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Second chance for a normal life (Bucky x Reader)

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 Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Summary: (AU)

Bucky is struggling with his life after he came back from the army. He is depressed and he also had a bad start with you.

Warning: cursing, blood, mentions of suicide attempt

Bucky stared at the paper for a good ten minutes. He wished that it was true that he totally gave up from his self, but there was a tiny voice in his head that was screaming at him.

˝Now or never˝ He walked to his bed he took the gun in his hand. He looked at it and then he put it back on the table, taking sleeping pills, every pill that was left in the bottle. He swallowed the pills and he lay down on the bed hoping to never wake up again.

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*whispers* levihaaan. 18

*whispers* thanks for the request - hope you enjoy it!  

Send me a pairing and a number and i’ll write you a drabble.

Erwin marched, smoothly adjusting the bolo tie at his neck. It was a nervous habit. Not that he was nervous, per-se. Though he could admit, there was a particular anxiousness that churned in his gut.

He’d been called to a meeting with their groundskeeper, a man who went by the name of Mortimer Crankwater, and was every bit as unpleasant as his name suggested. Mortimer, a thin, rail of a man was in charge of maintaining Headquarters and the large plot of land that surrounded it. He had a team of workers, and had been given leave by the powers-that-be to siphon any necessary funds from the Survey Corp’s budget. It was a power that gave Erwin Smith no small amount of grief. It seemed that there was always something that his clean-up crew was lacking, and Mortimer never hesitated to draw funds from the Survey Corps ever dwindling budget.

And now, Mortimer had called Erwin to a meeting. A meeting to discuss, of all things, formal disciplinary action against two of Erwin’s top officers. It was  ridiculous, of course. Levi and Hanji weren’t guilty of – Erwin glanced down at the written summons – willful and/or negligent destruction of government property. He frowned. No, Mortimer Crankwater was clearly mistaken, Erwin thought, and promptly reached up to adjust his tie.

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How to Change your Character in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade

EDIT 6/9/16: Here’s a list of the character files!

ok ok so people ask me how i did the thing where i changed my character to one of the npc’s. It’s a simple process but it’s also hard to figure out, though once you do its one of those things where you slap your face and groan in how simple it was all this time. Me? I spent days trying to research the file types used, I downloaded a bunch of different programs and no success anywhere. SO! I’ll help people out. This is gonna be long bc I tend to ramble? and ill be including pictures. i apologize 2 mobile users

A warning: im not giving out iso download links nor am I giving out the downloads for the programs used. You’ll have to find those yourself and, as for the iso, that’s up to you decide whether to pirate or to burn from a CD, sorry, i’m not getting myself in trouble over a simple tutorial post. Anyway, continue on!

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Yukimura/Saizo common route - part 3

I did it! I wrote a part 3! We are getting close to the point where we decide who we are going to follow. (It’s Saizo. It was pretty unanimously Saizo.)

Hopefully all you who requested tags still want tags because I’m doin’ it. I’m doin’ the thing: @jemchew @frywen-babbles @viridian99 @dreamsinparadise @naerial @dreamfar628

[Enter Mai left stage]

After asking Noriko where I could get a coffee and making sure I got my caffeine fix, I headed back to my desk to get to work on reading documents. The confidentiality agreement was pretty basic; don’t reveal anything about anyone or anything that isn’t public knowledge. I felt a twinge of guilt as I signed before I remembered that I was signing it as Kazuko, not as myself, so technically I wasn’t actually agreeing to it. Immediately after that thought, I felt an even bigger twinge of guilt at the slight relief I had just felt as I remembered I wasn’t signing my name. You’re not signing your name because you’re going to be doing some probably awful unknown task, Mai, I chided myself. Patting yourself on the back over technicalities isn’t going to stop that. Especially as the technicality was pretty illegal. What was the crime of signing not your name called? I couldn’t remember, but I knew it was bad.

Pushing the confidentiality agreement aside, I started work on reading the employee manual. Also pretty basic – don’t sexually harass anyone (although I halfway felt like I was accidentally sexually harassing Yukimura just by wearing my current outfit, I thought as I self-consciously hitched up the neckline of my blouse), don’t bully, avoid smelly foods in the lunchroom, etc.

I did take note of the lack of rules against fraternizing. Good. Seduction wasn’t a firing offense. Maybe I could be the reason for a whole new chapter in the employee handbook. “Don’t seduce your boss and give away company secrets to mobsters to save your sister and family restaurant,” it would read, explicitly outlining things that most people would think are obvious “do nots” at work.

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‘don’t wait up’ (au niklaus mikaelson one-shot ft damon salvatore)

Prompt: Remember how Klaus said he’d ‘pick up some ladies’ and you thought he wouldn’t? Yeah, well he did. He brought Caroline home, and it obviously upsets you. You go to your best friend Damon’s house to take your mind off things.

Requested: yes, by some vvv sweet anons xoxox

Pairing: Klaus x Reader, Klaus x Caroline, Caroline x Damon, Damon x Reader

Warnings: nothing really, just really sad narrator, asshole klaus, klaroline, sweet Damon

A/N: Here is part two!!!! Thank you for waiting, and sorry if it didn’t end how you wanted it. (to be fair, it’s not over yet). I really hope you guys like this! Let me know what you think! To read part one, just click on the word “previously”!


“While you lot are here studying, I’ll be picking up some lovely ladies,” he winks at me and I fight to keep the disappointment off my face. “Don’t wait up for me, love.”

“I wasn’t planning on it, Niklaus,” I turn on my heel and make my way to the living room. How dare he?

“Goodbye,” he walks out the door, not earning any sort of acknowledgement from me.

“Alright, drown me in Bio facts,” I groan and sit down in the middle of the living room, determined not to let Klaus get in my head… because it was THAT easy.

That Night

“Holy shit,” I groan, taking in the heaps of notes and flashcards scattered around my living room, hours after Damon and Bex took off. I yawn and rub my eyes, leaning back against one of the sofas. Biology textbook in hand, my eyes flutter shut as a quiet “just five minutes” escapes my lips.

Middle of the Night

“Mmmmph,” I groan and stretch, falling over to my side with my textbook still clenched against my chest. “Oh no.”

I rub my eyes slightly, willing them shut. The imminent moonlight pouring through my open curtains, however, had other plans. Wait.. open curtains? I was sure I’d closed them last night! I jolt away, jumping up and banging my head against the arm of the sofa.

“Ow!” I place my textbook down and rub my head, standing up to check up on my curtains. I place my hands against my hips and lean back. The curtains were certainly open, but if not me then… “Klaus?”

“Sorry?” A female voice whispers from behind me and I yelp, flipping myself around to face her: the HER in reference being a beautiful green-eyed, modelesque young blonde woman.

“Excuse me?” I look at her, brows furrowed.

“Did you call for Klaus?” She smiles at me, her perfect teeth nearly blinding my tired eyes.

“Yes, but who are you?” I self-consciously cover my arms over my chest as a blush rises over her cheeks.

“I-I’m–” she stutters as Klaus walks out of his room in nothing but a pair of boxers, a smirk plastered on his face.

He notices Caroline’s blush and then turns to me, a look of realization flashing on his face. In that moment, everything clicks. Klaus going out to pick up some women, the girl’s indecent clothing, Klaus’s barely there clothing–he had sex last night. Klaus Mikaelson, my fuck buddy, had sex last night. He had sex with someone other than me. Why the fuck do I feel so betrayed?

“Oh,” I clear my throat and force a smile on my face. “I see.”

“Yeah, sorry about barging in. I didn’t know Klaus had a… roommate?” She questions,a hopeful look plastered on her face.

“Yeah, roommate,” I don’t let my eyes leave her face in fear of an accidental tear rolling out my damn eye.

“I’m Caroline,” she holds her hand out and it takes all I’ve got not to slap her hand away.

“I’m Saf, nice to meet you,” I smile and grip her hand, shaking it firmly and releasing it quickly. “I’m gonna clean up here and then head out. I’ll let you two have some fun.”

I turn on my heal and stuff all my notes and flashcards into one folder before running into my room to grab a sweater and a backpack.

“I’m so stupid,” I whisper, shaking my head as I shrug a sweater over my arms.

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I grab a backpack and walk back into the living room, trying to block out every emotion as Klaus openly kissed Caroline. He never kissed me like that.I stuff everything in my bag and sling it over my shoulder, barely managing a smile as I looked over to the couple.

“I’ll probably be out late studying. Have fun, you two,” Caroline smiles at me as I look over to Klaus for a split second. “Don’t wait up.”

Klaus’s eyes darken as he watches me leave. I slam the door behind me, not feeling the least bit apologetic.I walk down the hall and out my building, slowly making my way over to Damon’s apartment. After about 10 minutes of trudging, I arrive at his door.

“Damon,” I call out tiredly, knocking on the door. I wait a few minutes and get no response. I decide to knock again, raising my hand to release the blow.

“Huh?” Damon tiredly pulls the door open before I can knock again. “What are you doing here, babe?”

“I-” I give Damon a wobbly smile and mumble incoherently before shrugging. My bottom lip trembles and I shrug again, trying my damndest to keep from crying.

“Hey, hey,” he pulls me in and wraps his arms around my waist, closing the door behind us. “What’s happening? What’s wrong?”

“K-Klaus,” I whispered, finally letting loose and crying all over Damon.

“What did that asshole do?” Damon kisses the side of my head and soothingly rubs my back as I let out a couple shuddering breaths.

“H-he slept with someone else, Damon. Klaus brought a girl home,” I whimper and dig my nails into Damon’s barely-covered waist.

“What? He brought someone home?!” Damon curses under his breath as I fight to control my breathing. “Who? Who did he bring home?”

“A-a girl named Caroline,” I whimper and Damon grows still. “And she’s so pretty! I mean I see why he slept with her: she’s beautiful, blond, skinny, green-eyed, and basically everything I’m not.”

“You stop that,” Damon pulls away and holds my face between his hands. “I know Caroline, and I can guarantee that you’re so much better than she is. Granted, you two are very different, but God I would kill to have you. You’re fierce and sassy and smart and loud-mouthed yet an introvert. How does that even work?”

“Thank you, Damon,” I sniffle, giving Damon a small smile as he runs his thumb under my eyes to wipe my tears. I place my hand over his and rub his knuckles. He gives me a warm smile and I kiss the side of his hand. “You’re the best.”

“I do what I can, and I’ll always do anything for you.” He leans forward and presses his lips against my forehead, letting them rest there for a beat longer than usual.

“You know the same applies in my case, too, right? Always, babe,” I smile, my free hand resting against Damon’s waist.

“I know. Now come on, let’s get some rest,” he winks and grabs my hand, leading us to his room.

“At least take me on a date first,” I chuckle and nudge Damon. He simply shakes his head and pulls me in.

“I’m assuming you didn’t bring any pajamas?” He smirks at me and I pout.

“No,” I open one of his drawers and start rummaging through it. “But I’m sure you have something I can borrow.”

“Take what you need,” he kisses the side of my head and makes his way to the bathroom. I pull out a white t shirt and hold it in front of me, satisfied when I see that it goes halfway down my thighs. .

“Close your eyes,” I yell out, hoping that Damon heard me. I quickly pull my pants off and let out a sigh, happy that Damon hadn’t made his return yet. I quickly pull my sweater off and chuck it into a corner of his room: still no Damon. Taking a deep breath, I pull my shirt off… and Damon picks that convenient moment to walk into the room.

“Hey, sorry I couldn’t–” he turns to look at me, jaw dropping almost immediately as his eyes land on my chest.

“Damon close your eyes!” I glare and quickly pull on his shirt, crossing my arms over my chest as he clears his throat and looks away.

“I’m sorry! I couldn’t hear what you said. I was brushing my teeth,” he shrugs and I stick my tongue out at him, his eyes flickering down to my chest as I fight to keep a blush off my face.

“Oh come on! It’s nothing you haven’t seen before,” I walk over to his bed as Damon rolls his eyes.

“Okay we were like 10 and it was an accident! Your boobs were not this-this-THIS when we were 10!” He crosses his arms and I shake my head.

“Get into bed, loser. I’m tired,” I lay down on his bed: long, brown hair splattered across his pillow as I stretch, his shirt riding up my legs a little as I look up at him.

He clears his throat and nods, still watching me.

“Come on,” I laugh and shake my head, pulling him down onto the bed. Only, of course, he loses his footing and lands right on top of me. I let out a small gasp, my dark eyes meeting his smouldering blues.

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“Well, I’m here,” he smirks, not making any effort to get off of me. His eyes flicker down to my lips before coming up to meet my dark orbs. Unable to control myself, I do the same; I let my eyes linger on his lips, my tongue darting out to wet my own as I imagine how his would feel against them.

Prompt: Person A is trying to rearrange their bookshelf, but person B keeps tickling them as soon as they lift their arms to reach the higher shelves. Person A accidentally throws a book on person B at one point due to being tickled at a very sensitive spot, and person B jokes and says “you did that on purpose” and tackles them for a proper tickle fight/nhasablog

A/N: Thank you, N for sending me these. Hope I can make someone proud with this. Brotherly tickles. That’s pretty much it.

Sam sighed. “Look, Dean. I don’t know why, okay? Now will you stop bothering me about it?”

This was typical. The brothers had just returned from a hunt. The library tables were littered with books and files along with some empty pizza boxes and beer bottles. And of course it was Sam who was cleaning up again.

After getting in the car they had gotten into an argument. Neither of them knew what it was about anymore and they were both slightly grouchy, thanks to sleep deprivation and a nice beating.

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genre: angst, fluff — word count: 1688

Stay in my heart in the dark, do not leave. I want you to stay in my heart though it’s hard.

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Hi, I'm planning to buy a study table this week. Can you give me a few ideas on what I SHOULD have on my study table (like a study lamp, those sort of things) Thank you very much!!! :)

Hmm. This is a tough question in the sense that I don’t think there’s much that everyone has to have on their desk. It more so depends on what sort of things you want to organize. But if you want, I can give you suggestions based on the sort of things I have on my own desk.

Pen cups are kind of a given. You don’t want your pens sprawled out all over your desk (or maybe you do) because that’s messy and disorganized. If you have a lot of pens, get a few different pen cups. I have three pen cups on my desk. One of my pen cups I empty out and dump into a bag each time I go to class, because I bring my Pilot Juice everywhere, but I still have one for it! Because it’s easier to have them in there when working at my desk than spreading them out all over. I might need to get another pen holder just because my Pilot Juice don’t really fit in my white Poppin pen cup, as you can see. But you’ll also see the silvery pen cup. That’s actually a candle holder I bought at TJ Maxx. So you don’t have to buy a “pen cup”, per say, just any decorative cups you like that can hold your pens.

Also in those pictures are my letter trays. Not on my desk exactly, but in my desk area. The bottom one is the inbox and the top is my outbox. Whenever I come home with a stack of papers from school or whatever else, I put them in my inbox. Then I organize them at my earliest convenience. Anything that I’ve processed that needs to be sent back out I put into the outbox so I know exactly where it is and bring it with me when I leave. Not necessarily something you need to have, but I think it’s a great system to organize your loose papers rather than stuffing them into a folder where you’ll forget about them. Those letter trays are from Poppin, as well.

Also on my desk, as shown above, a clock and a silver cup with push pins. Even though there’s a clock on my laptop (which I might not be using at the moment) I like having a separate clock handy. I’ll only specifically look at the time on my laptop when I’m wondering what time it is. But having this manual clock on my desk helps me accidentally notice the time. Which is good so I’m not spending too much time at my desk. The push pin cup isn’t entirely necessary for me, because I don’t use pushpins that much. But it’s not really in the way. So it just looks nice. And it’s right there when I do want to use pushpins, because all three of my white boards around my desk do have cork on them.

On top of my letter trays I have nested an accessory tray, which has my stapler, tape dispenser, Post-It notes, paperclips, etc. These are some things you may want to consider having on top of your desk, especially if you use them often. I use Post-Its almost every single day, so it’s nice to have a little holder for them. I don’t necessarily use tape or staples every day, but often enough, and since my letter trays aren’t on my desk they don’t really add clutter anyway. But I like how all those things fit on there so I don’t have to have it spread out on my desk. Makes it very neat.

I don’t have a desk lamp, because I have this floor lamp. You don’t necessarily need a lamp at all so long as you have good lighting otherwise in your study space. Like if you have a big window next to your desk or if the overhead lights in the room are good enough when it’s dark out.

On a related note, try to skip the clutter. If you don’t really need something like a desk lamp on your desk, don’t have it on your desk. I see a lot of desk tours and pictures where there are all these cute little trinkets on the desk. I mean, if you like those sort of things, whatever. I just think it’s a waste of space and non-functional. Desk space is valuable to me, so I only have on it what needs to be there.

Also, don’t feel like you can’t change what’s on your desk! This might sound silly, but it’s true. I change up my desk set-up whenever I need to, depending on what I’m doing. Above are some examples. If I don’t need my laptop on my desk, I’ll take it off. I like having a collapsable side table around just in case I still want to use my laptop but it’s not my main focus. Whenever I’m not using my desk, I try to take as much off of it as I can so that it’s a clean slate for next time. Sometimes having a messy desk makes you not want to study. So it’s good to be in the habit of keeping it clutter-free…

Even if that means putting stuff on the floor next to it sometimes…

As a bonus, if you have a desk drawer I recommend getting an organizer. My current desk doesn’t have drawers, so my desk organizer is sitting in the closet near my desk on a shelf. But my dorm desk did, and it was very handy!

I hope that helps!

For Real

Summary: Dan accidentally saves his Outlast video to the wrong folder and while searching for it so he could get to editing it, he stumbles upon a video Phil made that he was most definitely not meant to see. 

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Swearing. Also this is my first ever Phan fic (although not my first ever fan fic) so just know i am trying so hard and will get better. 

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Could you write me some fluffy protective vampire levi x human eren😊

an unecessarily long vampires living in modern day au
words: 2.9k


“Eren, where the fucking fuck is my shit!!?”

Eren scrambles to the couch where his phone lays on top. He’s going crazy again, he texts to Armin before a pillow can be thrown at his head or something else of equally violent nature. Help me he’s really red in the face for a vampire that doesn’t circulate blood

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Hank and His Supernatural Mafia, 6/?

or, there’s trouble on the horizon. Thanks as always to gardenofphantoms for letting me use her oc’s, and mayordomogoliat for mafia thoughts

“You’re hiding something from us Hank.”

Hank came out of the kitchen and gave the cup of coffee to his younger sister and sat down next to her on the couch.

“I’m not,” Hank replied and then primly took a sip of his coffee.

Willow snorted. She had been slowly but surely taking over more of the hunting and investigating from Mom and Uncle Dipper since graduating from college. There had been a report of a stubborn ghost in Beaverton which Willow handily took care of. Hank had invited her to spend the night before she drove back to Gravity Falls.

Which was awesome except for now when Willow was doing her Willow thing and-

“Your aura tells me you’re hiding something Hank.”


Willow took a sip of her coffee and went on. “I can read your face better than Uncle Dipper and Mom isn’t going to get it out of you unless she gets you in a corner and starts tickling. So what aren’t you telling us?”

Hank squirmed. “Nothing.”

“Bullshit, it’s something.”

Luckily Hank knew his sister as well as she did him, and had an ace up his sleeve.

“Something like how you’re going to tell Mom and Uncle Dipper you had to get fifteen stitches on your thigh from this trip?”

Willow pulled a face like she had bitten into a lemon and Hank knew that he had won this battle; Willow insisted that she could handle herself without any help, even when evidence sometimes pointed to the contrary.

Willow put her cup down and began to absentmindedly braid some of her hair. “I’m sorry Hank.”

Hank shrugged. “Don’t be.”

“I’m just worried for you. I have a feeling you’ve been getting into-” she paused for a second to get the right word. “-shenanigans. But not fun, cool ones.”

“I…..may have a bit,” Hank admitted, remembering the feel of his bat breaking through chains, and smashing noses and teeth. He inhaled, exhaled. “I’m just…I…”

Willow patted his shoulder. “You’re not ready to tell us?”

Hank shook his head.



Willow nodded. “Okay.”

Hank smiled. “Thanks Will.”

She tied off the end of one braid and started another. “You’re welcome, though you know we are going to find out eventually.”

“I know. I’m just….not ready yet.”

“And when we find out you still won’t be.”

Hank’s head whipped around to look his sister in the face. Her eyes were blown, completely dilated.

Oh dear. Luckily Hank knew what to do during one of these spells, which was to ask Willow something like “Are the Ducks going to win tomorrow?”

Willow stared at him for another minute, then closed her eyes and shook her head. When she opened them they were back to their normal hazel color.

“Thanks Hank.”

“Any time….wanna go get a donut with fruit loops on top?”

Willow lit up-literally since a little flame popped out of one of her fingers.


Hank looked down at the little stack of papers in front of him, informal records he had been keeping because it seemed like he should.

He and Vivienne had been in Portland for eight months and the Dinner Crew had existed for six of those months. From Jeff’s gnome troop of eight, they had expanded to feed about-Hank checked his count again-at least 120 people.

And those were the regulars; that didn’t even count people who were just swinging by, or people who came by every once in a while.       

There were the gnomes; Jeff and his crew, Jeff’s cousin Jonathan the lawyer and his gang of gnomyers (as Vivi called them), a troop lead by Jerry from back home’s brother-in-law, and a few others scattered across town.

Oonagh had remained in Portland despite some talk about going back home to San Diego, and had been joined by her cousins Aileen, Seamus, Colleen, and Nnedi. They all had heavy Valley Girl (or Guy) accents, brought an inordinate amount of fresh fish to every meeting, and spent ninety percent of their time talking over each other (and the other ten percent primping and preening and adjusting their mohawks)

There was Teena and her pixie band (including Mindy of course). There was also Damara and her clump of fairies. There were honestly no physical differences between pixies and fairies, only cultural ones, but the two races couldn’t stand each other and once every two or three weeks Hank had to break up a fight between Damara and Teena. However, both of their families and friends, while they no longer worked as information gatherers for the vampire seethes of Portland (“Seriously, fuck those assholes, they tried to pluck my friend’s granddaughter’s wings off,” Teena had told him once), they still saw and heard almost everything in town. And then proceeded to tell Hank for some reason.

He had kept track of everything. He wasn’t sure if or when it would come in handy but a voice inside of him told Hank that it would be the height of foolishness to not take it down.

Most of the brownies only occasionally showed up, as most of the time they were occupied by cleaning, but Melissa and her family were there every other day, and Hank had put her in touch with a friend of his mom’s in town who had done a lot of union work and had twenty years’ experience with collective bargaining.

Recently some goblins had begun to come, which Hank was happy to see because he had a feeling that Curtis and his friends had been holding back from fear of rejection and that would not do. There was Olivia the banshee whose throat was in ruins but still came every time and even occasionally could be persuaded to sing a small tune. Kerry had been a member of the Crew for awhile but had finally persuaded two of her fellow harpies to come along as well, lured by the promise of free raw steak and non-judgmental company.

There were some humans as well. Mitzi Liu, who was a mage and at 78 was the Crew grandmother (she already had twelve grandchildren of her own, as she confided to Hank once, “so I don’t mind a few dozen more.”) Mauricio Gomez had the Sight but no one (even in this post Transcendence world) had ever taught him to use it. Luckily, Mitzi and Kerry had been able to help him out, and Hank was happy to see that he was doing better. And then there was Sarah Smith who had zero connection to the supernatural world before this and had accidentally ran into them one week at the park but had come back the next week with two gallons of soup. She was recently widowed and, Hank and Vivi thought, lonely. The Crew had taken her in though, with no muss or fuss. Perhaps because they too knew what it was like to be cast adrift in the larger world.

Also she made really bomb ass potato soup.

Toby was settling in well, which Hank was relieved to see. Hank and Toby hung out quite a bit. He was quite garrulous for a troll, which meant he spoke three times an hour as opposed to once or twice a day. Hank hoped one day that he could introduce his mom to Toby; they both loved glitter, spouted bizarre non-sequitors, and had a keen appreciation of boy bands.

(“He’s more like a human than a troll,” Toby’s mother Carys had confided to Hank. “I do not mind but others of our kind….treat him well please?”)

Try as he might, Hank could not convince Kiyo that she did not owe him a life debt (and Hank had tried, long, hard, and often). She seemed perfectly content to hang out on the roof of Hank and Vivi’s apartment, and give everyone rides everywhere; relatively easy when one was twenty five feet long and two hundred years old. Some wag in the crew had had made a dragon-sized pendant that read “Team Bus” which had made Kiyo laugh until she turned from green to purple.

Finally there was Lucy Ann. Everyone called her the Hand, which Hank didn’t quite understand why. When Hank asked her, she did her now patented “Hank Pines Face Palm” and muttered a bit.

(Later when Hank realized why Lucy Ann would be called the Hand, he found out that Kiyo was the Driver, Mindy the Fire, Toby the Muscle and he…well, Hank was a little embarrassed to find out how many titles he had unknowingly accrued.)

Hank was not ashamed or embarrassed to admit that Lucy Ann was his best friend (and he knew Vivi felt the same way.) She was crazy smart, drank like a fish, made him blush three times a day, and told the best stories. He still wasn’t sure why someone like Lucy Ann bothered to hang around someone like him. When he said that once in front of her, Lucy Ann went from the “Hank Pines Face Palm” to the “Hank Pines Bonk My Head on the Wall in Frustration and Then Bop Said Hank Upside the Head.”

Hank stuffed the papers on his desk back in the folder, and leaned back in his office chair.

It felt like he was growing here, shifting and changing into someone new, becoming a part of something larger, something greater. (Sometimes when Hank laid on the grass of the park, and just looked at the sky and breathed in and out, it felt like the whole city was breathing in time with him.)

The Dinner Crew was becoming a bigger and bigger part of his life. He had actually began to work from home (and thank God he was a computer programmer, and had a boss who gave approximately zero fucks) in order to be able to keep up with Crew stuff.

Because it wasn’t just feeding one to three hundred people every other day, but arranging for therapy for his friends who had been through some shit but didn’t know who to talk to or where to go. It was mediating between conflicts in the larger supernatural community he was becoming part of. It was finding a medical doctor who could and was willing to treat preternatural patients and helping people who had never gotten medical attention make appointments at a doctor. It was helping Teena, Damara, and some of the other mothers in the Crew enroll their children in school for the first time ever. It was a million small things that added up and that Hank didn’t begrudge any of it.

Neither did Vivienne and for that, Hank knew he was so ridiculously lucky. Vivienne had taken to her role as “Crew Mom” (the same person who had gotten Kiyo that pendent also got Vivi one two, because “they were fucking BOGO!”) like a fish to water, asking from Hank for nothing in return but that he cook dinner now because she was tired from the Crew and teaching kindergartners.

Hank certainly didn’t mind (besides, of the two of them, to be honest, he cooked better.)

Hank looked out the window.

There were clouds on the horizon, dark and heavy with insipient rain.

There was a storm coming, Hank knew. He had stirred up too much shit, butted into the business affairs of this ‘Nicholai’ one too many times.

He just hoped that they were ready.


The trouble that Hank had long been expecting began at Gabriel Park, where the Dinner Crew had moved after outgrowing Caruthers Park.

Up until this point they had been left alone. It helped that everyone cleaned up after dinner (thanks to a few looks from Hank), used as little space as possible, and tried to stay under the radar; there were around a hundred or so of them at any one time after all.

However, when Hank and Vivienne pulled up that Friday, they found a cop haranguing the only person who ever beat them there, Matilda the pigeon woman.

Matilda was usually a pretty mild mannered woman but she was looking ready to turn into a four foot tall 180 pigeon and peck the shit out of a cop.

(Thanks to the laws of conservation of mass, Matilda could either turn into a flock of a hundred and eighty pigeons, or one super pigeon)

Hank came up on the two of them, knowing Matilda would sense him but not the cop.

“Hey guys, what’s going on?” he asked as innocuously as possible?

The officer jumped and Matilda smirked. The cop turned to look at Henry and then realized he had to look up for once, which visibly disconcerted him.

Matilda took the opportunity to pluck a feather out of her afro and flick it at the cop while he was glaring at Hank and Vivi tried not to laugh.

The cop-Hank looked at his badge-no, Officer Arinson, puffed up a bit, realized that Hank still loomed over him, and huffed.

“I was explaining to this young woman here,” he pointed at Matlida, “that your…your group or gang or whatever the hell it is, cannot meet here.”

Hank looked quizzically at him. “Why not?”

“You don’t have a permit.”

Hank cocked his head, and looked if possible even more innocently confused. “I don’t understand officer, I mean, I checked with Parks and Rec when we first started coming here, and I call once a month to make sure, and I read the city code outlining public parks and oddly enough, in all of that, I’ve never heard talk of there needing to be a permit.”

“I, well…”

“Officer Arinson, could you tell me what part of the legal code of Portland says that we need a permit?”

“Um, you see…”

Hank stood up straight and smiled. It was not a nice smile.

“Coincidentally, aren’t you supposed to have had another officer come by now if you were going to give my friend a ticket? Or should I say, friends?”

From all the entrances of the park came more members of the Dinner Crew, in all their varied forms and species.

Officer Arinson looked at the multiple supernatural beings coming with forks and knives and pickle jars, and then up to Hank, whose smile didn’t reach his eyes, and made a decision internally that the man who had paid him off to hassle these civilians didn’t pay near enough to deal with this shit.

He walked off.

Hank let out a huge breath.

“I can’t believe that worked.”

Vivi came up next to him. “I don’t like the implications of that man being there.”

For once, Hank didn’t need someone to point it out to him.

“Me neither.”