i was deeply in love with

dirkjake is good

In related news, Dirk Strider and Jake English are deeply in love and I am so glad that they were able to work past the issues that plagued their relationship and the awful way the AR (itself a victim of circumstance) manipulated them throughout their early teens and played upon their worst insecurities with themselves and each other 

I thank fandom jesus every day that the homestuck credits revealed to us that Dirk and Jake talked through their shit and are now cohabitating happily on an island filled with semi-sentient animals upon which they can freely pursue their ridiculous interests such as creating giant robots and then slamming those robots together in glorious combat

I’m so fucking glad that these boys who went through so much and suffered so much at the hands of forces much greater than them were able to overcome it all and find happiness the way they always wanted to – with each other

dirkjake is good, thank you & good night

I will love you

I will love you
I will love you
I will love you
with angst
I will love you
with passion-filled frenzy
I will love you
with sweet gentleness
I will love you
with kindness
I will love you
with acceptance
I will love you
with my body
my poetry
my heart
my soul
my aching, throbbing desire
and my beautiful mind
And, I will always love you
exactly as you are

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I just wanted to let you know that you and Jaxx are absolutely precious and make me want to be a better girlfriend and supporter of bi people everywhere. But especially for my girlfriend. Because I'm a lesbian but she is bi and I feel like I'm not vocal or aware enough when it comes to biphobia. So thank you for that and your constant funny and good vibes. Love you guys ❤️

Yeah man of course! Support for your SO is so important. Jaxx and I listen to each other’s unique queer experiences that we both have from being different in some deeply rooted ways and we learn from what each other goes through in that regard. That being said there is also so much that we connect w on that we both go through as well and that brings us together too. 🌈✨💖💜💙

Personally I think that part of our relationship is really beautiful and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it.

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Do you have a top 10 favourite character list? You just mentioned that Amy is number 3, and you've made it pretty obvious that Sonic is number 1, but what about the others?


#1 - SONIC

Game, X, Boom, post-reboot Archie and OVA versions ONLY. I deeply dislike his pre-reboot Archie, Fleetway, Chronicles and post-2010 games portrayals. I think it’s abudantly clear on this blog why I love him so much :3 Portrayals that I especially adore are his Storybook game and Unleashed ones for absolutely nailing his personality. Amazing and fun to watch abilities, fallibility despite them, fascinating personality and an absolutely brilliant and timeless design are all factors in why he’s my fave fictional character period let along fave Sonic character.


Again, Game, X, Boom and OVA versions ONLY. SatAM!Robotnik is Robotnik in name only and Archie Eggman is a tad too fickle and extreme in his evil for my tastes. Hands down the series’ best villain and a deliciously evil and yet very amusing and dimensional character as well. Some of the coolest things that happened in this series were his doing. An absolutely irreplaceable classic of a character.


Horribly flanderized and obnoxious portrayals aside, I love this gal for her compassion, determination, fortitude and niceness….well, when she’s in a good mood XD She’s so genki and fun to watch.

#4 - TAILS

Horrid SLW portrayal aside, who doesn’t love Tails? He’s so cool and I just adore his brotherly dynamic with Sonic. And all those cool inventions :D Also fun to play as with his flying ability.


A compelling character who all too often is scapegoated for this series’ problems that aren’t even his fault specifically. Awesome powers, intriguing personality, great development and a genuinely cool design all make for a truly great character.

#6 - SALLY

When not treated with favoritism and shilled obnoxiously (Flynn), forced through chickification (Penders) or derailed into being a bitch for an agenda (Bollers) Sal is a great character who is unique as far as Sonic characters go for her realism regarding emotion and personality quirks. Which makes her quite relatable when written well. I also love her maternal side :)


Like Sal, relatable for the elements of realism to her character. Her dynamic with Sonic is also incredibly entertaining and she has a really pretty design.


Again, like Shahra, he has a genuinely entertaining character dynamic with Sonic that was genuinely funny and has a very unique personality as far as Sonic characters go, being very strict and uptight. Also voiced by SANJI (Hiroaki Hirata). Which is a bonus.

#9 - BLAZE

Has perhaps one of the most interesting bits of character development ever seen in this series. Also gets uniqueness points for being the only female character with a Super-like form. ALSO has a great dynamic with Sonic, being introverted compared to his extroversion and yet emotional and reactive when pushed. Which contrasts with Sonic’s calmness and rationality in the same kind of scenario.


They paired here because they work so well together and are the only characters that really benefit from Pontaff’s writing style. Orbot slightly edges-out Cubot as my fave especially for his Unleashed portrayal due to his utter fearlessness in calling-out Dr Eggman’s idiocy and laughing at his expense. Cubot can be pretty amusing too.

“Hufflepuff is the most inclusive among the four houses; valuing hard work, dedication, patience, loyalty, and fair play rather than a particular aptitude in its members.”

“Hufflepuffs are defined by their love of family, comfort, and living things first and foremost… They also care deeply for people and enjoy the company of others; being alone or feeling unloved are things Hufflepuffs dislike intensely

Hufflepuff is a House of teamwork; it’s very group-oriented. Puffs care deeply about their family first and foremost, and want to be loved/think of loved ones rather than any sort of greater scheme or accomplishment. They’re creatures of comfort, and go for something that’s familiar and home-y rather than something strange or mysterious.”

Thank you, Bones.

It’s kind of bittersweet to think that today is the day the last episode of Bones will air. I started watching this show in 2008, when it was already on its fourth season. it was just a case, i turned the TV on and “The man in the SUV” was on. After that I started googling everything about the show, catching up with the episodes. I joined a forum about it, met new people, started reading and writing fanfictions. I literally fell in love with this show, deeply and totally. It gave me such strong and great emotions. Then season six happened and it’s still hard to believe how many mistakes they managed to make in that horrific season. I kept watching, though, and it paid off, because, slowly, my love for the show came back and after all these years is still here, sweet and strong. Overall it was a wonderful journey and I’m pretty sure it will end in a wonderful way. Thank you, Bones. You will always have a special place in my heart.


Hi guys, I just wanted to share this with you. As you’ll recall Mr C and I adopted two older cats Bobby (who I’ve posted photos of before) and his older brother.
Previously named Ziggy (an altogether too frivolous name for a rather serious cat) this chap is very shy with quite a lot of issues.
He is missing a few teeth which the shelter thought may be the result of a kick and has a lot of problems with anxiety and trust.
We have renamed him Sigmund (after Dr Freud who portended that it’s ok to have issues and talk it out) as it has a similar sound for recognition and a bit more gravitas.

Anyway, it has taken 12 weeks but Sigs has finally allowed one of us (me) to pet him and show him some love. He is a deeply affectionate older cat and I am so glad he now shares our home. So much love for Sigmund. ❤


Hi! I’m Hailey. 💕
I’m 16 (turning 17 on April 22nd!) and I’m from Nebraska.
I love art, music, writing, fashion, photography, and girls. I adore long conversations. I can talk for hours about anything and everything. Being able to deeply learn about someone is something that’s really special to me. I have a passion for animals and sleep. If aesthetic posts and other things mentioned sound good to you, you should shoot me a message. I answer everything I receive.

Feel free to talk to me! 💗


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drabble challenge: 103 for Klaroline

103: “Sharing is caring. Now give me your fries.”

Short and sweet…i think lol On FF.

Also, If you want me to do one!

What’s Yours Is Mine, What’s Mine Is Mine!

“Sweetheart, stop looking at me like a hungry lioness.”

Covering his hand with hers and looking deeply into his eyes, Caroline declared, “Klaus, I love you and I care about you, which is why I’m saying this, if you touch my fries again I will have to cut off your hands.”

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I know cheating is entirely unfluffy but can i request a scenario about gaara cheating one time on his s/o, telling her right away and she ends up forgiving him and telling him its okay while he's crying and apologising in her arms?

You were relaxing comfortably in the home that you shared with your boyfriend, Gaara, and awaiting his return. You loved him deeply, and although it was only earlier that day when you’d last seen him, you were beginning to miss him. The bond the two of you shared was unlike any other, and you both struggled when you were apart.

When you heard the door open, which announced the arrival of your loved one, you felt your heart give a happy leap. You got to your feet as he entered, and pressed a gentle kiss to his cheek. “How was your day?”

Gaara nodded, his eyes looking past you. “It was okay.”

“What are you thinking for dinner?” you asked him. “Do you want to eat out tonight?”

“Sure. Whatever you want,” he replied, his round, green eyes looking faraway.

You frowned. Gaara appeared distant, and was acting unresponsively towards you, which was unfamiliar. Your relationship was usually filled with healthy communication, and you were able to pick up on the issue which was obviously bothering Gaara straight away. “Are you okay?” you asked him, your voice sounding caring and kind.

His eyes flickered towards you, and it was the first instance of eye contact that had occurred since he had returned home to you. Immediately, his irises began to wobble, and you saw tears lie upon his eyelids.

“Gaara,” you whispered his name softly, caressing his cheek with a comforting hand. “Talk to me.”

“I’ve done something awful,” Gaara confessed. He didn’t speak above a murmur, but the tremble in his tone was easy to hear.

“It’s okay,” you comforted him. “Tell me what happened.” You saw him shudder, and you guided him to a seat, patting his back as he began his explanation.

“I-I took a walk around the village today. A woman… she approached me, and… Y/N, I don’t know what happened. All of a sudden her lips were on mine, and…” he broke off, and you saw a tear run down his pale cheek.

“That’s not your fault, Gaara! I trust you; I know you would never do something like that on purpose,” you reassured him, his devastated expression tearing you apart.

“But Y/N…” Gaara sobbed.

“It’s okay,” you told him, pulling him into your arms.

“I’m so sorry,” he apologised sincerely, his crying making his thin frame shake.

“Don’t be, it’s alright.”

You held your boyfriend close to you, not heartbroken that he had kissed another person, but heartbroken that some woman had done this to him. You allowed him to cry in your arms, enabling him to let his feelings out as you comforted him.

-Admin Will

So it’s been about a year since I was accused of philosemitism for writing about why I loved Judaism. For my response to the beit din. To convert to Judaism. 

And I’m still deeply upset about it.

Please just read this and try to understand where all the backlash is coming from


listen. just read this, please.

As an artist, I am deeply offended by your view on us and your policing of our works.

it’s not even about the whole fatphobia thing. I get that this isn’t what you’re upset over. I know that you just want to see Taako in his “canon” appearance. However, that doesn’t give you the right to insult and try to control a bunch of strangers simply because you don’t like what they’re putting forward.

We do not put our art out there for your viewing delight. We put it out because we are proud of it and want it to be seen. If we just draw all day, and we don’t share our art, most artists start to get depressed as hell. I know I do, at least. So we put our art out for the world to see. Some of us take requests, some of us do commissions. All of us are allowed to draw whatever or whoever we please however we please, because that isn’t the point.

We aren’t your little art slaves who draw everything exactly the way you want us to. I’m willing to take requests, but I am not willing to stand by and take abuse (under the guise of criticism or not, thank you) or allow my fellow artists to take abuse, because putting our art out there is HARD, ok?

You know how you refuse to put out your sketches because you feel they’re bad? That’s how we feel too. There’s no such thing as talent, and being willing to put your art on display for the world to see doesn’t mean it’s easy to. I get so scared every time. Sending a bunch of “criticism” to artists whom you did not commission or request the work from is not only incredibly rude and demanding, it’s also painfully discouraging. You really have no right to call someone’s design ugly, you have absolutely no right. If you want to see Taako drawn in a particular way, be nice about it, and request or commission someone, or just flat out draw him yourself.

You may feel that your art is bad and you’re not talented, but there is genuinely no such thing as talent. The concept of talent is actually highly offensive to people who have worked hard for years to build up their skill. People don’t just pick up a pencil and start writing, it takes practice and persistence and determination to be able to even spell out your own name. Being able to write doesn’t make you talented. Being able to draw doesn’t make one talented. It just means you’ve practiced and gotten good at it.

Final note; Taako’s weight. Yes, I know he was described as slender in episode seventeen. I listened to it as well. However, in the petals to the medal arc, he was also nigh explicitly stated as ‘needing to lose weight’ and as not having a slim waistline. Several times each of the characters have been stated to have one particular physical or character trait, only to have is be quickly forgotten, because that’s usually from a joke in which it was convenient for them to have that trait. Many of these contradict each other.

Not to mention that Justin, the creator of the character, said that he initially imagined Taako as having a slim build, but after seeing the fan art, he also really likes the fat/chubby designs. In other words; Taako has no set physical description aside from an ethereally beautiful elf with long hair. I get that you like skinny Taako, but that’s just flat out not canon. It’s not NOT canon either. As long as a Taako drawing fits the three main physical traits, then he fits the canon image.
on that note, elves aren’t a real thing. just as zombies and werewolves have infinite representations, so too can elves. If people want a floppy eared button nosed elf, let them have a floppy eared button nosed elf.


unless you were asked to review a work, or you paid for it/requested it, you have no right to criticize an artist for their drawing, as it is incredibly disrespectful and hurtful.

Talent isn’t real. If you want to draw, learn how. it’s an earned skill, not something you’re born with.

Taako has no actual set weight. While he was stated as having a slender build, he was also implied many times to be overweight, and Justin said he likes all body types of Taako.

mythical creatures have no real set image. They aren’t real and can be interpreted in many, many ways. It happens all the time with many different creatures. What are you gonna do, send an angry letter to Stephenie Mayer for making vampires sparkle in the sun instead of burn to death? no. don’t be ridiculous.

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what's your method of rating films on letterboxd? i always feel like i'm "doing it wrong" even though a rating is subjective so that doesn't even make sense but i just like... if i like a film but there were a couple of scenes that i thought were too long or didn't like the way they were filmed or just didn't think they were necessary etc. i'll take a star off. i'm just curious about how you rate bc i know some people have a system (5 stars = perfect, 3 = okay, stuff like that)!

really i mostly rate how i feel. if i love a movie a lot, it’s 5 stars. a favorite. i try to save 5 stars for when i’m really blown away or i really deeply love a movie. 4 and a half i try to spare for special movies too, but if i’m really impressed i’ll use it. 4 stars is my most used rating, i like it because it says that i really thoroughly enjoyed a movie, but it’s not necessarily a top favorite. i use 4 a lot for beautiful movies that i maybe didn’t connect with, but still appreciate a lot. 3 and a half i use a lot too, this is the top of my lower ratings because i tend to rate higher rather than lower. 3 and a half says i enjoyed a movie and appreciate it, but it’s also a neutral rating for me sometimes. 3 is very neutral, sometimes i use it when i’m not sure how much i liked something. 2 and a half means slight dislike, or usually i was just slightly bored. anything lower means i was really bored, uninterested, or didn’t like or care for it. i really just rate with my gut and only sometimes go back and change it, but just because a movie is classically “Great” doesn’t mean i feel the need to give it 5 stars. it all depends on the movie. rating is totally unique for everyone though! so there’s no way to do it wrong

Mon El has seriously grown so much since he realized he should stop lying to Kara, because she deserves to know the truth. He came back home and told her he spoke to someone, his parents, and he said that. He didn’t keep it from Kara but told the truth and that is totally character development. From the start I knew it was the journey of Mon El to see that the truth is always the best thing for the people closest to you. That if you care about them you don’t keep secrets from them and just be accepting and listening to the other. He learned and changed for the better. He changed because he is overly in love and cares deeply about Kara. He even sacrifices himself for her and if that doesn’t show real love and caring I don’t know what will. Yes their relationship had flaws in the beginning, big ones and problems that needed to be solved, but they both worked on that. Mon El and Kara both worked on it and in the end it worked out. And that is so lovely to watch because I knew in the end it would be true love full of acceptance and understanding

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Levih*n, because I like to see the world burn

Originally posted by glory-globs

“dame da.”

they’re my brotp tho.

i actually read a really good little meta/opinion thing from a levihan fan that showed up on my dash a few weeks back. they talked about eruri and how they respect eruri but enjoy it better as platonic devotion and respect–without it being relationship that involves sex, etc.

and honestly, there is a very apparent beauty to that–the idea that levi could love erwin so deeply that physical interaction doesn’t need to come into. because of that, i don’t think hange would ever be levi’s #1–if he had the choice, he would choose erwin. and even hange would. they both are devoted to erwin, just on different levels. and if you want to headcanon erwin as being so irreparable that he wouldn’t get physical with either of them–i could see how levihan could flourish.

hange is a really great character, and i love them a lot. the saddest part about hange is that there’s still so much about them we don’t know (and for fuck’s sake, at this point, we may never learn). they have boundless energy and curiosity, but they’re ruthlessly dangerous and determined. smart and capable enough to be commander, as seen by erwin himself. i don’t think levi is inherently attracted to people of power, but he allows himself to respect others, and… i mean, not to make levi shallow or easy to control, but i think it probably took a lot of erwin’s prodding for levi to even start to like hange as a friend. he even allowed himself to see the importance of their experiments (through eren), and they have a sense of humor that compliments each other very nicely. hehe.

and i think that’s where i fall opposite of that levihan fan. were i think they work beautifully as a friendship–because they’re erwin’s left and right hands, and when he’s gone, they have to do their best to try to be a single man. i think in the end, they need to be devoted to each other in order to even stay sane.

also levi is gay af.

@ravenmorganleigh I get it, and I don’t want to talk you out of feeling uncomfortable with this, because it is uncomfortable, deeply so. I hope you don’t think I was condoning John’s violence toward Sherlock, or saying it was a good thing. I find it tragic. 

John loves Sherlock; John calls Sherlock his best friend; John beats Sherlock up. These things are all part of canon. I have always read John’s urge to hit Sherlock as sublimated desire. He doesn’t know how to get what he wants, he can’t let himself have it, so he lashes out instead. This is not okay, but up until tld, it seemed like maybe the show was saying it was okay–there were never any serious consequences for it. The morgue beating, however, was a tipping point of sorts, so awful and intense that I think we are supposed to sit up and take notice of it. 

I hope we’re not supposed to gloss it over. I don’t think we are. I don’t think we should. And–here’s the thing–I don’t think John does.  

I really, really don’t know if this helps at all, and I didn’t have the space or time to go into it in that teeny tiny meta, which was really only trying to make the connection between John and Eurus, but I do think that, if we follow the reading of Eurus-as-John-proxy all the way through to its logical conclusion, John feels like an unlovable monster precisely because his wires are crossed in this awful way. He casts himself in the role of virtual demon, because he has attacked Sherlock. He knows he needs help. He hopes Sherlock still loves him, despite everything he’s done. He believes Sherlock does, which is what that reconciliation scene at the end is all about.

I personally think the fact that they’re both in therapy (ish) is maybe sort of a bit hopeful. They need it. And no, this isn’t a healthy relationship as is. Thank god they’re not real people. I really hope no one uses this show as a measure of what is okay in a relationship. If there ever is more content, I hope the show addresses this directly. According to the reading of tfp as John’s tab, at least the way I’m reading it, there is already a partial acknowledgement of the fact that John has huge problems, and that his psyche is a very dark nightmare place. At the very least, this is a step in the right direction.