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“Your life in exchange for the Blue Paladin’s freedom. Interesting indeed.”

if the rangers were a sorority

Here’s the fam, let me introduce you to them one by one

first, we have the little, Brandon

Brandon just pledged and doesn’t really know what’s going on. he has no idea why getting a big is important but he’s okay with the crafts and free booze he got from his big. not smiling too big bc he doesn’t wanna get hazed (even tho Matt would never)

next, we have the big, Matt

Matt’s very excited to get a little, so excited that he can’t take a good picture. very upset that the picture didn’t come out good enough for his insta and is mad at the rest of the fam is posting it everywhere. too nice to haze, doesn’t believe in that stuff. 

and the gbig (grandbig), Jimmy

Jimmy is here for the formality but is waiting to get drunk later with his new gg. excited the fam has grown but doesn’t want to show it bc he wants people to think he’s cool and chill. comes off as quiet and shy but is actually quite the partier and gets sent to standards a lot but he just doesn’t give a fuck. that guy that always says he’s going to drop out but never does 

then we have the ggbig, Brady

Brady is the retiring chapter president. very enthusiastic about the sorority. he’s that senior that cries at least once a week bc he doesn’t want to graduate and become an alum of the sorority. very proud of his fam and is very excited to welcome his gglittle. wears rangers stuff 5/7 days of the week.

and finally, the gggbig, Kevin

Kevin already graduated last year. he’s just here because he refuses to believe he’s not in college anymore and has to be an actual adult. also, he heard there’s going to be a party tonight

Camp Camp| Max x Counselor!Reader|Rescue

So i got really bored and wrote some camp camp stuff cause im trash, so yea. This takes place after episode 3 so probs spoilers enjoy n stuff

“David, where the fuck are they!?”

“I’m not sure, maybe they ran away?”

You, David, and Gwen were currently looking for Max and his little group.  They had been trying to escape since they got here, but you and the other counselors weren’t allowing that.

“For fucks sake David! How could we just lose them like that!?” You yelled.

You had been hyperventilating, hoping the kids were okay, “We need to find them,” you quickly placed your hands on Gwen’s shoulders, “Gwen, we need to call the police!”

“Hey {Y/n}!” A voice called from above.  Looking up, you saw Nikki and Neil floating towards camp, holding on to a large bird.

“Nikki! Where were you!?” David exclaimed, rushing over as they landed, checking them for bruises or cuts.

“We ended up at the Flower Scouts’ camp,” Neil explained, and you noticed the random eyeliner and blush on his face.

“Lemme guess, dressed as a girl?” you asked, walking over and cleaning the makeup off of his face with a handkerchief.  “How the hell did you get across Lake Lilac to there?”

Nikki looked at you, a bit ashamed, “We tried to run away on a boat; Max’s idea.”

That’s when you noticed it, “Wait, where’s Max?”

“Last time I saw him he got literally stabbed in the back by that ‘Snake’ kid before I was dumped into the lake,” Nikki explained, shrugging.

You looked at her, slightly confused, “Who’s ‘Snake’?”

“Some ex-Woodscouts kid,” Neil spoke, continuing to clean his face with the small pocket napkin.

“Woodscouts? Isn’t that the all boys military camp?” Gwen asked, still rubbing sleep from her eyes.

“Military!? Oh, what could they be doing to Max!?” David asked, now worried.

You growled inwardly, “Well, I don’t care, we’re getting Max back.”  You turned around and headed to the mess hall, “C’mon, it’ll take all of us to get him back.”

Max groaned as he tried to free himself from the net, failing over and over to do so, and the hell pit below him wasn’t helping.

“Yo fuckers! Where’s my kid!?” He heard someone yell.

“Hey! No girls are allowed here!” He heard one of the Woodscouts yell, “Wait, what’re you-!” And he began screaming.

“Care to speak again!? Where’s Max!?”

“On the course! Please, for the love of god stop!” He cried.

“Hold him, Nikki, I’m gonna go find him.”

Before he could ask anyone what the hell was going on, he heard someone grunt as they made their way through the course.  He looked over to the track behind him and saw something he didn’t expect; You.

“{Y/n}!” Max smiled, “Thank god, get me out of this god forsaken camp!”

You smiled, “Way ahead of you, Maxie!”  You climbed through the militant course with ease, quickly making it to the dangling boy.  “Got ya!” You continued through the ropes to the end, holding Max in one arm all the way.  At the end you stood up and took a breath, glad it was over and that Max was okay.

“Holy-! How did you do that!?” Nikki asked, dragging an unconscious boy behind her.

You smiled, “JROTC, you should try it in high school, I think you’d like it Nikki,” you spoke, shifting Max so he could jump on to the ground.

“So, Max, let’s get you to camp, shall we-?”


Everyone looked over to see a teen, holding his hand up, glaring at you.  “Yeah kid? What do you need?”

“You cannot just take one of our scouts! It is a crime!”

You groaned and walked up to the teen, staring him down, “Listen fucker, Max belongs at our camp,” You spoke annoyedly.

Gwen smirked, “Keep in mind, she went through most of that course with one hand.”

“Exactly-!” David yelled.

“Dave, stop, you aren’t helping.”


You glared down at the now pale teenager, “Leave him be, got it, shitface?”

“Woah, damn, harsh {Y/n},” Max mumbled, feeling a bit sorry for the Woodscout.

“Y-Yes, ma’am!”

“Good,” you smirked, “I hope you don’t plan on taking my kids again.”

When you were all back at camp, you took Max to the infirmary, or rather, your cabin, while Gwen and David took care of the other campers.

“Okay, spill it Maxie, why’d you run,” You asked, helping him get his hoodie off.

He grumbled unhappily, “I hate this stupid camp…”

You sighed, lifting his shirt off him to clean his wound, “Well, you can’t keep getting hurt like this, kid.”  You rubbed some alcohol on his stab wound, “Geez, Max, Nikki was right, he literally stabbed you in the back. It’s pretty deep, but it didn’t damage anything major, so the bleeding is gonna take a while to stop.”

Max hissed as you placed the antibacterial cream on him, and wrapped his midsection with gauze.  “Fuck…” he groaned as you smoothed out the bandages.

You stood up and headed to the medicine cabinet, placing the gauze and other materials back, “Orange or blue?” you asked, grabbing him a small pill.

“Blue…” You closed the door and opened the mini fridge, pulling out a miniature blue soda can.  Giving Max the drink and pill, you kicked the fridge closed and sat by the small boy.

He quickly swallowed the pain killer and drank down the soda.  “Feeling okay?” you asked, rubbing his back softly as he drank the blueberry soda.  He nodded, and you patted his head.  “After you finish that, I want you to relax for a bit, okay?”

“Yeah, sure…” he sighed, staring down at his drink.

“It’s an off day, I’ll be in here in the infirmary, so you can just sleep here if you want to.”  He looked up at you as you spoke, “And I’ll make sure David won’t come in.”

He smiled, “You really do know how to make me feel better.”

You smiled back and stood up, “I’m gonna go grab some breakfast materials, so you can stay here, okay?” You ruffled his hair as you made your way to leave, but he stopped you.  You looked at him; he was holding on to your arm while you played with his dark hair.

“Get chocolate chips, too.  I want chocolate chip pancakes…”

You smiled, “You got it, kid.”

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I've been on the vagued-about side of blaise multiple times; once for making a post musing about how rarely i think about relationships for my dragon characters probably because i'm ace, and once for musing about how the gijinka trend in FR art is interesting. The first one got dragged for implying homophobia somehow, and the second got me called a furry in a degrading tone and told I had "boring lore". So they're just cool all around.

OH YEA lmao

ye i got a couple posts where the crew bitches about “your writing is just shit, just like your attitude” after a friend of mine made a post abt how they sometimes felt like it was hard to become popular in the FR lore scene

and not to mention when someone made a post saying gijinkas were very popular but just kinda werent their thing and it was a bit discouraging to find lore buddies bc of that and the entire crew just started wanking about how fucking offensive that post was and how rampant the “gijinka hate” in the fr community is

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Looks like chrianna fam got time today👀😊. I'm just ready for that first pic of all of that beautifulness that is chrianna. It's gone be too 🔥🔥🔥

I’m bored and haven’t been on in forever so yea we got time 😫😫 -Kayla