i was eating cereal while making this

what if it seems like batman has safehouses all over the country because he’s a paranoid maniac always ready to go into hiding in iowa, but actually he just goes on a lot of business trips for his day job and when he sees a cute house he buys it and stays there. he grew up in a big mansion with a butler, a house with only three rooms is like camping for him. he thinks it’s fun. he gets to play house and eat cereal for dinner. the flash accidentally committed some light treason and needs to lay low for a while so batman sets him up at this little place in maine. flash is like “wow he really does plan for everything” but no, he just saw an old queen anne with green shingle siding and white accents and he couldn’t help himself. it had a wraparound porch and a spire. a spire. technically it wasn’t in his carefully alloted ‘whims’ budget but he sold an extra yacht to make room. “geeze bats i get that it’s a safehouse but couldn’t you have stocked the pantry with something besides kix and peanut butter?” flash asks. “they’re shelf stable,” batman says, as if that is why he bought those things, as if this is not just What He Does when alfred leaves him unsupervised.

Boyfriend Jeno

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  • awww all of nct loves you guys together
  • so be prepared to get your cheeks pinched if you’re both caught holding hands
  • especially by jaehyun, who has classed you both as his children
  • your heart stopping in fear every time he does cool tricks on the hoverboard, like riding around in a handstand.
  • “be careful!!”
  • “always am ;)”
  • then jaehyun is like “where did u learn to wink stop it” and is also making sure he doesn’t fall, with the others close behind just in case they need to catch him
  • one time, jeno put his clothes on in reverse (like, trousers on his arms and shirt on his legs) to freak the crap out of you while riding around on a hoverboard
  • will do anything you want if you flash some aegyo
  • “let’s get ice cream!”
  • “no, I wanna get frozen yogurt!”
  • *aegyo*
  • “fine, okay, we’ll get ice cream!”
  • watching cartoons every morning while eating cereal. not bc you’re kids, no, oc not. you only watch them out of habit, & since there’s nothing else on … >.>
  • pretends to be a photographer to snap photos of you, being cheesy & calling you his muse
  • “what do you like more; me or cars?”
  • “………” *jeno absconds*
  • seriously tho, this boy loves cars. he’s got drawings of them stuck up on his bedroom walls and models, dusted often and displayed beautifully, that you. Must. not. t ouch. under. ANY. Circumstance
  • makes u download the same games on your phone as him, so you can compete or send each other lives/gifts
  • strong snapchat game
  • your streak started the day you both officially went on a date and has never been lost
  • cinema dates where you shyly wait to hold hands until the theater is dark bc asdfgkl awkward
  • then your hands become so sweaty but neither of you want to pull away
  • both hands reaching for popcorn at the same time, making eye contact for a second before blushing and looking away
  • then you see taeyong melting at the cuteness from the corner of your eye bc yes
  • you get chaperoned on dates
  • jeno wants to take you somewhere cute, alone, so you both sneak out one day (not at night bc it’s dark & scary) and try to find the local park
  • except you’ve never been there & jeno couldn’t find his way out of a paper bag
  • “uuuuuuuuh ….. uuuuuh I thought it was here? maybe it’s the next street?”
  • eventually you both need to ring someone to find u but who won’t tattle on you two sneaking off & being bamf’s
  • “mark :) our best friend :) how do u do? may we ask a favour of you, oh trustworthy & handsome mark :)”
  • you’ve never cuddled, per say, since his bedroom is off limits unless you’re with the others, so the closest you’ve gotten to cuddling is during movie night
  • he lays on his side on the blanket spread on the ground, and you lay a safe distance away, then haechan is on your other side since there’ll be no sneaky kisses with that squealer around
  • and that’s your version of cuddling :)
  • brags about his musical talent but gets shy if you ask him to show you
  • ngl the furthest you’ve gotten is one (1) (ein) (uno) kiss that was more just lips touching for .000001 seconds & blushing and not making eye contact for a week
  • but you’re both young so there’s no rush. things like making out or going on dates to fancy restaurants come with age and maturity. right now, neither of you are ready for that. it’s just sweet, innocent love filled with pure emotions. so don’t try to force an adult relationship, and enjoy this puppy love while you can :)
How to survive exams without your place becoming a sinkhole

If you’re anything like me, keeping up with studying while also trying to have some semblance of a social life, exercise, nourish myself with something else than noodle boxes AND keeping my place at least somewhat clean is a challenge.

When you’re tired at the end of a hard uni day, the last thing you want to do is usually laundry or cleaning the bathroom. A week later, you regret your decision to ditch all your responsibilities when the dishes have piled up all the way to the ceiling and you’re sitting on the couch eating cereal out of a mug - with a fork - and wearing your last clean pieces of clothing while wondering how the hell you’re gonna be able to leave your house the next day.

So, how do I keep it from getting this far?

- Make peace with the fact that exam season is stressful and your place is not going to be a housewife’s wet dream. This is key. Seriously, fantasies of „I will do my dishes the same day :)“ are not helpful. They’re mere unrealistic goals that you will never, ever reach. Which brings me to my next point:

- Do the bare minimum. If you already hardly have time to shower, prioritize and see what is important. Can you put off the vacuuming another week? If you’re not planning to have guests over, it’s okay to do that, trust me. You probably shouldn’t be cleaning your mirrors or your windows if you barely have any underwear left.

- Outward appearance > clean flat. When you’ve worn the same pants for a week because you don’t have any clean clothes left, or you haven’t washed your hair in a week, make sure to take care of things that will inevitably impact others. You don’t have to invite your friends over if your place looks like a bomb exploded in it, but they do have to sit next to you in class, and body odor is not sexy. No, you can’t mask it with perfume. Don’t even try.

- „Quick laundry“: Look up alternatives to washing your laundry, especially if you don’t have a washer yourself and have to reserve the washing room in advance (you probably won’t have the brain capacity to do that during exams). Some things that work are vodka on sweaty patches that smell, various ways to wash out stains and simply airing out your clothes. Google is your friend.

- If you don’t have time to do your dishes immediately, at least make sure to rinse them a little or soak them (soaking them for days on end, while gross, is not shameful), especially if you made starchy things because trying to get them off when they’ve dried up is triple the work.

- If you have a dishwasher, aim to load and unload it once a day. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t manage to do it.

- The Chair: It will take on the dimensions of Mount Everest during exam season. Make good use of your hamper, anyway, though. It will save you time when you have a few hours at home to do laundry.

- If you usually go to your parent’s place on weekends, maybe exam season isn’t the time to do it. The weekends are ideal to make your place livable again and treat yourself to a few actual meals.

- Studying at the library may work better for you, but consider studying at your place for like one day a week instead if you can do it. That way you can do laundry and the dishes in your study breaks. It doesn’t sound glamorous, but it gets the job done. Plus, you can better make sure you stay hydrated, and you can light a candle.

- Your trashcan will be full. Get a big trashcan. Take it out the day it’s full. If you have to take it to the trashcans in your apartment building, just take it with you when you leave for uni or something.

- If you have a roommate, maybe now is the time to take advantage of it. Depending on where you study, they may not have important exams at the same time as you, so they’ll likely be free more than you. Ask them to grocery shop, clean, etc. And of course return the favor when they’re stressed!

- When exams are over, clean EVERYTHING in one weekend (after you’re done partying!). It will be exhausting but necessary.

I hope these tips were helpful! Happy studying!

my mom is really into korean dramas right now. she’s marathoning a whole series, but she’ll like, get up and go make something to eat or like, grade a bunch of papers at the same time. and i’m sitting there watching her like, “lady, you don’t speak korean. i know you think you do, because i’ve also made the mistake of trying to eat a bowl of cereal while watching hunter x hunter. you have to focus.” but then she’ll somehow know exactly what’s going on. so like, either she does speak korean, or the stories are super simple, or she knows what’s going on in the same way i know what’s going on when i watch an episode of game of thrones. like i fully understand what’s happening to one or two characters, but then i don’t really know the whole deal of another and just smile and nod and hope there’s no major crossover to the story line i actually can follow because it’s only an episode or two old.

  • Eli: *stuffs his face with food while everyone else is allucinating*
  • Eli: *sneaks into people house to make himself a toast and looks cool af in the meanwhile with his bomb ass Top Gun sunglasses*
  • Eli: *eats cereal at 3.30 am*
  • Eli: *photobombs a fucking funeral photo*
  • Me: I recognize my people when I see them

part 1

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„Soo…did you touch it?“ You ask Chato, looking up from your bowl of cereal as he walks into the kitchen. He gives you a look that could kill while you smile to yourself.

„I did not.“

„He’s lyin’.“ Digger says as he grabs a beer from the fridge and winks at him.

„Shut up, man.“

„Sorry should I leave? You two seem to have a moment here. Just don’t use the table I’m eating on that.“

„Don’t you dare…“ Chato mumbles exasperated, making you chuckle.

The place gets exceptionally louder as Harley and Floyd walk into the room, arguing about god knows what. She probably tried to set him up with someone as well. Well, everyone needs a hobby and Harley had obviously found hers.

Chato turns his attention back to you and sits down next to you, „About before…“

„Right you wanted to tell me something?“


You could practically see the annoyance taking over his face as the rest of the squad showed up, the noise they all caused growing by the second as everyone kept yelling. It was like that most of the days but today Chato seemed really bothered by it. You kinda could understand it, you’d appreciate it too if it’d be a little quieter once in a while.

„Sorry what did you say?“ You tilt your head and focus on Chato, trying to make out what he had just said to you.

„Dios mío!“ He suddenly shouts, the whole room falling silent immediately while they all look at him, „Would you people shut up for a second? I’m trying to ask her out here.“

imagine this

hinata sleeps over at kageyama’s house. in the morning kageyama is eating cereal and asks hinata if he wants some. hinata says yes and kageyama says okay

but then he pours the milk in first.

hinata is like “what the FUCK are you doing”

kageyama is like “i am making your bowl of cereal”

then he continues to pour the milk until the entire bowl is just milk

hinata is like “…”

while kageyama is thinking “milk is the best part of any cereal” as he just. is drinking milk little by little with a spoon from the bowl

Roommate Drama - Part 2


Pairing: Theo x Reader

Prompt: “How about next time you trying knocking?”

Summary: You and Theo are roommates and it’s normal for you to walk into his room, but he gets annoyed when you interrupt him making out with some random chick.

You had a plan, well you thought you had a plan. You didn’t know exactly how well it would work but there was no harm in trying. Currently you were sitting at the kitchen counter drinking your daily morning coffee while you presumed Theo was still asleep.

“Did you sleep well princess? I can tell you dreamed about me” Theo came into the kitchen wearing nothing but grey sweatpants.

“Don’t make me throw up” you said pushing him to the side as he was blocking the sink.

“That wasn’t exactly a no by the way” he said leaning against the bench while eating his cereal, smirking in the process.

“I would never dream about you Theo. I mean why dream about someone you know won’t satisfy you” smirking at him it was so easy to bruise his ego.

He placed the bowl in the sink next to your coffee mug and walked towards you, trying to immediate you as he was doing so. “You have no idea how satisfying I would be princess, if you want to find out my offer still stands. I’m right down the hall, so quit being shy and just let me prove it”.

Placing your hand on Theo’s chest he hissed, most likely due to your hands being slightly cold. “Your right Theo, what was I thinking saying you wouldn’t be able to satisfy me” running your finger down his chest seductively you held your glaze with him, “Let me re-phrase my earlier statement shall I? I meant that I’m just not ready to handle you in that big bed of yours, you understand don’t you?”

Theo was completely still, and you weren’t sure if what you were doing was working. He grabbed your wrist to stop you from going any further down, “Careful babygirl you don’t want to start something that you won’t be able to finish” he warned.

“And how do you know I won’t be able to finish it? You have no idea what I can do-” Your eyes glanced towards his bedroom before looking back at him, “In and out of the bedroom. It’s you Theo who shouldn’t start something you won’t be able to finish”.

Walking away and shutting the door to your room, you were quite proud of how kept together you were back there. Inside you were shaking like a leaf but you managed to keep your voice steady. Opening the door just a inch, you saw that Theo was still in the same spot and hadn’t moved. He looked confused and like he was trying to piece together what happened. Quickly shutting the door, you leaned back and had to cover you mouth from laughing loudly.

Part one was complete, you had successfully got Theo to believe you were falling for him. Now part 2 was in motion.

Part 2 seemed simple, but it was going to be the most challenging. All you had to do was make Theo want you…sounds easy, right? Well you lived with Theo and he didn’t give in that easily. You were still in your bedroom hatching a plan to get the ball moving, however thoughts were rudely interrupted when you heard an annoying laugh come from the hallway.

Deciding to investigate what that awful sound was, it ended up being none other than some random girl that kept Theo occupied for most of the morning. How you didn’t mange to hear them was beyond you, but you were thankful that you didn’t. She was just leaving while Theo was standing at his door, watching his latest booty call exit the house.

“What’s the matter princess, wishing that was you?”.

“No Theo I think it’s you wishing that was me” you rolled your eyes at his latest attempt to make you jealous.

He closed his door and so did you. Minutes later his door slammed shut along with the front door, where he was going was beyond you. But since he was out of the house you quickly made your way into his room and found a random t-shirt of his.

Nothing would send Theo over the edge more if he saw you in his shirt, it was a dangerous move to make but you didn’t have any other options. Rushing back into your own room, you put it on and you had to admit it smelled amazing. Shaking your head you couldn’t let this interfere with the bigger goal.

Theo sure did take his time to come back, and his mood wasn’t the greatest but it never was so there was no point in wasting time and waiting for it to be. You heard the TV turn on and causally strolled into the living room.

“What are you watching?” you asked standing at the end of the couch.

“Why do you care?” Theo responded.

“Rude much?” you crossed your arms and waited for Theo to turn his head.

He did and the double take he did made this all worthwhile. “Is that my shirt?” he asked getting up, throwing the remote on the couch.

“Is it? I didn’t even realize, I just picked up the first shirt I saw. I thought it felt a bit different to my shirts”.

“Give me my shirt back princess”.

You headed to the kitchen with Theo hot on your trail, “Why it’s comfy and besides you aren’t going to wear it right this second….I don’t see the big deal”.

“Unless I gave you permission to wear my things, than you shouldn’t be touching them. And since I didn’t babygirl it’s time you took it off”.

If only Theo knew that he walked right into the trap you set for him. “Fine you can have your shirt back if you want it that badly”.

Taking the shirt off you were left in nothing but your black lace lingerie, Theo couldn’t keep his eyes from lingering all over your body. Normally you would feel utterly self conscious, but adrenaline was pumping through your veins that you didn’t mind Theo checking you out.

“Actually you know what Theo me taking off your shirt was a good idea, I’m glad you suggested it”. You gave his shirt back to him and went to put on your own clothes.

Coming out seconds later Theo was waiting for you, “I know what you’re doing. It’s the most obvious thing in the world Y/N” he said.

“If it’s the most obvious thing in the world than why do you keep falling for it?”.

“Maybe I just wanted to see you in nothing but your undergarments, you made it so easy babygirl”.

“Oh Theo, it’s cute how your brain works”.

You had errands to run today so as much as you would have loved to stay and debate about this with Theo, you couldn’t. “Hey princess, remember how I said this morning you shouldn’t start something you couldn’t finish?” he said stopping you from leaving.

“Yes, what are you getting at?”.

“Nothing just want to remind you, that’s all” he sent you a suspicious smirk and it got you worried as to what he was planning. Brushing it off for the time being you left the house attending to the list of errands you had to do.

Coming back later that evening, you heard several voices coming from the other side of the door. Curious you walked in and the scene in front of you was shocking, Theo was chatting to your parents like it was a regular occurrence. He went there, he knew how much family drama you had and he went ahead and invited them into the house without even bothering to discuss it with you.

“What’s this?” you asked removing your coat and putting it on the coat rack beside the door.

“I invited your parents over for dinner” he said.

“Were glad Theo rang us, after all the times we suggested you to invite us Y/N and you never did” your mum said as a way to make you feel bad.

“I’ve been busy mum”.

“Yes well it’s always I’ve been busy with you Y/N.” she replied giving you a glare.

Dinner was a awful as you could imagine. Theo sat across from you and gave you nothing but smirks and stares throughout the entire dinner. You had the urge to kick him under the table, but you had to be on your best behaviour around your parents. You honestly didn’t need them to go back to the rest of your family and gossip.

Theo had planned this all out down to the tiniest detail, he had dessert in the kitchen which my parents gladly accepted. You got up and offered to help him, but in reality you wanted to know what the hell he was thinking.

“You called my parents? Well I can honestly say I didn’t see that one coming, so what’s your plan?” you said as you placed the dirty dishes in the sink, as Theo got out the cake from the fridge.

“I have no plan princess”

“Of course you do Theo, you never stop scheming, plotting or planning. So whatever it is just tell me so my parents can go away”.

“You really don’t like them do you?”.

“It’s complicated and I’m not going to discuss with you. What were doing is between you and me, no outside people allowed”.

He cornered you between the counter and said “And what are we doing princess?”

“If you don’t get rid of my parents Theo, I can guarantee that you won’t be satisfying me for as long as you live. I mean that’s your goal right? To show me what I’ve been missing? For me to finally understand how all those other girls feel when they leave your room?”

“Babygirl I’m flattered but I’m also not an idiot. Your only saying that so I’ll get rid of your parents, but there is no way you’re actually going to allow me to prove anything once they do leave.”

“Are you sure about that? Oh well, I guess you’ll never know now if I was telling the truth”.

After the conversation with Theo in the kitchen it seemed like he was hurrying your parents out the door. Of course they didn’t notice, they were relived that he had invited them in the first place. Your parents bid you and Theo a goodnight and finally left, hopefully to never come back again although it was highly doubtful.

Yawning you stretched and proceed to walk to your room. “Aren’t you forgetting something?” Theo asked.

“Nope, I don’t think so. Well I’m off to bed, goodnight”.

“I knew you were lying” he said shaking his head.

“You fell for it Theo that’s not my fault”.

The end result was never going to be you in bed with Theo, and that’s something he wasn’t aware of. The question wasn’t will you end up sleeping with him, but instead why did he want you too so badly?

“Are you scared that I might actually be right and give you a night that you won’t forget? Or is it just the fact were roommates and you don’t want it to be awkward afterwards?”.

“How about neither of them, you honestly think i want to sleep with you?” you asked baffled as to why he couldn’t take a hint.

“I know you do, I’m a werewolf remember babygirl. Which means every emotion you have is heightened for me. You can’t fool me, and it’s cute that you tried too”.

The plan was out of your control now maybe it was never in control, so with that in mind you decided to ditch it all together and give in. “Kiss me” you said so sure of this decision.

“Excuse me?” he said caught way off guard by your proposal.

“If you’re right, than I dare you to kiss me. And if my heart skips a beat than you win”.

Before either of you knew it, the two of you meet in the middle and space was a word that was thrown out the window by this point. “And what do I win princess?”.

“A night you won’t forget” you said.

He accepted the challenge and bent down to connect mouths, the feeling was something you weren’t expecting and you wondered how long it had been there. Theo didn’t need to tell you that your heart skipped a beat, because you felt that happen yourself. After everything, his cocky gestures, flirty attempts and harmless banter Theo had been right all along.

He pulled away and a grin was plastered across his face. Theo grabbed your waist and the two of you stopped at the frame of his door, “Tell me that this is what you want?” he said

“Why, we had a deal?” you said.

He stopped and gave you a look that you hadn’t seen before, his eyes were purely full of lust but also gentleness, “Because as much as I joked about this moment I’m not going to go through with it, until you tell me right here right now that this, that me is what you want. I’m not that type of guy Y/N to make you do something your not 100% all in for. And that may seem shocking to you, but it’s the truth.”

Glancing towards your door that was meters away, you didn’t want to walk away. No matter how many times you preached that this wasn’t going to happen, everything felt different. And you owned it to yourself to find out what one night with Theo felt like, and if things became awkward than that bridge would be dealt with once you crossed it.

“I can’t turn back, if I did I’ll end up kicking myself for it. Besides I want to know what a night with you is like. No regrets, no doubts…I promise Theo I’m 100% in”.

You guys crossed the threshold of the door and landed straight onto his bed, shoes were off in a matter of seconds and the next article of clothing were the tops. “By the way I have a confession to make…I’ve dreamed about this moment with you. What it would feel like to touch you, kiss you to have you here with me”.

Your cheeks went red and the thought of appearing in Theo’s dreams was extremely flattering. “How about we make those dreams a reality? I’m here Theo show me what I’ve been missing out on. Satisfy me to the point where no other guy would be good enough”.

His lips connected to yours and moved to any part of your body he could reach, it was like having a burst of electricity circulate through your body each time he kissed you. He hovered over you and locked his eyes with yours, “After tonight no other guy is going to touch you like I will…after tonight babgirl your all mine”.

“Are you asking me to be your girlfriend?”

“Well you kinda stole my thunder there, but yes I was going to ask after we you know. Will you Y/N be my girlfriend?” he asked tracing the outline of your body with his fingers.

“Yes” you said, as his hands were traveling down to your sensitive area.

That was all the motivation he needed to continue. And boy was Theo true to his word, because everything that had happened behind those close doors were moments you would never forget. You were pretty sure the neighbors got more than they bargained for that night, but the pleasure that was given from both you and Theo to each other was thrilling.

The next morning there was no need to leave Theo’s bed because it was the place where you wanted to be, but more importantly it was the place he wanted you to be. Staring up at the ceiling, moving in with Theo turned out to be the best damn decision you had ever made. You didn’t have to play any more games, or watch a random girl come in and out, because the only girl he needed was you and the only guy you needed was him.

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Mick Rory and Cisco Ramon, 46 for the ask prompt thing.

46. “Shut up, I am a delight!”

Cisco’s sitting on Mick’s kitchen counter in boxers and Mick’s high school Rugby jersey, eating fucking cocoa puffs while the coffee brews. In the background, Mick can hear the Mowglis singing about how they are in love with love. 

“Morning!” chirps Cisco, actually awake for once. 

“Too early for this shit, ‘roha.” Mick mumbles, fumbling for a coffee mug in the cupboard. 

“It’s midday!” says Cisco, as though this makes no difference to the fact he’s eating breakfast cereal, and isn’t dressed. Its a Wednesday. Cisco should be at work. Mick attempts to glower, but he’s fully aware he fails. 

“Why aren’t you at work? And less loud?” Mick asks. In the background, the Mowglis are losing their heads in San Francisco. 

“Shut up, I’m a delight!” crows Cisco. It goes straight through Mick’s head like the fucking Holy Lance would if it wasn’t languishing in the Oculus Energy in Lenny’s place. “Also I am not at work because you came home drunk as a skunk last night and then I got a slightly frantic and mostly incoherent call from Barry that sounded like he was telling me Len was back but then he wouldn’t pick up his phone and you were out, and no one’s at work, I checked, and I want to know what happened.”

Mick replays the bits of last night he remembers, which is mostly Sara straight-up screaming when they got their Lenny back, and then immediately calling Kendra so she could come back and party with them, followed by what Len will certainly argue was not a cuddle session where Len buried his face in Mick’s chest and didn’t let go. That extended to Jax joining the little circle of hugs, and then Kendra was there and flinging herself at Len, and then Sara had alcohol? Mick vaguely remembers Len, with drunkenly exaggerated melodrama, explaining that he really really really wanted to fuck the Flash but the kid had just sorted his shit out with West and he didn’t want to fuck that up, and adorable cuddly drunk Jax telling Len that both Barry and Iris were absolutely interested, and then drunk Sara suggesting they could just drop Len off to go talk to them, and then - actually, Mick doesn’t remember what happened after that. But judging by Barry’s phone call, he can guess.

“Call Barry again.” says Mick.

“Why?” asks Cisco.

“I need to tell him and West that they should trust what drunk Len was saying more than what hung over, sober, and scared to hell of commitment Len is saying.”

Cisco puts down his cereal bowl. 

“Are you telling me-” he starts.

“Yes, Lenny showed up drunk at the West-Allen house and probably confessed his undying love for them. Finally.” 

Cisco punches the air, and then pulls the carafe out of the now-finished coffee machine. 

“Let me top you up and put some pants on, and then we’ll breach on over and talk them all down.”

Mick situates himself comfortably between Cisco’s spread thighs, and kisses his forehead while Cisco pours the coffee. 

“Mick, baby, I need to get down?” Cisco says, after a moment.

“Lenny’s crisis can wait.” Mick responds, and kisses him again. He can feel Cisco smiling as he does it. 

Getting Ready With Calum
  • Spending your morning in bed with Calum complaining about having to go out
  • Calum smirking at you as you sit up, bedhead and all, moaning and groaning
  • his hand gently rubbing over your back as he presses soft kisses to your shoulder, reassuring you that it would be fun
  • convincing you to shower with him before breakfast
  • actually showering, Calum’s hands massaging your scalp and his lips pecking your forehead and nose as you massage his back
  • “Baby, you’re the cutest little wet rat I have ever seen, gimme a kiss.”
  • You whipping him with the towel as he runs down the hall, bare as the day he was born
  • The two of you eating cereal while you wait for your bodies and hair to dry
  • Calum making you stand still as he rubs lotion on your back and shoulders
  • Slapping his hand away when he tries to go over your tummy and down to give you a little something
  • “Sorry, got carried away.”
  • “Can I brush your hair? I’ll use the detangler stuff that smells like roses”
  • After he brushes out your hair, he decides to go through your closet while you do your makeup to help you find something to wear
  • “I like these jeans, but like, everyone stares when you wear them so I’m not sure.”
  • Giggling as he wiggles into your jeans instead of his
  • “Bit snug on my ass, but that’s okay baby.”
  • “Whatcha gonna do with your hair?”
  • Turning on the television in your bedroom while you get dressed
  • Asking if he can just blowdry and do your hair for you
  • Sitting in front of him with a small cup of coffee as you both watch tv
  • “I wanna curl it, can I curl it?”
  • Flinching a few times, afraid that he’ll burn you, but he doesn’t
  • Him slipping your heels on before you get off the bed and kissing your knee caps and then your lips
  • “Turn around slowly, I’ll spray you with that perfume I got you.” Just because it matches his cologne so perfectly
  • “You wanna wear your pearl necklace I bought you too? That’ll go so cute with your shirt baby doll”
  • Calum literally being your fashion guide who always lets you know what looks best on you and being super supportive of all the clothing you pick out that you love so much
Work Benefits

Seeing as it’s been a while, and I’m making you wait even longer for TTW, I threw together a quick, smutty, work AU for everyone. Enjoy! 


It was just another generic day at work. You arrived at 9am, sat at your computer, switched it on, and grabbed your cereal. Every morning, you would arrive at work half an hour early to eat your breakfast. There was time to eat it at home, but that was besides the point. When people asked, you blamed it on the buses, but in reality it was for one reason and one reason only. Steve.

Your desk was in perfect view of the office postage department. Boxes would come in, be unpacked, and sent off around the building. Steve started work at 8:30am. By the time you arrived. Steve was already slightly sweaty from carrying heavy boxes around. So there you say, each morning, with a bowl of cereal. While trying to look casual, you would be watching Steve, with his muscles and tight shirt, lifting heavy boxes.

This morning was the same as every other. You grabbed your bowl and the milk from the fridge, sat at your desk, kicked back and waited for the show.

“Morning (y/n).” Steve calls when he sees you at your desk. “What is it today?”

“Cinnamon Toast Crunch.” You call back.

“No way. That’s my favourite.”

“You want a bowl?” You offer, shaking the box of cereal.

“Do I ever.” He grins, dropping the box he was holding and jogging to the break room to grab a bowl.

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“My mother was a school principal. A lot of times she worked until 8 pm, so my grandfather would always pick me up from elementary school and help me with my homework. He loved to help me with school because I was his first grandchild to get an education. He especially loved book reports. He always insisted that we decorate the cover of the report in case we needed an extra bump in our grade. If it was a Halloween book report, he’d make a witch out of toilet paper and straws. He always told me that it was his dream to see me finish college. But the day before I graduated high school, his hand started shaking and he dropped a bowl of cereal while we were eating breakfast. It turned out he had a major stroke. He was minimally responsive after that but we kept him on life support. We thought if we prayed hard enough and believed enough, he would recover. He held on for a few years. I ended up going to the Fashion Institute of Technology, and I’d stop in every once in awhile and tell him about my grades. Toward the end, he grew very sick and blind, and his body was rejecting food. I finally graduated from FIT, and I brought him my graduation photos. Even though he couldn’t see them, I described the graduation to him. He died that night.”


- “did you see that new band in town today”
- “whAt?!?-!?’&-8”
- morning breakfast consists of burnt or undercooked pancakes
- fuck that let’s just eat cereal instead
- but you still do it
- make out on the kitchen counter yo
- you wear his flannels to sleep
- he always wears his snapbacks
- “why does everyone say i’m a giant”
- “ur just a tree boi”
-you always run out of hot water bc luke takes so long in showering
- bed is never made
- he grinds on you while you make food
- “i’ll give you a blowjob if you stop that”
- “luke can you reach the-”
- “where is my guitar pick”
- shower sex
- sex
- sex


Once, while volunteering at Harvesters Food Bank, Pete and I sorted cereals into bins with labels like Sweet, Healthy, Puffed, Oat, or Hot. After sorting boxes and boxes, we then packed like-minded cereals into big cardboard boxes that were to be shipped to homeless shelters. It was easy work. It was kind of fun—all that sorting and boxing and labeling. But it didn’t really make much of an impact on me emotionally. It didn’t make me feel any connection to those who might one day eat this cereal.

If you want an emotional connection, try packing (as we did on another visit) the backpacks that kids take home on a Friday afternoon. The backpacks weren’t all that heavy, a little kid’s shoulders could carry the weight, because the backpacks didn’t contain all that much. A heat-and-serve macaroni, a half cup of jello or applesauce, a granola bar, maybe a banana, an oatmeal cookie. That’s about it. Think about that. From Friday until blessed Monday when the child could get a breakfast and later a lunch on those school trays, this might be all the child had to eat. Really, it wasn’t much more than my son would eat for lunch on Saturday and this might be all that this child had for Friday evening, all day Saturday, and all day Sunday. Really, the backpack was light enough to fit on the smallest of shoulders.

A long time ago, I wrote a piece for a Methodist church magazine about the Sunshine Breakfast Club that the First United Methodist Church operated in Olathe. It was in the church over on whatever that street is near Central School. It was an older church even back then and the demographic was already trending toward those who spoke English as a Second Language. The breakfast was cooked mostly by old retired women who wore polyester pants and checked blouses or one or those matching sweat pants sets. The men wore stiff jeans and flannel shirts. The grownups weren’t overly friendly; they were more of the stern grandparent type. And that was just fine with the kids. They came in quietly, put their backpacks in a row along the wall, got their food and forks, ate quietly, and then shot a few hoops with the old men whose knee joints didn’t really lend themselves to slam dunks.

These good people of the church were probably (almost certainly) old school Republicans. The type who felt that you needed to work hard, not ask for help, and get by as best you could. Still, when their church was confronted with a need, they didn’t hesitate. They cooked the meals and washed the dishes and shot the hoops. They didn’t question whether the kids’ parents were worthy. They didn’t do a cost benefit analysis of whether or not the money spent on these breakfasts worked out to the donors’ benefit. They didn’t consider that perhaps the kids should starve as an incentive to make sure that their parents worked harder.

This breakfast club was a long time ago. It disbanded when the schools started serving their own breakfasts to the kids who needed it. The old people went on to spending their time doing other good works.

I never thought the breakfast club would have to come back, but now that those who make up our federal budget have decided that having the world’s biggest military by several times isn’t already enough, it appears that food for children might not be cost effective. And the breakfast club might need to come back to fill a gap that I’d thought had been closed.

I would wonder, if we can’t even feed our kids (or our seniors) a decent meal, what exactly is our military fighting for?

i feel like a lot of studyblrs promote a lot of “eat healthy!! drink water!! make time for exercise!!” and all the jazz which is obvs important and u should do all of that but its okay to eat junk food also!!

example: i always have a family size box of sugary cereal in my room for when i get the munchies between meals. but i also eat fruits n veggies and drink lots of water.

conclusion: have munchies w you while studying, specifically things u like eating. it’s hard to study on an empty stomach, n eating smth you enjoy eating is always nice. just make sure to balance out ur junk food with ur healthy food!

(moderation is key with both healthy and junk food!!)

Post Ep Ponderings March 16 Part 1

So, since the whole Robron thing fucked me up, I’m doing two separate Ponderings. One for them and one for the rest of the episode. This is the rest of the episode one, so I can get it out of the way before I get angry again.

First up, Carly and Marlon. I fucking love them. Making Carly a slob is a fantastic idea because I’m a slob and you never see that shit reflected on tv. Carly sitting on the couch reading and eating cereal with all her crap piled up around her while Marlon tries to not freak out, that would so be me. I totally understood why Marlon didn’t want to say anything to her about it, but then was so annoyed that he couldn’t help but tel half the village got me too. Actually, my favourite part of this whole bit was that even though they both made missteps, they didn’t get into a huge fight, as is so often the case on soaps. They may have the best relationship on the show right now. And how they used April to tell Carly that Marlon was annoyed was pretty awesome too. April is great.

I really liked how they worked everything out between Zak and Lisa too. I know I’ve said recently that I would be happy to see Lisa on her own again, and that would still be something I’m good with, but what I’ve come to realize is that she’s one of my favourite characters and I just want her to be happy, period. I really liked the idea that what was really putting Lisa off was Zak trying too hard to be someone he’s not. Gotta love the mud fight too. It was just so nice to see Lisa happy and laughing again.

Kudos to Sam for my favourite line of his maybe ever. In talking to Zak about Ronnie fixing the pig pen. The “yeah, but you didn’t, did ya?” Might be the best observation he’s made and I loved it.

Doug was a bit of a dick (again) tonight to Jimmy, Bob and oh god, I can’t remember who the third friend was. Damn. Oh well, anyway, Doug had a point. Ashley was their good friend. Not that I blame them for feeling awkward about going to see him. I wouldn’t have wanted to either, but I’m glad Doug pushed them to do it, even if I now feel like going back and watching some of the pirate ship episodes.

Finally, Faith is a player! Just about died at Rishi and Eric fighting over her. And then getting drunk together afterwards because hey, bros before hoes I guess. I needed this to make it through the rest of that episode. But that’s for my next post.

A/N: Here have 3k words of angst. Excuse me while I go watch Bengal Cat videos on youtube to make myself feel better. 

Steve met Tony at a grocery shop.

Steve had been minding his own business, trying to find his cereal, next thing he knew, a soft voice said, “You look like you eat nails for breakfast instead of Corn Flakes.”

When Steve whipped his head around to the sound of the voice, he was surprised to be staring right at wicked brown eyes, he was shorter than Steve, younger, but he held his chin high and he had a wicked grin that could make the toughest person in the room weak, “Yeah, I know, that was lame. I’m not usually like that.”

Steve titled his head, the corners of his mouth twitching up, “You like to hit on strangers in grocery shops?”

Tony laughed, bubbly and happy, “Only the pretty ones.”


“You okay, Tony?” Steve gently asked, pushing Tony’s hair away from his face.

“Tired.” Tony mumbled as he leaned his head on Steve’s hands.

It had been 2 years since Tony got diagnosed with leukemia, 5 years since they got together, and 6 years since Steve met Tony and started to fall in love with him.

Steve felt his chest tighten and it took all of the power in him not to break down that moment, but he had to stay strong, for Tony. “Think you can walk, sweetheart?”

Tony finally looked up at Steve and grinned wide, his eyes dancing, “I could beat you and Sam on your morning walks.”

Steve chuckled, “Guess I’ll be carrying you, huh?”

Steve picked up Tony and carried him bridal style, shutting the car door with his foot before making his way through the threshold.

“It feels like getting married all over again.” Tony sighed happily in Steve’s arms.

“Still not regretting it?” Steve teased.

Tony gasped as he put his hand on his chest, “Never.”

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I bet the cluster has  dinners where each month someone makes something from they’re culture:

  • Capheus makes Irio, a dish of mashed peas and potatoes, “Before she got sick my mother always used to make this” He says sadly.
  • Sun surprises everyone with her amazing cooking skills and makes some sort of delightful rice cake infused with tea.
  • Wolfgang ignores his friends protests and buys Indian food instead of making German “This isn’t nearly as good as our food! You’ll see!” Kala announces.
  • Lito forces Hernando to make food and passes it off as his own
  • Riley makes a sort of fowl smelling Lamb, “It never smelt like this when my father made it!”
  • Will works all day and forgets to make food, leaving everyone to eat the stale cereal left in his apartment
  • Kala goes all out and makes an entire Indian feast, “See, I told you Wolfgang!” She smirks, slapping his arm playfully.
  • Nomi and Amanita take 4th of July and have an all-American cookout while watching the fireworks.