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ao3 | ff.net

Summary: Dick meets with a photographer for a photo shoot, Tim has a bad feeling, and Bruce is overprotective.

Thank you to VP for donating! Here’s the prompt you asked for!

Thanks to @preciousthingsareprecious​ and @laquilasse​ for looking this over for me and listening to me complain over the fact that I didn’t know how to end it for an entire month.

“Hey, Tim,” Dick greets, cradling his phone between his shoulder and his cheek as he flips through last month’s issue of an up and coming magazine from the rack in the corner of the lobby. He doesn’t know where Bruce has gone, but with it likely that Dick will end up in next month’s issue, he figures that he might as well give it a look while he chats with his little brother. “What’s up?”

“Heard about the photoshoot,” Tim tells him. There’s a pause, a chance for Dick to interject, but he doesn’t. He hums and waits for Tim to continue. Eventually, Tim sighs and says, “You sure about this?”

Dick hums again, this time an affirmative.

“Dick,” Tim snaps, and Dick can’t help the upturn of his lips at his name. It sounds more like an insult than anything, but Tim would never admit to using it that way, no matter how much time Jason’s been spending around them nowadays. “This is serious.”

“Relax, Tim,” Dick says, putting the magazine back and grabbing the phone with a free hand. “I’ve been in plenty of magazines before. Plus, Bruce is here with me. What’s the problem?”

Tim makes a frustrated noise in the back of his throat. “Something’s off about him.”

“Can you prove it.”

Tim huffs out a, “Not yet,” and if Dick had to guess, he’s probably glowering at his laptop or his tablet. Dick’s seen Tim do that enough times when his results don’t seem to match his effort level. “If I had more time to—”

“Tim,” Dick interrupts. “I’m twenty-four.”


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anonymous asked:

*stares at the Thomas’ credits* Most comics mention the name of the character's creator in the byline. Brian Hess is an artist under contract with Action Labs Entertainment, the comics license holder in the US. Nicole D’Andria, who wrote this story and adapted the scrip for the earlier photo comics that were produced by Action Lab, is the marketing director and submissions editor for the company. Considering Zag teased the fans about original comics last summer, I wouldn't call this a rush job.

Hooboy. Here comes a long post.

My issue with Thomas’ credits is that his last name, Astruc, is spelled “Atruc”. I’m know that they include the creator’s name because of, duh, of course you’re going to.

My beef with Zagtoons as a whole is that they take things down to the wire. There’s often animation errors like Chat Noir having two batons, or having to reuse character models over and over again because of budget restrictions (ie that’s why Theo is a catch all character for jobs and why Alya’s dad is suddenly the Animan zookeeper even though they had no interaction at all in that episode, particularly when Alya decided to date Nino in the exhibit. Like what?)

Side note: Speaking of budget, there’s also my issue with the products they come out with that are obviously done on a very rigid budget. Many of the toys, frankly, look bad, but to get away from my opinion, come on, Look at this $30 Miraculous Chat noir ring that is literally enamel in a generic fill ring versus the actual miraculous. Would I pay $30 for that? No, and it breaks my heart because I want to.

Onto why I think this is a rush job:
Yeah, Zagtoon announced the original content comics a year ago, but that doesn’t mean they had an artist in mind otherwise they would have said it right then.

Brian Hess’ twitter shows he started working on the comic sometime in January which means he had around a Month, if that, to complete this issue before it had to go to the editors, designers, formatters, print shop, and shipping (because this was probably printed overseas meaning it needs about a month to get from printer to Action Lab to comic retailer).

Not to mention that:
A) Brian Hess’ artwork does NOT fit the aesthetic of the show at ALL. This is not by any means a slam on his artwork, but it does mean that they probably had to turn to him after the other artists they approached declined. And if you can turn a project around in a tight deadline, you can work in comics.

B) Brian Hess’ work, when he has time to work on it, is significantly better than what we got. Once again this screams that he had a quick deadline, not that he decided to cut his abilities in half for a show he doesn’t like. C’mon. He’s a professional.

C) To get technical, the pacing of the action, the set up, and coherence of the comic is… it’s frankly really bad. So many panels don’t make sense, and poor Alya is like IMPRISONED to the right side of a panel while looking at her phone. Lines of action are bad (like one kid literally has speed lines to say “Hey, I’m moving!”) It’s messy and, once again to be frank, boring to read. The pacing of some of his other work is beautiful, once again pointing to a short timeline.

D) As a friend pointed this out for me:
For a LaCrosse based akuma, why is there this watch just liked SHOEHORNED into this theme? 
Answer: Because they can use duplicate frames. A time-bending lacrosse villain doesn’t make sense outside of “Oh shit I have two weeks to do this”.

So all my beefs with Zagtoon fall back on the company itself and not any of the artists or animators.

FILLED REQUEST: cloud prince, or the roman holiday reimagining with ha sungwoon

(image credit)

pairing: prince! ha sungwoon x reader
genre: fluff
summary:  You’re a reporter in desperate need of a sensational story. Ha Sungwoon, crown prince, falls into your lap and turns your life around. 
warnings: none
(set in madrid bc i’m cheesy and really enjoyed my stay there! hehe. hope y’all enjoy!!)

PRINCE SERIES: guanlin | sungwoon

  • ha sungwoon is his country’s new crown prince, and if he’s being perfectly honest, he’s not very happy about it
  • sure, it’s his home, and the country’s involvement in software development has made it one of the richest in the world
  • but sungwoon had dreams, wanted to be a performer, before his older sister abdicated the throne to start her own business, which is strictly in conflict with being a royal
  • now sungwoon is under all these different rules of decorum and he feels stifled—he’s always been one to wear his heart on his sleeve, and this role requires an inscrutable mask of politeness and manners
  • when his family feels he’s ready, they send him off to Europe to meet with their tiny island’s trading partners
  • and in the first country, sungwoon makes an innocent comment about the prime minister’s choice of tie
  • his deportment teacher makes a huge fuss about it and sungwoon grows very, very tired
  • so at precisely 4:56 pm, he slips out of the embassy and quickly makes his way to a nearby department store
  • sungwoon uses all the money he has on him to buy a new set of nondescript clothes, glasses, a cap, and a box of hair dye
  • but he discovers right after that there’s no way he’ll be able to dye his hair on his own for the first time in a public bathroom
  • and he ends up sitting at a bus stop, left with less than a euro in his pocket
  • when you see him, you mistake him for a forlorn tourist
  • you’ve been having a shit day; your best friend and editor-in-chief just warned you about an impending paycut and job downgrade if you didn’t submit a good story by the end of the month
  • it had been too good to be true, working with seongwu as the foreign correspondent for his lifestyle magazine
  • fine, you haven’t written a good investigative article since your exposé on that one museum, but writing for PRODUCE is a lot harder than you’d thought
  • the only way to remedy a bad day, you think, is to do a good deed
  • so when you hear the lost-looking stranger’s stomach grumble in the silence at the bus stop, you offer him half of the sandwich you’d taken out for home
  • “I don’t need help!” he says, his voice panicked
  • and he has a wild look in his eyes, and you back away slowly
  • but he looks clean—his nails are manicured, for god’s sake
  • “are you sure you’re okay?” you say because you’re determined to be kind and there’s nothing he can do about it
  • but he doesn’t have a bathroom to do it at bc public bathrooms are too small and it’d be conspicuous
  • he gives you an odd look
  • “you don’t know who i am?” and then he grins, his smile so radiant your breath catches, annoyance forgotten
  • “no??”
  • he bites that plush lower lip and asks for a small favor
  • and that’s how you both end up at your tiny apartment
  • he’s in the bathroom and you’re messaging seongwu and jisung—the former is your boss, the latter your photographer partner
  • and seongwu sends you a lead he suggests you check out
  • i hear crown prince ha sungwoon is in ur area. cant find any recent pictures but here are some pics from when he was a kid
  • he’s chubbier in the pictures, but those pouty lips are unmistakeable
  • you’re crafting a plan as you go to check on him
  • crown prince ha sungwoon is shirtless in your bathroom intently reading the hair dye manual included in the box
  • “have you never done this before?” you say raising a brow
  • he huffs and admits he hasn’t
  • you end up googling a how-to video because he doesn’t have a phone on him
  • he’s sitting in your tub with his arms crossed and you’re watching the guide, texting jisung at the same time
  • i have a plan
  • his stomach rumbles right as you close the messaging app and his ears go red
  • sungwoon borrows your pink bathrobe and eats your cherries while you toast him some bread
  • “what should i call you?”
  • sungwoon mutters something in reply that you don’t quite catch
  • “did you ask me to call you ‘daddy?’”
  • “I sAiD CLOUDY!!!”
  • later he’s back in your tub, your hands gently massaging his scalp to get the dye in
  • and he moans softly once, his eyes going wide
  • “cloudy, is this turning you on”
  • “I HAVE A SENSITIVE SCALP…unless you want me that way, baby”
  • you feel 98% embarrassment and 2% attraction so you splash him with the water before leaving him to finish up
  • when he comes out his hair is a boring shade of brown, and you look him up and down
  • “well, you blend in aside from—“
  • “i’m taller wearing shoes, okay!!” he says, standing up straighter, before glancing at the door with a worried expression
  • you sigh, shrugging, and say, “do you have any money on you?”
  • and he shakes his head no, so you offer him your place to crash for the night
  • you’re texting jisung, letting him know where you’ll go so he can take the photos for your soon-to-be-written feature article about an unsuspecting ha sungwoon
  • and you startle because sungwoon’s asleep in your bed beside you???
  • but he looks exhausted, his body shaking slightly in the cold because he hadn’t even tried to take your blanket
  • so you tuck him in before sliding in next to him, your limbs touching because your bed is small
  • you wake up to someone singing in the kitchen
  • ha sungwoon is wearing your apron and making you an omelette
  • he beams at you when you eat it, saying, “it’s perfect, isn’t it? but it’s the only thing i know how to make"
  • you thank him for breakfast, washing the dishes as you casually say, “i might need an assistant for my blog post today”
  • which strictly isn’t a lie
  • so you hand him your never-used polaroid camera and brief him about your itinerary around madrid
  • when you get to the royal palace he seems relatively unimpressed, if very interested in the art
  • “there’s no room for such extravagance back home,” he mutters as you’re leaving
  • “what was that, cloudy?”
  • instead of responding, he takes a photo of you by the gate
  • you take a couple of him, too, both because they’re good material and because he’s so interesting to watch
  • you have lunch at a random tapas place and he’s ordering everything until he remembers he’s on your budget
  • but you nod at him and he lights up throwing an arm over your shoulder and squeezing you tightly to his side, and you cover up your blush by taking a few photos of him
  • later you’re eating ice cream while in line for the prado museum’s free hours, and you’re mesmerized watching him eat the ice cream more neatly than anyone you’ve ever seen in your life
  • sungwoon picks up a copy of the memorable painting list and grabs your wrist, promising to show you the best paintings
  • it turns out he knows a lot about art??
  • and you’re sorry you can’t take recordings because the enthusiasm with which he speaks is really captivating
  • you ask him about it later as you walk the way back to your apartment
  • “i wanted to take up fine arts, like theatre or music or something, but my parents wanted me in art curation because it’s more fitting for an heir—an heir to our family business, i mean,” he says, his ears turning a tell-tale pink
  • he bids you goodbye at your door, shaking your hand after you give him one of the polaroid selfies you took together
  • “there are matters i have to attend to,” he says stiffly
  • and you laugh, shaking your head and pulling him into a tight hug
  • “you’ll need a better poker face for those, sungwoon,” you whisper in his ear
  • he’s back at the embassy when he realizes he never told you his name and you never mentioned yours
  • the next day, sungwoon’s at the press conference, and he sees you with a media ID on
  • it takes all the self-control he’s learned the past few months to keep from freaking out in public
  • later, you approach him, biting your lip as if you’re nervous, and sungwoon tries not to remember how you’d looked in the fading light of day the night before, the flutter he’d felt in his heart
  • “before you say anything, hear me out,” you murmur, and sungwoon nods with his brows furrowed
  • you hand him a small envelope with a fond smile on your face
  • “from PRODUCE publication, a present for the new crown prince”
  • sungwoon opens it afterwards and it’s a memory card with a post-it attached
  • ‘the only other place these are recorded is my memory’
  • and he looks up the online publication but the days pass without anything about him being written besides a short note about his coronation
  • he reads every single article you post, and he hears them all in your snarky voice and finds himself missing you terribly
  • but of course he won’t contact you because he’s supposed to be far too busy for that sort of thing
  • still, when he’s back home, he orders a subscription for the print edition of PRODUCE
  • and it gets delivered to his place with a note scrawled all over the first page, in the same handwriting as the post-it he keeps in his wallet
  • ‘guess where i’m going to be stationed?’
The Way Home (Part 4)

Summary: AU. Two hearts are broken after reader makes the difficult decision to leave home and pursue her dreams. When her older brother Steve asks her to come home, reader is forced to confront her past and the life she could have had with her ex, Bucky Barnes.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,475

Warnings: language, fluff, angst, tw: car accident

A/N: I’m in a mood. Sorry in advance.

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

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my camren theory

okay ive done some research, some stalking. actually no. i just stared at these photos on my phone and came up with this theory

 you see here that lauren the jauregayy says just wanna quickly remind you of how much i love you most of you will say theres an all in there, but i cant see it so… i think this post really is for someone, which i think is for oprah but my friend keeps insisting its for camila so okayyy, its for camila

and we all know that camila unfollowed the girls recently and deleted birthday greetings so i think, this posts which is a day after the unfollowing tragedy happens, is for them, the girls, for the girls. meh

after the unfollowing. this post went viral i dont know why. just kidding it didnt went viral, just messing with yall

as you can see here this post is from a month i dont rememeber and from a date i dont remember too, and she is eating ice cream and when you look closely, you wont see what brand of ice cream the ice cream is, AND YOU KNOW WHAT IS THE RELATION OF THIS GIF TO MY THEORY??? NOTHING, but that woman behind lauren has a terrible jacket. # just saying

in this gif you can see lauren get jealous of the dog cause the dog get to kiss camila in public while she cant, so shes wondering how to strangle the dog by its collar.

after the dog incident lauren buyed a teddy bear, white just like the dog to make camila jealous and surprisingly it work, camila then asked this jaurello editor to edit her to this lauren pic 

but after all this drama we should keep in mind that the dog is A merch, the ice cream is a merch, the teddy bear is a merch, dinah is a merch, lauren is a merch and camila is a merch, we are all just a merch store shipping our items together, 

conclusion: i am just so bored, and i am so high, and i dont know what im doing, you shouldve known that by now so yeah.


safestudyplace  asked:

Hey! I was wondering if you have any tips on how to create original content Xx

     hello lovely! jo’s here to help you out, don’t worry!
(well, maybe worry a little because I’m flying pretty much blind here, not much experience with original content or anything. but hey, you asked, i answered! also, i did this in one sitting, sorry, it’s 11pm and idk my brain’s kind of fried but i didn’t want to keep you waiting too long so here it is)

     sooo i’m assuming your probably looking for an answer like i answered about starting a studyblr and about all that stationery hype, right? well, i know you don’t want a ‘just post notes and pretty them up, you can do anything!’ kinda answer so i do hope i do your question justice…here we go! (/; v ;)/

     first, you gotta realize that hey, maybe i don’t post perfect photos with perfect lighting and everything but that’s okay. it’s okay to not have beautiful notes or photos or original content or whatever. yeah. okay. also, good original content is subjective, know that ok. now onto the actual post lol

  • Types of Original Content - so i realize that there are different types of original content you can post, so that’s how i’m gonna categorize this stuff, yeah?
    • Notes (+doodles and photos)
        • Here in general, you post notes of whatever you’ve been studying! Add doodles and little things to your notes. Post your~
      • Notes - these are usually outlined in black and accompanied by a certain color (or color scheme). Try to structure your notes when writing. Can also rewrite your notes and pretty-fy them as you rewrite. (posts about note taking here, here, and here)
        • also, people usually take photos that compliment their notes, that are either of the same sort of tone (red / yellow notes with a pic of fire or fall leaves, etc.)
      • Mindmaps - make a mindmap on a topic you’re learning about! you can find some of examples of mind maps here
      • Flashcards - make flashcards and you can use a colored pen / pencil for the term and use black or another shade of that color to make pretty flashcards. 
    • Resources
      • Post your resources! Anything that you think has helped you learn or memorize something faster, a resource that you often refer to, anything! Can be
        • a compliation of books or pdfs
        • quotes and advice and helpful things
        • your own advice and resources!
    • Masterposts
      • Make your own masterposts. Can be about anything and can cover anything! You can make a masterpost on-
        • Topics - math, language, calculus, ap subjects, etc.
        • Advice - like advice for starting a studyblr, for studying, for when to sleep, for different foods to eat, for a list of tv shows, of different apps to use, how not to procrastinate, etc.
        • Masterpost of a masterpost - make a masterpost of a bunch of other masterposts!
        • A list of anything, really.
    • Advice/Tips
      • Share your wisdom!
      • Make a list of tips, shortcuts, and advice you have and post them! You can have advice on how to get through a boring class, or tips on how to manage time wisely or beat procrastination!
    • Graphics
      • Most of the time, even notes and longer posts have graphics on them. You can make your own graphics! I make mine with Photoshop, but you can just search ‘online editor’ and make your own. 
      • Titles - make up titles for your posts (that aren’t notes). Set a solid colored background, usually pastel (maybe with a simple pattern like dotted or dashed lines on it) and put your title on it. like this post! (look at top for example, haha!) 
      • Graphics - make actual graphics. Make graphics of motivational quotes or of people or things, etc., and don’t forget to use legible, nice fonts and nice colors and stuff!
      • (if you want to know more about this, please send me an ask again / message me and i’ll elaborate more on how to make graphics because this’ll be a whole ‘nother topic to talk about)
  • Boost Your Original Content / Improve ‘Em
    • Photo Editing
      • Please pay attention to this because this is the important part! Use photo editors to make your photo look pleasing to the eye! It makes all the difference, trust me on this!!!
      • VSCO - a photo editing app that gives you basically everything you’ve ever wanted. use this, it’s not hard to navigate and gives makes your photos look professional and super nice. free and works with both android and apple. (android | iphone)
    • Taking PhotosYou’re going to want higher quality photos that look good and aesthetic and fit your post in general, right? Well, a few things
      • Camera/Focus - use your phone to take photos or whatever else you have that has a camera! just make sure that when you take the photo, it’s focused on your subject! 
      • Taking the Photo - when you’re taking the photo, focus the image. it’s best if you have good lighting (a window or a lamp, etc.) and that your background is clean (whatever clear surface. a white desk, wooden desk, etc.). 
      • Shadow - when you take your photo, try not to get shadows of your hand or the phone/camera into your picture! sometimes that means taking the picture at an awkward angle or moving backwards or putting your notes under a light source to eliminate shadows. always try not to have shadows in your photos! 
    • Aesthetic!
      • Color Scheme - try to make whatever things you have color coordinated! perhaps red with yellow and orange, or blue with purple or green and blue! 
        • coolors.co - a color scheme generator. super fun to use!
    • Tagging - to boost your posts and promo your own post, tag!
      • Main tags - Tag your posts with: study, studyblr, (subject specific)blr, subject, topic, studyspo, studyspiration, +more specific tags related to your post depending on what it is.
      • Tag people - Tag studyblrs / popular studyblrs you want to show your original content to because chances are they’ll reblog or like yours! also tag your mutuals bc just do it.
  • But honestly original content is basically trying to make things either realy super helpful or really super aesthetic, so it’s really up to you to make it awesome, but i know you can, so yeah!

Other Posts Related to Original Content

(note: tbc at a later date when i can think of things to add)

happy original content creating! xoxo


You Don’t Know Me: An Everlark Fanfiction

Chapter One is now available on FF and AO3 as well as below the cut.

I hope you enjoy. Feedback is always welcome. ;)

Happy Reading!

Summary: “This is not good. I shouldn’t be staring so hard at someone who isn’t my boyfriend. But, I’ll have to learn to deal with the enigma that is Peeta Mellark.” Katniss and her boyfriend, Cato, move to Manhattan in search of themselves. But, can Katniss resist the mounting attraction she feels for their new roommate, Peeta Mellark? Modern AU.

“So, sure, I could just close my eyes.
Yeah, sure, trace and memorize,
But can you go back once you know…”

                               -Ben Folds feat. Regina Spektor ‘You Don’t Know Me’

You Don’t Know Me

Chapter One: Katniss

“Honey, wake up.”

Opening my eyes, I turn to see Cato smiling excitedly at me. My body aches from the eight-hour drive from our last stop somewhere in Maryland. Groaning, I sit up and realize that we are actually in Manhattan as our tiny VW Beetle passes Grand Central Station.

“I can’t believe that we’re actually here,” I tell him as I look out the window.

“We’re living the high life, baby!” Cato responds in excitement. His hand reaches for mine and his thumb caresses my knuckles. “And by high life, I mean sharing a flat with Gale’s former roommate…”

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One door down

severely unedited and cliche but long au oneshot from me.

Iris runs out of her apartment, she hasn’t been working as a junior editor long, but she’s determined to make a good impression on her seniors. 

She huffs to a stop, surprised to see a long legged stranger, fumbling with his keys and a box in the other hand. Definitely not the stressed out med student who used to live there, very nice albeit a little high strung. Oh she’ll miss her, she thinks. He looks up and finally meets her curious gaze. With his swept back brown hair and deep green eyes, she may just miss Caitlin a little less.

“Barry.” He balances the box under his chin and one hand, extending the other for her to shake. “Barry Allen.”

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