i was bored today during class

Me during Class.
  • Teacher: *Talking*
  • Me: *Thinking* Will I have time to read fanfiction once I get home?
  • Me: *Thinks of great fanfiction while looking at crush.* ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!? Why here and why with him!?!?
  • Teacher: Alright class that's it for today!
  • Me: *Runs out*Thinking* WHY?!!? Not here!!
Tongue Tied || Peter Parker x Reader

I was supposed to write a drabble for Tsukishima for my DeviantArt page, but lost the muse to do so. here, have another peter parker x reader that no one asked for (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I’m writing this in celebration of finally reaching 400 followers!!! ;w; this means so much to me ahhhh and I’m super excited!!

so to celebrate, I’m writing this story, which was inspired by ranma ½ where the doctor character loses his shit whenever the girl he’s in love with is close to him.

**I apologize for any grammatical errors since this was all written on my phone. When it’s posted then I’ll make sure to edit it a few more times just in case!**

warnings: none, just a really clumsy Peter Parker.

word count: 3,300+

**don’t plagiarize/repost this story. Reblogs are fine!


Little did Peter know, just about everyone in his class was out to get him.

Now, it came as no surprise that Peter Parker wasn’t too poised even on his best days, but his clumsiness seemed to enhance by a tenfold whenever she was around.

[Full Name], a girl who seemed to blend in with just about any clique because of how kind and easy she was to talk to. The girl was not too popular nor much of a loner, she was just there.

But her presence was enough to turn Peter into a bumbling and tongue tied idiot. Many of the students who attended Midtown High could not find (or see) a reason why this Parker kid was so smitten with [Name]. All they knew was that watching Peter trying to communicate with the girl was hilarious.

Because of how his brain seemed to turn to mush around her, everyone who shared a class with both Peter and [Name] had conspired together to force the two of them together for the remainder of the year. They had no idea of the consequences, and was honestly just looking for a good laugh.

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Waiting all day [Peter Maximoff x Reader]

Request: I LOVE YOUR WRITING, FAM. I was wondering (if you’re not busy) Could write a Peter Maximoff imagine about him biting/tugging at the readers bottom lip while kissing? I think that’d be sexy af. Regardless, keep up ya work!

Warnings: Heated make out at the end, otherwise it’s just fluff

Word count: 914

A/N: It’s a bit short but I hope that you enjoy it! @carlquesarito

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The sunrise woke you up. Groggily, you rubbed your eyes, sitting up, careful not to wake your silver-haired boyfriend up, even though almost nothing could awaken him. You looked around his bedroom, remembering the movie night you and Peter had had. You had watched the complete Star Wars saga. You had fallen asleep during episode II but you knew that Peter had watched the whole thing.

You were staring at his bare back and smiled. In your heart, you knew that Peter Maximoff was the one for you. You decided that you would stay in bed a little longer, grabbing a book and snuggling against your boyfriend. Immediately, he turned around and spooned you, he was still asleep but, somehow, he had sensed that it was you. You smiled softly and inhaled his sweet scent before opening your book and reading.

About an hour later, a voice brought you out of your trance, “How lucky am I to wake up next to the girl that I love?” You turned to face him, he softly placed his lips on your forehead, “Morning beautiful.” He smiled.

“Morning love. Sleep well?” you asked.

“With you next to me?” he grinned, “Better than ever.”

You both stayed like this, cuddling, for a few minutes until you got up to get dressed. Instantaneously, Peter started whining about Professor Xavier ruining your couple time by educating you and other ridiculous stuff. Despite his complaining, you took out a pair of black jean shorts and a rosewood red tank top.

You started undressing and, suddenly, Peter stopped talking. You slipped on your top when a gust of wind hit you and Peter’s hands were on your waist.

“You look hot.” He whispered in your ear, his breath fanning on your neck.

“Peter.” You scolded him, “Now is not the time, I have History and I can’t be late.” You slipped your shorts on and placed a chaste kiss on his lips, “I love you.”

You only had the time to hear him repeat what you had said before rushing out of your boyfriend’s dorm, leaving him standing in his room, speechless about the effect you had on him. You guys always said ‘I love you’ to each other but every time these words came out of your mouth, his heart skipped a beat. Everybody could see that he was head over heels for you and that you felt the same towards him. Every couple wanted to be like you and every single person find a someone that would love them as much as you loved each other.

During the day, Peter’s words rung in your ears. The classes you had today were boring so, the idea of a boyfriend waiting a whole day to be able to kiss you got you through the day. Meanwhile, Peter was in X-men training, distracted. He too, could not get the idea of his lips against you out of his mind. “Only an hour.” He thought, looking at the clock, desperate for time to go faster.

Finally, you walked out of your class and sped to Peter’s room. As you expected, he was sitting on his bed, wearing his signature jacket with a bow of Twinkies in his hands. One of his favorite tunes was playing in the background. He looked up at the sound of you opening the door and beamed. He placed the box on the bed and got up, walking towards you.

“I missed you.” He said, grabbing onto the hoops of your shorts and pulling you towards him.

“Me too.” You smiled, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“I was left thinking about you all day. I don’t really like how we left off on our last encounter.” He slipped his hands around your waist.

“Me neither. How about we pick up from where we left off?” you grinned and mirrored your actions.

“I’m fine with that babe.” He brought his face closer to yours, your lips nearly touching each other.

“I don’t remember where we were at.” Every time your lips moved, they brushed Peter’s.

“Let me remind you.” He grinned even more before smashing his lips against yours.

You immediately replied by pushing your lips onto his with an equal force. Your lips molded together like pieces of a puzzle, perfectly. Softly, he bit down on your bottom lips eliciting a gasp from you. He continued to tug on it lightly, making you moan. He used this to his advantage and slipped his tongue in your mouth which started a battle for dominance in your mouth. He won and his tongue didn’t hesitate to wander around your mouth. You unwrapped your arms from his neck, not detaching your lips from his, and tugged his jacket off and discarded it on the floor. He pulled away to take off your top and laid you down softly on his bed. He slipped out of his own black t-shirt and you spent a few seconds staring at his chiseled chest before he crawled over you, leaving a trail of kisses down your neck. He brought his lips back to yours and started nipping at your bottom lip again. Your hands trailed down his abs and reached his pants. After unbuckling his belt, you took off his pants, leaving him in his black underwear. Peter had started creating hickeys on your collarbone and you moaned into his shoulder. At that moment, both of you knew that you were in for a thrilling night.

Save ME

a.n:*awkwardly says hi* uh yeah.. i know im on a hiatus but forgive me i havent updated save me in forever. :–) okay.. i was really hyped for this chapter! i hope you guys will like it! (also, forgive me if somethings dont make sense, i havent gotten any sleep)


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Jimin’s pov

I woke up as the rays of the sun hitting my face. i had awaken with my face showing a sour expression. I know y/n had went out with that guy again last night. I didnt follow her or called her about it, well that was because im trying to stay low for a while. I had scared y/n, and if she ever finds out about me, she’ll hate me forever, and I would never have the happiness that i deserve.

A loud growl escaped from my lips as I realized that today was PE day. I hate pe. its not like im bad at it or anything, in reality i have a really nice physique and can carry heavy objects while running [a.n: ;)] its just that, during pe, everybody is required to have a partner to do pe with. But it’s not like no one chooses me as their partner. It’s the other way around. people, most often girls, come running at me asking me to be their partner.I never wanted to put up with anything so i just said yes to whoever came to me first.

I finally had the motivation to get up and get ready for school. I ate breakfast and headed my way.

As the bell started to ring,  more students came rushing into my classroom. As usual, I was eyeing out where y/n would be. I finally saw her casually waking to our room..but.. wait.. what’s this? she’s.. with that guy again.

My eyes turned dark with a stone cold glare. I kept looking at them and observing them. y/n seems… she seems happy with this guy.. my heart fell and i felt like i was about to explode when her bright smile shined upon that guy. I always loved her smiles. If only they could be mine.

As the guy signaled y/n that he had to go, y/n just smiled and gave a chuckle. She then came into the room wearing a smile on her face as my eyes glued to her. She sat down and began talking to her friends just like the usual.

a few minutes after, class started to begin. The first half of the class was boring an hell and I wanted to die during it. The second half composed of pe. As the teacher announced that another class was joining us, I noticed y/n’s eyes had lighten up. she was quickly peeking outside to check if the other class had arrived yet. The school gym was big and there were only few of us in it, so when the group of students came barging in inside the school gym we quickly knew that those were the students joining us for pe.

“okay, since class b doesnt have a pe teacher for today, they’ll be joining us. Class B and Class A, you can now choose a pe partner. partners from opposite classes are allowed so makes lots of friends okay.” the pe teacher announces

‘wait.. class b.. isnt that where the guy y/n is always with..’ i thought to myself. Turns out, I was right all along because as soon as the pe teacher finishes his announcement, y/n and that guy bolted to each other.

ugh, you wouldnt be able to imagine how much i waned to spit fire that moment. As I looked in their direction, they were talking to the teacher about the activities we were doing. I was keeping my out on the two until a sea of people rushed to me, saying they wanted to be my partner. ew.


“Oh shit.. would you look at that..” (g\bf\n) says as he chuckles.

“yeah.. its always like that during pe.” I say as i laugh 

“welp.. looks like he doesnt want to be partners with any of those people.” 

“well, he has to pick someone anyways” you say before throwing an awkward smile to your best friend.

“woah there.. looks like he’s being fought about.” your friend says watching jimin as if he’s on a season of The Bachelorette.

“ugh just lay off him already.” you say while laughing.

“Wow.. that guy’s life must be pretty interesting huh.”

“well yeah. he’s popular as fuck bruh.” you say astonished at how popular he is despite his lack of human communication. 

“yeah i can see that he’s popular y/n. so.. do you like him..?” your friend asks you shyly, almost afraid of what you would answer.

“well.. he’s cute and like quiet.. and like.. i dont know! a freaking model!” you say frustrated at his looks. i mean, how could someone look this good! #blesskorea

“yeah, but like.. do you like him or nah”

“bish what the fudge. i just told you, how could you not like this cute bOi” you laugh as you tell your friend just how perfect jimin is.

“welp. cant fight you on that really..” he says obviously giving up

“Okay! everyone, pair up and let’s get started” the teacher yells


“Jimin-ah! please be mine! ..uh i mean.. my partner!” A girl shouts from afar, while another girl almost in front of me said “wow, how shameless. jimin! care to be my partner in pe?” uh no. but i just smile at her. as i was about to speak up someone pushed the girl in front of me.

“hey! jimin! wanna be our partner? you’re like the strongest person here!” a guy says, i wasnt so shocked. after all, i do have a nice physique,

“hey you runt!” the pushed girl shouts at the guy’s direction

“shut up you little bitch!” the guys yell back at the girl, causing a small fight when the girl’s boyfriend heard the screams. 

“HEY! HEY! STOP THAT!” the teacher yells at the people surrounding me. you let out a huge sigh. I glanced back at y/n and her friend as they were already starting their activities and having fun.

As everything had calmed down,I was startled as I felt a hand land on my shoulder.

“hey jimin, you still dont have a partner huh.. i dont get it. people always come rushing at you in hopes of you being their partner, but its always you have a partner or you dont have one.” the teacher says at me with a confused expression.

I just smirked and chuckled at him, honestly i dont give a fuck about these kinds of stuff, not anymore.

The teacher forced me to pair up with this random guy from our class, but he didnt want to get killed just by pairing up with me so he kept a bit of distance with me throughout the entire activity. While my almost nonexistent pe partner was busy talking to the teacher about the activities, I was looking an y/n and that guy she was with deadass glares. I almost exploded when they were laughing so loudly i wanted to rip my ears out. I felt like I was being played with. I felt like, any moment mow, i’ll die and i’ll never feel happiness. No. Things can’t be like this.

When dismissal came about, I made sure to listen closely to y/n and that guy’s conversations. I learned that they should be eating at that ramen place again, but this time y/n turned him down, and now he’ll be eating all by himself.

“OH C’MON Y/N!! LET’S EATTT! MY TREAT!” y/n’s best friend pleads.

“No! I need to finish some stuff.. maybe next time okay..” 

“But I have something to tell you though…” hmm.. what’s this.. he’s.. he’s gonna confess to y/n.. and yes, i know. i know everything about this guy. the fact that he’s been bestfriends with y/n for a long time.. and how his eyes shine whenever y/n is with him.. i just know it.. he feels the same as me.. but my condition is far far worse..My condition is on more of a extreme level.

As they both went on with their separate ways, I silently followed y/n’s bestfriend into that ramen shop they’re always at. 

as he entered the shop, I patiently waited in the alley just beside it. It was dark, an empty alley and a place where people rarely go. I just stood there, and i waited.. god I waited in there for a long time.

It was past 12 midnight and the ramen shop was about to close up shop, and y/n’s friend still hasnt come out yet.. I waited a little longer only to find a drunk person come out of the shop. as he was so drunk, he didn’t know even half of what he was doing, supposed to do, or going to do, that’s how drunk he was.

My eyes widened at the sight of the man as I figured out that it wasn’t just any person. It was y/n’s bestfriend…

As he came walking past me, I grabbed a shard of glass just beside me, inside the trashcan. 


whoops.. my bad.. 

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friendship da(y)te

summary: au where simon and baz are best friends and friendship day comes around. okay, i promise it’s not that lame,, please read my fic

word count: 1.4k

this is for @carryon-valentines day 1: friendship day

i’m sorry i might’ve made it less friend and more SHIP but yeah


“BAZ!” I yell as soon as I spot his tall, lean figure heading towards me. “Happy Friendship Day!”

I run towards him and envelope him in a bone-crushing hug.

“You too, Snow!”

His arms come up around my waist and we just stand there. Holding each other. Like we’ve done so many times before. Not romantically.

But I wish it were.

Romantic, I mean.

It’s been this way for months now, since I figured it out. That I liked Baz. He’s my best friend, he’s been my best friend for years, and I know everything about him. Only later I realized that my obsession with him was not just because of our strong friendship.

It was because of his deep, grey eyes and how they twinkle when he smiles.

It was because of his silky, soft hair that falls in perfect waves- framing his face (really, everything about him is a piece of art.)

It was because of making him play the violin not just because he’s brilliant, but also so that I could watch him focus while his eyes are shut.

Yeah, I’m obsessed. And I don’t even know how to tell him because…

What if he takes it badly?

It might fuck up our friendship.

And there’s no way in hell that I’m taking that chance.


I can see his mop of bronze curls from a mile away, and I can recognize them within seconds. Because I’m whipped. He hugs me as soon as he sees me, and I hold him there, just like I do all the time. I rest my head on his, and I breath in his smoky, refreshing scent that’s all too familiar by now. I don’t think he knows that I love him, and I don’t think he realizes how much it pains me to celebrate “Friendship Day” with him, because honestly. Enough of this friendship thing. I’m pretty sure I fell for him two days after we met, but he’s a moron and he’s straight. So. I just wallow in my misery everyday. We have only a few minutes here anyway; he has to go to his classes (astrophysics- his first class on Tuesday mornings) (it is sad that I know that) and I have to go for mine- History (honestly a really boring subject- I happen to know everything already since I studied it during the vacation.) We’ll meet again at lunch for an hour and a half, and then if he decides to come over, then maybe longer. But that’s it. Nothing special to look forward to.

“Baz, how about dinner today?” he asks.

“Sure. As a Friendship Day thing?”

“As a date, I guess.”

I pray that I’m not blushing. He says it so plainly. It can’t possibly mean more that being just a get-together in the name of our friendship.

But I guess I do have something to look forward to.




Did I just say that? Oh my god.

As soon as Baz turns away, I’m pretty sure I’m red enough to stop traffic. I rush to class, worried about just about everything that could possibly go wrong. I float through the day, until it’s lunch, where I finally see Baz again.

He starts conversation immediately-

“So, what, for our dinner do you want me to wear a suit?”

He says it sarcastically, and obviously I know he’s being sarcastic, but it would be great to see him in a suit.

So I say, “Sure, if you want to.”

He cocks his head towards me. “Okay. I’ll wear a suit if you do.”

If it means seeing Baz in a suit, then yes I’m wearing a suit.


Fifteen minutes before I have to get there, I start searching for suits, and simultaneously realize how my time management skills are equivalent to those of a coconut. I have none.

After three minutes of frantic searching, I find a grey suit that looks about my size and that’ll have to do because honestly, I’m having a bit of a time crisis here. I head to the bathroom and hastily get dressed, and then I rush to the restaurant where I’m should’ve reached ten minutes ago.


I happen to have an entire collection of suits because of our family dinners. So I just went through them and chose a dark, black one. Typical.

I left the house giving myself twenty minutes to get there. We’re going to a relatively fancy restaurant so we don’t look too out of place with our outfits. I reach there five minutes before time, and I’m pretty sure I’ve reached before Simon. He’s late all the time anyway, so it’s no surprise. And I like the idea of being here before him so I can take some time to take in the surroundings, and so that I can choose a nice place to sit- preferably in the corner, so Simon and I can talk in peace.

Why does our little friendship day outing feel like a date?

Simon walks in ten minutes later, his eyes searching. I wave to him, and he heads towards me. Are his pupils a little blown or is that just me?

It’s probably just me.

He’s wearing a grey suit, and it’s sitting on his shoulders perfectly, outlining him and somehow not looking too tight. His hair is messy and tousled, as it is all the time, and his eyes are like shining wells of clear water reflecting the brilliant blue sky above. It’s overwhelming.

He looks stunning.


I look at Baz, and I just can’t stop looking.

Because shit.

He’s beautiful.

In a black suit that compliments his lean, muscular features and his grey eyes (that look bright now, because of his dark clothing) perfectly. I think it’s too much for me to take. I just really want to kiss him. He’s sitting in front of me, and even though we’re talking about what food we’re about to order, I’m just thinking about his lips. And how they move when he talks to me. And how they would taste if I, you know, hypothetically of course, kissed him.

This really does feel like a date. He insists on paying. And that leaves me feeling like I should give him something in return.

How about a kiss? My mind nags. I force it to shut up.

But it doesn’t stop.


We walk out of the restaurant, and it’s dark.

He asks me if I want to stay over, and obviously, I don’t deny.

We’re walking alone to his place.

It’s dark.

And I want to kiss him.

“Baz…” Simon says.

I stop and turn to him.

His eyes are bright with some kind of unidentifiable fire.



Okay, fuck it. I’ve had enough. I need Baz’s lips on mine.

“You know what?” I say, “I didn’t give you anything for friendship day.”

I take a step closer, and I can only hope that his expression is a reflection of my own.

“I mean…” I go on, “You gave me that dinner.”

A step forward.

“So thank you for that.”

And another.

“And now…I want to give you…”



He’s so close, so close.

And then he kisses me.

His lips are on mine, moving, and hot.

My arms move slide up around his back, and he pushes me.



Baz is kissing me back.

It’s unbelievable.

His lips are magical. Just what I expected.

It’s hot and it’s cold at the same time.

And I’m kissing Baz.



He isn’t stopping.

And honestly, I’m glad.

Simon Snow is kissing me.

I’m kissing Simon Snow.

My best friend.

My love.


The moment stretches and the kiss feels much longer than it actually is. It’s not like I’m keeping track of anything.

I’m way past rational thought.

The sparks I feel running through my veins and the tingles I feel every time I make contact with Baz’s skin seem imaginary and all too real, at the same time.

Let’s never stop this.



Okay, firstly, Simon is gay. Or bisexual. Whatever it is, it’s an actual blessing.

Secondly, Simon is so good at this kissing thing?

His arms, his jaw, his tongue.

They all seem to exactly what they’re doing.

I, on the other hand, have my mouth jammed against his; my arms are tracing random patterns on his back. It all worries me, really. What if I’m not good enough? I’m probably shit, considering my experience with this stuff.

But Simon is smiling against my mouth.

And Simon is sighing and saying my name.

Maybe…maybe I’m doing okay.




I pull away, reluctantly.

It takes so much effort.

“Let’s go home?”

Baz sighs, nods, and takes my hand.

It is a happy friendship day indeed.

Chemistry (Michael Mell x Reader SMUT)

Michael Mell Smut requested by @read-knit-tea-repeat




Your eyelids fell completely shut less than halfway through your chemistry class, which isn’t surprising just disappointing. Everyday you passed out during third period science, it wasn’t your intention but it’s just so boring. It didn’t help that you had spent almost everyday at Michael’s house while your parents were out of town. But today you were determined to go home and spend your night studying until you were positive you’d get a 100 on your test!


Player Two ❤️🎮❤️:

I’m so fucking bored.

Player 1 💙🎮💙:


Player 2 ❤️🎮❤️:

I didn’t even say anything!

Player 1 💙🎮💙:

I am not coming over today Michael! I👏have👏to👏S T U D Y👏

Player 2 ❤️🎮❤️:

As someone who passed Chemistry with flying colors, I can tell you that you should have transferred into Mrs. Keller’s class because she actually teaches.

Player 1 💙🎮💙:

Didn’t you barely pass and had to beg for a low A

Player 2 ❤️🎮❤️:

Ummmm stfu?

Michael stopped texting you and naïvely you thought you’d be able to study, after 30 minuets of studying and checking your phone you heard a tapping at your window. “Pssssst (y/n) let me in!” Michael whisper yelled to you

“Michale what the actual hell are you doing here!”

“I missed you!”

“It’s been four hours since you drove me home!”

“(Y/n) please let me in it’s very freaking cold!”

So against you’re better judgement you let him in through the window, and as he awkwardly stubbles into your room, you emphasized just how important it was that you study.

“Ok here’s an idea, every question you get right I take off an article of clothing, every question you get wrong you take off an article of clothing!” He said hooking his fingers into the belt loops of your jeans.

“Babe. That’s so fucking cliche!”

“What’s the atomic number of Oxygen?”

“Fuck you, 8” he smiled and slid off one of his vans

“Name the subatomic particles.” He said lounging sexily on your bed

“Protons, neutrons, And Electrons,” you smirked as he took off the other shoe

“What is an isotope?”

“Fuck!” You slid off a sock.

Slowly Michael asked more questions, and you were down to him in his underwear and you in your bra and panties.

“What’s um. Fuck. Uh the atomic mass of Vanadium?” He stuttered distracted by you’re nails dragging across the waist band of his boxers. Truth be told you were tired of studying and very ready for this study session to get interesting.

“Hell if I know, Mell!” You said taking your bra off, Michaels eyes instantly fell to your chest.

“What is an atom?” He hand moved up your thigh and cupped against your core.

“You’re making it too easy!” You whined as he teased you over your panties

“Answer the question,” he growled into your ear

“The smallest building block of matter, you dick,”

“You want this dick,” he mumbled into your skin and started leaving hickies over your chest. “What’s the atomic number?”

“Th-the number oooof protons!” You moaned as his mouth flicked against your breast, biting your nipple and needing the other. “T-take off your fucking pants!”

He slowly pulled his boxers off, his cock springing out, “What’s the symbol for Einsteinium?” He asked, not waiting for you answer and pulling your panties off, dipping his fingers into your heat. “Fuck you’re so wet!”

“Ohh Michael!” He slid two fingers in to you, your fingers tangled into his hair and tugged softly

“Oh shit baby,” he moaned between the hickies he left against your collar bones. He continued to curl his fingers inside of you, his thumb brushing against your clit.

“Just f-fuck me already!” You gasped as he hit your G-spot. If there is one thing Michael is good it’s making you feel good but only for a second, not enough to get you off but enough to make you beg.

“All you had to do was ask!” He smiled, opening your dresser drawer and pulling a condom out of the little box labeled “fake nails” no one would bother looking in it. He opened the wrapper and you rolled the condom down his shaft, he bit his lip at the contact. “You’re sure?” You nodded, he always asked for permission, he never wanted to make you feel forced into anything.

He lined himself up with your entrance and slowly slid himself in, small pants left his mouth and the occasional profanity. His hands were planted into the mattress on either side of your head, shrinking your world to just the two of you. He began to thrust, finding a rhythm and sticking to it, he always started slow.

You brought your hands to the back of his head and pulled his black hair hard, “Ooh fuck!” He sped up as you pulled more and more of his hair, his cock hitting you harder than before. You could feel him brushing against your G-spot.

“Oh fuck Michael, fuck me harder!” When you weren’t on top you knew that you’d have to be a power bottom, you lifted for hips to meet his. He dropped one arm down so his weight fell to his forearm, his other hand slid between your legs, rubbing your clit, in synch with the rhythm of your hips.

To him the sounds that left your lips were better than any song he’d heard before, the soft moans, the whimpers, and the sound of his name rolling off your tongue. His head dropped onto your chest, his eyes screwing shut, all he focused on was those sounds, he made you feel that way, he was what elicited those beautiful sounds of pleasure. His mouth found your breast and his tongue played with your nipples.

You’re head fell to the side, you could see the muscles of his arms moving beneath his soft caramel skin. When he was on top he worked hard to get you off and it showed, his hair was slicked with sweat, your bodies slid against each other. You felt you the familiar pressure in your core, nails pinching into his back and moans getting more desperate

“Michael fuck I’m so close!” You screamed you hips losing their rhythm, the synchrony of your hips turned erratic.

“Shit Babe your so tight, oh god cum for me Princess!” He groaned into your ear

A fire lit in your stomach and the dam would break at any moment, a wave of pleasure rolled over you body, a blanket of heat pulsed under your skin, spreading out from your core.

Michael twitched inside you, your walls tightening around him and made him let go, he came and with his orgasm was a string of sweet nothings. “I love you princess, fuck you look so good like that, I love you (y/n)” he repeated your name like a prayer as he reached his climax.

Finally he collapsed, the muscles in his arm twitched, his breathing heavy and his eyes closed, his head rested against your chest as he reveled in the hormones coursing through him.

You giggled and let your fingers dance over his back, leaving goose numbs in their wake. He whimpered softly and rolled off of you, pulling off the condom and discarding it. You both cleaned up from this wonderful study session and curled up into your bed, his head resting on your chest sprinkling little kisses on your skin. His fingers traced your sides and he mumbled about how much he loved you, eventually he drifted into sleep. You soon followed, getting the best sleep you’d gotten since your Chem class.

(Ps. You aced that test, with some minor reminders of the previous night, you prayed no one noticed how hard your legs were crossed)


You Learn Something New Everyday

Summary: You have to say you don’t like all your classes or professors, but Professor Kim Seokjin was not only delicious to look at, he actually made Art History interesting.  That’s why you jumped at the chance to be his Teacher’s Assistant for the fall semester.  And you knew it would be amazing, but what you didn’t plan for was Kim Namjoon to register for his class.  Or for him to request tutoring from you.

Word Count: 6000+

Tags: Sir!Kink. Brat Taming. AU!BTS. NamJinxReader.  No BoyxBoy

“Okay class, that’s enough for today.  I don’t want to keep boring you with Renaissance artists.” Professor Kim laughed as he said, “I’m sure you all have had enough of me today.  But don’t forget exams are next week.  If you need any extra help or clarification my T.A. y/n will be able to help you.  And as usual you can email or text me during my office hours.  Now get out of here!”  Jin smiled as he waved and dismissed his students, causing his female students to blush and stare at the gorgeous man.  

As everyone cleared out you made your way down to his desk and started organizing the papers to make it easier to grade later that evening.  As you were separating everything into stacks, you felt a presence beside you.  You slowly lifted your gaze to see Mr. Kim looking down at you.  You silently thank your parents for blessing you with your even terracotta skin tone, or else you were sure your slight blush would make you look like a tomato.  

“I have to meet with the department heads now, y/n.  You’ll be a good girl and help me out around here, right?”  You couldn’t help but squeeze your thighs together from the way he said that.  You drop your eyes down to your hands in your lap and meekly answer, “Yes sir.”  If you had the nerve or courage to look up, the look of unbridled, passionate, dangerous lust in Jin’s eyes from hearing you call him “Sir” and having your body react to him calling you a good girl had him thinking of how good you would look on your hands and knees with tears in your eyes BEGGING him to touch you, fuck you, spank you, ANYTHING!

He knew he shouldn’t be thinking this way about a student no less, but he couldn’t help it.  Although he was your professor he was only a few years older than you.  And with the way you looked, he would have to blind, deaf and dumb to not be attracted to you.  With your soft curly hair piled on the top of your head, all he could think was how good it would feel wrapped around his hand while he slams into you from behind, or as he holds your head still and abuses your throat until you have tears streaming down your cheeks.

You looked up at Mr. Kim, he had been quietly standing over you.  All you could hear was his deep breathing.  As you looked at him, you were taken aback by the way he looked.  His cheeks were flushed and his golden locks were disheveled as if he had been running his fingers through his hair.  He had a distant, far off look in his eyes.  Knowing he was going to be late to his meeting you tentatively touched his hand, which you now noticed was in a tight fist.  

“Are you okay Mr. Kim?  You’re going to miss your meeting, sir.”  You gasped and bit your lip as you watched Jin throw his head back and let out a deep breath that ended in a groan.  Thinking he was doing that because of the meeting, opposed to your touch, you giggled at him.  The sound of you giggling made his cock twitch.  But those thoughts had to be saved for later.  Now he had to go sit in a meeting with his boss with a painfully hard erection, all because he can’t control himself properly.  

Pulling himself together, Jin said with a chuckle “I’m fine.  Just not looking forward to this boring meeting.”  Doing his best to compose himself, Jin fixed his hair to the best of his ability and headed for the door.  “I’ll be back soon, but the tutoring hours begin soon.  I’m not expecting many, but please stick around to the end y/n.”  And with that Mr. Kim was gone.  

You sat back with a sigh and tried to compose yourself so that you can start grading papers.  As soon as you picked up your pen to start making notes on the papers, you heard the door open with a slam.  Surprised, you jump a little and squeak, quickly looking to see who was rushing in like that.  As you realized who it was your heart stopped.  In walks none other than Kim Namjoon, the bad boy on campus with a genius IQ.  He was the guy that caused people to stumble when he gave them his signature smirk that showcased dimples deeper than the Pacific Ocean.  And that’s why you avoided him like the plague.  Not only could he stimulate you intellectually, but from the look in his eyes when they climbed up your bronze legs over your ample hips and rested on your glorious bosom, if you may say so yourself, you knew that boy man could stimulate your body as well.  

The look of pure lust in his eyes and the way he bit his lip ring made your knees buckle, you grabbed the desk to save yourself and hoped he didn’t notice.  “Hi Namjoon.  You’re one of the last people I would think needs tutoring,” you say with a giggle.  As he walked up to you really took in his appearance for the first time.  You’ve always made sure to see him from afar, for safety reasons.  But now, being this close to him, you can feel the air in the room getting warmer.  As if his golden skin is giving off heat from the sun, his bleach blonde shaved on the sides and styled in like he just rolled out of some satisfied woman’s bed.  The tattoos you’ve never seen close enough to tell what they were, you can now clearly see they are roses.  They looked so lifelike, you bit your lip wondering if you touched them would you still get pricked by thorns.

“How could I pass up a chance to get you all to myself Princess?”  And there is that damn smirk again, if your knees buckle anymore you’re going to need knee braces.  Blushing furiously, you clear your throat and attempt to sound authoritative when you say “Namjoon, this time is meant for students who actually need help in this course.  If you’re just going to waste time playing games I need you to please leave.”  You sit back down at Mr. Kim’s desk and attempt to start reading this paper.  But you could just feel Namjoon staring at you with those dark kohl rimmed eyes that held the promise of sex, danger, pleasure and pain.  You slowly looked up to see him taking off his coat, setting it down and walking to you.  Your baser instincts screamed “DANGER! RUN!”  But your body said “STAY! PLAY!”

“I am serious y/n.  I need your help with something, I have this big project I need you to work on,” Namjoon said as he leaned over the desk, licking and biting his bottom lip when you finally look.  Your breath catches in your throat as you look at his devilish mouth.  “What project?  Mr. Kim hasn’t assigned any projects this semester,” you tell him with a confused stare.  “Maybe, he didn’t give it to your class, but I have the assignment here.  Come look.”

Stupidly, you get up and walk around the desk to see this mystery project.  As soon as you get within arms length of him, Namjoon grabs your arm turning you around and bending you over the desk.  Unwillingly you let out a strangled moan, as you feel him press against your back, the table biting into your hand and stomach at the extra weight.  “Mmmm, so baby girl does like it rough.  I was hoping so.  Because today I think I have to punish you.”  You couldn’t help the whimper that escaped as you felt his growing erection rub against your ass.  You arched your back trying to get some more friction, hearing him moan caused you to flood your panties.  If you weren’t wet before, you were soaking now.  You just hoped he wouldn’t notice your essence slowly trailing down your thighs, making you feel so dirty and turning you on even more.  

Namjoon was watching you writhe underneath him and took everything in him not to take you right there but he wanted the build up first.  Nothing better than the chase in his opinion, why just give you an orgasm.  He wanted to make you beg for it.  He wanted you crying, pleading and so fucked out you couldn’t think straight.  He wanted to make you his and if this was his one and only chance he was going to take it and run.  Running his hand up your spine, he grabbed you at the base of your neck.  Squeezing he leaned down and whispered in your ear, “I’m gonna make you mine today baby girl.  I’m going to destroy for everybody else, no one’s going to make you feel as good as I will.”  He licked up the shell of your ear and bit down on your neck causing you to mewl.  “Now don’t you fucking move, I’m going to punish you for making me chase you and take this boring ass class just so I can get close enough to do this.”  

With that he pushed you down into the desk to keep you still.  His fingers ran down your spine causing you to shiver in anticipation.  Once his hands made it to your hips he squeezed them tight, leaving bruises to remember him by…you hoped, at least.  He slowly began grinding his erection, wait did it really get bigger, against your ass.  You moaned at the feeling of the sheer size of it.  Without thinking you began to rock your hips back into Namjoon.


He landed a smack to both ass cheeks causing you to whimper and moan at the pain that turned into a dull pleasure in your core.  Loving your reaction he flipped up your skirt and pushed it around your hips to reveal your crimson red cotton boyshorts with black lace trim.  Namjoon moaned deep in his chest at the sight of your glorious ass in those red fucking panties.  He couldn’t wait to redden your beautiful skin with his hand.  “Damn baby girl, you’re soaked.  Is all that for me?  Am I turning you on that much?”  He asked as he ran two fingers over your clothed slit, bringing them up to his mouth.  “Damn, you taste like salted caramels, my favorite,” as you saw him suck his essence off his fingers you couldn’t help but to moan out louder, knees trembling.  


“I asked you a question baby girl, who’s making you this wet?”

“Fuck, you are oppa!  Only you,” you croaked out.  Surprised at your ability to form a coherent sentence.  “That’s right, oppa is.  And who does this pretty pussy belong to?”  Mewling you answered, “You do, oppa.  Please touch your pretty pussy again!”

“Don’t worry baby girl, I’ll take care of you.  I’ll help you slide those panties off and make you feel good.”  You couldn’t help the breathy moans you released as you felt Namjoon pull your panties down while leaving bite marks in his wake.  When he got to your ankles he moaned at the sight of you in your high-top Converse.  You’d heard he had a thing for them, but you didn’t think people were serious when they called him a ‘ConPerv’ but now that you’ve experienced it, you knew you were buying a pair in every color.  Namjoon licked a line up your leg, slowly teasing you, trying to get you to move.  You praised yourself for staying still, but at the same time, you wouldn’t mind a little punishment.

“So, how many baby girl?  One for each week I’ve sat in the back with a raging hard on while you went in and out of Mr. Kim’s office?  Maybe one for all the times I saw you purposely avoiding me on campus?  What do you think, hmm?  Maybe we should just do an even 10?”  

“You should do whatever you want to me oppa.  I’m here to please you,” you can’t wait to see what he comes up with.  As you’re thinking of different punishments he slams two fingers into you.  “FUCK!  Oppa please, please, please,” you were begging and you didn’t know for what.  All you knew is if Namjoon was dishing it out you wanted it.  Before you could even think of what to say Namjoon used his unoccupied hand to slap your ass.  “What was that baby girl?  I didn’t catch that?”  By this time you were a puddle, you didn’t exist on the same plane as this being known as Kim Namjoon.  No person’s fingers should be that long and that skilled.  It’s like he has a personal map of my body.  Just when you feel that oh so familiar pressure build in your belly.  You feel yourself clenching, all you need is that little push.  

AND THAT ASSHOLE NAMJOON pulled his fingers out and smacks your ass chuckling, saying “Sorry baby girl, you’re not getting off that easy.”  Who the FUCK does he think he is?!?!  As he’s pulling you up, you can’t control the scowl on your face as you look up at him.   “Don’t look at me like that, I’ll finish you off.  But if I don’t get some relief soon I won’t be nice about it baby girl.”  If anyone else had said that to you, you would have rolled your eyes.  But the look in Namjoon’s eyes at that moment in time let you know he was not here for those games.  As you dropped your gaze, you could feel the shift in him.  Like he flipped a switch, it was a dark power radiating off him that excited you to the point you were light headed.  Looking back up at him through your lashes, you watched him raise his eyebrow and cock his head to the side.  You knew what he wanted and expected, but you weren’t going to give into him that easily after he deprived you.  

“Do you really want to play this game?  Get on your knees, slut.”  As Namjoon was pushing you down he didn’t hear the door close, light as a feather.  Jin was at a loss for words as he stood in front of the door to his lecture hall.  Never, did ever think he would see, y/n, his good little girl on her knees with her skirt around her waist, bare assed and preparing to use her pretty little mouth on Kim FUCKING Namjoon.  That punk doesn’t even deserve to breathe the same air as you!  Let alone touch and taste you.  You were his!  

With his fists clenched Jin didn’t care about being quiet anymore.  As he got over to Namjoon, he felt such a high at the fear he saw in the boy’s eyes.  How dare that brat touch what was his.  He grabbed Namjoon by his shirt, pulling the shorter man dangerously close and spoke so deathly quiet you almost didn’t hear and you were between them!  “Who the fuck are you to play with my toys?  Did I give you permission to touch her, taste her or even look at her?”  You’ve never seen Mr. Kim look so dangerous and you couldn’t stop yourself from being completely turned on.  Unbeknownst to you, Namjoon was suffering the same effect of Jin’s powerful demeanor.  

“N-n-no Sir.  You didn’t,” now from your position on the floor you could see Jin’s very impressive length twitch.  Normally, you wouldn’t have the courage to do this, but seeing Jin and Namjoon in this state caused you to, feel some type of way.  Mustering up all your courage you slowly slid your hands up Jin’s leg, when he finally looked down at you you looked up at him biting your lip before saying, “We’re sorry, how can we make it up to you Sir?”  This time there was no mistaking the twitch of his cock, or the growl in his chest as Jin forcefully pushing Namjoon and pulling you up by your hair into a bruising kiss.  All you hear is a whining moan, assuming it was coming from you, until you realize the sound was behind you.  Jin pulls away to look at Namjoon, turning you around he reaches down to start rubbing slow, hard circles on your exposed clit.  You throw your head back onto Jin’s broad shoulders you become a moaning mess with no remorse.  Namjoon’s eyes are glued to Jin’s hand on your clit, mouth hung open and soft noises falling from his lips.  He licks them remembering the taste of you, as he slides his hand to his throbbing member.  Looking from some relief from the constant pressure, as his hand wraps around his leaking tip he can’t hide the moan that falls from his lips as his head drops down.  

Hearing Namjoon, Jin snaps his head up from where he’s been abusing your neck and collarbone peaking through your shirt and his hand stopped its onslaught on your clit.  You lifted your head and looked at Namjoon.  From the look on his face you knew that Jin didn’t approve of him pleasuring himself to the sight of you.  With a soft kiss to your cheek Jin patted your ass and said, “How about you go to my office Princess and make yourself comfortable.”  You smiled and turned to leave, “Oh, and y/n, I want you naked and your beautiful hair down.”  Nodding you rushed into the adjoining office, quickly taking off your clothes and making sure your curls were presentable.

While you were preparing yourself, Jin was preparing Namjoon.  Reaching the boy on the floor in two long strides Jin placed two fingers under his chin, forcing him to look up at him.  The look of need and anger in Namjoons eyes did nothing but stoke the fire in Jin.  He was going take great pride in breaking him, and he was going to use you to do it.  “So, now you’re blatantly disrespecting me.  Did I say you could touch yourself?”  “No Sir.”  “Did I say you could look at y/n?”  “No.  Sir.”  “Then why did you do it?  Just to spite me?  Or are you that horny that you don’t care the consequences?”  Namjoon was so hard it hurt, but he would be damned if he would give into this pretty boy teacher.  He was KIM FUCKING NAMJOON.  No one fucked with him, at least that’s what he thought.

“How about this, little brat,” Namjoon literally wanted to punch that smile off Jin’s face, “if you take your punishment with no complaints.  I’ll let you cum, and you can use y/n however you want to finish yourself off.  But, if you break one fucking rule, I will have y/n suck you off while you wear a vibrating cock ring and experience multiple dry orgasms.”  The smile on Jin’s face was so evil it was scary, and that just made Namjoon’s cock that much harder.  All he could do was slowly nod his head.  Unhappy with this Jin crouched down grabbing the base of Namjoon’s cock and squeezing making him keen.  “What was that brat?  Use your fucking words, since you’re so damn smart.”  Not being able to take the pressure Namjoon released a guttural scream of, “YES SIR!”  “Good boy.  Now get in my office, strip, sit in the chair in the corner and if you even BREATHE in y/n’s direction…I’ll know and you won’t like what happens.”  With that Jin stood up releasing Namjoon and went to lock the doors and turn off the lights.  “I meant NOW BRAT!”  

Collecting his last bit of strength, Namjoon pulled himself to his feet and moved to the office as quickly as his painful erection would allow.  Walking into the room, he kept his eyes down as he began stripping off his clothes.  He heard the gasp that left your lips as you saw his ink covered body, and the moan when you saw the silver ring gleaming on his chest.  You couldn’t take your eyes off of his lean and muscular body.  He wasn’t overly muscular, but he wasn’t lanky either.  He had the perfect balance.  As you sat on the couch, you couldn’t help but notice how painfully hard and red his cock was as it bobbed against his stomach.  What you wouldn’t give to wrap your lips around his leaking tip and gather the leaking precum on your tongue.  It’s only fair seeing as how he’s tasted you.  And you would love to feel the burning stretch of him slamming into you.  He was definitely bigger than any guy you’ve ever been with, length and width.

You were broken from your reverie by Jin entering the office.  You could feel his dominating presence before you saw him.  The energy he radiated just commanded your attention.  As he closed the door he took in our positions and smiled when saw Namjoon sitting with his head down.  Bright hair stuck to his sweaty forehead.  Jin almost felt bad for the boy.  He couldn’t blame him for wanting her and it’s not like he’d ever discussed her being his with her.  But with that being said he couldn’t deny the blinding anger he felt when he saw you presenting yourself to Namjoon.  “Here are your rules brat,” Jin said while removing his black tie.  “I’m not going to tie you down, blindfold you or gag you,” Namjoon’s eyes widened in shock.  Chuckling Jin continued “No, that’s too easy.  I want you to restrain yourself while you watch me fuck her senseless,” he said while pointing at you.  “Go ahead, you can look at her,” as soon as Jin gave permission Namjoon snapped his head over to take in the sight of your luscious body.  The glow of your skin a stark contrast to the ugly green couch you kneeled on.  Your hair falling in curls around your shoulders, framing your face and resting on top of your supple breasts.  His eyes trailed down to how your hands were daintily folded in front of your womanhood.  You were a golden goddess you only see in museums and textbooks. All he knew is that he would do anything to feel you around him.  Knowing that he was the one making you come apart.  

Jin snapped his fingers in front of Namjoon’s face to regain his attention.  “That’s enough, I said look, not stare.  She’s still mine and my offer still stands if you obey.”  Your ears perked up at that.  You couldn’t help but wonder Jin had offered the younger boy while in the other room.  With that Jin stood to his full height and walked over to his desk. He slowly rolled up his sleeves while shuffling papers on his desk, as if he didn’t have two naked ass people sitting in his office waiting for him to move or say something.

After what felt like an eternity, Jin moved his paperwork to the side, “Y/N.  Come here please Princess.”  You jumped at the sound of his voice after sitting in silence for so long.  Moving over to Jin, you move slow enough to put on a show, but fast enough to keep Jin from being impatient.  As you get to his desk and stand in front of him, you can’t help but blush with the look he gives you.  You’ve never had a man look at you the way Jin did at that moment, like he would swallow you down whole if he could.  He wraps his hands around your waist pulling you to stand between his long muscular legs.  He placed his head against your chest and breathed deep, “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this y/n.  To be able to hold you, feel your warm smooth skin and to be able to taste you when I want.”  You couldn’t move, you couldn’t breathe all you could do was be there and let Jin own you.  Tentatively you put your arms around his broad shoulders, tangling your fingers in the hair at his neck.  The groan that vibrated from Jin’s chest right over your core was enough to make your knees weak.

And that was all Jin needed to pick you and lay you down on his desk.  He attacked your lips, it was a clash of lips and teeth, until finally with a growl Jin bit and pulled your bottom lip causing you to moan and arch your back.  Taking the chance, he shoved his tongue into your mouth causing you to moan even louder as you wrapped your legs around his lean waist, hoping to get some type of friction.  As you attempted to grind yourself against him, Jin brought his hand up to your throat, tightening his fingers cutting off the moan in your throat.  “Princess, don’t be greedy.  I’m going to take very good care of you.  Do you trust me?”  With that, he releases the pressure on your throat allowing you to finally take a breath.  As soon as you had air in your lungs you turned into a panting mess, “Yes Sir, I trust you.  I trust you so fucking much.”  You yelped in pain as you felt the sting on your thigh, “Language Princess, good girls don’t use words like that.  Only dirty girls talk that.  You’re not a dirty girl, are you?”  You violently shook your head spreading your curls around you.  “I didn’t think so.  You’re my good little Princess right?”  The more Jin talked the more your core throbbed, desperate for his touch.  You felt another slap to your thigh, “Use your words Princess.  Let me hear how wrecked your voice is?”  “Yes Sir, I’m your good little Princess!  I promise I’ll never say another bad word again.  Please touch me sir, I’ll be good I swear,”  you barely recognized your own voice.  It was so deep and raspy, you’ve never felt this on fire before.  Jin could blow on your ear at this point and you would fall apart.  But he had different plans.

Standing up to his full height and dislodging your legs from his back, Jin looked over at Namjoon and smirked.  He could see the way his fists shook and the veins in his arms, trying his best not to move.  Jin was impressed, but felt it was time to take it up a notch.  Looking down at you with your eyes half-lidded, lips kiss-swollen and your heaving chest as you tried to calm down.  Jin knew just what to do.  Taking a seat in his office chair, your glistening womanhood was spread out and on display for him.  Like a five-star meal at any world class restaurant.  Leaning forward he put his nose on your clit and breathed deep the heavenly scent that was you.  Moaning he couldn’t help but to enjoy the whine you let out at the simple touch.  “You know Princess, I wasn’t able to have lunch since that meeting ran long.  And you do look good enough to eat, what do you think Namjoon?  Do I have time for a quick snack?”  He chuckled at the dark look that passed over the boys face.  “I was thinking the same thing,” Jin chuckled taunting the boy.  “Y/N, I’m going to have a quick snack.  Feel free to be as loud as you like.  But you will not cum without my permission, understand?”  You furiously nodded your head before you remembered, “Yes sir.”  

Satisfied with your answer, Jin put your legs over his shoulder and pulled you close.  Gently he placed kisses on your thighs, coming close but never going where you need him.  Suddenly he drove his tongue over your clit.  Flicking it with tip so fast you saw stars.  You couldn’t stop yourself from screaming out.  Your were wrecked.  After being taken to the brink of orgasm twice already, you knew you wouldn’t be able to hold on.  You wrapped your fingers around his golden locks earning a moan from Jin that reverberated through your body.  You tried to hold on, but you were no match for his talented tongue.  Then without warning he slammed two of his long slender fingers into your drenching core.  What was it with these two!  Fingers shouldn’t be that long, or that capable of finding your G-Spot right away.  Hell, you have exes who still don’t know where yours is to this day.  With the addition of his fingers you start to feel the pressure in your stomach.  There was no build up this time it was just there, and Jin knew you were close.  He sped up trying to push you over the edge.  

“PLEASE SIR!”  You have never screamed this much in your life, but Jin still said nothing.  “Please sir, may I come?  Oh please, please, please…” you were a moaning pleading mess.  All you could do was chant an endless nonsensical stream of pleas for Jin to let you take that leap.  Finally he sat up, mouth glistening with a smile on his face, he pinched your clit and finally said, “Cum.”  With that one word, you dissolved.  You couldn’t control yourself from moaning and whining as Jin dove back in attacking your clit and fingering you faster and harder, adding in a third finger.  As you came down from your high, pain giving way to pleasure as Jin continued sucking your over-sensitive clit.  After you whined and pushed at his head, weakly, a few more times he finally stopped.  He smiled proudly looking down at your still twitching body while sparing a glance at Namjoon while licking your cum from his lips.  

Giving you a moment to rest, Jin stood and to rid himself of the prison confining his sensitive erection.  As he rolled on the condom, Jin took out of his top drawer he gave Namjoon one last wink while lining himself up with your entrance.  He thrusted into you until your bodies met.  The cry you released at the pleasurable burn of being filled and stretched by Jin’s massive cock was so unnerving you almost thought it wasn’t you.  Because at that moment in time Jin had succeeded in his mission.  You no sense of sight, sound or touch other than feel of Jin’s skipping slapping against yours and the hand that was wrapped around your throat.  You felt yourself approaching the edge of the great abyss again and honestly didn’t think you could handle another orgasm so soon.  But Jin had other ideas, seeing you moaning and writhing underneath him had him ready to blow his load.  But he couldn’t yet, he wanted to break Namjoon.  No, he NEEDED to break Namjoon.  He looked over at him, sitting on the edge of his seat looking like a predator ready to pounce and knew now was his chance.  Tightening his grip on your throat, he slowed his thrusts as he leaned down to tell you, “Not yet Princess, we wouldn’t want to spoil the big finish.”

With that he pulled out of you and flipped you over on the desk.  Your feet barely touching the floor, you reached out to hold onto something.  ANYTHING.  Grabbing the edge of the desk you held on for dear life as Jin filled you to the brim again and began his violent assault on your pussy.  You were a whimpering mess when he wrapped his hand in your hair yanking your head back, exposing your chest and fucked out expression to Namjoon.  As Jin smacked your ass he told you, “Tell him who’s fucking you!  Tell him who really owns this pretty little pussy!”  “You do Sir!!  It’s all yours, you’re treating your pussy right!”  You couldn’t help but scream it, you didn’t care if anyone heard.  Hell, the Dean of the school could walk through that door right now and you would stay right where you were, being fucked senseless by your Art History Professor.  And that thought had your walls clenching, the thought of being caught spurring you on.  

At the feeling of your impending orgasm Jin’s hips stutter.  The vice like grip you have on his cock was too much.  Leaning down he rubs your clit and tells you to “Cum now!” while sinking his teeth in your shoulder to muffle his moans.  The pain of the bite, mixed with pleasure of his talented fingers and the warm feeling of him filling his condom had you unraveling.  You had screamed yourself hoarse, you couldn’t scream anymore.  You just rode out your high screaming silently staring at Namjoon.  Once Jin was finished he slowly slipped out of you and left you on top of his desk.  

Tying off his condom and tossing it.  He tucked himself back into his pants and walked over to Namjoon.  “Good boy,” he said while patting his shoulder.  Namjoon growled in annoyance but stayed still.  “Don’t worry, I’ll keep my end of the bargain.  But know, I’ll be watching you.  Don’t mark up my property Namjoon.”  And with a flick of his wrist in your direction, Namjoon flew across the room, grabbing a condom, slipping it on as fast as possible and picking you up carrying you to the couch.  As he sat down with you straddling his lap, he gently touched your cheek.  The gentleness shocked not only you, but Jin as well.  “You okay,” he asked with a soft smile.  You nodded with a blissed out smile.  “Good, because Imma beat that pussy like you never felt before,” he said with his trademark smirk.  And with that he pulled you down completely on his shaft.  Even with the pounding Jin gave you he still had to work you down, he was a lot thicker than Jin.  You could feel Namjoon everywhere.  He was stroking all your spots whenever he moved.  When he thought you were well adjusted to the newest intrusion he planted his feet and pounded up into you.  You put your hands on his chest and threw your head back.  The moans and growls coming from him were beautiful to your ears, and made you want to make him feel as good as you did.  You leaned forward doing your best to match his pace and meet him thrust for thrust.  You began to attack his neck licking, biting and sucking.  Searching for that spot that would drive him crazy.  Giving up when there was no change in rhythm, you leaned forward placing a chaste kiss to his adam’s apple and before venturing down further to his nipple piercing.  That was the spot, you read that piercings made your nipples more sensitive.  So leaning up and looking Namjoon in the eye, you simultaneously slammed yourself down on his cock and twisted his nipple ring.  That was enough to make him throw his head back and let out a howling moan.  The feeling of his cock spasming in you and the look on his face was enough to send you over the edge one last time.  You collapsed forward onto his chest, a sweaty moaning mess and felt yourself drifting off to sleep.  And there you slept, only moaning when Namjoon gently slipped out of you.  Laying you down on the couch and covering you up, he went about cleaning himself off and finding his clothes.  

Jin knowing you were too sensitive to be cleaned decided to let you sleep.  Leaving just him and Namjoon to watch over you.  Expecting Namjoon to just leave, he was surprised with the look the boy gave you as he brushed your hair out of your face.  But he had seen the look he gave you before you two started, he realized the boy genuinely cared for you.  

And that’s what worried him, when you woke up who would you want to see more.  The established teacher who can provide and care for, treating you like a princess should be treated.  Or the genius bad boy with a heart of gold, that you can go out and have fun with.  

He didn’t know, but he really hoped you didn’t sleep long so he could find out.

Texting [Levi Ackerman]

Summary // Bored in class, you decide to text your best friend.

A/N // I genuinely got this idea from texting in class during German (Sorry Germans but I just really don’t like your language)

Originally posted by yuri-on-ice-ice-baby

You pulled out your phone when boredom struck

Shortstuff, what’re you doing? - Y/N

Aren’t you in German - Levi

Of course, doesn’t mean I can’t text. Aren’t you supposed to be in English? You’re not supposed to text there either, if you haven’t noticed - Y/N

Brat - Levi

I love you too - Y/N

You really are a brat - Levi

Did you know what a lovely human being you are? Have I told you that already today, if not here it is! You’re a great person Levi - Y/N

You know you need to get your grade up in German - Levi

And you need to do that in chemistry but last time I checked you spent all lessons texting with me and Erwin - Y/N

You don’t need to remind me - Levi

You don’t need to remind me either - Y/N

I think different, you’ve never been a star at it. Whilst I’ve been doing fine - Levi

True, but we know you’ve always struggled with a part of Chemistry and now the coming two chapters are about it so you either stop texting or you ruin the first four grades of the eight we’re going to get - Y/N

If I didn’t love you I would’ve hit you so hard - Levi

We’re in different classes, halfway across the school. Good luck with that - Y/N

You know how easy it is to get kicked out and then I can come and kick your butt - Levi

I’d like to see you try - Y/N

Listen - Levi

You obeyed and put in one of your earbuds, covering it with your sleeve and hand, he called you and you obviously pressed accept and were able to hear the busy English class.

“Sir, I’m afraid I can’t possibly do that.” Levi’s bored tone said and you refrained from chuckling as you tried to do some of your work, the teacher had left and wouldn’t be coming back but you wanted to both finish it and you never knew if some other teacher would come.

“And how have you come to that conclusion?” The teacher responded, annoyed.

“Because of the fact that it must mean you’re too lazy to do it yourself.” Followed was protocol of Levi being sent out, whilst you had never seen or heard it happen, it sounded exactly like the way he told it. He got his bag and left which made you realise he was very likely seriously heading towards your classroom.

As the bell rung and you were getting up you saw him standing outside of the classroom with a wicked grin and you sighed.

I told you I’d kick your ass, Y/N - Levi

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I don't get it?? I reached the bottom of your blog during one particularly boring class at school and it's not that different from what you post today?

I’m nothing if not static in my character development

Kisses [Rocky/Minhyuk]

Your first kiss with Minhyuk?-anonymous

It was the beginning of the new school year and your teacher, Mr. Park, decided to change your seating arrangements so that students could “learn more from one another”, but everyone knows that it’s just his way of separating the noisy kids from each other.

“Kang Jin Ah and Yoon Suho.”

“Kim Soo Bin and Nam Ilhoon.”

“Taehyung and Shinhye”

“Y/N and Minhyuk.”

“Yes.” You grinned as soon as you heard his name. Fortunately for you and unfortunately for Mr. Park, Minhyuk was one of the kids who you actually could talk to and very loudly at that. While Minhyuk was busy getting his books, you reached into the side of your backpack and pulled out a bag of Hershey kisses. Placing one on his table, you smiled at him.

“Hey Minhyuk.”

“Hi.” He smiled back as he sat down next to you and poked the piece of chocolate, “A kiss? What is this supposed to mean?”

“It means I don’t want you to get bored during Math, you idiot.” You laughed as the class begins.


Every morning, you would always leave a piece of Hershey kisses on his desk before he arrives and he would always tease you about wanting to kiss him.

Minhyuk smiled happily as he walked to class, thinking about how he should tease you today. Opening the door to the class room, his smile faded when he saw that the seat next to him was empty and there was nothing on his desk.

“Where’s Y/N?” He turned to one of your best friends and asked.

“Didn’t you hear? Y/N got in an accident yesterday so she’s stuck at home for the rest of the week.”

“Is it serious?”

“She only broke her arm, nothing else.”

“Thanks Soobin.”Minhyuk sighed as he took his seat and laid his head down on the table, staring at your empty chair.  


A knock on the door came while you were sitting on the couch, watching TV.

“What are you doing here?” You blurted in surprised when you saw it was Minhyuk. Scratching his head awkwardly, he mumbled a hello before asking if he could come in.

“What are you doing here?” You asked once again.

A moment of complete silence passed by before he muttered something which you couldn’t quite catch.


“Can I have a kiss?” He said, only slightly louder than the first time.

You stared at him and burst out laughing, “You honestly came all the way to ask me for a kiss? Wait here, I’ll go g-” Before you could finish your sentence, Minhyuk cut you off with a quick peck on the lips.

“I really missed your kisses, Y/N.” He looked at you, blushing beet red.

[Part V] Crimson Frost

Originally posted by holystilinski

Word count: 1,600+
Pairing: Peter Parker & Jotun!Reader
Warnings: swearing
Summary: Series to ‘[IDEA] Crimson Frost’: Even though Peter won’t join the Avengers, he promised to keep in contact with you. A friendship blossoms, but somehow you are still a mystery to him.
Part I - Part II - Part III - Part IV
A/N: This kinda wrote itself in two days - two days in three weeks. My mother is pressuring me in getting my driver’s license before my 18th birthday by the end of September, but I still need some practice for the driver’s test, and I am a little worried. Writing about the abilities of Jotuns was interesting; I hope I got it written down understandably. Enjoy! 💕

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A Sweet, Cliche Short (Phan)

Word count: 897

Classification: Coffeeshop AU

Requested by @crankthatjoshler

Phil’s morning routine is always the same. Wake up at seven. Be ready to leave at eight. Then get to the coffee shop at eight thirty and hang out until classes. But today, he’s an hour early. An hour early, means a different barista.

And this different barista, means an entire difference in everything.

“Hi. Welcome to the Twinkling Temptation Café. What can I get you?” A handsome young man who’s friendly smile appeared to be forced greeted Phil.

Once the young man got a look at Phil, his smile vanished and was replaced with a small blush. Of course, you’d never get him to admit it.

“I’ll have some blueberry tea today.” Phil smiled at the boy.

“We’re just feeding the stereotypes, yeah? I’m Dan, by the way.” The boy apparently called Dan smiled at Phil.

“I’m Phil. And just so you know, I’m trying to start my day off with calming tea. That way I don’t feel as stressed during classes.” Phil said, patiently.

“I feel you. Stress sucks. What are you studying?” Dan hopped up on the counter.

“Atmospheric science, meteorology, and cinematography.”

“Variety, nice. I’m studying boring old law. Go on and sit down, I’ll get your tea.” Dan smiled at Phil and got off the counter and went to prepare the tea.

Phil sat down at his regular spot on the couch. As he scrolled through his tumblr he thought. He thought about school, he thought about his family, he thought about his friends, he thought about his dog, he thought about books, he thought about everything really.

He was soon knocked out of thought by a voice. “Blueberry tea for the stereotypical cutie in the snazzy llama jumper with a shameful number of stickers on his computer!”

Phil chuckled to himself before going to get his tea. “Really, Dan?”

Dan awkwardly winked at Phil, grinning mischievously. “But of course, Philly.”

Phil smiled at the slightly more awkward one before taking his tea. “Thanks, Dan.”

Phil tried to pay, but Dan stopped him. “This one’s on me. But don’t get used to it.”

Phil beamed at Dan. “Thanks! See you around, Dan.”

Phil decided that he’d get up and around early the following morning in time to see Dan at the café. As soon as he walked in, he was approached by the sounds of loud music coming from behind the counter. There was no one in the café, so Daniel was yelling and singing along to Avril Lavigne because the author has Complicated stuck in her head and wants all of you to feel the same pain.

Phil cleared his throat and Dan jumped out of his skin. “Jesus fucking Christ Phil! Don’t sneak up on me like that!”

Phil chuckled, slightly visibly biting his tongue. “Sorry, Dan.”

Dan just glared at him. “No, you’re not.”

“No, I’m not.” Dan rolled his eyes and finally stopped his music.

“So. What’ll it be today?”

“Same as yesterday.” Phil grinned at Dan’s sigh.


When Phil got his drink and paid, he sat with Dan and talked until he had to leave. Once Phil got out the door, he noticed that Dan had slipped a written-on napkin in his pocket.

For the stereotypical cutie in the snazzy llama jumper with a shameful number of stickers on his computer. Call me sometime, (###) ###-#### Meet me at the cinema this Friday and I’ll take you for a stereotypical first date. - :Dan


Phil grinned at the napkin and continued his week with the thought of Friday in his mind.

His phone buzzed.

Dan: Send me a picture of you with an odd hat on


Send picture?




Dan: Is that a lion hat?


Phil: And a stuffed lion in the background.


Dan: Right. Changing your name to Lion on my phone.


Lion: I’m sure you have an animal that you like.


Dan: Llamas and bears


Lion: Right. Changing your name to Bear in my phone.


Bear: Don’t


Bear: You already did it didn’t you


Lion: Yup


Bear: ….


Bear: Fine


Bear: You’re meeting me at the cinema this evening, right?


Lion: Of course, Bear


Lion: Wouldn’t miss it for the world


Bear: Ok


Bear: Well I’d better get ready


Bear: See you then, Lion


Lion: See you, Bear


Phil put his phone down, still grinning ear to ear. He got off his couch and ran to his room to get ready.

After getting ready, Phil walked down the block to the cinema. Dan was already there when he arrived.

“Hi Lion.”

Phil beamed at the taller one. “Hi Bear.”

Dan opened the door for Phil. “Let’s go then.”

After the film, Dan and Phil shared a cab. They stopped at Phil’s house first.

“So. I’d say we had a fairly stereotypical first date. Wouldn’t you?” Dan said to Phil after walking him to the door.

“I think I know a way to make it even more stereotypical.” Phil looked up at Dan from behind his fringe with a small smile.

Dan grinned. “Oh yeah? And what’s tha”

Phil cut him off with a gentle kiss.

They broke away after only moments.

“Goodnight, Bear.”

And so, Phil left a dazed Bear on his doorstep as he went to bed.

A nice cliché ending to our cliché story.

But it’s not their end, is it?


It’s just the beginning for the love-struck Bear and Lion.

anonymous asked:

Imagine where Hikaru has a major crush on you and Haruhi finds out and locks you and Hikaru in a closet and refuses to let them out until e confesses but he just refuses and they're in there for the entire day finally, with the constant persisting of Haruhi and you he confesses and you kiss or somethin. :3

What a super cute request <3 Enjoy!

         Physically, Hikaru was sitting through another lesson in his 1A homeroom class. Mentally however, he was anywhere but in class. Resting his head on his hand, he gazed a few rows ahead of him, where you sat. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t seem to tear his focus away from you, the new girl. How could he focus on mathematics when all he wanted to know more about was you? His daydream came to an abrupt end as he suddenly noticed the room became dead silent.

“Mr. Hitachiin,” his teacher said.

“Which one?” the twins chorused exasperatedly.

“The one who’s not paying attention to my class,“ he said. You’ll stay awhile after class,” he said, glaring at Hikaru.

Soon after, class was dismissed and Hikaru lingered around to speak with the teacher. He was lectured for several minutes before being sent out of the class. Hikaru walked out of the class to be greeted by his brother and Haruhi.

“How’d it go? Kaoru asked.

“He said I need to work on getting distractions out of my head during class, or something like that,” he said.

Haruhi smiled. “It’s the new girl, right?”

Hikaru smiled dreamingly. “Maybe,”

The three of them walked over to the Third Music Room, ready to begin another day of hosting. Everything was going as per usual, until a new guest wandered in. Hikaru turned his attention to the door, and immediately shot up to straighten his clothes upon seeing who it was. Haruhi and Kaoru noticed shortly after, and the two quickly devised a plan together.

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Imagine #5 My Valentine

Originally posted by carboneross

February 14th…

Valentine’s Day… Our special day. Not only was it Valentine’s Day to us, but Neymar also asked me to be his on this day, exactly 2 years ago. But just like every day I had to go to college and Neymar had to train for his upcoming match.

I was getting ready for college, so I took a quick shower and put on a casual red dress with a pair of wedges. I quickly added just a little bit of make-up to my face. I grabbed my bag and phone and headed downstairs, only to find him making breakfast in just his boxers. I sneaked up from behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist. “Happy Valentine’s Day baby,” I greeted him, leaving a kiss on his bare back. I felt his muscles relax under my touch and he turned around. “Happy Valentine’s Day Y/N.” He smiled giving me a kiss. “So what are you making?” I asked looking behind him. “French toast with strawberries.” He grinned. I moaned just hearing the words french toast, however, it made Ney laugh at me. “Ugh, you know I like french toast, yours especially.” I winked at him. “Baby, you love my french toast.” He said winking back. “That sounds weird,” I made a weird face and he laughed, “So what are you gonna do today?” I asked him. “I’m gonna wait for you to come home when I’m done training.” He smirked. I smiled at him, “I’m so lucky to have you amor.” I couldn’t help but kiss his lips. He broke the kiss some time later and said, “C'mon, let’s eat querida.”

After half an hour I left the house and drove off to my university. When I got there I stepped out of my car and entered the campus. I met up with my best friend Katerina and together we walked to our first class of the day.

“So have you made any plans with Drew?” I asked her, wiggling my eyebrows.

“Stop it girl,” She laughed, “But, yes, he is taking me out and then we’ll see what happens.” She blushed.

“Aww, you’re so in love! I’m happy he’s treating you well, you deserve it.” I smiled at her.

“How about you? Are you and Neymar up to something?” Now it was her turn to wiggle her eyebrows.

“Well, no not really, he said he’ll be waiting for me. So I guess we’re just gonna hang out at home.” I told Kat. “But maybe he has a surprise for you.” She squealed excitingly. “I doubt that, he is training hard for his upcoming game, so he hardly has time.” I said. We dropped the subject and took a seat in the auditorium. We nearly fell asleep during class, because the man was just going on and on about the same thing. This lasted for almost an hour, then he thankfully moved on to something else and after 45 minutes we got dismissed. One down, two to go…

Our second class was over which means lunch break. Kat and I got ourselves Starbucks first and then quickly went to get something from Subway. We chose to sit outside since there was a pleasant temperature today. We talked about some random things and ate our delicious subway meanwhile.

Third class of the day was pure torture. Boring would be an understatement, but hey, if I want to graduate, I will have to cope with it. Kat and I were now walking with a good friend of ours, Ashley, towards the parking lot. I looked on my phone to check the time, “Oh my god. I totally forgot. I promised my mom I would help her with her bakery shop.” I sighed. “Oh chica.” They both looked at me with sympathetic looks.

“It’s fine, I’ll try to not make it long, I really want to spend the rest of the day with Ney,” I said, “You girls have fun tho, catch y'all later.” I both hugged them.

“Bye, Y/N! See ya tomorrow!” They waved bye.

I got into my car and started driving towards the bakery shop my mom and dad owned. We sell a lot of brazilian sweets, since we’re originally from Brazil. It’s actually where Neymar and I met. I smiled to myself remembering that day. The shop is doing good though, it gets a lot of customers, so I promised I helped them when I could.

I walked inside and saw my mom frowning at me.

“Hey mom,” I gave her a kiss on the cheek, “Where’s dad?” I asked.

“He’s in the back. Y/N, why are you here?” She asked me.

“I promised I’d help you today, remember?” I answered, a little confused.

“Oh right, oh god…” She muttered under her breath, “Listen, you should go home filha. I want you to enjoy the rest of the day.” She smiled at me.

“Are you sure mom?” I asked her even more confused, but happy at the same time.

She nodded and gave me a hug, “Yes honey, you deserve it.”

“Well, let me just say hi to dad.” And I ran off to the back, quickly greeted him and then back to the front.

“Thanks mom! See you soon.” I waved her goodbye.

“Have fun!” I heard her shout.

I got into my car again, put my sunglasses on and raced home. It’s been a tiring day. I pulled up in our driveway and got out of the car. I grabbed my keys and opened up the door. I dropped my bag on the floor and closed the door behind me.

“Neymar! I’m home!” I shouted so he could hear me, wherever he was.

No answer.

I started walking towards the backyard, but no he wasn’t there. Upstairs maybe? I walked to the staircase and what I saw made my heart flutter. There were little candles on each step and at the bottom there was a letter. I picked it up and began to read it.

Dear Y/N,

To some people February 14th is just another day.
For me this is a day to take time and say… I love you.
Stop, and think what we’ve been through and how much our love has grown.
Yes, we fight,
And I’ve lied,
But never forget for you I would die.
Everyday I see your beautiful, smiling face,
And there are moments that I stare and you take my breath away,
and leave me with nothing to say,
On this special day,
I ask myself how it is possible to love a person so much.
My heart has been permanently touched.
All the tears and pain seem to go away.
The pieces of my heart that were chiseled away, you make them ok.
Once there was a deep dark hole nobody could touch,
Until you came and filled it with all your love.
On this special day I want you to know,
I love you,
More than I could write down, tell, explain or even try to show,
In this life or the next.
I’ve done things I regret,
And they hurt you inside and made you cry,
But let those things die,
Not you and I.
I want to be with you the rest of my life,
Until the day I say good-bye.
So on this Valentines Day I want to say,
I love you and will always be with you.

Your Neymar.

That is honestly the most beautiful thing I have ever read. It brought so many tears to my eyes. I walked up the stairs and wondered where he could be. I tried our bedroom first and I think I am going to have a heart attack soon, because I don’t think I can take any more surprises. On the king-sized bed was a heart made out of rose petals and the rest of the room had some lit up candles. There was also some romantic, swaying music playing. But still, he wasn’t here.

“Neymar?” I called desperately, I need to see him. I looked around the room one more time. I started walking towards the bathroom, “Si, amor?” I heard his deep voice say.

I stopped in my tracks and slowly turned around. And there he was, standing closely to the balcony door, which was slightly opened. He looked smoking hot. His hair was styled to perfection, he wore a black suit with expensive looking shoes and held a big bouquet of red roses in his hand. He looked at me with an evident smirk playing on his lips and he slowly walked over to me.

“Happy 2 year anniversary baby.” He said reaching me. He held out the flowers for me to take and I gladly accepted them.
I looked up at him and finally said something, “Happy 2 year anniversary Neymar.” I started tearing up again.

He smiled and grabbed me by my waist and brought me closer to him. He then wiped away my tears and put his hand on my cheek.

“Thank you.” I whispered.

“For?” He asked me with questioning eyes. “Thank you for this, for everything. For always being there for me, for making me happy. For treating me like a real queen. I love you so much Ney. I am so blessed to have you.” I smiled while telling him this.

He brought his head closer to mine and I could feel his breath fanning my face.

“Anything for you Y/N. You’re my sun, you make me shine like diamonds.” He winked.

“You’re being very poetic today, huh.” I teased him laughing. With that I closed the gap between us and we kissed passionately. He moved his lips to my neck and left some sweet kisses there. He then stopped himself and took my hand, “The food is getting cold.” He winked.

“You’re crazy for doing all of this.” I commented while shaking my head.

After our dinner outside on the balcony it started to get a little chilly. So we went back inside and there was still music playing. I recognized the song as Make Love by Chris Brown.

I was already sitting on the edge of the bed but Neymar had some other plans for now.

“Can I have this dance with you?” He asked smoothly holding out his hand.

“Yes sir.” I smirked giving my hand to him and let him lead. We sensually danced to the song and knowing Ney he got a little excited. He started kissing my neck again, this time more aggressively. He slid his hands from my waist to my ass. I moaned as his tongue worked magic on my skin. Soon one thing led to another and that’s how a perfect day came to an end.

(Credits for the poem goes to familyfriendpoems.com)
Hope you’ll like this! Also a big thank you to all my followers and readers! I’m so happy with 300+ followers! 


Well, I’m having a hard time hearing things today because sometimes my ears are weird and like to make hearing really hard. I told C that I couldn’t really hear and without me realizing it he began to talk louder so that I would be able to understand him. I didn’t realize he was doing that until my friend walked into the room and told me she could hear him talking from down the hall because he was speaking really loud. During class we were supposed to have presentations today and he told the whole class that they’ll get a deduction on their grade if they don’t speak loud enough for me to hear 😅