i was bored. and that's what i thought of

i have been in america lately and tried its Various cuisine’s here is my review


  • what i had: four for $4 burger and lemonade.
  • what i thought: this is the same as mcdonalds but there is a smiling girl! the guy who invented wendys was called somethng else so who is wendy. Food apparaition?
  • rating: 3/5. food was boring but mysterious girl warmed my heart

cook out

  • what i had: hot dog and shake
  • what i thought: holy shit. also milkshakes in america are like, solid ice cream. i was expecting nesquik
  • rating: 5/5. the hot dog was nauseating but cost a dollar and the cashier liked toys

steak n shake

  • what i had: you can only have burgers and shakes from this restaurant so thats what i got baby!! when in roam!! hasta la vista!!
  • what i thought: siri didnt know how to get there so we got lost on the highway at 1am. WOOPS!!! thats the american life
  • rating: 4/5. tasted like i was dying, but pleasantly

cracker barrel

  • what i had: friday fish fry up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • what i thought: there was lots of old people in this restaurant. the waitress avoided me because my nails were painted. this is a well documented phenomneom but biscuits are definitely something different in this country than my country
  • rating: 2/5. scary torture cabin


  • what i had: piza slice
  • what i thought: i know this isnt technicaly a restaurant but drinks were 50 cents so it gets an honorable mention. there was a crate of mayonnaise but i didnt try that.
  • rating: ???/5. costcos most precious secrets are lost to us all
Here, have some Sherlolly gif prettiness instead of hate.

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i have some thoughts about this photo that is apparently from josh’s twitter. these are my thoughts: hunk looks terrified, lance looks overjoyed, and keith just looks bored?? what is going ON in that movie

What we see of Eggsy/Tilde

- they fuck after he saves the world.
- a couple (?) of years later they’re living together and in love.
- she’s likes his friends
- he tricks her (admittedly arsehole) father into liking him ( i like to think he calls Roxy AFTER the king asks an awkward question)
- when he calls to tell her that he has to sleep with a mark she holds out on saying it’s ok - fair enough - but as soon as he says he wants to be with her forever she jumps on it and immediately tries to guilt him into marrying her. I don’t know about you but if I was someone’s SO concerned about them sleeping with someone else I wouldn’t immediately feel better if they proposed. She was basically holding out to see what he was going to offer her in his guilt.
- when he suggests that they postpone a serious conversation for later because he’s honestly on a schedule and is WORKING she basically breaks up with him. Not by telling him but by cutting off all contact with him.
- he has a legitimate reason for not wanting to marry her as it would make him a public figure and mess with his career
- she only calls him back when she’s ill. Now I know it can be interpreted as her calling him while delusional, but I kind of interpreted it by her smile when she first calls as her calling her spy ex to see if he could help her.
- she comes back to him when he saves her life. It’s adorable. It might have happened anyway.
- They get married in a wedding scene where he has more of a significant moment with his best man than he does with her

Now I’m not saying that its a badly written, boring, no homo-esque romance that has no build up and little to do with the plot but that’s exactly what I’m saying.

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Which Homestuck or Hiveswap character do you relate to the most?

i hate to be That Guy and say dave strider but it would be because people seem to misunderstand me and think im cool but im really just some idiot mumbling jokes to himself in the corner.

i guess in a more serious sense, i like aradias character because i relate her arc re: my own personal struggle with depression. maybe i read and understood it wrong, but thats how i connected with it anyway. chronologically, she starts off as an enthusiastic but dorky kid, and when she dies she loses interest in things and sort of just exists for a while. theres a whole part about her being a robot, and then when she finally returns to life she insists that she “plans to stay that way” idk man. I’m not like… a literary person so maybe im projecting a bit. there are probably a lot of different ways to read this character.

for a long time the things i loved no longer held my interest. i was bored and detached from people and nothing that i otherwise enjoyed seemed to matter. I spent a long time just… doing what i felt like i was supposed to be doing because i thought thats what people wanted of me or expected of me and its not like i had a ton on my plate otherwise. when i finally broke out of this (though maybe that part of me will always exist in some capacity) i finally felt… alive again. i felt like myself again and i refused to let it go. idk man. sorry i got way too into this LMAO

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Heyy! Its summer holidays and I'm bored as fuck, so do you guys know any fics that would blow my mind? Like a long fic with an amazing well-made interesting plot? Thats not really specific im sorry, im willing to read anything as long as it has an impressive, mind blowing, not boring at all plot Thank you for this amazing blog 💖

I’ll keep this as short as I can since it’s such a broad request and I have no idea what you guys have already read lol you can also look through our above 50k tag for long fics, and if we rec’ced them we probably gave some kind of opinion on them so you’ll know what we thought of them

Only When the Sun Sets by sacramento - Jeon Jeongguk was never meant to handle so much responsibility, but when he sees a vision foretelling the King’s death, he cannot just sit back and let it happen. The ‘right’ thing to do would be to stop it, but as Jeongguk soon discovers, doing the ‘right’ thing is never so simple, or easy. Stuck in between underhanded plots for the Iron Throne, Jeongguk must figure out who he is and what he stands for. He must choose a side, and he must choose well, for in the Game of Thrones, you win… or you die. There is no middle ground.

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast by Kavbj - Taehyung has magic in his veins and Jungkook’s determined not to let it kill him. 

Lucky strike by expplipo - “You’re bad luck, I’m good luck. Two sides of a coin. Head and tails. We match.”

Terrible Things Happen (Sometimes, They Save You) by mindheist - Min Yoongi wakes up from a nightmare on a sunless afternoon to a reality more twisted than his dizziest daydreams.

refrigerator humming, chewing gum and instant karma by locks - Taehyung sets the flowers down on the dining table, plucking the card off the little holder. “Dearest Taehyung, just wanted you to know that I’m thinking about you. I hope you’re thinking about me too. Love–” he pauses and squints before cocking an eyebrow and pursing his lips. “Hyung, why is the boss of your little boy band gang professing his love for me?” Yoongi drops the noodles on the floor with a loud curse as he burns his hand. Or, Taehyung’s been trying his hardest to avoid Yoongi’s criminal life for a long ass time, but a cute kid and his infuriating father keep pulling him deeper into the mix.

trust your heart if the seas catch fire by maxx - “Sometimes I wonder whether you’d be better off without me. Whether you really need me at all.” Taehyung has always doubted his necessity to the group, as well as to Jungkook. Usually a knock on the head would suffice to bring him back to his senses. But this time, it seems someone was listening to his request. Now, everything has changed. He’s in a world where Jungkook and the rest of the group are still famous, but he isn’t.

Veni, Vidi, Amavi by yourluckytae - (I came, I saw, I loved) Ever since that day, Taehyung has been looking for something, chasing a dream he seems to be missing. Something important that makes his heart whole. It’s a creeping sense of someone he can’t quite grasp, who’s always on the tip of his tongue, nails on a chalkboard screeching loudly in his ear to remember. But every time he tries, it hurts. But he chases the dreams, the feelings, whatever it is that he’s missing because he thinks it would hurt more to never find whatever’s gone. Jeongguk stares at his palms absent-mindedly, body rocking with the movement of the train. His fingers trace over non existent words on his right palm. Something he hadn’t thought about in years. He has a feeling; something deep and nostalgic bubbling inside him tasting like chocolate muffins and caramel lattes and smelling of vanilla and strawberries. It stirs within him as his fingers trace each stroke over his palm. It stirs something melancholy, something sad. A feeling. (Kimi no Na Wa (Your Name) Au)

起死回生; To Live Again by mindheist - Fiction gives us a second chance that life denies us.

Abaddon’s Waltz by eclairdeluxe - Hell hath no fury like a lover scorned.

(thought you knew) you were in this song by expplipo - Taehyung nearly chokes, but only nearly. Instead he raises an eyebrow and puts on the most suave smile he can manage. Hopes he looks far more collected than his for-some-reason racing heartbeat would let on, more suit-and-wine than elementary-schooler-with-a-new-crush. “You like me?” Jeongguk blushes, and looks at his feet. He’s smiling. “Of course.” “Really?” Taehyung says. “Like? Or like like?” (So much for suit-and-wine.)

I’ve read all the ones I just listed and I know for sure those are good, but these next ones I haven’t read. most are on my list to read and seem pretty good from skimming the writing a bit and the plots all seem interesting, or they’re ones I know other people love, but I can’t be 100% sure since I haven’t read them

Swamp Magic by GinForInk - Two witches lure Jungkook into their cabin in the woods.

(I know admin guk read this and really loved it, and I read one other fic from this author and it was amazing)

Lupus Tales by kpopismydrug - This is one summer break that Taehyung will never forget. From dealing with a moody mare that likes to think she’s a stroppy teenager rather than a horse, to dealing with childhood memories that threaten to choke him, Taehyung will soon find out that when you take a trip down memory lane, some things are more than just memories.

(super long series that I know admin s loves)

An Interstellar Anomaly by PaprikaFetus - They are two heirs that belong to opposite sides of the universe.

Hustlers by tbz - Jungkook hadn’t meant to lose nine million. He certainly hadn’t meant to lose his kidney. And he hadn’t meant to meet Kim Taehyung.

summer; blue by Batman - More than you can manage, more than you can hide: a study in light.

Mutual Fiend by kkumkkatcher - “I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on.” An AU where Jungkook needs to kill Taehyung, but Taehyung also needs to kill Jungkook, and things get (more than) a bit complicated.

All the Years of Us by TrappingLightningBugs - From the moment a new family hobbled into town, having come a long way for sanctuary, Taehyung had eyes only for Jeon Jungkook.

Shifting On My Feet by MarionetteFtHJM - With the ever-growing crime rate in the city there’s no telling what the leading figures will do to remain leading. The safety of the people is at risk and the possible collateral damage looms over the authorities. There is only one safe option, sacrifice a few to save the lives of many. Tear them from the inside, cool the situation down- should be easy enough, right? Jeongguk was just trying to live out his days peacefully, but running from one’s past never really worked out for anybody- so why would he be an exception? He’s not. Demons tend to find who they’re looking for in the end.

Taste of Ink by sugamins - Jungkook is a drug runner for the largest gang in the whole of Busan: the Sam Yong Pa. One day he bumps into a runner for a rival gang in the next district that has trespassed into their territory: a Geum Sung Pa boy called Jimin. Jimin has a friend, a goon for the rival gang. Taehyung beats people up for a living, and boy, does he look good when he’s doing it.But their blossoming friendships reignite old gang flames and causes the most brutal gang war the country has ever seen.Dragons destroy and stars explode.

i know you wanna go to heaven (but you’re human tonight) by moonlightae - Taehyung just thought it would be a one night stand, but he gets more than he bargained for

Assassin’s Order by TaeSyubDKook - CEO Taehyung gets tangled up in some illegal business without even knowing and when Assasin Jeongguk gets assigned to extract information from him after being caught, he realizes in what mess he’s gotten himself into and agrees to cooperate with the assassins, after learning their true reasons, to bring down his uncle’s company. What Jeongguk and Taehyung didn’t expect was falling for each other in the progress.

Kiss With a Fist by byeolguk - “Need a little help, love?” Jungkook asks, teasing him. “Nah I had it all under control, sweetheart,” Taehyung answers with a smile, blood oozing from his split lip. Goddamn even smiling hurt now. Fuckity fuck fuck. Jungkook only rolls his eyes, his cocky smirk never slipping and Taehyung almost forgets how much pain he’s in. prompt-Can you please write the “ kick his ass for me” prompt with taekook!

got a question or request? check our tags page first to see if what you’re looking for is already there, or use the search bar on our blog! if you don’t have any luck with that, feel free to send us an ask when the inbox is open^^

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Loved that rant, but now I’m curious. Shakespeare how it is taught vs how it should be?

dude. My dude. 

ok. so. this is based on my experience in two different american states and with seven different teachers in high school, then another six professors at college. 

But my dude. 

They teach shakespeare and send the kids home to read it in their own heads. I just?? you what??? it’s a play! A play! With Actors! It’s meant to be aloud, all the time. It was transcribed just for record keeping, not for study! The performance is the part that can be understood. the way that actors will pause in their reading to accommodate the way it scans? The fact that even a bad actor will give personality to a line? The way that in your head, most people hear everyone with exactly the same voice? The text will force you to interrupt each other, it will force you to give it life just based on the scansion! But only if you’re reading it aloud with friends!

PLUS they teach shakespeare like its this exalted immaculate thing. 

My dude, the opening of R&J is dick jokes and sex jokes. 

Most of Midsummer is sex and flirting and nods to bestiality and watching girls fight each other. 

Taming of the Shrew is deeply inappropriate for young readers, and yet they teach it like it’s about the grand experience. 

In High school they told me I wasn’t allowed to do a scene for our final because it was lesbians. Being the little shit that I was a 18, I told them that instead I’d do a selection of scenes from Shakespearean plays. They didn’t even read the scenes, just assumed it’d be dry and boring. 

I did every vulgar fight scene and dick joke I could find. No through line, no coherency between them, just violence and sex. Bc I was vindictive. People thought I changed the scripts. They thought I invented this shit. Nope, thats what Shakespeare actually is. It’s blood and violence and rage and bad decisions and anger and lust and glory.

Shakespeare isn’t boring. So why the hell do english teachers make it so boring? It’s about emotions. It’s about the impact, the words are just the vehicle. 

First exposure to shakespeare shouldn’t be in written form. It should be performance. Bring in live actors to do a reading of it if you can. Or take them to a play. Or if you have no other way, show them one of the better movie versions. Fuck. Show them the Baz Lurhmann R&J and let them actually frick-a-fracking understand the story! 

if shakespeare was alive today he’d probably be doing reality tv shows, or working on SNL. He was not this immaculate thing. some of his plays suck. Seriously, Coriolanus is terrible. Titus Andronicus is pretty much a snuff flick. But use those to explain to kids why the others are good! Use Hamlet and Othello to talk about how if the characters were in each others place, it wouldn’t be a tragedy. Use the plays to talk about how the audience knows from the start that R&J are gonna die and thats the damn point! They’re watching to see how these two idiots got themselves dead. Yes there are sweet moments, but the man set it in Italy for a reason. They are babies for a reason. He is calling out their bullshit. 

PLUS, students are smarter than most teachers give them credit for. If they have an interpretation of a play and can back it up? Thats as valid as anyone else’s opinion bc that’s how theater works! A Play is 40% actors, 40% audience and 20% script. 

It’s like asking music students to learn music by only reading the score. They can technically understand what it’s going to sound like, but for 99.999% of them, it’s going to have no impact bc music only exists on a page as a record for the next group performing it, that isn’t how its meant to be experienced. 

why did i spend time on this  a word cloud of every key word the twelfth doctor has said - from ‘the time of the doctor’ to ‘the return of doctor mysterio’ (including class because how could i not). long story short, his catchphrase is clara (the larger the word the more it was said)

long story in its entirety:

basically, two years ago i spent a ridiculously long amount of time on this (ttotd to last christmas):

and i had almost eradicated it from my memory, but then i found it on my desktop and remembered that i had actually written everything down for s9, and all i had to do was thors, for tonight we might die and doctor mysterio, and i was very bored yesterday so i thought ‘eh, why not’

turns out i could have just copied and pasted the script, since wordle gets rid of common english words anyway. i changed my rules about 20 times in this about what words count as common words and what don’t fml, which is why ‘hello’ is so small but still there. ah well.

might add s10 on too when it comes out, because i know i can copy and paste the script now. yay.

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hey ! it's okay if u don't want to answer, but how did you progress from id'ing as a gay trans boy to a lesbian?

It seems like a strange leap doesn’t it? Well, at first, when I was about 14, I fell in love with the female form and strongly wanted a girlfriend, and realised I was a lesbian. So originally, I was a lesbian.

But tumblr was a mindfuck for me. I was around when the whole trans fad emerged, when everyone was encouraging kids like me to “question their gender”. I wrapped a scarf around my chest one day and saw myself appear breastless in the mirror and it sparked something within me. I suddenly wanted to be a boy - because tumblr had made me believe it was POSSIBLE to be a boy if I wanted to. I was always curious about what it would be like to have a penis, but that curiosity turned into a desperate obsession. I hated my body because I thought I should have been born male because I was gnc, because I had that occasional curiosity, because I was into girls. Trans activism made me believe I had to change - that being trans was a very normal and very common thing and if you don’t decide to transition now your sex characteristics will be too developed to minimise so you HAVE to make the decision NOW!!! That’s what was imprinted into my mind. I thought that was the only answer, it’s dreadful now that I think about it.

Now the gay part, it’s pretty multifaceted, but I think was probably because of all the kids on here taking the piss out of straight people. I’m not saying taking the piss out of straight people should stop, I mean it doesn’t affect them much at all. Why should I care about straight people’s feelings about that? No, it’s kids like me who were left confused as hell because of it. I didn’t want to be one of those bland, boring straights, just like I didn’t want to be one of those bland boring “cis” people. It was about social acceptance in an environment like tumblr. So I completely avoided my attraction to girls and decided I was into transguys and cis men.

Why ‘cis’ men? Well trans activism as you know centers mostly around transwomen, who will freely speak down upon females (or 'cafabs’) because they are “transmisogyny-exempt”. I’ve seen disgusting misogynistic things said by them but I never raised a finger because they were fucking untouchable. It was crazy. I actually believed females had privilege over males. I actually was made to believe that you’re worthless if you don’t have a penis. So I became kind of obsessed with penises and maleness. 

Lastly I also fetishised gay male relationships and thought lesbian relationships were boring because there’s no dick involved and females are inferior. Thats what I thought. It’s horrid. I was that obsessed with the male body I wanted to acquire, I wanted to be a gay man myself. I’m glad I’m over that now. I realised what was being done to me when I joined the radfem community and I’ve slowly relearned that being a lesbian is okay and dicks are overrated and men are horrid pigs and the female body is beautiful and superior. Basically my gay trans man phase was brainwashing.

(W)rapped Around Her Finger (pt 2)

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A/N: I had such a hard time writing this, and I rewrote this like multiple times but this was the best I could do and for that i’m sorry. I had such a hard time making J-hope look like a douche. He’s such a cutie! Hopefully you all like this little series. I had fun writing~

Thank you for requesting and I would love to write more for people! Send in your requests~ I just don’t write smut hehe.

Request: can i request a yoongi or jhope fanfic? im not creative maybe where you’re both famous rappers and he has a huge crush on you i cant think of a plot (sorry) so surprise me! :) but i would like angst and fluff :)) thank you in advance if you decide to do it!! 💕💕

Part 1

pairing: j-hope x reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Keep reading

Ok but what if The Seven vlogged, like I think that would be the funniest thing. There would totally be Camp rivalries and live streams and prank wars and vids of Capture the Flag and War Games, and omg I could honestly see Percy doing the most boring stuff like making toast but everyone would watch and be like “Thats the dude that was in two prophercies?”


A/N: This is for Ashley’s Fall in Love with Fall challenge @d-s-winchester My prompt was pic #1 (down below), and I know I had a brother in mind when I sent the ask, but it turned out a little different… I hope you don’t mind, Ash, and I hope you like it!

A great big thank you to @pinknerdpanda for beta’ing this for me!

Characters/pairing: Reader, Sam & Dean / reader x brother of your choosing

Words: 1859

Warnings: fluff, bit of angst, fluff, clichés, fluff

You heard the leaves rustling as footsteps approached, and closed the book, setting it down on the bench with the others. You knew without looking who it was, the wood creaking slightly as he sat next to you. You kept your eyes on the river, watching the water running idly downstream.

The man next to you sighed. “My brother’s an idiot.”

You huffed. In a way you agreed with the statement, but you couldn’t blame the absent brother. If he didn’t feel the same way about you as you felt about him, it wasn’t really his fault. You couldn’t force him to love you.

“He’s blind and stupid, and you deserve better.”

You let out a sad little chuckle. “I do deserve better. But I can’t just turn this off. I love him.”

You didn’t need to look at him to know he had a pitying look on his face. You sat in silence for a few minutes, listening to the water and the wind. The sun was still warm on your face and the golden leaves were slowly falling to the ground. It was a beautiful fall day and without the sharp pieces in your chest that used to be your heart, you could have enjoyed yourself.

“I’ll kick his ass for you, if you’d like.”

You looked over to him and smiled. “Thanks, but I can do that myself.”

“I’m sure you can”, he chuckled. “Maybe you should.”

You shook your head as you laughed. “That’s a tempting idea.”

He laughed at that a little. “Just let me know if you’ll need help.”

You promised you would, and both of you fell silent again.

After a while he sighed again and stood up. “He should be gone by now. You wanna come back in and hang out? Maybe watch a movie?”

“I think I’ll stay here for a while longer.”

He nodded and leaned down to kiss your hair. “You know where to find me.”

“Thanks, buddy.”

He raised his hand a bit before turning back the way he came from. You watched him go, wondering briefly what would have happened if you had fallen for him instead of his brother. But you hadn’t. You sighed and picked up your book, determined to not think of the man you loved on a date with someone else.

You didn’t know how long you sat there, pretending to concentrate on the book even when you read the same passages at least three times. You tried switching to another book, but your mind was wrapped around images of what was probably happening on that date. You knew the girl he was out with, knew her to be pretty and nice, and there was no reason why they wouldn’t hit it off. You didn’t expect him to come home for the night, and that thought alone made you want to cry.

You quickly swallowed the tears when a twig snapped behind you.

“I was just gonna come back in”, you said, faking brightness into your voice.

“Oh. I was hoping we could talk.”

You looked over your shoulder when you heard him speak. It wasn’t the voice you had expected.

“I didn’t know you were back already.” Your heart was racing as you turned back to face the river to hide your sudden nervousness. Why was he back already? “Did she find out your true colors?”

“You could say that”, he half chuckled as he sat down next to you.

You stared at the river, your fingers unconsciously playing with the book. You had no idea what you should say and that was new. You were friends with both brothers, comfortable in their company, but something was off now. There had been this strange look in his eyes, and you didn’t know what to think of it. And he didn’t make it any easier, shifting nervously next to you.

“It didn’t work out”, he suddenly blurted. “The date. She was… I couldn't…”

He paused and took a deep breath. You were stunned. You had never seen him like this, ever.

“I couldn’t concentrate on anything she said cause all I could think of was you. That look you had when I said I was going on a date.”

You were sure your heart had stopped beating. Your chest was tight and you held your breath, cursing in your mind. You knew what he was talking about - that split second when you had been totally unprepared for the news.

“Y/N, I had no idea you felt that way.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about”, you denied, but it was a desperate and doomed effort.

“I’m sorry…”

“Don’t”, you interrupted, standing up quickly and turning away to go back into the bunker. Maybe hide in your room for a week. “I’ll get over it.”

You hurried away, only to hear him get up too and follow you. His legs were much longer than yours and you didn’t get far before his fingers curled around your arm, stopping you and forcing you to turn around. You kept your head down, staring at his boots, because you didn’t dare to face him.

“I’m sorry I hurt you”, he said quietly.

“It’s okay”, you finally muttered when it came clear that he expected you to say something.

“It’s not okay”, he claimed. “Why didn’t you say anything? If I had known, I would've…”

“Been more discreet?” you snapped, pulling your arm free and continuing up the hill.

“I would’ve never agreed to go out with her in the first place!” he yelled after you.

“Yeah, right!” you yelled back.

“Y/N, hold on!”

You heard him running and picked up speed, but you were just at the steepest part of the path, and your boots slipped on the fallen leaves. He was closer than you had thought, and when you slipped again and slid backwards a step, he was right there. Your feet tangled together, and you had time to realize you were going to fall before his arms wrapped around you, twisting you to the side so that you landed on him rather than the other way around. He grunted when his back hit the ground and your weight pushed the air from his lungs - but he didn’t let you go.

You tried to wriggle off him, but he only held you tighter, twisting your feet under his to keep you still.

“Stop it, Y/N! Let me catch my breath”, he panted.

You knew you wouldn’t get of his hold easily or without hurting him, so you gave up, groaning angrily when you threw your head back against his shoulder.

“You know, sometimes you’re too stubborn for your own good”, he finally stated, still breathing a bit heavier than usual. “You wouldn’t be stuck now if you had just heard me out. - Though I’m not complaining”, he chuckled.

“Let me go, Winchester.”

“Uh-uh”, he denied. “I’m sorry I hurt you. I had no idea you felt that way”, he repeated, tightening his hold a little when you stiffened. “If I had known…”

He paused again, sighed, and then shifted, taking you totally by surprise when he set you on your back on the ground, leaning over you to hold you down.

“Just tell me that I didn’t imagine it”, he whispered, eyes intense and flipping between yours.

Your throat was suddenly clamped shut, maybe because your heart had jumped up there, but you couldn’t get a word out. All you managed was a tiny shake of your head.

He tilted his head, eyes narrowing slightly. “So you like me? Like ‘like me’ like me?”

With his eyes boring into yours, his breath tickling your cheek, you couldn’t lie. You nodded.

“Wow”, he huffed, grinning widely. “That's… wow. I never would have thought.”

Your anger flared as you thought he was mocking you, and he must have caught the change in your eyes, because his grin dropped immediately.

“No, Y/N, that's… I’m just surprised. You’ve hid it a bit too well, cause I didn’t have a clue. I wish I’d had.” He took a deep breath and held it. “I like you too.”

Your eyes widened and your whole body went limp. You couldn’t believe what you were hearing.

“Like 'like me’ like me?” you whispered, words catching in your throat.

“Very much so”, he smiled, releasing your wrist to brush a strand of hair from your face.

“I… I didn’t know”, you blurted.

“We’re a real pair of idiots”, he muttered.

He quirked his eyebrows slightly like asking for permission and you nodded. He smiled and leaned down, pressing his lips to yours, softly at first, but quickly gaining more confidence when you responded by twisting your fingers to the front of his jacket and pulling him down.

Kissing him was more than you had ever hoped for and you could have easily spent the whole day doing just that. When his lips trailed down to nibble at your neck, you blinked your eyes open, trying to decide if it was for real or if you were dreaming. But the cool ground under your back and the bright sun peaking down at you through the golden leaves seemed very real - as did the footsteps that stopped a few feet away.

“Well, well. Did you finally kick some sense into that idiot?” You tilted your head further back to see your best friend hovering above you. “Didn’t need help then?”

You grinned and shook your head.

“Go away, we’re busy”, his brother ordered, his face still buried in the crook of your neck, lips barely leaving your skin.

“Yeah, you two are making me sick anyway. I was just gonna tell you I found us a case. I thought we’d leave first thing in the morning.”

He winked at you once before turning on his heels and leaving. His brother let out a theatrical sigh and groaned against your shoulder before lifting his head to look at you.

“Why does he always have to ruin everything? Right now I couldn’t care less about some monster.” His eyes turned softer, a hint of a smile playing on his lips. “I finally got the girl I’ve been dreaming about for months and he goes and…”

You lifted your finger to his lips. “For months?”

“Might be closer to a year by now”, he admitted shyly, a hint of pink spreading to his cheeks.

“And you didn’t say anything?!?” you blurted.

“Well I didn’t hear you admitting pining for me!”

You were both quiet for a second before bursting out in laughter.

“I’m such an idiot”, he chuckled when he finally started to settle down.

“You are”, you readily agreed.

“So are you”, he replied, eyes narrowing.

“I am.”

“But now you’re my idiot.”

Your lips tilted up to a smile wider than you ever thought possible. “If you want me.”

“I do”, he whispered. “I really do. And I’m yours.” His kiss left no doubt in your mind that he meant it.

It had turned out to be a rather perfect fall day after all - perfect to fall even deeper in love.

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So I’ve been wanting to post something like this for a while and I thought fuck it, let’s post a kid fic. They’re 100% a guilty pleasure of mine and so here we are.

Words: 862

Warnings: Kid fic. That’s it pretty much.


Hux wasn’t allowed the luxury of sleeping in. Not during his Academy days, not during his military career. Certainly not as a father.

As he woke he kept his eyes closed and his breathing even. He sometimes did this when he awoke to Ren holding him. He wouldn’t admit he liked it but he’d silently enjoy the warmth of it.

“Wake him up.”

“Will he be mad?”

Hux suppressed a sigh. Ren brought Adele and Quinn into their bed in the early hours of the sleep cycle, sniffling and whining. Hux wondered if they had the same dreams sometimes. (He suspected the bad ones had to do with the twins being tainted with the Force but Ren wouldn’t confirm this.)

“Where’s daddy?”

“I don’t know.”

Hux cracked an eye open and saw that Ren’s spot was empty. No matter how early Hux woke, Ren woke earlier. Some days Hux had only just finished getting ready and Ren was already back from the training rooms, running laps and lifting weights and showing off.

“Daddy, you’re awake.”

One of them curled their little fingers around his arm and shook him. Hux exhaled and buried his face in his pillow. “Go away.”

The twins started poking him. He couldn’t have anything nice. 

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so this is what went down… friday night i was bored so i went to a casino to play poker, i start with $60 and win like $200, i started at 8 PM and played until like 12 PM the next day… thats a long ass time playing poker, but its a really addicting game.

after 16 hours of playing non stop, i come home and sleep for a few hours, totally didnt blog about the 90s at all… go back to the casino and play more poker, and win like $200 more. So thats like $400 man.

I thought I was a poker pro. Like some old ass poker player guys were all “You’re good kid, you got some good moves on the table. You just might be one of the greats someday.” and also at the Casino, all the food is half off, and its free sometimes too. soda is free, and they’ll serve you right there at the poker table. i had a really delicious BLT, like it was the best BLT i’ve ever had. and they have red velvet cupcakes. 

Sunday I didn’t really want to play anymore. I wanted to blog about the 90s, but I was like “ok, if im really a pro I can play more and still win. Thats what the pros do, they win.” but i didnt win. i lost all my winnings and i lost $200 more of my own money. the lesson is, theres no such thing as a poker pro, they’re all just lucky and poker is stupid and im never playing again. poker sucks i hate it

Straight outta hell Part 3-Magnus Bane

Y/N has revealed were she was. How will the gang react? Is the prince of hell going to do nothing? What will the angels say? And most importantly how many times can Y/N embarrass Magnus

“So Y/N where have you been? Oh and do you have any embarrassing memories of ‘Maggie’?” Simon laughed as he finally got a seat.
“Oh loads. And to answer your question I was kidnapped by my ‘father’ to Hell”
They all gasped.

Part 1

Part 2

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missakito  asked:

lol that's what everyone thinks of when they remember my fic. It confuses me honestly but it still makes me laugh. Actually, I guess I thought of something specific. In my fic Danny has no "ghost form" just his eyes glowing green, and his powers are elecricity-based ectoplasm. Maybe a simple drawing of him using his powers? Once again, you don't have to take the request if it's too boring for ya :)

how did Poindexter do that



#8 Auston Matthews

Hi!! I love your writing!! Can you do an Auston imagine where you guys are babysitting a teammate’s kid and he kinda drops hints about how he wants kids?

I sorta changed it a little bit

I babysit this gorgeous little kid called owen and I love him so much he is the purest being on this planet. 

Song suggestion of the day: Boo by shortstraw

Song i was thinking about when writing this: Whatta man by Salt-n-pepa esp the line: ‘I think i wanna have your baby’ lmao 

Originally posted by mttymrts

If you were being honest, the best part about getting to know the wags of some of the older guys on the leafs roster was the fact that you’d get to babysit their kids. You and Auston had been together for almost five years, which simultaneously felt like forever as well as no time at all. When you’d first gotten together, you guys went out a lot more but now you weren’t so interested in the bar/party/club scene and more interested in hanging out at home with each other and doing weird adult things you never thought you’d want to do (okay, you’d gone to one winery for a wedding but still). Obviously, seeing as you guys didn’t have kids and weren’t sleeping off big nights out, you found you had a lot more free time than Auston’s teammates. Given that, you guys were happy to give families like the Bozaks a break and babysit for them. Kanon was nearing eight and the biggest ball of energy you had ever seen. So at first, when it came to babysitters, Zach had ALWAYS been favoured above you. You get it, the guy writes children’s books and he’s like the nicest dude ever. Heck, if you had kids, you’d definitely want him looking after them. Then slowly but surely, Zach was high in demand and you guys got a shot at kid-watching duty. Look at you now, regulars!

To be honest, you didn’t blame most of the parents for wanting to get out every once in a while. Kids are full on. But totally worth it. You could not wait for the day you got to welcome your own baby into the world. You knew Auston loved kids, but if he wanted them.. well you assumed he wanted them eventually. With you? hopefully. In the next few years? yeah, no. Which was sad but you totally got that he wanted to figure himself out first. He’d been in the NHL for seven years and hockey was a big deal for him. You didn’t really know if he’d even thought that much about having kids.

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So i was watching someone play the horror game “here they lie” and the creatures that wander around make these super creepy noises and have reflective eyes and skulls on their heads. They basically look humans which is boring. but in the second episode of this person playing one of the creatures starts following the player around and then it leads you to i guess the place where it sleeps and it offers you batteries all the while making gross gurgly monster noises. and my first response was to do the pouty lip thing and go “AWWWW THATS SO CUTE! WHAT A PRECIOUS BABY!” literally. like i didn’t hesitate at all.my knee jerk response to this blood soaked man beast with broken horns was to squeel about how adorable i thought it was. yep. that’s me.

Thor x reader (part 1?)

A/N I decided to give Thor some love because I was going through the Thor x reader search and its just a bunch of Loki Fics. Made me a Lil mad. Show some respect to Rapunzel Okay? Anyway enjoy!!!

Thor entered the room filled with people mingling and drinking. He immediately scammed the room to find you. When his eyes didn’t come across your usual form with a drink reading, he frowned. You always came to the team gatherings for drinks, so why weren’t you here now? His thoughts were interrupted with a clap on his shoulder. He turned to see Tony handing him a drink, and Steve with a gentle smile on his face.

“What’s got you so quiet?” Tony asked. Steve was wondering the same thing. Thor was known for a lot of things, but quiet was defiantly not one of them.

Thor’s eyebrows furrowed together before he asked “Do you know if lady (y/n) was attending to the party? I don’t see her here.”
His eyes yet again scanning the room for her familiar features.

Steve and Tony looked at each other knowingly. Thor wasn’t exactly subtle with his notions. The team picked up on his lingering stares when you got up to leave, and how his face always immediately brightened when you walked into a room. However, Steve knew that you thought the idea of the god liking you was preposterous no matter how many times he tried to assure you, you refused to listen.

“I think she’s in the library.” Steve answered,
“Big crowds like this aren’t really her thing.”

Thor nodded in understandment before Tony changed the subject, rearing Thor’s attention in a different direction. The rest of the night went on easily but Thor couldn’t help but scan the room for you every so often, even if he knew you weren’t there.

-time skip to later on in the night-

Most of the guests that were invited by Tony and Pepper were slowly filtering out, until no one was left but the team sitting on the sofas drinking. Sam was busy telling a story from his military days, while Bucky was sitting next to him rolling his eyes, when suddenly Thor stood up. All eyes looked toward his standing form as he spoke. “ I think I’m going to go ask Lady (y/n) to come join us.”

Natasha smirked knowingly as she said “yeah I’m sure (y/n) is ready for a drink at this point.”
The rest of the team murmured their agreements when Thor got up and left the room, headed towards the library. It was quiet until Clint asked “So, when do we start placing bets?”

You were sitting in the small tower library, that Tony had made at your begging request, when the doors suddenly burst open, and a smiling Thor came striding in. You immediately felt yourself smile. Of course you had taken a liking to the asgardian prince almost as soon as you arrived at the Tower, a year ago. However, you just couldn’t see why he would return the feelings. He was a god for Christ sake, so why would he take an interest in boring old you? Your thoughts were interrupted by Thor speaking in that deep voice of his “I missed seeing you tonight.” He said

You looked up at him, “yeah big crowds aren’t really my thing anymore.”

Thor pulled at the chair next to you, sitting in it when he said, “Thats what the captian said, but why? You always stay with the team we love your presence.”

You blushed slightly at the simple complement, but mellowed before you answered, “When I was with the group before the Avengers, I was alone in the underground a lot of the time. So whenever I was with big groups of people someone always died, usually from my hands.Obviously that wouldn’t be the case tonight, but it makes me nervous still.” You were looking at the ground now. Jesus, why had you said so much? He probobly thought you were some weak mortal now.

“Well, I can assure you nothing like that happened tonight. Maybe next time you come I’ll stand with you so you won’t be so nervous .” He said with a gentle smile gracing his handsome features.

Okay now you knew he was defiantly flirting with you, but before you could respond he stood up and said “I came to invite you down for a drink. All the guests have left its just us now.”

You smiled and stood up “Sounds good, thank you for coming to get me.”

He looped his arm with yours while smiling, and then said “of course”

When you got to the kitchen were the team was laughing and talking, Tony immediately said to you “(y/n)! We missed you tonight! You both also missed the announcement, we have another event planned with some pretty important people, meaning suit and tie by the way, and you have to come. Many of them are dying to meet you, one of the newest members to the team.”

You smiled at him and said you would be there, but inside you were groaning. Another party? With formal wear? Thor, noticing your silence, nuged you with his shoulder. “I told you lady (y/n), the next event I’d be by your side.” He said smiling.

Blushing, you said “really? I mea-are you sure? Cuz like- I mean- tony could probably get you a date. He does it for Sam all the time.”

Thor, not knowing about this human activity, was suddenly confused. Brows furrowed, he asked “ Why would I want to go with a random woman when I can go with you?”

“ In that case I would love to go with you Thor. ” you said, still blushing slightly.

“YES! “Bucky and Tony screamed. “PAY UP BITCHES”
Groaning Bruce, Wanda, Clint and Sam handed money to Bucky,Tony, Steve and Natasha.

Part two maybe???? I have an idea if you guys would like a part two??