the inside. 

“We’re out of milk too?” Tony groans.

“It’s on the table.”

Tony jumps. Anxiety coursing through his veins, he turns around and, with the light from the fridge, sees Barnes sitting at the table with a bowl, the new box of Fruit Loops, and the jug of milk.

“Jesus Christ, Barnes! Warn a guy, would ya?!” Tony snaps while closing the fridge.

“FRIDAY, kitchen lights at 25 percent.”

A dim, almost orange, light is suddenly cast over the kitchen. With the light, Tony is now staring at a shirtless Barnes in Bugs Bunny pajama pants who just casually spoons more cereal into his mouth. 

“Why are you eating in the dark, Barnes?”

Barnes shrugs. “Got good sight.”

“Oh, well. Warn a guy next time, please.”


Tony blinks. “Right. Well, carry on.” He takes the milk from the table and sets about making himself the perfect cup of coffee all while Barnes chills at the kitchen table eating cereal.

When he’s done, he turns back to the table to Barnes frowning at the box in his hands.

“Uh, what’s wrong?”

“The cereal is all gone.” He ends with a pout.

Tony blinks because that shouldn’t look cute. He blames Barnes’ floppy long brown hair and five o’clock shadow.

“Get another box?” Tony suggests.

“This was the last of that kind.”

“Get a different box?”

“But I liked this one,” Barnes mumbles while scowling at the box like it is the most offensive thing in the world.

Tony’s mouth twitches into a smile. 

“Okay, well, I’m gonna’ go watch pre-recorded episodes of Iron Chef America so you’re welcomed to join if you want.” And he walks out of the kitchen.

Moments later, Barnes shuffles out of the kitchen to observe the living room. There’s only an available seat next to Tony. All the other seats were covered in the team’s junk. He tentatively sits next to Tony, back ridged from the close proximity. 

“Chill out, snowflake. I won’t bite…unless you’re into that.”

And just like that, Barnes sags into the couch next to Tony. They sit there for nearly an hour when Tony shifts closer. It’s close to 2 AM when Tony just straight up presses against Barnes. 

“Something wrong, Stark?”

“You’re surprisingly warm for someone called the Winter Soldier,” Tony replies all mysterious like. 

Barnes blinks once, twice, thrice, and then he’s laughing. Tony blinks up at him, sees the mirth in his eyes, and finds himself grinning.

“Whatever you say, Stark.” He brings his arm up and wraps it around Tony’s shoulders and pulls him closer.

The end!

Writing a Dialogue-Heavy Scene

magicallynormal asked: “Hi Lizard, I was wondering, what do you do when everything you write feels disjointed? I have trouble working in dialogue and description and emotions and when I try, it feels like I’m just trying to connect things with with a few extra words in between.”

Oh, I’ve been there I practically live there. But really, that is a very familiar feeling for me. I start with dialogue and can just get carried away in the conversation and lose track of the rest of the scene. It’s a natural thing I think actually. 

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But I’m Not a Baby (part 1)

Pairing: AmazingPhil & Daniel Howell

Genre: Fluff, light/smut, light/little!space

Word Count: 6000

Summary: After a visit to the dentist, Dan is prescribed a form of ‘medication’ he doesn’t necessarily agree with.

Author Note: Since all my past little!space fics have been fairly well received, I wanted to write another. However, I want this one, for sake of believability (used loosely), to be paced out better. So this will be a full series. This may not be packed with little!space but it will only get better from here!

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Stripped - Part 2

Summary: Being a high powered publicist, the reader is hired to work with the destructive rock star Jensen Ackles. Her task is to revamp his difficult image from the ground up. Will the reader succeed? Or will she get sucked into his crazy life? 

Pairing: rockstar!Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 2,429

Part 1

“You must be out of your damn mind, beautiful.” Jensen’s sudden shift in attitude catches you off guard, the smugness oozing out of him gives you goosebumps.

Why does this infuriating man have to be sexy as hell? And why does he have to be your client?! You continue to focus on Jensen who’s now licking his kissable lips and it’s driving you insane. You need to shut this down. Now.

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Dean doesn’t know that when John explained to four year old Sam what it meant to be in love with someone, little Sammy had smiled like the sun and declared: ”I’m in love with Dean!” John’s brows had furrowed, and he’d told Sam that that wasn’t possible. You can love your brother, but that’s not the same as being in love. John had said, as he’d tried to ignore the sensation of dismay that had settled in his gut: “When you grow up, you’ll understand.”

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anonymous asked:

I had the most wonderful thought earlier while I was eating cereal: what if Saeyoung got a cat and purely for the sake of pissing off Jumin, named it Elizabeth the fourth.

“This is completely unacceptable and I refuse to allow it!”

“Well it’s a damn shame then that you can’t do anything about it-”

“I’ll contact the board of directors at the local council and make them change your pet’s name into something more suitable-”

“Nope. Can’t do it. I’ve already talked to them-”

“Talked to them?… why would you… you mean blackmailed don’t you!”

“You say Potato, I say Potato!”

“You pronounced them the exact same way!” 

“I know. Just like Elizabeth!

“I will kill you with my own damned hands Saeyoung.” 

Two hours later, in the ER, a battered and bruised Saeyoung lies in a hospital bed with his cat purring at his feet. Not that he can feel his feet. Or his face. Or breathe on his own. 

Worth it.” 

Mystery Snack Dealer // Park Minhyuk


the prompt: I’d love to see something with a teacher!au where he (preferably rocky) sneaks into your room during his free period and leaves you cute snacks in the faculty room fridge and eventually your students start to push the two of you to actually date

words: 5273

category: lots of fluff and minimal angst

author note: this is my submission for the aroha fic exchange! to whoever’s request this is, i hope you enjoy it!

– destinee

Originally posted by baeunwoo

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The cereal debate

So this kind of ended up being 2,4k words long… I’m sorry it took me so long but at 3am my brain just wanted to sleep. So I continued writing in the morning while eating my cereal. With cereal first. Even though I’m normally on the milk team but you guys made me curious to try it out. (Can I be bicereal?)Anyways thanks to @hyyunjinn @belazygirl @seungminies @strayskid and @felixsfreckles (I hope I didn’t forget anyone, if so just tell me) for the support and inspiration. Hope you guys like it! (By the way, I’m also going to post this on ao3 as soon as I find the time).

“What. Are. You. Doing?” Minho turns around, looking at a offended seeming Changbin in confusion.

“What does it look like? I’m making cereal.”

“No but how?!”

“Uh, by pouring milk into a bowl? Do you need me to teach you how to do that? As soon as the cap is open it’s pretty easy.”

“No. I mean you can’t put the milk in first!”

Still not grasping the problem, Minho looks for help, getting his hopes up when Jisung pokes his head through the kitchen door. Only for that hope to immediately get crushed again.



Suddenly the room is filled with a mess of Jisung’s and Changbin’s voices talking over each other. It’s confusing really, Minho can’t understand a word between their quick talking and wild gesturing. His brain is still halfway asleep. There’s only one thing that can save him now.

“Chan, help!”


Thank god he heard it.

“Chan-hyung won’t be able to help you out of this!” Jisung shouts just as their leader, still tired, rubbing his eyes and wearing nothing but boxer shorts and a huge hoodie, enters the room.

“Hyung! Please teach Minho how to make cereal.” A somewhat relieved expression takes over Changbin’s face while he crosses his arms in front of his chest.

“What? Minho, please tell me you do know how to make cereal.”

“Of course I do! But for whatever reason those two are freaking out over it.”

“Because he puts the milk in first!”

“What?” Chan raises his brow at the two shocked boys in front of him. “Seriously, that’s why your shouting like this?”

“Because it’s unnatural!” Jisung shots back, Changbin only shakes his head at Chan’s ignorance.

“Unnatural? Because he puts the milk in first? That’s how I’ve been eating my cereal for the past 20 years.”

Both Changbin and Jisung gasp, looking at him with wide eyes. Jisung almost looks hurt, Changbin’s expression seems more like that of disappointed and betrayal.

“I should have known things would be crazy in down-under.”

“I trusted you.” Jisung says with a shake of his head before stepping closer to Changbin and letting himself get pulled into a quick hug by the elder.

“What the fuck…” Minho, who watched the entire discussion with the pack of milk still in his hand, whispers in still ongoing confusion. He  exchanges a look with Chan and is about to speak up again when he is interrupted by a deep, raspy voice coming from the door.

“What’s wrong? Why does Jisung looks like he’s about to cry?”

“I’d like to tell you, but I still don’t get what just happened.”

“Milk or cereal first?” Chan explains, looking at Felix expectantly.

“Why would anyone put the cereal in first?”

“Not you too!”

“Fucking Aussies.”

“EXCUSE ME?!” If it wasn’t for Chan holding him back by the arms Felix would have surely jumped at Changbin and scratch his eyes out for the last comment. Luckily, Chan is stronger than the younger so holding him in place isn’t too difficult, even though he’s still tired as hell and has no idea how they got into this mess.

“Come on, everyone. Don’t get personal.”

“This got personal the second the second he touched the milk!” Jisung exclaims, pointing at Minho behind him.

“He did what?” Everyone turns around, finding their youngest band member walking into the already cramped kitchen. “What’s the sense of putting the milk in first?”

“So the cereal doesn’t get all soaked and sludgy?”

“Fuck yeah, Hyunjin!” Felix screams, pressing through the crowd of people inside the small room and dabbing after successfully getting his high five from Hyunjin at the doorway.

“I can’t believe we’re about to loose in numbers.” Jisung whispers, resulting in Changbin pulling him closer again.

“Don’t worry, I got this. Woojin-hyung!”

“What? Oh, are we having a group meeting in the kitchen?”

“Something like that. Milk or cereal first?”

“Cereal of course.”


“Not. So. Fast.” Felix intervenes, a little smirk on his face as he steps closer until he’s right in front of Jisung and Changbin. Everyone’s gaze is directed at him as he speaks up again, barely loud enough for the rest of the band to hear. “Seungmin is still missing.”

A moment of silence passes before everyone (mostly Jisung and Felix (but also the rest (even if not 100% voluntarily in Minho’s case))) make a run for it, dashing into the room Felix shares with Seungmin. Later is still asleep. Well he was. Half a dozen people flooding the room, accompanied by lots of voices wake him up immediately.

“What’s happening? Why is everyone here?” Drowsy and bed-haired Seungmin slowly sits up in his bed. Takes a look around. And closes his eyes again. Awestruck silence fills the room at all the cuteness displayed by one of their youngest members.

“Aww. I mean. Uh. Seungmin. Really important question.” In that moment Changbin thanks every god in existence that Seungmin is still way too far in dreamland to notice the low chuckles coming from the others. “Milk or cereal first?”

“What?” Very far in dreamland.

“Come on everyone, let’s give him time to wake up properly first.” With that Chan chases everyone out the door and into the living room.


The time afterwards is filled with tense silence. Really, the dorms has never been this quiet before. It’s kind of ridiculous how they all divided into two groups, even sitting down on the couch as far away from the other group as possible. Minute after minute passes until eventually Jisung is the one to speak up again.

“I still can’t believe it. All this time we’ve lived together you two have been eating your cereal the wrong way. Good thing you didn’t infect Jeonginnie.” Team cereal simultaneously gathers into a group hug around the maknae as if they had to shield him from the bad influence of pouring the milk before the cereal.

“Guys, it’s still just cereal.” Chan tries to reason but is immediately cut off by Felix next to him.

“It’s not just cereal, hyung. This is a matter of upbringing.”

“Like a religion.” Hyunjin agrees, giving Felix another high five. And letting him dab.

“Don’t tell me you guys still haven’t solved the cereal discussion.” Everybody turns to Minho who is by now eating his bowl of cereal in the quiet before the storm aura filling the dorm.

“Quiet, milk-pourer!” Team cereal instantly tightens his hold around each other. At the same time Hyunjin and Felix cuddle up to either side of Chan, forming a pile of team milk.

“Unbelievable.” Minho mutters before shoving another spoon full of cereal into his mouth.

“What’s going on in here?”

“Seungmin!” Half the band suddenly jumps up  and crowds the newly awake band member. Being the reasonable leader, and feeling like the only sane person left together with Minho, Chan tries to at least hold his time back. Though Hyunjin is out of his grasp in the blink of an eye, he somehow manages to keep Felix on the couch. That’s how Seungmin ends up with “only” five of his band mates cornering him.

“Seungmini, milk or cereal first? You know cereal is the only way don’t you?”

“Stop trying to influence him, Woojin-hyung!” Again, Chan has to hold Felix back to prevent the situation from escalating.

“He’s not influencing, he’s saying the truth. Come on, Seungmin. How do you pour your cereal?”

“I… I usually put the milk in first.” Immediately, team cereal jumps away from him as though they just burned their hands on him, leaving Seungmin really confused at the extreme reaction. The confusion only grows when half of team milk, not even Chan being able to hold Felix back this time, throws itself at Seungmin.

“There’s actually more of them?” Disbelieve resounds in Jeongin’s voice, resulting in his time forming a hug around him as well.

“What do you mean ‘more’? Isn’t it 4:4?” Everyone stares at Minho, and his second bowl of cereal, in shock. Even Chan.

“What do you mean 4:4? What about you?”

“I’m neutral.” He continues eating his cereal as though he didn’t just shatter all his dongsaeng’s view of the world.

“How can you be neutral?! You’re the one who started this!”

“Actually, Changbin, you’re the one who started it. I only wanted to eat my cereal.”

“But you poured the milk in first, right? That means your in our team.” Hyunjin concludes but is met with a small chuckle from the elder.

“I pour whatever gets into my hand first into the bowl. Why is the order so important?”

“That’s crazy!”

“You monster!”


Before Minho can comprehend what is happening he’s surrounded by people throwing complaints  at him. He tries to take a few steps back but his back soon hits the wall. Meanwhile the shouting only increases, getting louder with every passing second. “Guys, you’re going to spill my cereal!” They don’t seem to care. In fact, the sheer mention of cereal only urges them further until there’s only option left for Minho: making use of his agility and small build by squeezing through the crowd, making a run for the bathroom before the others notice him lock it. Everyone blinks in confusion when they realize he escaped. Then follows him to the bathroom. They’re about to start a knock concert at the door when Chan stops them.

“This has to stop! Come on let me through.” It takes a moment but eventually everyone steps aside, letting their leader step in front of the locked door. “Minho, please get out of there.”

“I’m not leaving this room until you guys sort your shit out and calm down for good.”

“What if someone has to use the bathroom.”

“We have plenty windows.”


“Hyung we can’t do that! We’ll have to use the bathroom sooner or later!”

“That’s because you milk-pourers end up with too much milk for your cereal.” Changbin throws at Hyunjin with a triumphant look.

“Enough of this! We’re solving this like adults now.”

“Not to be that person, Chan-hyung. But aren’t most of us underage?”

“Well, I’m not. Everyone sit down in the living room. I’ll be right back.”


The teams go back to their separate places on the couch, waiting for Chan to return. When he does, it’s with a flip chart. Jeongin is about to ask since when they’ve been hiding a flip chart in their dorm but is shushed by their band leader.
“Silence. Nobody speaks until I say their name.”

“Do we also have to raise our hand?”

“Yes, Felix you have to raise your hand. Now quiet please.”

With that Chan turns around, fetches a marker from his pocket and starts to make a chart – cereal on the right and milk on the left, the two sides divided by a thick line in the middle.

“We will make a list and then see which side wins. Woojin.”

“Does the loser team have to convert at the end?”

“No. Maybe. We’ll see. Team cereal, your first argument please.” They stick their heads together, then  Changbin raises his hand. “Yes?”

“Obviously, the cereal gets covered in milk and doesn’t just float at the surface.”
Chan nods and writes down “cereal covered in milk” down at the right side. When he turns around, team milk is already prepared for their turn.


“The cereal stays crispy.”

“Why would y-”

“Ah! Wait until it’s your turn!” He writes down the argument before turning to the right side of the room again. “Now.”

“Where’s the point in using milk if you want the cereal to stay hard?”

“That’s not an argument, Jisung. It’s a question.”

“Fine. Cereal is supposed to become softer from the milk.”

Like that their professional goes back and forth. Cereal, milk, cereal, milk. It surprises all of them how many arguments they are able to come up with. The list grows longer and longer until all of them run out of things to say.

“Guys, I think we’re at a standoff.”

“No! That can’t be!”

“Jisung, one more team and your team will lose a point.”

“Just find a compromise already!”


“I had to listen to everything. This is ridiculous. Please, just find a compromise already so I can leave this room in safety.”

“Okay, how about this:” Chan waits until he all the attention is concentrated on him before continuing. “Everyone switches today. We use the other option and try to understand the other team.” There are a few grunts and mumbled complaints but eventually everyone agrees to the plan. “Minho, the coast is clear.”

“Finally. I can’t believe this took us over entire hour.”


That day, team cereal eats their cereal with milk first for the first time. Woojin is even brave enough to try Seungmin’s way of warming the milk in the microwave before pouring  the cereal into the bowl. Team milk on the other hand tries out starting with the cereal. Everyone watches in fascination, enjoying the strangely satisfying view of milk raising from underneath the cereal. In the end everyone has to admit that both side have their advantages. On Minho’s request they even group hug and promise to never let a fight escalate like that.

“I have to say though, I’m relieved this was our first fight.” Everyone throws confused looks at Chan, urging him to explain. “Well imagine if our first fight would have been over something serious. It would have been bad of we had gotten into a fight about the choreography or something like that. I’m glad we’re fighting over something like the order of pouring milk and cereal. If we can have a fight purely about a topic like that, doesn’t that show how well we get along? That we don’t have anything more grave to fight over?” Everyone agrees with a smile before finally starting their breakfast for real.

boyfriend! vernon

“Vernon and Mark as boyfriends please and thank you!! :) <3” -Anon

Comments: I posted the boyfriend! mark already so just look out for it ;)


•yesss boyfriend! vernon coming in clutch lets do this alright well we all know this little punk is really shy

•kisses are occasionally started by you but boy, they don’t end with him

•the kisses he initiates are slow and soft, holding your hands and rubbing his thumbs on the palms of your hands

•forcing him into hugs because he doesn’t like to admit that he likes them

•this turd would be shy with cuddling too like he would hint that he’d want to cuddle but he would imply it

•"Wow cuddling is just great"
•"Do you want to cuddle?“
•"Huh? Oh uhm…urr uhh”

•would be shy with skinship but holding your hand is a must especially around the rest of seventeen

•kissing him in front of people is a rare thing but when it happens he becomes a blushing mess

•when you do cuddle, his arm is around your shoulder while you are snuggled into his chest

•always trying to see who can have the funniest joke or pun

•3 am texts

•"Pull up on the wax with the mac fully loaded, AH”
•"Y/N, stop"

•his hair seems so soft so I assume you’d play with it 24/7

•stealing each other’s phones just to take selfies

•getting matching sweaters

•eating cereal at midnight while on the couch watching some kdrama

•reminds you of how beautiful you look whenever he looks at you

•when you’re upset, he would go out and buy ice cream and candy to try and make you feel better

•rubs your back whenever you two hug

•one of you belting out random lyrics whenever a song just pops into your head, and then finishing the song as a duet

•putting his hair in little pony tails

•"This is our song. No, wait, THIS is our song…….wait"

•he’d peck your lips as a kiss, but he’d kiss you like 12 times

•waking up next to each other with small giggles

•laughing fits that would last forever

•he would absolutely LOVE it when you kissed his jaw and then say “ouch” after because his jaw line is so sharp

•collarbone kisses

•whenever he grabs your waist he turns a slight shade of pink

•his screensaver is a picture of you sleeping and yours is of him with cake on his face

•his shoulder is your designated head rest

•whenever he is stressed or something you always make him feel better by taking him out on a walk

•he’d make up little raps about you and how you look

•he’d find time to skype/ FaceTime you while he’s gone

•vernon would be one of those boyfriends to make those letters that say “read this when you’re sad” or “read this when you’re stressed”

•"NOPE I’m 100% sure that THIS is our song"

•humming little tunes to you while you’re half asleep

•would send you pictures of puppies he sees out of the street

•coffee dates

•after being gone for a while, he’d hold you in a hug for at least 5 minutes

•tries teaching you how a dance but ends up getting flustered

•matcing fuzzy socks to go with them sweaters

•always has to find courage to kiss your neck but doesn’t stop there

•blushes whenever someone mentions your relationship, but shakes it off by saying how amazing it is

•last but not least, he’d do anything and everything in his power to make sure you were happy and that you were happy with him


Alec x Magnus

Requested By @crazy-fandom-girl1

“Alec?” Izzy asked when she finally found her brother sat alone, staring at his hands, an anxious look on his face as his fingerrs fiddled with each other.

“Sorry, I um was at Magnus’.” Alec muttered and she sat next to him.

“What’s wrong?” She asked and he reluctantly sighed as he looked at her.

“I went to see Magnus and I walked in like I normally do… and there was a girl who’d just got out the shower, looking for her clothes.” Alec glanced at Izzy who’s jaw clenched.

“What’d he say?” She asked and Alec rolled his shoulders.

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Accidents happen

Words: 3355
Joe Sugg x reader
warning: SMUT 

“That was such a good night” Caspar grins. 
“shall we keep it going for a while?” I ask holding two bottles of vodka, the boys grin. The boys being the buttercream squad- Joe, Casper, Oli, Josh, Conor, Jack and Mikey. I hung out with them a lot and tonight was no difference, we had been to a club. I think they only kept me around for when they wanted to escape a girl they’d signal me and I’d pretend to be their girlfriend and vice versa, it was a good deal. Nobody had brought a girl home tonight, a few kisses in the club but that’s all. 

“what’re you thinking?” Conor says wrapping his arm around my shoulder. 
“Never have I ever” I grin and they all smirk already making their way to the living room, we had all ended up back at the Maynard’s/Pieters. We all sit-down and I grab 8 shot glasses. I join them, sitting in between Mikey and Josh. “who’s first?” I ask, filling all the shot glasses and handing them out. Oli holds up his hand and we all wait for his question. 

“Never have I ever… had sex in a public place” he says. Jack, Joe and Conor take their shot. 
“wait, define ‘public’” I say
“where somebody could have seen you” I nod and then sheepishly take the shot making the boys all ‘ooh’ 

“okay, never have I ever done anal” Josh says taking his shot followed by Mikey, Jack and Caspar. They look at me and I shake my head. 

“never have I ever had a threesome” I say looking at the boys. Jack and Conor each take a shot and we all smirk. 
“it wasn’t with each other” Conor says, disgusted by our insinuation.

“never have I ever fucked against a washing machine” Jack says smirking at me. I blush as we both take a shot. They boys eyes widen and look at us waiting for us to tell them. 
“it was when we first met, we were drunk, fucked against his washing machine and we’ve never spoke about it since” I glare at Jack and they boys all holler patting Jack on the back who smirks and nudges my foot. 

“never have I ever fell in love” Caspar says circling the rim of his shot glass. Conor takes a shot and I think for a moment, taking a glance at Joe for a second before downing my shot. They all furrow their eyebrows at me, for the time I’ve hung out with them I haven’t had a steady boyfriend. 

“can we play truth or dare?” Oli whines. We all nod, thinking its a good idea, most of us completely drunk. “okay I’ll start, Caspar truth or dare?” 
“truth” he says starting off slow. 
“how many people have you slept with?” he says and Caspar’s face pales. 
“I actually don’t know” he mumbles and we cheer. 
“y/n, truth or dare” he huffs deflecting the attention. 
“truth” I say and they all get really sad. 
“who out of us, in this room, would you most like to fuck?” he smirks and they all lean closer, I blush and look around at them all then turning my attention to my skirt. 
“Joe” I mutter and they all scream and pat Joe. I blush harder and turn away. Mikey, sensing I don’t want to talk, takes over asking Joe a question. 
“joe, truth or dare” he asks louder over the boys laughter. 
“dare” he challenges. 
“I dare you to give let y/n give you a lap dance” he laughs clearly intoxicated. Joe looks at me for a second and I huff and nod standing up. Joe sits back on the couch and the boys look on with wide eyes. I go to straddle Joe but can’t. 
“I have a tight skirt on, I can’t” I sigh. 
“then take it off” Josh says and my eyes widen but after a quick shot of vodka I’m game, I remove the skirt leaving me in a very revealing crop top and my lacy knickers that barely leave anything to the imagination. Conor turns on a sexy song and I straddle Joe who bites his lip in anticipation. I grab his neck and start grinding on him, moving my hips to the beat. He gulps when I get off of him and turn around. He grabs my waist as I move my ass against him, I wink at the others who are gawping at the sight. I can feel Joe start to get quite hard underneath me and come to a halt when the song stops. Joe’s breathing is heavy and he rests his head against my shoulder as I continue straddling him. 

“wow” Jack sighs, the first to speak. I just giggle in response and climb off Joe, his hands dragging down my body. 
“I think that puts an end to the night” Josh smirks looking at Joe who hasn’t taken his eyes off of me. I blush and reach for my skirt but I’m picked up by Joe, my legs around his waist. He starts carrying me towards the guest bedroom and I squeal. 
“at least someones getting laid tonight” I hear Conor huff. Joe shuts the door with his foot and collapses on the bed on top of me. He makes quick work of removing our clothes and guiding himself into me. I moan.

“fuck Joe” I whimper. He grunts as he pounds into me, the sounds of our sweaty skin slapping together only turning me on more. 
“oh my god” I screech. “Joe Fuuuuck” I yell.
“come on baby, let the boys know you’re mine” he growls. I moan louder. 
“fuck Joe, fuck me. You’re so big, harder - oh fuuuuuuck” I scream as I cum. He cums too and drops to the side of me. He’s breathing heavily and pulls me closer. We get our breathing in tact and stay cuddling as our breathing starts to even out. I think Joe is asleep so I start talking. 

“i hope you don’t regret this in the morning, because in the game, it’s you who I’m in love with. I wish I could tell you when we’re awake and sober but I’d fuck everything up” I sigh tracing Joe’s abs. “night Joe” I whisper snuggling closer to his body and eventually falling asleep. 

I wake up in the morning to an empty bed and frown. I hear the boys laughing and joking in the kitchen, the faint smell of pancakes and I grin. I stand up but immediately fall to the floor. I squeal and hear footsteps running towards the room. 
“y/n, you okay?” I hear someone shout. 
“Jack?” I ask. 
“yeah” he shouts back. 
“are you alone?” I shout a little quieter. 
“yeah” he confirms. 
“come in and close the door” I say gathering the blanket from the bed to wrap around myself. He slips through the door and closes the door. 
“why are you on the floor?” he asks confused. I blush furiously. 
“I can’t walk” I grit and he bursts out laughing. I huff and cross my arms. “help me” I cry. He stops laughing and crouches down next to me grabbing my waist. He helps to redress me and hands me a pair of joggers as I’d left my skirt out in the living room. 

“can you carry me to the kitchen please?” I pout and he snorts turning around so I can jump on his back. 
“Joe really gave you a run for your money huh? was it that good when I fucked you?” he asks. I peck his cheek. 
“of course it was” I tease. 
“hey I could leave you right here and make you crawl, letting the boys know you’re practically paralyzed” he stops walking and in response I wrap my legs tighter around him. He rolls his eyes and takes me to the kitchen, setting me on a chair. I eat in silence while the boys laugh and joke about the events of last night.  

“you were a nice surprise y/n” Caspar says with a grin and I grin sarcastically eating more cereal. I glance at Joe to see him eating his breakfast in silence, completely ignoring me. I frown and look away. I decide its time I leave so I try and stand up but fall, Josh being there to catch me. 
“woah, you okay?” he asks concerned. I look at Jack and he smirks, holding his hand over his mouth to muffle his laughter. I nod with an awkward smile and shuffle away to grab my phone, skirt and jacket. I hear the boys whispering behind me. 

“why is she walking like that is she ok?” Mikey asks. I hear Jack laugh and close my eyes, preparing for him to tell them and for their laughter. 
“Joe fucked her so hard she can’t walk” he whispers. They all laugh and congratulate Joe. I quickly grab my stuff and take one last glance at Joe, wiping away my tears before leaving. 

It had been about a month since then and I was throwing up into the toilet for the second time that day. I huff and grab my phone ringing zoe. 
“hello” she answers. 
“Hi Zoe, is it still alright for me to come over tonight, I know I said I was busy but I really need to see you girls” I whimper. I hear her shuffle, probably sitting up. 
“yeah, are you ok?” she asks concerned. I sniffle. 
“I’ll tell you when I get there” I say and she sighs. 
“see you later” 
“bye Zo” I mutter hanging up the phone. I grab a bag and pack my pj’s and clothes for tomorrow along with other random things- toothbrush, charger, hairbrush etc. I book a train down to Brighton and also an uber. It arrives in no time and I head to the train station. The train ride isn’t very long, only an hour. I get a taxi to Zoe’s house and in no time I’m knocking on the door. 

“hey” Zoe squeals wrapping me in a hug. She ushers me inside and into the living room where Tan and Nim’s are laying down. They jump up and hug me, I hug them back tightly. 
“what’s up, you didn’t sound too good on the phone” Zoe asks sitting me down on the couch. I got to start talking but I can’t speak, I just start sobbing, the girls looking at each other panicked. 
“Babe just breathe, take your time” Tan soothes trying to get me to calm down. It works and my breathing returns to normal, the occasional hiccup interrupting my speech. 
“now what’s up?” Nim asks. 
“I think I’m pregnant” I mutter but they all hear me. 
“what? why? how? with who?”Tan exclaims. I sigh. 
“yeah, I had a one night stand about a month ago, I’ve been throwing up for the past week and I’m late on my period” I cry. 
“who was he?” Nim’s asks. 
“uhm you know him, he left right before I woke up, after I told him I loved him the night before” I sob. Zoe looks at me sternly wiping my tears away. 
“who is it?” she asks. 
“Joe” I whimper and they gasp. “I know, it’s bad, I don’t know what I was thinking” I sigh. 
“he left you?” Zoe fumes. 
“I mean technically, we were drunk and we were in Jack’s, I got dared to give him a lap dance and then he took me into the guest room, he left me in the bed and we haven’t spoken properly since” I murmur. They are too shocked to speak. 

“when you say you told him you loved hm what to you mean?” Naomi questions. 
“we we’re cuddling… afterward” I make hand gestures and they nod trying not to laugh ”and I thought he was asleep, so I started talking but I guess he wasn’t asleep” I huff. Zoe rubs my arm. 

“come on” Tan exclaims standing up.
“where are we going” I sigh. 
“to get a pregnancy test” she says. I huff and stand up following them into Zoe’s car, Naomi and I go into the shop while the other two wait in the car. We awkwardly purchase the pregnancy test, nearly making it out of the shop without running into fans, but as we’re leaving we hear squeals and turn around, I drop the test and my eyes widen as the fans, who have their cameras out, look at what I drop and scream excitedly. We ignore all questions about the test, taking pictures with them and hurrying back to the car. Zoe belts it back to the house and we all scurry tp the bathroom. They leave me while I do my business but then all sit around it waiting for it to change. After 3 minutes the alarm on Zoe’s phone go off and we all reach for the test. I grab it and look at it, my hand flying to my mouth and tears rushing to the surface. Zoe grabs it out of my hands and squeals. 

“I’m going to have a niece or nephew” she jumps up cheering. I choke back and sob shaking my head. 
“no, Zoe this isn’t good” I cry and she stops jumping around bending down to my height. “he doesn’t want me Zo, he’s not going to want this kid! and if he does he’ll force himself to be with me for the baby because he’s a good guy, I’m going to ruin his life, Zoe this isn’t good. He’ll hate me” I sob falling to my knees on the floor. The girls crowd around me giving me a group hug. 
“he’ll never hate you and he won’t force himself, he’ll be with you because he wants to” Tan ensures me. They continue to soothe me as we cuddle on the couch with lots of food and movies. I don’t know about the girls but I end u falling asleep on the couch. 

I’m woken up by Alfie who gives me a sad smile. 
“hey butternut” he says, saying my nickname. 
“hey, you heard huh?” I sigh. He nods. 
“Zoe told me, I found the test on the table, don’t be mad at her.” he explains. 
“I’m not mad” I giggle. “relieved I don’t have to tell you myself actually” I snort. He looks at me seriously. 
“he loves you, whatever you think you’re wrong. He loves you and he’ll love this baby” he grabs my cheeks and I bite my lip trying not to cry. He sighs pulling me into a hug. We stand up. 
“thanks Alfie” I mutter and he pecks my forehead. We head into the kitchen where the girls are cooking breakfast. They smile when they see me. 
“you want some bacon?” Zoe chirps. 
“ohh yeah-” I start but then catch a whiff of it and run to the bathroom, throwing up everything in my stomach. I feel Nim’s hands rubbing my back and when I’m finished she hands me my toothbrush. I smile appreciatively and brush my teeth before joining the others. 

“uh, I actually need to get home. I have a meeting later, that I’ll probably cancel anyway but…” I giggle and they smile. I get dressed and join them at the door. I say bye to Alfie and the girls jump in the car driving me to the train station. We all step out and they even walk me to the gate, they wait until the train is about to pull up to give me hugs and comforting words. I get on the train and wave to them. Being alone for an entire hour isnt ideal but here I am. About 15 minutes before we get back to London I get a call from Jack. 

“Hey” I chirp trying to sound hapy. 
“Hi where are you?” he asks. 
“uh on a train?” I reply. confused. 
“where have you been?” 
“Brighton with the girls, Jack why are you asking so many questions?” I sigh knowing something was up and that I’ll have to deal with it. 
“we’re in your apartment and your not so we got a bit worried” he huffs. 
“we?” I cringe. 
“buttercream” he mumbles, as that’s what they fans called them. I exhale loudly. 
“okay, I’m just pulling up to the station, I’ll get a taxi and be there in ten?” I mutter. I hear him hum on the other end. 
“okie doke, bye” he calls. 
“byee” I murmur rolling my eyes and hanging up. 

The ride to my apartment is very long, if the buttercream squads there that includes Joe. I unlock the door to my flat and see them all lounging on my couch eating food. 
“uhm hey?” I say sarcastically. “no really make yourself right at home” I mumble putting my keys on the counter and pulling my jacket off, dropping my bag by the stairs. They are all silently staring at me and I huff having had enough of it. 
“Why are you all here?” I exclaim. 
“well, we seen this picture on twitter and wondered what was going on?” Conor sighs showing me a quad image of Nim and I in the shop, both of us very flustered and a close up of the pregnancy test. My face pales and my throat dries up. They raise their eyebrows and take my silence as a confirmation. 

“how far along?” Caspar asks. I twiddle my fingers a little. 
“uhm about a month” I reply with a nod. I see Joe’s head snap up out of the corner of my eye and gulp. 
“do you know who’s it is?” Joe asks quietly and I frown. 
“of course I do, I’m not a slut” I bite back, Joe gulps. 
“do we know him?” Josh asks. I nod again turning to face Joe. The other realize and slowly start to leave. 
“you left me” I whisper and he looks at me guiltily. 
“I didn’t want you to panic being sober and realizing what we did” he mutters. 
“You heard me, I know you did. You know I love you, why would you do that?” I spit. 
“I just thought you were drunk” he sighs. 
“and then on top of that you ignore me for a month” I cry. 
“yeah I know I did, I didn’t mean to but I’ve thought a lot this month, after not talking to you it made me realize how much I love you” he breathes stepping closer. My eyes widen and I don’t have any time to think before his body is trapping mine against the counter and his lips are moving feverishly against mine. He pulls away and puts his hands on my stomach. 
“are you really pregnant?” he whispers. I nod. 
“are you mad?” I mumble, he shakes his head. 
“I mean I’m a little disappointed, I still like going out clubbing with the boys but I could never ask for anything better, having a baby- babies- with you is all I want, accidents happen but they’re not all bad” he sighs moving his hands from my stomach to my hips 
“well you still can do them things, but you’ll have to come home to me and a little baby, are you sure that’s what you want?” I ask, nervous for his answer. 
“hooking up and that’s fun, but it can’t beat coming home to you, and anyway why look for somebody else in a club when I have you. I’m going to be the best damn dad I can be” he mutters pulling me close. He kisses me again and its I who pulls away this time. 
“Zoe’s excited to be an aunt” I giggle. 
“Zoe knew before me” he pouts. I nod and peck his lips making him smile. 

“I really do love you” he whispers. 
“I love you to” 

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The first time Geno leaves his hoodie at Sid’s place Sid doesn’t notice until it’s too late.

He’s standing on the edge of the blacktop with a thermos full of shitty teachers lounge coffee as a bunch of hopped up fifth and sixth graders work off their energy on the playground.

He yawns and takes another sip.

It tastes burnt but it’s all he has.

He shouldn’t have stayed up so late on a school night but he only has himself to blame.

Himself and Geno with his large hands and heavy accent who sucked bruises into his collarbone and left sometime in the middle of the night with a kiss to Sid’s shoulder and a quiet goodbye as Sid pretended to be asleep.

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ride or die (like the bonnie to your clyde)

Inspired by this post by @superwolflin

“We better get stiles going back to his apartment after the FBI class, opening the door and shouting for fucks sake Derek I’m not harbouring your fugitive ass again as Derek walks around the corner eating a bowl of cereal like what?”

“I can explain!”

Stiles took a deep calming breath as he calmly marched into his apartment and calmly slammed the door shut behind him, causing the door jamb to rattle.

“Stiles—” Derek tried again, attempting to catch hold of Stiles’ forearm as he stormed past him with a determined expression on his face.

All of the windows in Stiles’ tiny, cramped studio apartment were open, allowing much needed light and air to filter through the room. However, that all died when Stiles hastily snapped them shut and drew the curtains closed with a loud whoosh. Stiles swung past Derek again to secure every lock on his front door, taking every precaution possible to make sure they couldn’t be overheard, even though the FBI could easily breach the door if they wanted to.

He crossed his arms over his chest and turned to glare at a shirtless, guilty-looking Derek. If he wasn’t so furious, Stiles might’ve stopped to appreciate Derek’s shirtless-ness and how adorable he looked standing in his pajama bottoms, sleep-rumpled and bleary, eating a bowl of cereal. But he’d already seen enough shirtless Derek for one day from that video the FBI had caught of him running in the woods.

“What the fuck, dude!” Stiles hissed, trying to keep his voice low. “When you showed up here last night, you couldn’t have given me a heads up that you were on the run? Instead, I had to find out on the first day of my internship with the fucking FBI!

Derek had the audacity to roll his eyes. “None of this makes sense to me either, Stiles. I know I should’ve told you, but I don’t even know what to say or where to begin. What was I gonna do? Knock on your door and say, ‘Long time no see. I’m wanted for mass murder’?”

It was pissing Stiles off just how nonchalant Derek was being about this. Last night, he’d been so excited to have Derek Hale walk back into his life. Now, he was embittered for having been misled. Especially after they’d spent the whole night talking and catching up which resulted in Stiles struggling to get himself out of bed on time for his internship the next morning.

Seeing that Derek was about to take another bite of his cereal, Stiles decided to swoop in vindictively before he could.

“Hey! I was eating that!”

“Fugitives on the run don’t get to eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch!”

Stiles was in the foulest mood while pouring the cereal down the drain in the kitchen sink. Because not only had Derek omitted the truth about the reason for his unannounced visit, but he was also making Stiles waste a whole bowl of cereal on a college budget!

“I’m sorry, Stiles,” Derek huffed and held his arms up in surrender. “Really, I am. Trust me, the last thing I wanted to do was get you involved. I know you’re putting your ass on the line for me, especially with your current career choice as a FED.”

Stiles didn’t miss the way Derek’s nose wrinkled at the word FED, and he lifted an eyebrow in  question.

“What?” Derek shrugged. “I’ve had a bad relationship with the police for most of my life! Of course, I’m not going to like cops of any kind!”

It was a good reason. Stiles wasn’t about to argue with that. Not after he’d gotten Derek arrested and accused him of killing his own sister.  

“Please don’t be mad, Stiles,” Derek pleaded with puppy-dog eyes. “If you’d just give me a chance to explain the situation as best as I can, I will. This all started when I—”

“Don’t!” Stiles exclaimed and rushed to cover Derek’s mouth with his hands.  He couldn’t help but blush at the feeling of Derek’s soft lips under his palm and the burn of his scratchy, course stubble. He whispered, “It’s better for you if you don’t tell me anything right now. I don’t want to hear anything I can’t unhear, okay?”

The room remained silent when Stiles dropped his hand again. However, it was an awkward silence. Stiles chose to ignore it and walked towards his dresser, stumbling in the dim light. He tugged his constricting tie loose, unfastened his cuffs, and slid off his crisp, white dress shirt. The first day of his internship had been exciting but he was ready to slip into more comfortable clothes. He was feeling more at ease in his softest t-shirt and sweats and turned back to Derek, only to see him gazing at him with hard, assessing eyes. Yeah, the last thing he was feeling now was comfy.

He shifted nervously, chewing at his bottom lip and waiting restlessly for Derek to speak. Although, Stiles definitely didn’t expect what Derek said next.

“You don’t believe me.”

“What?!” Stiles’ eyes widened, not understanding how Derek was making these connections.  

“You don’t believe me! You really think I could…that I would…” His face contorted as he fought to get the words out, glaring at Stiles with so much scorn. Like he actually believed Stiles would betray him like that. “I really thought you of all people would…Never mind. This was a bad idea. I shouldn’t have come here.”

“Wait! Wait a second!” Stiles dashed over to Derek quickly, refusing to let Derek go anywhere thinking such ridiculous things. Derek was stubborn of course, turning his head and not wanting to look at Stiles, so Stiles gripped his chin and forced him to make eye contact. “I know you, Derek. Of course, I think you’re innocent.”

Even though he wanted Derek to know that he was being earnest, it still irritated him that Derek had to listen to his heartbeat before his feathers could unruffle and his buttcheeks could unclench.

“I’m not mad at you” Stiles reiterated. “I’m mad for you!”

Stiles knew there was no way to explain why he was angry without revealing his super embarrassing unreciprocated crush on Derek. A crush he thought had ended long ago but still lingered despite having not seen Derek in years. Finding Derek outside his door last night had rekindled all sorts of emotions that Stiles had locked away. All that pinning and hope sprung forth, as did his fanciful thoughts of him and Derek actually having a romantic future. But he couldn’t think about any of that now. Not when they had this looming over them.

“I’m mad that this is happening to you again. I’m mad because you don’t deserve this. I’m so tired of this sick joke the universe keeps playing on you where you’re not allowed to be happy!”

By this point, Stiles was doing a good job of working himself, so much so that he started pacing a hole in the floor without realizing it.

“You leaving was supposed to be the end of this for you! You were supposed to be happy! That’s the whole reason I never called you when you were gone even though I missed you so much— like way more than I thought would’ve. I didn’t want to see you dragged into this bullshit again. I wanted better for you!”

Stiles was heaving after his rant. He was mortified. Absolutely mortified. He knew he’d said too much and could barely lift his eyes from the ground, not able to withstand seeing any hints of rejection from Derek’s expression. Anyone could see that Stiles’ concern for Derek was much more than a display of friendship, but one of love. Still, Stiles would do his best to downplay it by masking it with humor.  

“Besides, I wouldn’t be standing here if you were actually a mass murderer,” Stiles joked, swallowing as much of his humiliation down as possible. “If you did have a hit list, my name would probably be at the top.”


Stiles looked up at Derek and smirked. “Because I drive you crazy.”

“That is very true,” Derek snorted then eyed Stiles with a look that was hard to decipher. “Although, there is another thing keeping you safe.”


“The fact that I’m in love with you.”

Hearing those words come from Derek felt like a punch in the gut. Stiles could almost imagine himself stumbling back, the metallic taste of blood in his mouth and the ringing in his ears. In their world, there’d been nothing but pain and suffering, that for Stiles, this didn’t feel any different. It was violent; the onslaught of emotion he held for Derek. Very reminiscent of all they’d been through together. And Stiles had no doubt that what Derek was telling him now was the truth.

“Can I eat my fucking breakfast now?” Derek returned to the kitchen cupboards and got out the box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. “I was really enjoying that cereal before you barged in here and confiscated it,” he muttered under his breath, “Typical FED.”

Thankfully, Derek stopped talking shit once Stiles’ arms wrapped around his torso and hugged him from behind. Stiles wasn’t quite sure how they’d work out with Derek hating his job so much. He thunked his head against Derek’s shoulder playfully then rested it there, releasing a weighed down sigh.  

“I love you too,” he sighed again, “And I promise you, I’ll do everything in my power to clear your name.”

“I know,” Derek chuckled, lifting a hand to ruffle Stiles’ hair. “That’s exactly the reason I came.”

Stiles only squeezed him tighter, not wanting to ever let go. He knew that what they were doing was breaking the law, but he also knew that he could never let anything bad happen to Derek. So, he guessed the only thing left to do now was figure out who was Bonnie and who was Clyde.

Zach Dempsey #6

Request: Hi can you do a Zach Dempsey imagine where the reader and Zach are best friends and are in love w/ each other but both don’t know and the reader is afraid to fall in love bc of past relationships so Zach tries everything to convince her he won’t be like the others? Thanks!

Warnings: Mention of physically abuse!

A/N: This turned out longer then expcted. Sorry! Also: Almost 900 followers. You guys are crazy!
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July 7th, 2016

Zach?, my hand is shaking as I try to hold my phone as still as possible but I loose the grip to my phone every once in a while.
“Y/N? Hey girl, whats up?”, his happy voice sounds up and I can hear the boys yelling and laughing in the background.
He’s probably at Bryce’s right now and I immediately feel bad for calling him in the first place.

But I didn’t know what to do and people kept starring at me, feeling bad for the girl sitting on the sidewalk with mascara running down her face while her hair is still covering most of it.
If they’d only knew what happened only 15 minutes ago at your boyfriends apartment they’d not give you that look.
But no one knows what happened and no one will ever find out, Zach is going to make sure of that.
Now I remember why his number was the first one to call.

“Are you there? What happened? Weren’t you supposed to be at Max’s place tonight?”, he still smiles while talking, I can hear that.
My heart drops and again I regret calling him because what I’m about to tell him will ruin his evening.
But he’s my best friend since third grade and I really wouldn’t know who to call right now.
“Y-Yeah..yeah. I’m here. Could you…y-you know..come and pick me up?”, my voice breaks and I let out a sob that has been trying to come out for so long.
People start starring again but I don’t care, I just hang up the phone after Zach agreed on coming and let it slip into my purse before I wrap my arms around my legs and place my head on them.
A cold breeze is coming up and I get goosebumps while I wipe some hair out of my face.

The previous events flash before my eyes and I start shaking again, scared that he might come after me eventually.
Time passes, people pass and after what feels like an eternity the known Audi  finally comes up the street and stops in front of me.
Zach jumps out of his car and runs over to me before he drops to his knees and places his hands on my knees.
“Y/N, what happened?”, he whispers and I let out another sniff before I face him and wipe the rest of my hair out of my face, reveling my black eye.
Immediately his posture changes and he tenses up before he takes a deep breath to not just walk the two blocks to Max’s apartment.

“Tell me. Did he do that?”, his voice is angry and I shrug my shoulders while trying to find the right words.
“W-when I arrived..he..I saw him with another girl. Making out. That happened before but I always forgave him.”, I mumble and start shaking again while he grabs my hands and comforts me.
“Anyways..he realized I saw it and he got mad because I was 5 minutes early..t-that’s why caught them. So he pulled me harshly inside with him and when we arrived he…”, I sob and quickly wipe away the tears before I look at Zach.
“He yelled and pushed me. I fell and hit my face on the cupboard. That’s when he pulled me back on my feet and punched me.”, I finally let out all the pain and anger and fear I tried to hold inside for so long.

Without another word Zach pulls me into his arms and holds me close while he repeats the same worlds all over again:
“I’m never gonna let someone hurt you. Ever again.”

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EXO REACT: Another Member Dating Their Little Sister

Anonymous said: I was wondering if you could do an EXO reaction to another member dating their younger sister. Your reactions are great and I really like them. Have a nice day and thank you!

thank you very much ^w^


lowkey pissed at his sister and Kai but as long as his sister is happy, he’s okay with it. But he’s watching every move Kai makes when he see the two of them together. Time to time, he’d ask his sister if Kai is doing the right things to make her happy. Will beat him up if the couple has a small fight, regardless. 


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He regrets letting the guys finally meeting his little sister. How was he suppose to know that Baekhyun and her would actually like each other?! Was pretty P-O’ed that he found out after five months of secret dating. He would try to force them to break up but she got his mom involved and he eventually blew it off. Still a little mad that they’re still dating but likes seeing his sister happy.


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“So, I heard you were dating my sister.” [sehun screams] wouldn’t be too mad but still a little ticked off that he had to find out by his sister rather than his good friend. “Out of all the people in Seoul, you chose my sister?” Lay would slightly be okay with it but will make ground rules when she visits the dorms, “no excessive touching, leave your door open, and do everything she says, etc.” 


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*loses all trust from chanyeol* “bro…” chanyeol would try to make him feel better, “Dude, it’ll always be bros before hoes!” they would argue about that, “NO put my sister first, she’s too sweet to- DID YOU JUST CALL MY SISTER A HOE??!!!??” [cradles his sister in his arms] “plz, you can do so much better.”


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dumbfounded that his sister would date Suho. Why Suho? Why my hyung? Why my housemate? WHY MY BANDMATE?!? OF ALL THE PEOPLE- [sighs] would glare at the two when they’re cuddling on the couch and make gross out faces. “AHH STOP DOING THAT WHEN I’M RIGHT HERE!” he’d whine at them. stay strong, oppa.


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He’d be speechless(for once). When his sister and Lay announced their relationship, he was sitting at the table eating his cereal and would drop his spoon. “You’re what?”. Would ponder for a while before nodding. “Well, I do think Lay-hyung is good guy..” his sister would sigh in relief, “don’t worry, I’ll take good care of her.” Yixing would wink at him. This would fking trigger Yeollie, making him stand up and wave a hand at them, “yeah- nvm, this isn’t going to work out.”


would think a lot about this. “He’s a bit older don’t you think? He’s even older than me.” would make this face a lot; :/. After a long thinking progress and a nights rest, he’ll go up to Xiumin and put his hand on Minnie’s shoulder, “Just be careful, okay? She seems tough like me, but she’s fragile :/” still weirded out.


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was on the edge of her dating someone, but once he learned it was Kyungsoo, he was okay with it. “Just because he’s the only one I trust out of the doofuses.” he be weirded out that his sister would visit the dorm every week but blow it off once he sees Ksoo treat like fine china[like he think she is :’)] “He will treat you well, I can tell you that.” he would her that the day they announced their relationship.


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would be the only one to be okay with his little sister dating one of the members. They’re older and kinda mature enough to handle his sister. He trusts Jongdae with his sister but would get annoyed that she’s practically living in the dorm. “Yah, just go away! Mom won’t care if he’s there!…would do you mean she doesn’t know about you two yet?!” a mess.