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Sarah J. Maas said that the A Court series is a type of retelling of Beauty and the Beast. 

You guys remember at the end of Beauty and the Beast, the Beast ‘dies’ because Gaston stabs him. Belle then starts crying and tells him she loves him in time enough to break the spell and bring him back to life. 

In an interview Sarah J. Maas revealed the high lords of all the courts would come together in a big way. Which is reminiscent of when Feyre died and they all came together to bring her back to life. What if this time they come together to bring Rhysand back to life? 

I hypothesis that in the final battle Rhysand will turn into that beast we get hints of through out A Court of Mist and Fury, the clawed feet and the membranous wings he’ll turn into the beast. He’ll most likely do it to either protect Tarquin or Tamlin. I think the King of Hybren will deal the killing blow and Jurian will be dead by then. 

But everyone will see how much Rhysand is actually not a mean person and all did it all to protect his people. Feyre will serve as the night court ‘high lord’ since she is the high lady, Luicen will the high lord of Autumn court by then. So that leads all high lords will once again give to save someone’s life, thus Rhysand will come back to life. 

I realize maybe I wasn’t as eloquent and maybe this seems like a reach but it’s just a thought. 

I was in this cab alone listening to “Higher” by Rihanna because Anti had just come out. And I had a little cry and I was just like ‘it’s always going to be this way, at some point with everyone it’s going to be this way.’ But the song kind of ended up turning into a bit of a protective talismans for me. I was like, you know what, I’m always gonna have myself so I have to really nurture this relationship and feel good about hanging out with myself and loving myself.
—  Lorde to Zane Lowe during her Beats 1 interview on Liability
”STALKER” (Jonathan Crane x Reader)

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I hope you enjoy this oneshot! I love writting for villains of dc comics! if you got any prompt for any villain let me know!

Request: Do you write for Jonathan Crane? If so, can you write one where he stalks the reader because he loves her and then she finds out and you decide what happens from there? If that makes sense

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You were an exchange student from (y/c) and had come to Gotham for researching Arkham for your thesis in psychiatry. Your parents refused, saying it was too dangerous but you liked the thrill and you were really curious of meeting the infamous Arkham inmates.

You fixed your skirt before entering the shady asylum. In the entrance, a brunette woman waited for you.

“Hello, (y/n) (l/n), right?” She asked

“Yes, a pleasure.” You said

“My name is doctor Mel. I’ll be your tutor thought this and I’ll assist you in every interview. If you have any question you can ask me. As for the rules, we are very strict with the rules. There will be some inmates you won’t be able to talk with more than a few minutes, for your safety. I suggest you to don’t fraternize with the inmates. Everything clear?”

“Yes, doctor.” You nodded and clutched your bag harder. The doctor’s eyes softened, she put a hand on your shoulder.

“Don’t you worry, miss (l/n). Nothing bad will happen to you.” You let a shaky breath as she guided you to your first interview. As you passed the hall where the cells where you clutched your bag closer.





You keep your eyes on the door in the end of the hall, doctor Mel gided you to the room.

Once you where there, Doctor stopped.

“Your first interview will be Crane, Jonathan. As he was interested in meeting you. I forewarn you, Crane doesn’t look dangerous but he is. Don’t take anything from him, and if he starts getting inside your head, press the button in your visitor wristband.”

You nodded and entered the room, a guard opened the door and waited until you were comfortable, once you nodded at him he leaved. You waited for a few moments until another guard brought the scarecrow.

“Be careful” gruffed the guard “I’ll be outside, scream and I’ll come in” You smiled and nodded in appreciation.

“Well, well,well…What brings a student here? Oh, dear…why won’t you look at me?”

“Am I talking to Doctor Crane or to The Scarecrow?”

He, for a moment looked taken aback, he quickly recomposed himself and smirked.

“Does it matter?” he sassed

“As a matter of fact, it does. Doctor Crane I’ve toughly studied your research in the concept of “fear” and I find it really interesting, I even dare to say it revolutionary. I, myself find it appealing. Have been victim of a severe Anxiety that causer Paranoid thoughts, your study discovered a new concept of the illness to me. Sadly the way you choose dirtied your brilliant future-“ Crane hand hit the table and his teeth where clenching.


You took notes of everything before nodding.

“Very well, mr Scarecrow. Would you be so kind as of answering some questions?”

His face calmed. “Okay”

“Great, now.” As the interview went on Crane found himself enchanted by you. You beauty made him weak in the knees, your intelligence made him swoon. Never had he found himself so at ease, so understood. Even the scarecrow gave him a break!

He smiled as a bit of blush covered his pale cheeks.

“Well, we are done Mr. Crane. I’m very thankful in your willingness to cooperate in my research, I’ll be sure to credit you in it.”

“I hope I can read it soon” He tried to smile charmingly.

You brushed his hair out of his eyes.

“I hope so, Mr. Cane. Well, it was a pleasure to meet you, I’ll call the guard so he can escort you to your cell.”

His hand quickly grabbed yours, scaring you.

“W-Will we-I mean I see you again?” his eyes looked mad.

“um, I seriously doubt it, Mr Crane. As I will be attending other inmates until I leave to (y/c) in approximately three weeks.” His eyes widened in horror and his hands tightened around yours.

“W-What? Already? I have more data you could use! I’m sure you could maybe, come to see me again” His smile twisted. You released your poor hand from his tight hold.

“Sorry Mr. Crane. I’m allowed to see each inmate only once-“

“But I can show you the world!” He tried to get up but his bonds didn’t let him. You came closer to the wall as he started to become violent. The two guards came in and reduced him, cuffing him and dragging him back.

“NO! YOU CAN’T GO! YOU UNDERSTAND ME! NO ONE DOES BUT YOU! NO MISS (Y/n)! DON’T LEAVE ME HERE!” Crane shouted as he unwillingly was being “escorted” back to his cell.

You let yourself fall to the ground, speechless as Doctor Mel approached you.

“Are you ok, miss (y/n)?” She worried.

“I-I am. Let go with the next one-“ You breathed.

“You sure?”

“I am.” With adrenaline pumping into your veins you attended the next patient.


Crane approached the table where the Joker was. He often never teamed up with him, nor asked for favors…but he needed out of here.

“Well,well,well…what’s brings you here Johnny boy?” The joker laughed.

“I heard you had a plan of escaping Arkham.” Crane said, unfazed.

“My, my you want to join us? Wow Craney boy! It’s that student, isn’t it? My my, cute little thing! Those pouty lip! Make a man go mad-“Crane’s fist punched the table hard, making everyone silent. That silence was broken by the joker’s cackle.

“Shut up.” He snarled. And the Joker’s smile widened.

“We leave at midnight!” The joker smirked.


You had lied, you had at least two months of classes at Gotham University.

Bad, bad (y/n)…

As you were archiving the new data you got today you felt someone watching you. You looked around, but you found nothing.

You shrugged and continued writing on your computer.

Outside your windows, Scarecrow was pushed against the wall outside your house.

You almost caught him.

He had been stalking you for about 2 weeks.

And he found himself falling more and more in love with you.

“She’s so beautiful…” Jonathan sighed.

“She is. And her mind! Oh!” Scarecrow said.

“yes” Jonathan followed your silhouette to the bathroom. You had prepared yourself a relaxing bath after dealing with Killer Croc.

You sighed as your clothes fell from your body. Jonathan bit his lip as his hold on your window tightened.

The scarecrow sighed in his mind at the same time you sat, the warm, steamy water moving around you.

“In a few days, it will be us there with her!” Scarecrow whispered to Crane.

“yes” Jonathan sighed.

“ She’s ours! As we are hers!”  Scarecrow yelled.

“No one will separate us…” Jonathan bit his lip harder as his hand traveled down his pants.


You were dress in a comfortable pants and sweatshirt as you gazed down Gotham highest building.  The harsh air of Gotham dried your lips, as you applied your lip balm, a tall shadow loomed over you.

“Good night Batman.” You said.

“Good night, miss (y/n). You said you wanted to meet me?” Batman gruffled.

“Yes actually” Turns and looks at him “ I have some questions for you”

“Hn” Batman said, and you had the feeling this wasn’t going to be productive.

At the same time, an angry jealous Scarecrow glared at the bat.

“see, Jonny boy? We have to destroy the bat! He’s trying to steal her from us!” Scarecrow feed Crane’s madness.

“Yes” Crane glared at the hand you laid on the Bat’s shoulder. “She will be ours.”

“By any means necessary” Jonathan smirked.


You were walking downtown Gotham when you were pulled against a wall when soft lips ravaged yours. You tried to push them away but they hold your hand above you head.

“Miss (y/n)….” Scarecrow moaned in your ear, but the distortion of the fear gas made you unable to identify him. “You look sooo beautiful…that terrified face…” Your scream was silenced by crane’s lips that were smashed against yours, his long fingers grabbed your hair as his tongue fought yours. His other hand that grabbed your face softly was being soaked by your tears.

“SHHHHHH, my love….shhh….it okay, it’s okay! Your soulmate is here…shhhhhh” Jonathan hugged you, kissing your sweaty cheeks and forehead comfortably. You whimpered, as the effects of the drug passed you passed out, Crane grabbed you and carried you to your room.

Crane set you on your comfortable bed, and covered your body. He get up to grab a wet towel to wipe your sweat, he sat next to you and wiped it lovingly.

“She’s so beautiful…”

“And her screams were like sweet honey”

“Her lips were soft like clouds…”

“Her skin was so warm and delicious…”


You turned around, facing him. He laid next to you, hugged you and kissed your eyelids.

“I love you”


You waked up, startled.  

Huff, it was a nightmare…

You get up and saw warm (f/b) in your table, a (f/f) sat inside a vase. A note was beside it than said:

         Good Morning my love

Last night you passed out in my arms so I carried you back home. Here you have your favorite breakfast, exclusively for you.


Your soulmate,


You let the note fall to the ground, you covered your mouth and fell to the ground.

Someone entered in your apartment.

Someone was watching you.

You started breathing heavily.

Oh god

Oh f*ck


An overwhelming pain invaded your chest as your door opened.

“(y/n)!” Yelled Jason Todd, your boyfriend. He ran to you and cached you, hugging you and rocking you, calming you down. “Shhhhh, I’m here…I’m here…” You hugged him, crying on his neck.

“Shhhh, I’m not letting them hurt you…”

As Jason calmed you, Jonathan looked at you two. Jealousy blinded him.

“If you aren’t mine, nobody will have you” Crane said.


It was time to go back to (c/n) and Jason and the outlaws decided to go with you. Well Jason came with you, Roy and Kory came once in a while.

You calmly wrote your thesis as Jason read a book on your couch.

“Babe, im boooooooooooored!” Jason said. “Come and hug me?”

“Almost done….” You typed the last words and saved it. “Done!” You laid above Jason as he kissed your lips softly, his hands burying themselves in your hair.

“mmmmh” Said Jason as his phone went off like crazy. He keep kissing you until you stopped him.

“It seems urgent, you should get it” You smiled and Jason huffed. He answered the phone.

“Dick…what?….seriously?!….shit….ill go….fine…see you” Jason sighed.

“What’s wrong, jay?” You asked worried.

“I have to go back to go home.” He sighed.

“What happened?”

“All Arkham escaped…the league is stretched tight. I have to go” He kissed you.” Okay?”

“Okay” You kissed back. “Be careful…” You kissed him softly.

“I love you” He said.

“I love you too.”


Its been month since Jason returned to Gotham, and you had enough.

You bought a ticket to Gotham but weren’t expecting to find it under Scarecrows control.

“What…What happened?”

“The scarecrow got the control of the city. Batman disappeared. You have to go back girl. This ain’t safe!” A man said as he ran away from something. You looked behind the commotion to see Bane.

“Oh god-“You started running away but Bane cached you.

“The scarecrow will be happy” He knocked you out and carried you away.


“Scarecrow, I got a present for you” Bane said as he entered the dispatch.

“hmm?” Crane looked at Bane, unsure. “What is-“ Scarecrow stopped mid-sense when he saw you knocked out body.

“This girl…is the one you wanted” Bane said.

“Let her down” Crane approached your body tentatively. “Go” Bane obeyed, leaving Crane and you alone. He immediately ran to you, holding you close.

“Look, my love! I builded our own empire! So we can rule it together! Are you proud!!?? “ He carried you to his bed and laid next to you. “ I read your thesis, it was brilliant my love! How you explained your experience….ahhh just-just orgasmic!” He moaned as he kissed your neck. “I missed you, so much! I took care of that dirt you called boyfriend! You wont see him again!” He kissed your lips and you slowly waked up.

“H-huh? J-JAY?” When your eyes were completely open you looked at the crazy eyes of the Scarecrow and screamed. He covered your mouth with his lips.

“Shhhhh, my love…..” He kissed you again. “Please, don’t scream… I made this all for us! For us and our unborn child!” His grin widened in one you could only describe as crazy.

“Please let me go!, please! I didn’t do anything!!!” You panicked.

“Shhhh, my darling. I won’t hurt you! I love you! We will be together forever!”


“Your petty boyfriend won’t come” He smirked.” Now…”

He started unbuttoning his shirt.

“Im going to show you, how much I love you…”

He kissed and bited your neck as your terrified tears fell

“Shhhhhh, we will be together forever…”


“No shit, bats! The crazy got my girlfriend! I won’t let him hurt her!”

“Jason don’t be rash” Batman said. “We can’t interfere just now!”




To be continued???

(you want a part 2?)

Girls final season: Hannah & Adam

With the final season of Girls here (a show that there isn’t typically a disk sitting in my Blue Ray player ready to go) I am very sad. As I listen to the music used in the show, certain songs remind me of favorite scenes. Seriously, I feel like openly crying. (I probably will a few times before I get over it.) I am going to REALLY miss seeing new episodes, but at the same time, thankful that I was able to discover this show and the brilliant mind that is Lena Dunham. To have a woman listed as Creator, Writer, Director, Producer, Actress…we need to see a lot more of this.

In a recent interview, Adam Driver assured us that season 6 is “ending on a note that they can control, that it seemed to make sense. It’s not just an arbitrary ending.” Lena recently said her and Jenni made “hard” decisions this season. I used to think that I wouldn’t be satisfied unless Hannah and Adam got back together. I mean, after all, the show did spend a hell of a lot of time with the ins and outs of these two, but now I am thinking a show like this will probably not end easy in many ways and not in a “happily ever after” way either. I think we will see the girls grow, but at the same time, I am not so sure that includes Hannah, or even Jessa, ending up with anyone. The show is ultimately about these girls and their friendships after all, and in the long run, they really don’t like anything getting in the way of that friendship…..including a man.

For some reason, in season 5, the egomaniacal Hannah is the biggest mess ever. As an aspiring writer, we know about her endless desire to pursue interests and different experiences for a good story. This has led her at times to be self-centered and self-destructive, however, it seems like lately, she has been trying extra hard to just test everything. Showing her crotch to her boss, trying to blow Ray, the ridiculous fights with Fran (“Oh, Hannah wants to do something rude, disruptive, and inappropriate. What a twist.”) and her talent to bring unprofessionalism in the work place to (an albeit hilarious) new high, are a few examples of the more, irrational ways Hannah has been acting out. It was all heading towards her growing and taking a big step forward in her life. Besides where she wants to go, what she wants to do as she gets older, one truth she has to face, I believe, is her lingering feelings for Adam.

Adam. In the first season, he starts out as sort of a creepy, “emotionally tone-deaf” sex addict that Hannah was in pursuit of. We wondered why she was bothering with him as he was not exactly “boyfriend material”. He was working on homemade “wood working” in his work shop which was his mess of an apartment. (Not so sure the genius even had a plan on how to get that boat out of the front door if he ever completed it!) He was just this non-committal guy that Hannah would have sex with when he felt like returning her text messages or answering his phone. (For the first 6 episodes, we weren’t even sure if he owned a shirt!) None of Hannah’s friends had ever met him, and the first proof of his exsistance to Marnie (besides the occasional bruise on Hannah’s ass) was a dick pic he accidentally sent to Hannah that wasn’t even meant for her!

As a couple, we get to see Adam grow more as a character we care about. He is still quirky and intense, but having Hannah to give advice to, share his interests with and love, helped make him a better person. A person we cared about and found intriguing as well. When he does do something as normal as eventually say “I love you” or suggest that they move in together, Hannah (after being conditioned to expect anything from him from bad treatment to extreme sweetness) reacts like it’s way too soon for either one of them. It was all moving too quickly for her and I don’t think she trusted him yet, or wanted the newness of the chase to be over. Adam had his mind made up with his tunnel vision and he was in it “for the long haul” so of course, he has a hard time with their first break up: “My desire for you cannot be repressed. And to quit my pursuit would be to shirk self-respect and abandon my own manhood, and that’s not going to happen.” He wrote and performed horrible (hilarious) songs which he sent her to watch and was kind of stalkerish for a bit. It proved to be very hard for him to let go. Not too sure if he ever really does. So we have Adam trying to feverishly move forward without totally letting Hannah heal from his past not-so-nice treatment, and we have Hannah kind of playing with his emotions and not really being too empathetic to his state of mind.

Regardless of Hannah’s self-absorption (all the Girls seem to have this issue from time to time) and Adam’s sometimes callousness, there still seems to be some kind of connection that thrives between them. (“Hannah is accepting of my brand of difficult.”) Adam cleaned up his act some and we get to see him at AA and learn more about what made him tick. While he was dating Natalia, and ran into Hannah in front of the bar, it really did something to him. (I love the way Driver’s voice got all raspy as he asked her to put on some pants.) He, the ex-alcoholic, went back in and after seeing her, had to order an alcoholic beverage, which led to one of the eventual reasons of that relationship coming to an end. The song playing was Fiona Apple’s “Valentine” and it surely wasn’t about Natalia. (Adam messing with his ear like a nervous habit, odd coincidence to what Hannah was going through?) We know now that if Hannah can affect him in this way, then he obviously must have feelings for her. He never stopped loving her in his own way, and he is there for her hard core. As he ran to her across the city during her most desperate time, when she felt the most lost, never fails to bring tears to my eyes. (the heavy mood is lightened a bit when while running, he has to suggest that a driver “go suck a fucking spikey one”) With the dramatic music playing while he runs to Hannah is just so emotional and it is beautiful and very romantic, the most romantic scene ever in Girls. He is there for her. He cares for her. He loves her. “I was always here”.

By season 3 end, Sackler’s acting career turned into his new addiction. Hannah panics at some people warning her of how Adam is going to change with his new career instead of just trusting him and seeing how it all works out. She always has had a knack for taking bad opinions and advice to heart instead of trusting a bit more in herself. She develops a codependency on Adam just when he wants some space to learn his lines and do this right. He just wants his first show on Broadway to be perfect. Of this he assured her. She has a hard time sharing Adam with his new endeavor, because not all of his attention can be on her. When she finally gets accepted into the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, Adam does berate her for telling him at the wrong time, by which he means the wrong time for him. (Although, letting him know minutes before he hits the stage of his opening night show was probably not the best.) Once again, he takes it hard, as did Jessa, which I felt was selfish of her, as she always had a knack of simply disappearing from time to time on her friends. I never really understood the whole guilt trip on Hannah for accepting school and attempting to better her career. It was at this point that I wondered why the girls even kept trying so hard to stay friends. They are not even very nice to each other. Adam and Hannah never officially break up, but seeing the sadness and loss in his eyes as she left was rough. The morning she was leaving, he couldn’t even face saying goodbye. He pretended to still be sleeping. We realized that part of him would always love her.

After trying Iowa, Hannah found she didn’t like the distance away from Adam, (not real sure why they seemed to have stopped communicating) among other factors at the school, and decided to come home, just a month later. Upon returning to her apartment, she shockingly found out that Adam had gotten a new girlfriend and Hannah didn’t even know they’d broken up! Yes, at the same time it was left sort of open ended, but it didn’t seem to have taken him anytime at all to move on. This was heart breaking, her surprise and desperation, truly a very rough episode to watch. We find that Jessa knew about it the whole time while Adam was putting Hannah’s belongings in storage. To make matters worse, she had selfishly worked at hooking Adam up with Mimi Rose simply because she wanted to get with Mimi’s ex, Ace. Some friend, eh? It was so hard watching him basically tell Hannah that he was not in love with her anymore (but we knew better) and he was “trying something out". What a nice surprise to come home to! Mimi Rose was the opposite of Hannah to the extreme, and really didn’t ‘need’ him, she liked having him around. It was a one-sided relationship for the most part, Adam’s side. It was a bad choice for him as he discovered that he does want a partner that loves and needs him a bit more than that. (But maybe not as needy as Hannah) A while after that relationship ended, Adam turns around and begs desperately with Hannah to come back to him. “I just think I was confused, and I think I made a mistake. I miss you so badly.” He tries to reach for her. With how he hurt her so deeply, the wound was still fresh. With her self-respect in full force for once, Hannah says, “I can’t do that” and stands her ground despite Adam’s pleas. He insists “yes, you can” like it should be an easy choice. Did he think she would just come running back to him? With tears in both their eyes, (and ours) it was still nice to see her hold her own and turn him down. Truly a moving scene.

I really enjoy everything about the show, it’s all brilliant, but Hannah and Adam’s relationship, is to me, quite a lot of what makes Girls the show that it is. I cried with Hannah like a baby as her bottom lip quivered in heartache and betrayal when she realized at the play that Adam and Jessa were together. When he made eye contact with her, his look said so much. There was some pain there and just so much not said. Hannah tells Tally she was probably just using Fran to get over Adam and that Adam is the only man she’s ever truly loved. (a bit of foreshadowing)  She was feeling left out and confused, “The worst part is, I miss them both. I love them both so much I don’t know who to warn about the other one.”

The end of season 5, Adam (who sure has come along way since we first met him) has like the biggest, most outrageous reaction anytime Hannah is mentioned, it’s like he is trying so, so hard to break that connection to her. He tries to turn it into hatred and blame. Then there is Jessa, who at the same time, got a guilty conscience, dredging everything back up to the surface when he is trying to forget Hannah. Jessa, who constantly over the seasons has a knack for telling other people to “grow up” but seems to not be capable of taking her own advice. She and Adam butt heads over everyday things and can’t even get through babysitting his niece. When Jessa cannot illicit his total attention away from the baby after it barfs on her and she wants Adam’s help to clean up, (in mid-season four he did call her out on being manipulative) asks her to stop, “You’re an adult. She’s a baby. Why do you need more help than a baby?“ With the tension thick, Jessa takes it out on Adam which leads to an unnecessary (but entertaining) blow-out between the two. She blames him for getting between her and Hannah (were they ever truly friends?) and basically spells out their doomed relationship: “I’m a hateable kind of person. I don’t know why, I can’t help it, but I know, I know that I have principles and one thing I don’t do is steal people’s boyfriends. But you ruin that. Don’t you see that?! I’ll never forgive you. I will NEVER forgive you for that. We could die in the same bed and I will never forgive you!” I really don’t think there is any coming back from that, at least nothing long term anyway.

Hannah did show some growth with her story at The Moth Story Slam. She admitted, “I’m Hannah forever. No matter what I do. No matter whether I start a nuclear crisis with my emotions or if just sit back and chill and give someone a fruit basket. I can only control the mayhem that I create around me.” she told the room, explaining the note she left outside of Jessa and Adam’s door that read, “Good luck. I mean that sincerely. In perpetuity, Hannah.” However, she heard them fighting and was relieved to not be inside there. “I heard screaming and I heard my name and I heard madness. And I knew that I was free. At least for tonight.” she says. Hard to keep a dry eye. This was a huge step for her. When it comes to Hannah and Adam, I don’t think I have cried or felt more emotionally attached to fictional characters in all my life. (and I don’t think Frankie Valli has ever made me cry before).

In the season 6 opener, we do see a more thoughtful Hannah. We learn that the New York Times had her write her story to be published in their Modern Love column. She appears to still not be holding a grudge, but the same cannot be said about Jessa, (for some reason) as she refuses to read Hannah’s column. Adam on the other hand, read it with deep interest with a bit of a hurt expression on his face. Seeing their story in print did mean something as I think he realized some truths. (It’s the only time we see him looking serious, about anything, in the episode.)

Hannah still doesn’t seem entirely satisfied with her life, but she is on a new assignment away from NYC, where she becomes open and more relaxed. She is still silly, entertaining, awkward Hannah getting drunk on the dance floor, spilling drinks all over herself, pointing at the surf instructor/rapper and proclaiming “I know him! He’s my surf teacher! I’m gonna fuck him!” (a favorite moment and why we love her) She was able to forgo some of her usual rage impulses even after Paul-Louis admitted to having an open-relationship girlfriend. This was really a change in attitude, she was not happy about it but I think she did learn from Paul-Louis maybe something to think about:  “It’s so much easier to love something than to hate it, don’t you think? Love is the easiest thing in the world. Hate takes energy, loves makes vibes.”

We find Adam in an opposite situation. It seems he and Jessa decided to stay together, even as that means that they have been seemingly estranged from the rest of the group of friends. They are holed up in the apartment not even having the decency to get dressed when Ray comes over, or to answer a text, and they are just being obnoxious. Ray said why he didn’t want to go in there: “its repulsive” and “smells like they are always reheating fish”. (Are they doing drugs?) Not quite sure what is wrong with them. Kind of seems like Adam took a few steps backward. So, I am guessing he still has some emotional growing to do, which I am sure, will work it’s way out over the season.

Lena recently said “The show’s never been about that traditional connection, where it’s four best friends who just can’t get enough of each other. So to do a traditional everybody-gets-their-happy-ending finale didn’t feel right. At the same time, we wanted people to have the satisfaction of closure. I think we found kind of a creative way to do that. We’ll see if other people feel the same way.”  If she did feel that Adam and Jessa could make it, then they will. (However, eventually they would kill each other and we all know it’s only a matter of time before the next battle) Maybe no one “ends up” with anyone. Maybe Hannah does find the right man for her and it is not Adam. Perhaps Hannah doesn’t need or want a boyfriend for right now. Hannah and Jessa could rekindle their friendship and it doesn’t include any man between them or maybe this time their friendship is beyond repair. Adam could land a killer theater gig or movie role out of the state or country. All I know is how I feel, and for myself, after all the emotions and all the tears I have shared with Hannah and Adam, and with all that build up, shared history, and connection they seem to have, it’s just a lot of time spent on their story if they don’t figure it out.

My husband recently pointed out that Hannah shouldn’t get back with Adam, she deserves better, “Adam has been a dick.” Yes, he has and yes, he can be. “They have been abusing the shit out of each other for years,” Lena has said of unexpected support of Hannah and Adam as an OTP. Its been messy, sure, but people grow. Maybe they give it a try and are forced to come to terms that they would be heading down the same path and eventually keep hurting each other, making the difficult, yet, adult decision that they can’t be together. I am really leaning towards the no one ends up with anyone route. If not as a couple, I like to think that they will at least remain something to each other.

Anyway, I am pretty confident the love is still there in some form or another. To me that is partly what this show has been about. After everything they have been through, deep down inside, I will always feel they should finally be together…and happily ever after.

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Greetings! Can I request a polyamourous fic with Josh (Dun) and Tyler (Joseph). One where one of the boys friends doesn't agree with their relationship and basically throws h8 to the reader. And the Bois be all cute and swizzle. Have a nice night! (Or day)

“How did you three meet?” The interviewer asks. You all share a look and you pulls the microphone toward your lips.

“At one point, me and Tyler were addicted to World Of Warcraft,” you start, both the boys laugh at your response, “and one day, we both found a lonely elf named-”

“Jishwelf,” Tyler finishs. Both you and Josh chuckle at his name choice, and roll with it.

“Yeah, Jishwelf. And, uh, one day, Jishwelf asked if we could all go on a quest together, and me and Tyler were like, ‘nah man, you’re way too weak.’”

“He then asked us to train him,” Tyler says.

“Were you no good at that game, Josh?” The interviewer asks.

“I was not,” Josh laughs.

“That’s an under statement,” you say, “we trained him for 5 weeks just so we could defeat the weakest boss. There was no montage, and if there was, it’d be the longest montage ever.”

“After we defeated the boss, we all sang We Are The Champions, and I realized how good these two are at singing, so I was like hey, let’s be in a band.” Josh finishes the story.

“Best day of my life,” you say.

“Oh really? What about the day all of you announced your relationship?” The interviewer asks. You don’t believe she does it out of ill intent, but it caught all three of you off guard.

“That day is probably the day I was most disappointed in our fans,” Josh says. Tyler nods his head, and you stay quiet, “we were getting death threats, told we should stop doing what we love, and people kept saying ‘unstan’, which I have learned means like, not listening to us anymore?”

“Yeah,” you say, “I would’ve thought they’d be more open, because as I’ve come to realize, a lot of our fans are in the lgbt community.”

“How many times have we had people come out to their friends as they’re getting their picture taken with us?” Tyler says, incredulously.

“A lot,” you and Josh both say.

“We’re just, you know, happy, and no amount of people, I’m sorry was it called ‘unstanning’? No matter the amount of that, we’re still gonna make music, and we’re still gonna be dating,” Tyler explains.

“By the way, next date night, do you guys wanna go to Chipotle?” Josh asks. You wrinkle your nose in distaste.

“I’m burned out on Chipotle,” you say.

Both of the boys look at you with disgust on their faces. “It’s like we don’t even know you!” Tyler exclaims.

“We can get taco bell,” you chuckle, “we’ve eaten enough Chipotle to last us a life time!”

“I guess that’s a good compromise,” Josh says into his microphone.

“Well, thank you Twenty One Pilots for joining us today,” the interviewer says, “I hope you know I still love you guys and now that you’re public, the shippers can go wild.”

All three of you shake your head, chuckling.

“Thanks for having us,” you say.

“And thanks for letting us plan date night right at the end,” Josh says. All four of you chuckle. Once the camera is off the interviewer stands up and holds out her hand.

“I have never seen a group with this much chemistry,” she says, “it’s truly an honour to meet you and know that you’re so happy.”

You tear up and pull her in for a hug, “girl, you’re making me cry off my eyeliner!” You say. Josh and Tyler laugh and come in for a group hug.

“Ok, now we actually have to go, we can’t be late to our own show,” Tyler says. You four separate and as you, Tyler, and Josh walk out, you wave at the interviewer.

“It’s nice to know at least one fan understands,” you whisper to Josh, taking his hand in yours. You see he is holding Tylers hand in his other and smile.

“Why is it called unstanning?”

[Translation] 100% SKE48 vol.1 Kitagawa Ryoha x Azuma Rion

Man, things change real fast since 100%SKE vol.1!!

Never thought I would post this while Rion will graduate soon….well, who would have known at the time of this interview, Rion already had ‘graduation’ in her mind. Anyways, we all know how much she loves Hokkaido and we wish her all the best.

Also for Ryoha, who would have thought she will become Team S leader.
Kids grow.

I think SKE situation right now is great, way better than the time of this interview. It may be too late to post these interviews, but I will keep posting.
So…enjoy reading!!

Since SKE48’s 6th gen debut, 3 years already have passed.

Seniors have graduated one after another. “UhaRion” is being seen as group’s representative.

With confusion, both of them are struggling to grow in Nagoya. How are they nowadays?

Now, the sun is rising.

Nippon Budokan was shaken
We want to see that scene from 4 years ago, again.


Words from Sae-san

- At first, we thought that if Rion got driving license, we would arrange scenic road trip while interviewing and Ryoha sits on front passenger seat.

Uha: I would like to! How is it going?

Rion: Almost final test.

Uha: How do you feel?

Rion: Not bad. I want to get driving license quickly so that I could go on a scenic drive. Well, just like you mentioned, let’s go to Hokkaido!

Uha: A scenic trip in Hokkaido? Let’s go, let’s go!

- I didn’t even agree with you *laugh*

Rion: it must be fun. I will take you to Coach&Four (giant department store in Hokkaido)

- That’s the department store which Rion is the presenter, right? We would like to go but our budget is kind of…

Uha: (not listening) I want to go to Rion’s favorite Sushi restaurant!

Rion: Alright! Let’s go to Hokkaido next time!

- Though you guys already agreed but I haven’t said “um” yet *laugh* that aside, how’s your driving skill?

Rion: I’m good.

 - Really!? As I saw videos that Aichi Toyota uploaded, you often drove up on wayside.

Rion: That’s the past! Now, I can drive on highway easily.

Uha: You’re great!

- She’s not that great! *laugh*

Rion: Before getting on the car, I was nervous but now, I’m okay.

Uha: Take me, too!

Rion: Right, want to go to Nagashima (spaland)? (theme park that Team S when to shoot “Kanojo ga iru” MV)

Uha: Let’s go!!

- We should back to the topic *laugh* This interview will be published in BUBKA special issue. For regular issue, the cover is Miyazawa Sae.

Uha: I know! She’s cute! Superb!

- thank you *laugh* In few hours, you will be performing (Sae’s) graduation stage. How do you feel?

Uha: I still can’t believe it. Though I realized it’s the truth but once I think that we will never be on stage together anymore, will never take photos together anymore, it feels unbelievable.

Rion: That’s right. When Sae-san came to SKE48 2 years ago, it was also unbelievable. Yesterday, I was thinking about the present for Sae-san so I talked with Futamura Haruka-san. We finally decided to bake a cake. We made it all night long. We will surprise her after stage ends. It looks like this (show the picture in her phone)

- Oh! There’s “SAE” and “LOVE”! Rion did that much for Sae-san, how about Ryoha who admires her the most?

Uha: I made graduation photo album with Takeuchi Mai-san. We made it till 5 am! So now, I’m sleepy.

- Sorry that we interview you at the time like this.

Uha: Because it’s all handmade. We need to glue the photos. We will give it to her during stage or maybe, at the end of stage.

- For Sae-san, these things are full of LOVE. Today, you must be crying?

Uha: I’m not going to. I don’t think I will. I already passed that sad period. None!

- You’re into “Zen” aspect now? (t/n: Ryoha used the word 無 which is the core word in Zen)

Rion: Ryoha will get stronger for sure. Even though, you were so sad when Sae-san announced graduation.

Uha: It’s not like that. 2 weeks before graduation concert, my condition was really bad. I even cried in handshake event.

Rion: I don’t know about this at all.

Uha: It was the first time since I entered SKE48 that cried this much. Because I didn’t want to cry in front of other members, so when I couldn’t hold it, I went to staff’s room. I cried a lot that my eyes got swollen. But I used eye drops, so no one knows it. * laugh*

- Thanks to medical innovation *laugh* even so, in graduation concert, members lined up on the passage and Sae-san had a word with everyone, right? That day, I entered everyone’s blog but I didn’t see anyone posted about those words.

Rion: Of course, not.

Uha: It’s the words I want to keep it in my heart.

- If it’s that important, then let’s reveal it the first time here.

Uha&Rion: No way!

- give me some hints

Rion: I will tell you one sentence then “tell Papa and Mama, please take care of me”

- what does it mean by that?

Rion: It’s unimportant part so I can tell you fufufufu

Uha: I will not tell no matter what.

- You won’t…ah…despite this is special issue…(intentionally exaggerate)

Uha: Then, I will give you some hints. She said “take care of yourself” She always told me “Ryoha, you pretend to be strong too much, it would be good if you discuss with adults more” I think that’s what it means.

Rion: Ryoha is the type that wouldn’t say what’s in her mind out loud.

- I see. Then, it means you should reply on them more?

Rion: You want to know more?

- Yes! Yes!

Rion: Sae-san sent LINE message to me.

Uha: (looks jealous) you’re lying! When? When did she send? Why? Is that Sae-san?

Rion: On the day of concert, I sent her thank you message, so she replied back. Let me read it from LINE.

- *clap* we’re waiting!

Rion: “Rii-san, country mom cookies were delicious! It’s more delicious than buying from shop! Thank you. These 2 days concert, thanks for hard work. You are pretty and cute and also looks mysterious. I want to be like that, too. But sometimes, I think it’s regrettable. If only Rion realized these strengths, you would be stronger than you are now. I’m waiting to see it. Anyways, Mar.31 the last day, please take care of me.” That day, I baked cookies for her. She replied me like that.

Uha: (jealousy x2 )

- Ryoha is jealous. You can tell from her face *laugh*

Uha: It’s not like that. I just think that she’s great. Sae-san, she’s kind to everyone. That’s why I like her!

Rion: I read the message from my LINE. Then, shooting in Hokkaido, please take care of us.

- we didn’t agree on that…

The real me and the new me

- Sae-san said “regrettable” what do you think made her say that?

Rion: I know it. People mostly see me as introvert person, not motivated, also looks boring. A moment ago, I saw myself in monitor, I felt that “this is actually what everyone has told me!” I’m not a cheerful person. It’s even worse with my soft voice. But because of Sae-san, I became more cheerful. I got influenced by her cheerfulness.

- Thanks to Sae-san, right?

Rion: Yes. I’m quite a shy person, I don’t get close to people easily. But, I think I understand now that socializing is a job. Sae-san taught me that. That said, Ryoha is also like me.

Uha: Eh? ‘regrettable’? I never heard people saying that.

Rion: It must be. * laugh*

Uha: So weird. But I can get along with people now, there’s nothing like that.

- Get along now *laugh* Then, I would like to raise a topic here. When Ryoha is with Matsumoto Chikako, you seem to be a totally different person.  

 Rion: I think so, too.

Uha: Different person…yes *laugh* I love playing pranks when I’m with members. Before I entered SKE48, I also got scolded in class often. In fact, that’s how I am. However, after I entered SKE48, I think more seriously. I think I have to do things with caution, so I might seem to be quiet. The real me is when I’m with Chikako.

Rion: When these two are together, I couldn’t catch up with them.

Uha: We’re just fooling around *laugh* moreover, since Sae-san graduated, no one initiates fun atmosphere in changing room. From now on, leave it to me and Chikako!

Rion: Okay! Then, Chikako becoming Team S vice leader can also imply about this. Chikako and Sae-san have something in common.

Uha: They have a lot in common.

Rion: They are kind of weird.

- With Chikako-san, from my point of view, you two (Chikako and Rion) are not that close.

Uha: She calls Rion “Namara! Namara!” (Namara in Hokkaido means “very” or “great”)

Rion: Yeah. That’s how Chikako say hi to me *laugh*

- So, she’s like that. We would like to interview her, too. Anyways, since Sae-san graduated, does atmosphere in the team change?

Rion: (Sae-san) didn’t attend theater stage often, it may not change much.

Uha: But it’s not about team. It’s the group that’s not the same. There are things that only Sae-san can do. Sae-san always conveys member’s opinion to staff-san. If Sae-san says, members would agree. If you ask me who would take over this responsibility, it would be (Saito) Makiko-san.

- How’s Makiko-san, the new captain?

Rion: She has interpersonal skills. She’s good at getting along with people.

Uha: She made friend with AKB48-san, too.

Rion: I was in the same dorm with her for a while. She’s a senior who is easy to talk to, suitable to be captain.

Uha: Really suitable!

Rion: Sometimes, being responsible as captain can make you worried, right? But members like Makiko-san. We want to support her.

Uha: Ryoha, too!

Rising above crisis

- Let’s change the topic here. What kind of situation you think SKE48 is in right now?

Rion: We have just risen from the biggest crisis.

Uha: Ryoha also think like that!

Uha & Rion: Yeah! *Hi five*

- How’s that feeling coming from?

Rion: Recently, our program in LINE live had 8 hundred thousand views.

Uha: So happy!

Rion: That’s not total views, it’s net views. Moreover, BUBKA still hasn’t publish this issue yet. Thank you so much.

Uha: And ESCA!

 - department store in Nagoya subway station’s campaign that SKE48 was chosen as presenter since April, right?

Uha: It’s a grand campaign. We can proclaim that this is “SKE48 of Nagoya”

Rion: And then, we got more appearance on magazines. I was also chosen to be on cover.

Uha: That’s right. More appearance on magazines.

Rion: Around 1 year ago, photoshoots for magazine unexpectedly decreased. But now, I have no time to break.

 - Then, As Rion mentioned a moment ago “the biggest crisis”, when was it?

Rion: during “Koppu no naka no komorebi” in autumn last year.

Uha: That’s right.

Rion: In other words, it was after (Matsui) Rena-san graduated. And there was a time when I felt bad, it was “Bukiyou Taiyou” in summer last year.

 - It was after Nagoya Dome, right?

 Uha: I remember that I felt the gap between “Mirai to wa?” and “Bukiyou Taiyou”

Rion: But now, I feel that we are heading in a good way.

 - Why is that?

Rion: I also don’t know why but members are all trying their best, right? Staff-san are also trying their best somewhere that we can’t see.

Uha: Exactly. Everyone knows well that if it continues like this, it wouldn’t be good. Whenever SKE48 unified as one, we have great power. This point, we would never lose.

Determined and reluctant general election

- Last question is general election.

Rion: You would certainly ask this *laugh* Actually, I was reluctant to participate this year.

- Eh? Why?

Rion: Last year, my goal was “to get ranked” and I achieved it. (61st Rank) I think there must be people who were exhausted getting it for me. However, general election also has its advantages. I got a lot works since I ranked last year.

- Do you see new fans coming at handshake events?

Rion: Yes. That’s because I got more media exposure. I appeared on TV because of my piano skill. I was quite outstanding in “konya wa otomari” Fans came to tell me that “I watched that, too”

- How about Ryoha?

Uha: I was thinking about it till the last minute. I decided not to participate before that. If I weren’t get ranked or my rank drops, people may say “This is as far as Kitagawa Ryoha can go” I don’t want it to be that way.

Rion: Um. I was also worried about that.

- However, you chose to participate in the end. Even though you have various opinions about general election, but you can’t refuse the fact that for this world “AKB48 = general election”

Uha: I know.

- For example, when people unintentionally watch morning news, and reporter reports the news about AKB48 that has SKE48 in it. This is very important, right? Or for example, when they report about “SKE48 is the no.1 group” this kind of news can reach people easily.

Rion: I also think it’s important.

- Maybe, general election is the best opportunity to spread SKE48 reputation. Though singles and Music programs are important but SKE48 in general election is strong.

Rion: That’s true.

- Sorry for talking too much. You both aim at Undergirls, right?

Uha & Rion: Yes.

Uha: In the past, they only announced 40 ranks, right? So, if I couldn’t rank higher than that, I’m not satisfied.

Rion: Higher rank is my goal. But I still don’t have confidence to say Senbatsu. Undergirls is also high. Anyways, the higher I set my goal, the harder I try.

- General election 4 years ago, a lot of Undergirls came from SKE48. It made Nippon Budokan shaken. If you can do it again, it would be great.

Rion: I also want to see that scene. *laugh*

- Well, at this time last year, we also had an interview with both of you. Compared to that time, we think you two really have grown stronger.

Uha: Really?

- We really think like that. When we interview Sae-san, she said “I would like to tell members who think that you can’t take this anymore. I’ve gone over the slump 3 times already, I understand how you feel but I got through it.” If you could get through these obstacles, you would be stronger, right?

Uha: I already got through it! I tried again and again.

- Ryoha-san, when you were Kenkyusei, you got through the test to be Under in Team S.

Uha: That’s right. I went through the state that I have to carry. If it were school, I wouldn’t do it. I would say “I’m quit” but this is not school but it’s the world I chose to enter with my own will. If I escape, it will be over.

- You are stronger now. How about Rion-san?

Rion: I never went through something like that. But from now, there will be. The practice for AKB49 is starting.

Uha: Do your best *laugh* I went through it last year. Though I can’t say ‘do your best’ confidently but I really was doing my best that time.

- The main character Urakawa Minoru / Minori is a very important role.

Rion: I got this role in place of (Shibata) Aya-san. In fact, I already said once that “I can’t do it” but I think that try doing something great is also a great opportunity. The practice hasn’t started yet, but  I almost crumble. It’s like needles piercing through my heart.

Uha: I will support you! I will also go to see you practice.

- It will be okay, if you could get through it…

Rion: I would get the photoshoot in Hokkaido, right?

- I didn’t say that at all *laugh*

sarah manning has literally struggled and fought for the entirety of the orphan black series. she’s probably spent more time crying than smiling and more time running than actually sitting still. she doesn’t deserve the “bittersweet” ending or whatever bullshit they’ve been spewing out during interviews about the final season.

and, also? it’s pride month. i’m just gonna go ahead and say that it’ll be homophobic if they dare give my bisexual punk rock lioness a “bittersweet” ending. let sarah manning finish the season smiling and surrounded by her family.

And Don’t Tell Me What To Say

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

I woke with a start. The sun was shinning brightly through the thin white curtains that covered my bedroom window, and I heard a bus roll past my building. The bus didn’t stop at my corner until 8:30, so I never heard it during the week because I was already on my way to work, which could only mean…I was late. Again.

I was always thankful for a Friday because it meant a night—well, weekend really—of debauchery lie ahead of me, but I was especially thankful today. Friday’s were casual at the office, and I took full advantage of the word casual in my haste to get ready this morning. I pulled a pair of jeans out of a pile of clothes on the floor and a black jumper out of an open, disheveled drawer. I really needed to tidy up my flat. I couldn’t find a second sock, so I just said sod it and slipped on my beat up trainers without socks. My feet would be rotten later, but I didn’t have time to keep searching. I grabbed my coat and headed out the door without my keys or phone, so I had to turn back around to get both before scrambling out again.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the window on the tube. Not only did I feel like a mess, but I bloody looked it too. My hair was frizzy and my eyes were puffy. Unlike the night before, I slept hard through the night. As soon as I’d given up on receiving a text from Harry, naughty or otherwise, and my eyes closed they didn’t open until my internal clock sent a shock through my system telling me to wake the fuck up! My body was stiff from being in the same position all night, and I knew I’d grow more tired as the day grew long. If I wasn’t careful, I’d fall asleep and miss my stop, so I pulled out my phone to keep me occupied.

I was nearly sick when I saw his name on my screen and quickly pushed the button to dim it. I looked around nervously, as if the other passengers could see who texted me and what words I hoped—god, I hoped—he’d written to me. My heart fluttered as I imagined the dirty words that could have possibly come from his keyboard to my screen. I hoped it had something to do with wanting his beautiful, angelic face between my legs while his strong arms cradled my thighs, holding me open for him to lap me up.

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It’s been nearly a decade since Schwartz and Savage made the decision to kill off Marissa, and it’s a fate they still replay in their heads. “There was a whole bunch of reasons that went into that decision, some of which were creative and some of which were practical,” Schwartz said. The 39-year-old father feels differently now.

“I’m a dad since we made the show, and that idea of letting her come full circle and have some kind of salvation or closure resonates with me now,” he said. “It was hard. It was hard to end the series and not have her be a part of it, too.”

“There were weeks and weeks that I spent crying over fan art that had been created,” Savage added.

—  Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage on Marissa’s death (x)
The wheels on the bus (Part 1)

@marvelfanlife​: It’s me again could I request another hotch x reader where the reader is Hotch’s daughter and if you seen season 8 episode 8 the wheels on the bus she is the also one of the students who is on the bus and when hotch arrives at the school he sees her picture on the board on the kids who were in the bus he panics and when he gets interviewed by Rossi he shouts and starts to cry and he also got into an argument with her before school and they find them and he hugs and says he’s sorry.

A/N: I had to make this a two part fic because of all the fluff I have planned for the end!

Originally posted by hotchnerlover

Hotch strutted into Central High School, the rest of the team following closely behind the determined man.

“24 of our students have been taken, along with the bus and driver but the GPS has been disabled.” A large, formal officer explained as he led them into a classroom on the left of the narrow corridor. As they entered the room, a large board drew the teams attention. Various images of the missing students plastered on the board.

Before properly paying attention to the images, Aaron stood outside od the located classroom, dialing his daughter for the fourth time that morning. In response, the engaged tone pierced his ears as David met him outside with a concerned expression.

“You’ll want to see this,” He muttered, leading Aaron into the classroom. Aaron quickly scanned over his teams worried expressions as their eyes burned into one image in particular. Aaron’s eyebrows furrowed as he located the picture they were inspecting.

“No, no, no, no.” Aaron whispered in panic, instantly pulling the image of his teenage daughter from the board. David hesitantly placed his large hand on Aaron’s tense back. In effect, Aaron harshly pulled away from the caring man’s grip, holding the photo tightly in his hand.

“It’s not, i-it can’t,” Aaron stumbled on his words, fingers shaking around the image. His pleasing gaze met David’s who shook his head slightly.

“Aaron, you’re involved in the case. You need-” David began but Aaron incorrectly assumed the end of his sentence.

“I’m staying in this case.” Aaron commanded, eyes growing fierce as he glared at David.

“I wasn’t saying that. But you need to be questioned,” David replied softly, the rest of the team glancing at the broken man sympathetically.

“We need to find her.” Aaron pleaded, not breaking eye contact with David. Suddenly, their convosation was interrupted. The man who first walked them into the room re-entered.

“The bus and cell phones have been found but no students were on sight.” Aaron cursed under his breath as David turned to the team, scanning over the agents and doctor.

“Spencer and Alex, will you go check it out?”

“When was the last time you saw her?” David questioned, glancing at Aaron from the opposite side of the interrogation table.

“Do we really need to do this,” Aaron huffed, panic dominating his sleep-deprived face.

“We need to draw links across the students. To see if the unsub has selected the students or merely chosen at random.” David explained, Aaron took a deep breath, closing his eyes briefly.

“We had an argument this morning, about how I’m always on cases. Then I got called onto this case before I see her off to school.” Aaron expanded calmly. David nodded slightly, sympathy possessing his deep eyes.

“Did she do anything before you left that expressed anything other than the argument?” David continued, observing Aaron’s saddened expression.

“Just what she usually does. Every time I go out she hugs me and tells me to come back safe. Even though we didn’t sort out the argument.” Aaron’s voice softened, smiling slightly before reality kicked his train of thought. Tears prickles deep eyes.

“I can’t lose her.” Aaron trembled, laying his red face in his hands as he began to cry silently. While he was infatuated in his own emotions, he didn’t hear David’s phone ring. Spencer informed him of the 14 students and the gas masks that Alex has found out from one of the found students.

“They have found 14 students.” David mumbled sadly,  Aaron shot his gaze up to David but instantly caught David’s unhopeful expression. With that, Aaron stormed from his seat, hands tightly gripping at his own hair. Tears fell freely from his panicked face. Desperate to find his little girl, he nipped David’s phone from his hand, quickly calling Garcia and putting her on speaker.

“You got anything?” He immediately rushed as he heard her joyous voice, fists shaking as he held his weight on the table.

“No, sir. I only have what I’m assuming Reid told you.” Garcia inputted, fingers rattling against her keyboard.

“Hold on, I think I have something.” David announced as he began to breakdown the principle of a recent video game, ‘Gods of Combat’.

“In order to replicate the game, our unsub needs 5 players and the one with the largest body count wins. Which means there must be two unsubs competing against one another.”

“Our unsubs are teenagers?” Aaron speculated, rushing over to the attendance records beside the board.

“All students on the bus were in the same class. Garcia, crosscheck people in Y/N’s class and those who play the game competitively against one another.” David ordered, hearing Garcia’s flingers fire away at her keyboard.

“I got it. Brothers: Matthew and Josh. I’ll track down their cells and gamer tags now.” Garcia chirped, shutting off the call.


Please Don’t Cry (JB Fluff)

Request: hi! can I request for a scenario where you and jaebum are dating, he decided to play a prank on you with got7 members but ended up making you cry and he ended up comforting you? :) - anon

Summary: They boys prank you by saying you need to break up with Jaebum because he’s getting distracted, and they felt extremely bad after. All of the boys, especially Jaebum, comfort you.

Genre: Sad, fluffy ending (?), happy ending (:

Word count: 1.9K

Note: Remember that requests are open! Do hit me up if you want anything heheeh. Thank you anon frand for being my first request, hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by iconicgot7

“Y/N?” Jaebum’s soft voice followed through the receiver.

“Jaebum, it’s literally the ass crack of dawn, what’s wrong?” You grumbled, grumpy that you were awoken from your much needed sleep.

You had been dating Jaebum for a while now, having been lucky that his fans and company were approving of your relationship. He had just came back from Macau less than 24 hours ago, where he completed the tours for Fly. You hadn’t had the opportunity to meet him in person. And had sure missed him, but at this point in time, you were tired and confused.

You heard some mumbling before he answered you with a simple, “Come down to the company at 9am later, it’s very important.” His tone was off, sounding upset and angry.

“Is everything okay?” You questioned, now fully awake and alarmed. 

He was silent for a moment before he mumbled, “Not really." 

He had left no room for you to question him before he mumbled a quick good bye without saying "I love you”, which made you even more scared because he had always said it to you. As the sun rose, you sat in your bed, dazed and confused at the situation. It didn’t seem like it was going to be good news at all, which made you anxious as you thought through what could happen.

You had decided to message Jinyoung to find out what had got Jaebum acting so strange. Texting Jinyoung a simple greeting, you went on to ask what was going on over there. He read your text and was typing back, replying with just a sad face. 

“What the fuck.” You mumbled to yourself. 

That’s exactly what you typed back to Jinyoung, who had in turn seen your message and left you hanging. Even after your consistent spams of texts, he wouldn’t reply. You even tried to call him but he wouldn’t pick up.

Now at this point you knew it was bad, Jinyoung would usually text you with just emojis because he didn’t want to spend time typing out a message, but now he sent a sad face, something he had never used in the long time you’ve known him.

Deciding to give up on Jinyoung, you moved on to Mark, messaging him and asking him what was wrong with Jaebum. This time you received a text with words, words you absolutely didn’t want to see. ‘I’m so sorry Y/N.‘ 

It was bad. Something bad was going to happen. You pressed for more details but Mark did the exact same thing as Jinyoung, not replying to your calls or texts. 

You checked the time and saw that you would need to start getting ready to go over. With a heavy heart, you went to wash up and change. The journey to the company was made worse as your mind started to wander. What was so bad that you had to travel down to his company? Was he going to quit? Did he need to fake date someone? All you knew was that you had to be mentally prepared for what was to come.

The moment you reach his company, you call him. Instead of picking up, he declined your call and texted you directions. Your foot steps were heavy as you approached what seemed to be a conference room. You heard people speaking, recognizing most of the voices to be the boys’.

You knock on the glass door before entering the completely silent room, all eyes were on you as you awkwardly stood by the door. You scanned the room, seeing that all GOT7 members were in attendance and that their managers were all there. The boys’ manager motioned for you to sit at the head of the table, which you did with caution. 

“Y/N, we asked you here today because we needed to tell you something.” Their manager started off.

Jaebum had taken a deep breath before he said, “I need to break up with you." 

Everything stopped for a moment, you were sure you heard that wrong.

"What?” You questioned, confused.

“I need to break up with you.” He repeated, looking straight at you.

“Y/N… Jaebum has been distracted lately and we think it’s because of you.” Jackson tells you, looking down as he fiddled with his thumbs. 

You couldn’t believe what was happening. You instantly felt your heart break as tears started to well up in your eyes. 

“Wait…” You mumbled, still lost.

“We think it’s best for him if he breaks up with you. He still needs to prepare for the next comeback.” BamBam says, looking down.

You understood why you had to break up with Jaebum, but you were being overcome by emotions. Sadness was pouring through you as you sat in that chair. You looked down at your lap and played with your hands as you were quietly shedding tears, thinking of what to tell them. You couldn’t just refuse to breakup, you were the cause of the problem and you were ruining Jaebum’s and GOT7’s career.

With a sniffle, you look up again and say to no one in particular, “Alright." The crack in your voice was evident that it was definitely not alright. "If it’s for GOT7 I’m okay with anything.” You continued softly, your voice unstable.

There was a long silence before the manager replied with a simple, “Okay.”

You didn’t know what else to do, so you sat in that chair for a bit with your head down, rubbing off your tears that didn’t stop flowing. On the bright side, you made a good choice with waterproof eyeliner. 

“Y/N.” Someone said, right next to you.

You look up and saw Jaebum with a box of tissues, which made the tears flow faster. You let out a shaky breath, taking the box from him without making eye contact. You hadn’t noticed, but the boys had all stood up and were crowding around you.

Before you could ask them what they were going to do, Jackson had simply said, “It’s a prank.”

For the millionth time that morning, you were confused. The words processed through your mind as the boys watched your reaction.

“It’s a prank, please don’t cry.” Jaebum begged as he kneeled on the floor, holding onto your hands with so much concern in his eyes.

You were so relieved in that moment, you didn’t know how to stop crying so the tears were pouring out of your eyes like a garden hose. You were hiccupping and sobbing as Jaebum moved to hug you and rub your back.

“Please don’t cry. It’s a joke, it’s not real. I still love you.” He assured you, rubbing small circles on your back.

“Y/N we’re sorry. It was a horrible prank.” Youngjae tells you, looking at you with sad eyes.

As you slowly quietened down, you controlled your breathing and Jaebum released you from the hug. You felt a pair of arms wrap around your neck, while another wrapped around your arm. Soon, you were engulfed in a group hug by the rest of the boys who were apologizing profusely. The managers had also came over to apologize to you.

Now at this point, you had a clear view of the room, seeing that there were cameras planted everywhere. Everything was coming together. It was probably for the new season of GOT7-ing that Youngjae talked to you about. There was a camera man filming from outside, who had walked in to get a close up of the group hug.

You were okay after a few more minutes you told the boys you were fine. This was met with loud protests as they hung on tightly to you, like koalas to a tree. You told them a bunch more times that you were okay, but they didn’t let go of you, making you slightly happy that they cared for you. 

It wasn’t until Jaebum pried them off you one by one for the interview, did they reluctantly release you from the hug. The managers directed the boys to grab a seat near you to begin filming for the wrap up interview.

“Okay well… We just pranked Y/N and I think we all deserve a slap.” Jaebum said to the camera as he held onto your hand, playing with your fingers.

“I feel so bad I didn’t know what she was going to do.” Youngjae added.

“I was genuinely shocked that she didn’t get angry. I always get angry when you guys pull a prank on me.” Yugyeom mentioned, looking at the members. 

You cleared your throat before telling them, “I think I was too confused and sad to be angry, but watch out later okay." 

They burst into giggles at your threat, the atmosphere lightening as the interview progressed. 

"I was really happy that you put us above your relationship.” BamBam told me, smiling.

“Bam, don’t say it like that. It’s like you’re saying we’re are more important than Jaebum.” Jackson joked.

“But we are.” BamBam replied, shrugging. 

Once the words came out of BamBam’s mouth, Jaebum had immediately stood up, chasing after him. They ran a good 5 minutes around the room before BamBam got caught, by that time everyone was dying laughing. They came back, BamBam’s hair a little messed up, and the interview resumed. A question was directed at you, asking what you felt about the whole prank. The camera came up to you and you had cracked a smile. 

“It was actually a good prank. They got me good. I mean, I thought I was going to have a heart attack, but it was a good prank. I was worried since 6am in the morning so I think I deserve a break now.”

The boys had laughed a bit before they started to apologize again, making you laugh.

“Okay Y/N, I’ll treat you to ice cream.” Jjnyoung told you, smiling cutely.

“I’ll treat you to beef, let’s go get lunch.” Jackson butted in, causing Jinyoung to glare at him. Dear god Jinyoung and his meat.

“How about snacks? We can go eat ramyeon now or something.” Mark offered. 

You were about to crack a joke, but Jaebum had replied to them instead. “I’m sorry but Y/N is not free today. I haven’t seen her in forever and I made her cry. It’s my job to cheer her up." 

The boys 'awh'ed loudly and held onto their chests. "Relationship goals.” Jackson stated as the rest nodded in union.

As the interview ended, the boys came up once again to apologize before you and Jaebum left for your apartment. 

“You know, it really hurt my heart seeing you cry.” Jaebum tells you, holding you tightly against his side.

“I was more concerned for GOT7 and you, I didn’t want to ruin your career.” You informed him, looking up at him. 

He stops you in your tracks, looking at you in the eyes.

“Don’t ever cry over me if I ever break up with you. Come over and hit me in the face so I can clear my head, because the day I break up with you is the day I make the worst decision of my life.” He states seriously, kissing your forehead and giving you a warm hug.

You were content being in his arms as he reassured you again and again that he loved you as he peppered kisses along your forehead and cheeks.

“I’m really lucky to have you, you’re too good for me. How’d I get you in the first place?” He mumbles, his eyes flicking down to your lips.

“I love you Y/N.” He tells you with a passionate voice and eyes full of sincerely, before he connects your lips in a sweet kiss.

Okay, hear me out. This is about Sherlock.

I know you’ve seen these theories before, but listen. This sounds dumb but put your tinfoil hat on with me for a minute, please.

I am in no way trying to compromise the validity, legitimacy, or integrity of The Final Problem. I thought it was an amazing episode. But..

People had said there were a lot of plot holes. I didn’t agree or even think about it at first but, they’re right.

- Mycroft disappears after the flat blows up. I know they said he’s in hospital because he’s in bad shape, but we never see this, or him having any type of lingering injury.

-What friends are Rosie with?

-Where did everyone in that prison go? There were a ton of people there who just suddenly weren’t.

-Unless Eurus used people that worked there to help, how did Eurus get an unconscious Sherlock and John into (I’m guessing probably a helicopter) and figure out how to fly it to exactly where she wanted to go… without getting shot?

-John was chained to the bottom of the well, and they threw him a rope.

-Again, Mycroft disappears. They say he was in Eurus’s cell, and is now in hospital, if I remember correctly. But again, we never see this.

And not only are there plot holes, there are things that just weren’t really explained, the most prominent one probably being how Molly was totally fine after being emotionally run over by a semi.

Now, recently, Moffat said in an interview, referring to how Molly was okay with that: “Surely at a certain point you have to figure out that after Sherlock escapes tells her, ‘I’m really sorry about that, it was a code, I thought your flat was about to blow up.’ And she says, ‘Oh well that’s okay then, you bastard.’ And then they go back to normal, that’s what people do.”

Um….no. That is most certainly not what people do. She was crying. She was crying when the conversation ended, and, what, the phone just hung up? Well, yes, it did, so there is absolutely no way she would hear all of that, say all of that, and then just be like.. “Yeah, alright, cool.” (Here’s the full interview: http://ew.com/tv/2017/01/16/sherlock-showrunner-season-4-finale/)

And that seems uncharacteristically cheapening for Moffat to completely blow off that scene. That scene was huge in development for both Sherlock and Molly. He helped write it, did he not? How do you miss the point of your own scene?

Answer: You don’t.

Conclusion: He’s lying.

This makes me think of Mycroft spouting slander that he didn’t mean about John Watson. I’ll explain in a moment why this is important.

A lot of this is Molly-centric, not because of Sherlolly but because of things that don’t make enough sense.

Next point. Clothes.

Remember this picture? Yeah! Remember when Sherlock wore that coat in TST? He did! But wait a minute..

When did Molly ever wear that outfit? Or have her hair like that? She never had that much fringe going on and it’s not hard to remember all of her outfits because she has so little. She had the cardigan, yes, but not the red dress.

Granted, this could all be just for the picture, but Sherlock wore that coat. Why would they take the promotional pictures with the characters in clothes they never wear?

Maybe for the same reason points get brought up that are never addressed.

“I’m worried about you Molly, you seem stressed.”

“I’m having a bad day.”

Both of those lines point to some underlying issue in Molly’s life that the audience is never let in on. That seems like something that would be resolved or at least explained by the end of the last episode but no.
Was Molly just having a bad day because she was stressed and taking care of Rosie? Could be, except that if Rosamund was at Molly’s flat, John would have mentioned that when they were told her flat was going to blow up.
We have no idea what was wrong with Molly.

These are some of the plot points that don’t make sense in the final episode. Then, of course there are some physical questionmarks that have arisen. Part 2.

Okay, you’ve heard people talk about “Apple Tree Hill,” if I remember the title correctly. What they said was that this is a show that says it has four episodes in the series, but only one is airing. This happens this coming Sunday, January 22nd. Yes, that’s a little odd, but whatever, right?

Well, I had also heard somebody mention that The Final Problem took twice as long to film as TST and TLD. I can’t cite or prove that, but I did hear it, and saw it confirmed by someone else. Again, okay, it was an intense episode, sure it took a long time to film.

Then there’s my favorite, because I’m rather proud to have noticed this on my own.

Sherlock Season 4 is available to buy and download on iTunes and Amazon, but only online. The physical DVD copy of the season is not released from Amazon to be ordered until next Tuesday, January 24th. Why wouldn’t they release it now, since the episodes are over? Stay tuned for the explanation.

So I said I’d explain why I think Moffat was lying. He was asked why we didn’t see any resolution of the “I love you” scene, and how Molly was feeling afterwards. He gave a bizarre answer because he knows the answer. He knows it for a fact, because they filmed it.

The DVD is not going to be released until the 24th so that it can include the last episode. More episodes can be bought and downloaded online, but DVD’s can’t be updated. So, it has to be held until next week.

Because there is a fourth episode. You knew where this was going.
Amanda said something along the lines of, “If we pull this off, it’ll be amazing.”
If they air a secret fourth episode, that will be “television history.”Now, we never want to get our hopes up. Remember, hope for the best but prepare for the worst (and the worst isn’t even really bad). When I first heard people talking about a fourth episode, I thought it was just people grasping at straws because their ship didn’t become canon. But now that I think about it, a lot seems to fall into line. After all, “people always stop looking after 3.”

UPDATE/DISCLAIMER: I ship sherlolly, whole-heartedly, unconditionally, and I ship nothing else. I loved their scene, I don’t think it was an assault on Molly’s character development, and I loved The Final Problem. I’m just saying that there is a possibility that this is all more amazing than we could have ever hoped for. ❤

Wounds of the Heart part 2

Eva’s hands were shaking. Chris had been in surgery for nearly three hours. She still wasn’t over it, what it had felt like to feel his hand go limp in hers. She had screamed for what felt like hours, shaking him and yelling his name. By the time the paramedics had arrived she had been sobbing into his chest. They had had to pry her off him all the while she begged for them to let her go. They had been able to resinate him once, and in that one moment some of the weight on her chest lifted. But by the time they had loaded him into the ambulance he had crashed again and her sobs returned. And every time they tried to bring him back, every time she saw his chest jerk only to fall again, her sobs grew louder and more heart wrenching.
It had taken them ten minutes to get to a hospital. Eva had to admire the paramedics, doctors and nurses that worked in St. Catherine’s Hospital. They moved with a sense of quickness and determination, one she could never muster. Each life mattered to them, and they fought like hell to save every person that entered their doors.
“Mam you need to stay back.” A nurse had grabbed her and stopped her from following Chris into surgery.
“No I can’t leave him.” She sounded pathetic, and she was sure she looked it to. Her hair was out of place from sleeping and she was still in her pajamas.
“I understand, but you have to trust that those doctors are going to do everything they can to help him.” The nurses voice was soothing, similar to a mothers calming a hysterical child that had fallen off the playground. Eva nodded her head. “Okay now come with me, I have some questions to ask.”
Eva had answered everyone of the nurses questions, and when the police had arrived she answered every single one of theirs as well. The questions had started out simple, with things like his name and if he had any family in the area. She had been able to answer those. Then more serious questions like how Chris had wound up with six stab wounds in his chest, and multiple bruises all over his body. She hadn’t been able to answer those and had instead begun crying. Her interview had ended with the reassurance that she had done everything she could and a cup of coffee to drink while she sat in the waiting room.
Eva had been sitting there for an hour when Chris’ mother had barged in. Eva recognized her immediately from her wild brown hair and happy happy burger waitress uniform. The woman began yelling, demanding to know where her son was. The nurse at reception was trying to find out, but Maeve Schistad had no patience to spare.
“Ms. Schistad!” Eva yelled, and the woman turned to look at her. Abandoning the desk at reception, she made her way over to Eva and wrapped her arms around the girl. This would have been easier if it hadn’t been for the small child in the older woman’s arms. Ida Schistad looked exhausted, and very very confused. Her long brown hair was split into braids and there was a red spot on her cheek from she had been resting against her mothers neck.
“What happened? Is.. is Chris okay?” She choked on the last part, not wanting to accept that her only son could be anything but.
“I don’t know, I’m not family so they won’t tell me anything.” Eva wiped a tear from her eyes, and pushed a piece of strawberry blonde hair behind her ears. “There’s the doctor!” She pointed to a man behind them who was deep in conversation with a nurse, both of them peering over a chart.
“Can you hold her? I’ll be right back.” Without even waiting for an answer, the older woman passed Ida over and made her way to the doctor. Ida shifted in her arms, before resting her head on Eva’s shoulder.
“Here lets sit down.” Said Eva, sitting back down in her chair, moving Ida so that the girl was now on her lap. The young girl curled up into her, tucking her legs up and pressing her face into Eva’s chest. In response the older girl wrapped her arms around Ida before placing a kiss on her forehead. She thought of Ida and Chris. How Chris adored the little girl, and spent majority of his time with her, feeding her, watching her when their mother was working or with her latest fling. How Chris drove her to dance recitals and practiced her moves with her. How he filmed them and invited Eva so he could brag about his sister was the most talented out of all the other four year olds. His loss would crush her, if she could even understand it. Chris wouldn’t die. She needed that to be true. For both their sakes.

Ladynoir Day 6: Alya Interviews

A heads up for new readers. All of my Ladynoir July stories are one story, so I suggest reading them in order for everything to make sense. Here’s a link to day one.

Ladybug still wasn’t quite sure how she managed to get herself in this situation. Somehow, she’d agreed to an interview with Alya for the Ladyblog, which was fine. Except for the part where Cat Noir had also agreed to an interview. A separate interview.

Ladybug would have no idea what that ridiculous cat was saying until the interview was already posted on the internet for all to see. Considering the scope of Alya’s readers, Ladybug felt it was more than fair for her to be concerned. Especially after their picnic dinner last night.

So, Ladybug quietly stewed, annoyed that he’d flirted then run off last night and she’d just stared after him like some lovesick schoolgirl. Which, admittedly, she was sometimes, but never for him. That look was supposed to be reserved for Adrien. When Alya finally arrived at their meeting place for the interview, Ladybug had worked herself up into a foul mood. It took some concentration to school her expression into a pleasant smile for her best friend.

“Ladybug! I’m sorry I’m late. Cat Noir had a lot to say!” Alya grinned, preparing her phone to record.

“Oh, did he?” She asked through gritted teeth and a forced smile, “Great!”

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anonymous asked:

hello! i was rewatching ep11 and.. do you think that victor failed to support yuuri or notice his anxiety? like after the kiss & cry, when yuuri must have still been quite shaken, victor just wasn't There with him, and he was so openly excited about the other performances failing to notice yuuri's state (while sara did, but yurio interrupted her attempt at reaching out), and he's usually with yuuri at the ending interview in some form but not this time (i just love hearing your yoi thoughts)

(thanks, I’m happy you like to hear them!)

Actually, I think Victor was trying to do exactly as Yuri had asked him to. And he didn’t abandon him at any time.

In episode 07 Yuri was in even worse trouble; before his competition he was looking worse and worse. Victor tried to solve that by a)getting him away from everyone b)talking and c) threatening him. The result was a mess, with Yuri becoming even worse, crying and yelling in desperation.

And one thing he yelled was:

“You don’t have to say anything. Just stand by me. Just have more faith than I do that I’ll win.”

And I do believe in ep.11 Victor was trying to do exactly that. He even had an inner monologue stating he wanted to give Yuri something, so it’s impossible to think he wasn’t focused on Yuri.

By not fretting over him, Victor was trying to show faith in Yuri. He likely feared making it clear he was worried over Yuri’s state would make Yuri think he didn’t have faith in him.

Also, it’s not as if he wasn’t there for Yuri, quite the opposite:

1) After Yuri does badly and throughout Phichit’s performance, both remain at the kiss and cry, alone and side by side. So Victor didn’t immediately abandon him. In fact, they only leave after Yurio came to kick them out of the bench

2) After that, Victor likely only left Yuri’s side when he wasn’t needed. After Yurio kicks them out of the bench, we only see them a while later: Victor is watching Agape and so is Yuri…but through a screen as he’s surrounded by reporters. And then we see him realize Victor isn’t there:

This means that Victor only left at a time where Yuri wasn’t in need of his presence. If he had needed it, he’d have noticed Victor leaving. So it’s not as if Victor left him suffering alone

The rest is under a read more to avoid making this too long on people’s dashes:

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[Translation] Matsui Jurina Interview with Bessatsu Kadokawa DIRECT 03 (Part 1/2)

Another Jurina’s interview…why only Jurina, again? Because I only found Jurina ones being translated to Chinese. I’d be happy to translate other members interviews, too.

However, I’m not sure if this is really Jurina’s interview…it’s full of Rena, Rena and Rena….XD 

It’s only part 1 here. In part 2, she also talked about upcoming members. I love how Jurina talked about them…stay tune.

For now, just go read!!

“Losing Rena”, determination to stop concurrency, then talking about new age of SKE48 as she pleases

Matsui Jurina

“Because Rena-chan graduated, SKE48 is now facing a big transition”

-          This time we make SKE48 special edition, it’s because we think that SKE48 is now facing a big transition. So, we need to interview. And of course, it must be Jurina-san.

J: I also think it’s a transition. Of course, Rena-chan graduation in August had a huge impact. For juniors, their mind also started to change because of this, like “I have to bring the group forward!!” everyone’s got fired up. Although 1st-3rd gen always have that in mind, but now even kids 4th gen and the latter also have the same mind, firing up, you can feel their momentum. “We will lead SKE48” at this level, our mind aligns.

-          I see. So, firstly, let’s look back to concert at Toyota Stadium on 29-30 Aug. On 29, it was concert with setlist that Rena-san created herself and on 30, it was Rena-san graduation concert.

J: I thought “I don’t want it to start” It’s the first time I thought like this at the time before concert started. Since rehearsal, I always thought “Is this really the last…?” felt so lonely and drown with memories. It hurts.

-          Because your continuous relationship for these 7 years ended, right. Especially, “WMatsui”, the combination of Jurina-san and Rena-san, that’s always leading SKE48.

J: Actually, I couldn’t hold my tears since rehearsal. In the concert, those lyrics echoed in my heart. Because I didn’t want Rena-chan to see my tears, so I went somewhere a bit far away to cry. Especially in “Aozora Kataomoi” second verse, it was like me and Rena-chan relationship.

-          Which one?

J: “If you ever look sad, walking with your head down. I will get depressed, too” this verse. I was sad that Rena-chan would graduate, she even came to comfort me meticulously. She said “don’t be depressed all the time like this”. Although I wanted to keep smiling but loneliness is still loneliness.

-          At the end of concert day 2, Rena-san graduation ceremony was held. How did you feel at that time?

J: The time I realized the feeling most was during rehearsal. When it really began, I couldn’t feel the reality, even couldn’t stop thinking during the ceremony that “Maybe, she will not graduate”. However, at the end of Rena-chan graduation ceremony, I was smiling.

-          Indeed. The ceremony didn’t convey any sad feeling. I think it’s because Rena-san doesn’t like that serious atmosphere.

J: When I was reading the letter that I wrote for her, I did cry out. But Rena-chan faced me with a bright smile, so it didn’t turn to a lonely atmosphere. It turned out Masana was overwhelmed by the feeling (that Rena is graduating) instead. The more we got close to the end, the more tears poured out. But, in Rena-chan’s mind, she already saw SKE48 from an audience perspective. So, I think she was certainly smiling.

-          We have interviewed many 48group members who were preparing for graduation, everyone was already set an eye on “after graduation” and found things that they wanted to do. So, “It’s not loneliness, but it’s a journey with hope”, I think like this.

J: I think Rena-chan is also like that. This graduation ceremony was the kind that Rena-chan would hope for. Received members’ regards and took another step forward. I think it (concert at Toyota stadium) was set to be like that.

-          That’s right. But Jurina-san’s letter, you spent a long time writing it, didn’t you?

J: Yeah, I spent a long time. What should I write? I got stuck for a long time. Before that when I wrote a letter for Rena-chan’s birthday, I had a lot to write and I just “let’s take this chance to write it all!” With this kind of feeling, I wrote it out in no time. But when I had to write the last letter, I couldn’t put the pen down. I wasted the whole day but still couldn’t finish it, got stuck so many days. Wrote it, then threw it away, then wrote it again…round and round.

-          “Because I want you to graduate without holding back, so I will try even more” “Now that you graduate, please keep watching SKE48” These two sentences impressed me deeply.

J: Staff told me that “It’s too long, please cut something off” I have a lot of things to tell Rena-chan, but above all “After graduate, please keep watching us” is what I wanted to tell the most.

-          About Rena-san, in the last MV “Mae no Meri”, each member expressed their feeling to her one by one, she cried there.

J: That’s right! That day we prepared farewell party for Rena-chan, the MV was made of that. Each member cried while speaking to Rena-chan, so Rena-chan also couldn’t hold her tears. I’m not sure if it’s because she aware that it’s the last MV or maybe because she felt happiness from farewell party. Maybe for Rena-chan, that day was her graduation ceremony.

“Planning a trip to hot spring with Rena-chan. Just one night is enough.”

-          After graduation, have you met Rena-san yet?

J: We already met! 3 persons together with Masana, we went to a café in Nagoya. Fortunately, while I was having a meal with Masana in Nagoya, some fans left messages in 755 that “Rena-chan is in Nagoya, attending an event.” I contacted her, but she replied that she needed to go back to Tokyo that day. However, Masana said “let’s just have some tea” simply invited her to come. We were together for around 2 hours. We three had a girl talk. *laugh*

-          Like “You already have a boyfriend?”

J: Like “You have friends?”

-          I see *laugh* Rena-san is kinda shy to strangers, right. Did she keep watching SKE48?

J: “Is everyone doing well?” or “the next single…” kind of like that, of course, she still concerns about us. But, because I hadn’t met her for 2 months, I got nervous. This could be the first time, because in these 7 years, we have never been away from each other this long, I couldn’t help feeling a bit strange.

-          Anyways, keeping in touch and meeting sometimes even after graduation is not bad.

J: Right. I am trying to ask her to hot spring.

-          Wmatsui trip to hot spring, this is great!

J: When she was in SKE48, Rena-chan read a travel magazine and promised me that next time we have free time, we will go there just two of us. But Rena-chan said “we must get back on the same day” That would be boring! She also said “definitely not gonna get in the bath together” That is even more boring *laugh* although there are these conditions, but I think she’s just shy. I will keep on insisting “through the night” *laugh*

End of part ½

fiz essas bios da ally brooke em inglês porque pediram, MAS vc podem sem duvidas trocar o nome dela, para o nome de seu artista preferido… não esquecendo de dar like ou credtios no twitter @fckngwalker ok? obg e espero que gostem 💖✨ 

 ✧*:・゚•̤ᴗ•̤*ૢ¡¡¡!!! ally brooke makes me so happy!!!¡ ✦*ೃ°˖*

* ✧*:*ૢally is so small and cute i dont know how can some people hate her ✦✨*ೃ° 

 ✧*:*ૢ❁ ally brooke makes me laugh and cry at the same time while i’m watching her interviews ❁°˖** 

ally’s voices makes me smile like an idiot (•ᴗ•❁) 


*∗˚ ・゚•̤ᴗ•̤*ૢ¡¡¡! honey, yoU ARE NOY ALLY BrOoKe, stap trying o.k?¿!!¡ ✦*ೃ° 

✦*°˖*once upon a time there was a princess. it was ally brooke. she’s my princess. the end (•̤ᴗ•̤)*ૢ¡¡¡!✨

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I'm crying over what would've been Stefonnie!! Ever since he rescued her from the tomb/cave? I have wanted them together especially after what Elena did to him. I kept waiting for Stefan/Bonnie scenes but they never came! Do you think they knew the chemistry they had and separated them? If they had Stefan and Bonnie interact the way they interacted in the earlier seasons there would be a Stefan/Bonnie/Damon triangle. Paul and Kat are hot together! crying for STEFONNIE!

I mean, I forget which interview but Kat said that they don’t like her to work with Paul because they don’t actually work, they just end up goofing around on set so they’re separated and like …

So like, I have no doubt that they don’t focus on work when they’re at work, like they’re clearly two people who really get along with each other and in fact I do not see Paul acting with any other costar this way, not with Candice and certainly not with Nina but that’s just me.

I really don’t know what the show would’ve done had they given Stefan and Bonnie more of a relationship/friendship, that would’ve been interesting especially considering the amount of times Stefan sort of low-key saves Bonnie or was there for Bonnie. Although tbqh, I’m more interested in Paulerina than Stefonnie.


Howard Smith: “It seems to bother a lot of the women’s lib people that you’re so up front sexually.”

Janis Joplin: "I mean, that’s their fault. I mean, I haven’t ever tried to talk to anybody in women’s lib. I haven’t been attacked by anyone yet. You know, how could they attack me, and I’m representing, you know, what they say they want, you know what I mean? Well I have an opinion about this, you know, it’s sort of like, you are what you settle for, do you know what I mean? You are only as much as you settle for. If they settle for being somebody’s dishwasher, that’s their own fuckin’ problem. If you don’t settle for that and you keep fightin’ it, you know, you’ll end up anything you wanna be.“

This was also Janis Joplin’s last interview, conducted four days before her death.