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thequeernote  asked:

Hey, one time you said you would create a list of episodes to watch when you watch season 1 for the first time (or like when you show SU to a friend) So my question which episodes should I leave out until after jail break? Did you ever create such a list?

I did. You can find it here. And here is a list of episodes that I feel can be skipped altogether, even going back later. I have been meaning to update it, though, making it clear which episodes are important, and which episodes are IMPORTANT, so that people can streamline the viewing experience even more should they want to.

anonymous asked:

You probably get this a lot, so I won't ask you to go into full detail for your sake lol but do you have any tips for just starting out for becoming vegan? Or do you have any websites, maybe some you used, to help you get started when transitioning to vegan. Something that suggests certain meals to start with, all the replacements, what meals or foods have eggs or dairy products you wouldn't know about, and what you should eat daily for nutrition.. stuff like that. Please and thank you :)

Order a free starter kit. ChoosevegVegansociety and the Vegetarian resource group are all great sites. I’m not a fan of PETA at all, but you can poke around their site, some of it is useful. Check out my facts page. In there I included a photo set of some of my favorite replacement stuff, although you don’t need any of it. Here’s a list of some ingredients to steer clear of. Read up on nutrition, watch some documentaries. Forks over knives, Vegucated and This speech are all goodies. There’s Earthlings too, very graphic. Take it slow if you need to, don’t stress yourself out. Eventually it’ll become second nature, you’ll learn as you go. I learn new stuff all the time, and i’ve been vegan for a while.  

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I want to die ,-,

Don’t say that. Don’t ever say that.

You have so much to live for. Don’t believe me? Think about how much your family would miss you. Think about how your friends would grieve and neither friends nor family would go a day without thinking about you. Think about all of the sunsets and sunrises you’d miss. Think about all of the good films you’d miss; all the new music you’d miss; all of the animals you’d miss the chance on stroking. Think about how happy you could be in the future.

Life is full of endless possibilities whereas death is so horribly final.

You deserve to be happy and you will be happy. Believe me, things get better. When I was 8 years old, I wanted to kill myself too. I didn’t know why, all I knew was that I shouldn’t have been that sad that young. Here I am, almost 10 years later, happier, comfortable and more confident. Yes, my life isn’t going where I want it to go, I’ve found out who my true friends are and depression will always haunt me but you move through it.

Take a walk to clear your head, listen to calming music, draw on your skin with felt tips, make a list of everything you love (eg. family, friends, the smell of rain, the way your bed feels when it’s been changed etc) and read it every time you feel like this. Watch your favourite disney movie, eat your favourite food, read books or fanfiction, talk to someone.

Life will get better but only if you let it. So let it in. Let yourself be immersed in the good of the world and focus less on the bad stuff. Take a breath and count to ten. You’ll be okay. I can promise you that you will be okay. It’s not an instant process that’ll happen overnight but take it day by day and do one thing that makes you happy.

Look at yourself in the mirror and accept yourself. Say ‘I look fucking hot today’ because you do. Love yourself for your flaws. Love life for its flaws. You deserve to be here. You might not think you do but I care so much about you and I don’t even know you, think about how much everyone else in your life loves you. You deserve to be here and you deserve to live. My ask is always open. Please, please, please do not harm yourself, love yourself. xxxx

(Here is a masterlist of hotlines)