i was crying with laughter omg

Movistar asked some riders about their favorite songs…

(Dani said he listened to this a lot the year he broke both his ankles, when recovering from injuries and OMG DANIEL YOU TINY CHEESY MAN I’M CRYING)

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Omg so first of all, every single one of your headcanons are amazing like yesssss, and secondly I would love your forever if you could do 13 or 15 for elriel <3

omg thank you so much!!!!!

I’m gonna 13 bc i love thinking about what they love about each other. 

13. Soft Spots/Weaknesses

  • Azriel softspot is Elain’s laugh. He will do absolutely anything to make her laugh and has made a fool of himself many a time just to get a giggle. 
  • One time he literally walked around the House of Wind squawking like a chicken. She was cackling and crying with laughter so it was worth all the humiliation he faced afterwards. 
  • Elain’s softspot is i bet you guess this but get ready Az’s hands. 
  • She loves them. She loves the scars. She loves the calluses. She loves his strong fingers. She loves what he creates with them. And she especially loves his hands caked in dirt when he helps her in the garden. 
  • Much like Feyre with Rhys’s wings, Elain is always touching Azriel’s hands. She loves interlacing their fingers, but she also just loves running a finger over his palm and tracing his fingers. 
  • One night Azriel asks Elain why she loves his hands so much. 
  • “They’re beautiful,” she states matter-of-factly. 
  • “No they’re not.” He responds by pulling his hands away and hiding them. “They’re scarred and ugly.”
  • “Azriel….” She looks up at him with love in her eyes. “Your hands are beautiful. They’re strong like you. They’ve given life. They’re scarred, yes, but that only shows how resilient you are. How you’ve gone through so much and you still can be such an amazing male.” She swipes a thumb under his eye to wipe an escaped tear. And then she takes his hand up to her face and kisses each scar. “I love these hands. Almost as much as I love you.”

send me a ship and a number for headcanons!!!!!!

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i saw the 'ARE Y'ALL STONED' thing on destieldrabblesdaily and was intrigued so i looked at the tags and was like 'angst with a happy ending, miscommunication, fluff, all the things i like i'm going to read this' and then i end up reading it on the school bus and i was near crying with laughter and i'm so glad no one asked me what i was reading or looked at my phone screen omg

I think that Mich and I are seriously considering getting matching ARE Y’ALL STONED tattoos, it made us both laugh so much, hahahaha ^^

WELL I’M SO GLAD that our humble fic’s tags and tropes catered so well to your interests! ! I hope you found the actual fic itself just as relevant to your general pursuits! I also shed a few tears during the writing process… tears of pure emotion. Let Us was a story that came from deep in our hearts; we set it free into the world, like a leaf of lettuce blowing on the wind (random, non-specific analogy), and let it land gently on the faces of our readers. thank you… for accepting… the leaf. <3

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Okay but imagine, it's halloween and Nico and Hazel show Hades their costumes, they are Pain and Panic from Disney Hercules. Nico pulls out a lighter above Hades head. Hades is so done. Persephone takes pictures.

OMG yesh!

Hazel and Nico dressed up in Pain’s/Panic’s demon costumes with the little horns and tails! When Hades yells, “How many times must i tell you to never mention that movie?!” And Nico and Hazel bows, fake crying “WE ARE WORMS!! WORTHLESS WORMS!” And Persephone making side comments “at least you are in the movie, you should…” she and the hades babies make snickering glances before they all say together- “LIGHTEN UP!”
And Hades is just sighing from his throne while they all roll in laughter.

Alan: worst non-IR related panic you’ve ever had. go.

Gordon: losing mom in the store. hero or not, you downright panic the first few seconds you lose your mom in a store. your turn.

Alan: 6 years old, haunted house. freaky-ass goblin thing jumps out at me. I scream, kick it in the nuts, and go hide behind John.

Gordon: OMG I’m crYing what happened

Alan: the guy was laying on the ground in pain cussing like a sailor, while Scott was on the floor from laughter. John had me in one arm, while trying to pull Scott up with the other so we could get out of there. they had to close it down.

Gordon: can’t bREATHE

Gordon: LMFAO

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There's a big round table, and Moss is chasing an unfortunate person around it, while Salazar, Santos and Lesaro give commentary.


This is the fucking best omg I cant even add anything to this it’s perfect on it’s own

EXO reacts to someone disrespecting their girlfriend and she defends herself.


He wasn’t one to pick a fight but he wasn’t going to let this guy treat his girl like that. However, before he even got the chance to say anything on her behalf, she was defending herself. She told the man off with a sassy remark about his penis. Suho let out a laugh and covered his mouth. 


When a woman tried to be extremely rude to you at the supermarket, you put up your defenses and made the woman cry. Baekhyun just started waving his hands. 

“Bye Felicia, bye!”

Omg i’m sorry, trollololo.


You were walking to your destination when a man stopped you and was being extremely rude. You began to defend yourself while Jongin stood behind you giving the man threatening looks.


You were deadly calm in handling the fan that started insulting you over your relationship with Kyungsoo. You gave her an evil glare, staring her down until she became uneasy and left. 

“I taught you well Jagi” Kyungsoo said giving you a smile.


He couldn’t contain his laughter when you told the man who was harassing you, that his big hair was compensating for something else. 


“Yehet!” he exclaimed and pumped his fists in the air. You had just slapped a fan that tried to tell you that you weren’t good enough for Sehun. 

“I knew I made the right choice with you!”


He’d seen you go off on people before so this really wasn’t knew for him. The first few times it was entertaining. Now it was becoming annoying.

“Really, again?”


“Oh great you just brought out her inner bitch.” 


Yixing becomes concerned for you when a person at the store began insulting your weight.

Until you started shouting curses at them. He had never heard you say words like that before. He was shocked.


Luhan had balled up his fists and was about to punch the man that was being rude to you, when you stopped him and punched him yourself. You looked at Luhan with a smile but he wasn’t happy.

“I’m the man. I’m supposed to protect you.”


He couldn’t help but feel proud and very turned on when you told that fan off. He wanted to rip your clothes right then and there. He just barely managed to contain himself.


He liked seeing you this feisty. You were sassing at some lady that was picking on your wardrobe choice. Tao sat back and smirked, thinking about getting some popcorn.

Here you go guys. Sorry for not getting anything out yesterday. I hope you like it!

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Oh my freaking god! Ok so before part 7 I wanted to tell you that I loveeeee it with everything I have and that as much as I love every Draco and Harry interaction I'd actually looved convo between golden trio but then I thought it'd be rude so I didn't and now before I'm going to bed u post this miracle and omg I'm geting up in 4 hours and I'm crying from laughter, my stomach hurts and my brother came to shout at me to go sleep bc I'm getting up early but idc I'm still laughing thank u so much

Hahahahaha this rant is awesome. Thank you very much, we’re glad you laughed loud enough that your brother had to yell at you omg what does he know