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Spelling Fights

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Word Count: 1,816

Authors: Deka & Ale

Warning: None, just fluffiness

Pairing: Benedict Cumberbatch x Wife!Reader

Summary: The little fight between an American and a British couple

Credits to this video for the awesome interview: https://youtu.be/eX2M6Lf8WKc

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The Contest-Part 16

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only red, @oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

The five of us ended up at one of the casinos on the strip.  Don’t ask me which one, because the next day it would all be a blur.  Jensen bought the first round of shots and we toasted the happy couple.  

“I still think you guys are nuts and totally deserve each other.”  He said before downing his shot.

“You call that a toast, Jay?”  I commented with a roll of my eyes. I signaled for the bartender to bring another round.  I raised my glass and everyone followed suit.  “Here’s to Nikki and Misha.  She is officially your problem now.”

Everyone laughed as we downed our shots.  Nikki made a face and gave hers to Misha to finish. “I’d like to remember my wedding night, thank you very much.”

Then a group of fans recognized us and bought us a round.  Things started to get a little fuzzy after that.  I remember Misha reminding us we all had panels in the morning. 

 Jensen, who didn’t have any official duties until the Saturday Night Special the next night, said it was early yet and ordered another round.  I remember Nikki and I dancing with a bunch of fans who sent over a congratulatory round when they found out Nikki and Misha had eloped.

Jared and Misha finally came over and pulled us from the dance floor.  “Come on Dancing Queen, time to go.”  Jared told me as I stumbled into his arms.

“But I’m having funnn!” I giggled.  “Hey Mish, guess what?” I whispered drunkenly.  “You and Nikki got married!”

I don’t remember the ride back to the hotel at all.

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Of course, of course! Let me use names, it might make it more understandable :) But feel free to switch their roles! "Modern AU: Clarke can't sleep at night; Bellamy often wakes up with nightmares. He ends up seeing all of her late night Snapchats and Instagram posts. Cue adorable late night talks, etc." Hope this helps!

I twisted it a little bit because Im incapable of writing angst… So it’s Bellamy having weird dreams and Clarke not sleeping at night! Social Media Au!

thank you @bellamybb for reading this over! tagging some people who showed interested in this @francyfifty @prongsno​ and also @selflessbellamy@marauders-groupie@boob-morley@hiddenpolkadots​ because i want your thoughts on this

Keeping me up at night

Clarke Griffin: Should I stop drinking coffee or should I continue not sleeping at night?

           Octavia Blake, Raven Reyes, Wells Jaha and 6 others liked this.

           Wells Jaha: you’re gonna die at 30

           Raven Reyes: you could never stop drinking coffee. Rip friend. Nice knowing you.

Clarke wasn’t a big sleeper. Ever had been. Apparently, she didn’t need a lot of sleep to function.

However, she needed a lot of caffeine.

Her phone vibrated with a new Facebook notification: Bellamy Blake commented on your post.

          Bellamy Blake: I knew you were a fake. I don’t sleep at night by my own means thank you very much.

She smiled and immediately answered.

           Clarke Griffin: yeah you’re right. Coffee got me awake since im a baby…

           Bellamy Blake: clearly. Don’t do drugs kids.

She didn’t know Bellamy that well. She only met him once for one of Octavia’s birthday party but they somehow ended up following each other on most social medias. She wasn’t complaining because he was fun and he seemed to not sleeping at nights, just like her, and they always ended up talking through the night… She liked him.

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As prompt as ever, he boarded the northbound train at 6:45. His gaze met mine for a moment, but I looked away instinctively.

The crowd pushed him nearer toward me with every stop. I glanced in his direction, pretending to look away from my phone momentarily. The five o'clock shadow last week really grew out into a masculine scruff over the weekend. I attempted to get a better glimpse of his body, but I could only see his head above the crowd.

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Hi! I know you're probably super busy with editing the Roman!AU and all, but I just started a Journalist!Percabeth AU, and after seeing all you posts about you being a journalist, I was wondering if you could give me any tips about being a journalist and how to make it realistic? Like, as someone who is a journalist, basically what goes on? If you don't have time I totally understand, just thought I'd ask. Your fic is awesome, btw! Keep up your amazing work. :)

Certainly! I only have experience at community newspapers, so I won’t be of much help if you’re writing about TV news. From what I understand, Anchorman is basically a documentary though. 

- In traditional newsrooms, most reporters have a main beat i.e. crime/courts, education, lifestyles, sports, etc. A general reporter gets tasked with doing a little bit of everything. The idea of keeping someone on the same beat for several years is so they become experts in what they’re covering and can develop relationships and build trust with sources. But because of staffing cuts, a lot of reporters have to pick up stories outside their beats as well and turn in at least a story a day, if not more. Basic social media and video skills are a plus. 

- Reporting is not particularly glamorous and exciting all the time. It’s a lot of sitting in epically boring zoning board meetings or re-writing press releases or finding a new way to cover a community event you’ve covered the last billion years. You get yelled at by sources and community members. Your editor squashes your story idea and makes you do their dumb idea instead. Your source wouldn’t return YOUR call but the TV station down the road got them to go ON CAMERA! Facebook comments make you want to die. 

- People dread having a desk near the sports section or the police scanner. The police scanner becomes dead noise after a while; you’re trained to snap to attention when the words “structure fire,” “shots fired,” “bomb” or the codes for a fatality are used. Then the real fun and panic of verification begins. Most sports people are cool, but there’s always that guy

- Up to four people can look at a reporter’s story before it goes live or to print. Mistakes still get made. Reporters have a love/hate relationship with editors because we change accidentally change the meaning of their story or write an inaccurate headline. Speaking of mistakes!

- It’s not unusual to wake up in a cold sweat and think, “Did I actually spell my source’s name/got a fact right after I know I tripled checked it?”


- Most reporters have messy ass desks. There’s always a pile of notes you meant to throw away, old papers, files, dishes, notebooks, pens, etc. 

- We are not paid well. Layoffs are almost always a source of worry. We don’t get any of the fun holidays (President’s Day, etc.) off. Staff usually rotate the on big holidays. 

- No one likes answering the general line because it’s usually someone calling to a) complain about their paper delivery, b) scream about your paper’s LIBURAL BIAS and how we should write more nice stories about Trump, c) “What time is the football game on?” or d) because they don’t know how to Google. Sometimes you get a real news tip though. 

- Depending on the market, there’s always at least one rival news organization that everyone lives to hate on for ripping off stories and doing a piss poor job of it. It’s usually a TV station. 

- Newsroom pizza is always the best pizza, second only in favorite foods to the newsroom donut box. 

- MORNING MEETINGS! Usually held to discuss story ideas and what reporters are working on for the day. Can be quick and easy, or long and painfully drawn out, depending on if you have a bunch of chatterboxes which… it’s a newsroom. There’s always a few of them. 

- Reporter: “Government official says I can’t have this document that’s supposed to be public.” Editor: “LET SLIP THE HOUNDS OF WAR. I mean, bullshit they won’t give it to you. File a FOIA request.”

…wow, this is long. Anyway, I hope this helps! Happy fic writing!

Say It Again

Summary: You and Sebastian have been in a secret relationship for four months when your friend sets you up on a date. You can’t turn it down, seeing as she thinks you’ve been single for years. When Seb finds out, you get into an argument.

Words: 1.7k

Seb x Reader

Warnings: argument, soft-core smut

A/N: this is part seven of my Birthday Smutathon for @laurivcr‘s birthday! You can find the masterpost here

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Nerd. [Part 1.]

A/N: Warning, this is supposed to be really cliche and crappy so. .  yeah, and Y/L/N means Your Last Name, and credit to whoever made this sexy gif.

Rated: PG

Summary: where Luke is a pretentious Jock, and you are a Nerd.

Word count:1267.

I shoved my new Notebooks in my bag, I was ready for my first day, even though my stomach still twisted sickeningly.

John ran out of his room, his wild brunette hair still tousled like he just woke up, he punched my shoulder as I  winced feeling my arm already starting to bruise, “See ya’ Bitch.” He singsonged like this Monday was beautiful and swung his sleek black backpack over his shoulder, his car keys in hand as he enjoyed his senior year joyfully.

It was my freshmen year, Lucky me.

I pulled my hair into a lazy ponytail, it was boring, to say the least, I was in what I would call my ‘Blending in’ clothing, so not many people approached me, not like anyone really wanted to.

“Y/N! I want to take your picture of your first day of high school, Oh I remember mine!” My mom squealed excitedly, I wanted to groan in annoyance, She was the pretty girl in high school who made friends with basically the whole school at my age, but now she was a single parent raising three children and spending most of her time doing Pinterest DIYs.

“Can it be quick I really need to get to school early,” I looked down at my phone seeing as it was 7:30 in the morning, even though school started at nine I wanted to interduce myself to all the teachers so I could possibly get a better seat, if there was a seating chart.

“Alright! Smile.” my mom pointed her camera at me as I stood in the middle of the living room, messenger bag on my hip that had the batman symbol on it.

I gave my mom a real big fake smile, she grinned back at me, every time someone took my picture I smiled like that, to make it seem like I was happy living another three years in this dreadful home, that never really had any joy.

“Alright, have a good day.” My mom waved her hand dismissing me, already posting the picture on facebook and Instagram, as she didn’t even look up at me anymore.

“Thanks.” I crumbled opening the screen door and walking the few blocks to school.


I entered the school, I feel the tight feeling wrapping itself around my neck, and it felt hard to breathe as I made my way towards my first classroom, luckily only a few teachers and nerds like me were here, My new teacher Miss Pennington was setting up her classroom still, unstacking chairs and making sure everything was clean.

“Miss Pennington?” I said, my voice coming out weaker than I expected.

Her head shot over to me, she was beautiful, to say the least, she was a little overweight but that didn’t matter, her blonde hair was in a proper bun and her eyebrows were styled sweetly as she had minimum makeup capturing her features.

“Yes? You are?” She held out her hand, finishing putting a chair in front of a desk, she had about 7 more desks.

“I’m Y/N Y/L/N.” I smiled shaking her hand, trying to be polite.

“Oh well, you do know school starts in two hours right?” She said in confusion not knowing why one of her students was so early.

“I know.. It’s just that I was wondering If I could read in here, and see if I could get a good seat up close Ma'am, Or do you need any help?” I motioned to the seven unstacked chairs.

“Oh yes that would be very nice of you, and you can pick any seat you want.” My teacher grinned happily, for a History class this was really nice.

“Thank you so much! It’s just that I’m bad around lot’s of people.” I smiled embarrassingly, as I helped her unstack the chairs, putting my messenger bag filled with pencils and notebooks in one of the first desks closest to miss Pennington.

“Oh that’s fine, I know how you feel, I was the exact same way in high school, barely made any friends.” She giggled, I was still shocked she could speak without stuttering in front of the class.

“But..? you talk in front of people every day.” I flushed at the stupid question.

“I just got over it.” She shrugged a bright smile on her lips, we finished unstacking the chairs.

“Do you mind if I read quietly?” I asked, hoping she’d say yes.

“That’s fine Miss Y/L/N, by any chance to you happen to be related to Mister Y/L/N?” She asked, I swallowed the lump in my throat and tucked a strand of blonde hair behind my ear, and nodded.

“You both have very different personality’s.” the teacher nodded, looking towards her desk, the anxiety came back, a number of detention slips John had came home with, or bad grades, or maybe even his vulgar tongue?

“Here’s your textbook for this year, I really hope this year is going to be uneventful?” She gave me a pointed look as if warning me, thinks went from zero to ten real fast, anger boiled in my chest, my brother who I didn’t even particularly like just ruined a nice relationship with a teacher, nice.

I nodded quickly, and sat down in my chair closest to the window in the front row, pulling out another book I got from the library, I usually said “eenie meenie miney mo” and picked a book off the bookshelf as I closed my eyes so I refrained from judging a book by its cover.


“And he was like 'Whaaatt?’ can you believe it?” a guy loudly whispered to his friend three rows behind me, of course, it was just the first class of the year but did they really need to talk so loud?

“Mister Clifford and Mister Hemmings, do you want me to separate you two for the rest of the school year?” She glared at the two boys behind me,

“No..” Another voice muttered, and she went back to teaching.

They were in the back but I could still hear them 'Whispering’, have they ever heard of using their inside voices?

“Mister Clifford! Trade seats with..” Miss Pennington scanned the classroom, and then her eyes trained on me, fuck.

“With Miss Y/L/N.” I turned around 'Mister Clifford’ looked confused on whoever miss Y/L/N was, I stood scared, Clifford had to be a Senior, I was wondering why he was in a freshmen History class.

I dragged my messenger back towards the back keeping my head down until I saw the empty desk still scooched close to his friend’s chair.

I took a seat carefully as Miss Pennington began to continue on the basics, I could barely hear her, great.

I started to scooch the chair away from 'Hemmings.“ Not looking at him, but he grabbed onto my chair and quietly scooted it back towards where it originally was.

I looked up at him in surprise, he had blonde hair and blue eyes, his eyebrows shaped bushily but somehow perfectly, He leaned towards me as I looked away, "Don’t even try, I’m stuck with you the rest of year Nerd, I’m gonna need to copy your homework.” His voice demanding and dark, but yet arousing, I never thought I’d use those words but it was true.

“You can’t do that.” I stuttered out in a whisper using my hand to shield my mouth so Miss Pennington couldn’t see me whispering, suddenly 'Hemmings knew how to use his inside voice as he threatened me, making chills roll down on my spine.

“Watch me.”

{Part 2}

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MBTI and why they lie??

lol just for fun:

ExFJs lie to keep up appearances.

At this point, they probably don’t know how to tell the truth. I mean, after 6 years, 4 holiday parties, and 1 best friend gift exchange—it would just be a dick move for them to tell their neighbor: ‘’Hey, I really hate your guts…..you’re dead to me Allen.” Even if that /is/ their honest opinion of Allen, it’s better to subtly drop hints through passive agressive facebook posts than to just throw it all out there in the open. 

 ExTJs lie because the truth doesn’t always make sense.  

Occam’s Razor is a wonderful thing– it’s how ExTJs live their lives. It’s how they got through the Great Pond Draining Incident of 2015. “It’s the drought,” they’d say, watching the sheets of rain pound against their windows.“Just the drought.” They didn’t notice the man who came nightly, covered from head to toe in kitchen sponges. They didn’t notice him submerging himself in the pond and stealing every last drop of water. “It has to be the drought!” they would cry.

 ENxPs lie because the truth is boring.

They don’t lie, they embellish. Thank god for that too. You’d probably get sick of hearing the absolutely iconic ‘’Johnny fell into the punch bowl story” if you knew that there wasn’t actually a punch bowl and Johnny just fell over because he’s clumsy as hell. 

ESxPs lie because they’re good at it.

Look, if you’ve got a natural talent, you might as well milk it to the last drop– no matter how much everyone else starts resenting you for it. That’s what it says in the bible right? Or maybe I’m thinking about the creators of Frozen, either way it’s a great philosophy and a guaranteed way to have a good time! 

IxFPs don’t lie unless they’ve been lying to themselves.

Or they’re really really mad at you and they really really want you to go away. 

IxTPs lie because…..ummmmm define lying.

Is it lying if I tell Ricky that I’m giving him sugar cubes for no reason, even though I do have a reason for giving him sugar cubes? Is it lying if Ricky is big and strong, and I want to instill a favorable response in him every time I introduce myself? Is it lying if I pretend to have 3 twin siblings so that I can introduce myself to Ricky four times a day and hence speed up the whole, get Ricky on my side process? Is classically conditioning people lying?? Was Pavlov lying? Are you saying that one of the most influential psychologists of all time was lying? Is it lying if–

INxJs don’t lie, okay???

And I think we’d all be able to see that if we could just open our eyes and let all that universal truth flood into us through our eyeholes. Carl Jung was right about everything. I phoned up my good friend The Collective Unconscious the other day and it told me, it said: “Dude, did you know INxJs never ever never lie, like never ever”. And if that’s not the truth, idk what is. 

ISxJs lie because sometimes, they don’t know what to do with the truth.

The truth, at times, can be a real pain. Imagine building a house from the ground up: you have the plans, you have the means, and you’ve finally accomplished what initially seemed like such a massive task. You’re really proud of yourself until one of the contractors taps you on the shoulders and hands you an extra brick. “Yeah…we forgot this one,” he says. Now you’re stuck in a fit of panic trying to hide this brick like it’s a dead body. “Damn it, Kyle….why didn’t you speak up?” You weren’t anticipating this.

Art and Anatomy 3 (fem!Trixie x trans!Katya) - Pink Shrooms

It’s a new year, but old drama from first semester isn’t as dead as Katya would have hoped. Trixie decides to become a Youtuber. Katya decides to become a full time art hoe. Neither of them are prepared for what comes next.

OR: Shame is temporary, but the internet is forever.

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Nothing Like Us

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Nothing Like Us 

Despite the numerous warning Kiseok gave Jay about going public and how hard it was he decided to do it anyway. It wasn’t that Kiseok didn’t approve of your relationship, it just seemed that he still regretted going public with his all those years ago. And perhaps he considers it one of the reasons it didn’t work out.

But Jay wanted the world to know how in love he was with you. The gesture was sweet. He knew it might affect his fanbase, but he always said that you were worth it. You weren’t famous like him, you were just a regular girl, with a regular job, and regular life. No more, no less. And you honestly loved your life. You couldn’t ask for anything better. But you promised him that you could take anything they could throw at you. For him, you would take on the world.

When you got your first influx of hate mail it had been through your twitter. You didn’t want to tell Jay about it. You didn’t want to worry him. You would just block the users, but soon that became too much. Every time you blocked a few hundred you’d have even more. You told yourself to never, ever read the comments. But occasionally you saw a sweet supportive comment, but more often than not. It was someone telling you how much you didn’t deserve Jay. Calling you horrible things, telling you to do the world a favor and just-

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Hope you enjoy! <3 <3

College Days

I rushed quickly through the college campus, seriously, my first day and I’m late for class, of course everything had to go wrong this morning. I dashed through the college and to my lecture room, the professor was mid sentence, he looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

“I’m so so sorry.” I started to speak.

“Just sit down.” He cut me off and pointed to a seat, I recognise the guy next to the empty seat, he was cute, dark brown hair cut into a slightly messy style, dark brown eyes, I wasn’t complaining about sitting next to him I was sure we’d met before.

“It’s Y/N right?” He said as I sat down, grinning at me, I smiled back and nodded, trying as best I could to remember his name, it clicked and I remembered it.

“Brendon right? I added you on Facebook?” He nodded enthusiastically, grinning at me as he took some notes, the professor cleared his throat and I nodded and looked forward, listening to the tutor, I kept looking over to see Brendon staring at me, he had his pen in his mouth, his eyes moving up and down me. I tried to ignore it but I was finding it kind of hot how much he was staring, I tried to pay as much attention to the lecture as I could taking some notes and listening as the professor spoke. After the lecture he stopped me outside of the room.

“Hey, do you have anymore lectures today? Or just the one?” He asked smiling and putting a notebook in his bag as well as his laptop.

“No just the one and of course I had to be late to it.” I laughed and turned to face him, he ran a hand through his hair and smiled.

“Wanna go for a coffee? I’ll pay?” He smiled sweetly, and shifted his bag on his shoulder and tilted his head to the side. “I mean it’s ok if you don’t want to.”

“No, no I’d love to.” I mean it’s the first day so not like I’ve got much else to do, I gave him a small smile, he grinned in return and we walked to find a local coffee shop.

We sat chatting in the coffee shop, we had met at the introduction last week, it was still nice to see him as just us. He bought me a coffee and sat down opposite me, taking a sip of his own.

“So… what made you choose this college.” He asked leaning back and getting comfortable on his chair.

“The music program.” I smiled and took a sip, looking at him intently.

“No way! Me too, the music program is the best, being able to practise and not get in shit for it.” He leant forward, beaming at me.

“Oh my gosh yes! I bought my guitar, I love playing when I’m bored.” I couldn’t help but smile, he was so passionate about music it was so cute.

“You play? We should jam some time, I write songs all the time and it would be cool to have someone to play with.” He bit his lip as he said it, we wound up having a huge long coversation about our favourite types of music, we both loved Sinatra, we ended up staying in the coffee shop for over 2 hours chatting about everything from music to family to our hobbies. He loved to skate, and even offered to teach me, finally we decided to leave, I was so shocked, we really did seem to have a connection. As we left the coffee shop he stopped me.

“You wanna… um come round my place later, I’m in a joint house, you could come over, we could listen to some music?” I smiled, he was kind of nervous and it was adorable.

“Sure! I’d love to… like half 6? We could get a takeout.” I tilted my head to the side, he grinned and we said our goodbyes, and headed our separate ways, I was excited for tonight, I may have only just met him, but I really liked him… already.

I’m my room I played with my hair a little, trying to make myself look good, Brendon and I had swapped mobile numbers and he messaged me his address, it was 6. I had to leave soon, I tried to make myself look presentable, I’d noticed a few likes pop up on my page as I was getting ready, notably on photos from a holiday I took last year, one shot was of me in a bikini on the beach laying sunbathing, he liked that one first as well as numerous other ones, I smiled, at least he saw me looking good I suppose. At about 6:15 I left my place to go see him, I walked the directions he gave me, when I knocked I was let in by a girl who told me his room as upstairs. I followed her directions and headed to his door, when I was outside I heard what sounded like moaning. Was he with a girl or something? I felt a little pissed considering he had asked me over and now it seemed like he had a girl over.
“Uhhh Y/N.” I heard through the door and froze, wait what… was he… I blushed a little and decided to wait a moment before knocking. “Uhh hold up!” He shouted panicked, I heard a lot of shuffling around. “Come in.” I opened the door, he looked a little flustered, his cheeks red, I noticed the picture of me in my bikini open on his laptop but decided to ignore it and spare him the embarrassment, it kinda made me feel like I wanted him more now, knowing he really did find me attractive.

“You ok?” I asked and sat down on his bed, I kept my eyes off my laptop as I noticed him slam the lid down quickly, he looked awkward like he didn’t know where to look or what to do.
“Yeah.” He cleared his throat and shifted, covering his lap. “I’m good, a little tired, just been… um listening to some music.” I bit my lip a little, I was getting horny, he looked so flustered and turned on himself, it was getting to me. I decided maybe I should tease a little, if I could get him to start it then at least I would know we were both on the same page. I flopped back onto his bed, letting the bottom of my stomach come out of my t-shirt, I wriggled my legs a little, stretching out, I could feel his eyes on me.
“So… what did you wanna do?” I asked running my fingers through my hair, stretching again, he cleared his throat and shifted on the bed.

“We could… put some music on.” He suggested, I knew he was watching me, hopefully it was having the desired effect, he shifted and took his laptop, hiding it from my view as he set his music up. He put on some Frank Sinatra and flopped next to me on the bed, he looked at me and bit his lip a little.
“Well we should probably learn more about each other right? So… when was your last girlfriend.” I asked trying to be up front, he hesitated.

“Like a few months ago? I find it hard to do the girlfriend thing, most girls are so boring, what about you? When was your last boyfriend?” We made eye contact and I smiled.
“Like 6 months, he cheated so I’ve stayed away from guys since really, I’ve had a few one night stands though.” I teased a little wanting a reaction, he raised an eyebrow.
“So you like sex then?” He asked, being up front with me now.
“Oh who doesn’t?” I grinned and leant on my elbows, leaning my head back. “Don’t you? Wow it’s bad how quickly this conversation turned to sex.” I giggled and smiled at him.
“Oh well, so… have you ever done it in public?”  He asked bluntly.
“Woah! Ok, fine yeah I have.” He looked at me questioningly. “With an ex at a gig before. You?”
“Like one time, and it sucked.” He laughed, shifting on the bed to face me.
“Did it? I found it pretty hot, not into kinky stuff then?” I teased, raising an eyebrow, I moved my legs, trying to look a little sexy.
“Hey I didn’t say that.” His hand trailed up my thigh slowly.
“Nah, I don’t believe you, I think you’re all soft and mushy when I comes to sex.” I looked at him, trying to stop myself from moaning.
“Oh really? And you’re into kinky stuff, like what then?” He challenged, looking at me intently.

“Standard stuff, hair pulling, biting, scratching, I’m just not the dominant one.” I grinned and drew my leg up slowly, showing off my body a little more, he stared as I moved.
“Ughh fuck this!” He growled practically jumping on me, grabbing hold of me and kissing me hard, practically pinning me down against his bed, his lips crashing against mine.

“You’re not dominant huh?” He teased, holding me down against the bed. “I’ll show you dominant.” He growled deep from his throat. “Stay there.” He ordered, standing and walking over to his door to lock it, he came back over and stood over the bed looking down at me. “Strip.” He bit his lip and watched me I hesitated and he grabbed my legs and pulled me closer, leaning over close to my face. “Maybe you didn’t hear me right baby. I said strip.” He bit my lip and pulled it with his teeth, I slowly slipped my jeans down my legs and off onto the floor, sliding my top up over my head, I reached behind myself to slip off my bra, he watched biting his own lip and undoing the buckle on his belt. I slid my panties down my legs, slowly, teasing him, he dropped his jeans, his buckle thudding against the floor, I threw my panties on the floor and sat as he watched me, taking his shirt off.

“What now.” I asked, looking up at him, he smirked and scolded me.
“Whatever I want.” He teased, standing at the end of the bed, he gripped my arm and pulled me upright, looking down at me, slipping his boxers down. “Well I need you to start me off…” He looked at me waiting, I bit my lip and kissed the tip slowly, teasing him a little, I felt his hand ball in my hair as a warning. “Don’t tease me.” He moaned, I did as I was told and slowly slid my lips down his cock, I began to move up and down, using my hand too, he kept his firm grip on my hair as his head lulled back in pleasure, moaning out loud, I saw him watching me as I moved my head, slowly swirling my tongue in circles, he groaned and tensed a little, biting his lip hard to refrain from moaning too loud. He used his grip on my hair to move my head up and down himself, taking control, it turned me on so much, I kept moving my tongue and hand to match, he groaned loudly, it was clearly working. He couldn’t stand it for long before he pulled me off and threw me back onto the bed, he climbed on top of me and pinned me down against, gripping hold of himself and slamming inside me.

He didn’t give me any time to adjust, thrusting hard and fast, gripping tightly to my body, his growling sounds made me shudder, it sounded so sexy, I hadn’t pictured him being like this when we had met at the introduction last week.

“Ughh Brendon.” I gasped out loud my back arching up, I was scolded with a sharp tug of my hair and a bite to my neck.
“Quiet. They’ll hear us.” He hissed in warning, gripping my hair tightly, giving it another tug, I gasped in pleasure, the pain turning me on even more, he definitely liked being in control, it showed a lot through the way he acted. His pace was fast and hard, he didn’t falter for a second, using his grip on my head to hold me still, kissing me hard on the lips, as his hips moved faster. I couldn’t resist teasing him myself, I moved and bit hard onto his shoulder, latching onto it roughly to see if he enjoyed it, he growled and writhed moaning at the bite, I bit a little harder and it only spurred him on more, his thrusts getting harder, gripping tighter to me, his fingers curled on my hips, nails digging in slightly.

“Mmm you wanna play that game huh?” He asked, his eyes darkening as he looked at me, he gave me a mischievous look before latching onto my own neck, biting down hard, I squealed in pain and pleasure, it felt so good mixed with his fast movements, he shifted his hip slightly to hit my gspot and it drove me insane, I started shaking against him, the bite mark was sore and a little tender but I didn’t care, all this felt too good to focus on anything but how good he was making me feel, the way he was thrusting giving me so much pleasure. My fingers curled on his back as I held my moans in, nails raking his skin, it didn’t seem to bother him, it just spurred him on more, he groaned a little.
“Brendon!” I gasped out loud, I couldn’t hold onto my moans any longer.
“I said shut up.” He growled, I was given a sharp tug to the hair and gained his hand across my mouth, covering it as he moved fast and hard, the odd whimper of sound came out from behind his hand, but he just revelled in it, enjoying the way he was making me feel. I couldn’t hold on much longer, I was already close, my body shaking against him.
“You feel so fucking good Y/N.” He growled as I felt him move slightly harder, I was so close but I could only whimper from behind his hand, I going to cum any second and I couldn’t even express it, with another hard thrust I went over the edge cumming hard round him, my body shaking and tensing up, tightening around him, he kept a firm grip on my mouth to keep me quiet, thrusting like a madman to keep me cumming for longer. Once I started to come down from my high, he slowed down and moaned in my ear.

He paused for a second before grabbing me and pulling me onto his lap, leaning back onto his bed and watching me, I felt weak but I wanted him more.

“You’re turn, ride me baby.” He ordered, pulling me down onto his cock, using his own hands to help me rock up and down on him, his head lulled back and he groaned, moaning my name as I felt myself sliding up and down his length, I moaned out his name.

“Mmmm yeah I’m close baby.” His hand came crashing down and smacked my ass making me shudder, I could feel him throbbing, it drove me so close to the edge I didn’t think I’d be able to hold on much longer. His hands rocked me against him, I was so close it drove me crazy, he shifted to rub my gspot and I couldn’t handle it anymore, I started cumming again, throwing my head back in pure pleasure, I couldn’t cope I yelled out his name as I began to tighten around him again, it set him off and he started cumming too.
“Fuck, baby I’m cumming. Uhhh Y/N.” He moaned loudly, biting down on my shoulder as he came, I yelled out again, rocking my hips for as long as I could, I gave in and stopped eventually, he pulled me closer to him holding me as we both shook a little.
“Mmm you’re soooo good.” He whispered kissing my neck softly and pulling me down onto the bed.
“You’re not so bad yourself.” I moaned, he cuddled up to me.
“So… you still wanna… like try this out? Me and you? Because I really like you and we’ve got so much in common.” He asked shyly, kissing me.
“Of course, I only tried it on because… well I kinda heard you.” He flushed bright red as he realised what I said, I snuggled into him and giggled. “It’s ok, it was kinda hot, that’s why I got so turned on.” He laughed a little and kissed me.

“So me and you?” He asked, kissing my forehead.

“You better take me for coffee tomorrow.” I teased, we cuddled and listened to music for the rest of the evening, who knew, this could be the start of something good.

Hope you enjoyed <3 <3


We got a chance to chat with Los Angeles based artist Mike Stilkey whose book sculpture, installations, and paintings have adorned various galleries and institutions all around the world.  When he’s not traveling to China or elsewhere, he can be found tending his cats, taking care of his son, winning pool tournaments in sketchy pool halls and creating whimsical and amazing works of art.   Here’s the Q&A with Mike Stilkey, enjoy!

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Prosecute my heart - a sasnar fic

Summary: When Sasuke comes into work and finds his office decorated in all things Halloween, he knows things have gone too far. Unfortunately for him, Naruto is all about taking things further…

Rated: T (but mentions of M-rated stuff)
Word count: 4.3K

On ff.net and ao3!

A Halloween/prosecutor au/office romance fic bc I had to!



Sasuke liked to think that he was neutral about Halloween. Actually, scratch that. He liked to not think about Halloween at all, but right now he found it very difficult to keep his brain free of the (fake) holiday considering his work desk was completely covered in all things Halloween.

It was Monday.

A Monday that so happened to be October 31st, and had he expected this he would have called in sick for sure.

But Naruto? Naruto was never expected, and Sasuke fought down the urge to wonder just how early the idiot must have clocked in to manage this disaster. If Naruto wanted to prank his co-workers then that was his problem. In fact, Sasuke was sure that he must have done the same to some of the others. Sasuke wasn't special, and the little flutter his heart made was simply pathetic.

You hate Halloween, Sasuke told himself, hanging off his coat and placing his bag on an extra chair. You told him as much last week. This is just a way to get back at you for being a slave driver.

For the past three weeks, Sasuke had been in charge of introducing Naruto to the wonders of being a prosecutor. While the younger man was doing a good job so far he was also all sorts of incredibly annoying, irritating, loud, and most of all too thrilled with the idea of them being friends outside of work. Sasuke had already been roped into several lunches (though often in the company of other colleagues so it wasn’t entirely suspicious), one after work drinking session (and boy was that a mistake he would never think about again), and an accidental accepted facebook friend request. He didn’t even use facebook, his brother had just forcefully made him one and he kept forgetting to delete it.

Shaking himself out of his miserable thoughts, Sasuke rolled up his sleeves and mentally prepared himself to rid his computer of fake cobwebs and spiders so he could at least work. There were decorative pumpkins spread across his desk, a black cat plushie perched on his windowsill, as well as several ghosts and skeletons hanging from his lamps. Not to mention the cut-outs taped all over his walls, and-

“Happy Halloween, Sasuke!”

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valadationworld  asked:

OMG I THOUGHT OF A SCENARIO! how would the 2ps (allies and axis) propose to their s/o? O u o I really wanna read how 2p Canada would propose to me I I I mean their s/o *cough cough*

((Of course! I’d love to write a scenario about how they’ propose…especially the 2P!AmeCan brothers XD Sorry that this is a bit late- i was celebrating National Coffee Day~!))

Scenario: *How the 2P’s propose*

2P!America: This arrogant bastard would want a very exclamatory way of proposing, one in public so that he can show off his romance skills and love towards his S/O. With that in mind, maybe he’d propose to you on any other date, like at the amusement park or in a restaurant? He would kneel down, giving you a quick wink before showing you a beautiful engagement ring.

2P!England: He’s a guy that likes to keep it classy yet comfortable, whether it’s a date or a proposal; so, with this in mind, i think that Oliver would do a nice fancy restaurant, or, if his S/O isn’t interested n public proposals, maybe on a vacation while you two are alone? He’d devote a lot of time into ranting about everything he loves about them before finally whipping that ring out and popping the question :P

2P!France: Francois is a guy who doesn’t have a lot of anything; no money, no motivation, and no real relationship skills, but he’d make sure to have plenty of that before he proposes his S/O. A couple of months beforehand, they would notice him being slightly more…active. He would put effort into things, he would try to find a job, and he would especially stop going out with prostitutes. Hell, he even went to go get help for his smoking problem! While their S/O wasn’t exactly clear of the intentions, this was all in effort to prove to them that he can be more than enough for them; that he can provide more than just love. Finally, with the money he saved, he managed to get dinner at 58 Tour Eiffel, where he then proposed by putting his ring in your champagne glass, (hoping you wouldn't drink it and choke on it XD)

2P!Russia: Boyfriend/Girlfriend traditions confuse him to no extent, let alone fiancee rituals! So, with this in mind, he’d probably do something very personal and private; but still enough to make you want to exclaim it to everybody how he did it. So, he’d pin up all of the photos you guys have together on a wall, and in the middle of this grand collage he’s put a note that said “I have a problem i would like you to solve. Viktor and S/O have been dating for x amount of time, and have shared y amount of wonderful moments with each other. Creating a system of equations and solving for the variables, what is the likeness of S/O agreeing to Viktor’s marriage proposal?”. Then, he’d out the response as a multiple-choice setup, where all 4 of the options are “100%”.
Of course, as you are looking at it in shock, he’d sneak up behind you and whisper, “if you can’t figure it out, feel free to guess, snow angel.”

2P!China: Wang’s proposal ideas all somehow involved sex, so he actually got your co-workers to help him out to make it more endearing and surprising. He got them to trick you into thinking there was a last-minute meeting,and when you showed up, they began a presentation. At first it seemed business-related, including various statistics and such, but then all of a sudden a slide came up with his proposal. While you are busy in shock, Wang comes out from underneath the table with the ring! 

2P!Canada: Poor Mattie’s probably been trying to think of a way to propose for mooooooonths! He’s known for a while that he wants to pop the question, but there’s never been an opportunity or suiting circumstance to take advantage of. Also, he’s been coming up with real shitty ideas. That’s also been a big factor XD So, he got Allen and Oliver’s help! They suggested that, since you both like nature to a certain extent, incorporate that in somehow. Also, Christmas was coming up, so you’d be too busy last-minute shopping to notice him getting preparations done himself.
So, when Christmas rolled around, and practically all of the 2P’s were around giving presents, you were unsuspecting of what happened. When he gave you his present, it turned out to be a (bunny,kitten,or puppy XD) with a red ribbon tied around its neck! As if that weren't sweet enough, he asked you to undo the bow, revealing an engagement ring hidden behind the silk! While you were gushing over the proposal, and the pet, and the entire surprise of it all, half of the 2P’s were taking pictures and videos, while the other half was clapping and whooping. Some were shouting “Get some, Mattie!” (*glares at Allen, Wang, and Lutz)

2P!Prussia: This guy wants to make it special! He wants to wow you to no extent! He wants to show you just what he;s capable of! So, h chose a public proposal. I mean, he was nervous about being in public…and proposing…in public…but he still wanted to assure you that he’s willing to overcome his fears to make you happy! So, you guys went out on your last date as boyfriend and girlfriend, unbeknownst to you, and wet somewhere pretty standard (a park, a restaurant, anywhere public!) and he suddenly asked for someone to take a picture of you two. You were surprised by his assertiveness, because he usually whispered to you to ask others for those kind of things, so you were too happy to notice him sneaking something behind his back as the stranger took his phone and aimed it at you two posing. Although, halfway through, Gilen instead gets on one knee, allowing you to look down at him in shock. While his face is flushing in both embarrassment, happiness, and anxiety, his world slows as the stranger takes a picture and you cover your mouth.

2P!Romano: Flavio knew from the beginning he wanted his to be at a party, surrounded by all of the 2P’s so that they can get jealous of him and his soon-to-be fiancee. So, he invited you to your standard 2P party, and you guys enjoyed yourselves normally for the first half. Although, when he saw you drinking at the bar, he casually asked Lutz to throw the ring into one of your drinks. Of course, when you put the drink to your lips to drink and saw the ring floating in the fluid, you immediately slammed it back down in utter shock; startling everyone within a 10-foot radius. When you whipped your head around to look for Flavio, you found him waiting patiently standing behind you with his arms held out for a hug. “So is that a yes or a no, bella?” he asked, not getting on his knees until Lutz tossed him back the ring.

2P!Spain: Santiago was smooth, and he knew how to woo women; and you were no exception. He invited you and a couple other close friends (2P’s or not, doesn’t matter) to a beach vacation, very casually suggesting that it’s “too fucking boring staying inside when it’s so hot out”. Prior to leaving, he prepared a glass bottle, scribbled his full proposal onto an older-looking piece of parchment paper, and wrapped it with a ribbon, tying one of the ends with the ring. When you guys actually showed up to the beach, he snuck away to bury it near your towels without you knowing (except for some of your close friends so that they can film it). Santiago said he wanted to build a sand castle, one with a deep moat, so it wasn’t all that suspicious for both of you to be digging, but what was suspicious were your friends filming you two (but you thought they were just going to post it to Facebook with some weird hashtag). When you two found the bottle, and you read the parchment to find out he had planned it all along, you finally understood why your snickering friends seemed so giddy. The whole scenario reminded you of the great pirate stories he tells you~

2P!Germany: Lutz has always been a silly unexpected kind of guy, and his proposal was no different. He got a large box, large enough to fit himself into, and had another 2P take a note that said “The gift inside this box is yours to have for a lifetime.”  You were confused about two things the day it happened, where the fuck your boyfriend was, and why the hell there was a ginormous package on your front step. Reading the note only got you more confused, yet still eager, as you opened it, revealing your boyfriend in a tux and covered in packing peanuts. Before you could even ask what he was doing, he extended the ring box nervously. “Marry me, frau!?” he shouted, much louder than intended. His plan didn’t go…well, according to plan after a certain point, so even he was surprised by his nervous composure.

2P!Japan: Kuro had a plan for a modest private proposal from the very beginning, and took weeks to plan out the details. When you two came home from a wonderful date, you were surprised to see candles leading their way into the bedroom, rose petals scattered around them as a path. Following in pleased shock, Kuro was flattered to see his arrangements precisely as he planned; a tray of japanese desserts on the bed with a small box and note. The note simply read “i swear on everything to protect your life and happiness. It would be a great honor if you could allow me to take your hand in marriage.” When you looked over at Kuro, you saw him smiling at you expectantly. “What do you say, my love?”
Meanwhile, around the corner, Luciano had a lighter in his hand. “It looks like my job here is done…” he says to himself. (In case it wasn't obvious, he set up the arrangements while you were away, as per Kuro’s request, and the lighter is what he used to light the candles XD Did you think that Kuro would leave lit candles burning unsupervised in your home?)

2P!Italy: What can he say? Luci’s just suave as fuck~, so of course he had a plan to propose! How he’d propose had been a question that he asked himself several times in your relationship, but it wasn’t too long ago that this idea came to his mind.
When you came back home after an exhausting day at work, you were shocked to see the ceiling had ribbons hanging, and at the end of them you were on eye level with a photo of various times you’ve spent with Luciano. As you got farther down the path, towards your shared bedroom, the photos became more and more recent. The last photo you saw was from the last date you two went on. Looking behind it, you saw Luciano down on one knee with a ring in his hand.
“Bella, i’ve had so many great memories with you…let this be another?” He asks affectionately,yet having a confident glimmer in his eye that showed he was pretty sure of what your answer was going to be.

((This was so cute! My personal favorites were Matt, Francois, Santiago, and Viktor, but mostly because they were really cute, and/or really unique. Hope you enjoyed~!))

"Hey Wanna RP?"

Warning: rape threats.

I used to be in this rp group on facebook who was super active back then, like really active. There were people rp-ing Here and there and basically you just post a starter on the wall and people can come and rp with you through the comments section. I was never really that good of an rp-er since I used asterisks because I was lazy, but that group was like my escape from the real world. It used to be pretty cool.

I recently got out of my weaboo phase when I met him. As much as I’d love to just print his name out for everyone to see , I’ll just stick to covering up his identity.(because im nice.)

Lets call him A. A for annoying. A for atrocious. A for Abrasive. A for…Antelope..? 

..ignore that.

You see A was your typical weaboo: uses broken Japanese he learned from Anime, Calls himself “otaku”, is obsessed with Japan, overuses the word “kawaii”..etc. I met him through that said RP group where he bombarded the group with his starters, but to no avail, they remained unanswered.

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Everything I Didn’t Say - Muke (Part 2 of 3)

My make excuse for this being so late and shitty is that we tried to get 5sos tickets and failed horribly and cried for 48 hours so that sucked… Anyway hope you like it!

Read Part 1 here

My mind is fuzzy the images of my dream and memories of last night clashing in my head. I wasn’t sure which was real until I yawned and open my eyes to see Michael lying next to me. He was facing me, his arm draped across my chest and his closed eyes hidden by his messy hair. Small snores escaped from his lips and I smiled, remembering how it felt to kiss them. I had watched Michael sleep before, but he had never looked this perfect.

“Luke?” I heard him say. I slightly jumped, I didn’t even know he was awake. His eyes were clenched shut and he was still breathing heavily.

“Yeah,” I whispered, wondering if he was going to say something about last night.

“You’re staring at me,” he mumbled, his eyes still closed. I felt my cheeks turn crimson. He laughed his adorable laugh. “C’mere,” he stretched out his arms. I was surprised but happily scooted closer to him and he wrapped his arms tight around me. I put my head on his chest, listening to the sound of his hear beat.

“Mikey?” I said, making his eyes flutter open and fix on me.

“Yeah babe?” I felt my heart skip a beat when he answered.

I sighed, not wanting to ruin the moment. “Can we talk about last night?”

“What’s there to talk about?” he asked. I stared at him not knowing what to say. What I did know is that this was gonna end so bad. “It was a mistake.” I felt my heart shatter into millions of pieces.

“You enjoyed it! I know you did!” I yelled, tears threatening to spill from my eyes.

“Lukey, I -” Michael started, but no more words came out.

“Michael please. I want this so bad! I want to be yours,” I whined. The tears were flowing freely down my face now.

“Please don’t cry, Luke,” he begged, wiping my tears away with his sleeve.

“But-but you don’t understand,” I said. His eyes met mine and reached up and started playing with a strand of my hair. Usually this would of made me melt inside, but I was annoyed so I pushed him away.

“Then tell me. But this won’t work out Luke, you know it wont,” he said. “It will ruin our friendship.”

“But we can make it work! Please,” I sobbed. A tear escaped his guilty eyes. I started at him.

“Can we just go back to being friends? Maybe this could work in a year. But I need a while to sort out my feelings. I just don’t know anymore,” he sighed.

“I can’t wait that long. I love you Mikey,” I told him.

“No you don’t. You just think that,” he stuttered.

“No. I love you,” I insisted. “And I wanna be with you. I wanna cuddle with you while we play Fifa and kiss you whenever I want. I wanna hold your hand and watch scary movies with you.”

“Don’t do this to me Lukey,” Michael said. “You know I wanna be with you. I just can’t!”

“Why not? Do you even care about what I want?” I said, starting to yell.

“I know I’m sorry. I’m just not ready. We’re still so young Luke. Nobody would accept us. And I can’t risk our friendship,” he told me, barely able to speak because of his tears.

I slowly nodded, knowing I would be unable to change his mind. “Can I - can I kiss you one last time?” I asked shyly. He nodded so I brought my lips to his. It wasn’t as good as the rest, but it was still passionate even though we were both still sobbing. When he pulled away he kept his hands on my face.

“No matter what happens, remember that I will always love you,” Michael said, placing a kiss on my nose.

I nodded. “I love you too.”

We went downstairs where my mum made us breakfast and we went through as nothing happened. We played GTA in the living room. We attempted our homework before realising it was never gonna happen We ate pizza and chips before he went home. But we didn’t text for the next day.

On Monday morning in school he smiled as he saw me, but during first period he whispered “Pretend the other days never happed. Don’t tell it to anyone, don’t even leave it cross your mind. Don’t treat me any differently. I really don’t want to loose you as a friend.”

I nodded but for once I paid attention to the lesson. We both went about our lives, pretending that wonderful night never happened. We still hung out at school and acted like best friends. But one day when he asked me to his house for pizza and Black Cops I lied and said I was busy. I kept doing that and eventually I stopped answering his text messages. He kept asking me what was up but I said nothing. I really didn’t want to loose him as a friend, but whenever I wasn’t with him I kept thinking about that night and how much I wanted to feel his lips on mine again. I knew that one day I would end up accidentally kissing him again and I knew that would fuck my life up even more so I decided that I would completely ignore him. At first he still kept trying to talk to me and kept texting me “I’m sorry Lukey” or “what can I do to keep you as a friend?” or just “L” but I knew that it was best for both of us.

Eventually he got bored and ignored me too. He stopped smiling at me when I sat next to him and turned his back like I usually did. He didn’t text me. He sat with Calum at lunch. I was gutted. I knew that it was my fault, but I just wanted to blame him for everything that went wrong in your life. It was his fault - some of it at least. But I was the one to blame for having no friends. I hated him but still loved him with all his heart.

I didn’t what ever I could not to let it get to me. I began arriving to school late so I wouldn’t have to see him by our shared locker, since our school was a shit hole. I begged my teachers to let me change seats and the answer was usually no. I didn’t go out very much. I blocked him on facebook. But truthfully I regretted everything.

There was a huge gap in my life without him. I had little friends as it was and I lived in constant fear of him telling everyone that I was gay and getting bullied for the rest of my life. But as far as I knew he never uttered a word of me to anyone else. As the weeks went by I began to hate him more and more. But I loved him even more too. I leaned as far away from him as possible, but I could still smell his Armani cologne which brought back memories of that night, along with everything else he did. I loved to listen to his voice if he had to read out his half done homework. At lunch I looked across to see him smiling and laughing with Calum, wishing I could be the one to make him laugh like that.

Weeks turned to months and I was still constantly thinking about Michael. After about 6 months I decided I was sick of bottling my emotions up but I knew I couldn’t talk to anyone about it, so I tried something different; song writing. I didn’t know if I was any good it, but I did find out that I could sing. It took my mind of Michael again, but then every lyric reminded me of him.

It was easier when I didn’t have school. When I was there it took my every inch of self control not to push him up against the lockers and make out with him. When I was at home, I felt empty but at least I knew I wouldn’t embarrass myself.

After almost a year of not talking to him I had ended up with no friends, a fucked up relationship with my Mum, a hell of a lot skinnier, started a new school year, but I had also plucked up the courage to post a few covers on You tube - and I had an unexpectedly good response. I started to feel better in myself and I kinda forgot about Michael. Not completely though. He wasn’t the first and last thing in my mind as I woke up and drifted off to sleep, but there wasn’t a day went by where I wasn’t thinking about him.

One day, I was walking threw the corridors, dodging class singing a Ron Pope song. I wasn’t looking where I was going and suddenly I walked straight into someone. I hit the ground before hearing a voice saying “Sorry!”. I looked up to see Michael standing in front of me. He locked eyes with me before offering his hand. Foolishly I took it and he helped me up. His hands were sweaty and I felt a jolt of electricity pass through my body.

“You’re a good singer,” Michael smiled.

“Thanks,” I mumbled. That was the first word I had said to him in almost 8 months. We stood there, no one around. I knew that I could kiss him right there right now and nobody would know. But then I thought about how I felt last time and stopped myself.

“Can we talk?” he asked, interrupting my thoughts.

I shrugged, not even sure if I wanted to or not. “What’s there to talk about?” His gaze dropped to the floor. “You hate me,” I said.

“I never hated you, you know that,” he whispered.

“I never hated you either, not really,” I said, instantly regretting it.

“Can we please go back to being friends. I miss you so much,” he half smiled, his green eyes looking into mine.

“Maybe. I don’t know,” I shrugged.

“Can we at least give it a shot?” he begged.

At this point, I was so broken I didn’t even want to kiss him. I just wanted him to hug me and play Fifa with me and tell me shitty penguin jokes during French. I really wanted to be his boyfriend but right now I wanted to go back to being his best friend.

“Sure,” I said and his face lit up like a child on Christmas.

“Come over later? We can play video games while we pretend to do homework?” He smiled. I nodded.

So I did come over and he awkwardly invited me into his house. We sat in his room playing Fifa, just like old times and even though it felt kinda weird and I was more shy than normal, it still felt right and that we were meant to be best friends. We still had a long way to go, but it was better than hating each other.

A few hours later, we were still playing when Michael suddenly paused and turned to me. “Do you the real reason I asked you here tonight?” he asked. My heart beat faster in my chest. What was he gonna do? Beat me? Kiss me? Call me a fag?

“What?” I stuttered. I looked away from his adorable face.

“I saw you’re covers on Youtube,” he told me. I froze. He was gonna mock me. I didn’t think anyone I knew had seen it. “And if you’re up for it I wanna start a band!”

“You can sing?” I asked, shocked.

“And play guitar,” he smiled. He grabbed my wrist with his hand and dragged me into another room where he played a cover of Check Yes Juliet and I couldn’t help fall in love with him a million times more. He just looked so adorable and all intentions of being just friends went out the door. “So whatcha think?” he asked, shyly.

“You’re amazing,” I whispered, truly believing it. He blushed, not at all used to being complimented.

“So you wanna start a band?” he giggled, literally.

“Yeah,” I nodded. I did, more than anything, I really did. He was my favourite person in the whole world, and music was almost my whole life. I knew already that it would somehow work out.

The next morning, we sat there playing our cover of If It Means A Lot To You in front of our parents. My voice cracked a little, I was nervous but I couldn’t help notice how good our voices sound together. When we finished, my mum looked over and his mum and just smiled, an odd glimmer in both of their eyes. I could tell that this was the start of something good.

We spent the rest of the day playing music, excited to put it on Youtube, even though we knew we weren’t ready. It was dark when mum called me to come home, so Michael walked me because he knew I was a little scared of the dark. My hand kept brushing his as we walked and I badly wanted to grab it and hold it tight.

“We’ve still got a long way to go,” he said, looking down at me.

“Yeah. Maybe we need a drummer,” I suggested.

“Yeah. I think we are gonna be good though,” he smiled. He stopped when we got to my door. “Do you remember what I said to you that night?” Oh yes, I remembered everything from that night.

“What?” I asked, not sure what to say.

He tilted my head up so my eyes locked with him. “I said that I will love you no matter what happens,” he said, his voice cracking like he was about to cry. “Remember that, okay!” Suddenly, he leaned in and gave me a quick peck right on the lips before running off. What a tease! Oh the things that that boy did to me.

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First Catfish&The Bottlemen Concert

(This story is a bit long, but I want everyone to read it x Thank you)

Hello everyone, first of all I want to apologize for all my grammar and spelling mistakes, my English isn’t perfect.

I’ve been a fan of Catfish&The Bottlemen since January, 2015 and I’ve always wanted to see them live after that moment. I thought it was impossible because I live in Turkey, (Turkey is a beautiful country but not many bands or singers come here and give concerts.. Only most popular ones? Justin Bieber etc.) and I also had my university exam this year so I couldn’t even think about a concert.

My dad was thinking about sending me to London for 4 weeks for an English course. (From 16th August so I could be 18 :D) So when June came, after my university exam passed I started checking concerts in London. I actually found NOTHING. I was very pissed off because like, we’re talking about London… There was only festivals like Reading&Leeds and V but they were so far and so expensive for me. (1 pound=5 Turkish liras) I found 1 or 2 concerts of my fave bands (especially The Kooks) but it was in Liverpool(i’m not sure). So I just ended up with nothing again.

I went to London and spent 2 amazing weeks. But after 2 weeks almost all of my friends went back to their countries. It started being boring without my friends and I started going nowhere, just stayed with my host family for 2 days. But on 30th of August(I guess?) I saw Catfish&The Bottlemen’s post on Facebook and totally freaked out because it was saying “LONDON”. I checked it out and tried to do everything to get tickets. There was a competition for free tickets. I wasn’t expecting to get free tickets but I tried my chance. And the site said, “Sorry, this competition is now closed.” or something like this. 

I didn’t give up, I found the company’s email address and mailed them. Told them that I was actually living in Turkey and it was my only chance but the competition was closed. And he said just “There’s nothing you can do but you can join the other competition. Good luck.” So I checked the other one. It was for 6 free tickets including the soundcheck and meet&greet. 3 tickets for La Roux, 3 tickets for Catfish&The Bottlemen. And all I had to do was comment on that post. I did. I wrote a huge comment explaining my situation. But then, another email came up and said, “Winners will be chosen at random.” 


As you can all imagine, I couldn’t win. It was 2nd of September and the concert was on the next day. 

Then I checked the Facebook group I joined few days before that day named Catfish&The Bottlemen’s Pacifiers and I saw a post from a girl with a beautiful soul named Nikoleta. Her post was about tickets for that show. I started shaking and immediately followed that girl who was selling tickets on Instagram. But there was a bad thing for me. She wanted 40 pounds for 1 ticket. And I was already broke because I had already spent a lot of money in London. So I explained the situation to her, and she increased the price. I’m not saying she did wrong, she just wanted to cover up her money she spent on hotel and train. So we were okay for 2 tickets for 20 pounds. 

I was about to ask my parents for the concert&price because it was like so much happening in a very short period. But then, she texted me and said “Anyways, I’m giving them to you FOR FREE.” 

Yes, you didn’t read it wrong. I started shouting and jumping at the same time, I made my host family wake up, I told my friends and yes, I was SO HAPPY and it was the best thing someone has done for me.

She emailed me the tickets and the next day, I printed them out at the school. I also printed out the explanation she wrote in the email, in case there would be a problem. 

After my classes and lunch, I asked almost EVERYONE to come to the concert with me. I emphasised the ROCK concert and FREE tickets but yeah, no one said okay. I guess Camden Town or Tower Bridge were more important than a once-in-a-lifetime experience? (I’m not sure if I used the right phrase omg don’t hate me I hope you got what I’m trying to say) So I took the underground and passed 2 stations. Hopefully, the place wasn’t far from my school and it has Victoria Line which was my lifesaver(the last destination of Victoria Line was my neighborhood(idk if it’s a neighborhood)) I was alone with my prettiest outfit, ripped black pants, white blouse and black hat, and a bag looking like a luggage, inside my bag there were my Hard Rock Cafe tshirt, a notebook and the photo of Van McCann&Luke Pritchard which I always carry with me because I think it brings me luck? I was carrying all those stuff because I thought that I could meet with them. But that was nothing, there were a lot of girls prepared well for the concert. 

As I came to outside of the door, there was a queue. But at first, I didn’t think that it was a queue. I immediately met with a beautiful girl named Emma. I was so excited and still shaking, but she was the SAME! We talked about a lot of things and after 5 or 10 minutes, two pretty girls came to the queue too and we met with them too. Ellen and Moira, they were literally amazing! It was really cold and we waited for like 4 hours. But we had so much fun, we talked a lot and had a chance to know each other. They were really nice and I am so happy that I met with all of them. 

There were about 15 people in front of us, so when they opened the doors, we directly went to the concert hall ( I can’t remember, we went to the toilet maybe?) And… There were no people at all! We went to the front row and I could still not believe in all of this. I WAS IN THE FRONT ROW.

Anyways, I started checking the place out, it was quite small and I was the youngest in the building. It was a strange feeling like I just turned 18 and I went to a +18 concert. Huh! After 30 minutes, first band, La Roux came to the stage. I wasn’t a fan of them so I just enjoyed myself but I also took photos and videos. Vocalist was so close to me, and she was AMAZING. Actually, whole band was amazing! 

After La Roux, the technicians came to the stage and started setting the stage for Catfish&The Bottlemen. I knew none of them so I just waited and drank water because I needed to prepare myself to scream and sing at the same time. But then, a familiar face showed up from a room next to the stage. Larry!

I was the first one who saw him so I just shouted,“Hey Larry!”. He turned around and smiled then went to another room(?). And he came to the stage again and arranged somethings. I took photos and videos of him while he was working. Yeah, I know it’s kinda creepy but I just love him? He put a setlist on the floor and after I saw that, I told my friends that I was going to take it.

After 30 minutes or something, the boys came to the stage. They started the concert with Rango and I was ready with my heart, soul and the shitty camera of my phone. I took a lot of videos and tried to take some photos (Of course I couldn’t manage taking them PERFECTLY because they were always moving and my camera is so stupid that you can only take photos of non moving things! WHAAAT?) They gave several breaks and during those times, I tried to shout like “I CAME FROM TURKEY” but no one noticed? I only could hear Van giggled and some people behind me started to whisper to each other like “What? She said Turkey?”. (Can ya believe it?????) (stop.)

Concert was literally AMAZING. I don’t know… Maybe that wasn’t their BEST performance but since it was my FIRST, it was perfect for me :’) By the way, during the concert some people behind me  (Shoutout to them because they were SO DRUNK that they couldn’t even understand me well) poured/spitted/sloshed???(I JUST COULDN’T FIND THE RIGHT VERB I hope you know what I mean haha) beer at me! My clothes and my hair were full of beer! Ew. But this couldn’t make my night bad.

After the concert, I was shocked by all of this and I was a bit upset because I was thinking that I could meet with them but unfortunately, tickets didn’t include meet&greet. (IT’s FINE, F*CKING FINE but it would be nice tho.) Almost all people left the place but we stayed. Then, Larry showed up. He was collecting the cables (I guess) and he ripped the setlist. There were 5 or 6 people near me, wanting the setlist but I shouted “I want it, please!”. He couldn’t know what to do and just threw the setlist away. (Really, Larry?) Setlist fell down in front of my bag and he leaned & took it from the ground. (as I can remember) aND HE GAVE THE SETLIST TO ME. Yes, I started jumping and screaming.

Few minutes later, he took a guitar pick from the ground and gAVE IT TO ME TOO. I was about to faint because like, it was TOO MUCH. But no, we’re just starting..

I got the yellow guitar pick but few minutes later, a guy came to the stage and found another guitar pick which was black, and gave it to me too. But I wanted to give the other one to Moira. But then she told me that her favourite color was yellow, it was fine because mine is black! :D

Later, Larry showed up again some guys wanted to shake hands with him. They did, and I wanted to do that too. But I was trying to reach him with my wrong hand. I stared at him for a few seconds because my other and was full and I was running out of time, I thought he wouldn’t do that becasue his other hand was full too! But yeah, he was so sweet that he moved the things to his other hand and shook my hand!

Suddenly, an idea came up to my head! It was like now or never moment. So I asked him as he was going further. I asked, “LARRY; CAN WE TAKE A SELFIE?” He scowled(?) and asked, “Selfie?” and I said, “Yeah,” with an energic voice. So he came closer and posed weirdly but he was SO CUTE. And I think he wanted me to make the same pose but I was too happy that notice his pose. So I just smiled with my whole teeth. 

Then I thanked to him and started finding my notebook to get an autograph from him but I couldn’t find it because of the things in my bag! And when I found it, he has already gone..

After a few minutes, we decided to go outside. 3 of us needed to catch the underground because if we miss the underground, we needed to use the buses and they were being TOO crowded at those times, at least that’s what they told me. So we had like 30 minutes. There were 20 people or less in front of the door which they’re going to show up. We waited for 30 minutes and said goodbye to Emma. And wished her luck! 

I went to home singing Tyrants in my head and they were looking at me weirdly, I was like drunk but THAT WAS SO AMAZING.

The next day (I think) I saw the photos of Emma, SHE MET WITH THEM. I was so happy for her because it was her first concert! And she met with the guys, that’s amazing! I’m a bit upset because the underground separated us and I could meet with them but it is totally okay. I already had the best moments in my life.

I talked too much about this concert on social media, like it can be boring or makes no sense for some people, but it is very important for me. Just few weeks ago, I was crying over that I will never be able to see my favorite bands, but now, I can proudly say that I SAW ONE OF MY FAVORITE BANDS IN THE FRONT ROW. 

Now, I just want to thank to all my friends who supported me, to my family who wasn’t mad at me because I told them about the concert on the concert day, TO NIAMH, THAT ANGEL WHO GAVE ME THE TICKETS (shoutout to Niamh, @/catmanandthebottlefish on Instagram) YOU ARE THE BEST, THANK YOU AGAIN, to Emma, Ellen and Moira, my three sweet friends who made my day AWESOME, to Nikoleta of course, you are great Nikoleta! And everyone, who listened this story over million times and haven’t been fed up yet! 

I just shared my story with you guys to make you believe in your dreams, your goals. Life is full of miracles. And, in life, you have the keys to your dreams. YOU can change somethings, YOU can make your life better. YOU can do EVERYTHING. Don’t give up.

(It took over 1 hour to write this, SO I HOPE I CHANGED SOME THINGS IN YOUR HEART OR YOUR THOUGHTS. I hope everything will be great in your lives. I love you.) 

Since I can’t resist a good crack drabble or a prompt event, I came up with a few ridiculous Klaroline drabbles for you to enjoy for April Fools.

If you have any cracky requests I will do my best to write something for you today!

You can thank realynn8 for this one. She wanted some Kol and Caroline bonding, and what better way than over a mutual enjoyment of making Klaus suffer?

Part II


The Destructive Duo


Kol Does Revenge Part I


The Destructive Duo.

Kol named them that, though the others would have chosen more colorful words to describe the two vampiric mischief makers. But Kol said alliteration was more annoying and Caroline couldn’t argue with that.

The Original had originally suggested “The Debauchery Duo,” but Caroline had quickly shot that down. Playing pranks on Klaus was one thing, practically alluding to being some sort of sexual deviant in league with his brother was another. And not one that she had any desire to see the outcome of.

No, Kol and Caroline’s relationship was purely nonsexual; no matter what Kol might try and convince you of otherwise. “You” mostly being Klaus, of course, which irritated the hybrid to no end, which, also of course, was why Kol continued to do so.

But that was the whole point, wasn’t it?

It had all started after Klaus and Caroline’s first major fight after she had moved into the Originals’ home. Klaus had tried to eat one of Caroline’s male ‘study buddies’ and things had just gone downhill from there. There was a lot of screaming and cursing (the non magical kind, of course), vase throwing and door slamming, silent treatments and eye rolling. It went on for weeks before Kol, finally fed up with it all after their fighting interrupted his liveblogging of Big A’s reveal, approached Caroline with a much better solution.


Well, not really revenge as she had always seen it, involving blood and death and things that would ruin your shoes. No, Kol’s idea of revenge was more like an elaborate series of pranks. Thinking on it later, Caroline realized that her definition of revenge would probably change too if those she most sought to rain it down upon were her four immortal siblings who couldn’t be killed (without a lot of effort, of course).

So, pranks it was.

It only took Klaus waking up covered in maple syrup (pure Vermont maple syrup, Kol accepts no substitutes) and ostrich feathers (Kol had said those were a bitch to procure) and Caroline had immediately felt better. Klaus’ sticky and enraged face had been her Facebook icon for months after, his internet humiliation furthering her amusement and curbing his desire to snack on attractive male college students (that Caroline knew about, anyway).

If Kol had ever thought his assistance and their pranking would be a onetime thing, which he certainly didn’t, that thought would have been dismissed the moment her phone snapped the incriminating picture and she asked him what filter looked best.

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