i was contemplating their relationship

The thing that you learn is that you can’t make yourself special to someone. The thing you learn is that it is all out of your control, what other people think or don’t about you. The thing you learn is that the best thing you can do for yourself is not need anyone else. It can make you cold and distant. It can isolate you and it is very, very lonely. But there’s a trick…you ready? You have to choose them. Even though you don’t need them. You have to let yourself want them. And to know the difference between want and need. I want is patient, I need is urgent. I want is an offer, I need is a demand. I want is about them, I need is about me. 

And it is vulnerable. And it is scary. And it is risky. And there are many people who will never consider want enough, who only respond to need. But it is also powerful. I can want a thousand, thousand times unfulfilled. But to need a thousand, thousand times unfulfilled would destroy me. 

Learn to let yourself want…even while you build yourself up so you rarely need. 

Want it? | Draco Malfoy x Trans!Male Reader

Warnings: Smut, Dom!Draco, Masturbation, Choking, NSFW gifs

Words: 1954

(Y/N) POV:

To say I was a hot topic around Hogwarts was quite the understatement. Ever since my second year when word got around that the guy from the muggle family actually had a vagina! Apparently the pure-bloods had never had any experience with such a thing. Most called it muggle magic and they all practically tripped over themselves to ask me questions. Eventually they died down as all things do, until I returned my fifth year having gone through top surgery. That brought on its own wave of questions.

Draco Malfoy was no different. At first, when he discovered my identity he called it ‘revolting’ and 'unnatural.’ Although, he too came around in our fifth year and we dove into a friendship neither of us expected. Nothing had prepared me for him as the same could be said from him about me. Being hormonal teenagers, there was always a tension between us. It wasn’t until the middle of our sixth year that he relieve it.

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@ other aroace people

It is 100% okay to never want to have any kind or romantic or sexual relationship ever.

It is 100% okay to WANT a romantic and/or sexual relationship at some point in your life.

It is OKAY to have a preference for the gender you want to have that relationship with for what ever reason that preference exists.

It is OKAY to not have a preference at all.

It is okay to want a romantic/sexual relationship but never pursue one.

It’s okay to want romantic/sexual relationships and pursue lots.

I know a lot of people out there seem to confuse a lack of attraction with a specific behavior and have this idea that aroace people are going to be single there whole lives and never even contemplate romantic or sexual relationships and I just want to remind all of you that: no matter how you show your aroaceness you are okay and your choices in relationships don’t change that.

ksi imagine - ex girlfriend tag

REQUESTED:  “Hello, please do a JJ imagine where you are exes and you do a video similar to Kian Lawley’s video kissing my ex girlfriend and old feeling coming back”

“Hi everyone it’s your boy KSIOlajideBT,” I remained quiet in the gaming chair as he began his introduction, his fingers forming a salut by his temple. “How are you all? Don’t answer that, I can’t hear you, it’s a pointless question.”

I giggled slightly, receiving a grin from JJ.

“Today I am here with a, erm, slightly…different video, we shall say!” The nervous giggles continued. I’d missed that contagious cackle. “As you can see I’m not alone, would you like to introduce yourself?”

“I mean I’m sure they all already know me, but hi, I’m Y/n.” With a somewhat timid wave I introduced myself before returning my hands to my lap and smiling. 

“Yep, probably. So this is Y/n, Y/n would you like to say a bit more about what we’re doing today or..?”

“JJ,” I laughed slightly. “Why are you being awkward? You good?”

“Man, I dunno it’s just…weird.” The laughs continued. His contagious giggle warmed my heart slightly, even after all this time. “Okay, so incase you are somewhat new to my channel I guess, Y/n is my ex girlfriend. We’ve been broken up for about, six, seven months now?”

He turned towards me to monitor my approval and I nodded. “Seven months,” I confirmed.

“Well, we haven’t actually seen eachother since the break up, but since Y/n was in London and is actually trying to grow a channel herself now we thought let’s rekindle the fire and film a collab!”

“Rekindle the fire?” I questioned. Jide simply shot me a wink. I rolled my eyes.

“Nevertheless, what can be a better idea than texting the first girl you ever loved and inviting her back to your house to bring up all the painful memories you’ve been suppressing for seven months in front of a few million people on YouTube right? So let’s go on!” 

My eyes widened slightly at the extent of his honesty - although I don’t know why I’m surprised. It’s Jide after all. 

“JJ, are you sure you wanna do this? I’m feeling you might be a little bit hesitant about this whole thing,” I rested a hand on his shoulder. “I’m gonna ask you again - you good?”

“Yeah, I’m good.” He confirmed, reassuring me in all seriousness before continuing the video.

For around half an hour JJ and I proceeded to answer generic questions, revisit memories, and discuss where our lives had taken us now. We decided to check twitter for some more insightful questions from people that knew most of our history - a lot of our relationship had been very public. Even the breakup. It didn’t necessarily end on a bad note, but we didn’t continue contact after, which I was beginning to feel slightly sad about. This time had made me realised how much I had missed Jide as an asset in my life - even if not in the way he was seven months ago.

“Okay so, twitter questions,” He scanned his phone.

“Jide, I swear to God if any of these are sexual-”

“I’m not promising anything.”

“Jide.” I narrowed my eyes, my tone very demanding. He held his hand up in defence.

“Alright alright! Innocent questions only!”

Yeah, right. KSI fans wouldn’t know innocent if it smacked them around the face, I thought. 

“Okay - where is your relationship currently at?” Jide’s voice became serious, professional even. I lifted a leg to my chest as I contemplated.

“Well, as of now, we don’t have much of a relationship,” He watched me intently. There was genuine interest on his face. “But I don’t see why we couldn’t build one? I’ve been planning to move to London, as you may know, and so I think we could definitely spend more time together.”

He nodded along with my words before turning to the camera. “So basically to answer your question she still wants my dick.”

“Jide!” I scolded, hitting his arm although I couldn’t not laugh as he apologised.

“No. What I’m saying is, friends is definitely foreseeable.”

“She’s using big words again I’m just gonna…yeah, move on. Okay, this one’s cool - do you still find each other attractive?”

“You know what Jide, I’m gonna let you take this one away.” I rested my hand on my chin. “Go on.”

His smile brightened to which my heart warmed slightly. As he cleared his throat I raised my eyebrows in an encouraging manner. Interest fulfilled my mind.

“Well,” he proceeded. “I mean of course.You’re pretty fit.” Shrugging, he moved his focus back to his phone.

“Is that it? Pretty fit?”

“What? It’s a compliment!”

“Nope, not good enough, try again.”

“For Gods sake,” he laughed, and I folded my arms. “Nah but in all seriousness guys, of course I still find Y/n attractive. We were together a long time, that wouldn’t change in such a short time, or probably ever.”

“Awww Jide!” I cooed. That was really sweet of him. I really have missed this boy, I thought to myself, and I genuinely hoped our interactions would continue after this video. 

“Plus I’ve seen her naked, so,” he shrugged and I rolled my eyes at the camera. 

“Right, sick.”

“I’m joking!” 

Raising my middle finger at him I encouraged Jide to continue with the questions.

“Okay, we’ll do one more, then we’re gonna go get nandos cause I’m starving.”

“Jide, you know I don’t like nandos right-”

“Y/n, I do, and that’s all that matters.”

I once again looked back at the camera as Jide exploded into laughter at his own jokes. Pointing a finger at him, I raised my eyebrows.

“To anyone wondering why we broke up - this is why!”

“No it’s fucking not don’t lie,” He choked between laughs and I looked down to mask my own giggles. “Okay, okay, I’m gonna scroll and whatever question my finger lands on we have to answer okay?”

“Unless it’s sexual,” I interrupted.

“Even if it’s sexual,” he corrected.

“Andddddd stop! Here we- oh. Shit.”

“What? Jide I fucking swear-”

“No, no, it’s not sexual.” He picked his professional attitude back up, a smirk still present on his face although he appeared slightly nervous. “Can you two kiss for the camera?”

“Oh dear God.” I groaned. “Fuck it.”

Pressing both my hands to his face I leaned into Jide, kissing him swiftly. Although at first he appeared taken aback, he soon warmed into the kiss, placing a hand on my waist just as he used to when we were together. I felt all the love wash back over me in a terrifying way. Do I still love him? Was this a bad idea? Was he thinking the same?

When I pulled back, Jide looked almost disappointed. I edged my eyes over to the camera and watched as realisation hit.

“Oh that! I forgot we were filming,” he scratched the back of his neck. “I can always edit out anything you don’t feel comfortable with keeping in. It’s no big deal.”

I smiled at his gentleman nature.

“In fact,” he continued. “I might just end the video on us leaning in, just to see the comments go crazy.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at his contagious, juvenile excitement.

“Can we get food now, for real?” He pleaded with me and I smiled.

“Sure. Let’s go.”

You & I - Spencer Reid

Originally posted by toyboxboy

hi everyone!! this imagine is inspired by You & I by One Direction and i really do hope you all enjoy this one because it was so cute to write omg. 

word count: 1,350

Waiting up late to be sure that Spencer made it home to his apartment was a comfort you never failed to forget. Some nights he didn’t even come home until four or five in the morning from his cases but you didn’t care. It was a habit you didn’t care to drop anytime soon. He was your best friend, and you couldn’t stand the thought of him being hurt.

Tonight was no exception. Your anxiety was building because Spencer had called you when the jet had landed two hours ago, and he had yet to contact you to let you know he had made it home to his apartment. You sat there with your laptop in your lap, watching Netflix, and glancing at your phone every few minutes. Spencer never acted like this. It was ritual for the two of you to keep contact and he knew how worried you got when he got home from cases.

There were so many criminals out there that would love to get their hands on a federal agent. Especially late at night, when Spencer would get home. It was not that you thought he couldn’t handle himself. You knew very well that he could, but you just worried about him nonstop.

You checked your phone again, seeing that it was now three in the morning, and you couldn’t stop yourself from unlocking it. You began to dial Spencer’s number by memory, but the sound of your front door closing stopped you. You paused the show you were watching and froze, listening intently. Did someone just come in our home? Did you not lock the door before you went to bed?

You could has sworn you locked the door.  It was entirely unlike yourself to not lock it, given you were paranoid about every little thing that could ever happen to you.  

Slowly, and as quietly as you could be, you set your laptop to the side and kicked the blankets off your body.  You opened the side drawer of your nightstand and took the pepper spray from inside of it before tiptoeing to your bedroom door and opening it almost silently.  A dim light was lit in your foyer, and this cause your heart to beat erratically.  You knew for sure you didn’t leave it on.  

As you snuck around the corner with your pepper spray held high, you could hear your heartbeat thudding in your chest.  You glanced around the corner and immediately let a loud sigh fall from your lips.  Spencer stood in your foyer, staring emptily at a picture on you table against the wall, next to the lamp he had turned on.  

“Spencer,” you murmured, trying to calm your heart.  “What are you doing here?  Why didn’t you call me?”  You questioned him quickly.  

Spencer looked up at you and pressed his lips together as he put his keys to your house in his pocket and set the picture down.  “I did not want to wake you.”  He said softly and put both hands into the pockets of his trousers.  He stood there with  his long hair tucker behind his ears and a defeated look on his face.  

“You know I stay up to make sure you get home.”  You whispered and stepped closer to him, looking worried.  “Is everything okay?  Was is a tough case?”  You asked as your voice faded to just above silent in your quiet house.  

Without speaking, Spencer nodded and hung his head, staring at the floor in front of him.  On instinct, you lunged forward and slipped your arms around his waist, hugging him tightly.  Spencer took his hands from his pockets, and hugged you softly, bending down to bury his face into your neck.  You moved your hand up to run it through his long hair and sighed.  “I’m sorry, Spence.”  You told him quietly and refused to let go.  “Do you want to talk about it?”  

He shook his head as he pulled back and glanced at you, taking in your tired and sad eyes.  “Can we talk about something else?”  He asked pathetically.  

Nodding, you reached forward and took his bag from his shoulder and walked to the kitchen table, setting it down.  “Anything in particular?”  You asked him as you walked into the kitchen to put coffee on.  Spencer followed after you, sitting at the bar, and resting his head on his hands.  

“What are we?”  He asked boldly, taking you off guard.  

You dropped the coffee cup onto the floor, scattering broken glass throughout the room, and you quickly blushed.  As Spencer stood to help you clean it up, you quickly put your hand up to signal him to sit again.  He did as he was told, and watched as you grabbed a dustpan and broom from the pantry.  “You are the most important person in my life.”  You told him softly and glanced up at him, to survey his face.  Spencer sat there, staring at you, with a perplexed look across his strong features.  “Do you want more?” You asked him quietly, half hoping that he didn’t hear you.  

For a long while, Spencer was silent as he watched you clean.  The smell of fresh brewed coffee spread through the kitchen and you quickly threw the broken glass away before grabbing the small container of sugar and pushing it to him from across the counter.  He caught it, and finally opened his mouth to speak.  “I think I do.”  He said strongly and stood up, walking to the counter next to you.  You poured your best friend a cup of coffee and handed it to him before looking up to him with a scared look on your face.  “What are you thinking?”  He ordered, setting the coffee onto the counter.  

“I am wanting you to elaborate.”  You murmured, crossing your arms over your chest insecurely.  

Spencer tucked his hair behind his ear again.  “Our last case… Our victim’s best friend witnessed our victim being murdered, and they were so devastated and defeated that they no longer wanted to go on.  This made me contemplate our relationship, and I do believe I want more.”  Spencer said quickly and looked direction in your eyes, watching your every move.  “And if you do not wish to pursue such a thing, I do understand.”  He added softly and looked away finally and to the floor.  

You smiled sadly, and reached forward, tucking his hair behind his ear.  “I adore you, Spencer.  I really do.  And I would love to start a whole different relationship with you, but have you considered the repercussions of what could happen? I have seen so many relationships fall apart from fighting and distance and all things that could come forth if we were to start one.”  You explained and kicked your foot against the floor nervously.  You crossed your arms back over your chest. You felt so vulnerable, so afraid.  

“We can figure it out.” Spencer murmured.   “We don’t want to be like them.  Nothing can come between you and I.  You know that as well as I do.  We can make it work, (Y/N).  I have faith.”  Spencer pleaded. 

You were unable to contain the small smile that formed on your lips.  “I suppose there’s always room for common ground.”  You told him softly and reached forward to his tie, beginning to untie it.  

Spencer stared for a moment, confused, before speaking.  “Are you agreeing, then?  Will you be mine?”  He questioned you quickly as you let your hands drop.  

With a gentle smile, you nodded.  A broad smile crossed Spencer’s features as he lunged forward, hugging you tightly, and sighing heavily.  “You do not realize how relieved that makes me feel.  The entire trip home I was so worried and anxious that you would think otherwise.”  He murmured quickly.  

A lazy smile crossed your features as you took his hand.  “Can we go to bed now, Spence?  It’s almost four in the morning.”  

Surprised at first, Spencer froze in his place, but relaxed quickly and nodded.  “I adore you as well, by the way.”  

anonymous asked:

I've been kind of contemplating Director Sanvers, in a V relationship, but with Lucy being the hinge partner. (I though about Maggie being that, too.. but for some reason find Lucy would be more plausible?) Anyway. Do you have any thoughts? This isn't necessarily a prompt (I mean if you feel like it I certainly won't complain lol), But I was more just wondering about a different POV regarding this idea. Not sure if it'd work at all, maybe just as a lead in to the triad. Any thoughts?

Ooh, that’s really interesting! I think it could work pretty organically if we went ahead and just imagined what might have happened while Alex was in hiding during season 1… 

As DEO Director, Lucy is tasked with spreading information about Alex and J’onn being on the run, so she’s sent to local branches of the FBI, as well as the police departments. Since J’onn is now a known alien, I imagine she’d have a special meeting with NCPD’s Science Division so that they were well aware of his abilities during the search. 

Maggie, being the person she is, asks dozens of questions, pushing Lucy for details on why exactly they’re being targeted when she watched the news, saw that those two were the ones who saved the city from Supergirl while she was under the influence of Red Kryptonite. Luce tries to dismiss the questions and eventually ends the meeting in frustration–after all, it’s not like she’s even in support of this decision anymore, having helped Alex to escape (maybe we got the Alex/Lucy roadside post-motorcycle rescue makeout scene we all deserved, which sets them up to be something when Alex finally returns). But Maggie, being the cocky little shit delightful human being she is, corners Lucy outside the precinct, telling her that she thinks the decision is wrong, that she refuses to cooperate with such unjust policies, until Lucy finally snaps: “It’s my job! Do you like everything about yours?”

And, of course, Maggie doesn’t, but she’s there to change it. So now she’s intrigued. “Look, I get that while you’re on the clock and standing outside NCPD headquarters probably isn’t the time or place to talk, but why don’t we have this conversation over drinks?”

“Are you seriously asking me out after yelling at me and telling me I’m ‘standing on the wrong side of justice,’ Sawyer?”

“Depends. Are you saying yes?”

Lucy says no at first, but as the weeks go by and she realizes just how much they need Alex to be able to come back, she calls Maggie up, tells her she’s good for that drink. To avoid being overheard, they end up meeting at Lucy’s place for dinner and a bottle of wine. After listening to Lucy talk about just how amazing Alex is and how much they need her, Maggie finally interjects: “So you like her.”

“What? No, I’m saying we all need her. I mean, sure, she’s really smart and sort of stunning and incredibly brave, but–”

“So you like her. C’mon, Lane. I saw her picture. ‘Sort of stunning’ doesn’t even do her justice.”

“Look, it doesn’t matter, okay?”

“She turned you down?”

“She did no such thing! It’s just, whatever, I don’t want to talk about it. We’re not a thing, and I think forgiveness will be a long time coming.

“Well, I’ve seen just how hard you’re fighting for someone who apparently won’t forgive you. You’re putting your career on the line, and that…well, that is incredibly attractive.”

And suddenly Lucy finds herself drawing closer to Maggie, letting her feel close to the one person that reminds her of Alex–in her stubbornness and her righteous anger. And for another week or two, they both take comfort in each other, take comfort in their own unauthorized work while Non’s army threatens to bring the city crashing down around them.

And then, almost as suddenly, Myriad has been stopped. Alex and J’onn have returned and been pardoned. And Lucy has questions–so many questions. But those questions can wait when Alex shows up at her door, face still streaked with grime from the fight and her impromptu flight to space, Lucy’s motorcycle helmet tucked under her arm to return. Because Alex is biting her lip and looking at her like talking can wait, should wait, must wait…wait until the morning, until after they’ve worked things out in each other’s arms, bodies communicating the words they can’t yet find. 

The next morning, when Maggie knocks on Lucy’s door with two coffees in hand, Alex is the one to open the door, dressed only in boyshorts and one of Lucy’s oversized Army sweatshirts. “Can I help you?”

Smirking broadly, Maggie takes in the scene, catching sight of Lucy running from the bedroom to the front door. “Nice to meet you, Alex.”

“Oh…hey, Maggie,” Lucy greets, a slightly nervous smile playing across her lips.

“‘It’s not like that,’ my ass, Lane,” Maggie teases with a bark of a laugh and a roll of her eyes.

TBC if people want it? If nothing else, thanks for the fun distraction on the lunch break I’m not actually getting to take, anon! 

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Do you consider Nalu to be canon

I’ve actually been hoping someone would ask me this so thank you! I appreciate it!

I’ve been contemplating their relationship the past couple of days and I’ve finally come to a conclusion.

Natsu and Lucy were made for each other. As cliché as that sounds, it’s the truth. Those two are the happiest when they’re together.

Granted, this is my opinion and I understand that not everyone will agree with me, but they are each what the other needs. They both depend on each other and there is so much trust between them.

So, going back to this last chapter and seeing how much Lucy appreciates Natsu and how she can’t thank him enough for everything he’s done for her, I’d say she’s been in love with him for awhile now. I mean, we all know she has but I think she herself has finally realized it and that’s what led her to hug him the way that she did.

I think all of the emotions she’s been feeling this arc finally caught up to her and she couldn’t hold them back anymore.

Now Natsu? I know he loves Lucy. All you have to do is see the way he looks at her in these panels. He’s still inexperienced just like she is but he knows they’ll always be together and that’s more than enough time to figure out their relationship.

He wants to be with Lucy, forever, but he knows she’s anxious about the future and what it will hold for the two of them. So by saying, “Who cares? Cause will always be together right?” That’s more than enough prove for me.

So do I think Nalu is canon? Absolutely. I’ll admit, I was worried when I first saw the spoilers but after the official translated chapter was released, I had no doubt. Those two will always be together.

The Proposal Continuation

Amy is still not comfortable that Ramona is back in the university. She knew that Ramona has a big crush on Sheldon. She is worried that Ramona will steal Sheldon from her.

*knock knock knock Amy*

Amy is shocked. She thought, “Is Sheldon here? Why is he here? What is he doing in here?” as she opened the door…

“Amy, Will you marry me?”

Amy is lost for words. She did know what to say but she didn’t seem to understand the situation like, why all of this is happening right now, out of nowhere. She is sure that she loves Sheldon very much and she is also sure that Sheldon loves her too. Maybe, something happened back in Pasadena. She is too shocked and then she started to speak.

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anonymous asked:

I don't even know what to think at this point. Conflicting, confusing and disingenuous. I think of real A-listers like Aidan Turner or Tom Hardy. No games, open about GFs and, of course, his beautiful and talented wife (TH). They don't do SM for public consumption. I value your opinion and really enjoy your blog. I'm getting to the point where I'm not sure I can do this fandom any more as the drama and games are really too much. TY

You and I both anon, we are the same person here. Thanks for your words but I can’t really take much credit because most of the time (like 95% actually) the stuff I post is (awesomely) produced by other bloggers. I do appreciate you valuing my opinion though and I already apologize for making your head spin with my hopes and doubts. One minute I’m certain of something then something comes up that makes me doubt…it’s such a rollercoaster.

I’m fairly new here, just a few months blogging actually. I fell in love with Outlander the books last summer, discovered the show, Sam and Cait in September and came to lurk in Tumblr in October. Became a shipper because I love the idea of S&C being together and I was outraged at the harassing those two twitter ogres that call themselves Sam’s friends were inflicting on said group.
Letting those two into the Outlander fandom was the biggest mistake done here in my opinion. The rest, I consider it games, which sometimes are fun and sometimes not so. 

As I mentioned, I came here with the “movie” already halfway through so I’ve been catching up reading tidbits while it was still moving forward. Hardest thing here? Figuring out the damn plot, because every theory you come up with makes certain sense but no one fits completely. As I see it, this is where the games come in. There’s always something wrong when taking in the whole picture. Rooting for S&C doesn’t mean I don’t contemplate all possible scenarios here.

You can have S&C in a real relationship with tons of receipts to support that then you have IFH and different SO thrown in. You can say IFH was fake to hide a real relationship between them because no matter who says otherwise IT.IS.DONE. (In this entertainment business lying is done) but then you can also believe the denial was real because Cait had a boyfriend and was uncomfortable with all the rumors. But wait, then you can doubt this too cause she would’ve changed her behaviour leading to those rumors in the first place but she didn’t. You can say T and C have been together all this time cause he is always there by her side but then you remember she didn’t dedicate any words to him at her BAFTA speech and that we haven’t seen any PDA between them whereas she and Sam are very touchy feely. They wouldn’t behave like that if she was with someone else would they? Unless S is gay and all involved know there’s no real threat here. And so on and so forth. Head spin. Head spin. Head spin.

Sure it’s easy to understand why I, like my anon, am confused here. I really envy people on both sides that have no doubts whatsoever. Not because knowing the truth would change or mean anything for me personally, it’s their lives and their business but because here, not knowing any of them just looking from the outside at their actions, well there are some of those actions that in certain scenarios would make them look nice or like really really bad people. 

This won’t affect my enjoying the show when the time comes for it to be aired again but it changes my interaction with everything that has to do with it and also leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Why? Because by being interested in the actors (apart from their characters) I’m trying to find people to look up to, which is very hard nowadays sadly, so to think you’ve found them then be let down (it’s already happened to me, hello Jen Aniston. I would tell you guys about that if any of you is interested to hear but in a different day and post, this is taking already too long)… sour taste indeed.

So yeah, sorry for the rant but if I am being honest this is where I am at right now. It’s been a tough couple of days for me in general and I’m sure that has affected my perception of everything so thanks to my anon for his/her ask that’s allowed me to put this out here and thank you guys for reading and listening. 

BTS Tarot Card Reading: VMin Romance/Boyfriends??

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional reader okay I’m a beginner. I’m only doing this for fun and entertainment. I am in no way trying to make correct predictions on the future. If it does comes to pass then wow….I’m shook. Other than that all this stuff I’m about to say and do is all fun and games. Do not take me seriously. I repeat do not take this seriously.

Omg yall I got all this tea to spill this is going to be long. So get yo snacks and get comfortable. This is for you @fangirlingfrofandoms 

So I have too much information and theories going rampant in my mind right now. So I asked the cards are they really boyfriends and if so give me insight to their romantic relationship. These are the cards I got.

Okay so I did the yes or no spread on the question of boyfriends. I got the even number of Minor Cards which is the Three of Wands, Six of Wands, Seven of Pentacles, Four of Cups. Then the court card Devil is automatically counted as a yes. As usually the more I started reading into it the more I realized I should have been more specific on what type of boyfriends they are.

The first card The Devil told me all I needed to know and didn’t want to know. Man *sighs* Okay so the devil doesn’t mean any evil energy or demon stuff at all. In a love reading it’s more of a sexual erotic card. So I’m going to say it like this it’s a card of mutual physical attraction between two lovers. There can be an addiction here usually linked to sex. So I’m just going to leave the rest to yall imagination. It can also indicate that too much of a good thing can be bad. Also the card did mention something about the relationship being unstable.

After the mind blowing first card I go over to the second I’m getting The Three of Wands. Usually I would say this is about work but researching this card pertaining to love. It said it’s about someone looking over the ocean thinking realistically about their love life. For some reason I felt this was Jimin thinking about what to make of him and Taehyung relationship. I don’t know I just got Jimin vibes and later you will see I’m right.

On to the third card Six of Wands it’s described as a couple that is proudly showing off the happiness in their relationship. As you can see in the card a man on his horse upright proud showing off his wands and rewards to the crowd. It reminds me of how Tae and Jimin are in front of the camera smiling doing silly stuff showing off how good of friends they are.

The fourth card Seven of Pentacles basically this card means someone is thinking about if this relationship is good for me or not. Does this relationship give me what I need? Is this it or can it be more? Questions like that. I felt like this could go for either member because they been together for so long eventually you start to feel more for the other person. Especially when you are being intimate with a person.

The fifth card Four of Cups it’s funny we got this in the Yoonkook reading now its back again. In love it can signify an unstable relationship which the Devil card signified the same thing. This card also says that commitment does not exist. You can be loving and helpful even like a therapist to this person. Listening to their problems and offering them comfort and sex. On the other hand the other person can be enjoying all of it but does not show any interest in wanting a long term relationship with you. So I started thinking and looking at the card and I think Tae is the man up against three enjoying all the benefits but don’t want a relationship with Jimin.

So this was my baseline I still had questions about that Devil card. I wanted to know did they agree to have a relationship or are they just friends with benefits. Also I see a lot of contemplating cards with them thinking about the relationship I see no sword card so I don’t think they are truthfully communicating about this. That last card of cups is concerning to me because it also made me feel like someone is about to get hurt and I think it’s Jimin.

This is when I took a look at their friendship reading. That Death remember I said it could be a death to their friendship or an aspect of their relationship could change or die. It clicked to me and I came up with two theories or I should I say interpretations. One is Tae doesn’t want to be more then friends with Jimin and Jimin wants more and he sees he is not going to get it so they end the sexual side of the relationship. I had interpreted the Wand and Emperor card in the friendship reading, to mean the company finds out about the relationship and separates them. Second theory when going back to the Taekook reading looking more into it, it seemed that Tae wanted Jungkook but since they didn’t decide he might be holding out for him. That may be why he can’t reciprocate Jimin love back to him but the company still finds out about this because of the Emperor card. I’m just not clear on what the company does about it.

So I pulled more cards to clarify and answer some questions…

So the first two cards The Hierophant that answered my question of did they decide to be boyfriends or friends with benefits. Basically this card reads as that two people are creating their own tradition. They are agreeing to be boyfriend or girlfriend. The card also talks about two people having sex even if they are not in a relationship. That is, in a society it is a norm for sexual intercourse to take place between a husband and wife. Therefore, when two people go for sex with no strings attached the Hierophant signals that they are going to be doing a ritual of a married couple. The Hierophant tarot card signals a decision which is followed by the two people without being judgmental about it. So I feel like yes they decided on being friends with benefits but they are acting like a married couple. Could be confusing to them this maybe why all the contemplating cards?

This left someone developing more feelings then the other because of this Magician card paired with the Three of Wands. The upright Magician tarot card basically talks of a lover who wants to be good to his sweetheart. He is serious by nature. That is why, he is capable of being a good boyfriend or husband. The Magician portrays a man who has only good intention in his heart. As for the relationship itself, it is just stress free and the love between the two people is magical. Better than this is the fact that the relationship is blessed by the universe. I felt like this sounded like Jimin because of the way he treats and take care of Tae. I do feel like this relationship is blessed by the universe because of that Star card in the friendship reading. So because the Three of Wands card I think Jimin is really contemplating the relationship between them.

The third two cards confirmed what I was feeling that something in this relationship is unstable even though they are appearing or parading around as if they are such good buddies. The Five of Pentacles also means that a partner is suffering more then another in the relationship. I’m still going to go with my theory that Jimin is the one suffering emotionally in the relationship. Card indicates that security is at stake here and the problems and suffering is not hidden they know it’s there. That problem is not easy to solve due to internal and external problems. Again the whole commitment thing is coming up they have not committed to being together and it’s a problem.

Onto the fourth two cards this High Priestess is a card telling you to follow your intuitions. This card is also about learning deep lessons for soul growth. So I feel Jimin needs to listen to his feelings of doubt because from the Four of Cups card Tae doesn’t want anything more with him. I also think this is a learning lesson which is needed for Jimin and his growth.

The fifth two cards also tell me everything I need to know that brings up the death card.  The Page of Swords card is like an interrogation card there will be a lot of questions being fired. It also means these questions can bring out harsh truths. And there may be a dispute up ahead. So I feel that they finally are going to talk truthfully about the nature of the relationship. Jimin will finally see that Tae doesn’t feel the way he does and that will be the end to the friends with benefits between them. I do feel like the friendship will not end just this aspect of their relationship will end. I think that’s why the Death card really came up. And I feel like it’s going to be the sexual aspect because in the friendship reading I got Death then King of Wands when I found out the meaning to that card in a love reading. Which means passionate or fiery love in the relationship, I felt like it will be a death to them feeling that about each other.  

I have a couple of theories here, one theory Tae feelings for Jungkook is holding him back from being with Jimin. Second theory as I said before they don’t want to rock the boat and lose their careers or have a scandal and lose everything. Plus I honestly feel Tae is a little emotionally immature when it comes to his love life. And Jimin is just a good person full of love and willing to give it to anyone he cares about.

So looking back at their friendship reading I did see cards that indicated romance undertones. But I didn’t want to read too much into that because I only wanted to focus on describing the friendship between them. I did suspect a love triangle going on between them. I don’t think Taehyung is intentionally trying to hurt anyone I think he is just acting off of emotion. He has a flirty personality that is going to get him in trouble. I think Jimin is just a ball of love and wants to be loved. I feel like Jungkook doesn’t really want to be involved because when I went back to look at that King of Swords card. In Taekook boyfriend reading and did more research it says that this love is more from the head and not heart with no romantic feelings. So I still think Jungkook is confused about his feelings for Tae because of that Two of Swords card in the reading. Which makes sense because Jungkook is young he really hasn’t had experience with relationships outside of BTS. So it would make sense he is confused on his feelings.

So there you go the tea is spilled on these two. Taehyung is the real playa from the Himalayas. LOL!  He got both of these guys sprung. I hope yall all enjoy this love triangle while it last…

I got two more readings I can’t wait to see what Jikook is about. It might offer up even more juicy details of this love triangle thing going on. Again I’m taking request and I will see you in the next reading. Bye!

“Stop trying to convince yourself that you’re over her, we all know you will always love her.”

Word Count: 617

Warnings: none

Justin’s POV

Laying back against the soft leather couch I stared down at the blank screen of my phone, I didn’t know what I was expecting to happen I just was simply thinking of a text that I really needed right now. Sixty three days, that’s how long I’ve been living with half a heart, and I was the only one to blame for it.

I never truly realized how much I needed someone in my life until she was gone and I was alone. The simple things are what got me at first, sleeping alone, not sharing a bathroom with her, not having her to text when I was down or just hold her when I needed it more than she did. Now it’s the major things, the thought of my future and her not being in it, the thought of not being able to find someone better than her because in my mind no one can compare to the way she made me feel.

Unlocking my phone I scrolled through my contacts until I found her name, no I hadn’t deleted because I felt if I did It would end everything with her completely.

My thumb hovered over her contact for a moment, second guessing clicking on it or not, after a brief second I licked my lips and tapped my thumb against the screen.

I stared at it for a while, send message, voice call, facetime.

Parting my lips I captured a deep breath moving for the call button “Justin you good?” Snapping my eyes up I was met with a confused Za, nodding I cleared my throat before locking my phone, shoving it in my front pocket.

“It’s been almost two months, just call her already.” It didn’t surprise me that he knew what I was contemplating, everyone knew the inside struggle I had with getting over the relationship that “broke” me according to all the tabloids and really anyone you asked who knew me, even I knew I was broken.

“Nah I’m fine, it’s cool.” I glanced at him briefly before darting my eyes elsewhere, fidgeting with my fingers in my lap

“Stop trying to convince yourself that you’re over her, we all know you will always love her.”

Shaking my head I tried not to show the affect his words had on me, key word tried.

“How am I supposed to let go the woman I was supposed to marry? She was the center of my future, even when we were just friends and I was dating Selena I didn’t feel half the amount of love for her that I did for Y/N. She is still to this day everything to me, even if she doesn’t think so she is, she really is.”

Shifting slightly he stared at me for a moment “Then why did you let her go? You broke up with her Justin, you let he walk away from you.”

“I thought she could do so much better than me, I was a fuck up at that point in my life but she just- she just made it seem like I was the best person in the entire world and for a moment in our relationship I hated her for that, for making it seem like I was a good person when I was the opposite.” Burying my head in my hands I took in a few breaths

“Call her, make her understand why you did what you did. You need her man, and I bet she needs you right now too so please for yourself and her, call her.”

•You start making out in the middle of his YouNow (as requested by Anon)•

Okay, I’m just gonna come out and say it. Dating a Youtuber has its perks, but when it’s kept as a secret, it’s a double-edged sword. On one side, letting the secret out would enable Dan and me to do normal couple-y things, but would also unleash a pack of angry fan girls that wouldn’t hesitate to rip me apart. On the other side, keeping the secret would put an immense amount of strain on our relationship, and could possibly lead to something we both desperately wanted to avoid: breaking up.

Despite contemplating the options of breaking the news, I worked at keeping the relationship a secret since I knew it would make Dan feel more at ease. “Soon,” he’d tell me, “I promise baby, soon, we’ll tell them together.”

I held on to that, but it didn’t make any of the struggles easier to handle. And if we’re being quite honest, one of the biggest obstacles was my overwhelming horniness. Going almost a week at a time without seeing each other doesn’t seem like long, but when my hormones start going nuts, it’s almost unbearable to be away from his touch. That’s why, one day, I took the initiative to… feed my cravings.

I drove straight over to Dan’s flat, used the key he gave me to unlock the door, walked through, and snuck my way up the stairs. I could hear him talking from his room, so I figured he was making a new video. I didn’t care if the camera caught me eating his face off; at that point, my body was in full control over my logic.

I busted through his bedroom door. He quickly spun around in his chair, shocked and surprised. “(Y/N), you scared the shit out of me, what are you do-” I cut him off with a deep kiss.

Before he could push away, I worked my hands through his hair, and eased myself onto his lap. His hands found their way to my ass, while his thumbs hooked into the belt loops on my jeans. I ran my hands from his head down past his neck and rubbed his chest, feeling his heart beat beneath my palms. I was so caught up in the moment that I almost had a heart attack when he drew back sharply and gasped.

“Jesus, Dan, what the fuck?” I said as he pushed me off his lap. This was miles away from how I wanted things to go. He quickly spun back around in his chair to face his computer without giving me an answer. I looked at his computer screen.

When I saw the flurry of messages popping up, my stomach dropped to the floor.

Dan was doing a YouNow.

I covered my face with my hands, ashamed and embarrassed beyond comprehension. Dan’s face was blank, just staring at the computer screen in utter shock. “Dan, I, I’m so sorry.” I said reluctantly, knowing my apology couldn’t fix shit. He didn’t respond for a few minutes. His gaze shifted from the computer screen, to his lap, to the side, back to the computer screen, almost in a pattern. When he did speak up, he said what I didn’t expect him to say for a long time.

“Well, guys, as you can probably guess, that was my girlfriend.” He smirked, then broke out in his famous laugh. I raised my face from my hands and grinned. He smiled back at me, and waved me over with his hand.
“I’ll introduce her so I don’t look like a proper shit head.” He said as he took my hand.
“Guys, this is (Y/N), and (Y/N), this is…guys?” He laughed again, and I waved hello to the camera. I was hesitant to open up because I couldn’t bare to look at the comments section. I just looked into the camera lens to avoid reading all of the potentially nasty things they were saying about me.

It was only until Dan said, “Aw, you guys are too kind!” that I dared to look at the responses.

“She has such a nice smile!”
“her outfit is goals tbh”
“she has such a gorgeous figure ugh shoot me”

Those compliments were some of the funniest, most flattering compliments I’ve ever gotten. It was so relieving to see that Dan’s fans were very accepting and encouraging. As Dan continued his YouNow, they asked plenty of questions, which Dan responded with, “Maybe we’ll make a video some time in the future, but for now we’re just enjoying sensual make out sessions.”

His smug expression didn’t last long before I punched him in the arm and sarcastically yelled, “Dan you’re SO funny honestly you should look into a stand up career!” He laughed, and said to the camera, “Well, I guess I’ll stop here since I have to look into a promising career path. Thanks for watching, guys!”

Dangerous pt. 2 // C.H.

part 1

masterlist // request

As it turned out, I had a few classes with the number 10 boy. I could feel him stare sometimes and it almost made me jump out of my seat but at the same time it felt weird, comforting, almost.  But it was only science. 48 minutes of near-sleep and then back at it to the next class.

The bell rings and I shoot up, trying to gets far away from this boy as possible. My mind warned me of him every second.

I seemingly escaped him, and for that I was calm, walking down the empty hall towards the very back room. My best friend always had her sewing circle at lunch on Wednesdays and I promised I would go with her.

Suddenly, a familiar voice had cut into my thoughts.

“Y/n.” It spoke as I turned around.

“Calum.” I say nervously. He flashes another one of his smiles that could make me melt of fear and admiralty.

“I know I’m like 6ft and you’re literally like, 5’5, “ he begins, “But I’m really not that scary.”

I smile, feeling as if I was somehow making this conversation awkward. My eyes wander, as I really didn’t get the chance to see his full form hours before.

“Are those real?” I ask, pointing to the black tattoos on his arm.

“I hope.” He grins and I can’t help but smile wider. “Are you going to lunch?” He asks.

“Oh,” I say, remembering my bestie, “My friend had a class, I was going to-“ I stop, my thoughts becoming too loud.

maybe I should go to lunch with him.I mean he isn’t really a bad guy and maybe he’s a ten for a different reason. I just have to be on high alert.’  I remind myself.

“Actually, yeah. I am.” I tell him and he lights up.

“Can I join you, cutie?” He asks in a cute tone, and I say yes, feeling a feeling in my gut that I’ve never felt before.

Instead of walking to a table, he leads me outside, where I actually was surprised that he knew how to find the way out.

“Alright, sweetheart,” He nicknames me as I lay on the grass, “I wanna know more about you. Let’s play a game.”

I roll my eyes, laying back. Enough guys had played a stupid game with me that usually ended with ‘are you a virgin?’ or ‘what size are your boobs?’. I hated them.

“Fine.” I say, looking towards him, “But I start.”

“What’s a nickname that you have?” I ask and he replies with a, “Cal.” Fair enough.

I couldn’t help but feel some sort of connection towards him. It was like a pulling force as you both answered random questions about yourselves.

You were now laying sideways as he faced forward.

“First kiss?” You can’t stop yourself from asking. A guy like this? Definitely a player.

He chuckles, sneaking a peek at me as I look up for his answer.

“To be honest, cutie, I don’t remember.” He answers.

I would feel horrible if I couldn’t remember my first kiss. I’ve never kissed anyone before, but when I do, it’s gonna be damn rememberable.

“You?” He asks and I shake my head, “That can’t be true, Y/n, you’ve kissed someone.” He speaks, sliding a box out of his jacket pocket.

“Never.” I mumble as he take a cigarette out of the box swiftly, holding it between his lips as he feels around for his lighter.

“Woah, Calum. That’s not good for you.” I tell him and suddenly I feel stupid at making such a remark.

He looks towards me. “That’s the point.”

“Please don’t do that around me.”I say out of the blue. I wouldn’t care if it was any other guy, but something inside me screamed at him to stop. “Please, Cal.”

He seemed surprised, but i couldn’t tell whether that was because I had asked him to not smoke, or the fact that I had used his nickname.

“Whatever, sweetheart.” He shrugs, putting the cig back in the box. It’s quiet for a moment and I contemplate if I had just completely ruined the relationship we had.

“So you’ve never kissed anyone?” He finally speaks up and I nod, “Never had a boyfriend?”

“I’ve had one. But I never kissed him.” I say and you could feel the tension growing. He hums in response.

Moments pass as we think. Suddenly I was noticing thing about him I’ve never noticed before. His jawline, his lips, his beautiful brown eyes. I wanted to melt right then and there. What was happening?

Suddenly, he pulls me close, his hand cupping my cheek. His eyes travel over my face and stop at my lips.

“Can I-“ He stutters, “Can I kiss you, cutie?”

It was all so fast and sudden, that my instincts clouded over and I nodded, feeling his lips press against mine, his head tilting slightly so that we moved in sync. I’ve never kissed anyone in my life, so I felt as if he was doing all of the work and damn did it feel good.

He pulls apart as the bell rings, staring into my eyes.

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Heroes of Tomorrow, Heroes of Today (STONY/RUCAS AU) - Chapter Four

Heroes of Tomorrow, Heroes of Today

Synopsis: Riley is the daughter of Tony Stark, but no one knows who she is. Her life has been a lie for her own protection, so when she strikes a deal with her father in six months the world would know. How hard can that be? Well when you’re going to a school where your teachers had once betrayed him, and the one guy you might like hates your father, well everything just becomes a complicated mess.

Or How I mixed two of my favorite universes and made Tony Stark a better father than his own father ever was.

[Previous Chapters]

A/N: Back to writing, this fic is going to be a long one, I swear it’s so slow build, and for some reason I’m contemplating things on the relationships between some of these characters….. Mainly a specific pair… no Spoilers I swear. If you’re desperate to know who send me a message.

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The dark- young!sirius x reader

Request: for the prompts thing could you do number three with Sirius please?

Prompt 3. You? Afraid of the dark? That’s impossible.

A fair amount of swearing, as usual :)

It was a normal Tuesday after Potions class until James Potter flagged me down.

“(Y/N). Wanna go to Hogsmeade with Sirius?”

“Who’s asking?”

“Well me obviously, but I know he fancies you. He’s just too much of a prick to ask you himself.”

I replied sarcastically, “Ah James, as much as I enjoy hearing about how much Sirius pines for me, I have to decline your offer.” I didn’t know what to say, especially as the marauders were known to be insincere.

I walked away and heard James yell from a distance.

“Okay then (Y/N). Plan B!”

I began my journey to the common room, contemplating the relationship between Sirius and I. Out of all the marauders, I was closest to him. True, we were all good friends, but Sirius and I always seemed to click. We had the same sense of humor, and very similar personalities. 

Sirius and I were constantly flirting with each other, but the fake kind of flirting. Like the “if we are both single at 30, I’m going to marry the fuck out of you” kind of flirting. It was the good friend flirting- constantly stoking each other’s egos.

I entered the common room. It was deserted, as always at this time on a Tuesday. I had my free period, and almost everyone else was in class. I set up camp at a table and began to work on my mountain of homework. Eventually, the other Gryffindors slowly trickled in as their classes finished. 

No sign of the boys. I didn’t think twice about it. They were often late, usually they were pulling some prank, or in detention from a prank previously pulled.

Several hours later, I was waist deep in my essay on the securities of Gringotts, when the entrance of four extremely rambunctious seventh years interrupted me.

I tried to ignore them because I was on a roll describing the secret code that the Goblins operate under.

No such luck.

Wingardium Leviosa” 

I managed to grab my wand before I felt my robes slowly lifting me up into the air. The first time this happened I was absolutely petrified. Now, I’m used to it. It’s Sirius’s favorite trick when he wants some attention.

I landed softly on the couch next to Sirius, where he and the marauders had plopped themselves down. 

“Hey there, (Y/N).” James winked at me.

“What’s up, guys?”

Sirius leaned forward and grumbled, “Finally done with some bogus ass detention.”

“What’d you do to earn your bogus ass detention?” I was softly rubbing his back. I did that a lot. It always helped to calm him down.

“Nothing. So unfair.” He sighed and put his head in my lap. I moved my hand to run my hand through his hair. This was my favorite; I could do it for hours. 

I raised an eyebrow at Remus, asking him to fill me in.

“Well we overheard Lucius talking about studying in the library tonight, so we enchanted every fifth book on the shelves to fly at him once he got within a foot of it.” He smirked. “Totally worth the detention. You should’ve seen him running down the aisles trying to get away from the books as more and more books leapt off the shelves to hit him.”

I giggled. My friends were so absolutely nefarious. I loved it.

“Fancy a game of Wizard’s Chess, (Y/N)?” Peter asked from the couch opposite Sirius and I.

“Only if you want to lose, Wormtail.”

Peter grinned and summoned the game board and pieces. He set it up on the coffee table between us. Sirius sat up next to me and James and Remus, on either side of Peter, perked up. Chess between Peter and I was always intense. We were both very competitive, and very skilled.

It was getting late, and most people had gone up to bed. 

The game progressed quickly. Along the way, we started to discuss life after Hogwarts.

“Well, I’m joining the order.”

“You really think it exists, mate?”

“Of course I do.”

“Me too. Voldemort can suck it.” I interjected.

Peter took advantage of my distraction and cornered my King.

“Checkmate.” Peter looked awfully pleased with himself.

“Fuck.” It’s been a while since he has beaten me. I suppose my winning steak couldn’t last forever.

I turned back to the conversation and it morphed from concrete career plans to dreams and aspirations and bucket lists. The best kind of late night talks with friends. 

James yawned and nudged Peter. “Boy, watching (Y/N) get her ass kicked really tuckered me out. It’s about time I retire for the evening.”

He got up to leave, and Peter and Remus followed. Sirius stayed.

He was in the middle of discussing the band he wanted to start.

“It’ll be me on guitar of course. Peter will be lead singer, he’s actually got a decent falsetto. Remus is bass, and James on drums. It’s gonna be fucking epic. You can be our manager, we’ll need a hot one so we can get the best gigs.” 

“Oh yeah?” I sat pretzel-legged on the couch, facing him. 

“Hell yeah. We’ll call ourselves something really dirty. Like the Mind-Blowing Orgasms or something like that.”

I giggled. I loved talking like this with Sirius.

“What about you, (Y/N)?

“Well my dream job is to be like the dictator queen of the world, who is actually a secret spy and is so badass that she doesn’t even need a bodyguard. So somehow I gotta make that happen.”

“I wouldn’t put it past you. I think you’d make an excellent dictator-queen-spy. I’d pledge my loyalty in a heartbeat.”

I heard whispers from the upstairs balcony, and every light in the room went out simultaneously.

I heard a loud gasp and I felt a huge weight fall on me. 

I groped for my wand. I pointed it at the spot where I knew the fireplace was.


The common room was cast in a soft light. I identified the weight in my lap as a shaking Sirius. He was holding on to me tight, and his eyes were screwed shut.

I grabbed his face. “Hey. Are you okay? Sirius?”

He slowly opened one eye, and looked visibly relieved.

Sirius slid off my lap, looking heavily embarrassed. “Sorry,” he muttered. “I’m a wee bit afraid of the dark.”

I almost laughed until I saw the solemn look on his face.

I feigned disbelief in an attempt to cheer him up, and to subtly let him know he didn’t need to be embarrassed. “You? Afraid of the dark? That’s impossible.”

“You’re the great Sirius Black! You’ve slayed dragons and conquered kingdoms and valiantly rescued damsels in distress. You’re known across England as the great heartbreaker!”

He was still avoiding my gaze. I lifted his chin up to make eye contact.

“These muscles?” I lightly touched his bicep. “These are the most toned, most dashing muscles I’ve ever seen in my life. Really, the dark should be scared of you! Never has the dark faced a more worthy opp-”

I was interrupted by a pair of lips smashing into mine. I closed my eyes, and matched Sirius’s intensity. He tasted minty. Maybe a little smoky too. His hands traveled to my hips to pull me onto his lap. Once he was satisfied with my position, they nestled themselves in my hair. 

I left Sirius’s mouth and softly kissed his jawline, making my way to his neck. I alternately nibbled and sucked, aiming to mark him. He threw his head back and groaned in response.

I heard a very distinctive voice from the balcony. “Hell yeah Pads, get in there.” All the lights came back on.

“Fucking bastards.” Sirius muttered before he guided my lips back to his, hungry for more.