i was born to live november 14

The poet and playwright. Joe Corrie was born on November 13th 1894 not far from where I now live, in Slamannan, Falkirk 

Corrie’s family moved to Cardenden at a young age and he went to work in the local coal mine aged 14 in 1908. 

Described by T.S. Eliot as ‘the greatest Scots poet since Burns’, Joe Corrie’s poems were inspired by the mining communities of West Fife and explore socialist themes.

The first performances of his plays Hogmanay and The Shillin’-a-week Man raised money to feed the miners during the General Strike in 1926.

Corrie died in Edinburgh and his name is remembered in the Corrie Centre at Cardenden

Scottish Pride - by Joe Corrie

It’s fine when ye stand in a queue
at the door o’ the ‘Dole’
on a snawy day,
To ken that ye leive in the bonniest
land in the world,
The bravest, tae.

It’s fine when you’re in a pickle
Whether or no’
you’ll get your ‘dough’,
To Sing a wee bit sang
o’ the heather hills,
And the glens below.

It’s fine when the clerk says,
'Nae ‘dole’ here for you!’
To proodly turn,
and think o’ the bluidy slashin’
the English got
at Bannockburn.

when my mum was pregnant with me, the doctor told her the due date was at the end of october but mum wasn’t having any of that shit because my dad was living in another city so she knew the exact day she got pregnant, and she told the doctor that the nine months were on november 14, and he was all “but you won’t make it to the nine months, it’s such a rare thing and one or two weeks less won’t affect the baby” and my mum was so stubborn i was born on december 6 because someone basically told my mum she wasn’t good enough to be pregnant nine months so she went for 10