i was born to live november 14

Hey There

My name’s Aaliah and I am a single pringle that is currently looking for a pen pal/friend. I am 13 (turning 14 in November) I currently live in Australia but moved here from New Zealand where i was born. I only sadly speak English and also I cant really send letters so I’d prefer using social media or text.

I watch Skam, Riverdale, 13 RW, IZombie, Steven Universe and also a bunch of shows that practically every teen on this earth watches. I’m also open to suggestions on what I should watch. I also love reading

Gender, race or sexuality doesn’t really matter to me just no homophobes, Racists, sexists or generally nasty people. I would prefer people between the ages of 13-16 also no pedophiles.

Snapchat: noodlegirl966  It’s really weird ik

Instagram: aaliah.d

Kik: xoaaliahox

Mail: aaliahd@icloud.com

Tumblr: lumpyspacebaby

See you soon x

PS, I’m a girl 

mechanicallyminded  asked:

14, 18, 22, 24(lol), 48, 59 xoxoxox

14. when was the last time someone of the opposite sex hugged you? 
i honestly cant remember, it would be family any way

18. do you miss how thing were a year ago? 
definitely not, and you know it

22. description of crush. 
22 years old, born in november, 6ft3, lives in suffolk

24. height 
5ft 6 and a half (the half does count so shut up)

48. turn offs 
people who are 22 years old, born in november, 6ft3 and live in suffolk

59. why i joined tumblr 
had nothing else to do with my life so why not

thanks a million sugar butt xooxox