i was considering her for val at first

You know… I’ve been thinking. About James and Sharna of course.

I’ve been feeling like they are my favorite DWTS couple ever in 23 seasons. But then I thought maybe I’m just thinking that because they’re so recent and fresh in my mind and perfect and in love

So then I thought back to my other favorite couples and considered why I loved them so much. 

Erin and Maks have always been my favorites. They were my first favorites and I loved them more than life itself. What I loved so much about them was what he did for her. The way he made her feel safe. The way he took care of her. The way he made her life whole again when she needed it most. (This was also all similar for Kelly and Val. I loved them just as much for basically the same reasons.)

Meryl and Maks were of course my other favorites. And what I loved about them was what she did for him. The opposite of Erin and Maks. She let him be himself and she brought out a new side of him and she understood him. She changed the essence of who he was and it was beautiful to watch. 

And then there’s James and Sharna. And I think, Are they really more special than these other two? Do I really love them more? Have the others finally been dethroned? And you know what? Yes. There’s something special and there’s something more. Because it’s not what she did for him and it’s not what he did for her. It’s what they did for each other. 

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psSST 4, 6, 14, 16!

yessss thank you my friend <3

Any minor characters that have either taken over or branched off into their own stories?

JOCELYN. I wrote her initally as a sort of drabble character when I was trying to write something to break the stagnation in my stories. Then she completely transformed into her own storyline and is considered a main character of mine besides the usual.

When creating a character, do you come up with the visual concept or the written concept first?

For me, I usually start out with visual concept of a character. Then I’d try to distinguish certain features of them by coming up with explainations for them, then work onto creating the full character itself.

When writing for specific characters, is there anything you have to do to get into the right mindset?

Sometimes? For Evelyn, I’d like to be cheerful when I write her. For Val, sometimes when I write drabbles for her its because I’m in a weird place. This isn’t always the case, but it does help sometimes? When I feel especially devious, I like to write Minerva to reflect that.

Is there a character of yours who’s a real struggle to write/draw? Why do you think that is?

I’d say most of my Sylvari characters. Admittedly, they’re not my favorite race ever, so I wasn’t invested in their story so much as say, Norn, Charr and humans. I’m not saying it’s bad, because I really do want to figure out my Sylvari characters and flesh them out more, but sometimes I just…don’t know where to start? I have so little information, especially on the Nightmare court, that I can’t write for a Sylvari courtier without feeling like I’m doing something wrong. Same thing for other factions as well.


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Also notice...

Sorry I’m dissecting the interview lmao. I also noticed that not once did Val bring up Z’s age until she turned 18. This AH interview was the first time I heard it really other than when he mocked reporters asking when she was 16 lol. That could mean many things depending on whether you’re a shipper or not, but I find it so endearing. He never threw her age in her face like everyone else did when they were on dwts, but now that she’s a large step into adulthood but STILL considered wise way beyond her years, it’s something that can be bragged about by people who love her without sounding condescending.