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“This is a reminder of what we can do when we look out for one another. Like Joe Biden and so many other Americans, I’ve lost people I love deeply to cancer. I’ve heard often from those whose loved ones are suffering from Alzheimer’s, addiction, and other debilitating diseases. Their heartbreak is real, and so we have a responsibility to respond with real solutions. This bill will make a big difference, and I look forward to signing it as soon as it reaches my desk.” —President Obama on the passage of the bipartisan 21st Century Cures Act, which includes $1.8 billion dollars for Vice President Biden’s Cancer Moonshot initiative to end cancer as we know it

it sounds odd to say but I love how skam is normalising male crying?? like,, Isak has been having a shitty time and he’s cried lots and that’s healthy, never intended to make him look weak or foolish. none of this toxic masculinity mindset, men-don’t-cry buffoonery

and it’s different kinds of crying too. Romeo + Juliet? ofc you’re gonna cry at that. sad film. crying because of somebody else’s pain

estranged, deeply religious parent messages you, accepting that you’re gay and reaffirming that they will always love you? overwhelming, tbh. tears = perfectly acceptable. happy ones in this case

your boyfriend takes you to a hotel, you get spoiled with room service and champagne, you hecking lose your virginity to him (?), but throughout the day his behaviour becomes increasingly more alarming, culminating in him straight up going for a walk in the middle of the night NAKED and you have to ring his ex for help, who proceeds to tell you the entire relationship was just a by-product of his (previously undisclosed) bipolar disorder, and it’s cold and late and you’re completely bewildered by everything and carrying his clothes but he’s in police custody now???? I’m frankly surprised there weren’t more tears in that moment

and the smaller things too. having to tell your dad on the phone that you’re not bringing anyone to the concert this week. trying to joke about it, but then thinking ‘fuck it, I’m very upset’, and crying. the wobbly voice kind, where you’re trying so hard to keep it in

thank you, skam, for showing that men can and should cry just as often as women, because it’s a natural part of processing emotions, and not a sign of weakness

and props to tarjei sandvik moe for your delicate and sensitive and relatable portrayal

Okay so... Yellow Diamond/Pink Diamond, anyone?

I know, I know, it sounds like a crack ship… but maybe it isn’t?

I mean, we never actually see Pink Diamond (for now), and don’t know what her personality was like BUT we can see Yellow Diamond and how she acts.

Yellow Diamond seems to hate the Earth, and she chooses to reject Peridot’s proposal to utilize the planet again, despite the fact that Homeworld is low on resources.

It seems pretty obvious that Earth is to her nothing more than a bad memory, a reminder of her loss. And she would take immense satisfaction in erasing that hideous rock off of their star maps.

I know many people like to see them as “sisters”, even though there isn’t such a thing as the concept of family in Homeworld’s culture (at least, not that we know).

So what if Pink Diamond was actually Yellow Diamond’s lover? What if the Earth was a gift from YD to PD so she could have her very first colony? What was YD’s reaction to the news that the gem she loved had been shattered? Who told her that? Imagine the possibilities!

I’ve seen little to none fanart/fanfiction for this ship, and that makes me kinda sad. Maybe it’s just me and my good friend @umeki-nara shipping this pairing.

If anyone ships them too, or likes the idea, feel free to say it! I’d love to see more support for this lovely ship!

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can you tell me more about jinyoung's personality? or what you love about him?

These questions are so hard! There’s way too many things to love about his personality ;; ❤️

  • how caring he is towards the other GOT7 members (always making sure they have everything they need and organizing things)
  • how hard working he is! he really gives 110% into everything he does ;A; that’s why he’s so good at so many things! He works so hard to be able to be good at them all!!
  • how he loves reading novels and watching films (especially the fact that he watches the romantic drama ones`)
    • the fact that he said here he loves reading because he’s afraid and uses reading as an escape from his thoughts/worries (I relate to this so deeply ;A; reading literally saved my life…)
  • how he loves having alone time and needs it to organize his thoughts
  • how serious he gets about his work and important things in his life
  • how playful he still is with his friends and fans (all the teasing!!)
  • how patient he is and willing to take the time to explain things carefully to others
  • how he deeply he thinks about life and the world and others’ feelings
  • how he always has wise words and life lessons to share
  • how he can be very tough and strong, but also adorable and gentle
  • how open-minded he’s becoming :’)
  • how he’s always making an effort to improve himself and not afraid to change
  • how he tries to be his own person with his own color
  • how he’s slow to get up in the mornings and a little messy with his room

alk;sjdf;ksdkjfl;ksa T^T there’s too many things to list, I have to stop!! Just love this cutie please :’)

You know part of me is still scared that at the end of the anime Viktor will just be like “great you won now I can go back to my wife and children, who have all been there the entire time but are somehow only just mentioned now” and yuuri will be like “amazing I’m going to marry Sara now because we once made eye contact and are now deeply in love”

This is probably my greatest fear of all time

Can’t wait for the day someone falls deeply in love w me and we get married and move out to a big city and he dies a mysterious death and I attend the funeral in an oversized faux fur coat and while they lower the casket I look up at the camera and wink and the last anyone sees of me is my face blurring by as I speed off in my deceased husbands Benz convertible with two duffel bags full of my inheritance on my way to my next Scam

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Act 1 Sc 1

We enter a tale of lovers, caught in the heat of romance and a summer’s eve. Hermia, daughter of Eugus, has been ordered by her father before the King of Athens, Theseus, to marry Demetrius, a youth of her father’s choosing, or die. This troubles her, and particularly her favored suitor- a young man by the name of Lysander, who she loves deeply.

After much pleading on all parts- Hermia and Lysander for their love, Demetrius for the love of fair Hermia, and Eugus for his right as her father, it is declared that Hermia and Demetrius must wed or she will face execution, despite Lysander’s pleading. Alone at last, the lovers make a plan. 


 Why are you so pale? 


which I could easily provide given all my tears…


Either the lovers are of different classes—

Hermia: Oh, what an obstacle that would be! Imagine being too high on the social ladder,


Or, even if the lovers are a good match, their love might be ruined by war, death, or sickness, so that the affair only lasts an instant. 

 Lasting only as long as it takes a lightning bolt to flash across the sky. 

Hermia: If true lovers are always thwarted, then it must be a rule of fate.It’s as normal a part of love as 

 So, listen, Hermia. I have an aunt who is a widow, who’s very rich and doesn’t have any children. She lives about twenty miles from Athens, and she thinks of me as a son. 

I have a plan.. If you love me, sneak out of your father’s house tomorrow night and meet me in the forest a few miles outside of town. You remember the place—I met you there once with Helena to celebrate May Day.—

I swear by Cupid’s strongest bow and his best gold-tipped arrow,and by all the promises that men have broken (and men have broken more promises than women have ever made). I give you my word-

Excited about their plan, the young lovers part. Hermia, on her way home encounters her best friend, Helena, and tells her of the plan. Helena is very much in love with Demetrius, but her affections have been unreturned in favor of Hermia. This, she makes the plan to tell her love, thinking he will give up on his promised bride….


James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time

“a civilization is not destroyed by wicked people; it is not necessary that people be wicked but only that they be spineless”

So many good passages, but I really love this one on trust and the senses, which comes after some sharp observations about jazz (and why so much white music is corny):

To be sensual, I think, is to respect and rejoice in the force of life, of life itself, and to be present in all that one does, from the effort of loving to the breaking of bread. It will be a great day for America, incidentally, when we begin to eat bread again, instead of the blasphemous and tasteless foam rubber that we have substituted for it. And I am not being frivolous here, either. Something very sinister happens to the people of a country when they begin to distrust their own reactions as deeply as they do here, and become as joyless as they have become. It is this individual uncertainty on the part of white American men and women, this inability to renew themselves at the fountain of their own lives, that makes the discussion, let alone elucidation, of any conundrum—that is, any reality—so supremely difficult. The person who distrusts himself has no touchstone for reality—for this touchstone can be only oneself.

And thoughts on life and death:

Life is tragic simply because the earth turns, and the sun inexorably rises and sets, and one day, for each of us, the sun will go down for the last, last time. Perhaps the whole root of our trouble, the human trouble, is that we will sacrifice all the beauty of our lives, will imprison ourselves in totems, taboos, crosses, blood sacrifices, steeples, mosques, races, armies, flags, nations, in order to deny the fact of death, which is the only fact we have. It seems to me that one ought to rejoice in the fact of death – ought to decide, indeed, to earn one’s death by confronting with passion the conundrum of life. One is responsible to life: It is the small beacon in that terrifying darkness from which we come and to which we shall return. One must negotiate this passage as nobly as possible, for the sake of those who are coming after us.


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#27 “I’m pregnant.”

Stunned Jimmy looks from the pregnancy test to you and back. His mouth opens and closes, but no words come out.
With every minute the rag in your throat grows bigger.
“So..uhm, you’re..” Jimmy stutters and clears his throat.
“Yea, I’m pregnant.”
He breathes heavily. “Is it mine?”
Confused you blink to him before you nod quickly. Relieved he drops on his knees and carefully he touches your belly.
“My baby.” He says and you chuckle touched. “Our baby. I can’t believe it.”
“Yes.” You whisper and stroke through his soft curls.
As Jimmy lifts up your shirt he puts his lips on your belly. You barely feel the touch, but it gives you goosebumps.
That’s why you pull him up and kiss him deeply.
“I love you.”

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Hello!! I was looking through your old posts (cause hiatus and you're one of my favorites tumblrs!) and we were told before that Marco was scared of taking baths alone? I mean, the only time I remember he said something like that was is "Naysaya" but he only mentioned that he was scared of taking baths but not the "alone" part or I'm forgeting something? ><

heThank you, I’m glad to hear that! He mentioned not liking taking baths alone in Mr. Candle Cares, when he fantasized about the benefits of being a queen. Given what we learnt in Naysaya, it can probably be interpreted as something like “If I had someone to keep me company while I’m in the tub I wouldn’t be so scared of sharks!”

Unrelated to the ask, but he also mentions how nice it’d be to be loved, regardless of who you are. Something, I guess, deeply related to his deepest fear, as revealed in Naysaya: being left alone, on this weird big world. Poor Marco. Thank god now, with Jackie, he’s bound to finally notice -and convince himself of it- that a lot of people love him for who he is, even without any kind of compulsion.

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to the aroflux person worried they'll never be in a relationship, i'm a biromantic person who's deeply in love with an aro person, and sometimes they're romantic and sometimes not. it doesn't change how i feel about them. i'm happy both ways. i'm happy when they love me romantically and happy when they love me like a friend. either way, i feel very loved, and their company is more important to me than romance. if a relationship is something you want, there's someone out there for you too <3


My Foyle’s War rewatching project has reached “The Eternity Ring,” and I’d forgotten a lot about this episode, of which a subjective summary follows:

  • Foyle’s “Nice to be wanted” in response to learning that the FBI wants to extradite him has to rank close behind Rick Blaine’s “Are my eyes really brown?” in a list of Sassy Retorts
  • Foyle is completely out of fucks to give has reached peak Dry Humour, and it is excellent
  • I deeply love Hilda Pierce and all her fashion choices
  • I had forgotten that Foyle is dragged into MI5 not as much by the threat to his own safety as by the threat to Sam’s
  • Also his faces in response to the suggestion that Sam might be a Soviet spy are objectively The Best
  • I’m sorry but I hate Adam #2. He’s selfish and self-absorbed and BORING and the lightness has gone out of Sam and I hate him for it
  • Valentine! Watching him with full knowledge of the series is so different and really makes me appreciate the acting choices involved
  • The quiet joy on the worn, tired face of Foyle’s ex-PC’s wife at his presence makes me want to cry
  • Ditto the broken-voiced, adolescent defiances of his son, honestly
  • Ditto the tenderness and the sorrow in Foyle’s face when he sees Sam again, ugh, my heart
  • See? That.
  • And Sam moves towards him with tension gone out of her shoulders and relief to the point of tears in her voice I CAN’T HANDLE MY FEELINGS
  • I care comparatively little about the spy ring; sorry/not sorry
  • Scientist-type: “There was no third alternative”; me: There is never a third alternative ugh why can’t people use English grumble grumble
  • Foyle helps carry out dinner dishes! This is a) adorable but b) implausible, surely? Leftover habits from the war? From his widowhood? From America?
  • I also have feelings about Frank and Ruthie; mostly I feel that toxic masculinity ruins everything
  • The fact that Sam turns instinctively to Foyle when she’s in trouble I really am going to cry
  • Also the fact that Valentine instinctively, generously, at considerable risk to himself, just trusts Foyle… unlikely alliance ftw
  • Hilda Pierce is so experienced at being Disappointed In Men
  • “I’d need a driver” <3 <3 <3

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When Zuko had his short-lived spiritual awakening back in Book 2 (ugh, what a waste!), I would have loved to see Ty Lee commenting on his aura. I imagine she would have been awe-struck by it since the spiritual awakening would have changed it quite drastically. And given how rare what he went through is, she probably hasn't seen anything like it in her life. It would have looked so beautiful... too bad it disappeared so quickly. *Sighs*

OH. MY. GOD! I LOVE that idea! I wish that had happened. According to this article, spiritual awakenings do in fact change one’s aura. I would have loved to see a scene where Ty Lee sees Zuko all depressed at the beach and she tries to talk to him. She would say that he seems so angry on the outside, but he must be deeply hurting on the inside, because his aura is such a beautiful color. I would have shed a tear. It’s so beautiful. I think she would have known that his banishment changed him as a person. Ty Lee, unlike Mai, at least displayed sensitivity and concern for Zuko’s mental health. Mai did not seem to care one iota about that. I still don’t think Zuko would have wanted to open up much, but it would have been such a nice scene. Ty Lee got barely any dialogue with Zuko, and all we got was the Maiko shit. *Sigh*

And you’re absolutely right, that Zuko’s short-lived spiritual awakening was SUCH a complete and utter waste of an awesome concept. His character arc in Book 3 would have been so much better written without the stupid “evil” phase. It also would have made far more sense. I don’t know why people think his betrayal and “dark villain” phase was necessary in the least for him to realize that he didn’t want to be in the Fire Nation and join the Avatar. If you ask me, he learned that at the end of Book 2. His character arc in Book 3 would have barely even changed if the spiritual awakening concept was actually followed through with instead of dropped like a hot potato. It could have been like this:

The Awakening would literally be unchanged. He returns to the Fire Nation, and cannot talk to Mai. She is only interested in his looks. He does not feel like a hero for Aang’s “death”, he misses his uncle, and later he gets scapegoated by Azula, revealing the real reason she wanted him to come home in the first place.

We already now this episode was changed, because it was supposed to be about Kuzon. So, in The Headband, he tries to visit his uncle in prison, but the guards won’t let him. He gets very angry and upset about this. Later, instead of the Mai picnic, change the scene. Mai tries to talk to him but he’s not interested. He’s too depressed. Later Azula comes and knows he is trying to see Iroh in prison. She does not like this. He is not happy and gets more depressed.

Change Combustion Man’s role a tiny little bit. Instead of Zuko hiring him, he is a bounty hunter. During The Beach, Aang was spotted and a message was to be sent to the Firelord. Combustion Man, on his travels, happens to see the hawk, gets curious and intercepts the message. He burns the letter to keep it a secret so only he knows, and decides to hunt Aang, thinking it will earn him money if he kills him.

In The Beach, get rid of the Maiko romance, and focus on Zuko’s depression about his broken family. The episode would not change much.

The Avatar and the Firelord would be practically unchanged. Iroh wold still try to communicate with Zuko in prison by sending letters, and he goes and finds out the truth about Sozin. Get rid of the stupid scene at the end where Zuko confronts Iroh. That’s it. I hate Zuko being related to Avatar Roku, anyways. It’s a stupid and terrible idea.

Nightmares and Daydreams would be practically the same. Zuko is humbled and unhappy with all of the extravagances in the Fire Nation palace. He feels anxious about the war meeting and he is frustrated with Mai and her insensitivity and will not talk to her. Later, after the war meeting, he decides to leave. He does not want to become like Ozai or Sozin and he cannot stay any longer.

The Invasion is the perfect opportunity for him to leave. When everyone loses their firebending, the danger is lessened. Plus the Avatar will be at the Palace. He makes his plans to leave, rescue his uncle, and join the Avatar.

The Eclipse would be unchanged. He confronts his father and leaves to join the Gaang. His uncle had already escaped, though.

And The Western Air Temple would have a lot less drama and nonsense. Zuko is part of the Gaang and he wants to reunite with Iroh, who he has not seen since Ba Sing Se. Much better storytelling, if you ask me.

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Fanfic: Can we get Maggie having a young sister who Alex is forced to baby sit and Maggie falling further in love with her?

As you have wished it, so shall it be and I deeply apologize for this being so late.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, let the record show that Alexandra Danvers is shockingly good with children, yet horrible at planning.

In theory though, it seemed like it would be far too easy. Maggie’s 11-year old sister Alyssa comes to town for a weekend, Alex has some time off that she far more than deserved and it’d be smooth sailing if she let her see the sights that National City had to offer, Alex even had time to plan in advance just because that was how rigid she was when it came to planning events in-advance, a habit of her’s since her younger years; unfortunately for Alex she seems to forget one thing, it’s called Murphy’s Law and it loves to give a massive middle finger to Alex Danvers for some reason.

The first thing to go wrong wasn’t even Alyssa’s arrival, hell it wasn’t even the abnormal amount of baggage that was in the back of the cab she arrived in. The first thing to go to hell during this time happened to be an attraction that had been destroyed, accidentally by some rampaging Rhinoceros-like alien just the day before Alyssa was going to arrive in town, though it was shrugged off as just shit happening when shit shouldn’t. No big deal, just one small setback.

The next was the forecast for the next week, when Alex first overheard the words that were uttered by the city weatherman she dreaded it, and hoped he was wrong; no way in hell he was right, it’s happened before and maybe, just maybe he’d be wrong once again so at least part of her plan something.

And in spectacular fashion, Alex Danvers was proven wrong once again. Almost as if some external force was trying to chill her the hell out before she burned herself out but of course that force has never met Alex Danvers and the fact she sometimes seemingly desires to burn herself out, especially if it’s trying to be amicable with Maggie’s relatives, Alex had barely ever met any of them and even then she still wanted to make the best possible impression that she could, even if it were in the smallest form imaginable.

So in the end, here she was…the downpour was insane and stuck with Maggie’s sibling for most of the day, though not all of it was bad since occasionally Kara would at least call and see how everything was going…and asking when she’d get to meet them, and conversely when Kara would be done with her duties for the day, the obvious answer was that it all depended on whether some more alien freaks had decided to go wild in the city streets, and of course it did just like the snap of fingers although it was not too bad only about one or two and no damage was said to have been done to the city in the confrontations; Alex had to however, ask herself why any aliens would be wreaking havoc in crap conditions like today,

Fortunately it was without incident, simply watching movies together and maybe enjoying the odd game or two. It was all that there was to pass the day by, and pass by it did, before Alex knew the next thing it was already beginning to get dark, thinking she could put this awful day aside and maybe…things would pick up, she’d have to figure out how to make up for what went wrong the next day.

“Hey you two, I’m home.” Maggie said as she walked in through the door, drenched in rain from the walk to the parking lot and into the apartment. Witnessing the sight of Alyssa out cold on the couch with a blanket covered over her, turning to see Alex exit the kitchen with what seemed to be the look of disappointment on her face.

“Alex, what’s wrong?” Maggie asked as she pulled off her coat, tossing it on the coathanger so it could dry.

Alex gave a long face “I just, y'know it’s not like I didn’t try but-”


“But it looked like nature had other plans…so…I wasn’t able to get anything done today.”

“And you think I’m mad or something?” Maggie said, raising her eyebrow “Danvers, you’re a weird one if you think that something out of your control would make me mad.”

“Maggie, you sort of, slightly know my bad habits alright? You know I’m some try hard perfectionist.”

“And there’s your problem, you believe there’s a such thing as perfect in the first place when there’s no such thing, it’s more like as much as your capable of.”

“I know you mean well with that but I just…wanna make things work, with everyone, or at least attempt to.”

“And you are.” The detective said as she planted a kiss on Alex’s forehead “It’s all new I get it but there’s that saying about Rome and whatnot.”

Alex smiled as she heard those words of encouragement from her girlfriend, it was easy for her to stress, to worry, to overwork herself to try to please people around her even if they had not asked her to. It was the flaw of Alex Danvers, but at least along the way there were those in her life to pull her back from these tendencies; whether it be Kara or Maggie or even J'onn.

As for Maggie, she was actually amazed to see Alex push herself as much as she did in the last week if not be extremely concerned when it seemed to consume whatever time that she had, including her work with the DEO and Maggie’s work on the NCPD…in the end, Maggie loved seeing that dedication, that drive in Alex. it was what attracted her to the older Danvers sister in the first place.

Note: If anyone is interested, I’m taking prompts whether it be Sanvers, Supercorp, Kalex, SuperCanary.

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Just hear me out on this one.

I’m about to appreciate someone so hard.

I said it earlier today, but I have never experienced a friendship happening as quickly and deeply as the one I have with @spontaneousam / @wayward-oneshots. I don’t know how it happened, but I’m so thankful for it. We’ve talked almost all day every day since the night we first started talking. I’m pretty sure I talk to her more than I talk to anyone, and we can talk about literally anything. There’s so much we still don’t know about each other, but I feel like I can say with 100% certainty that Brook is (already) one of my best friends. 

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Hi everybody. As most if not all of you know my cousin Vanessa was at the Oakland warehouse party that burned down Friday night.
We hadn’t heard from her and were terrified for her safety.
Today our worst fears were confirmed; Vanessa was found. As the media has released her name I am reaching out and letting you know now…
I want to thank everybody that has reached out with well wishes in locating her and also the aid some of you gave me, giving me phone numbers and links.
Vanessa was a wonderful young woman and will be deeply missed by all that knew and loved her.
I ask that you please give my family space and time to mourn. My heart is breaking for my family right now. My Uncle and Aunt, two amazing warm and giving people…and my cousins Victoria, Garrett, and Gavin. I cannot imagine what they are going through.

I love you, Vanessa. We didn’t see each other often and I will regret that forever. Wherever you are I hope you know that we all loved you and will miss you forever… ♥

(PS-I do not give the media permission to use any of my words. Just making that clear.)


Also, we will be collecting donations and supplies to assist those at #standingrock Below are links to the supplies needed and to donate to the legal defense fund.

http://sacredstonecamp.org/faq/. #howtohelp #mniwiconi #standingrock #istandwithstandingrock #sacredstonecamp #spiritualhealing #waterislife #suppliesforstandingrock #wombblessing #moonmother #motherearth #divinegoddess #gaia #spiritualhealing #energyhealing #prayforstandingrock #goddess #divinefeminine #miami #miamilife #miamistandswithstandingrock #om #namaste

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you ever know someone who will not allow there to be a right answer or choice in your relationship?

if you do something out of love for them that you don’t enjoy but they do, they act deeply emotionally hurt that you don’t feel exactly the same way and let you know that they feel it’s inauthenticity and an insult. if you don’t agree to do it, they make you feel guilty by accusing you of not caring enough about them to try to do something with them that interests them and not you. rigged games. I hate rigged games.