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If I had to choose the most compelling evidence that Kaisoo is real it's definitely all those gifs at the Asian Idol awards some years back. I was wondering though, are there any vids of the entire thing? Like, Soo touching Nini's finger followed by his reaction to that, all in one shot? Someone's got to have this!!! BTW, I really love your posts and fics!!!!

It took me a while to search and make this vid for you, anon! I found the finger rubbing moment on video, but it’s from a different angle. Idk where the fancam is that the gifs came from.

I also included some other less commonly gif’d moments (Soo flashing his collarbones at Nini, some great eyebrow raises and smiles), and the Jdae interferences bc I think they’re adorable 😍

Enjoy! (tho I’m no vid editor, sorry for quality) Thanks for loving my posts & fics💞

cr: fancams all stamped on the vids, original vids from love Kaido & atom1802


sehun being cute and sweaty for the lovely @sehuntiful​, I hope your exam went well!

“¿Why do you ship Larry?”

Because I believe in love.

(I feel a bad person after do this. My heart is broken into pieces.)


Miss these moments 😄😍


Hobrien Week 2015 Day 2

Favorite Interview SDCC 2013

“Are you guys amazed we actually get anything shot?”