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Leave This Town Pt 1 (Mechanic!Bucky AU)

Characters: reader, Bucky, reader’s mother, Maria (mentioned)

Summary: Your dreams of kissing your small town life goodbye are about to come true when an unexpected detour leaves you stranded. Meeting the handsome local mechanic has you rethinking your plans. Perhaps happiness is less about where you’re headed and more about the people you meet along the way.

Song Inspiration: Sleep on the Floor by The Lumineers

Warnings: none!

Word Count: 2.2k

A/N: I’m so excited about this series, you guys. I’ve been daydreaming about this story for months and every time I hear the song that inspired it I still get butterflies. I started this part 6 months ago and finished it, but I wasn’t ready to let it out into the world. But when @bionic-buckyb mentioned her 5k AU Writing Challenge and “mechanic” was one of the prompts, I knew it was meant to be. This story is close to my heart. I really hope you like it. Any feedback is appreciated. <3

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Pack yourself a toothbrush dear
Pack yourself a favorite blouse.
Take a withdrawal slip
Take all of your savings out.

Cause if we don’t leave this town,
We might never make it out
I was not born to drown.
Baby, come on.

Those first few hours of freedom were absolute bliss! Flying down the highway with the windows down, music blasting as you sang at the top of your lungs. It was everything you had dreamed of. You did it. You were out. You had quit your job, cashed out your life savings, bought a cheap but reliable car, and hit the road without looking back.

All was going according to plan. That is, until 4 hours later your car started to smoke and sputter, compelling you to pull to the side of the road for fear of dying in a ball of fire. There wasn’t anything you could do at the moment, what with it being 2am at the time. Thankfully, it was the middle of summer so sleeping in your car wasn’t too uncomfortable, at least at night.  

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Kal Penn owns racist troll by raising half a million dollars for Syrian refugees

  • Kal Penn has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Syrian refugees after a Twitter user told him he doesn’t “belong in this country.”
  • Penn, who was born to Gujarati immigrants in New Jersey, created a Crowdrise page titled “Donating to Syrian refugees in the name of the dude who said I don’t belong in America." 
  • As of 8:30 a.m. Eastern on Monday, the tally stood at over $515,000, just shy of its now $550,000 goal. Read more

So, because we’ve gotten a few asks recently and it’s Mod Monday, I figured I may as well make a post about my latest tattoo: the Yuri!!! on Ice inspired “Born to make history”.

People have asked me a couple times why I decided to get it and if I was being serious when I jokingly said if my blog got 15k, I’d get a yoi tattoo. I personally wouldn’t get something permanently on my body over a follower count. It was more of a way to treat myself because I planned on getting the tattoo anyway. I like having freedom over my body. I haven’t always had a lot of control and a tattoo is something that can’t be taken away. So yeah, I wouldn’t let Tumblr dictate whether I got ink or not. Lol

So why then? There are actually a lot of reasons I got this and some of them are kinda personal so I’m not going to really get too in depth here. Mostly, it was out of love for the show.

Obviously, the show itself spoke to me. A main character with anxiety and low self esteem? I relate so much, it’s unreal. History Maker, as I’m sure you know, isn’t just a song they threw in at the beginning. (Remember the time they put a song about sex in Black Butler? Yeah, not this anime.) The full song includes lyrics like “I’ve got a feeling it’s never too late” and the whole thing is just really inspiring to me. History Maker beautifully represents the struggle that Yuuri faces. Throughout the show, he learns to love himself. It’s beautiful. How many times am I allowed to say the words “inspiring” and “beautiful” in one paragraph before my blog gets deleted? Eh, one more for good measure: this entire show is beautiful and inspiring… These words are literally how I explain the show to everyone who hasn’t seen it.

Anyway, I went with the line “Born to make history” because it’s a pretty clear nod to the show (among fans) and OP while also being able to stand on its own without context.

I may not like myself now but I’m working on it and having these words on my arm reminds me that it isn’t too late. They give me a reason to keep fighting, just like Yuuri did. I’m so glad that I’m able to wake up and see this tattoo every day and I’m super thankful for all of the nice comments from people. You guys are awesome!

Lots of love and yummy katsudon,
Mod Star

Meet the college student Harry Styles wrote the song 'Carolina' about

The mystery girl who pop star Harry Styles wrote about in love song ‘Carolina’ is a beautiful 20-year-old college student he met on a blind date, DailyMail.com can reveal.

The star was clearly bowled over by pretty brunette Townes Adair Jones who he met in Los Angeles a couple of years ago.

And the One Direction heartthrob decided to include her - and details of their memorable liaison - on his self-titled debut solo album.

DailyMail.com can reveal that Styles, 23, met Townes through mutual friends of her sister, actress Gilland Jones, while on a break from recording his album.

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Okay but imagine Marcus and Oliver start making bets on the outcome of Quidditch matches during their final year

  • Before the last match, that will decide who wins the Quidditch House Cup, Marcus tells Oliver “I bet you my first born child that Slytherin wins.” 
  • Oliver smirks and says “You’re on, Flint.” 
  • The Monday after Gryffindor wins the Cup, Oliver looks over at Marcus before Potions and asks, “Oi Flint, you really going to give me your first born child since my team beat yours?” 
  • Marcus replies, “Well, maybe we could have a kid together so I could keep my firstborn and still fulfill the bet. ‘Course, we should probably go on a date first. You free Saturday?”
  • Oliver stands stunned for a full minute before giving Marcus a small smile and replying, “Hogsmade?”
  • Years later, when they’ve both retired from professional Quidditch, Oliver is sitting in their living room reading the Daily Prophet when Marcus walks in and says, “Hey, remember when I bet you my first born child over the Quidditch House Cup?” 
  • Oliver looks up, incredibly confused because how could Marcus think he forgot about the thing that made them start dating in the first place? 
  • And then he realizes Marcus is holding adoption pamphlets. 

so here it is,  April 4th.   and MY personal opinion ,   today was the day kurt died.

just call it a hunch.    born on a monday, ,married on a monday.   and with his twisted way of looking at things,  died on a monday.  which was april 4th , 1994.

kurt,  still missed after all these years.   and still selling magazines, and with people hanging on to your image and the bucks it makes……causing blogs to get deleted.     I bet you laughed.

however, things end and others begin.  this is the first “april” note on the new blog.  

darn you kurt.    you should be around.   getting banned from twitter, tearing up

deviantart.   instead,  there’s just a empty spot in rock,  the world, my heart.

but really.  you loved your fans.   you were very nice to that girl in chicago (me) all those years ago.   I’ll never forget that.

Rest in Peace, Kurt.      twenty three years……..this year it’s worse than ever.

 but I will remain  ,  forever……..PHINEAS4COBAIN


Doris Day is actually 95. Who knew? Not even her

To Doris Day’s many admirers, the pert and fresh-faced charmer who starred in “Pillow Talk” and “Move Over Darling” is ageless.

But Day turns 95 on Monday — which is a birthday surprise to even the star herself, who has long pegged her age to a 1924 birthdate that would make her 93. Media outlets have variously reported her as between 93 and 95.

A copy of Day’s birth certificate, obtained by The Associated Press from Ohio’s Office of Vital Statistics, settles the issue: Doris Mary Kappelhoff, her pre-fame name, was born on April 3, 1922, making her 95. Her parents were Alma and William Kappelhoff of Cincinnati.

“I’ve always said that age is just a number and I have never paid much attention to birthdays, but it’s great to finally know how old I really am!” Day said in a statement Sunday. (Photos: AP)

Shameless Monday Pic!!!
I’m a natural born Scorpio, so I have absolutely no SHAME. Goodbye Cartagena…. See you in a couple of months!
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Ok strap yourself in (pun intended) Dayton taking you for a spin in his NASCAR, he pulls you on his lap him controlling the speed and gear change with you steering the wheel. The vibrations of the car only aiding in your arousal...Dayton pick up on this and suddenly his cock is nudging at your entrance "final lap baby, let's make this one count"... your son is born nine months later...

oh god I love this one shit

Moaning Monday™

passive voice verbs

elskes.  be loved
velges.  is chosen / is elected / is selected
kritiseres.  is criticized
økes.  is raised
bygges.  is being built / is built
repareres.  be repaired
nektes.  be denied / be refused

stoppes.  be stopped
ses.  be seen
flyttes.  be moved
oppleves.  be experienced
trykkes.  is printed
brukes.  is used
kalles.  is called
leses.  be read

påkjørt.  run over / hit
stoppet.  stopped
avhørt.  questioned
behandlet.  treated
erstattet.  replaced
ranet.  robbed
født.  born

elsket.  loved
skadet.  hurt / injured / harmed
produsert.  produced
tegnet.  drawn / been drawing
trykket.  printed
fjernet.  removed / got rid of
mottatt.  received

Hun skal elskes.  She will be loved.
Brua bygges opp igjen.  The bridge is being built up again.
Dommeren kritiseres for beslutningen.  The judge is criticized for the decision.
Målet økes hver dag.  The goal is raised every day.
Radioen kan ikke repareres.  The radio cannot be repaired.
Den amerikanske presidenten velges hvert fjerde år.  The American president is chosen every fourth year.
Hvis du er åpenbart påvirket skal du nektes inngang.  If you are obviously under the influence you will be denied entry.

Tyven må stoppes.  The thief must be stopped.
Alt kan ses.  Everything can be seen.
Meldingene kan leses av brukere.  The messages can be read by users.
Alle avisene trykkes samtidig.  All the newspapers are printed simultaneously.
Maskinen brukes slik.  The machine is used like this.
Dette kalles en kylling.  This is called a chicken.
Hvordan kan det oppleves?  How can that be experienced?
Pasienten kommer til å flyttes til et annet sykehus.  The patient is going to be moved to another hospital.

Den gamle mannen ble påkjørt av en buss.  The old man was hit by a bus.
Vi ble stoppet av politiet.  We were stopped by the police.
Ble du avhørt i dag?  Were you questioned today?
Pasienten blir behandlet på dette sykehuset.  The patient is being treated at this hospital.
Kvinnen ble erstattet av en robot.  The woman was replaced by a robot.
Huset deres ble ranet åtte ganger.  Their house was robbed eight times.
Jeg er født i mai.  I was born in May.

Romanene hennes blir elsket i Polen.  Her novels are loved in Poland.
Mange spillere ble skadet under kampen.  Many players got hurt in the match.
Alle detaljene blir tegnet i dag.  All the details get drawn today.
Boken ble trykket i Italia, og filmen ble produsert i India.  The book was printed in Italy, and the movies was produced in India.
Bilen ble fjernet av politiet.  The car was removed by the police.
Brevene hans ble mottatt på mandag.  His letters were received on Monday.

stuartdakin  asked:

honestly talk dirty to me about dirks "lecturing voice". where else does he use it? is it ever aimed at todd? do people take him seriously or burst out laughing?

A lot of people assume that Dirk Gently is lecturing when in reality it’s just the combination of his height, accent and general enthusiasm for whatever he’s talking about at the time (the history of the East India Trading Company, the relative merits of British versus American punk music, the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow, the universe needs you to know this right now Todd, what do you mean it’s 3am Todd?).

But imagine a college!au where Todd decides that he’s had enough of being a bellhop and wants to go back to school, slinks into his very first Introduction to Philosophy class (he needed an elective and all the other music-based ones either clashed or were already full) expecting that he’s going to spend the next ten weeks being droned at by some pompous old geezer who smells of mothballs and was probably born during the French Revolution or something.

Todd was woefully unprepared for Professor Gently, with his leather jackets and tweed pants and artfully dishevelled hair and absolutely beaming grin, like there’s nowhere else he’d rather be at 9am on a Monday morning.

Todd skips his usual spot in the back row and sidles further towards the front, hoping to remain inconspicuous and failing miserably. Halfway through the first hour, Professor Gently absent-mindedly adjusts his glasses and Todd accidentally snaps his pencil in half. He’s taking notes but they’re all some incomprehensible variation of this asshole, I can’t believe this, I don’t even like philosophy.

Todd runs into Professor Gently in the library a few days later and pretends to be doing research for their first assignment (he’d feel worse about lying if the man didn’t look so damn thrilled to hear that a student was actually enthusiastic about the subject material). They end up getting coffee (“please, call me Dirk”) and Todd asks how he managed to get a lecturing job at his age. Dirk looks vaguely panicky and waves a hand, says something about the American government and the universe and how this is where he’s meant to be for now. It doesn’t make sense to Todd but then Dirk’s adjusting his glasses again and Todd figures that an (attractive) thirty-something professor is probably allowed to be a bit eccentric. It’s probably one of the job requirements or something.

By the third week, Todd has developed something of a thing for Dirk’s lecturing voice. By the fifth week, they’re getting lunch most days. By the eighth week, Todd calls Dirk “Professor” outside of class just to watch his face blush pink.

During the last week of class, Todd doubles back after forgetting his water bottle and accidentally overhears two softly-spoken well-dressed men telling Dirk that he needs to come back in for debriefing, that the military isn’t willing to fund any more of his research, and that a Seattle university isn’t a suitable place for someone like him. Todd’s tempted to leave and pretend he never heard anything, he’s not entirely sure but it looks like the two strangers are armed underneath their expensive-looking suits, except that Dirk’s sounding more upset than Todd’s ever heard him (he’s pushed his glasses up and his eyes are looking suspiciously wet) and Todd’s nothing if not a small ball of protective rage and poor life choices.

Later, Dirk jokes that Todd has definitely earned that extra credit.

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Us Weekly just confirmed it's a boy and a girl. According to TMZ, the babies have a minor medical issue, but are expected to be released from the hospital sometime soon—and yes, Beyoncé is staying in the hospital with them. They were born last Monday, June 12th! BITCH I AM SO READY FOR OUR NEW TWIN OVERLORDS


Subject Zero's Beach Home - Monday, 1pm

“Hello mother.”

“Rolan’e, where have you been? I’ve not heard from you in days.”

Rolan’e. She hated that name. Simply because it was a name she was born with. The name only her mother called her, and if your parental relationship was anything like hers, you’d disown the name too.

“I’ve been busy with work, mother. You know I’m a tech agent.”

“Yes. Working with species who are beneat you. I will never understand why you rejected that position with your father.”

“Maybe because I want to do things on my own? Take care of myself?”

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#5. You are a dad now. Welcome to fatherhood. #7. Are you alright? -Dean Ambrose

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After being overdue by a few days, the doctor decided to induce me. Dean of course, was in another city when the doctor did induce me so he had to leave RAW early to get to the hospital. 
Dean and I were having our first baby together. We decided to keep the gender a surprise until the baby was born. 
I wasn’t having any strong contractions.. yet. I was trying to rest all I could when the door opened. Dean walked in, dragging his suitcase behind him. 
A smile formed on my face as Dean walked over. 
Are you alright?” Dean asked, leaning over and kissing me.
“So far, yeah. Contractions haven’t gotten strong, yet. Dean nodded before holding onto my hand.

I was in labor for over twenty hours before I had to go in for an emergency c- section. Baby’s heartbeat dropped every time I would push. 
Dean and I soon welcomed a eight pound, five ounce baby boy into the world. They wheeled me back into recovery as I was doing skin to skin contact with baby boy. 
“He looks just like you.” I told Dean. Y|S|N had a head full of black hair and he had pretty blue eyes whenever he was awake. 
Dean looked over at him sleeping on my chest.
“That’s my boy. He is going to be the next ladies’ man.” Dean joked. I rolled my eyes and smiled. 
After I held him for a good thirty minutes or so, I passed him over to Dean. He was sitting next to me in the hospital bed as he had Y|S|N laying against his chest. 
You are a dad now. Welcome to fatherhood.” I smiled at Dean. He grinned before kissing the top of Y|S|N\’s tiny head. 

Dean and I stayed in the hospital for about three days before we finally got to go home. I laid on the couch with Y|S|N in my arms.
“Do you need anything?” Dean asked, taking off his shoes and sitting beside me. I shook my head.
“I got everything right here.” I smiled at Dean before looking at our little creation.