i was considering her for val at first

Just noticed something rather humorous while playing Outlast 2 for the 4th time. The time you walk with Lynn in the forest after she escapes the Christians, and before they attempt to murder her child, Lynn says, “I swear to fucking Christ, the first person who touches me loses their eyes.” Which I thought was an empty threat considering she’s restrained before she can do anything. But then Val comes out and kills a man by puncturing his eyes. This man obviously being the first person to touch Lynn, like damn. As if I don’t already love Val enough, Val definitely heard Lynn and took matters into her own hands.

Tear and Tangle - Chapter 2

Chapter 1

Val spent the following week avoiding Sharna as much as possible. Unfortunately, he realized too late, this probably just made everything worse. Sharna didn’t know anything unusual was going on. By avoiding her, he probably only made her more suspicious. When Sunday morning arrived, he hadn’t even asked her about hanging out that night. He hoped his confusing feelings would start to fade if he spent less time with her.

When she found him late Sunday afternoon, he quickly realized this was not the case. The first thing he noticed was her smile and he suddenly felt light-headed.

Get it together, he told himself as she walked up to him.

“I feel like I haven’t seen you all week,” she said with that smile. “Where have you been hiding?”

“We’ve just been busy,” Val said with a shrug. “How’s your week been?”

“A little overwhelming, but I think we’re ready. I was worried about doing jitterbug just for me to have to teach it, but it’s so perfect for James. He’s great.”

“I’m sure,” Val said, doing his best to not sound awkward.

“So, tonight?” Sharna continued, sitting down next to Val. “I owe you.”

“You owe me nothing.”

“My place,” she told him, ignoring his comment. “Dinner? A movie? Just us.”

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I’m trying to figure out Crina’s affiliations within NH and had talked with Dick a little bit about her working for Val, rather than having her own “cleaning” service. It’d make more sense, since she’s really not the type to want to be involved in that sort of thing unless absolutely necessary, and unfortunately, with her day job, it is….But hey, free death grandpa! :’) /shot

Anyway, I’m torn on whether she should be a member of CoG since she would have ties with Val. Like, I like the idea of her trying to get out of something she would consider “batshit” (cleaning service included), yet I have no idea how she would be convinced to join in the first place… :|c 

Episode 49.2

Got something a bit different for you this time!

I’m sorry for not really including Saito (the tiefling treasure hunter). If it helps your headcanon, imagine he’s there being Saito-y as usual.

Cam, Jiutoú and Elora resumed their journey back to Talis'Val. The following night found them making camp a little ways from the beaten path, not surprising considering that Cam seemed to be a target and Franco was still at large.

Elora and Juitoú elected to take watches so that they would be prepared for assassins.

It was a quiet night apart from Cam’s snoring. Juitoú finished the first watch and rubbed her eyes, ready for a good night’s sleep.

“Miss Elora, can I ask a favour?”

Elora had never heard Juitoú ask for such a thing, but since they were friends, she answered, “Of course. What kind of favour?”

“I wish to borrow your belt - Ivor'Skald - for a short while.”

Elora was hesitant to part with the belt. She actually started to say ‘No.’ But then Juitoú used her sad eyes and she let out a sigh, unclasping the belt from her waist. Almost immediately, she felt that great inner strength fade. “Here you go. Can I ask why you want to borrow it?”

“You already know why,” Juitoú told her, with a hint of a smile.

“Well remember, I want it back soon.” Elora would have honestly allowed Juitoú to wear it as long as she liked, but it would undoubtedly be more difficult as time wore on, for Juitoú to part with it.

“Two days is all that I require. Thank you Miss Elora.”

Juitoú spent the next hour attuning herself to Ivor'Skald. In that time she had a brief dream, an effect of the residual psychic imprint of the previous wielders of the belt.

She dreamt of the battle two days ago now. Her arms were mighty columns of rock and mossy earth, and they pummelled the insect-like vampires, while a figure in red flowing robes danced around the battlefield, the blade in its hands glinting in the moonlight.

Juitoú reflected on that dream as she settled down to sleep. The magical belt around her waist made her feel empowered, as though there could not possibly be any foe that could stand against her deadly might. It worried her a little bit, but hopefully nothing bad would happen in the next two days.

The next day, when she woke, Juitoú could see that Elora had begun to return to her normal proportions. She felt guilty for depriving her friend of the belt’s strength, but Elora seemed to take it in her stride, cheerfully gathering food and water for the group to keep them healthy and alive.

On horseback, they made good progress towards the city through the day. Barring any complications, it would take another day at least before they would reach it.

They made camp again that night. Cam complained that his bedroll was scant comfort for his back, but Juitoú shot him a glare and said, “If you like, Mister Buckland, I can throw you up into a tree and you can spend the rest of the night there.”

Cam, taking note of the belt around Juitoú’s waist, decided that his back could take another night of sleeping on the bedroll, but that sleeping in a tree would probably be very uncomfortable.

As it turned out, sleeping in a tree might have been the safer option.

Desperate not to displease Princess Fellania, Franco had been tracking the party. His plan was to sneak into their camp at night and kill Cam as quietly as possible, then leave.

As he was putting the knife to the human’s throat, he felt himself being lifted by someone immensely strong. For them, lifting one halfling was effortless.

In the dark, Franco then saw two burning red eyes, narrowed with rage. A booming voice said, “You fear your mistress, but you should learn to fear me more. Begone.”

With that, Franco felt himself hurled through the air. He could feel the air whistle past his ears, and as he gazed down he could see the lands stretched out beneath him. He realised that when he landed, it would probably be with a big crunch.

However, that did not happen. First of all, Franco saw that his trajectory would take him towards a small village. Secondly, he saw that there was a hill giant with a great club knocking over buildings and terrorising the locals. Thirdly, Franco readied his dagger and landed it in the giant’s back. The impact against the giant knocked the wind out of Franco, but he was still alive, barely.

The giant gave a wet gurgle and coughed blood before collapsing to the ground with an almighty crash, Franco now atop the body and pulling his dagger free.

He was about to limp off into the night nursing his bruised ribs, but the villagers (not knowing who he was) proclaimed him their hero. He decided to play along, if only to get a bed to crawl onto and pass out.

The next morning, Juitoú woke and felt like her old self. Perhaps not exactly so, but close enough. Her robes were now a bit short, and her muscles gave her what she assumed must be an even more intimidating appearance.

“Did anything happen last night?” Elora asked Juitoú. She seemed now so small in comparison that for a moment Juitoú felt like a giant towering over her.

“Oh, nothing at all really, Miss Elora. I threw away something we didn’t need, that is all. Here,” she said, unfastening Ivor'Skald and returning it to Elora, “you should have this back now.”

Elora thanked Juitoú for returning the belt, knowing that it couldn’t have been easy. Ever since Juitoú had been resurrected it had seemed like there was something missing. In a few more years though, Juitoú would naturally look and feel more like herself.

When Elora attuned herself to Ivor'Skald once again, she dreamt that she had a halfling in her grasp. She let out a gasp as she watched herself fling the little creature away into the night. The strength in that throw felt disturbingly empowering.

“Juitoú. When you said that you threw away something that we didn’t need…”

Juitoú shrugged. “Franco was attempting to kill Mister Buckland. Again. He won’t be bothering us again, I assure you.”

“Let’s hope so.”

I noticed that I made a few goofs when writing this.

First of all, even with a STR of 23, you couldn’t really hurl a small-sized creature the thousand or so feet to a nearby village. You would probably need a siege weapon for that. Also, even if you did that, the impact would probably kill said small creature.

Secondly, I forgot that Cam is wanted alive not dead.

Finally, I really hate that the ending just stops dead like that.

I’ll have a think about these little problems and then make some revisions. :)

Outlast 2 spoilers discussing Val

I’m looking through Val’s tag considering they’re my favorite character from the game, and I think many players missed a vital part of her character. Many seem confused on Val’s gender, considering there are letter about Val that use male pronouns.

In her first journal entry, Val discusses having more than 40 orphans under her wing, they love her and she loves them. Val later goes on to say that she will never have children of her own, and this upsets her. This is the reason for Val’s transformation. To say that Val is a male because of past letters that refer to her as one is a mistake. There is literally a chapter called, “Val’s Rebirth”.

I wanted to discuss this because many were confused and focused on this. To make it completely clear, the big reason Val wanted to be rebirthed as a women was to be able to have children of her own.

Advice - Part 4

This is basically just James and Sharna! Starting with a flashback, then to what is present day in this fic. One last part to go after this one!

Part 3

They finished the fifth live show of the season and Sharna was worried about James. He seemed oddly nervous, certainly more nervous than usual, and rather distant and disconnected. Everyone else was celebrating making it through another week. James told Sharna he loved their dance and that he was excited for the next one, but she saw his smile fade as she watched him out of the corner of her eye.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” she said, leaning in to hug him so she could whisper in his ear.

“Yeah. I told you. I’m fine. Everything’s fine.”

But Sharna wasn’t convinced and she wasn’t going to let him off that easy.

“Come on,” she said quietly, taking his hand. “Let’s go talk.”

They detached themselves from the group and made their way backstage. Here there were several rooms they could disappear into. They found an empty room off a dark hallway. Sharna flicked on the light and closed the door behind them. She immediately turned to James.

“What’s going on?” she said before he could stop her. “I know you and I know something’s wrong. And don’t tell me it’s nothing.”

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Day 18

Prompt: AU Dom and Zendaya move in to an apartment next door to Val and Maks, Zendaya keeps running into Val awkwardly.

Note: It’s the end, I did it which means I’m 18 (I’m finally legal) so please enjoy the final story for the 18 Days of Valdaya (which I mid way realised I should of called it the 18 Dayas of Valdaya, but then I glared at myself in the mirror). 

Requested by: @madd09

18 days of Valdaya || Other Stuff

Enjoy xx Sabrina

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anonymous asked:

now that val isnt hiding jenna, would u consider yourself a vlenna shipper?

I shipped them even when he was ~hiding her last year, it’s not specifically ab that for me. I’m first a fan of Val and Jenna as individuals so ultimately I just want them to be happy. Generally speaking, if two people are together then I trust that they’re happy and so of course I’m gonna root for happiness. Of course all of Jenna’s shenans last year made it such that with these guys in particular I don’t know if I really do trust that they’re happy just bc they’re in a relationship lol but things seem to be going differently this time so that’s good. Tbh they don’t seem like a longterm fit to me so I’m not gonna be one to stan it, but if Val is happy and Jenna is happy then I’m happy for them and in that sense I def ship it.

anonymous asked:

May i request an established spideytorch, double date with another marvel couple of your choice~

sure thing, anonymous! I sort of want to do a five times thing with this but until I’ve written the other four, here’s one. I haven’t actually been to the Central Park zoo in ages so I’m going half off memory and half off their website:

Johnny knew he was in trouble when Valeria marched herself into the kitchen, grabbed a chair from the table, dragged it over to where he stood at the counter and climbed on top of it to address him.

“One sec, kiddo,” he said, swigging coffee. “Whatever you’re going to say, I’m not caffeinated enough.”

“I’m asking Bentley out on a date,” Val said, and Johnny knocked back the rest of his coffee in one go.

“Okay,” he said. “You’re like, five years old -”

“I’m four and a half,” Val said, wrinkling her nose like Johnny’s the weirdo in the room.

“I’m rounding up,” he said. “Anyway, you, Bentley - little young, don’t you think? Maybe want to wait until you can reach the counter without a chair?”

Val’s stare was withering.

“We’re going to the zoo,” she said. “I want to see the puffins.”

“That’s adorable,” Johnny told her. “There isn’t a memory card your dad can invent that’ll hold all the photos your mom is going to take.”

Val made a gagging noise, sticking out her tongue. “That’s exactly why I wanted to talk to you, Uncle Johnny. I want you to chaperone us.”

Johnny burst out laughing.

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You know… I’ve been thinking. About James and Sharna of course.

I’ve been feeling like they are my favorite DWTS couple ever in 23 seasons. But then I thought maybe I’m just thinking that because they’re so recent and fresh in my mind and perfect and in love

So then I thought back to my other favorite couples and considered why I loved them so much. 

Erin and Maks have always been my favorites. They were my first favorites and I loved them more than life itself. What I loved so much about them was what he did for her. The way he made her feel safe. The way he took care of her. The way he made her life whole again when she needed it most. (This was also all similar for Kelly and Val. I loved them just as much for basically the same reasons.)

Meryl and Maks were of course my other favorites. And what I loved about them was what she did for him. The opposite of Erin and Maks. She let him be himself and she brought out a new side of him and she understood him. She changed the essence of who he was and it was beautiful to watch. 

And then there’s James and Sharna. And I think, Are they really more special than these other two? Do I really love them more? Have the others finally been dethroned? And you know what? Yes. There’s something special and there’s something more. Because it’s not what she did for him and it’s not what he did for her. It’s what they did for each other. 


fancasting lj bingbing as china sorrows

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banner by me

Room 23B, Update!

Maks had never felt more stressed in his life.

He wrung his hands together, idly swiping sweat from his hands on his black slacks.

The entire future of his jewelry company ultimately depended upon the decision of the one very affluent buyer he was due to meet with today.

If this deal worked out the way he was praying it would, Cantamessa would land a 2-year exclusive contract with one of the top fashion brands in the world: Alexander McQueen. The new connection with such a famous brand would bring Cantamessa an entirely new level of notoriety and fame—not to mention endless hoards of clientele.

If the deal didn’t work out, however, Cantamessa Jewelers could expect an extensive rough patch ahead of them. The business wasn’t doing wonderfully lately, raking in only about a fraction of the purchases they usually scored. Maks knew why, of course, and it stung his pride; Tiffany and Co. had just released a new line eerily similar to the design he had been crafting for months, and many of his clients had snapped it up the very second it was released.

Any piece he could have possibly released after that would make it look as though he was trying to duplicate Tiffany & Co.’s design, and Maks had the sinking feeling his brand wouldn’t come out on top in a legal battle (his rival brand was more affluent, more powerful, and more likely to hire a kickass defense attorney who would slander his reputation in the industry for good). It would be a crushing blow to his company, his wallet, and his pride.

Maks shook his head emphatically in a vain attempt to clear his thoughts. His business partner saw the grim look upon Maks’ face and said nothing, opting instead to clamp a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

The elevator carried them upwards in silence and Maks found himself wishing it would just go on forever, that they would never have to reach their destination because it was so uncertain and he had to admit he was a bit of a control freak.

The soft ping from the gold-reflected wall dashed his hopes in the gentlest way, reminding the two that they had reached their floor right before the cool metal doors slid open.

It was showtime once more.

Maks ran a shaking hand through his hair, messing with it slightly to take his mind off of things. His eyes widened in what could only be awe as he took in the scene before him.

Before the two men stood a vast expanse of cream-colored tables and chairs, candles and chandeliers, dim lighting and glasses filled with bubbling champagne. Despite his overly anxious mood, he couldn’t help but groan internally. Why couldn’t these buyers ever pick a less high-end restaurant to meet at? Even paying for our meals at a place like this could break the bank…

Maks’ feet stuttered slightly as he took a step inside, shooting a weary glance towards his partner.

“You’ll be fine, Maksy-boy. Just turn on that old Chmerkovskiy charm,” Val nudged Maks’ shoulder, shooting him a sly wink right before a young woman in a professional, gray dress made her way over to them. She took quick, confident strides; Maks could already tell that he may not be able to acquire this buyer’s approval through his usual methods.

Upon reaching the men, the female buyer stuck out her hand.

“Hello, gentlemen. My name is Karina Smirnoff; I am the primary buyer for the world-renowned fashion brand Alexander McQueen,” she announced, just managing a small smile for the two men in front of her.

Maks always found it amusing when buyers endorsed their companies while introducing themselves; he supposed they did it to make themselves seem more important, but he couldn’t help but feel like the buyers were overcompensating for some other void in their lives through their introductions.

(“Look at me, I’m divorced, bitter and alone. I work three jobs to pay my mortgage, and my ex-husband got custody rights for my three children, so I may never see them again…But did you hear I work as a primary buyer for the Alexander McQueen? Not just any regular buyer, and not any regular brand, but the primary buyer and Alexander fucking McQueen!”)

Karina continued on with her introduction, all business and black coffee, oblivious to Maks’ thoughts.

“You must be the co-founders of Cantamessa—the Chmerkovskiy brothers, if I am not mistaken?”

Ah, yes. Maks’ business partner also happened to be his brother—Valentin had taken an interest in the field just 7 years ago, after Maks had delivered a longwinded speech at a family dinner about his career at Tiffany & Co., the 4 C’s of diamonds, appraising gemstones, and working with clientele.

Upon hearing how poorly the overtly wealthy company treated his brother (a topic they also discussed in depth), Val demanded to help Maks start his own jewelry line. He would not take no for an answer. Years later, Maks had yet to stop thanking him.

Val gently nudged Maks’ side with the bent part of his elbow in an attempt to snap him out of his thoughts.

“Yes, we are, Madame Smirnoff. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” he took her hand in his and pressed a kiss to her knuckles.

“The pleasure is mine, gentlemen. For the purposes of this meeting, you may simply call me Karina, if you wish. It’s a lot less long-winded,” she chuckled softly.

It was then that Maks picked up on a definite lilt in Karina’s voice that sounded all too familiar to him.

“I certainly don’t mean to pry, Karina, but is that a Russian accent I hear?”

The twenty-something buyer awarded his inquisition with a dry smirk, “Perhaps, Mr. Chmerkovskiy, but we are not here to discuss my heritage, correct? I’m afraid appealing to my personal culture will get you nowhere this evening.”

Maks’ eyes widened marginally as Val tried to stifle a snicker.

He was correct, then; the usual methods would not work on this one.

“Gentlemen, we shall sit together and discuss what a partnership will mean for our respective companies; if such a partnership is truly beneficial to both parties, I might consider pressing for that two-year exclusivity contract you seem so set on. If not, well…you certainly wouldn’t be the first to be turned away. Now, please; enter,” Karina finished, gliding her hand through the air as if she was welcoming them inside her very own restaurant.


Maks walked up to his apartment complex, puffing out an elongated exhale through his nostrils.

Karina needed to mull over her decision for a bit; she would call one of the brothers tomorrow with her final answer.

Maks had hoped things went smoothly, but the more time he spent thinking about it, the more he began to dissect every bit of their conversation. Had he been too flattering at any point? She seemed turned off by his compliments. Had he and Val finally delivered their career-making pitch, or was it back to the metaphorical drawing board?

Even the sky overhead was smoothed over with gray clouds, completely smothering any glimpse of the sun he could have gotten. The sky was not sunny, nor was it stormy; he had never found such a perfect example of pathetic fallacy in his life and he may have sharply snorted out a laugh if he hadn’t been in such a funk.

Inside the building was no better. The lights in the lobby were bright and inviting, the chandeliers sparkling overhead adding a certain sense of elegance to the room. (Many times he had tried to determine the exact worth of the diamond chandeliers, his inner jewelry nerd scrabbling out to assess what most people would simply let out a low whistle at and continue on their merry way with.) The marble floors of the lobby had appeared entirely un-trodden upon, uncharacteristically free of scuff marks or stains from the dribbles of a child’s strawberry ice cream. This was a slight pity, too—He would ferociously deny it if ever accused, but he happened to enjoy witnessing his neighbors with children. He was fascinated with the way their lives were constantly intertwined, how the children and parents understood each other more implicitly than any other human on the planet. How the children stared, wide-eyed, as their parents informed them of an impromptu trip to the ice cream shop.

He mused about these things on his way to the elevator.

When he reached the row of elevators, however, he felt a strange pang of resentment. It was the most childish thing he’d thought about in a while, but the only thought that dame to mind was how the gold-encrusted elevator from that overtly elaborate restaurant betrayed his one wish.

Out of idiotic bitterness towards the insentient unit of transportation, he switched directions and headed for the stairway instead.


Maks reached the second floor, panting for breath, hand sliding against the railing as a support system for his body. Four flights of unbelievably steep stairs to get to the second floor of a building did not seem like the most architecturally-sound idea he’d heard.

He really needed to work out more, he realized, a bit too late.

His bones ached for him to rest, take a break from the unusual amount of exercise. His lungs were on fire, a slow burning pain that would encompass him completely if he traveled up the next two flights to his floor. Even his muscles were sore.

He couldn’t do another two flights to Floor 3. God, he was a weakling.

He shrugged to himself, grumbling as he shoved the entranceway to Floor 2 open. He took long, swift strides once he’d entered, apartment after apartment blurring together at his sides.

He would admit defeat and take the elevator although he’d hate every second of it.

Somewhere behind him, a woman locked in her room yelled out a frustrated explicative.

He stopped in his tracks, a slow smirk forming on his face at the all-too-familiar voice. It sounded like the girl from last night, the girl who interrupted his sealing the deal with one of the less influential buyers.

A conversation with her would certainly make his day feel less sucky.

He swiveled around, began searching for her golden room number.

“23A, 23A,” he repeated inside his head, scanning the tops of the wooden doors for the magic number.

He came to a halt as he discovered her door, wasting no time knocking repeatedly against the oak door.

Her door swung open at once, and there she was, her hair swept up into an unkempt ponytail whilst wearing pajamas three sizes too big.

“Oh, crap,” were the first words to escape her mouth, quickly followed by, “you didn’t think to tell me you were stopping by, neighbor?”

Maks let a flirtatious smile transform his face, “No need. You look perfect as is.”

The girl in front him pretended to gag, causing him to erupt into rumbling chuckles.

“If you don’t use any more terrible lines like that, you can c’mon in. I was just writing but, you know,” she offered, making the same hand motion Karina had made just hours before.

He nodded his head, the smallest of smiles on his face, and stepped inside Meryl’s apartment. The apartment smelled of vanilla and cinnamon, the kitchen fire alarm was going off (so he quickly walked over and shut it off, pausing to hungrily eye the tray of cinnamon buns on the cooling rack), the rooms were bright from sunshine streaming in through the open windows, and in the midst of it all he had noticed a laptop open to a Microsoft Word page sitting on baby-blue colored sofa,

Before she could stop him, he sprinted over and snatched the laptop, eyes flicking across the words on the screen.

“Hey,” she exclaimed in protest, tiny feet carrying her small frame over to him, “give me my novel back!”

Maks rose a dubious eyebrow back at her, clearly unimpressed. “Give me one good reason.”

“Because I’ll kick you out of my apartment. I invited you in, and I can get you out,” Meryl spoke again, her voice containing all the bravado it could possibly hold.

His eyebrows shot even further upwards, and he lowered his head as he issued her a challenge.

“Do it; I dare you. Kick me out.”

A wave of anger passed through her features as she yanked his arm forwards, slowly but steadily raising his body off the couch. “Gladly,” she huffed.

Maks was surprised at how much muscle the seemingly waif of a girl had as she began shoving his body towards the door. He whirled around to face her once he found himself getting closer to the exit; he didn’t want to leave just yet.

“This,” he gestured to the open page on screen, “needs more originality.”

Meryl abruptly halted her movements, as he had hoped she would, and crossed her arms over her chest. “Originality? That book is dripping with it!” She huffed indignantly, slight tones of incredulity entering her voice.

“No, it’s not. You think it is, because you wrote it, but I can already tell exactly who committed the crime from the dialogue based on this page.”

“Only a truly creative eye could comprehend the clues I left scattered throughout those pages. I call your bluff,” she snarked back.

“I’m a jewelry designer and founder of a jewelry company. I think it’s safe to say I’m creative in my endeavors,” he scoffed, raising the laptop over his head as she tried jumping for it.

“I think jewelry is stupid,” she remarked childishly, issuing him the same challenging look he had just given her.

“I think your character development is stupid,” retorted Maks, all the while a calm smile playing on his face.

“Really? Then, Maks, whodunnit?”

He paused, glancing back at the screen. Then he looked up confident girl in front of him. “It was the protagonist’s child,” he declared.

Meryl’s expression changed from confidence to shock immediately, and she shot him an icy glare the likes of which he had never previously seen.

“And how could you tell?” She gritted through her teeth, defeated.

Maks grinned in spite of the furious girl in front of him. “Sharing my worldly secrets of creativity requires a price. I’ll have a cinnamon roll,” he pointed inside the kitchen with one hand, “and a few hours of time in here.”

Meryl froze, considering her options. Clearly, the passion for her writing must have won out in her mind, because she emitted a defeated sigh. “Stay,” she frowned.

“But we’re not friends,” she was entirely too quick to add, “you’re just helping me improve my book and that’s all.”

He nodded an affirmative, inwardly grinning at her determination to remain as unconnected with him as possible. He would try his hardest to ensure such negative feelings wouldn’t last long.

“Whatever you say,” he winked, victoriously grabbing a cinnamon bun from the cooling rack in the kitchen and sinking his teeth into it.

He casually swaggered back to the sofa and sat down, taking another huge bite out of the cinnamon bun in his hand. He glanced up at her as she stood in doorway, her arms akimbo, and let out a loose laugh, patting the cushion next to him in a blatant signal to join him.

She paused a moment, then finally, she cautiously and slowly crossed the room and took a seat next to him.

“Now was that so bad?” He teased, nudging her shoulder with his.

Meryl rolled her eyes, pointing towards the computer screen. “Just help.”

Maks couldn’t help but smile, fully willing to oblige with her exasperated command.

“Gladly,” he smirked, throwing her own comeback back at her. She smacked his arm, the significance of his statement not lost on her.

“You’re an idiot.”

“One of the biggest, self-proclaimed and understanding,” he fired back.

“The things I do for my art,” she let out a martyred sigh in response, and he could only laugh.

Saudade // chapter four

Yeah because I have devils on my shoulder :D Enjoy! 


When Zendaya left the cafe she took her phone out and dialed her best friend’s number.

“Hey Z, I thought I wouldn’t hear from you at all this week.” Dom said teasing her.

“Sorry I’ve been busy.” She truly felt guilty for not talking to her best friend for so long.

“It’s okay…so I heard the news.”

“What news?” Zendaya put the phone between her ear and shoulder blade.

“About famous Valentin Chmerkovskiy coming back to town.”

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Also notice...

Sorry I’m dissecting the interview lmao. I also noticed that not once did Val bring up Z’s age until she turned 18. This AH interview was the first time I heard it really other than when he mocked reporters asking when she was 16 lol. That could mean many things depending on whether you’re a shipper or not, but I find it so endearing. He never threw her age in her face like everyone else did when they were on dwts, but now that she’s a large step into adulthood but STILL considered wise way beyond her years, it’s something that can be bragged about by people who love her without sounding condescending.