i was cackling


i can’t stop laughing.

I am also kinda cackling because last season, OUAT was bringing all the kids to the yard with sparkly Elsa posters like “do you wanna build a snowmaaaaaaaan?”

and then this year that Dark Swan poster is all ‘ do you wanna build a fUCKING NIGHTMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARE.”


I know I’m only this close to getting Akatsuki hiden after tearing out the summaries from yaplog and other japanese blogs…but basically…

1)Itachi kisame story is a sad story about encountering a pair of Kirigakure brothers…I think it does not end well…

2) Hidan and Kakuzu come across this kid wanting to learn Jashin…I will go flip on this later cos WORDS

3) Sasori Deidara OMG IT’s BEEN YEARS SINCE I TOUCHED ANYTHING ON DEIDARA. All I got was them going to some pottery village and Deidara’s fagging out over the stuff and is all I WANT THEM TO BLOW UP and I’m just cackling at my desk…

4) Pein and Konan’s one is about their past in Amegakure around the time before OBitobito sought them out. Shortest story.

my novel skills are utter shit but maybe I’ll just go get this book /check out my growing unread novel list tho

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okay so I'm sick as hell right now and also been feeling super down lately (and by down I mean my depression coming back full force and nearly incapacitating me), but every time you show up on my dash I end up cackling like a maniac and feeling better. Thanks for that. <3

i always say laughter isnt a cure but its an excellent medication, im glad i could help dude, keep being a badass and fighting that shit

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binch i had the craziest dream and you were in it like you were like burning my whole city and my mom, sister and i were so scared because we heard you were getting near my house so we ran back home and locked everything up and i was like looking to a window at the top of my house and you were starring right at me from across the street in a burned house and i could only see half your face and it was beat for the gods and the you attacked us with rats and your gang of beautiful binches

I’m cackling honestly

a screenshot from a buzzfeed article called “18 sexts you’d actually love to get” and i am cackling. how boring can your sex be if you need to turn a podcast on to enjoy it jesus CHRIST who has sex 2 podcasts

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do u enjoy breaking our hearts with ur art

ok honestly yes i do last night i was cackling as i drew that ryden piece lol

this is making me cackle i dont even remember this video who am i and what am i talking about