i was crying it was so funny


I’m so sorry I can’t be there to comfort you right now baby please stop crying that asshole is not worth your tears there’s nothing wrong with you he’s just really stupid you’re goddamn gorgeous you’re smart you’re funny you’re kind and you’re fckng precious I treasure you so much so please don’t ruin yourself just because of that guy I’m here princess I’ll always be here for you no matter what happens and when you feel like no one cares please remember that I love you

look you’re still beautiful kahit umiyak ka for sure daming umaaligid sayo sakalin ko nanakit sayo eh tangina niya pinapaiyak baby ko wait for me to come home I’ll beat the shit out of that guy call me whenever you need me princess I’ll talk to you kahit anong oras pa yan mahal na mahal kita and you’ll always be my baby kahit ilang taon ka na

You know how many times tarot saved me and others from my pettiness? PLENTY.

The last time I had a problem with someone I was going to full on act super friendly with them and act like we were still besties until there was finally a cookout with everyone there so I could confront him and call him out for the bitch ass maggot he was and throw an extra large Mocha Swirl iced coffee with extra mocha right in his face and throw the cup at his ugly ass golf ball cranium.

BUT tarot was like “bitch thats how you get kicked out of gaming go talk to the game master” so I did I told him everything and it ended up in the game master 100% siding with me and then him crying hysterically in front of everyone.

Thank you for everything you do for me, cards. My first idea was so funny but what ended up happening was even sweeter revenge.

Going through the recent batch of comments in OPS has been an absolute journey. It’s funny, because on the one hand, there are a lot of truly insightful comments – bringing up certain topics of conversations that I could literally talk about for days. There’s just all these little details that people pick up on and all have a different perspective and I just find that so. damn. interesting. 

On the other hand, there’s this:


Truly, waking up to such wonderful reviews this morning had been an absolute banging way to start my day. It’s so surreal to see how many of you care for the story and leave a brilliant comment. It makes the trial and error of writing so freaking worth it and you couldn’t pay me to give it up.

I know I might be slow to reply, but I appreciate every single comment I receive. It really means the world to me to have your endless support! 


im sorry but this is so fuckign funny im trying to draw You Know Who as a vampire and Edgy but im crying because im currently watching him geek out over a deck of yugioh cards. I can’t do this

Instead of drinking at the goth club im trying to smoke mad weed and eat some edibles beforehand so i can be smacked and won’t feel so stupid trying to dance

Goth dancing is so fucking funny i love it my friend knows how to do that fucking industrial goth dance shit and it makes me CRY it looks like fucking fun to do like you’re just fighting the air i need to learn SO BAD


these r bad, but there u go 👌