i was bored so i made a chart

boring chemistry lecture is boring, so i made this helpful chart of most of my arcmaiden-related AUs

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I love DaveJade as extremely close friends so when I see the anti-Davekat shippers getting all butt mad, it reminds me so much of the people who got severely angry when Hussie utterly destroyed the Karezi fandom. So, honestly, two birds with one stone for me. I LOVE Davepeta/Jade. It is wholesome.

i agree w/ all of this but people are so used to “boy meets girl” generic ass narratives that to this day just because dave has a 1 pixel smile or is standing next to her they are/have to be dating. when will people realize that hussie is allergic to those kinds of boring cliches and actively tried to subvert them. karkats shipping chart was made to be destroyed while only technically being fulfilled via the corpsesmooches, but thats as far as it goes. and same thing w/ karezi, they think just because karkat got over his problems and apologized he now DESERVES her like shes some fucking object which ironically enough was the same type of thinking that got karkat to fuck it up in the first place


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Warning: This is really crappy and I hate it. But there’s salty Meredith that I know you all love so here’s this really late unedited chapter.

Part 1Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Word Count: 4,600+

It was another day in the Raeken house. You and Theo had taken a bath together and you stood by your promise to protect him; which was really an excuse to be the big spoon in every situation but there was no sex. You simply just showed how much you adored each other with slightly less carnal methods.

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Still bitter we never got to have an Avengers movie with the new (I guess ex, now) team.

I want to see Wanda practice throwing Steve into buildings.

I want to see my son meet Redwing for the first time.

I want to see Sam and Rhodey practice airborne maneuvers and take bets on their flights.

I want to see Steve teach Sam all those flippy little moves and Sam teach Steve his own flippy little moves.

I want to see Nat teach Wanda spycraft and kick everyone’s butt at combat practice.

I want to see Rhodey and Wanda interaction, can you imagine?

I want to see Steve be so fucking proud of his new family.

I want movie nights and dinners together and chore charts and boring meetings and sleepovers.

It would have made CACW more poignant if those connections had been given more definition.

Like, can a sister get some flashback webisodes or nah?

DR3 alignments as I was bored lol

I made Goth and Punk the same triangle so explanations: Gay-Nerd-Goth Juzo, Gay-Goth Seiko, Goth Yoi, Punk-Prep Ruruka, Prep Munakyomako, Prep-Country Chisa, Country Koihichi, Jock Aoi, Country Bandai, Nerd-Jock Gozu, Nerds Miaya and Ryouta

In defense of your weeb art phase

I really don’t like this trend of shaming young (or beginner) artists just because they started out trying to draw manga.

I started out trying to draw manga.  Not only that, I started out trying to draw manga using Christopher Hart as a guide.

This was my first how to draw book.  I probably still have it somewhere.

It goes without saying that my art style is still suffering aftershocks from having this as my foundation. And I would probably be leagues beyond where I am now if I started out by practicing basic shapes or learning realism or things like that.

But here’s the thing.  That’s not what I wanted to draw.  I didn’t want to fill my sketchbook with pages of cubes and cylinders or value charts.  I wanted to draw my characters and my wild ideas.  This sort of Americanized manga probably wasn’t the best place for me to start out, but this was the first time I tried drawing something beyond stick figures.

People looked at my shit anime drawings and said “hey that’s pretty good”, and that inspired me.  Before then, drawing was just something I did because I was bored and I had ideas.  But people told me I was good, which made me realize that drawing was something I had the ability to do.  So I practiced more.  I studied life.  I studied values.  I studied all those things I didn’t want to draw when I was just starting out.  Not only because I was more confident in myself, but I was more familiar with moving my hand across the paper.

I still have to unlearn things I learned during my manga phase, but that comes with time.  Art is all about becoming better than you were yesterday.  Starting out drawing manga won’t ruin your art style or prevent you from getting into art school.  For some people, that’s just the spark they need.

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Are there any "good" forms of autistic therapy? like, ways to help autistic kids succeed in life and live a good life without forcing them to pretend to be neurotypical? I'm just genuinely curious, thank you <3

First off, sorry if I’m very late answering this, tumblr for some reason seems to be bad at alerting me about messages. 

I think the big thing about therapy is that, in order to be really helpful, it needs to be working on goals that the person sets for themselves. Otherwise you’re wasting their time. Obviously this is harder with kids, who may not fully understand why a goal is important, but you should try to explain things in a way they can understand and give them a degree of autonomy, especially as they get older. If a child rejects a goal you should also be willing to consider that the goal may not be as important as you thought it was. And obviously choosing goals is going to be really hard for people who don’t have some kind of communication system in place to express their desires, so that should always be one of if not the first thing you focus on.

Creating a communication system usually falls under speech therapy, even though it’s not always speech. It might be signing, or using a communication book, or an AAC app. Whatever works best for them. You need to approach this as helping a person communicate, not as making them memorize and repeat back vocabulary, or point to things when you ask them to point to them. Remember: it’s not a test, it’s a voice. They need to be able to say what they want to say. Even if it’s things you may not like to hear, like “no”, “five more minutes”, “that’s boring”, or “i don’t like that person.” 

What’s called “life skills” is a really important thing to teach. Things like hygiene, doing laundry, cooking, shopping, using the bus, applying for a job. Sometimes teaching this has to go beyond breaking down the usual way of doing things into steps. Sometimes it needs to involve finding other ways to do things that get the job done in a way that is easier for that person. It may mean teaching someone to wear earplugs and sunglasses to the store when they go shopping, if that helps reduce distractions and prevent over-stimulation and meltdowns. Sensory strategies can really make people’s lives easier- just make sure it’s tailored to their seeking/defensive sensory needs. A different example: I find it really hard to follow recipes, so I’ve made myself a flow chart that goes like “pick a meat, pick a way to cook the meat, pick spices to add when cooking, pick a carb and a veggie that go well as side dishes, etc”, and it’s a lot easier for me to cook with that than from a book. Work with people to figure out a way that works for them.

Physical therapy can be good for people with motor planning issues. It can also be difficult, painful, boring, or all three and more. I think this is a thing where it’s really important to explain to kids why you want them to do the therapy, how you think it will benefit them, and to give them the opportunity to say whether they want to do it, or at the very least to choose what activities they do in PT.

Social skills, I think, can be good, if it’s done the right way. It needs to be about helping the person do what they want to do, not about making them more palatable to others. Teach them how to find friends who have common interests; don’t teach them to never talk about the things they like for fear of being seen as weird. Teach them to resolve conflicts in ways that aren’t yelling and hitting but also aren’t just going along with whatever the other person wants and setting aside their own desires. You also need to be honest about how the world works, not pretend that ideals are reality (eg, bullies will usually not leave you alone if you ask nicely, or if you ignore them. Encourage teachers to defend the kid being bullied and send a message that bullying is wrong.) For teens, dating advice may be appropriate, but it can’t be sexist pick-up artist type stuff that teaches guy to devalue women; help them build real connections.

As kids get older, it’s very important to talk to them about plans for the future. Don’t discourage them because they don’t have the necessary skills yet; teach them the skills they need! If they’re going to be going to college, they need to be able to file a college app, work with disability services, manage their time, and have good study skills. If they’re going to work, they need to know about job applications, interview etiquette, benefits, income taxes, as well as job-specific skills. If they’re going to live partially or mostly independently, they need to be able to cook, shop, do laundry, clean, and have reliable transportation of some kind. Whatever their goals are, work with them to decide what skills they need in order to reach that goal, and help them learn those skills.

I think the most important thing here is the mindset of the people giving the therapy. It needs to be about helping a person accomplish the goals that they choose, not getting them to do what you think is best. A therapist provides a service. They should answer to their client, the person in therapy- not the other way around.

Anyway, that’s my view. Other people probably have their own thoughts on the topic. Can anyone else offer their perspective on helpful therapies for anon? 

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I don't think you're being fair to expect them to act how they did when they were in 1d and then get mad at them when they don't like they have said several times (most recently Liam) that they were unhappy in 1d and forced to play someone they aren't. Plus I doubt Harry is worried about chasing the charts to reach 1d success if he was he would have released a much faster and shorter song as his lead single

I’m not mad at anybody. Promise. I just personally am bored and a little appalled yet more slightly disappointed that Harry is apparently giving really derivative appearances live. One of my friends made me watch the iHeart Kiwi performance all the way through, even though I kept turning it off because that suit, ack so horrible, and I was surprised that I thought he was kind of awful. His voice is also not great live right now.

I’m sure he’s overall better than this one song and event, but blah, I’ll wait for the reunion tour.

And, PS, none of them solo will ever recreate the energy of their first stadium tour, so yeah, I think they’ll miss it. It’s amazing the things you miss when you’ve had distance from something. I’m not predicting 1D will get back together and make music again together, I’m predicting a reunion tour.

The Night Shift (prequel)

short thing i wrote cus i’m fighting writer’s block ;__; prequel to this because i can’t get this medical au out of my head thanks to @cottonomz. part 2 here.

Stupid bastard doctor. Levi thought, glaring at the object of his ire. Stuck up his own ass piece of shit.

His internal tirade was interrupted by said doctor, walking over to where he was keying in information on a computer to hand him a chart.

“You’ll have to prioritize this one first.” He said, his damned shiny name tag glinting right in Levi’s eye.

Dr. Erwin Smith, it said, nearly blinding him almost as much as his clear blue eyes did.

“No shit.” Levi snapped, ignoring that thought. “The patient had a seizure in the lobby.”

Infuriatingly enough, Dr. Smith - or ‘Erwin,’ as most of the staff called him - smiled at Levi’s ire like he always did, like he found him amusing and not to be taken seriously. It was bullshit, and something that his predecessor had not done. Dr. Pixis had recognized that this was Head Nurse Levi’s ER, not his, but unfortunately he had not passed that knowledge onto his replacement before he retired.

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Because I got nothing better to do, here are the names of the countries/regions in their own languages. If there are two or more names, like with Finland, the country is bilingual, trilingual or more (Suomi is the name in Finnish, and Finland is the name in Swedish. Canada is bilingual, but Canada is just Canada in both English and French). Names in parentheses are just romanizations. I’m sorry if I made mistakes… and why this looks so blurry!