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Being Subtle is The Idea

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“You look pretty hot in plaid.”

Gwiboon found herself spluttered her mind in front of Jinki, on a ridiculous party Taemin made on Wednesday night. She gulped the beer nervously after she realized it has been said out loud instead of staying in her head.

“Come again?”

The latter put down his glass and decided to pay more attention to the girl in a navy dress.

“I said, you look hot in plaid?”

“What is plaid?”

Gwiboon almost cry as if she had the biggest face palm ever. But unlike the other day, she just laughed. And she blames the alcohol for making her heart became softer.

“That thing. The one you’re wearing now. It’s called plaid, Honey.”

“Oh, this?” Jinki checked himself with pouted lips making Gwiboon gripped her beer can tighter by such a view, “Minjung makes me wear this. She said my black or white t-shirts are boring. So she shoved this shirt on my face. Whatever, I need something to wear, so yeah.”

Gwiboon only nods, and smile, and regretting her decision to approach him because clearly he already had a girl help him to dress. And Minjung, everyone in this room knows that she is a goddess.

“And where’s Minjung now? I don’t see her around.”

“Have no idea, last time I saw that dino excessively hugged her and then I left for number 1, when I came back she’s not here anymore.”

Listened to his story, Gwiboon found him a little bit off. Who left his girl unaccompanied in such a poor party like this?

“And you’re okay with your girlfriend hanging out with other people while you’re here sipping God knows what in your glass?”

Jinki’s eyes turned twice bigger and the next second he bursts into huge laughter, “Why wouldn’t I be okay if she’s with her boyfriend?”

“Minjung is not your girlfriend?”

Jinki shakes his head so hard his eyes still squished by his cheeks.

“But I saw both of you came out the same car several times.”

At this point, Gwiboon already doesn’t care if he found out she’d been stalking him for the past two months ever since they met on Taemin’s studio.

“Of course we came out from the same car. Isn’t it normal for siblings to share ride?”

“Minjung is your sister?! But she..”

“Doesn’t look like me? Yeah, she got all good genes. Big eyes, tan skin, long neck, and everything, you tell me.”

“I like tiny eyes better.”

“Really?” Jinki’s kind of surprised because it doesn’t seem suit her appearance.

And she just nods sincerely.

“Are you saying the truth or you just want to flirt with me?”

The smirk in his face loosens up all the tight muscles clenched on Gwiboon’s tummy.


He chuckles and approves her guts, “That makes everything easier now.”

“What do you mean?” She asked nervously, getting to understand their situation.

“Well, that I know you think I’m hot, I’m not afraid to ask you leaving this shit. I need some air.”

“Hmm. Interesting.”

He sipped his drink once again, “I know, right?”

“But what are we going to do?”

Gwiboon tried as subtle as possible to put her ‘game’ face on so she doesn’t look like a desperate teenager in front of her crush.

“I’m sorry to disappoint you, but tonight we will just eating. I’m starving to death. I saw McDonalds on the way here. Shall we?”

She snorts right away, “You just drink. I’m not gonna jeopardize myself sharing a ride with you.”

He looks disbelief how she did her push and pull trick on him easily. Which he’s not mad about it, though.

“I’ve been drinking shitty fruit punch since an hour ago,” Gwiboon didn’t believe him right away so he handed her his glass, “So, are you in or not?”

“Cheese burger won’t hurt.”

“That’s the spirit!”

Jinki jumped off the stool he’s on, fingers busy tapping on the phone to let his sister knows that her advice works out.

“I cannot believe I leave a party for junk food.”

Jinki diminished their distance and whispered to her ear, vanilla perfume seeping through his respiration system, he almost forget what he’s about to say.

“Don’t worry, this weekend we can do whatever you want to do.”

She got a goosebumps all over her neck but Gwiboon actually cannot hide her excitement.

“Is this a date invitation or what?”

Jinki doesn’t answer to that. Instead, he just smiled and slipped his hand on Gwiboon’s shoulder, leaving the girl beside him breathless for a moment before she leaned closer.


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“To a successful movie, and the hopes that I don’t trip over anymore props!” Harry cheered as the entire cast and crew held up their glasses, the end of their first week on set rounding out to a positive finish. After Dunkirk, Harry hadn’t been sure of where he wanted to take his acting career - or if he even wanted to attempt anything else in general, but the script to the next hottest rom com fell into his lap, and it was hard to turn down the role. He thoroughly enjoyed those types of films anyway, so why not give it a shot? The best part of it all though was the opportunity to act along side Amber Riley, someone who he’d known casually from her time on Glee. Harry had visited the television show set a few times, as he was acquaintances with Cory and and a few other cast members, so he and Amber weren’t exactly strangers. They had amazing chemistry, and the casting director seemed to fall in love with them from their first read through.

“I though’ your boyfriend was coming tonight?” Harry leaned down next to his costar’s ear before taking a drink of whatever this punch was they were being served. It smelled weird, but whatever. It was already making him a bit buzzy, so he certainly wouldn’t complain. “I was looking forward to meeting him finally.” No he wasn’t. “Can’t believe he’d miss out on this magical mixture of piss and fruit punch. It’s exquisite.” He teased with a dimpled grin before taking another sip with a cringe. 


(Y/T/U) = Your Twitter User


We had just jumped into the lake. The freezing water causing John and I to stay closer together.

“It’s fucking freezing. Whose smart idea was this?” John asked his teeth chattering together.

“Yours, you doofus.” I laughed throwing my head back. My hands were wrapped around his neck. His arms securely around my waist bring me closer to his body.

“Maybe skinny dipping at 2 in the morning was not a good idea.” The fog from his breath hitting my face.

“It’s not that bad.”

“You’re just saying that because you warm blooded. You can’t feel the cold.”

“Whatever you say, Johnny boy.”

John hated that nickname. He pretended to look offended before slashing the cold water on my face.

I gasped as the cold water hit my cheeks. “You just did not do that!” I shouted. My voice echoing through out the empty lake.

“But I did,sweet cheeks.”

I splashed water back towards him.

“Oh you’re on.” I swam away from him only for him to catch up to me.

We played in the water for a few minutes before settling down again. John and I just floated in the water letting the tides drift us along the bank.

“Are you gonna forget me when I leave to L.A.?” John asked. His eyes saddened.

“I told you no matter what you do,I’ll be by your side. As long as you don’t forget me in L.A.”

He kissed me harshly on the lips. “I could never.”

That was 6 months ago. John didn’t keep his promise. He forgot about me. But I don’t blame him. There were way too many parties in LA. There were way too many beautiful girls. Of course he would forget little old me.

Couple months after he left, I found myself hanging out more and more with Benny Wilk. He like me had lost someone to the fast pace of L.A. His younger brother, Sammy left to L.A to pursue his dream of being a rapper and Benny was left in the dust. We confided in each other, feeding off each other’s loneliness.

A couple of weeks ago Benny had asked me to be his girlfriend. I wasn’t going to lie and say I didn’t have feelings towards him. So I accepted.

Ben had been able to fill the hole John left and I had been able to help him with Sammy.

Currently, Benny and I were traveling to the lake where all the boys were going to be.

John,Sammy, Nate and the Jacks had come up for the long weekend. In all honesty, I was nervous to see John again. As far as I knew, John had no idea about me dating Ben and I was terrified of his reaction.

Once we made it to the lake, Ben parked his car in the lot and opened the door for me.

“You’re gonna be ok. If it helps, I’ll be by you the whole time.” Ben pecked my forehead.

“It helps a lot.” I pecked his lips, slightly pushing him away when he tried to deepen the kiss. “Your mom’s looking.”

“Oh whatever. She’s waiting for the day I propose or we tell her we’re expecting.”

I looked up at Ben with wide eyes. “What?”

He lightly shrugged before grabbing our bags from the back seat. “She loves us together. That’s all.”

He slug my beach bag over his shoulder. Which looked slightly off because he was such a muscular man wearing a tiny Victoria Secret bag. A case of beer in one hand and my hand in the other we walked towards the group.

“There they are!” Dave, Ben’s Dad cheered as he saw us with beer.

“(Y/N) and Ben, hi darlings.” Lori, Ben’s mom gave me and Ben a big hug.

John’s head turned from Nate’s face to mine when Lori mentioned my name. I tried to look at him and just look at Lori. Even though, it was like trying to look away from the sun.

“I saw you lovebirds over at the car.” I blushed deeply as she gave us a wink.

“See I told you, Ben.” I hit his shoulder with my free hand.

“Whatever.” He playfully rolled his eyes earning a punch from me again.

“Why don’t you guys go get something to eat or drink? I’ll talk to you later.” Lori smiled at us as Ben dragged me towards the drinks and food.

I grabbed a beer from the cooler opening it before passing it to Ben. In the meantime, Ben had arranged a plate of fruits for me.

“Thank you.” We both said at the same time as we grabbed what we wanted from each other.

“That was so fucking cute!” Emily,Ben’s younger sister, squealed as she ran up to us. “Hiya.” She hugged us both. She pulled a piece of fruit of my plate. “Thanks sister-in-law.”

“Ok, who gave her so much wine to drink?” I asked pushing her hand away from my plate.

“Make sure you eat those pineapples,(Y/N) .” Sam teased.

“I think I’m fine. You should tell that to your brother.” I joked jabbing my elbow lightly into Ben’s ribs.

The whole crowd including the parents laughed. Except for John. He just sat there with a clenched jaw.

“Seriously, babe?” Ben asked raising an eyebrow at me.

“You know I love you.” I stood on my tip toes to press my lips lightly on Ben’s.

We heard a bunch of awe’s and groans but what stood out the most was a heavy exhale. We all knew who made that noise and it made my blood boil.

John had no right to be mad. He was the one who left. The one who grew distant. I just simply moved on.

It had been a whole 45 minutes since we’ve been at the lake. So far Ben had gone through a couple of beers and was drinking soda’s and water. I had another plate of fruits and a glass of wine. Ben and I both shared a burger, hot dog and some ribs.

“ You good,baby?” Ben asked, kissing the exposed skin from my spaghetti strap sundress. We were sitting on a lawn chair, me on Ben’s lap.

I knew what he was referring to and in complete honesty, I had no idea what I felt. I was mad at John because of the way he was acting toward Ben and I but I was also happy that he was acting that way. He was acting jealous which meant he most likely still cared a little.

“Never better.” I turned to Ben who looked up at me and kissed my shoulder.

John cleared his throat before getting up. He stomped his way over to Ben and I before stopping right in front of us.

“(Y/N) can I talk to you?” He asked harshly.

I looked down at Ben who gave me a nod saying it was ok.

I moved off of Ben and followed John to the lake bank.

“What do you want?” I asked. My words coming out stronger than I wanted them too.

“To say I’m sorry.” He shoved his hands into his swim trunks.

“I little too late for that don’t you think?” I crossed my arms over my chest.

“What happened to what you said here at this lake? That you would be by my side through out everything?” He asked looking at me with anger in his eyes.

He wanted to be angry?! I’ll give him angry.

“That was before you forgot me! That was before you left me on the curb like trash! That was when I thought we could work things out. But clearly you didn’t think we couldn’t so I moved on! And this time I made sure he really appreciated me. Unlike you!” I yelled. I was pretty sure everyone at the lake could hear me but I didn’t care. “ I was here waiting for you.” I moved close to him poking him in the chest with my index finger. “I stayed here. Where I promised I would be. But no, that wasn’t enough. So don’t dare be mad at me for holding my end of the deal! You choose not to. That’s that, John. I’m finally with someone that cares for me. Who wants to be here. Someone who wants me to be by their side and he wants to be by mine. Unlike you.” I scroffed, walking away from John. 

“Did you know that it hurts seeing you with him. It’all probably always hurt to see you with someone else.” John statement make me stop in my tracks. 

I laughed evilly before turning around. “ Don’t you dare John Swift. You made up your mind. You brought this onto yourself. So get used to it.” I turned around and walked back to the crowd. Once they saw me coming towards the they pretended they weren’t eavesdropping on our conversation. Not that I cared anyway. 

I went back to my previous position on Ben’s lap. Grabbing Emily’s wine, I chugged the whole glass down. 

“Hey!” She hollered before taking the empty cup from my hand. 

“Sorry, I just really needed that.” 

“ Yea, we heard. Sorry,love.” She rubbed my knee soothingly before getting up to pour another cup. 

John entered our circle again. This time looking slum. He whipped out his phone typing something on it and putting it back. He stared at Ben and I not even looking away when he noticed that I noticed him looking. 

After a couple of minutes my phone started to blow up with twitter notifications. 

All of them were connected to a tweet John had tweeted. Comment’s like ‘Indirect to (Y/T/U)’ and ‘You might want to see this.’ was quoted with the tweet. 

I opened the tweet to see what John had tweeted. I looked down at the tweet and back up at him. He looked at Ben and I with glossy eyes. 

I just shook my head at him, snuggling closer to Ben.

I was by his side, I was his right hand person but he messed that opportunity up and there was no going back.   

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