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What is the principal showing All Might?

So here’s an image:

Now here’s the same image, but the tablet has nothing on it (as in the screen is transparent so you can PS something in it on a new layer):

What is the principal showing to Toshi, you decide :^) It can be anything, for example:

Some aesthetics

An old meme

A friendly message

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Why I hate Betty from Riverdale since y’all won’t just let it go. 

Disclaimer: most of the time I don’t hold a fandom against a character and/or ship but here it’s somewhat the character’s fault that the fandom is doing this shit so I don’t feel bad about it.

  • She’s really boring. Her characterization is sweet uwu not like other girls (LITERALLY watch that cover girl promo) with a side of ‘crazy alter ego’ that doesn’t even get addressed in the show or is chalked up to anxiety and stress??? That’s literally it. She’s a Mary Sue. There I said it. Her faults are ‘;o; fragile pushover hnnnn’, ‘nosy’, ect and that’s the extent of it (and the show doesnt even treat them as faults). She’s smart, strong, nice, better than other girls, down to earth, sweet, and nurturing. 
  • She drugged, handcuffed, tortured, and almost drowned a man she has systematic power over in episode 3 and the actress and fandom were like lol girllll fuckingggg poweerrrr!!! And Betty faced no consequences for doing this at all! It’s clear they were meant to show this as mentally ill but there was no follow up on that at all and there were no repercussions for what she did. 
  • She’s literally shoehorned into every fucking plot line. It’s annoying. She has more screen time than any other character. I’d be significantly less bothered by her if her plot line consisted of just the Polly stuff. 
  • Coming off that point, she tends to make everything about her. Not her character personally, but the writers. Last week was Josie’s spotlight episode but who was ¾ths of it fucking about??? It’s even worse that she’s supposed to be a main character and never gets anything and when she finally does she has to share it with boring bettys mayo ass???? And next week is Jughead’s spotlight episode and I’m guessing it’ll follow a similar pattern. Hell, if you want to say episode 4 with the Grundy shit even that was half about fucking Betty for some reason???
  • Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, aka the head of the entire show as the top writer executive producer and show runner, has said before that his favorite character is Betty. She’s definitely a writers pet. This isn’t against Betty but it explains my previous points and hints that this will continue throughout the show. Also, the Betty slant is something that’s in pretty much all Archie canons. Ronnie is constantly vilified to make Betty look good. Even in RAS’ other Archie canon, Afterlife with Archie.
  • Let us not forget the thing that made half the fandom hate archie and call him a “fuck boy”. Betty went all Nice Guy on Archie when he didn’t return her feelings. She acted so entitled to him! And she made HIM apologize to HER?? Also she was all up starting shit with Veronica bc she and Archie kissed. Like she had those two on their knees begging for forgiveness and like..they didn’t even DO anything.

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Ayato was an asshole and he also did something completely unesscary. He also gets treated like an angel even thought he beat the shit out of touka for stupid reasons. But kaneki wants to preach about kindness and all that but he beat Ayato for himself beacuse Ayato hurt touka when he should be caring for her. Kaneki could have kicked Ayato ass without leaving him a pile of broken bones. I'll admit kaneki was not in a good state if mind especially at that time.

Same anon. Sorry but I just had to say though that kaneki beating the shit out of Ayato actually reminds me of Ichigo beating byakuya. In a sense it reminds me of when Ichigo said a brother is supposed to protect his sister.

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