i was cackling

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Can somebody please tell Andrew Lincoln to just... stop? Like, I have a boyfriend, but Andy makes me want to sin... with him... somebody please write him a letter to tell him he's a public menace

I am so completely with you, my friend! Sometimes I see a picture of him and make actual noises. Like, some weird mixture of a groan and a weep, because he is just so… yes. Next time I see him, I’m gonna ask him to chill, for everyone’s sake.

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harry's social media activity for the past few weeks has basically just been to shade babygate starting with the "flowers all round" tweet, excuse me while i cackle

i love him

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*in the emperor's voice* yess yess goood feel the lolita flow through you. the lace makes you stronger *cackles*

I’m gonna be SO FUCKING CUTE. I just wish the veil hadn’t sold out in EVERY COLOR EXCEPT SAX before I had a chance to call my bank and clear a foreign debit transaction.

I’ve never actually owned any legit AP before, 99% of my wardrobe is AATP and IW. I’m excite.

in case you wondered while i’m cackling over your pain while you read lwd, i am totally hurting myself first.

so many feelings about john diggle and laurel lance right now, wow. (and of course our other very obviously agonized three. oh and hey, there’s a roy here too.)

For a Tony Stark fan, any new Civil War thing is painful because with it comes an avalanche of Tony hate for a few days.  It’s difficult to be a Tony fan (or for neutrals and shippers, actually) under these circumstances – your fave is visibly hurting in a 40-second clip, then he doesn’t get respite from fandom either.  This “choose a side” crap, really.


You know who’s enjoying this nonsense “Team Blah vs. Team Blah”?

and loves playing it up?

Robert Downey Jr.