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bazluhrmann: The inspiration for the scene between the fish-tank came when Craig and I were so desperately looking for a solution as to how to surprise the audience for the first connective moment between Romeo and Juliet. I was younger then and we might have gone out to clubs a bit more. That night after working all day we squirreled out to a place (if I recall correctly called “The Dome”) in Miami. When I came out of the bathroom to wash my hands I looked up and saw a woman combing her hair with a brush through a fish-tank. It was a brilliant device to get guys and girls to connect through the sitting rooms, while protecting each room’s privacy. Obviously you can see where this moment lead … #romeoandjuliet


_ಥ still one of my favorite skating performances ever (especially the on my own part) 

[On seeing himself as Captain America for the first time]: Terrifying. I think the first time I saw it was back when I was still pretty insecure and a little apprehensive about taking the role. So it was a real dichotomy. There was simultaneous joy, but at the same time, a deep fear. That’s eroded over time, and now it’s very familiar. It feels very comfortable. It feels great now, and damn, if I had said no, I would have been the biggest fool on the planet. 

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people scared of jyp when got7 get back lol but then there’s this guy


Seungri solo acoustic version of Koe wo Kikasete 

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aries - you have to tear down your own walls first; love isn’t the kind to bleed through the cracks. she wants an ocean. give in.

Leo - i hope one day you can break free from your glass house.

Sagittarius- your love has thawed the ice in me; one day the sea levels will rise to drown my coastlines, and I will welcome your waves with all the love my arms can carry.

Taurus - i saw you in a dream once. i used to hold you when you would cry, but i know she’s stitched your wounds and you’re not crying anymore. i hope you’ve found your peace.

Virgo - they told you all roads lead home, but i know you lost yourself somewhere across the Atlantic when you left everything for something you weren’t sure you even wanted. i don’t know who you are anymore, but i hope you find it– whatever it is.

Capricorn - do you still see me in your skylines? i’ve forgotten what it’s like.

Gemini - they say you have another face hidden somewhere beneath your dress, but i’ve never known anyone who so unapologetically belonged to themselves. but tell me, are you really at war with the world? or is it all just a front? will you ever be caught late at night taking your mask off? i wonder what you think when you’re alone.

libra - i caught you once with your face in a book– did you ever catch me looking?

Aquarius - i worry about the way you love, but i envy it, too. there is beauty in always giving, but there is a loneliness so deep in loving what cannot be returned.

cancer - you are the light in every room, you are the beacon in every storm. you are my manna from heaven, you are the house that keeps me warm.

Scorpio - there are cobwebs in the corner where you used to sit, but sometimes I still see your footprints in the dust. you have a way of haunting the people you loved.

Pisces - your words are featherlight, but your actions are made of iron. one day I pray you learn the weight of what you have done.

—  the signs as I have loved them // mh

I just noticed that, in this scene, Bellamy is still crying as Clarke hugs him. You can see a tear fall from his eye in both gifs. Seeing that tear makes the hug so much more important to me. Clarke knows how upset Bellamy is over where his relationship with Octavia is at that point and that Clarke left him. Clarke knows how much her leaving affected Bellamy- how angry and upset it made him. She’s standing there with him as he’s telling her how he feels- something he doesn’t do often or with anyone else- and she understands him. She feels as he feels, and she embraces him for her own comfort as much as his. She knows that’s what Bellamy needs at that moment, and she needs it too. They stand there, holding each other, and we see both of their perspectives. Clarke has her eyes closed, soaking in the fact that Bellamy’s there; he’s real, and he needs her as she needs him. She’s comforted. Then we get Bellamy who, though he is Clarke’s equal, rests on her like a crutch in this moment. He’s a leader; he can be in control as much as Clarke can, but he’s only human. He hurts. He feels. He breaks down. He cries, and Clake is there now to hold him as he does.

So the thing is…I’m busy af, full of problems because of all the bullshit that is going on in Brazil and yet…I REALLY wanted to make something for this sweet sweet person. heh’ ♥

I remember how happy I was when I discovered that his fav game was the same as mine, and I’m so glad I found you on youtube man…You cheer my days and the fandom is the best one out there.

So when this game came out, and I saw Jack play, i was so hyped! And i got full of feels when my cousin (who played with me when the SoC came out for the first time and he was around 8 at that time) came to me, now older and crying while saying how happy he was that this game came out and that we should play together. SO MANY FEELS! ♥

Aaaanyway, this was saddly just a quick 10min doodle. I’ve been planning to make something for ya a long time, but things used to get in the way and still do. I even started a big piece but never finished. Weeeeellll….

I still hope you like it @therealjacksepticeye, Im loving your gameplay!! And I love all your work! ♥ 

Well thank you guys and I will see all you dudes…IN THE NEXT VIDEO ARTWORK!!!! :D

Sometimes lesbians do get happy endings. 

Mum wasn’t going to come to my wedding. It was hard, but I’d made peace with that. My girlfriend and I would get married without her blessing. 

Then, two days before the big day, when we were already in New Zealand, I got a frantic call at 11pm at night. I answered it and it was her, crying and asking if she’d still be welcome. We said yes, of course, and she booked herself last minute flights to get to New Zealand. 

When I first saw her outside the registry, all dressed up with her hair done and holding flowers, I burst into tears. She came up to me and touched my face, saying, “You look so happy. Both of you, you look so happy,” and gave us these roses.

They’re more than flowers to me. 

They’re given to me by a women to cried and shouted and refused to talk about my sexuality for seven years after I came out to her. It may not seem like much: but she had to walk into that flower store and buy these. She had to choose roses - the symbol of love - for her gay daughter and her gay daughter’s ‘friend’. There’s an admission in that. There’s acceptance in that. These roses say, “I know you love each other,” and she gave them to us at our wedding, which she flew three thousand kilometres to attend. 

I sobbed as she placed them in my hand. 

Because nothing will ever touch what it feels like to finally, finally know your mother loves you just the way you are. 

Sherlock: It isn’t over.

I started watching Sherlock in middle school. I first heard about it when I saw a gif of a guy jumping off a building, and from then on, I started watching. I had heard about the show in passing, so I wasn’t a complete stranger, and I already knew what “shipping” was, but I wasn’t too invested in it. But coming across the stories of Sherlock and John felt new to me because there was a community built around the mutual love between them, a community that I now have spent several years laughing and crying with. Sherlock has always been there for me, especially when I felt like an outsider for being a queer person.

People used to think I was funny for thinking characters in a show/movie/book were queer, and because I saw something they didn’t, they made fun of me. They didn’t see those aspects of these relationships because they didn’t think it was possible for queer things to exist. Two men being in love was something for people to laugh at, no matter the context. In many ways, BBC’s Sherlock has solidified that fact today. All those people who thought Sherlock was gay? Apparently that’s supposed to be funny. What meant a chance at representation to us, to the rest of the world it was the cue to laugh. They were, in fact, cheap gay jokes.

I discovered a community of writers during high school, a community that came together from different backgrounds and perspectives, all seeing a romantic narrative in Sherlock. Thousands of brilliant people. Through complex meta and artistic expression, the community has built something wonderful. And somehow we’re the one’s that made the mistake for thinking queer people were something other than a joke to the world. People who saw subtext are now ‘delusional’. People who saw themselves are wrong for seeing it. It’s the same thing we’ve been told for years.

Along the way, we were united in the same cause: the fight for representation. Some of us have discovered our talents along the way. Some of us have discovered ourselves. And now that we know the truth, mourn for a while. Be angry. And then put your thoughts into words, into art. Make something that matters and that makes it all worth it in the end. Make this your origin story.

“Every day seems like a new low. I’m currently going through a transition with housing. I’ve got issues with her father. I’m on my own for the first time. I don’t even know where we’re going to live. But she’s always trying to cheer me up. One time she drew a rainbow, and put it in the mailbox, and told me I had mail. When she saw me crying on Mother’s Day, she said: ‘I got you, Mommy. You’re the best Mommy ever and I’m always going to hold you down.’ And she learned this song from the show Yo Gabba Gabba. It goes: ‘If you try it, you’ll like it.’ So that’s what she says to me whenever I feel like I can’t get out of bed.”

whispers I’m in the tub but I need to write headcanons on Shiro being a new parent because holy shit???????

•Shiro was the first one to cry when he saw his new baby.
•There was no dignified crying either, let me make this clear, this man fucking BAWLED his eyes out
•"Please don’t get snot on our baby Shiro"
•Seriously he would let you hold the baby, but he’d never stop asking to hold them. He wants to always hold them. He’s totally in love and there’s no stopping him.
•He hums to his little baby
•He also tells them how wonderful and perfect they are and how happy he is to have them be his child and he wants them to know how much he loves them
•Then he brags about his s/o and how great of a parent they’re going to be and how lucky this baby is
•"Shiro they don’t understand what you’re saying"
•The instant his baby’s eyes open for the first time, he cries again. This man is a mess. Someone hold him please.
•He’s so emotional it’s incredible like where is this coming from you big man child
•He’s usually the one who takes care of the baby at night. He’s usually up because of nightmares, and taking care of his baby really helps him relax
•He loves domestic life style, he lives for it
•Seriously just enthralled by his baby.
•He always wants to be the one feeding the baby, reading to the baby, holding the baby, waking baby up, putting baby to sleep.
•He loves his baby so much
•He likes playing with their feet and making silly noises
•The first time his baby learns to smile and smiles at him guess what he does (spoiler: he fucking cries AGAIN)
•Don’t be surprised if you and Shiro end up having a lot of kids because he just never gets over the stage of absolute adoration and wonder and love he feels for his kids


When he opened his eyes, he saw that Ronan was looking at him, as he had been looking at him for months. Adam looked back,
                             as he had been looking back for months.

Everything comes back to you - Archie Andrews

Summary: Archie realises he has made a mistake. 

If Archie sang to me I would probably also cry.

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Waking up to kiss you and nobody’s there
The smell of your perfume still stuck in the air
It’s hard
Yesterday I thought I saw your shadow running round
It’s funny how things never change in this old town
So far from the stars

When you broke up with Archie his world fell apart. His first love decided to shatter him though not without reason. He knew that. That probably also made it worse. The fact that it was his fault you left felt like karma slapping him in the face. He thought back on how most mornings were rushed as you slept too long and had to hurry to school. Although they were lovely, he cherished mornings where you slept in cuddled almost impossibly close. Small kisses were left on whatever space free; knuckles, noses, foreheads and lips. Today however the space next to him was cold and the smell of your perfume was still stuck in the pillow tormenting him further. 

And I want to tell you everything
The words I never got to say the first time around
And I remember everything
From when we were the children playing in this fairground
Wish I was there with you now

That summer he made the greatest mistake of his life. Mrs. Grundy with her desirable lips and sinful eyes made it impossible for him to think of anything else. Even you were forgotten. Her hands running down his body made him think of nothing but how to please her. How to make her sigh and moan. These thoughts were usually reserved for you. When the summer came to an end and he had to go back to school- and you- guilt filled his body. Mainly for betraying your trust but also for not wanting to stop. How could he when he had Mrs. Grundy? Her expertise and the forbidden nature of it excited him. He had never felt this way with you. You were innocent, calm and soft while Mrs. Grundy was danger, uncertainty, excitement. You were the safe choice - the girl next door. And you really were the girl next door. That’s how you met; growing up next to each other formed a strong bond between you two. Or so you thought. 

If the whole world was watching I’d still dance with you
Drive highways and byways to be there with you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you

You had suspected something was going with Archie ever since his messages got shorter and the phone calls grew nonexistent. Excuses like “I’m busy working for my dad, so I can’t text you all the time!” were sent and you stopped trying after getting similar texts 4 times in a row after a simple “Hi, how are you? I miss you.” Before this summer he would be to one to be considered clingy out of the two of you. He was always touching you in someway whether it be by holding your hands, slinging an arm around your shoulder or a slight hand on your waist. When he met you this morning the hug you gave him was awkward. His body was leaning away nothing like the usual hugs you shared. When the others joined they also felt the awkward tension between you two. Betty caught your eye and you simply had to shrug no wiser. 

After his confession you had expected to fall apart, cry into your pillow at night, feel angry at him or just something. Instead all you felt was numb. Utterly and completely numb. No tears escaped the corners of your eyes. No angry punches were thrown into your pillow. But also no smiles appeared, no laughter sounded at your favourite tv-shadow, nothing at all. Your face was as blank as a canvas that had yet to be painted. Betty, Jughead and Veronica took it upon themselves to care for you while also knocking some sense into Archie. When they discovered his escapades, disbelief was the main emotion. You and Archie were endgame. 60 years from now you would be sitting in your garden watching your grandkids run around. That was the belief of the entire town. Was

I saw that you moved on with someone new
In the pub that we met he’s got his arms around you
It’s so hard
So hard

Months after the break up Archie felt like he finally would be able to move on. Well, until he saw you again, holding hands with someone new. Someone that wasn’t him. The slight caressing with the thumb was something he used to do absentmindedly and when he caught sight of the slight pink tint in your cheek he vowed to himself to keep doing it, so he would never forget the look of you blushing around him. Now he instead had to watch someone else make you blush, the adorable pink tint, he loved. He had to watch you smile lovingly at them while they looked away. You probably did that when you were together. The sound of your laugh was probably the hardest thing to hear again. He remembered being the one to make both giggle but also let out the ugliest cackles at his antics. He felt proud every time he made it happened knowing it meant you felt completely safe and relaxed around him. 

And I know that it’s wrong
That I can’t move on
But there’s something about you

Even after everything he had done, the thought of you still circulated in his head at every hour awake or not. His attempts to justify his behaviour all fell to the ground the same day he realised the scent of your perfume was gone. His pillow no longer fooled him long enough to sleep anymore. You were gone. You were actually gone. Everything crashed upon him that day. How could he let you go for a moment of danger and excitement. How could he let the one he loved slip away, willingly watching from the sideline. His first heartbreak hurt more than he could have imagined. An ache that was simultaneously unwelcome but welcome. The ache he knew you had gone through made it an easy decision to let it overpower his senses. He deserved to feel bad. 

If the whole world was watching I’d still dance with you
Drive highways and byways to be there with you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you
You still make me nervous when you walk in the room
Them butterflies they come alive when I’m next to you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you
Everything comes back to you

The last line rang clear and through the completely silent room. The sentimental meaning was not lost on you and the tears you had kept at bay finally fell. His gaze that hadn’t left since he began was still trained on you, not once wavering. Well, until the tears fell. Tears of his own gathered but slight hope grew inside of him. Maybe this broken love could still blossom. Maybe he could fix this.