i was crying at this stage

not to be dramatic but niall horan is literally the heartbeat of one direction & the spokesperson of the fandom. he’s always the one to assure us they’re coming back and he literally gets it like!!!! niall gets it. even in that interview from the other day when he was talking about /why/ 1D was so popular, you know? how they were just these kids who could sing and had a blast on stage; he UNDERSTANDS. and he knows what we want because he wants it too, and he understands just how much we’re longing for it because he is too and he’s SO excited to be doing his thing (just like we are) but he can’t wait to be back with his OG squad too im crying so much i love niall 

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One of the things I like about the little canon ereri stuff we get is the idea that the tragic death of Levi's old squad is something only Eren and Levi will understand and discuss about to each other. Like Eren will always feel remorseful about that so if he needs a shoulder to cry on, Levi is there to comfort him about it, cuz Levi understands. At least, that's what I like to headcanon.

I agree with you ^^. That’s such a nice headcanon.

Like you said, that is something only the both of them will understand. They were a team, and now they’re all gone except Eren and Levi.

According to the timeline, a full month passed between Trost and the 57th expedition. When you’re reading the manga/watching the anime, this stage passes kind of fast and it might seem like they have been together just for a short while. But they did spend a lot of time living together in the castle, training, cleaning, bonding.

Going through something so tragic together, and losing their comrades who they came to be so close to, had to be really hard for them. I hope Eren doesn’t blame himself for it anymore, but I would love to think that sometimes when they’re alone, they talk about the old times, share memories and remember Levi’s old squad together.

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Cute! What does his reply say? Is he missing Harry? 😢

He didn’t mention about missing Harry though it was implied. He thanked me for my letter and how very humbled he is by our investment of time, imagination and heart into the show. He also wished the best of luck and success for my career in these difficult times - “Good luck out there”. I had a photo attached with both Poppy and Noma in it and he apologized for not getting Pops and Noma to sign it too. Yes, he calls her Pops! (It’s so cute).

And now I want to cry all over again. The original CC cast are all too good for us. Such kind, humble and amazing people. It’s been such an honour to witness these actors on stage over the past year and to share such wonderful experiences with the fandom. You’ve all been my light in the darkness❤

I drew phil but

it needs improvements


Volleyball practice with Shouri
We’re like Kenma and Kuro. 

We’ve finally perfected our B-quick!
We’ll definitely practice more.

Next is the A quick!!!!
Right?  Shouri?

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

(seriously, watch to the very end)

a long list of my fave lightning thief musical moments
  • before the play started they had fog in the air and the sound of thunder and crows playing over the speakers, it was so spooky, i walked into the theater and immediately fell in love (also they were selling orange chb t-shirts at the merch table!)
  • you’ve probably already seen pics of the set design but ancient greek columns sprayed w graffiti and covered in nyc scaffolding is the Ultimate PJO Aesthetic
  • sally calling percy “baby” :’) carrie compere’s sally was so good overall i loved her so much
  • mr. d’s song was so funny, george salazar really nailed him
  • luke going past percy while sword training and stopping to watch him go by when they met eyes uhhh…..
  • percy and grover’s hug when they see each other again, percy just ran to him and held him so tight i love them
  • luke annabeth and grover sitting together and joking in the background!! there were a lot of little interactions between characters when the focus wasnt on them that were so cute <3
  • percy making lightsaber noises with his sword when he first gets it before capture the flag
  • silena hyping clarisse up during “put you in your place”
  • grover crying about pan but trying to keep dancing during his part of the campfire song
  • percy at the campfire saying he can’t sing after he’s spent the entire first act singing, i love him
  • also the entire campfire song being abt how much everyone hates their parents and then percy standing up and being like “hi everyone, i love my mom”
  • percy climbing the scaffolding during “good kid” and hanging like he’s going to jump when he sings “all you get are bad grades and a bum rap and a bad rep and a good smack and no friends and no hope and no mom” chris made me cry real tears here oof
  • grover telling percy he’s coming w him on his quest and percy immediately going into Angry Protective Mode and grover jumping in before he can say anything w/ “don’t get mad!”
  • act 1 ending with this big triumphant song abt leaving on their quest but then the lights go dark and monster calls echo and groups of red eyes peak from the back of the stage and percy grabs for grover’s hand before the blackout 😭
  • “i don’t wanna die in the garden state!”
  • grover staring percy down for a good silent five seconds after percy responded to him talking to a squirrel w “this is nuts”
  • annabeth telling percy her mom turned medusa into a monster and chugging water halfway through her sentence so she doesn’t have to finish it
  • “that little squirrel came back and gave me these!” “three amtrak tickets?”
  • girl in braids and a floppy hat at the lotus hotel: why, my brother and i arrived just yesterday, may 1st, 1939!
  • thalia singing softly on the second level while luke and annabeth stand behind her with their hands held out, lit w green light, turning her into a tree while grover tells percy about being afraid he failed her, he was crying, i was crying
  • “it’s charon with an “a” as in AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  • creators of this musical, apparently: well we dont have time to focus on them facing cerberus so now he’s a dj for a sequined charon who rocks the entire theater
  • “i think this pit is tartarus” “(gasping) YOU MEAN LIKE………..THE FISH SAUCE
  • the toilet paper guns used for percy’s water powers being shot over the audience until the entire orchestra was completely covered in toilet paper
  • “well the gods aren’t always fair but we’re not total dicks”
  • jonathan raviv’s quick change from poseidon to chiron was really quick so he came out as chiron with his shirt unbuttoned in the deepest v saying “I GALLOPED HERE AS FAST AS I COULD” which was ridiculous and yet completely in character
  • percy and luke’s handshake! and luke telling percy what he thinks of the gods and going for the handshake and percy hesitantly doing it w him bc he agrees w/ the way luke feels before realizing that luke’s the lightning thief
  • luke has a dark reprise of “good kid” when he betrays percy and i !!!! SCREAMED!!!!
  • also the creators of this musical, apparently: well we cant have a poison scorpion on stage so how about luke just fuckin stabs percy in the back? hm?
  • the stage was a huge mess of confetti and toilet paper by the end which is truly the only way a percy jackson musical should end
  • please go see this if you have the chance it’s so funny and so good, it’s really an amazing adaption that gets the tone of the book so well and every actor captures their character(s) perfectly, they all clearly know the material and seem like they’re having so much fun onstage, i loved it so much!!!!

It was his stage and he’s so humble he sat down and recognized the magnitude of Stevie. It was his night but he’s so so humble he sat down and was the fan and recognized how amazing she is. He’s the artist and he’s still so humble he exalted her instead of bragging that he got Stevie Nicks to sing with him. I am constantly in awe of his humbleness and his heart and how incredibly good he is. Never arrogant, never full of himself, always recognizing the good in others… I am so happy he gets to have all of his dreams come true because he deserves every single bit of happiness he’s had and will have in his life.