i was crying so hard i had a headache

Starting our family (Ethan)

request: (anon) Can I have an imagine where the reader is pregnant with Ethan’s baby and he finally gets to hold the baby for the first time and how their first month goes and maybe a little argument in there. thank you xx and you can decide if it’s a boy or girl. :) 


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The whole baby thing was never apart of the plan, well not the short term one anyway. I was only 20 when I fell pregnant with Ethan’s baby, it was about the scariest thing that’s ever happened to me. My knee jerk reaction was ‘there is no way in hell we are raising a child together’ but I told Ethan and, after he had a mini freak out, he was over the moon. He told me to make my own choice, but that he would really like to have the baby. From there it was settled. I always wanted kids, I had just hoped it would be a little later on in life. 

Ethan I hadn’t been together very long either, just under a year before we found out. At that point I hadn’t had that moment where you feel like you could spend the rest of your life with that person. But now I can most definitely say I have that moment every damn day. That boy is so supportive, loving and hard working. Yeah we argue, sometimes small, sometimes big. I know we will be together forever, even when we have big fights there isn’t a doubt in my mind we will be able to resolve it and get back to exactly how we were. We are both quite stressed and anxious about the arrival especially since it’s so close now.

My due date was 4 days ago, I could not wait to get this baby out of me. I was huge and it has gone way past the point of being able to live a semi normal life. I spend most of the day in bed or on the couch, I can barely walk let alone do anything I used to do. I have loved being pregnant, it has been the most incredible experience but I am very ready for it to be done now. 

I had a gut feeling about this day. Every other day I have woken up feeling no different at all, but today things were happening. I knew today was the day, Ethan had already left for work by the time I woke up. I felt him place a kiss on my belly in the early hours of the morning. I called him as I got up.

“Today’s the day baby.” I said quietly into the phone. 

“WHAT? HAVE YOU GONE INTO LABOUR?!” He screamed back at me. I held the phone away from my ear and giggled. 

“No, calm down. I just feel like today’s the day, things feel different.” I replied. He sighed with relief. 

“You scared the life out of me. Okay baby call me with updates, as soon as you feel anything call me and I’ll come straight home.” He demanded. I smiled, he was so caring. 

“I will, have a good day.” I said as I rolled my giant body out of bed. 

“You too beautiful, see you later.” He ended the call and I proceeded to waddle into the kitchen. The baby definitely felt lower and I smiled with excitement thinking it could happen today. 


“You feeling okay baby?” Ethan asked me as we laid on the couch watching TV. 

“You have asked me 5 times, and again I am still okay.” I said with a smile. He smiled and shook his head. 

“Just making sure.” He winked at me. 

“I am quite thirsty though I’m going to get a drink, do you want one?” I asked him as I started trying to get up. He immediately stood up. 

“It’s okay I’ll-” he started, I cut him off with a death stare. 

“Babe we’ve talked about this, don’t make me feel like I’m incapable.” I said. He held his hands up in defeat and sat back down. I made my way into the kitchen, doubling over in pain clenching the edge of the sink as I groaned. I heard Ethan’s footsteps coming after me. I could see the panic in his eyes and it scared me. 

“It’s happening, we need to go to the hospital.” I cried. He just nodded and put an arm around me as he helped me get to the car. Luckily I was extremely organized and had everything in the car and ready to go. The car ride felt like an eternity, the pain was almost unbearable and I didn’t know how to handle it. All the books and articles I had read flew from my mind and I was clueless. 

“It’s okay baby you’re doing so well, we are pulling in you’re going to be okay.” I knew he was just trying to help but I couldn’t even comprehend what he was saying. The nurses got me into a wheel chair and brought me to the birthing suite. Everything was happening so fast, I was so panicked. Could I really do this? Ethan stood by my side, holding my hand and stroking my hair, occasionally placing a long kiss on my forehead as I pushed. Here was I thinking that labour would go on for hours on end, now I’m literally pushing it out and the nurses are saying I’ll have a baby in my arms in less than an hour. I appreciated I was luckier than most in this sense but god did it hurt like a bitch. I refused all pain medication, wanting it to be as natural as possible even though I knew Ethan wanted me to take the pain away. He hated seeing me in pain, even when it was just a headache I refused to take Advil and he would get so annoyed. 

“One last push, make it a big one, deep breath now.” The doctor said as my contraction came again. I gave it all my might, pushing as hard as I could while I held my breath. Suddenly there was a strong feeling of release as I heard the baby cry. Instantly my eyes welled up with tears. 

“It’s a girl!” The nurse said. They immediately placed her on my chest. I cried and cried and cried. I had never seen anything so perfect in my life. I looked up at Ethan, he was crying too and lent down to kiss me. The doctor instructed Ethan on how to cut the cord, it was then that he was able to hold her for the first time. The doctor picked her up, cleaned her up a bit, wrapped her in a blanket and passed her to Ethan. Tears streamed down my face as I watched them bond for the first time. He seemed so happy and I knew he was going to make a great dad. 


“How has it already been a month since you were born aye?” I heard Ethan coo at her from the other room. I smiled to myself. Time was flying by, I wanted it to slow down so we could properly enjoy having this new born baby. Things were hard sometimes, we were both very tired and it was hard to have any alone time to catch up. But everything was still perfect. 

“Babe.” He called for me. I got up and walked into the living room. 

“What’s up?” I asked him as I sat down next to him. 

“I don’t think I’m going to go back to work just yet.” He started. He had agreed he would take all his time off for the first month of her being here. 

“You don’t have any more paid leave baby.” I replied, I felt bad for him. I knew if it was the other way round I couldn’t bare to leave this gorgeous baby. 

“I’ll just stop working for a while, find another job in another month or two.” He continued. I shook my head. 

“E, you know we just don’t have the money for that.” I said resting my head in my hands. 

“We can cut back, we will be fine for a while longer.” He argued with me. I just kept shaking my head. 

“You know how irresponsible that is, it wouldn’t work. This is what we agreed on, you have to go back.” My voice cracked with the last words, my hormones still at large. Tears welled up because I wanted him here, I didn’t want him to go back to work but I knew he needed to. 

“Hey don’t cry baby, I know it’s hard but one day, we will win the lottery and I can stay home every day and we can all be together.” He reassured me, I laughed a little at the lottery bit. It was always something we dreamed of, not having to worry about money. He rubbed my back and I rested my head on his shoulder.

“I love you Ethan.” I said into his chest. 

“I love you more y/n, always will.”

Cheater (Part 4) (Jughead x Reader)

A/N: Right here we go, part 4. I’m emotional okay this request has pulled my heart strings! Warning for angst like the other parts.
Enjoy! (@teytey86 I hope this is still what you had in mind for your request).

I’d absolutely love a request if you guys have anything you want to see!! :)


Your mother got home from work about an hour after Jughead had left. She found you curled up on the sofa sleeping; the fabric of the sofa wet and your face blotchy and tear stained. She made you a cup of tea and woke you gently. You sat up rubbing your sore, blurry eyes.

“Y/N, sweetie, are you okay?” you mom asked, handing you your tea. Her voice was soft and filled with worry.
“Thank you,” you said as you took the cup. Your voice was croaky from sleep. You cleared your throat and smiled slightly to reassure your mom.

“Not really,” you answered honestly. You didn’t want her to be worried about you but there was no point in lying; she could clearly see you’d been crying.

“What happened, honey?” she pushed gently.
“Jughead- h-he” your voice cracked as you fought back tears. You cleared your throat again forcing your words out. “He broke up with me. Well, first he cheated on me,” you admitted. Strangely, it felt like a relief just to say it out loud to someone although, saying it solidified the facts. This has really happened. You let out a big sigh, your chest ached as the air left your lungs.

“Jughead did what?!” your mother said anger evident in her voice. “Are you sure?”. She couldn’t believe that the polite, kind boy she knew could have done such a horrible thing.
“Yes, mom. I saw it,” you replied, images of Jughead kissing Betty came flooding back. You knew that you were going to see that moment every time you closed your eyes for a long time.

Your mom let out a frustrated sigh of her own. She stood from the sofa shaking her head. “You know what, Y/N, I have half a mind to call FP Jones right now and tell him what a disgusting impact he’s had on that boy,” her voice was almost a growl.

“Mom, please don’t call Jughead’s dad,” you begged, surprised by how strongly she was reacting.
She shook her head again. “It wouldn’t do any good anyway. Oh, Y/N, my poor baby,”. She looked at you sadly, her eyes sparkling with unshed tears. “I love you sweetheart. I’m so sorry this happened to you,”. She stroked your cheek, brushing your hair behind your ear, a sad smile on her face.

“Can I at least call Hermione Lodge? Ask if Veronica can stay the night with you?” she asked you.
“Yes, I would like that,” you replied.

A short while later, Veronica arrived. The two of you went up to your bedroom and your mom brought you both big mugs of hot chocolate.

“So, Y/N, I take it things didn’t go to well?” Veronica asked gently.
“Oh, Ronnie, it was awful,” you replied sadly. “He told me he has feelings for Betty and he wants to see where things go with her,”.

“What?” Veronica was as taken aback as you had been when you’d heard it from Jughead’s mouth. “Did he even say he was sorry?”.
“Yes, he said he was sorry and that he loved me. Oh, Ronnie, I don’t know what to do,” you exclaimed flopping back onto your bed.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N,” your best friend comforted as she laid down next to you. “What are you feeling?”.
“I feel exhausted. My chest hurts and my eyes sting from all the crying. I don’t think I have a single tear left. I’ve had a headache for the last couple days and I keep getting sick,” you answered.

Veronica frowned. “That’s not good, Y/N. Have you been eating?”.
You raised yourself up onto your elbows and turned to look at the beautiful raven-haired girl. “Not really, I haven’t had an appetite. Isn’t that normal when you get your heart broken?” you asked.

“I guess so,” she replied. You studied her face, she looked like she was thinking hard about something.
“What are you thinking?” you pried.
“Nothing, I’m just worried about you, Y/N. I know that you’re really upset, that’s completely understandable, but you need to look after yourself. You’ll get ill otherwise,” she reprimanded.
“I’ll do my best, V,” you assured her.

She pulled you in for a tight hug. “I love you, Y/N,” she whispered.

The next morning, you woke up feeling queasy. You sat up cautiously, trying not to wake your best friend who was soundly asleep next to you. Slowly, you got out of bed and stretched. Your stomach cramped suddenly and bile rose up your throat. You rushed to the bathroom, throwing up the little food you had left in your system. The noise must have woken Veronica as she appeared in the doorway.

“Y/N? Are you okay?” she asked worriedly.

You got up off the bathroom floor and blew your nose. “Yes, V, it’s just a little nausea,” you replied weakly. “We’d better get ready for school,” you said, walking to the sink to brush your teeth.

Veronica snorted. “As if you’re going to school!” she exclaimed. “I’ll get ready and you will be going back to bed,”.

Your mother appeared behind your best friend. “Veronica is right, sweetie. Don’t think for one second I am letting you go to school like that,” she said a serious tone in her voice.

You shrugged your shoulders at them both. “I’m sure I will feel better soon. This has happened the last few days,”.
“I know, Y/N and it’s not good,” your mom replied. “I have the day off work anyway, I think we should take you to see a Doctor,”.

You groaned walking out of the bathroom. There was no point in arguing with either of them once they’d made up their minds. You climbed back into bed as Veronica got ready and your mom made you an appointment.

“Okay, Y/N, you take it easy. I’m going to school now, I’ll call you at lunch time,” Veronica said, waving as she left for school. You heard her saying goodbye to your mother before the front door closed.

A few minutes later, your mom came into your room. “I got you an appointment for 10.30. Get some more sleep and I’ll wake you before we need to go,” she instructed.

You let out a little sigh before closing your eyes and drifting off into a light sleep.



Desperate (Part 2) - Jason Todd x Reader

A/N: Sorry for taking so long! Christmas got in the way, then I got sick -I still am, but I managed to finish this bc I was really feeling like writting something. So it here is! I hope you like it, if not let me know so that I can rewrite/correct it.

P.S- Maybe in the future I’ll a part 3? About how they made their decision, about how the family reacts to the newborn baby and how they take care of her/him? I know I’ve done something like this before (here) but it would be different. Let me know if you want it and leave some suggestions as well!

Words: 1776

As soon as the door closed, Jason leaned against it, looking blankly at nowhere in particular. Pregnant? He couldn’t take care of a kid. Not now.

He needed some time to think so he decided to go to his favorite place in Gotham, a building not far from there. There was nothing special with it really, it wasn’t very modern, barely anyone was ever there, but he liked it that way. From the roof he could see the whole city and he found it very relaxing. It was a beautiful view and there was no one there to disturb him.

He looked at the city trying to calm himself. He remembered the first time he brought you there.

It was your second date, you were just in time to watch the sun setting and all the buildings suddenly being iluminated by the moonlight.

“This view is beautiful Jason.” You said as the sun disappeared on the horizon.

“Not as beautiful as what I’m viewing now.” Jason was looking at you the whole time, he was smiling. He looked even more handsome with the moonlight reflecting on his deep blue eyes.

You didn’t answer feeling yourself blush (thank God it was dark already) , instead you just turned your head to look at the city again.

“I’m glad you like it” he said breaking the short silence that fell upon you two “I like calm places like this, I thought you might like it as well.” You sit in the edge of the rooftop next to him and he held your hand intertwining his cold fingers with yours.

He leaned to you pressing his lips against yours. Your hands flew to the back of his neck and hair and his hands to your waist and cheeks. That’s when your first kiss together happened.

Jason smiled unconsciously as if he was reliving that memory again. He loved you, he really did, but he was so confused. He wasn’t ready to be a parent and neither were you. He called the one person he knew could help him: Bruce.

Luckly for Jason, Bruce was around so it took him less than a minute to get there. Jason was still in the same position he previously was when Bruce arrived.

“Bruce.” He murmured feeling the presence of the older man on the roof.

“You said you needed to talk.” Bruce walked to Jason placing his hand on Jason’s shoulder looking at the city as well. But unlike his son, Bruce didn’t find the view anything special so he just ignored it and turned to look at the boy.

“Yes.” Jason answered nervously. He sat on the edge of the roof just like he did on your date. Bruce followed his actions and remained silent, waiting for the boy to speak. “I-“ he took a deep breath trying to collect the right words. “(Y/N)’s pregnant.” He was too ashamed to look at Bruce, but he he knew he wasn’t happy to know he was going to have grandchildren.

“Jason” the man said in a calm but low voice  “How could you let that happen?” he was disappointed, it was obvious.

“I-I don’t know.. We’re always careful, I-I” he stuttered fustrated.

“Are you keeping it?” Bruce remained calm.

“I don’t know. We haven’t really.. talked about it.” Jason scratched the back of his neck.

“Then what did you talk about?” he arched an eyebrow.

“I-We-“ a small sigh came out of the unmasked boy’s mouth. “Nothing. I just came here.”

“You came here?” Bruce repeated incredulously “You didn’t even talk to her? You left her there Jason?” he raised his voice, not believing his son’s behavior.

“I’m so stupid.” He covered his face with his hands feeling an odd sensation on his throat, as if something was stuck there, like a scream. He was so frustated, he just wanted to get rid of all the blame, nervousness and regret inside of him and even if screaming wasn’t going to help him with that, he still wanted to do it. “I wanted to talk to you, I don’t know what to do!”

“Well, maybe you should start by talking to her! You’re in this together. Leaving her when she needs you the most wasn’t the wisest thing to do.” He crossed his harms starting to get impatient.

“You’re right. I need to go see her. NOW.”

And with that, Jason got off the building and ran to your place as fast as he could. He was starting to get really jealous of The Flash. He rang on your doorbell and started beating his foot on the ground impatiently. Why were you taking so long? He got tired of waiting (even though not even 1 minute had passed) and he opened your door using a paperclip. He could’ve done it before, but you didn’t like when he did that because it made him look like a robber.

The house was silent. Even your muffled sobs had stopped. He ran around the house but you were nowhere to be found.  

“(Y/N)!” he called worried. He even searched on your secret panick room (yes you had one), but nothing. Where the hell were you?! You couldn’t be on any of your family member’s house because they all lived outside Gotham and you wouldn’t go to a friend’s house, no matter how close you were. You would rather face this moment with him alone and Jason knew it.

He tried thinking of all your special places but none of them seemed to make sense. The roof? Nah, he just came from there. The bar where you met? That didn’t seem like the right place to be alone. Then where could you be?

Suddenly, a light bulb lit up above his head. He knew exactly where to find you. He immediately got out of the house and ran to a park near by. It was huge but he knew you would be in the quiest and the most hidden place in it. He was so glad that his instincts were right.

There you were, in front of him, staring at the clear waters of the lake in front of you. Your eyes were red and puffy and your hands were still shaking. He approached you calmly not wainting to scare you but as soon as he got close enough, he hugged you like there was no tomorrow.

Not noticing he was there, at first you thought you were being attacked and even when you realised who it was, you still weren’t sure if you should hug him back or not. You were so hurt and so confused at this point. He leaves without looking at you and now he’s back? Hugging you like nothing happened?

You weren’t understanding what was happening but you didn’t care much. You hugged him back feeling more tears rolling down your cheeks. You could swear your body was so dry you couldn’t cry any more.

“(Y/N), I’m so sorry, I know I’m a douche and I completely understand if you don’t forgive me but please just hear me out-“ you interrupted him by kissing him. You were both needing it really. “I will assume it. I will help you raise this baby, I will be the best father I can be.. At least I will try, I promisse you.”

At this point, you had a massive headache and you didn’t want to keep crying, but he was making it hard.

“I-I’m scared Jay.” You spoke weakly, your voice shaking “I’m not sure I’m ready to be a mom.”

“Bruce can help us, it will have a home, a family, food, clothes.. Everything-“

“Money is not the problem.” You shoke your head “I’m too young, we both are. I have exams the next week! My life is not completely settled, I’m not ready to raise this child.”

“Alfred can take care of them while you finish your studies.” He held your hand trying to assure you that everything was okay.

“No, Jason.” You put your hand back releasing it from his. “I want to be there to watch my children grow. I want to witness their first steps, first words.” You smiled thinking about the moments ahead of you.

“Are you saying that- Do you.. Do you want to abort this baby?” Jason questioned startled.

“No- I mean, I don’t know.” You placed your hand on your forehead “I truly don’t know what to do Jay!” you started crying, frustated.

“Hey, hey..” Jason leaned to you holding both of your hands. “Look at me.” He asked and looked you in the eye. “Shh.. Calm down. I get it: you’re scared. I am too! I’m terrified. I’m not ready for this either. But it’s our fault. It’s our problem, and we can’t just get rid of it as soon as we get the chance. Well, we can, but I don’t think it’s the best decision we can make. It’s not their fault to be here, they didn’t ask to be alive. We should think about this with time, maybe talk with our families to-“

“No!” you almost screamed. “My family would kill me!” you squeezed your boyfriend’s hands thighly.

“Do you plan doing this without their knowledge? They need to know, (Y/N), whether we decide to have this baby or not.”

You didn’t say another word. He was right, your family needed to know.

“Now..” he got closer to you “Let’s go home, take a break from all this drama for a bit, and then we can talk about this later, when we’re calmer. Maybe we can have a clearer vision of the future then.”

You nodded hugging him so thight you could feel his heart beating fast against your chest. Jason was trying to calm you down, but you knew he needed to calm down as well, he needed to be sure everything was going to be ok.

“You know..” you started breaking the hug “No matter what we choose to do, I want to thank you for everything that you’ve done so far, for being here for me, even though you ran away earlier” you laughed slightly  “and I want you to know that you are going to be a great father. For this kid or for the others to come.”

He cupped your right cheek kissing you once again. That was his way of thanking you, he didn’t need to say the magic words for you to know he appreciated it.“We both are going to be great parents. A bit crazy and I would say.. unsual?” he laughed referring to the Red Hood part “But great parents for sure.”

Nightmares, Arranged Marriage Phan AU - Final Chapter (8)

Title: Nightmares

Paring: Phan (Dan and Phil)

Warnings: Mention of murder, child abuse

Words: 1580

Plot: AU where all marriages are arranged. Gender, race, and age do not matter. Phil is an 18 year old with his dream job, Dan is a 14 year old about to start high school. When they’re arranged to be married, and Dan has recurring nightmares, this is what unfolds.

Chapter: 8/8

Link for other chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Genre: Fluffy angst?

(A/N: I want to thank everyone who messaged me with encouragements and told me how much they loved this story. You guys kept me writing and it always brightened my day! I hope you guys like this last chapter! Please don’t steal or repost! Likes and reblogs are of course appreciated. :))

~~Dan’s P.O.V~~

I was awakened by the obnoxious sound of my phone ringing. “Hello?” I murmured into the phone and rubbed my eyes. I was in Phil’s arms and I felt him adjust.

“Daniel,” I heard my mother’s voice. “We’d like to meet with you and Phil today. Are you guys available?”

“Phil,” I looked up to him. “Can we meet with my parents today?”

“Sure,” He kissed my forehead.

“Where do you want to meet?” I asked.

“How about at The Violet Spice restaurant?” She asked. We set up a time, and then hung up the phone. We’d be meeting in about an hour.

“I don’t want to get up,” I cuddled myself further into Phil. He chuckled.

“It’s a thirty minute drive, we have to get up, Dan,” he ran his hand through my hair. “Come on now,” he sat up and got out of the bed. I sighed and begrudgingly sat up. We both dressed into a button down shirt and dress pants, since it was a rather fancy restaurant. I grabbed a tie and walked over to Phil to see him ready, tie and all. I held out the tie to him.

“Can you help me?” I asked. He grabbed the tie and put it around my neck. He tightened the knot, and kissed me lightly once he got it fully tightened.

“There,” he smiled. “So beautiful.” I felt myself blush and I buried my face into Phil’s neck. I felt his arms wrap around me and we hugged before we walked downstairs and into Phil’s car. “Did your parents have a specific reason for meeting up today? Or just to see you?” Phil asked while he was driving.

“They didn’t say, I think just to meet up and make sure things are okay,” I replied. The rest of the car ride was silent for the most part. I turned on the radio after a few minutes and felt Phil grab my hand and squeeze lightly. We arrived soon and walked into the restaurant. We met my parents at a table and sat down.

“Hello, I’m Jennifer. I’ll be taking care of you tonight. Can I start you off with something to drink?” She grabbed out a notepad. We all ordered Coke’s and she walked away.

“How is everything?” My father asked.

“Good,” I replied. Phil nodded beside me.

“Are you guys getting along well?” My mum chimed in.

“We do,” Phil replied. He looked over to me and we both smiled.

“Here’s your drinks,” our waitress set down the drinks. “Do you guys need some time or are you ready to order?” We all rambled off various items on the menu, which she scribbled down and walked away. We made small talk until we got our food.

“So Dan,” my father broke the silence when we were all close to finishing our meals. “We wanted to talk to you about something today, and we figured it’d be best to have Phil with you.”

“About what?” I felt my heartbeat.

“Your nightmares, Dan,” My mum chimed in.

“What about them?” I set my fork down and I felt Phil’s hand grab mine under the table.

“Dan, for the first three years of your life, we weren’t your parents. We adopted you when you were three,” My father started off. I took a breath.

“What?” I felt tears brim my eyes.

“Just, hold on for a second. Let us explain,” my dad held up a hand. “Your parents, they weren’t exactly ideal parents. When the police took you into custody, you were found locked in a closet. They both admitted to starving you for days on end, along with locking you in the closet for most of the day. They weren’t able to afford adequate food for you, and your mother refused to breastfeed.”

“Is this a joke?” I stood up, I felt a tear slide down my face.

“No, Daniel,” My mum confirmed.

“The police found you after a murder was tied to your parents. It’s speculated by the police that you may have witnessed it. All of the trauma from early on could be what’s causing the nightmares,” My father continued.

“You told me you didn’t know what caused my nightmares,” I cried.

“We wanted to protect you, Dan,” My mum replied.

“I want to go home,” I looked at Phil. Phil looked to my parents and they nodded, as if giving permission that we could leave.

“We’ll be going then,” Phil stood up. He put down money on the table, grabbed my hand, and we walked out. Once we got outside, I couldn’t contain myself. I coughed from holding in the tears, and felt them pour down my cheeks. Phil pulled me into him and wrapped his arms around me, while I gripped his shirt on his sides. “I’m so sorry, Dan,” he whispered. I hiccuped, my cries were vocal, and I felt my nose run.

“I want to go home,” I repeated.

“We’ll go,” Phil grabbed my hand and led me to the car. He opened the door, and I sat inside. He got into the driver’s seat and started driving back home. I curled into myself, bringing my knees up to my chest. My parents weren’t my parents. And my real parents were killers, who abused me. I whimpered and continued to cry for the rest of the car ride. Once he pulled into our house, I felt him pull me into his arms and carry me to our flat.

“It’s all so fucked up,” I muttered, wiping my eyes.

“I know, bear, I know,” Phil and I stood in the entryway of our house. Phil and I walked back to our bedroom, and I took off the shirt, tie, and pants. I crawled into bed in my boxers, not bothering to put pajamas on. “Is there anything I can do to help?” Phil asked. He was standing at the foot of the bed, still in his clothes. I was cried out, I didn’t have anymore tears for the time being. I felt numb.

“Will you take a bath with me?” I asked. Phil and I have seen each other in our boxers, having changed in front of each other, but never fully naked. I didn’t care, I just wanted to take a relaxing bath, but I didn’t want to be alone.

“Okay,” Phil replied. I sighed and rolled out of bed and to the bathroom connected. “Are you sure?” Phil asked once we both got into the bathroom. I nodded. He started up the bath, checking the temperature a few times before he pulled off most of his clothes, leaving his underwear on. “Maybe we should leave our boxers on,” Phil said.

“Alright,” I shrugged. My eyes burned from crying so hard, and I had a headache. The bath filled, and Phil stepped in. I stepped in after him, sitting on his lap. I curled into a ball and rested my head on Phil’s chest. I closed my eyes and felt myself relax in Phil’s arms. He brought a loofah onto my back, chest, and arms, cleaning me slowly. We stayed like that for a while, before we both started to get cold and decided to step out.

We got into bed and Phil pulled me into him. “I love you, Dan,” he kissed my forehead.

“I love you, Phil,” I murmured. We stayed in silence for a while. “I don’t want to fall asleep,” I admitted.

“I’ll be here,” Phil replied.

~~ 5 years later. Dan is 19. Phil is 23. 3rd person P.O.V ~~

Dan walked out of his weekly therapy session and to his car. He pulled out his phone and called Phil. “Hey, Bear,” Phil answered the phone.

“Lion,” Dan smiled. “I have to stop into work, so I’ll be home a little later.”

“Don’t let them keep you too long. No amount of video production is worth missing me,” Dan could almost sense Phil’s smile while he said that.

“Mhm,” Dan agreed. He graduated from high school last year, and found a career doing video production, something he loved. “I’ll see you soon. Love you.”

“I love you too,” Phil replied. Dan hung up and started driving to his job. He walked into the meeting, apologizing for being late like he always is. They finished the meeting fairly soon, and before he knew it, he was on his way back home.

“I’m home, Philly!” Dan called when he walked in the door.

“I just got the mail,” Phil came out from the kitchen toward Dan. “Margaret’s invited us to her wedding,” he was looking at a piece of paper.

“Good for her, I’m glad she’s found someone she likes,” Dan took his coat off and hung it up. Phil wrapped his arms around him. It has been exactly five years today since the trial against Andrew, they were both acutely aware of that fact. Since he was a minor, he got off with parole, but he stayed out of Dan’s way after that.

Dan rarely got nightmares anymore, through therapy, medication, and the help of Phil, he was finally getting over his past. “Can we get pizza for dinner?” Dan asked Phil, turning around in his arms to face him.

“Whatever you want, love,” Phil kissed Dan’s nose.

“Well, I want pizza,” Dan replied.

“Pizza it is,” Phil replied. They ordered the pizza and curled into each other on the couch, binge watching movies.

(A/N: Gah! I can’t believe it’s over! I paced my kitchen for thirty minutes before finishing it. I really hope you guys enjoyed it. You should give me feedback! Feel free to message me. Thank you for reading, and thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way! P.S sorry for the rather abrupt and strange ending, I’m awful at ending stories)

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"Dear Diary" One Shot

Original Imagine: Imagine Dean and Cas being your adoptive parents.

Warnings: Mild language

Words: 893

A/N: This one’s dedicated to sweetasscas​.


Dear diary,

These two guys adopted me. Which is great, but kinda weird, because I’m 16, almost out of the system, and people tend to go for babies. I hope they’re not perverts.

Dear diary,

It’s been one week. Even if they’re perverts, they’re pretty legitimately gay for one another, so I’ve stopped sleeping with the mace. They gave me a cell phone (my very first!). Just in case, I did put 911 on my speed dial.

Dear diary,

Accidentally walked in on the “dads.” Sorry not sorry but yeah sorry, because I’m pretty sure I hesitated a few seconds too long before fleeing. So this is what people mean when they say they need Jesus.

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One Shot - Someone to Save You

So, this was interesting to write. An anon requested a fic to the OneRepublic song ‘Someone to Save You’ and I wasn’t quite sure what to do, and then I mashed it with another request an anon had back in November. Sorry it took so long and I hope you (the two anons + everyone else of course) are not disappointed and like this 😊

Someone to Save You

It wasn’t exactly the kind of weather he had wished her for her birthday party. It wasn’t raining but there was a thunderstorm in the air, the distant sound of thunder a constant noise in the background, the air muggy and thick and hot like it was an invisible wall, and it felt like something was boiling around them, something inevitable. It had to be the kiss though,  because that’s what he was planning to do: kissing her. Once, twice, over and over again until it wouldn’t feel anymore like he had suppressed kisses for the last year and a half.

18, the magic number. He had waited and waited for her to turn 18, had spent hundreds of nights thinking about her but not going too far. His brother had always made fun of Val because he apparently had no patience whatsoever – oh Maks had no idea. Val was the master of patience. He had had so many opportunities to kiss her: during rehearsal, the times they had been alone in his apartment, during dinner, hours they had spent together, hours they could have used otherwise. But Val had waited, like the gentleman his mother had taught him to be, and now, finally, it was over. She was about to turn legal. She was about to become his girlfriend.

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Change- A Sam Wilkinson Fanfic- Chapter 21

Previous chapters here

So heey, the chapter is finally here! i’m so sorry for the delay, i really didn't have enough time to write, sorry, anyway, i hope you like it, byee

Chapter 21

I grunted as I turned around to turn the alarm clock off. I stood up and before I could actually open both of my eyes, the depression hit me once more. I sighed as I stormed down the stairs. Monday again, I had begged my mother to stay home today with the excuse that I was ‘sick’ but of course, thank to her mother instinct or something, she could detect my lie. Sunday was depressive actually, Isaac and Jen kept calling me but I ignored their calls. Even Gilinsky and Johnson called me, but there was no trail of Sam. I spent most of the day in my bed, the covers up to my nose, crying and eating, basically. And although Tyler had asked several times what was wrong, I kept brushing it off.

“How are you darling?” my mother asked as she served a dish of eggs and toast in front of me.

“Fine, my headache is still here though, and you won’t let me miss school for one freaking day”

“It can’t be that bad honey, you will feel better later”

“Sure I will” I rolled my eyes.


I stepped inside school and I was hoping so hard not to meet anyone, especially Sam but I knew that was mostly impossible given the fact that we shared several classes. I looked trashed, I had bags under my eyes that I wasn’t able to cover completely with makeup and my eyes were puffy and red.

I grabbed some books out of my locker and headed to my first class. I was one of the first ones there so I picked one of the last seats in the room; it felt like my first day again. As I waited the bell to ring, I kept overthinking and analyzing the conversation.

 “Why are you mad anyway? Its not like I cheated on you, after all we are not dating or something, right?” he almost shouted, my eyes filling with water again. Why was he acting like that?

I rubbed my eyes and tried to understand my situation. All I had been doing these days was to figure out how could I have prevented all these. All the things I could have done differently.

The bell suddenly rang and the classroom started filling up with people, I sighed as I opened my book. I felt as someone sat next to me.

“What’s your problem? I’ve been so worried about you, you haven’t answered any of my calls or text by the way” Jenn exhaled quickly, “I didn’t think you would be coming today, but Johnson told me he saw you getting some thing out of your locker, so I…”

“Hi Jenn” I said not wanting to talk to anyone really.

“Ok, y/n listen to me honey, we are going to figure this out, ok?”

“I don’t want to figure this out Jenn! The harm is done, and I just want to forget about it”

“Sam hasn’t been so good, actually”

“What do you mean?”

“He has been… sad?” she exclaimed, I opened my eyes. He felt bad about this? He couldn’t, he was the one who decided to go and make out with some slut. And I knew I was the one who broke up with him, but the one who had to be ‘sad’ didn’t have to be me supposedly?

“Isn’t he mad with me?” I asked now in a whisper given the fact the teacher had just entered the room.

“I don’t think so, I mean he must be at least a bit angry but I think he is kinda hurt” I sighed and hit my head against the desk. This sucked.

Jenn told me afterwards, that she was in my side because she didn’t approve what Sam had done and that I hadn’t done anything wrong, and she always was on the side of justice.


I sat in an empty table with Jenn for lunch, and some minutes later, Sam and the boys sat on the table right beside us. I didn’t know if they did it because they wanted to or because the other table available was the one next to Isaac and his friends, including my brother. I sighed and I could feel myself blushing as a knot started forming in my throat. I looked at Jenn with the hope she would do something but she just leaned in and whispered to ‘act normal and look at her all the time’. I looked at Sam slightly, trying not to get him to notice me staring. He did looked out of usual.

“So, is it true you brother got himself a girlfriend?” she asked trying to change topic.

“I don’t know really” I laughed, “He is not a relationship type of guy but whatever”

“They are whispering it’s Tricia Marshall, she is a good person though”

“I don’t know her” I shrugged and just then Johnson sat next to us in the table. He looked at the table in which he was previously sitting on and the Gilinsky and Scoot were looking at us too, while Sam kept his sight on his food.

“Ok, we really need to fix this y/n” he finally said

“Fix what?”

“You and Sam”

“What for?” I tried to act the colder I could, I didn’t know why I did that really, but it felt like the right thing to do.

“Come on, you had one little fight, it doesn’t mean you are completely over, and anyway you were like my OTP guys and we obviously have to take Sam’s side but you are our friend y/n”

I sighed because I realized it was true. After all, it was a stupid thing we fought over, but it wasn’t that I didn’t want to fix it, I just didn’t know how.

“So what are you proposing Jack?” Jenn asked curiously.

“You will start by apologizing and talking in a civilized way. And then I don’t know really, you should click back”

“He doesn’t want to talk to me” I said

“Yes he does, he really wants to fix this”

“I told you gurl” Jenn exclaimed resting her hand on my shoulder.

“He feels bad about what he did, really” Jack said sadly

“I do feel bad to”

“That’s why you should go back together!” Jenn almost shouted, “Come on y/n make the effort”

“The only problem I think, is both of them damn dignities” Jack sighed and Jenn nodded.

I was about to answer to that, when I heard shouts and claps from beside us. I quickly turned around and saw how a circle of people was gathered around something. I quickly headed there and for my surprise I saw a bloody Sam on the floor being punched but nobody else than my brother.

Just a little bit of your heart (Ashton imagine part 2)

I’m so glad you guys all liked part one!

Listen to Just a Little Bit of Your Heart by Ariana Grande


After a few minutes of catching your breath, gathering yourself, and calming down, you decide to the only place within a reasonable distance of your apartment building. The Creek.

The Creek was almost a sacred place between you and Ashton. A place to escape all of the pressure and judgment. Whenever either you or Ashton were going through something or needed some company you always went there.

As you arrive at The Creek, you are overwhelmed from all of the memories that you and Ashton have here.

You sit down in front of the still water, remembering the time that you first saw Ashton cry, like really cry. He was fourteen. His parents had a gathering after the funeral of his grandmother in their apartment. Of course you attended, being close to his grandmother yourself. In the middle of the gathering, Ashton grabbed your arm and pulled you out of the apartment and straight to The Creek. You two sat there in silence for a while, until he started crying, which developed into full on sobbing.

You noticed that you had started crying yourself just thinking about it. The full impact of what happened just hit you. You lost your best friend, probably for good. You didn’t even care that he was about to sleep with someone he just met when you needed him most. You just wanted him back, wanted everything to be the way it was before you had to be a complete idiot and bring up his dad. You would even be willing to push aside the fact that you were hopelessly in love with him to have him back as your friend again.

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