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hey guys i hit 750 or close dw and i was bored so i’m gonna do blogrates!!


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deafeningcatphilosopher  asked:

I wanna be deducted!!

I’m about to do that, Jay.
I had mentioned in my guidelines that I wouldn’t be accepting pictures of people for the time being, but your emotions made you go straight to the deduction request. This will be an exception since you seem to already publish a lot of pictures of yourself in your blog.

Born on July 7th, 15 to 18 years old, apparently love taking pictures with snap-chat, you clearly do that when you’re bored.
According to the 2 exclamation marks you typed and how direct your phrase was, you’re very emotional, objective and practical.
Even being straight, you support the LGBT community greatly and despise any form of prejudice.
Your eyes indicate lack of sleep. I don’t think you go to parties much, so apparently you spend your time reading, watching films/series and blogging. Your nails don’t look short. I don’t know if that’s a problem with the picture, but apparently you do your nails. No manual labour. Indeed, you’re a student.

I also deduce you can multi-task easily, maybe you watch films while using your phone. This sort of attitude makes our brain more active because of the greater amount of information you’re dealing with at the same time. It prevents you from noticing how sleepy you’re getting, so I assume you only go to bed when you really have to.

Your long hair and clothes (correct me if I’m wrong, the pictures’ resolution isn’t that good) indicate you live somewhere that normally is cold, but hot sometimes since the cold doesn’t seem to be that extreme.

By analysing your pictures, I obviously noticed you edited them with a dog related sticker and a flower crown.
The flower crown clearly shows me you like pastel colours and light tonalities.
The dog indicates you like animals. The act of editing and taking pictures the way you do reveal you like art. If we combine the amount of time you spend watching films, reading and blogging, we can conclude that you love fan arts.

You like to read, you like animals, you like art, you like to defend and help others, you’re emotional, you’re objective and practical. It is a shot in the dark, but I deduce you’re studying with a somehow already formed opinion about your future profession. Maybe a nurse, a doctor or a veterinarian, because of your empathy for animals.

Observing the picture more deeply, by considering your proportions, I would say you’re more or less 5′0′’ inches tall and weights about 122 pounds (55kg).
You like sweets but you have self control, mental self control over your diet, over your studies, over your life. Yes, you’re very emotional, but normally you’re a balanced person who often needs to talk to others about the strong emotions you  feel sometimes. What cause those emotions? The films and series you like. Explained. That’s why you joined Tumblr and other social websites, to interact and enjoy fan art,   talk to others, share your emotions.
You like social interaction, but rather in a mental way rather than physical way.

Did I get it right?


pinkiepie125  asked:


Funny that I look back and realize that Rose’s generation was pretty boring, I should’ve made it more exciting storytelling-wise because it had potential but I was pretty much in a rush. The other thing I regret is not giving enough development to Keith, Paris and their spouses (before they grew up and had kids, that’s when it dawned on me that I’ve been neglecting one of the best heirs shoutout to Keith generations for the sake of “reach gen 10 asap!!!”). I won’t even mention Kyle… omg will never forgive myself for his crappy era. I’ve always been more of a storyteller after all, it’s not typical for me to neglect characters and turn them into soulless pixels! So now I’ve decided that I’ll be (hopefully) doing something similar to a story for each generation. It’s a good practice and helps in understanding characters better ah Tobias ilysm. Can’t wait to see what’s the next heir like and what they can offer for me

Can I now officially say that Nate’s a generation seven spouse? (oh please it’s such a big surprise no one would ever think :)))))))

OC Day: Laufiet Trevelyan

Another OC for impromptu OC Day, proposed by @becausedragonage! Join in!

This is my favorite human Inquisitor, and also my first DA:I character.

Meet Laufiet Trevelyan, middle son (older brother, younger sister) and apparently Herald of Andraste.

The urge to post nothing but smear shots or such is intense. Laufiet is my dork!quisitor. I love this son. I made a conscious decision when I started DA:I for the first time that my first toon wasn’t gonna be a boring PARAGON milktoast. I was gonna do what I wanted to do.  So he’s still pretty dang Mr. NiceGuy BUT he also took a lotta the humorous options. Bless his heart I love him so much for it. 

“Cass. Cass, check me out. Cass.” Laufiet is my Cassandramancer and they are adorable little nerds.  I can not. Ok. Ok, let me try to actually talk about him some.

Dude can’t use a sword for shit btw.

Pfft nope forget it. I’m just gonna post amusing screenshots! Sorry baby, I luv u!

“Why me??? Why this?” 

“Why did I say that? I can feel Cassandra disapproving. Oh yea, that’s why I said it. *snerk*”

“The DM isn’t supposed to be included with ‘everyone’ in ‘rocks fall everyone dies’!!!”

“Would you look at her? Amazing. She’s so amazing. I just–….” *silently admires Cass for 20 minutes solid* 

“I make good decisions… I think.”


The studyblr community has pooled in a lot of amazing, aesthetically pleasing, efficient, and fun ways to take notes and study. However, over the past few years, especially last semester when I took college classes, I realized that having one system really wasn’t helpful because I would have to scramble for different strategies when the classes drastically differed from one another. So, I made strategies for certain types of classes that were created specifically for those characteristics but flexible enough to adjust a bit if needed. Here is how I study:

  1. I want to start off by saying ALL strategies including reading. DO NOT SKIP IT. It’s hard, it’s boring, and it’s slow, but in the end you learn and create a strong foundation for yourself.
  2. I do not skip a word. I use three different colored post its, some page flags, and a writing utensil. I abhor highlighting on textbooks and books with a passion so I use post its instead: one for writing notes and key concepts, another for terminology, and the last color  for any questions I have. As I read, I write all of my notes and then stick them in my textbooks in the corresponding area. The flags are for when I feel like I just couldn’t get the information completely and I want to come back and double review. Finally, after I go through a chapter, I get my notebook and from the beginning of the chapter, I rewrite my post its into notes with the same color coding system.
  3. For the classrooms with power points: This is pretty simple. I print them before hand into handouts if they’re available before lecture and write everything that the teacher says in margins or highlight information. if they’re not available before hand, I still take notes from what the teacher is saying and writing and I make tiny notes of which slide it corresponds with. Then, I print the powerpoint later and write it into the powerpoint slides. To study, I just read over them. 
  4. When the teacher usually writes on the board, speaks all the time, and doesn’t use pp: This is where reading the textbook becomes your best friend. You won’t get as much details in lecture since a person can only talk and write so much in an allotted time period. Instead, I copy everything off of the board and don’t miss anything. At the same time I try to get everything he says onto my notebook also. As a back up, I have a voice recorder going on at the same time. Once I get home, I IMMEDIATELY and ALWAYS rewrite those class notes since they probably look terrifying. After all, people speak faster than they can write.
  5. Finally, online classes. Most of it is learning by yourself so stay motivated and determined and you can do it! First, video transcripts are not your notes. Take notes from the video themselves while you’re watching them. For all of those online resources, write notes in every way you can. Print out all of your assignments that you do or put them somewhere where you can print them later to read over. Any reading excerpts? Print those and highlight all you want. Finally, READ THAT TEXTBOOK.
  6. The last part of my studying strategy is really only useful when it comes to tests. Do any and all practice questions that you can get your hands on. I don’t care if it says there’s 100 questions. Do them!! If anything got me through my classes, it would be all of those damn practice tests and textbook questions (Do every problem in the back of your book. Do them. When you do them, your teachers can throw anything at you and you’ll be able to do any scenario.).

All classes are different. Some are a mixture of the traditional powerpoint and traditional lectures. That’s why I really like my strategies because they’re at like two different extremes and I can use them at different amounts to meet that perfect spot where my class is.

Finally, I will say that my study strategies do rely on my organizational systems. I have different notebooks for different things, different binder arrangements for different classes, and so on. If you want a master post on that just give me a message (it’ll probably come at some point but i’m also really lazy and forgetful).

Good luck with studying. Just remember to stay healthy no matter what you’re doing <3


I’m always writing because that’s not something I can turn off. The intent is to make it good. That’s a goal of mine right now ‘don’t finish a song unless it’s great.’ I don’t write 30 songs a month. I write something when it’s great. Right now quality is the only thing I have to focus on. Make something great.


Summary: Things get a little messy when you get drunk with the maknae line.

Warnings: Drunk Sex, Bottom! Jungkook, Dom Jimin (i made it happen, it’s a thing), Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Taekook is a thing too, this was like a really fucking filthy smut i wrote a while back, I don’t even know how to warn yall for this, just know that jungkook gets fucked like the poor thing just gets f u c k e d

Word Count: 5977

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Wow, the new season of Yuri on Ice looks really good 

Mystic Messenger Characters as Pokemon

(Again idk but I’m bored so here it is)

Yoosung -

Originally posted by shelgon

(Ok I can’t help but imagine that Yoosung would be adorable and innocent no matter what he is and come on Rockruff is the more adorable puppy ever! Besides can you imagine how cute Yoosung would be as a Rockruff being super protective of MC? And wanting to cuddle with them?)

(And this would be him going yandere)

Originally posted by lock-wolf

(NO REGRETS! (lol))

Zen -

Originally posted by guzzlord

(Elegant, beautiful and unique (to one region anyways) I think this lovely rendition of Ninetales fits Zen rather well. He would practically melt as the MC brushed his fur and would love spending time lounging around with them.)

Jumin -

Originally posted by the-dark-flight

(Serious and cool looking I think Decidueye would fit Jumin well. He is the type to be cold and calculating in combat but when it comes to MC he would become cuddly and be happy whenever being shown affection by them. He will screech at anyone that comes too close to MC to get them away from them.)

Jaehee -

Originally posted by redenchilada

(Cute and non threatening in appearance? I think that fits Jaehee to a T. Underestimate this pokemon and you will regret it! (Seriously she is adorable and can do Judo. I love her) She’s the type that loves helping MC from chores to shopping and everything in between. The moment she senses MC is in danger she becomes very protective.)

Saeyoung -

Originally posted by pokemon

(A pokemon that hides it’s true form behind a mask? (Cloth..) It seems like it would be a good fit for Saeyoung. He would be afraid of MC seeing what he really looks like and being afraid of him like everyone else has been but at the same time he wants MC to see who he really is and accept him for it. He will also do his best to be cute and goofy to make MC laugh whenever they might be sad.)

Saeran -

Originally posted by butt-berry

(A beautiful, aloof pokemon distrustful of humans because of their upbringing? (Absol’s are regarded as harbingers of disastrous because they are usually around when calamities strike (though that’s because they can sense danger rather than cause it)) I think that would fit Saeran. He wouldn’t like being around people and would often avoid them until he had met the MC when he had saved them from being harmed. He would try to leave them soon after but MC would try and be his friend and eventually Saeran would warm up to them. Do not approach Saeran’s MC. He will lash out without hesitation.)

(I used Mega Evolution Absol because he is beautiful like Saeran!)

MC -

Originally posted by guzzlord

(As a male or female MC and everything in between I think the MC would be perfect as a Ribombee because they are adorable and innocent looking like they are. Seriously who wouldn’t love getting a little hug from this cutie? Pretty sure all the MM characters would melt with an affection MC Ribombee giving them hugs hehe)

V -

Originally posted by cobalon

(A pokemon that can’t see, is mysterious and adorable? I think it fits V pretty well. I think V would be sad as a  Nihilego at first because of how out of place he feels being in a different world but after encountering the MC and bonding with them he becomes happier and loves being around them. He’s pretty shy around other people though.)

Rika - 

Originally posted by shinycaterpie

(Rika is Lusamine. Seriously the insanity she showed Lusamine seemed to immolate as well.)