i was bored to tears

I… I’d do anything for you, Diana……

God, this was SO fun to make even if it took like 5 days ahaha… You can open it in a new tab to see the details.

I’m sorry I’m depressed.

I’m sorry I’m not good enough.

I’m sorry I’m such a crybaby.

I’m sorry I’d rather die than live.

I’m sorry I’ll never be okay.

I’m sorry.

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Heart on the Line (part 1)


You and Bucky had your differences in college, but now you need a place to stay and he needs a roommate, and in order to make ends meet, you two start a phone sex line together.  

“For a Good Time, Call…” AU

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count: 1516
warnings: smutty smut smut and dirty talk (future chapters)

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Useless Creatures
We act as though animals matter only when they benefit humans.
By Richard Conniff

“This article contains no useful information. Zero. Nada. Nothing. If usefulness is your criterion for reading, thank you very much for your time and goodbye, we have nothing more to say. The truth is that I am bored to tears by usefulness. I am bored, more precisely, of pretending usefulness is the thing that really matters.I mostly write about wildlife. So here is how it typically happens for me: 

A study comes out indicating that species x, y and z are in imminent danger of extinction, or that some major bioregion of the planet is being sucked down into the abyss. And it’s my job to convince people that they should care, even as they are racing to catch the 7:10 train, or wondering if they’ll be able to pay this month’s (or last month’s) rent.

Every time I begin this line of argument, though, I get the queasy feeling that I am perpetuating a fallacy. It’s not that I’m telling lies; these examples are entirely real. But given, for instance, that three-quarters of our farm crops depend on insect pollinators, or that more than 2.6 billion people rely directly on seafood for protein, it seems a little obvious to be reminding people that wildlife can be useful, or, more to the point, that human survival depends on wildlife. Without saying so out loud, the argument also implies that animals matter only because they benefit humans, or because just possibly, at some unknowable point in the future, they might benefit humans.

Wildlife is and should be useless in the same way art, music, poetry and even sports are useless. They are useless in the sense that they do nothing more than raise our spirits, make us laugh or cry, frighten, disturb and delight us. They connect us not just to what’s weird, different, other, but to a world where we humans do not matter nearly as much as we like to think.

And that should be enough.”

Read the full article at: New York Times

Midnight Memories // The Color Of My World Part Two [A Stiles Stilinski Soulmate AU]

Series Masterlist

Relationships: Stiles Stilinski x Reader/Stiles Stilinski x OFC/Theo Raeken x Reader/Theo Raeken x OFC

Warnings: Making Out, A Smug Stiles Stilinski Talking About Sex, Swearing, Physical and Verbal Violence, Abusive Relationship, AND REALLY FUCKING ADORABLE STILES STILINSKI SERIOUSLY HE IS SUCH A CUTIE YOU’LL FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM ALL OVER AGAIN.

Word Count: 6,168  

Song: Kid In Love by Shawn Mendes (The lyrics are so spot on it’s actually kind of terrifying)

A/N: Thank you so much for loving part one y’all. Here’s part two that also ends with another cliffhanger because I’m addicted to making you guys go crazy lol

“Oh, shit.” Stiles gasped, letting go of me as I stood on my own.

The room remained full of life and color even though he was no longer touching me. My skin, however, felt lost without Stiles. His touch left a lingering burn in my body and I was already craving it again. I longed for someone I just met and, for some reason, it felt right.

“W-We’re-” I stuttered, my mind completely overwhelmed with what we just discovered.

“Soulmates.” He finished my sentence, his warm colored eyes piercing into mine.

Stiles Stilinski, the boy my boyfriend secretly despises, is my soulmate. It’s funny just how sadistic the universe really is.

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Let’s face it, we bookworms tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves, when it comes to our reading, because we’re weird like that, but in a good way. And, the truth is that reading should always be fun. Guilt free. ALL THE FUN SO MUCH OF THE FUN BECAUSE WORDS ON PAGES *insert screech* You know what I’m talking about. So I thought that compiling a list of the reasons that bookworms feel guilty and why they should just stop would be a great idea

  1. Not reaching our Goodreads challenge/lowering our goal for the year

In the past few years, the Goodreads challenge has become a staple of measuring achievement when it comes to reading. It has become insanely popular and it’s honestly such a good tool to keep track of everything you’re reading. But it also adds an immense amount of pressure. I’ve been there. When December rolls around and you see that you’re to the Goodreads challenge what Pluto is to being a planet in the Solar System (a.k.a. not even close; also VIVA LA PLUTO because Pluto deserved better smh), the panic sets in. You’re left with two options: lowering your goal or not finishing the challenge. Both make you feel like crap. But honestly, life makes us feel like crap far too many times, thank you very much, so let’s not let reading add to the ever growing pile of crap, am I right?

There’s no reason to feel guilty. If you read one book that year, you’re still a bookworm and it’s still a HUGE achievement. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t reach your challenge. It’s just a stupid tracking tool on the internet, it’s not something to measure your worth as a reader or as a person. You’re still awesome, even if you read just a page. Even one page counts. We’re busy, school and work get in the way 99% of the times. Unexpected life events occur. Shit happens. It’s normal and it’s expected, because life is fun and all that jazz.

Also, may I suggest a great idea: set your goal to one book for the year. Boom! Pressure off. You’ll still be able to see what books you read, how many pages and all that jazz, with the bonus that you don’t feel like hyperventilating every time you open your Goodreads account

  2. Not finishing books (the dreaded DNF)

Let me tell you something right off the bat: life is too short to waste on books that you’re not enjoying. Yes, I know, if you’re like me, you die a little on the inside every time you are at that point where you want to scream at the book you’re reading: BUT WHY ARE YOU NOT GOOD WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME WHO DID I OFFEND IN A PREVIOUS LIFE FML FML. It’s a reality. But let’s face it: you’re not going to enjoy every single book you pick up. It’s just not written in the stars. Which is why it’s perfectly acceptable to just…stop reading it. Put it down. Hug a kitten. Contemplate the universe. Leave it be. Maybe pick it up at a later time, maybe not. But don’t feel guilty. You didn’t disappoint the book, yourself, the book gods or literature as a whole. It just wasn’t meant to be and you should never force yourself to read a book you’re not enjoying. In my case, every time I force myself to keep going with a book I’m not enjoying, I tent to end up in The-Thing-That-Should-Not-Be-Named a.k.a. the Book Slump™. Just…no.

  3. Not reading classics

80% of the classics I’ve read have bored me to tears. I mean. I want me some dragons, magic and lost princesses. There are no such things in most classics (a huge oversight on the part of the writers, but I’m not pointing fingers). I’ve stumbled upon some that I really enjoyed, but too few to really make me actively pursue reading classics. The trouble is that a lot of people cringe so badly when you tell them that you don’t read classics.

“So yeah, I don’t really read or like classics”
“Um, I just..don’t really enjoy them/relate to the stories/want to live while I’m reading them”

Whenever people react like this, it puts me off reading classics even more, because I hate judgy people. But I digress. My point is, the amount of classics that you read or don’t read doesn’t indicate how “good” of a reader you are (fyi, there are no good or bad readers imo). It’s just indicative of the genres you enjoy reading. That is all. People who read classics aren’t THE BEST BOOKWORMS™. They’re just people. Like you.

  4. Rereading books

I will shout this from the rooftops: I LOVE REREADING BOOKS. It’s something so refreshing and comfortable to go back to a book universe you fell in love with. To revisit favourite characters and go on adventures with them again. I reread at least a few books every year. Last year, I actively tried to reread at least one book each month. It was so much fun!

Rereading books can get you out of The Slump™. Rereading books is an excellent alternative for when you can’t afford to buy new books because stupid life costs money booooo. Rereading can be so insightful, because you notice so many things you missed on your first (or second, or third or…you get my drift) read. Rereading can be a whole new experience years after reading that book for the first time. Rereading a certain book can be the best for you at a certain time, because everything is familiar and safe. Rereading is absolutely no reason to feel guilty – people usually say they’re wasting time when they’re rereading (um, no), missing out on new releases (they’ll still be there a week later when you finish rereading your favourite book thank you very much), they fear not liking it as much the second time around (fine, I’ll give you this, it’s a possibility, BUT I ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE). Long story short: reread more books 2k17.

  5. Neglecting books because life

We’re bookworms, yes. But we’re also People Who Need To Live and Function in Society. What does this mean? That we sometimes don’t have that much time to read (I know, it’s just so rude). Days may pass when we don’t read at all. Weeks. Sometimes months. Years? (all my college years were spent reading almost academic books exclusively; it was a dark time in my life). But that’s okay. There’s no reason to feel guilty for doing our best to live out lives. Doing that sometimes implies giving up certain things, because we simply don’t have the time or energy to do them. That doesn’t make us bad people or bad readers. Your books will still be waiting for you when you have the time to devote them your full attention. Books don’t judge.

Surprisingly or not, this is just part one. I have many feelings about this particular topic, because I really really want people to read books guilt free. And live the bookworm life to the fullest

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these points. And if there was ever a time you felt guilty for something book related

Happy reading, bookish people <3


so I started reading MTMTE last week and hOOOOLY HECK IT’S BEEN QUITE THE RIDE!!!

I’m having a great time but I’m also Not™ and idek man I just gotta draw something cute and happy to try to help ease my pAIN AND HEARTACHE

If anyone is curious to know what being in a youth choir is like once we were waiting in a green room before a performance and I was really bored so I started tearing my plastic cup into shreds (you know how it is) and when I was done I gifted the cup shreds to this other kid. He took them and spelled out “YOU WILL DIE” on the table. I took them back and spelled out “WE ALL DIE” and we kept going back and forth for a bit. A few of the other kids were starting to notice and they thought it was kind of funny. After a couple rounds, my friend came up to me and whispered in my ear the best idea I had ever heard. We took the shreds and together, we spelled out “SEND NUDES.” So, everyone at the table was giggling and gathering around. We have some younger aged kids so I decided to destroy the message before I poisoned their minds. Suddenly everyone was mad at me because they hadn’t been able to get a picture of the message. Except for one girl, who said she could send it to everybody. And she did. In the choir group chat. Now, we had a couple different choir group chats with varying members and all created for different purposes. There was one for all of the choir kids with phones. There was one for just the high schoolers. There was one for just the high schoolers who texted a lot about weird shit. And there was one chat that our choir director used to send announcements about rehearsals and performances. So I was looking through the recipients list of this particular chat, and I saw a name that made my stomach drop. “Guys…” I said quietly, horror evident in my voice. Everyone was looking at me. “Wrong chat.”

And that’s the story of how we asked our choir director to send nudes.

I Don’t Want to be a Mermaid Anymore

I mean, every kid went through that phase, right? When you’d go to the pool you’d dive in and imagine your legs fusing into one and growing scales of your favorite color. I wanted blue scales. More than once I’d surface hacking and coughing because I’d try to hold my breath for a second too long. Not pleasant. But by the time I was ten I could do it for quite an impressive amount of time.

My dad thought it was hilarious. Mom treated it as just one of those childish things I’d grow out of. But my Uncle Craig actually encouraged it.

Uncle Craig was my mom’s oldest brother, a big man with a thick stomach and a roaring laugh. Despite having four kids of his own, he loved coming to see me. He’d bring me seashells and tell me stories about his latest catch. And he always listened to me tell my mermaid stories.

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Klance (theory/headcanon?)

There’s probably plenty of people who have figured this out already but I’ve never seen any content referring to it and I’m kinda bored rn so here I am.

Okay so everyone knows the notorious Bonding Moment™ in S1E5 where Keith holds Lance’s hand and helps him sit up. There’s the whole “We are a good team” line and everything.

Now skip to the next episode when Keith says “We had a bonding moment! I cradled you in my arms!”, which was pretty funny. But I couldn’t help but notice that the on-screen Bonding Moment™ didn’t involve any actual cradling like Keith claimed. Of course, I thought, there must have been more to that moment than is shown on screen. 

Now consider, who carried lance to the infirmary? Hunk and Coran were coming back with the crystal; Pidge is smol (and was helping Shiro); Shiro was conscious, but in no state to carry anyone; and Allura probably had her hands full trying to get the ship ready and wouldn’t interfere if Lance was already being assisted.

So that means Keith princess-carried carried Lance to the infirmary #confirmed  spread the word @idhrentelcontar

I’ve Alway Been Here, Not Him- Harry Hook x Reader

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Request/Summary/prompt:PLEASE USE PROMPT 10 IN A HARRY HOOK IMAGINE (maybe with the reader as Tiana’s daughter - I’ve read a few imagines with this pairing and it’s my favourite) WHERE THE READER GETS DUMPED BY CHAD! It would make my day xxxcould you #10 from the prompt list with harry
#10 with Harry Hook please!

A: I still love him B. I miss him so much and he doesn’t even care. I need him, I can’t live without him
B: You don’t get it do you?
A: B?
B: I’m here. I’ve always been here. Whenever you needed a shoulder to cry on I’ve always been there. I make you laugh, I make you smile, everything I do I do for you. He gives you nothing, he just lets you down over and over again. I love you A but you’ve never even notice.

Warnings: Like one curse word

I smiled as I walked over to Evie and Mal’s room. Today was Chad and I’s four month anniversary and I was on my way to get my outfit from Evie. 

“Hey E,” I said when I walked in.

“Y/n, I have your outfit ready for tonight. It is right over there,” She told me, pointing at my outfit.

“Wow, it’s perfect! Thank you so much,” I told her as I pulled her into a hug.

“I am so glad you like it, I hope you like Chad as much as you like the outfit,” She said as her smile dropped. I gave her a confused look, not knowing why she would say that.

“Y/n we all know you have a thing for Harry. I don’t know why you are dating Chad,” She said shaking her head. 

“Look, Harry doesn’t like me so why should I waste my time waiting on someone who will never love me the way I love them. Chad loves me and that is all that matters,” I sighed out. It was true, ever since I met Harry I felt a connection to him. I knew it was only one-sided though, he would only ever think of me as his friend. No matter how much it hurt to admit .

“How do you know that? Did you ever ask him,” She questioned me.

“No but it doesn’t matter now, I have Chad,” I said as I started getting changed behind the board setup for changing. I could hear her sigh but I just ignored it.

“How do I look,” I asked after I was done getting dressed.

“Smoking, now go get him tigger,” She laughed out with a wink. I laughed and said one more thank you before heading over to Chad’s dorm. As I wa walking I bumped into Harry, literally. 

“Oh sorry lass, didn’t see you there,” Harry said helping me up. 

“It’s fine Harry,” I told him with a warm smile.

“Wow you look, you look breath taking,”He said in awe, looking me up and down. I blushed at his comment and looked away.

“Thanks Harry but I look the same as always,” I said.

“Exactly,” I heard him whisper out.

“Well I have to go meet Chad. See you later,” I told him as I quickly walked off. He mumbled a goodbye as he watched me go.

When I arrived at Chad’s dorm I heard quite moans and laughs.

“Chad stop, y/n is going to be here any second,” I heard a voice that sounded familiar but I couldn’t quite tell who it was.

“She won’t find out, don’t worry. Even if she does what does it matter? I don’t even love her,” Chad said. I was debating on going in or just walking away. I decided on walking in. When I walked in I saw Chad and Audrey making out with there clothes scattered all around the room. I felt my heart shatter into a million pieces as I saw the scene in front of me. 

“What the hell Chad,” I screamed at him as they jumped off each other.

“Y/n I-I can explain,” Chad quickly stuttered out. He pulled up his boxers and ran over to me. I took a few steps back as he came closer.

“I am so sorry, I didn’t want you to find out this way. Look I just, I just don’t love you anymore. You were getting boring,” He hesitantly said. I felt tears fall out of my eyes but I quickly whipped them away.

“So instead of coming to me and telling me this, you decided to cheat on me. I loved you Chad, I would have done anything for you and this is how you repay me,” I said to him in disbelief. When he didn’t answer I laughed bitterly and ran out of the room. I could barely see where I was going and ran into someone causing me to fall on my butt.

“Looks like you can’t stop yourself from running into me today love,” A scottish accent said. I looked up at Harry and saw he was smirking but it quickly feel after seeing the look on my face.

“What’s wrong princess,” He asked with concern in his voice. I stood up and threw myself into Harry’s arms. He wrapped his arms around me and rubbed my back.

“Y/n darling, you have to tell me what’s wrong so I can help you,”He whispered in my ear. I didn’t say anything but unwrapped myself from him. He gave me a questioning look but I grabbed his hand and lead him to the roof of the school. When we got to it I sat down and pulled him down with me.

“Are you going to tell me what is wrong now,” He asked me softly. I sighed and turned my body so I was facing him.

“After I bumped into you, you know how I said I was going to met up with Chad,” I asked him. He nodded in response.

“Well when I got there I heard a girl’s voice tell him stop because I would be there any second and he was like don’t worry about it. I don’t care if she knows or something like that. Anyway, I decided to walk in and I saw Chad making out with Audrey. Then when I said something he said that he didn’t love me anymore and I was getting boring,” I finished as I started crying again. Harry pulled me onto his lap and started rubbing it again.

“Y/n he is an idiot for cheating on you and letting you go. If he couldn’t see how wonderful you are then he doesn’t deserve you. Girls like you only come once in a lifetime,” Harry whispered in my ear with a hint of anger as he rocked me back and forth. He kissed my forehead a couple times until I calmed down. After I stopped crying and got my voice back I decided to speak up.

“I still love him Harry. I miss him so much and he doesn’t even care. I need him, I can’t live without him,” I told him as I whipped my eyes. I felt him tense when I said that.
“You don’t get it do you,”
He asked me bitterly.
“Harry,” I said as more of a question, confused as to what he means.
“I’m here. I’ve always been here. Whenever you needed a shoulder to cry on I’ve always been there. I make you laugh, I make you smile, everything I do I do for you. He gives you nothing, he just lets you down over and over again. I love you y/n but you’ve never even notice,” He confessed. I stared at him in utter shock. Evie was right, I should have just told him how I felt and none of this would have happened. He sighed am moved me out of his lap.

“I have to go,” He muttered out as he left quickly.

“Harry, Harry wait,” I called out but he didn’t stop. I stood there motionless. Sure I had lost Chad and it hurt but it didn’t hurt as much as losing Harry. I slowly walked off of the roof and made my way to my dorm. I plopped down on my bed and tried to fall asleep but couldn’t.

“This is going to be a long night,” I thought to myself as I laid there alone with my thoughts haunting me.

~Week Later~

It had been a week and Harry had been avoiding me. Everytime I tried to talk to him he would just walk away from me. Today was going to be different though. The four vks and I had come up with a plan to get Harry to talk to me. Mal and Evie would go up to Harry and tell him that Jay and Carlos needed him to go the the locker room. That is where I would be waiting. Jay and Carlos were going to make sure it was empty before I went in. As I got to the locker room I knocked on it and waited for the two of them to come out.

“Hey y/n it is all clear,” Jay told me as he walked out. I gave him a small smile as I felt my nerves rise.

“It will be alright, you just have to dig down deep inside yourself to find the courage you need to talk to him,” Carlos told me patting my back. I said thank you to both or them as I entered the locker room and sat down. Not to long after I came in the door opened.

“What did you guys-” He stopped mid sentence when he saw me.

“Y/n, what are yo doing in the boys locker room,” He asked me. I stood up and walked over to him which cause him to tense. When I notice this I stopped walking and looked down. 

“Harry ever since I met you I felt a connection towards you. I can’t really describe it but when I first laid eyes on you I felt a pull. Like I was supposed to be with you. Whenever I look into your beautiful eyes I get lost in them. When I hear your accent it drives me crazy. When you laugh it makes me want to keep making you laugh just so I can hear it. Honestly, I am terrified to be around you because of this. I-I am scared because I love you more than I should. The only reason I even dated Chad was because I thought I wasn’t good enough for you and I thought you didn’t love me. Sure I had feelings for Chad but with you it is a whole nother level. You’re right, you were there. You were there whenever I needed you. I can’t live without you Har, I am incomplete without you,” I poured my heart out. There was a moment of silence, possible the longest moment ever, before I felt his lips on mine. It took me a moment to realize what was happening but when I did I quickly kissed back. It was a long passionate kiss, neither one of us wanting to break it. We finally pulled away when we ran out of air. I rested my head in his as I tried to catch my breath.

“I love you y/n,”He panted out, still out of breath. I smiled and pulled him into a shorter kiss.

“I love you too.”

Sorry this is kind of short. I hope you guys liked it!