i was bored today during class

Okay so this is probably the worst doodle I’ve ever done, especially since I only started getting serious about it half way through. However, I was getting bored during math class today and, like Luffy, dislike boredom very much!

Still, a Riskua in my own style is an interesting concept. I’ll probably redeem myself by doing this digitally once I get back home. TGIF! 😊❤️

Riskua and “Tell it to the Marines” shall forever belong to the lovely @tsume-yuki

Okie so I watched all of the current episodes of Yuri!!! On Ice last night with my mum and oh my god. Anyway I got bored in class today and decided to message my mum and this happened. Actual quote from my mum during episode 5 “Are you sure the fact that they say it’s an ice skating anime isn’t just a cover up so they can make a gay anime, because I’m pretty sure Viktor is just in it for the attention from hot guys like Yuri, cause why else would he move to Japan to coach a man that copied his routine and then take baths with him, suggest that they sleep together and also ask if he wants him to be his boyfriend? I mean doesn’t that just scream I’m a gay Russian man who craves Japanese Yuri?”

You Learn Something New Everyday

Summary: You have to say you don’t like all your classes or professors, but Professor Kim Seokjin was not only delicious to look at, he actually made Art History interesting.  That’s why you jumped at the chance to be his Teacher’s Assistant for the fall semester.  And you knew it would be amazing, but what you didn’t plan for was Kim Namjoon to register for his class.  Or for him to request tutoring from you.

Word Count: 6000+

Tags: Sir!Kink. Brat Taming. AU!BTS. NamJinxReader.  No BoyxBoy

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Today, I fucked up by attempting to print over 18,000 pages.

At the school I go to there are printers for the entire student body; however, every student has a limit of how many pages they can print. This limit is supposedly enormous. I have been told by seniors (I am a freshman) that the limit is around 1000 pages.

During my English class yesterday, we got a chance to work on our essays, which were due today. I had already finished mine and was bored, so I held down CTRL and Enter in my Microsoft Word document because I wanted to see how many pages I could create. After about 9000 pages I got bored again and saved my work and closed Word.

Today, I got to school and then realized that I hadn’t printed out the essay yet, so I went to a school computer and sent it to the school printer, but it didn’t print. I tried a few more times, but it still didn’t work. Then I emailed it to my friend and he tried to print it. Guess what? It didn’t print.

My friend then noticed that the document had over 9000 pages that I totally forgot about. It was a sudden moment of realization that I had hit both mine and his print limit in a matter of minutes even though nothing had actually printed.

We went to a teacher and explained the situation (with emphasis on me being an idiot) and he said it would be $10 each to reset our limits.

So on Monday I will be coming to school with $20 because today I fucked up.

TIFU: Internet`s best fucked up stories are here.


Omfg. Today was so boring. I walked into first hour to see one of my English teachers standing next to W who was shuffling through papers quickly. There was a stupid student council meeting during first hour and W is one of the teachers in charge of student council so he was leaving to attend it. I had a terrible feeling in my stomach and I felt really sad. My eyes actually watered. W looked so hot today too as he wore all black 🖤 He announced to all of us that my English teacher was going to be our substitute for the whole class period and that we needed to behave. I made eye contact with W for like a second as he gave that little speech and I rolled my eyes because I was so pissed and it’s so stupid that he leaves class for that. He didn’t even ask if I was gonna go. I was literally in the same room as him for only like 30 seconds today and I actually had a lot of stuff to talk about with him. So it was just another day without him. Like does he know I only have a limited time left with him??? He’s wasting my last few days. Ugh. But O was actually in second hour and he talked to me a lot. He was like, “wow, you really like that color, huh?” “What?”, I asked because I had no idea what he was talking about because I was wearing mostly all black…?? “Your nails”, he explained. That is like the third time this week that he has complimented/talked about my nails 😍💙 I told him that I can’t leave my house without my nails being painted or having all of my earrings in otherwise I feel naked 😂 He said he was the same thing without his (sexy) gauges 😏 He also told me that he watched a show that I suggested for him so that means that he thought of me outside of school ❤

Starting a new series here on thespongebobhippie dot tumblr dot com : morning misery! where i complain about everything during my boring early classes
Today on morning misery: ive been feeling dizzy and nauseous since yesterday and it still hasnt stopped i don’t know why tho. I tried takibg taking some vitamins just for the lolz. Then i rode my bike to school as always and several idiots felt the need to demonstrate how bad they are at driving. So i arrive @ school feelibg a little likr im drunk /hubgover but im not. Niw my teacher is being fucking annoying and can’t communicate and i really just want to go back to beddd why must i suffer


Day 62/365: March 3rd 2017 | Child Aesthetics 

Went grocery shopping this morning and Ryan forced me to get SFC even though I wasn’t even hungry jsdhfsajkg I still ate 5 pieces lmao anyway we tried the cilantro lime and it was yum!!! Clinical was really long and boring but Kristin always makes the class much more tolerable. Spent my evening and night calling Gaby. Back to weekly Friday calls… back to being separated by a computer screen and 2000 km. Sigh.

I wish I could be shot or run over or something because I’m always replaceable and annoying and nobody would give a shit, and I wouldn’t be such a worthless, boring, embarrassing burden. The older I get the more I don’t want to cope with the pressures and misery of life. I’m sick of being humiliated everywhere in front of everyone. I’m such a fucking joke today, just breaking down bawling during class. No joke, sometimes I’d just love to be randomly beaten up.

oh my god so in high school i had this teacher who was super boring and during her classes i made all these dumb cards. a lot of them were about napoleon. and it’s been my greatest sadness that i’ve never been able to locate these cards as an adult due to various not-good reasons

but today i found a list i’d made of card ideas and dear god i was a salty child

i also liked anti-jokes before i even knew they were a thing

but like

“Easter is like dodgeball…..you always feel left out. Happy Passover!”

“You are not like cheddar…you’re never sharp”

“You thinking…is as improbable as Martians on the moon”

“this balloon is like your ego….it’s finally deflated”

I mean i still wish i could find the cards I’d actually made FULLY ILLUSTRATED AND ALL but like

I can’t even


- I was taking a basic math class in college and already knew the curriculum. So EVERYDAY for the whole semester I read my books. My teacher saw and didn’t say anything.

- Next semester I was placed in a foreign English class, idk why, but my teacher would walk in and always ask “what new book do you have today?”

-Fast forward a couple years and I was working at a car dealership as a receptionist. DO YOI KNOW HOW BORING IT IS?
So I would read 1-2 books during my shifts. I got looks from managers and finally was placed in a corner where no one would see me reading.

-Same job I was reading “The Fault in Our Stars” and had to have my desk covered so I could do laps, so as not to cry.
Also happened with City of Heavenly Fire.

-always being asked “why is your bag so big?” “What do you carry in there?”

- traveling overseas and carrying 10+ books. In a backpack. BADASS!

Does this count?

@books-and-cookies 😜

I was bored during a lecture today, drinking coffee and doodling when I realised that no one can stop me from making my darlings as cute and silly as possible, so here it goes:

  • Remus has been craving some good coffee since 7 am, when he had to get up and rush to the Uni. It usually took him an hour to get there, but that time he had forgotten to set up his alarm clock and was running incredibly late.
  • Realising that there was no way he could be in time for the first class, he decided to go and get the weirdest coffee in the local coffeeshop because nothing could possibly fuck up the day even more, right?
  • He had never been there before, but Peter had recently recommended him to try something called ‘balls out’. Remus had no idea what it contained, but chose to just go for it
  • He entered the coffeeshop and went to stay in line. He didn’t pay much attention to the decor of the place, committing himself to a short power nap near the counter instead.
  • So he was quite surprised when something started to mess with his hair. He looked up and realised that it wasn’t something, but someone.
  • And boy did he like what he saw.
  • The guy behind the counter was short, but obviously strong. His long dark hair was in a bun, some strands sticking to his forehead. He was looking at Remus with piercing grey eyes, a sheepish smile on the gorgeous face.
  • “Um, sorry about the hair”, said the boy, scratching his nose in slight embarrassment. “Your curls are so cute. I couldn’t resist. So, um, coffee?”
  • Remus almost missed the question, too busy trying to supress the need to take out his notebook and draw those lovely features. Suddenly realising the the barista was waiting for the answer, he shook his head and said, no, shouted, “Balls out!
  • The barista jumped, but then laughed. With a sly smile he leaned closer to Remus, who was trying his hardest to will a black hole to open up and just swallow him whole, and purred, “Whoa there, tiger. Take me out on a few dates first.” He winked and started preparing the order.
  • Five minutes later Remus was leaving the coffeeshop with a cup of dreadfully smelling coffee, a little note which said, “X-XXX-XX-XX - call me. Sirius xx”, and a huge smile on his furiously blushing face.

today i was sitting in my math class and then?? i noticed that everyone was just silently staring out the window?? so i turned to look and. there was just a kid, wearing a sombrero, scooting his way up a tree. my whole class just sat and watched this kid scoot up a tree for five minutes in silence until finally someone said “if he falls and dies, will we be liable?”

this kid just climbed 20 feet up a tree, apparently got bored, and then made his way back down again, all during the middle of fifth period

high school is truly an experience