i was bored so i made a sketch

I came here to pose for the camera and get blue-eyed curly to fall in love with me. And I just finished to pose.

Я пришел сюда, чтобы попозировать перед камерой и влюбить в себя голубоглазого кучеряшку. И я только что закончил позировать.

sketches [ cm x r ]

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fandom : Dear Evan Hansen

by : Victoire

pairing : Connor Murphy x Reader

summary : In which you are a gifted artist & Connor just so happens to be your unsuspecting muse.

word count : 4,519

warnings : Swearing

a / n : Here we are! I’m beyond excited to be sharing my first fic with you. I’ve recently gotten into DEH & really explored the characters as people, so I do hope the way I write Connor is enough for you! I had my ups & downs while writing this, but the result did prove successful.

Oh, & make sure to see if you can catch a hidden If I Could Tell Her reference in the fic! *winky face* I would love you for the rest of my days if you all could leave a like or maybe reblog! Feedback & constructive criticism are always welcome.

Biting your lip in concentration, your eyes carefully studied the sharp but somehow soft lines of his face. He was sitting diagonally in front of you, with a perfect view of his profile.

Why would you be drawing the infamous Connor Murphy in the middle of a calculus class, you ask? Honestly, you didn’t even have a valid reason except for the fact that he was absolutely beautiful.

His was a unique kind of beauty, dark & harsh & in all ways mysterious, but at the same time there was a sort of lightness to it, fragile & delicate.

It puzzled you sometimes, but you were still drawn to the enigma that happened to be Connor Murphy.

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Random stuff I noticed in Nathan’s Journal.

So.. I’ve been going through Nate’s Journal again because of how goddamn bored I am. I found the fact he mentioned Elena and wondered if she’d let him get a pet lemur is cute as hell.

Plus: Nathan took the time to sketch a lemur that looks like Sully. He didn’t leave any details behind either (drew his mustache and cigar, he also made him wear one of those ugly ass shirts).

clumsy0ne  asked:

Number 18? What are you currently trying to improve on?

18. What are you currently trying to improve on?

Due to the comic-thing I’m doing lately, I’m putting more effort in studying body types and body language, feet (I don’t like drawing them at all, guys, they so boring) and expressions. To do so, I watch and draw from life more that I did in the past.

And BACKGROUNDS, guys! That’s a huge challange, for me!

Growing up as a fan artist made me interested in drawing the human figure more than landscapes and inanimate stuff for many reasons. Since I’m that kind of person that you just can’t force to do something, or I’ll never get it done, to improve without stressing me or starting to hate what I was doing, I simply gave myself a little goal: sketch at least an inanimate thing or a landscape once a week. I tried, skipping a few weeks I must admit it, but hell! Somehow, it worked! In the past months I sketched stuff from my bedroom, then the view from my window and after that I started sketching train and busses interiors. Horrible drawings, guys, I’ll never show you them! XD But I discovered something while doing that, something that I’ve been told once, which is:

“Give your backgrounds a soul as you do for you characters. Backgrounds are characters as well! So let them speak about themselves, let them tell their story to the public by using the visual language.”

Thanks to these wise words, which I just repeat to myself everytime, I became more interested in setting the set in which characters live and move!

In the long comics I’m currently working on, I just can’t leave a scene without putting little details that I hope you’ll notice, especially in the backgrounds, when they’ll be done! Doing so is so satifying and makes the whole “create a believable setting” rule less boring to follow, at least for me.

Thanks for asking!


Heatwave was made few time before leaving for the surgery!
but I forgot to upload it!
I think.. he can be a creepy bot in some realistic way!

all the others where made while I was locked in the hospital!
I got ma lil sis transformes comic, I don’t know how they are called in english
translated they should be the “war and peace” ones
and it was too funny seeing OP meeting all the others~
and since I had the TFA almanack~ why not sketch some pages as Animated~?
so I sketched my 3 fav pages~
I translated them from italian, forgive me if the grammar is wrong!
but I was really bored!
I wanted radius to look younger, so I changed him a little~

and a G1 Bumblebee~~ <3

do you believe in ghosts?


“hi, i’m Phil. i’m dead. wanna hook up?”

or the one where Phil Lester is a ghost that watches Dan Howell grow up and slowly falls in love.

genre: angst, a bit of smut

tw: swearing, physical fights, homophobic slurs, self-harm mentions, talk of suicide (IMPORTANT: there is another large trigger further on in the story, but to avoid spoilers, the warning will appear before the scene with the trigger occurs)

word count: 5k

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Thanks for all the work you do maintaining this blog. Can I ask about life under and shortly after Don't Ask Don't Tell? Also, I had a look through your discharge posts, but I wasn't entirely sure - how would a soldier be discharged if they were outed under DADT?

Thank you very much!

I enlisted shortly before DADT was officially repealed, (which was September 2011, though they were working on repealing it in 2010) so I only had to deal with it officially for about a year, although it would be three years before I actually came out to anyone nonetheless. 

It’s hard to explain being enlisted under DADT. I wasn’t entirely sure what would invoke DADT’s wrath, whether they had to have proof or whether just not acting hetero enough was sufficient grounds for an investigation.

I was only 19 and my sexuality was sorta w/e and I didn’t even call myself bisexual at the time because I was going through my “I don’t like labels” phase, but I got really paranoid really fast. I’m still super paranoid about looking or sounding stereotypically “queer.” I used to write fanfiction and I worried that somehow the government was powerful enough to track me down through my deleted work. I even restricted my porn to het only because I didn’t want people finding gay porn on my laptop.

Sometimes while I was bored in the field or at work, I’d write slash fic in a notebook and then either burn it or flush it down a toilet so no one would find it. I remember losing such a notebook once and freaking the fuck out thinking that someone would eventually find it and read it and KNOW, but then again my handwriting is terrible and the worst that came of it was some asshole drew dicks on the sketches I’d made (why ARE straight dudes obsessed with dicks???). I guess I’m sorta lucky I’m bi, if you wanna call it lucky, ‘cause at least I wasn’t completely faking my sexuality; I was just omitting part of it.

I actually knew a guy who was ballsy enough to be “openly” gay (or as openly as was possible at the time) and he even had “the voice.” I worry he thought I was a homophobe because being around him made me uncomfortable; I was convinced “they” were gonna come for him one day and I didn’t want to get roped into it. He was a nice guy though, don’t think he ever got kicked out (somehow). 

In basic training if we hadn’t fucked up during the week, on Sundays they let us have our phones for an hour to call our parents and tell them we aren’t dead. Shortly before leaving for basic training I actually had met a guy (on World of Warcraft, no less) and we’d been flirting, and he was still texting me while I was in basic which gave me like a million anxieties, because my phone was in my drill sergeants’ possession and like all they would have to do is just start going through it, and it was an old phone so it didn’t even have a password lock or anything. Nothing ever came from it, of course. Never texted him again actually; kinda feel bad about it.

The thing is that like, for me in 2011, there wasn’t a witch hunt or anything. DADT was on its way out at that point. It’s not like people were breathing down my neck trying to trip me up. I’m lucky I joined so late in the game because it was a lot worse back in the day. But still, it just felt more suffocating than in the real world, especially because when I first enlisted I intended to serve my full 20 years and it terrified me thinking that my entire life career could be ruined because someone found a Digimon fanfic I wrote when I was eleven. 

For me, most of my stress about DADT came from not knowing what was wrong, and the rest of my stress came from the constant paranoia and worrying about which aspect of my personality was grounds for dismissal. tbh this probably helped set the groundwork for me becoming the agoraphobic neurotic depressed anxiety-ridden loser I am today.

You might consider reading this post from a few days ago regarding how people might try to kick one out for DADT. If you have a more specific question, you can always ask again! Hopefully this post answers your question and isn’t just me rambling.

Edit: life after DADT for me was the same as before: say nothing, hope nobody notices you. At that point it was just easier to keep my head down, partially because there was a major election coming up in 2012 and for all I knew they were going to repeal the repeal.


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PlayStation vs. Xbox poster.

We’re soon to hit 3 milion views on our music video, so I decided to  send You all a big thank You for the support. The amazingly amazing comments, fanart, likes and shares have brought us to where we are here.

So, speaking for myself, I’m quite proud of what I did with the music video. I’m proud of the idea, I’m proud of the designs, I am proud of the story it tells. It’s amazing to see You enjoying what I’ve made. Even though it’s been done one year ago, I still hold the console demons close to my heart. At first it was hard to do any progress on the video at all because of my school year coming to an end and the struggle to get the european scholarship. Working on the video became nearly impossible for some time. However once the summer started, I got back to work. I made a short script of what the music video should look like and got straight to sketching out the storyboards. Camera shots, angles and what-not. Was thinking about what would be exciting to show. After all, the song is about consoles rapping. However, animating consoles themselves would be boring. So I stepped up the game and thought to myself “Why not make the consoles have souls. Why not make them badass and edgy. What’s related to a spirituality and is actually edgy? A demon. Settled.” I made a test shot to show Rockit what I came up with (some of my faithful watchers have seen a small bit of it). Surprisingly enough, he loved it and told me to go with it all the way. So I did. And after long weeks of putting the whole video together, we have published it. Now I can look at it and say it was a success.

To honor it all, I made a poster for You. It’ll be given away in the Rockit Gaming steams and then maybe ( maybe ) put up for sale. Hope You’ll dig it and thank You all once more for the support! <3


I was bored and uninsipired so I decided to look some old drawings,then I found these very first concepts of ocs I draw quite frequently nowadays. You may recognize some of them, others don’t. All of them were made four years ago omg

(i dunno why i wanted to share this, but i thought it could be interesting xD)