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Double Dare — Min Yoongi

Words: 3114

Warnings: enemies to lovers + fluff

Description: Min Yoongi hates you, and you hate him…or do you? Ft. Bts being the wingmen


“Truth or dare?” Taehyung asks as you sat in the living room with the rest of the boys.

It was a boring Saturday night and the boys decided to invite you over to watch movies. They were like your best friends, so this wasn’t a new thing.

But playing truth or dare with them wasn’t always the best thing. Being their girl best friend was hard, especially since you were the only girl they hung out with almost everyday.

Being the only girl in a game of truth or dare with 7 boys didn’t really seem like the best idea to most people, but it didn’t matter to you, no matter how nervous you were.

You trusted them completely. Although, they’ve never done anything completely inappropriate while playing this game. They respect your boundaries.

Once everyone agreed to play the game, you all sat in a circle on the floor of their living room.

It started off simply. Taehyung went first. He dared Jimin to call his mother and tell her that he got someone pregnant.

“Jimin, can you handle a child? You’re not even married yet.” Jimin’s mom said through the phone as the rest of you tried not to burst out laughing.

“Eomma, honestly, I don’t know if I can handle it.” Jimin says.

“Jesus Christ, Jimin. What am I going to do with you?” His mother sighed.

Next was Hoseok. He was dared to kiss Namjoon on the cheek. It was a harmless kiss, but they made such a big deal about it.

These boys were so extra, but you loved them. How could you not?

Although you loved all of them, there was one person who you didn’t particularly hate, but “like” would be an overstatement.

Min Yoongi.

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Made this last night XD

I showed Julianne this and she said I drew them like they lost a bet to me. So ye!

Oswald: Why do we need to endure this?!

Mickey: Be quiet, Ozzy! Just endure it!

Felix: I have no dignity left

Bendy was gonna be in the corner laughing, but I thought, ‘nah’ I would have had a bonus thing where Boris was like, “Why are you laughing? You’re still Veronica.” XD

But here is a random thing I did!

I’m tempted to say tag your favourite Mickey, Oswald and Felix blogs, but that might scar some of them XD

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is there anyway u can give more harry x peter hc's?? it sounds super cute!!!!

when harry first starts attending midtown everyone is kinda standoffish towards him bc he legit shows up to school in a limo each morning, and he looks like he would have his dad sue you if you even glanced in his direction. flash thinks that the only reason he got into midtown was bc his dad paid his way in, but harry quickly proves that he’s as smart as he is wealthy. he isn’t as bright as peter or mj, but they are the highest in the class so that isn’t saying much

peter is the first person to really speak to harry, and maybe that’s why harry latches onto him. he’s sitting on a bench outside after class, all the other students are making their way home but he’s just… sitting there. he looks bored and kinda sad.

“uh, you d-did really good in the decathlon try out, harry. i’ll be really surprised if mj doesn’t let you on the t-team,” peter stutters out, shuffling around. he really should get going, he needs to start his patrol before the rush hour crime starts.

but then harry smiles at him, his sulking sour face melts into a sunshiny blinding smile and peter feels his breath catch in his lungs because holy shit. where had harry been hiding that smile. peter wants to wax poetic about that smile. wants to swing around new york and tell everyone about that pretty smile. in fact he probably will do just that later that night.

“you think so?” harry laughs. “i feel like flash doesn’t really want me there.” harry swings his legs and kicks a stray pebble, then leans back into the bench and sighs. he looks at peter and then looks at the empty space on the bench.

peter hurriedly sits down next to harry and takes off his bookbag. “don’t worry about flash, mj is the captain and unlike him she actually knows what’s best for the team.”

“i hope he warms up to me,” harry sighs. “i hope this whole place warms up to me. i feel like a pariah.”

peter snorts and then blushes when harry focuses his attention on him. “they just aren’t used to someone with your family’s status, they feel like they gotta walk on eggshells or something. don’t worry, they’ll get their heads out of their asses soon.”

harry hums and then chuckles. “you seem like you have experience in the outcast department”

peter side-eyes him and smirks, “you calling me an outcast?”

“what? i – no, no, i didn’t mean it like that, i mean. well, i did, but not like – fuck”

and peter giggles and shoves against harry’s shoulder to relax him “dude, don’t worry, i know what you meant. and either way, yeah, i know what it feels like. i’m just starting to get a steady group of friends outside of ned, and i’ve been going to school with these guys for ages.”

harry runs his hands through his hair and pulls an expensive pair of sunglasses off his head, and places them gently on his nose. he looks like a model, peter would find it ridiculous if he wasn’t so entranced by the way harry licks his lips before he begins to speak.

“i don’t know why anyone would have a problem with you, peter. you’re the nicest guy i’ve met. nice and normal.”

peter blushes, and leans a bit towards harry. “nice and normal is kinda boring, huh.”

and harry smiles softly, peter can slightly see his eyes crinkly behind the sunglasses. “boring? never said boring. between the spider guys of new york, the vultures and goblins? i think we all need a little normal. it isn’t boring, sometimes it’s just what somebody needs. give yourself some credit, pete.”

he wants to comment on that spider guy, wants to laugh at just how ironic this all feels. but peter feels himself leaning more towards harry, and harry doesn’t really try to stop him. it’s like he’s waiting for peter to do something. peter feels like if he just leaned in a bit more, just a bit closer then –

but then suddenly a car horn is honking right in front of them, and a sleek limo pulls up. peter jolts back from harry, and harry sighs and lazily stand up and gathers his books.

“that’s my ride,” harry groans.

reality crashes back onto peter in a hard wave, and he stands up and clumsily throws his bag over his shoulder. “yeah yeah, of course, totally.”

harry throws a small smile towards peter and begins waking towards the car. peter watches him go, watches this pretty boy harry saunter towards his limo, and peter’s pretty sure that there are little hearts floating around his head.

harry suddenly turns around and leans against the side of the limo, clearly posing, but peter can’t bring himself to find it ridiculous even though it clearly is

“you want a ride?”

“oh – uh, um, no that’s okay, i gotta swing by a few places on my way home, but thanks, i mean – thank you. yeah.”

harry smiles wryly, knowingly. “okay, pete. be safe, there’s a lot of weirdos out there.”

“yeah, you too! lotta weirdos.”

harry chuckles and climbs into the limo, winking at peter before he closes the door. the limo starts up and drives away.

peter watches it go, and clutches the strap of his bookbag tighter.

“don’t get a crush,” he mumbles to himself, then he thinks about harry’s smile and blushes. “ah, fuck”

Jonsa shippers, stop, don't give up!!

Idk why a lot of jonsa shippers are freaking out. I’m more sure of Jonsa than I was before. I swear I was worried with all the reactions to the 07x06 leaked epi and I was actually dreading to watch that j/d scene coz I thought it’s gonna be so emotional and full of feels BUT it’s NOT. It’s just not like that at all.

I don’t wanna give away anything but Jon barely says 3 sentences. I didn’t like the hand holding part, but I understand why it was needed. I saw it with my friend who is a complete non-shipper, and we actually burst out laughing at a certain point coz it was so bland and boring. I’m sorry to say this, I love Kit and all but he’s just not doing it right with the j/d scenes. Neither is Emilia.

Also I think boat*ang is coming next episode, unfortunately, we may just have to endure it. I’m very sure Targbowl is coming next season, no doubt. There were too many clues there. I noticed a very indirect Jonsa future reference, and I really do hope my theory is right. If it is, then Jonsa is endgame. Canon AF :D ( idk if that’s the proper usage)

Never Mess with the Cul-De-Sac Kids (Dream Daddy One-Shot)

               AN: I made a post about this idea and decided to write it. Also I just used my Dadsona’s name.

Pairing: None except a little DamienXDadsona
Words: 2705

               It was a normal, boring day in Trig for Lucien. He was staring out the window at the trees while his teacher droned on about cosines. Riveting. When suddenly a conversation behind him caught his attention.
               “Did you hear what Emma R. did to Amanda Ross?” Someone asked another person, Lucien shifted to listen, hearing all about how Amanda’s friend group completely betrayed her.

               “So that’s why she’s been hanging around…” Nothing was said but he knew they pointed to him. Ever since his dad started seeing Michael, Amanda’s dad, she had been trying to spend more time with him. He assumed it was because of the possibility of them becoming step siblings but know it made a lot more sense. She had been spending more time with all of the kids in the cul-de-sac, actually. He didn’t really see her with anyone that didn’t live there. Lucien felt the blood in his veins boiling. Amanda had become like an older sister to everyone but especially him. His dad loved her, in part due to her helping him channel his teen angst into better things than Cask of Amontillado-ing his classmates. The bell rang and Lucien headed straight for Ernest’s locker.

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do you have any secret admirers

What, me? Of course not, at least none that I know of. I tend to be aggressor in those situations.

That said, as not to bore anyone, I can speak of those I admire instead.

The Duchy of Lithuania, as mighty as he is, has been a constant source of strength and good council. I invited him to occupy my castles along the Lagoda and the Baltic sea. He helped foster little Tver’s growth in those crucial early years as well. He is a dependable ally, a cool level head, and one of those rare nationkind I could truly call ‘Friend’. I feel true safety with him at my back. …which is probably why Poland is so invested and possessive of him. Poland’s intercession has made visiting him difficult. The Pole has his ear, and from what I understand, soon his hand. It pains me, but I must content myself with his friendship, and nothing more. I miss his companionship.

I have been battling with Svei, the Swedish specifically, for 200 years for the keep of this man. The Finn, his lands, and all of that Baltic coastline are a glittering jewel that I have desired for centuries. Possessing that coast would mean near total control over the entire Baltic sea, and extending my reach from Sweden’s norther borders to the edges of the Danish sea-lanes. Grain and bread would never be dear again, and the special warhorses he breeds and trains would be mine in turn. Svei is deeply attached to him, and I can understand why. There is something in the way his eyes burn, like lilac pitch, when he glares at me. He is fury in a rosy-cheeked package. 

Nemtsy, the shit! God gifted him with a beautiful face, long lashes, and long, luscious snowy hair that he abuses. He is terribly skinny. He resists me futily at every turn, rushing me and trying to wipe me off the face of the earth. He is a challenge, intriguing and vindictive all at once. Wearing him down, little by little, may lead to him leaving me be, and not stirring up the Swedish to declare crusade against me. There are moments when he is quiet, and I break through to him, and there is something witty and kind under that angry, bristly shell. …I just wish he would stop trying to kidnap my children-

The last…I only met once, and she left an undeniable impression upon me. She? …He? I cannot be sure. Frankiskye only appeared on the edge of the Hanseanic trade routes just once, and I passed them in the harbors. They were stunning! It took decades before my princes would allow me to wear finery to represent them, and they glide in silks, furs, gold, and embroidered satin. Sky blue tunics and gold embroidery fluttering like peacock feathers in the breeze, golden locks catching the sun like the gates of paradise… I doubt I will ever see them again, but perhaps, if God allows, I might hear just a drop of honey from those soft, rosey lips…


I am not lucky enough to have suitors close enough, or interested enough in me to travel though. Love and romance is difficult for our kind, no? Everything must be weighed and found balanced before even meetings can occur, and keeping things secret and quiet is difficult enough without having to worry about public opinion souring things. I suppose that may be why I am told to pursue the Finnish so much. They are a close country that would suit a marriage well.

Who could be closer than that?

The Grand Prince Novgorod will simply have to stay a bachelor for the meantime.

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so disappointed about these leaks? we knew jonerys was coming but it's so annoying how rushed and deep they're trying to make it so fast. I was hoping they'd be attracted yeah but I can't help but feel this is all rushed

Yeah I mean we knew it would happen but they could have built it better or more believable at least? Like yeah dany was obviously smitten but jon looked so fucking uninterested and bored?? 

That goodbye scene for example why not have jon longingly turn around instead of jorah?? like this is a common romantic trope why not use it?? also having the other characters point out how they’re interested in another is so fucking transparent and cheap?? show don’t tell !!! 

Ugh anyway it’s rushed poorly constructed and I am tired

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Since i love you but also love the love yourself concept just the way it is (expecially since bts put so much effort into this and also the girls are fucking cute ksk) I'm just gonna ignore what you answered to this asl and pretend you never said that lol

I MEAN DGMW i’m not mad @ bts ?? and i’m obviously supporting them as Actors and the girls are SO cute i’d die for the one in jin’s scene Who Is She i’m just :/ @bighit for giving us boring and generic het love stories when they said they were coming back with something epic and Never Seen Before. anyway ok thanks

I first thought hobi was Jimin love interest and then that girl walked in and I was like oh……🙃 I mean it would be so amazing to get some gay representation , doesn’t matter which ship it is! But I mean it’s South Korea where talking about here so I don’t know why I was expecting something else than heterosexual couples. Btw not blaming bangtan cause it’s not their fault

i thought the girl was only hobi’s friend that jimin liked but some people think she’s hobi’s gf so fjknjfng it’s a cursed love triangle aka an essential trope for hetero romances,,,,,,, and yeah don’t assume things bc im a ym stan but it’s basically what i just said above + the fact that the whole hyyh/wings concepts were whichever way you look at it hinted at to be gay so. what’s up with that now.. and lmao one of the members in day6′s mv is implied to be gay so it’s not like it’s impossible

I completely agree to everything you’ve said. I’d be so disappointed if they turn this into some generic love story. The worst, this all makes me feel betrayed, as if we’ve been lied to all this time. As you said, Namjoon proclaiming they’ll change the industry and address sensitive topics in society. Was HYYH all for nothing if they’ll turn it into this? I really wanted BTS to be the band to bring change, but I don’t know anymore. I hope we can trust bighit/BTS but who knows.. anyway love you💗

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outlander accent challenge !
outlander accent challenge !

So I decided to do @bonnie-wee-swordsman’s accent challenge thingy, despite the fact that I literally have nothing interesting to say. I apologise in advance for how boring this is, but if you’re interested in hearing my accent, this is it!

Backstory: I remember complaining a while ago that my blog had zero personality, so this is basically me trying to, um, reveal myself a little bit. (No idea why anyone’d be interested in that tho).

(Also I’m pretty sure I said ‘gressing gown’ lol …)


  • Name and username
  • Where are you from?
  • Pronounce the following words for us:
    James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Fraser, Brianna, Master Raymond, dirk, Lallybroch, mo chridhe, bannock, Edinburgh, Fraser’s Ridge, Adso, Bouton, Fergus, Marsali, Laoghaire, Castle Leoch, plaid, bairn, Murtagh, dinna fash, Culloden, Craigh na Dun, Blood of my blood/bone of my bone.
  • Favorite side character?
  • Favorite way you engage in fandom?

Show questions

  • When/how did you first get into the show Outlander?
  • Favorite episode(s)? and/or moments?
  • Favorite quote(s)?

Book series questions

  • How long have you been reading and how far are you into the series?
  • Do you have a favorite of the books?
  • Choose one: Fergus or Roger? Rachel or Marsali? Adso or Clarence?
  • Your thoughts on the side novellas and/or the Lord John Series?
  • Things you are most looking forward to in book 9/Go tell the bees?
  • Finally, pick a book passage and give us a wee reading!

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Okay, so I read the Percy Jackson books when I was much younger and then I read most of Heroes of Olympus (save for the last one) when they came out but I've actually decided I'm going to restart them because I really want to get back into it. So here I go, rereading the first Percy Jackson book, torn cover, old pages, slightly frayed edges and all. I honestly don't know why I'm telling you this but you said you were bored so, here you go.


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since youre so smart tell me why boring sean even has fans. switch the skin color and most everyone will be jake fans and u kno it I kno protecting your boy is good and I'm not mad about that but don't cry "RACISTS!!!!" when there's nothing about it

First, you are obviously mad about the fact that Sean has fans, otherwise you wouldn’t be in my inbox whining to me about it.
Second, Sean is one of the most under appreciated characters in the Choices fandom, though I am happy to say support of him has been rising, because previously it was all Jake 24/7. Which is personal preference, so I don’t care. Because personal preference does not equal racism.
But I’m not talking about personal preference, I’m talking about the RACIST things being sent anonymously to Sean fans. Such as myself. About a month ago now I received an ask supporting a racist rhetoric. Several friends or acquaintances of mine have also received similar Asks.
So don’t try to frame this as Sean getting undeserved protection when it’s clearly a case of fans protecting a black character from fandom racism because Sean is black and a sweet Love Interest and there is a racist Anon going around spreading hate.
Third, Sean may be ‘boring’ to you but I literally don’t care. He’s a dynamic and interesting character who I love.
Fourth, 'switching Sean’s skin color’ as you say is called whitewashing. That’s racist. Just so you know.
Fifth, I am pretty smart, thank you for noticing.

Imagine how boring the world would be if everyone looked the same.

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I just want to know why fans are so hard pressed about bts having a romantic concept in general?? Like we've seen the boys tackle some serious issues so if they ever wanted a video to just focus on love what's wrong with that?

Same! I’ve seen some fans say

“they haven’t done anything wrong (yet)”

like what the actual fuck? If it is going to be a romantic concept, which it probably will, there is nothing wrong with that. Some fans are angry at the possibility of it going to be the usual girl meets boy story, and not a boy meets boy story or a platonic girl meets boy story, and i get why that may bore you if you’re not into that, but to actually be upset about it? And then complain about it being a harmful message, just because you don’t like it?

please go stan a rock and leave BTS free to create whatever the hell they want.


First week (first two pictures) - finished building the base at Tundra but got bored quick and started fucking around while my team tries to figure dps out

Second week (bottom two pictures) - Got bored and made a home at Oceanic. I liked hanging out at that place so I decided to build a new base underwater. Airlock took me 5 hours but I did it (thanks to YouTube). Gonna upload pics later.

I’m free for the rest of the month so I’m gonna keep expanding.

This is why I haven’t uploaded any comics by the way :DDD