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(warnings - slight smut. Nothing too wild, just ‘spice’, aha.)

“He has guards outside his house. Of course he has frigging guards.” Dean grumbled, hitting the steering wheel slightly.

You had managed to track down the Qareen’s heart to the local “rich man”, a Keith Knightly. With darkness as your cover, the boys had quietly parked the Impala down the road from the house.

“So what’s the plan?” Sam asked from the passenger seat.

Dean turned in his seat to look at you.

Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion before realisation hit you. “Let me guess, you want to seduce my way in again?”

“Just act like you want to kiss them or something to get close enough to knock them out.”

Sam looked at his older brother. “Dean, no. She could get seriously hurt. She’d be outnumbered if they realise what’s happening.”

You shifted in the backseat, scoffing. “Excuse me Sammy, but I’m perfectly capable of looking after myself. Must I remind you of the countless number of times I’ve saved your ass?”

Dean tried to suppress his laughter. You turned to glare at him.

“Don’t even get me started on how many times I’ve saved your tush either, Deano.” Dean quickly shut up and you sighed. “Alright, I’ll do it. I’m perfectly capable of taking on two guys at once.”

Sam made a strangled noise in his throat and Dean’s eyebrows raised. “Not like that. Get your mind out of the gutter, boys.”

You opened the back door of the Impala, closing it gently behind you so you didn’t make a sound, and making your way over to duo of guards standing watch outside.


You popped your head in the window of the Impala a few moments later. “Done. Didn’t even have to tease them or anything.” You gestured to the two men laying unconscious on the grass.

Dean chuckled. “Jesus, you are good at taking on two guys at once. Huh, Sam?” He clapped his little brother on the chest before swinging his door open. Sam rolled his eyes before following suit.



“Okay, I think the best thing to do is to split up. There’s three floors so (Y/N) take this floor. Sam, first floor. I’ll take the top one. Alright, let’s go gank this bitch.”

I watched Dean walk off to find a staircase before turning to face (Y/N). “You remember what to do if you get anxious?” I was concerned. (Y/N) suffered from anxiety and although it didn’t make her any less of a great hunter, I hated to leave her on her own in case it suddenly hit her.

(Y/N) nodded. “Don’t worry, I do.” She turned on her heel, striding off in the opposite direction.

“I always worry about you.” I whispered, watching her walk away. I sighed before beginning to search the second floor.



So far, I couldn’t find anything. No trace of this thing’s heart. I ran a hand through my hair, exasperated. This case was going to be much harder than it looks.

I stiffened when I heard footsteps behind me. My hand instinctively reaching for my gun, I readied it at where the noise was coming from. My index finger resting on the trigger, the shadow came into the light and I let out a breath.

“(Y/N)? Jesus, don’t creep up like that. I almost shot you.” I ran a hand down my face.

“I’m sorry. There was nothing downstairs so I thought I’d come up here to you.” (Y/N) replied, making her way over to me and placing her hand on my shoulder. “You’re so tense, Christ.”

“Well, you did sneak up on me. There’s nothing up on this floor either so maybe we should go help Dean.”

“Dean can wait.”

“Why, what’s wrong (Y/N)?” I turned to make sure she was okay and that her anxiety hadn’t suddenly cropped up.

(Y/N)’s piercing (Y/E/C) eyes bore into mine before she grabbed a fistful of my shirt, pulling me closer to her. Her hand made its way to my neck, dragging my head down and making my lips meet hers.

I stiffened at first before melting into it. I would being lying if I said I hadn’t wanted to do this numerous times - I just didn’t want to risk our friendship.

I ran my tongue across her bottom lip ad she allowed me access. My tongue skillfully roaming her mouth, her subtle moans spurring me on, making me lose control. Kissing (Y/N) was so much better than I had ever imagined. She was like a drug and I couldn’t get enough.

My hands left their place at her waist to grip the back of her thighs, lifting her up and placing her on a nearby table. Her hands tangled themselves in my hair, tugging every so often. My own hands roamed every inch of (Y/N)’s body.

I tried to suppress a groan when I felt one of (Y/N)’s hands cup me through the thin fabric of my jeans. I swallowed hard when that hand continued to palm me through my jeans before slipping down the waistband. My head fell into the crook of her shoulder as she continued to massage my growing erection.

“That’s it, Sammy. Just let go.”

My eyebrows furrowed, half from pleasure half from confusion. (Y/N) only ever calls me Sammy when she’s annoyed at me. In my dazed state, I tried to remember what (Y/N) had said about Qareens.

‘They’re shapeshifters who take on the form of what you desire most.’

“Stop. Stop.” I untangled myself and backed up. “You’re not (Y/N).”

’(Y/N)’ smirked. “Really? What gave me away? You seemed pretty convinced up until now.”

“ ‘Sammy’. (Y/N) only calls me Sammy when she’s angry because she knows I hate it.”

“You don’t have to stop, Sam. I may not be her but I feel real. I feel like her.” ’(Y/N)’ slipped her shirt over her head and guided my hand to one of her breasts. “See? Everything with me feels real.”

I swallowed and tried to look away. “Get out of my head. Get out of my head!” I shouted. ’(Y/N)’ disappeared in front of my eyes. I rested myself against the table as I tried to regain my breath.



Dean rounded the corner and Sam quickly marched over to him. “Where’d she go?”

“Where’d who go, man?”


“I’m right here. Why?” You were pushed against the nearby wall, Sam’s face up in yours.

“How do I know if you’re the real (Y/N)?” Sam questioned you, his grip on you tight.

“ 'Real (Y/N)’? Sam, come on. Let her go. I said, let her go. We found the heart. We ganked the son of a bitch.” Dean exclaimed.

Sam glanced at his brother before loosening his grip on you, pulling you into a hug. “I’m so sorry, (Y/N). That thing got into my head. I just had to make sure.”

You pulled out of the hug to look up at your friend. “Why would it take my form, Sam?”

Sam sheepishly avoided your eyes. Suddenly, it clicked. All the lingering stares, the overprotectiveness, the teasing, the sometimes awkward moments. He liked you too. Sam Winchester actually liked you too.

“Come here, you big dork.” You pulled him into a kiss.

“Frigging finally. Cas owes me $50.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Nightmares & Confessions Pt 3

A/N: This isn’t the greatest, but it was requested. I honestly didn’t want to write this once I started because I liked the pervious parts. But it’s okay. This is the final version of N&C.

Request: I can’t remember what the request said, but it was.

I waved goodbye to my parents from our front porch a smile on my face. They were heading out on an anniversary weekend get away, leaving me with the house to myself. Just like any teenager I couldn’t wait to be alone. But as I watched them reverse and head off down the street, the thought of being all alone really sank in. Setting the sudden fear to the back of my mind, I walked into the house locking the deadbolt. It was quieter than usual, and I wasn’t sure if it was because no one else was home, or because I knew no one else was home. I headed up the stairs quickly, my bare feet hitting the stairs harshly with deliberate thuds. I pushed opened the half open door to my room and slouched down on my bed. I checked the time on my phone. 

 4:30 p.m. 

 I sighed opening up my backpack that lay inches from me, and pulled out my homework. With no parents home, I could easily procrastinate and watch some Netflix instead. But, knowing I would sooner regret it I flipped open the text book and began. 

I only realized it was getting dark when I had to strain my eyes to see the problems on the paper I was working on. I clicked on the light siting on my night table, and the room illuminated. I picked up my phone and checked the time once more. 

 6:47 p.m. 

 I groaned noting I still had a good size left of my homework. Buzz, buzz. My phone lit up in my hand. 

 Bat Man - New Text Message 

I smiled at the sight of his name. It was Stiles, and I was glad to take a break from my studying to talk to him. I swiped my touch screen unlocking my phone, and read his message. 

 Hey beautiful (: he wrote. 

 I smiled and reread the two words again. These were his words, words he’d actual made a point to say. To me. 

 What do you want, Stilinski? (; I teased. 

 A million dollars, a mansion, and maybe some cookies. I’m kind of hungry. 

 I laughed aloud to myself at his words. 

 You’re such a smartass. I replied. 

 As I waited for him to write back, my mind drifted to a couple of nights ago. When I laid on his chest drifting to sleep, and the precious words poured from him mouth into my ears. 

I love you. 

 Then, a night later, when the same three syllables left my lips. He’d looked a mixture of shock and confusion when I’d said the words. When he’d spoken them, I hadn’t been meant to hear them. His expression soon changed into that of relief as his soft lips met mine for a brief second. It was nice to not have to pretend we didn’t have feelings for each other, even if we hadn’t made anything official. 

 I would prefer if you didn’t objectify my body, please. Lol. He finally texted back. 

 I rolled my eyes and smiled. Could he not be sarcastic for even a millisecond of his life? I already knew the answer, and chuckled to myself. Man, I loved this boy. 

Can you come over for a bit? I’m bored. He sent another text, without me replying to the first. 

Can’t. Loads of homework. Plus my parents are away, so I have to stay in. 

 I waited for him to reply but he never did. I felt my heart speed up a bit at the thought that I may have a upset him, even though it wasn’t like Stiles to get unnerved by something so vapid. I twiddled my thumbs over the keys trying to think up something to smooth over the conversation. I started to type when his message came through. 

 Okay. He said simply. 

I frowned. He was definitely mad. I stared at my phone trying to think of something to say until it turn to power save mode. Finally, I got the nerve to just call him. To make sure everything truly was okay. I click awake my phone again, and scrolled through my contacts till I found his name. I tap the screen, and it began to ring. 

 "Hello?“ He answered after a couple of rings. His surroundings sounded weird, almost like he was running or in a car. 

 "Hey there, what are you doing?” I asked him sweetly. 

 I could hear him smiling. “Oh, you know nothing.” His was acting strange and a definite sound of a car horn blared into the phone. 

 "Stiles? Are you driving?“ I questioned. 

 "Uhhh,  not anymore.” And as he said the words everything went quiet on his end. 

 "Okay…“ I said suspicious. 

"Well I just wanted to make sure you weren’t upset that I couldn’t come over?" 

"What? Oh no. It’s fine.” He replied a little distracted. 

 "I’ll let you go" I said annoyed. 

“You seem busy." 

 "Okay, but can you come help me?" 

 "Help? With what?" 

 "Oh yeah.” He laughed. “I’m outside." 

 I got off my bed, and strolled over to my window to see Stiles, his phone held to his ear by his shoulder whilst he struggled to grab a box of pizza and a brown paper bag out of his jeep. He spotted me and nodded his head with smile, dropping his phone. I laughed and rushed down stairs to help him. 

 A twelve pack of Sprite and a large cheese pizza later, Stiles and I lay opposite each other on my couch. He spent the evening keeping me company, and when it came time for him to head home I begged him to stay just a little bit longer. I’d nodded off during an episode of Friends, and he must have too because I was woken by a heart wrenching scream. I shot up instantly recognizing the sound as Stiles’s. I looked to the other end of the couch, but he wasn’t there. I searched around the room for him as another scream left his throat followed by a sob. I found him on the floor sobbing in a ball. I practically jumped off the couch wrapping my arms around him from behind. He gripped my arm with his hand like he was trying to steady himself, and I rocked him as I hushed him softly. This felt all too familiar, and I wondered how often Stiles had these nightmares. 

 "Say it?” He asked. After several minutes of calming him down, his head lay in my lap as I leaned against the couch smoothing his hair back lightly. 

 "Say what?“ I asked calmly. 

 "You know.” His voice hitching on the second word. 

 It took me only a second to understand what he was talking about. He wanted, dare I say, needed me to say my new favourite three words. In his moment of need, he could only think about me and reminding him I felt the same way.  Me and those words kept him anchored to reality. I bent down and pressed my lips to his head, just like he had that night. 

 "I love you.“ I whispered in his ear before sitting upright again. 

 Over the course of an hour, Stiles made me say it what felt like fifty more times. His demeanor changed each time until he sat upright on his own. 

 "Is it still Donovon?” I asked. 

 He nodded in response but there was something more. He paused a moment then began. 

“Remember the other night when you came over and watched Star Wars with me?” He reminded me. 

 "Vividly.“ I smiled. 

"Well, I tired to ask you something but you fell asleep." 

 I racked my brain trying to remember the exchange. I had been so tired that night, I barely remembered it. 

 "What were you trying to ask me?” He took a deep breath and than spoke. 

“Can you promise me something?" 

 "Anything.” I nodded reassuringly. 

 He took my hands in his and gave them a small squeeze. “Never leave me? Don’t stop being my friend or move away or…” His voice trailed off. 

I knitted my brow together in confusion. Where was this coming from? 

 "Stiles I-?“ 

 "Please?” He pleaded cutting me off. “You’re one of the best things in my life. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” He scooted in closer to me as he placed a hand on my cheek and peered into my eyes. I gazed back at him in awe of the creature in front of me. 

 "Promise.“ I whispered. 

 He gently pulled my face to his and kissed my lips. I closed my eyes at his touch, and tangled my fingers in his hair deepening our kiss. He pulled away for a moment, his hand still delicately on my face and smiled. 

 "I love you.” He said and drew me back into another passionate kiss. 

Spring Seaon / First Impression

Ahh how much I waited for this spring season. There wasn’t any season so far I have been looking more forward to and I’m glad that it’s as great as expected. Doing a first impression on a season is like a tradition for me now and it’s always fun doing that. I just love it when a new season starts and everything is so fresh and new. New openings, new endings, new animation etc. Just like in every other season I try out every show. This way I’m able to find anime which are better then expected. But enough talking let’s start with the anime.

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

This anime was one of those anime I have been waiting for. It’s clearly not the first anime to use this body switching story but the way it does that is quite funny. The manga runs in a Shounen Magazine but the mangaka is actually female which is why the character design kinda have bits of both styles be it shounen or shoujo. The first episode itself was pretty standard for a body switching story. Both are checking out there manly or womanly features when they change and they are both obviously trying to turn back. Still as mentioned it was a pretty entertaining episode and I really liked it. The opening was really nice and I liked the animation. Specially the expressions of the characters were funny mainly Ryu. Definetly going to be an enjoyable show.

Kyoukai no Rinne

I love Rumiko Takahashi. I loved every work of her so far be it Maison Ikkoku, Ranma ½ or Inuyasha. When I heard that Rin-Ne is getting an adaption I was really looking forward to it and after watching the first 2 eps it seems like a fun show. The story here is also pretty basic. It’s about a highschooler who can see spirits. During the story she meets the “shinigami” (of sorts) Rinne who she is helping with some cases. It seems like this show will be overall a lighthearted show with nothing standing out. I’m actually suprised that this will be 25 episodes as I don’t see that this anime could get that popular. This doesn’t mean that I didn’t liked Rin-Ne. I love Rumiko’s eccentric style and characters and it’s always fun seeing there interactions. The character design are typical Rumiko too which I love a lot and the opening is really good too.Overall this seems like another enjoyable show from Rumiko and I’m looking forward to more.

The Heroic Legend of Arslan

This was one of those shows the most people were waiting for. Of course it is the novel is really popular after all which got a popular manga daption and now it’s back with Arakawas style. What else could you need to build up hype. And after seeing the first episode (haven’t seen the second yet) I do think that this could be one of the best anime of this season. The plot is pretty interesting and I like the setting too. Someone did their research even though I find that problematic with bombarding us with information since the most of us are going to forget anyway which rank who has etc. The animation of this show is quite good even though they do use CGI at times. The character designs are something I really like to. It reminds me of FMA and it’s obvious that Arakawa is behind the designs. Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing that the characters look so similair though. The opening was okay not really my style to be honest but I’m definetly waiting for more Arslan and I hope it won’t dissapoint me.

Fate/stay night Unlimited Bladeworks Season 2

Everyone’s favorite Fate/stay is back too and as some of you know I’m not really the biggest fan of this show. I just don’t understand why people worship this anime so much. This being said I don’t dislike the anime. The animation is too good to dislike it. It seems like this season could be more interesting then the last one so let’s see what will happen.

Plastic Memories

Remember how I said that I watch every show since I could find good series I would never think I would like. Plastic Memories really suprised me. After watching the first 2 episodes I can say for sure that I really enjoy watching this. The plot is rather unique and I like the characters. Tsukasa our main character is new at the android production conglomerate Sai’s Terminal Service Department. They are responsible for the retrieval of expiring specimens. The androids this company builds only live for 9 years then the company have to get them back. For each retrieval there is a team of two peoples responsible. Tsukasa is in a team with the android Isla. I think you can pretty much guess where this is leading too. Despite starting light hearted the first episode ended really sad. Obviously the people are having a relationship with the android after 9 years so we can expect a lot of emotions. Also Isla is a very interesting character. Not the typical moe and clumsy character (she kinda have both sides but it’s potrayed differently then it normally gets) but very likeable in her own way. So what can I say ? Great beginning, good animation, interesting plot and good characters. This show couldn’t start better and is easily one of the best show this season so far.

Owari no Seraph

Two episodes are out but I have only watched one so far. This anime is about Vampire. Vampire are difficult for me. Since Twilight exist Vampires started to suck. Ahem. Anyway this show started the most typical way it could. Like seriously it couldn’t get more typical. Angry young man aka Eren Jäger is very mad since the Vampires are evil and treating the kids in a bad way. But where do the Vampires come from you ask ? In the world of Owari no Seraph a virus is killing everyone older then 13. A good opportunity for the Vampires to appear and enslave mankind. The kids have to work for the Vampires and our angry young man is obviously not happy with that. So what happens ? As emo and mad he is he is trying to run away from there together with his happy little family. But can they do that ? That’s the question. To be honest with all the things I said I found this anime pretty entertaining and actually liked it. It’s nothing new and it’s so freaking obvious that all the anime fans will love this since this has all those things that makes an anime popular. Emo hero, blood and tragic back story. But even with all that it’s certainly not a bad show and I guess I will like this overall. Such a mainstream fan I am ts ts.


Oh look ! Another girl who can see spirits. Japan sure do like characters who can see spirits. The first episode of this anime pretty much gave me the same feeling as Rin-Ne. Lighthearted show which is fun to watch but nothing more.

Shokugeki no Souma

Ever had an orgasm while eating ? Flying clothes while you enjoy your steak ? Did you felt like you’re getting raped by an octopus while you enjoy your meal ? No ?This is the main dish in Food Wars. Ecchi and Food that’s how we can sum up Food Wars. I actually read like 10 chapters before this anime so I knew what was going to happen. Even then some fanservice scenes suprised me here and made me question my life. While I think that the first episode really sucked since it was way too much the second episode was quite funny and enjoyable. I guess as long as you don’t take this show too seriously it won’t hurt watching it.

Is It Wrong to Try and Pick up Girls in a Dungeon ?

Hell yes it is. You don’t do that. Dungeons are evil and so are the girls in it. But who aren’t evil are our two main characters. Bell and Hestia are the names of our two main characters and I really have to say that I like the interactions between them. It’s another anime which has this online game vibe but I found it quite enjoyable. The first episode was rather okayish but specially the second episode changed my opinion about this anime and made me like it. Definetly not a show for everyone but I like it.

Nisekoi Season 2

I’m being honest I didn’t liked the first episode. i found it dissapointing. This has many reasons. First Chitoge is my least favorite character of Nisekoi (even though I found some of the faces hilarious in this episode) and second it was just plain boring. The whole episode Chitoge was trying to make Raku notice her and it almost felt like some filler or something. Yeah and there is not really much else to say. The animation improved a bit and I like the Opening. I really hope the next episode of Nisekoi is going to be better.

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO!

Hell yes it’s back. I already showed my love in a blog before where I talk about the first episode. But the second episode made me love it even more. It’s so great to see that this anime is still as good as the first season and I’m loving the new animation and character designs. Both girls are looking fantastic and Hikigaya’s new design fits perfectly. Also I’m already liking the opening and ending a lot and I can’t wait for the full releases. If you haven’t watched it yet then go and watch season 1.


Do I actually need to say something ? Favorite anime. Is. Back. After. I . Waited. For. Almost. 2. Years. Nuff. Said. (and I showed my love in the other blog already)

Ore Monogatari !!

Madhouse I love you. I need to say this in every season. I would like to stop but the problem is that they always give me the reason to love them in each season. Ore Monogatari had such a great and enjoyable start that I’m sure that this anime will end up being on of my favorite anime overall. So likeable characters and it seems like this is going to be a very enjoyable romance story. The animation is as expected from Madhouse fantastic. It’s so colorful and detailed that I don’t even feel like moving my eyes away for a second. So give me more Madhouse I can’t wait for the next episode.

Hibike! Euphonium

Talking about good animation. We shouldn’t forget about Kyoani. I’m a big fan of Kyoani anime and this seems to be no expection. It’s interesting to finally see different instruments in a music anime then just piano, guitar etc. I also was suprised by the main character as I expected her to be this typical moe character but I’m glad that she is so blunt lol. The story is pretty simple actually and the pacing of it is.. well what pacing ? We see everything the way Kumiko does (our main character) and the lightness and pacing of this anime wouldn’t work for every animation studio. But Kyoto Animation is not just some animation studio and they can make every so unimportant scene entertaining. Apart from the character and the story I have to talk about the animation again. The high quality animation of Kyoani is really amazing. And not only because it’s so fluid or detailed but also the filmic directions is soo good that every second of this show is enjoyable. So bring it on Kyoani .

I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying Second Season

Well not much to say actually. If you loved the first season you will love this too.

It’s short and quite funny.

Few anime where I have watched the first episode but no opinion so far:

-Kekkai Sensen

-Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic


-Houkago no Pleiades (TV)

-Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku


-Urawa no Usagi-chan

Dropped without any questions

-Show by Rock

-Vampire Holmes

-Triage X

Bethyl AU where Beth and Daryl are on their first date and Beth is trying to make the atmosphere light and comfortable by being bubbly because Daryl is being kinda awkward and shy.

So yeah i was bored and kinda worried so i tried to distract myself and i came up with this one. I don’t know what i was thinking when i made this. So forgive me. XD

Lazy Day

Erica Reyes X Reader

Imagine: Hi! Would you be willing to write an imagine with Erica Reyes from teen wolf? Maybe where it’s a lazy day and they’re just cuddling and dozing on and off and lots of fluff? female reader please! Thank you so much!

Author’s note: This is my first fanfiction of the opposite gender but I mean it’s no different from a straight couple really.

They don’t really doze but I made it all fluffy and cuddly so I hope you like it!

Thank you so much for the request.

For: @kissmesharman


You’ve been dating your girlfriend, Erica for 3 months now. At first people didn’t react too great, considering no one thought either of you swung that way. The boys were especially disappointed.

You were bored and didn’t feel like doing your homework. You plopped down on your bed and took out your phone calling Erica.

It took about 5 seconds for Erica to pick up.

“Hey babe” She answers. You smile at the sound of her voice.


“So what’s up?”

“Nothing much. I’m bored, do you wanna come over? Maybe have a lazy day?”

“Sure, I’ll be there in a minute” She says, before making a kiss sound and hanging up.


Erica was there soon with snacks and a movie smiling at your doorway.

You grab her hand and tug her inside.

She dropped the chips on the couch and put in the movie. You left to grab a blanket and as soon as you were back Erica leaned in for a small kiss.

“You’re so adorable” She grins.

You beam. She always gave you butterflies and today was no acception.


Now you’re sitting on the couch, your legs tangled together and your arms around each other.

You jump as the monster falls from the wall, his face going into the camera.

“Did you choose a scary movie in an attempt to get me closer to you?” You ask, sarcastically.

“Oh, I wouldn’t have to do that, to get you close to me” she starts, leaning towards you and brushing the hair out of your face.

“We all know I’m irresistible” She finishes, kissing you. She was soft and gentle.

She smelled of peppermint and even though you noticed before, it just became more intense to you.

Erica pulls away, a smile on her lips.

“I can hear your heart beating. It’s so loud” she giggles.

“Werewolf senses?”

She nods.

“Ugh, so not fair” You huff, pulling her in for another kiss.

You feel her hands on your sides and you smirk. Yeah, who’s the irresistible one? You thought.

Then she squeezes your sides and you let out a little scream.

She begins tickling you and you roll to the other side, trying to escape the fingers of giggly death.

She crawls over you, tickling your sides until you’re a mess of deep breaths and laughter.

She stops, reluctantly and leans over you, kissing your cheek, lovingly.

“You’re so beautiful, Y/N”

You blush and turn away. To you, you weren’t the beautiful one. Erica was. Erica was so dazzlingly beautiful you thought she would blind you one day.

“Really, come on, don’t be so shy. I think you’re so sexy” She chuckles, kissing both your cheeks, then your eyelids, then your forehead.

She littered your face with soft kisses, laughing whenever you twitch or giggle.

She lays down next to you, holding herself up by her elbow and you turn to face her.

“I love you, Erica”

Erica’s face lights up and she holds your hand.

She brings your fingers to her lips and kissing each individual digit.

“I love you too, Y/N”

She nuzzles her face into your back while wrapping her arms around your middle.

She continues kissing your neck, your fingers, behind your ears, anywhere she can reach.

“Best lazy day ever” She murmurs in your ear.


Now and forever, my love.