i was close to crying from laughter

starguidance asked:

"What i'm trying to say is... Frisk, Will you marry me and join me in the royal family?"

         Their heart LEAPING out of their chest at this point, just by
         those words formulated from his mouth. & yet they wanted
         him to repeat it OVER & OVER. How cliche that there were
         tears building up at the edge of their eyes. They felt so silly,
         crying at their own engagement

           ❝ You think mom will be okay calling me a Dreemurr now ?

         Nervous laughter subsides, now hugging the monster close
         to them & nuzzling against him.

         ❝ Yes, Asriel. Of course I’ll marry you.

876 miles is keeping me from the girl I love
876 miles is the hour ahead of her that I am which means I don’t sleep and I wake up early which I don’t mind doing at all
876 miles are the late nights that we cry and hold our phones because that’s the closes we get to holding each other
876 miles are the every single night since we started dating that we fall asleep and wake up together ( our FaceTime hours are crazy)
876 miles are how far her laughter travels and how far her smile lasts( if you ask her she doesn’t smile 😂)
But the thing is 876 miles won’t break us
876 miles is how far my planes are going to have to travel to take me to see her for the first time ( 4 months and 21 days!!!!!!!!)
Distance means so little when she means so much❤️
Her I love you’s and smile and laughter are what keep me grounded❤️
In April it will be our one year anniversary I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else❤️
I am so lucky.

redhairedflower asked:

“ Stay with me. ”

                  ❝  i’ll stay. he probably shouldn’t have. it was her room. her space. but she’d asked him to.. and she was struggling especially hard these days with missing james. sirius felt her ache. he felt her emptiness inside. tears would slide down their faces together in silence like some sort of betrayer. harry’s shrieks and laughter from the next room would snap them out of it. but they did not cry tonight. silence was the only thing between them. sirius held lily close to his chest and understood. valentine’s day would be especially hard.. and sirius didn’t know what she needed. 

folieapoo asked:

All questions with a 5!

5: What were you doing at 11PM last night?
Watching stuff on YouTube

15: Can you text as quickly with one hand as you do both?
Not nearly as close

25: In the past week, have you cried?
From laughter

35: How many more days until your birthday?
128 days. Shoutout to Siri

45: Do you believe exes can be friends?
Haven’t found that happen to me yet

50: Why aren’t you pursuing the person you like?
They are in a relationship

51: Has the last person you kissed ever seen you cry?
I think so

52: Do you still talk with the person you LAST kissed?

53: What was the last thing you ate?
A mint

54: Did you get any compliments today?

55: Where are you going on your next vacation?
No clue. I need to take one soon though. Go down to Florida. Maybe in the fall

56: Do you own anything from other countries?
Yes. I have this small statue of armor that we got from a castle in Ireland

57: Are most of your friend guys or girls?
Guys, but not by much

58: Where have you lived most of your life?
My house

59: When was the last time you took a long drive?
The last time I took a long long one was when I went and saw The Wonder Years, Motion City Soundtrack, State Champs and You Blew It! at the Paladium in Worchester. That’s about an hour and a half.

65: How many boyfriends/girlfriends did you have in 2011?

75: What part of a person’s body do you find most attractive?

85: Have you ever ‘dated’ someone you’ve never met?

95: Are you a player?
To quote Big Pun “I ain’t a player, I just crush a lot.” But not even that.

105: If a sexy person was pursuing you, but you knew he/she was in relationship, would you go for it?
Probably not. I wouldn’t fee comfortable as long as they are in a relationship.

115: Ever made out with just a friend?

Facing Fate

Focus friend, today’s to be the day you face your fate

You’ve never truly met him but no longer can you take

the cackle of his laugher, the pity his eyes make

you feel inside, the need to cry, so childlike in state

So now today, embracing choice, approaching quite direct

no more running from his judgement, you decide without regret

taking life into your hands, you walk quickly when upset

so boldly do you stride his way, not yet knowing of your debt

For as you close the distance, you cannot help but hear

his eerie laughter alters tone, now crying to your ear

and distance closed, you face your fate, and as his face appears

His face, my face, in shamed disgrace shows sadness mapped in tears

These tears I weep for we are one, I have but my part to play

So every time you’ve poorly chosen, It’s fate that’s forced to pay

and pay I do, to keep from you, the pain of each mistake

The wrongs that haunt our past are mine, their sadness and their weight

And now you dare approach me, hateful words in your decree

to the one who bears your sadness, failures, sorrow, misery

And all at once I find that I have fallen to my knees

for I refuse this fate of mine and sobbingly I plea

I beg a single favor, yes from you, whom I have saved

To take from me this task you see, this thing you’ve never praised

So take upon your shoulders, this mantle worn by fate

For you are your own keeper now, both master and enslaved

And no I did not answer your last question on that day

your eyes so full of pity, laughter eerie, tinged with hate

But yes I knew you’d come one day, mistakenly irate

and on that day, you lost me friend, that day you faced your fate