i was doing just a little drawing

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do you prefer drawing traditionally or digitally?? i really enjoy traditional but i wanna color and do art like digital artists do, and want to do animatics as well :,) im just kinda torn and wanna ask how you dont feel so torn between drawing traditionally and digitally?

In fact, I prefer the traditional drawing. also trying to use both methods because it is hard to draw a picture with a computer yet :/

This is my way of working from last year. First, I draw a picture with my hand. I think I need a little skill at this time. Well … I spoke a few times, I’ve learned art for a long time. (and still practice myself :D)

If you want to have a watercolor feel on your computer, it’s a good idea to try the watercolor before that! The only thing I can say is that to develop painting skills is to practice constantly! I hope it helped! Have a nice day!

I’ve been playing the game Digimon World: Next Order for a little while now, and wow, I really had to express my fondness for this game! I just had to do fanart! ❤

Soo, I thought I would draw my two favorite partners alongside me, getting ready to engage in a battle. My favorite pair in this game so far are my main partner Glitch (Greymon (Blue), I rarely ever switch him out for a different digimon at rebirth), and Brent (Kyubimon (Silver) ).
This took me about a week, but it’s not bad considering it could have taken longer. This game really brings about my nostalgia from when I used to play the older Digimon games as a kid and a teen.


I just wanted to say drawings will be rare for a moment, I just don’t have any medecine left for anxiety/stress aaaaaand I’m blocked again I can’t do anthinghfigisgsgi  or very slowly.


[Mun is irresponsable]  [Mun is in bad shape]   [please forgive Mun]

So uh YEAH.


Ok ok ok so I know some of you guys are interrested, so I’ll tell you what plans I have for now. 

Winner(s ??) will win a lovely fanart from me to them. Sorry I have nothing else to offer exept MY LOVE. 

For the theme, Either

 -”Your favourite character is hanging out with Mogwo”


-”Your OC is making their best impression of hunter!Sans dressed as him.”

Yeah I wanted to keep it related to Huntertale for now.If this one goes well maybe I’ll do both in the end.Alright so that’s all I had to say!LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK I LOVE YOU OK BYYYYYYYYE

So I’m pretty sure Jyugo have more tattoos on his arm, but I just couldn’t find a good reference pic. TTwTT Oh, and he’s putting Uno arm thingie on the wrong arm. >w> But shhhh. 

Day 2 of Nanbaka week; Fave pairing. My boos. Couldn’t resist doing a little clothes swap. There are so many good pairings in this show, it was hard choosing one. ƪ(♥ε♥)ʃ I’ll have to draw more in the future.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @chronictale!!!!
I hope you like this little gift :3 you were the first person who support me and you’ve been with me all this time. So, I just want to wish you a great day, because you deserve that and more ^^ Happy birthday again!!!!

(A flowey is hidden here and it never leaves you alone, chronic >:3)

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I've been seeing art of your shiro for so long I've grown accustomed to the beautiful hair draw on him, and I saw a screen cap for the show and had to do a double take because I forget how much you improved his hair.

yea skdjjksdklsddajs i feel bad bc i fucking hate his canon hair (hes still hamdsom tho) so i just. made him have amazing hair

when i draw babie shiro (see that one post on my ask blog???? where he and keith r little) i give him his canon hair

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Do you have any advice on drawing dynamic poses or anatomy, iv been following this blog for a little while while now and your are is amazing💓💜thank you for being wonderful 💜

thank you so so much and tbh i think a lot of the poses i do r just imagining what i wanna focus on like pick a body feature u rly wanna show and do a pose that presents that easily like if i wanna show a big chest i wouldnt do a pose where the back is prominently shown yknow? AND I STRONGGGLYYY recommend watching dance videos! stuff like

10 million dance studio on youtube sometimes rly inspires me to do some cool poses<3 

or just imagining a vibe u want can make a really dynamic pose come about like do u want the pose to b intimidating? or frightening? position the arms in a very broad and wide manner yknow like shit like that!
hoped this helped im bad at explaining ;,,)


So I am like super super anxious and nervous to post this but Roe said I should since she loves it and I made it for her lol…
But here it >////////////<
I was feeling really down today and I wanted to do something for one of my best friends and if making them smile with this pocrap then I feel honored.

All the references were just masks I found on Google and I basically just drew allll the (856 lol) lines. I want to try another one so I’d love some ideas c:
Maybe do a FFXIV Headshot or something…however I might try that on Luna first lol…


A few of you mentioned having an Oc the other day, which got me thinking. I did have a few ideas for an OC but never got around to putting pen to paper and actually well drawing him.

Well meet Rex the Hedgehog. Amy’s overprotective big bro, who thinks no man is good enough for his little sis, not even the saviour of the universe apparently. 

He’s secretly likes sonic shhh dont tell

I might do some tweaks to him later on but at the moment this is him. Yep. Ok. Imma just leave him here. 

*Cough* I’m gonna do a fanfic where he comes to visit *Cough*

an anxious boyo


*drops off doodles of the kiddos*


“So stop making that face at me…”

Bubble Tea!

(Please don’t repost my work)

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Chat Noir #143 please

Decided to make one more before going to bed. That was actually not as easy as it might look? Idk.