i was bored so i made a chart

Still bitter we never got to have an Avengers movie with the new (I guess ex, now) team.

I want to see Wanda practice throwing Steve into buildings.

I want to see my son meet Redwing for the first time.

I want to see Sam and Rhodey practice airborne maneuvers and take bets on their flights.

I want to see Steve teach Sam all those flippy little moves and Sam teach Steve his own flippy little moves.

I want to see Nat teach Wanda spycraft and kick everyone’s butt at combat practice.

I want to see Rhodey and Wanda interaction, can you imagine?

I want to see Steve be so fucking proud of his new family.

I want movie nights and dinners together and chore charts and boring meetings and sleepovers.

It would have made CACW more poignant if those connections had been given more definition.

Like, can a sister get some flashback webisodes or nah?