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one thing I loved about Mindful Education was that it treated Connie and Steven’s trauma and emotional distress on an equal level 

Like Connie accidentally attacked someone at her school and is entrenched in guilt, and Steven feels responsible for Jasper’s corruption, the Rubies becoming lost in space, Bismuth, and his mother’s death. 

There wasn’t any trivialising of Connie’s emotions in comparison to Steven’s. They were both deeply affected by what they had done and that’s what mattered. 

Plus, Steven Universe is not a young adult’s show, it’s a children’s cartoon and with the message of the episode being “access and talk about your emotions” I think Connie’s reason brings in a stronger reliability factor for the children who are watching. Of course it’s easier for them to relate to accidentally hurting a classmate then having to mercy-poof one of your mother’s closest comrades. 

The important thing was both Steven and Connie learnt that they had to talk about their feelings even if it felt terrible to do to move on and find peace from it. 

Also, how refreshing is it to see a boy on a kids show crying and feeling guilt after having being forced to fight? Steven Universe is one of the greatest children’s shows of all time 

asdfghjkjhg I love her

When I first got into bleach some decades ago, she didn’t make a huge impression on me. I thought she was generic, typical, cookie-cutter, created for the gender quota, side character with no actual purpose, forgettable, etc etc.

I also wasn’t paying attention.

But this scene came and everything about her hit me then I had a major epiphany. I LOVE her.

I love her and her pretty design. I love her and all her backstory. I love her story, I love her characterisation. I love that this scene came after she witnessed how her wellbeing affected the boy she liked so deeply yet she could only focus on how she didn’t lift him up. I love that she didn’t even know that all the qualities she like in a guy is also the qualities she had. I love that she has never forced anyone to empathise with her, if her sorrow would kill her, so be it. I love that she could have been so much more, but all she wanted was to see everyone she loves safe.

I love her because there’s so much in her but because people chose to see her the way she sees herself, they don’t see beyond her insecurities.  

Just a little something I noticed. Characters in Steven Universe almost always go starry-eyed when it’s over someone or something they deeply love.

Rose about Greg.

Pearl about Rose.

Steven about … well, pretty much everyone and everything. He’s chock full of love.

But also about Connie.

I say ‘almost always’ because one special case is the only time Peridot has gone starry-eyed was when she was torn between betraying Yellow Diamond and becoming a Crystal Gem. (She does so when she says ‘crystal gems’ so maybe it’s because she already had grown strong affection for them.)

Another special case was when Bismuth upgraded Amethyst’s whip. But that one’s more black-and-white; she pretty clearly absolutely loved the new whip.

When was the only other time Amethyst has gone starry-eyed?

That’s right!

(I may be wrong, or someone’s probably pointed this out already, but I just found it interesting.)

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i am listening to some music i sent the first person i loved one year ago and i don't know what i'm feeling but it's so close to actual grief that all of that is gone ... i am a smarter and stronger person after it all but i don't know, this feeling goes so deeply into who i am i can barely even explain it or understand it. the most beautiful thing but sad doesn't even cover it. i'm sure everyone has touched a part of this feeling before i just had to write it out

i don’t have anything to say but, yes

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Hiya first off hug and second what would sans do if alphys got sick and how would he handle if the human killed her and no one else? Btw love ya P.k aka lovingsans

Already answered the same, here is:


The feeling is mutual for Sans since he knows this human killed Papyrus previously, but Alphys? I’m sure it would hurt a lot.

About the part of Alphys being sick, I think Sans would be deeply concerned even if it means struggling with his duties and other tasks in plus. Not to mention he should be worried about others who never knew about his own occupation. lol Maybe, he’d all go like: “LIFE IS UNFAIR!”

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How Joe and Henry respectively father Barry?

I can sum it up better in pictures than in words.

Barry and Joe:

Barry and Henry:

To attempt to describe their relationships in words: Joe and Barry are more deeply bonded; Henry and Barry are more intensely bonded.  

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I was looking down at the computer and my mom had the guide over the screen and when Holland started talking I looked up without being able to see and went “THAT’S HOLLAND SWITCH TO THE HOLLAND SCREEN” and that’s the story of my near heart-attack because I haven’t heard Holland’s voice on a TV screen in months  and I love Lydia Martin very deeply. 

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Is your wife ever jealous of all your other wives? (She sounds like an awesome person by the way, congrats on wifeing her! And congrats to her for wifeing/spousing/term-of-your-choiceing you!)

Yes, she’s definitely jealous of all my wives. Sometimes in…. erm, compromising situations she’ll pause and be like “HONEY WHO ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT??? IT’S NOT ME IS IT????”. 

But the way I see it, she has other wives, too. She’s deeply in love with Liara, Josephine Montilyet, Piper Wright, and a host of other women who are Not Me. The thing is, I’m not a jealous person when it comes to relationships and it wouldn’t bother me at all if she was screwing all those ladies on the side (way more personal time for me, the way I see it XD). She hates that I don’t care about it ;D

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As someone who identifies with Cress and deeply understands her jealousy of other girls and feeling inferior, how would Thorne reassure her that he's not going to leave her? I love these two, but the anxious part of me is having a hard time accepting that a guy who could get any girl he wants chooses Cress. (This is coming from someone who's deeply insecure.)

Being in a relationship is difficult. It means trusting someone with your heart and that’s the scariest thing of all, especially if you’re someone like Cress who wears her heart on her sleeve. But trusting Thorne has never been an issue for Cress. 

She has always believed that deep down he was a good guy – that he was a hero. She has always believed that everyone had been wrong about him and she trusted that she knew the truth about him. From the very beginning, she put all her faith in him. Even when she was kidnapped, after she saw Thorne with Darla, she knew that he would come for her. Cress has always trusted her instincts and because of that, she knows she can trust Thorne and be comfortable in a relationship with him. 

I think the most telling thing of all, however, is the way Thorne acts towards Cress. I think that is the proof anyone needs to to know that the guy is madly in love with her and would never hurt her. From the moment they met, he has always protected her, watched over her, put her own safety before his, and never once lied to her. Even at the risk of dashing all of Cress’s hopes that Thorne had even a tiny bit of heroism in him, he decided to confess the truth about Kate Fallow, rather then let Cress believe a lie, no matter how damaging the truth could have been for him. And for someone who prides themselves on being a criminal mastermind and hustling people to get what they want, it’s probably the biggest and most romantic thing Thorne could have done. That, and kept his promise and gave her her kiss when all hope was lost. 

So you see, Thorne has proven to Cress time and time again that he’s trustworthy, that he’s always honest, that he keeps his promises. At least, when it comes to her. You can see how incredibly different Thorne is when he’s interacting with other people versus how he is when he interacts with Cress. It’s not really that Thorne has to do anything special to reassure Cress that he loves her and she’s the most important thing to him. He shows her every day without realizing it, because when she’s around, he’s his best self, and if that’s not true love, I don’t know what is. 

i love villains so much. i love dramatic redemption shit, i love gradual redemption by way of the “yeah he used to be our sworn enemy but now he just kind of… hangs out with us,”  and i love the complete opposite where the baddie gets completely fucking obliterated by the protagonists and it reveals how deeply pathetic/insecure they are AND/OR it drives them way, way off the deep end of evil, civility and Lines They Previously Wouldn’t Cross abandoned by the wayside as they Totally Lose Their Shit. i especially love all variations of these where it centers on the villain having a Weird Fixation with the hero particularly if there are fucked-up makeouts but i’m not picky

i love villains

Pink Floyd the Wall concerts 1980

I just watched the Wall concerts from 1980 on youtube. One from London Earls Court and the other Nassau USA.

The US audience whoop and whistle and scream at every opportunity, like, at the beginning of their fav Floyd song from the album, which is every track, it’s a bit annoying but at the same time very exciting to hear audiences so worked up for their heroes . I’m guessing you American rock fans just love the fact that they took the Wall all the way to the US. and the fact you love your music so deeply that you guys started that thing, applauding a song when it just starts, I’ve always loved that.

Whilst us British audiences are more reserved and a bit more quieter.

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I had A Battle Against a True Hero playing in my head when Undyne and co were fighting Sans.


One reason I waited to include Undyne until the very end is that I love the contrast I managed to weave between her and Sans in chapter 16. I felt like it really empathized how broken Sans has become, how he isn’t really driven by wanting justice or trying to save the world - deep down, he’s only fighting to give the people he cares about a happy ending. He’s not a hero, he’s not a savior, but he’s a person, and somewhere along the way, he came to care too much to be able to stand by and watch his loved ones get hurt. And misguided as he was, I personally think that’s beautiful in itself. Sans is deeply flawed, but I think his flaws are what make him relatable, at least to me.

Undyne had everything going for her and she had the extra energy needed to think rationally. She had learned from her mistakes and was capable of valuing ethics over practicality. Meanwhile, Sans had lost nearly everything and only had the emotional energy needed to at the very least try to ensure that the people who mean the most to him would be okay.

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Dude every time you reboot something YGO related or mention it, I feel so exonerated of my closet love for it? Like it was such an important part of my growing up and clearly I am still not over it, but it doesn't seem as socially acceptable to still like YGO compared to Pokemon even though they came out at the same time. But when I see an artist like you who is pretty successful still liking YGO, it just feels good and validating.

Yu-gi-oh is such an important piece of my development growing up. It’s very deeply seeded in my childhood, like, right in between Pokemon and DBZ. I used to rp it non-stop in middle school??? So, you’re not alone!! I’m defs friends with people who still care about YGO a whole bunch, but it’s definitely a very low-key sort of thing. Honestly though? I prefer it that way. Kinda feels like being apart of an super special underground club lmao. I’m still itching to cosplay Marik and Thief Bakura sometime. ; v ;

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Sorry, could you explain the latest Stony comic?? 😅 The art's really good, but I don't get why there's a hole in Tony's chest??

Sorry I’m late 😳 It means Tony Stark has a deeply hurt in his mind But I think that he is a person who always say “I’m fine” even he has a huge hole in his chest… This is the reason why I love Tony Stark *sobbing* So you can understand the whole is his hurt or pain, sadness… ect

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1) Seasons of Love from RENT (i did a ballet number to this song when i was 6 and i’ve been in love with this song since then)

2) Stars from Les Miserables (idk but i just really, really like this song)

3) What Is This Feeling from Wicked (this song speaks to me because i too don’t know what emotions are (just kidding (not really)))

4) Music of the Night from The Phantom of the Opera (i’ve never heard a version of this song that i didn’t like its just a great song)

5) Wait For It from Hamilton (oh. my. god. this song is just. so perfeCT OH MY GOD)

6) Seize The Day from Newsies (this song gets me all pumped up and shit)

7) I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables (this song reminds me that not everything happens the way we want it to and also for  it lets me know that its okay to be sad about how shit life is)

8) Take Me Or Leave Me from RENT (wow this song is so gay just like me i love it)

9) All I Ask of You from The Phantom of the Opera (oh wow the feels from the song am i right)

10) You’ll Be In My Heart from Tarzan (shit man this song makes me cry)

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