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hi!!! I really, really love vvtz!! I've played the demo soooo many times and I am so incredibly excited for the full release (*´∀`)♪ I have a question and a suggestion though! are Pisces and Virgo romantically involved, canonically? (OTP material nonetheless~) also, the quality triangle is a little hard to remember :c maybe there could be something on the menu that could be a reminder? I keep getting strengths/weaknesses mixed up... I hope development goes well for you! thank you for vvtz!!!!

Thank you so so so much! I’m glad you’ve played the demo a lot! T_T Super glad that it didn’t get boring HAHAH I’m sorry for the longest delay in all humanity! I was actually waiting for this update here before answering your ask! After I’ve read this ask, I thought it was a good idea to add the triangle on the menu! Now, on the menu you also get extra explanation/lore for each stat and attribute as well! But since I was going to change from RPG Maker to Game Maker (didn’t know at the time, but was waiting for the campaign to end to see the results xD), I thought it was a good idea to wait a bit longer until I had this finished to show you how it looks on menu!

Now you’ll have access to the Zodiac Qualities triangle anytime! ;) Also, Virgo and Pisces are romantically involved! Their relationship is a bit complicated, though :0


I’m not experienced with suspense, but I’m learning a lot… [Alfred Hitchcock] had this “bomb under the table” theory. 

Oh, that’s easy. Controlled detonation’s really your only hope to defuse a bomb.

Here’s how it works: Take a scene with two people sitting at a table talking. Really boring, right? 

Narrator: Yes. Much like a scene with two married people sitting on a couch talking.

haha okay yyaaay I finished iiit!!!
There are 344 frames in this sucker
It’s the longest animation I have made so far!
Ehh, I just hope you like it?
It’s okay, I wanted ‘you’ to have more movement but what do you expect, I’m an amateur animator hh
Soul!sans @amber-acrylic
Oh heyyy alsoo
This pretty much was @crowfry ’s idea, I thought it was adorable sooo here’s thiissss haha