i was bored so i decided to try something new

This show means a lot to a lot of people. 
I love it, I adore it and I’m so glad and thankful it exists. 

I first heard of Woy through a top 10 about the best modern cartoons like, 1 year ago or something. I decided to give it a try and watch the first episode… I closed it two minutes after it began. I got BORED because I thought I knew what was going to happen in the rest of the episode. I never even thought about it for one year.
But then I heard about it again, from this new amazing person that came into my life. She said she loved it and told me about it’s qualities and recommended that I give it another chance. So I re-watched the first episode and boy was I suprised to see that actually enjoyed it. 

I can’t thank my friend enough for this, because this show has quickly become one of my favourites of all time. It’s a show I never get tired of, I could watch it times and times again without getting sick of it. Because this show makes me feel good. It’s just a good show that wants you to feel good. 

The animation in this show is eye-candy, it’s smooth and simple yet so complicated; for an animation fan, it’s a treasure. The designs are so imaginative and YET AGAIN so simple it’s perfect. The colors are A TREAT, I’m always amazed by the wonderful background they have to do for every episode it’s crazy !

Really, I can’t find anything I don’t like about Wander Over Yonder, I could talk about this show for days about it’s characters, animation and themes ! 

Dear Woy crew, I wish you all the luck for tonight and the future of this wonderful show. 


I have nurse questions for you. Will you answer?

Jut bored, curious, and wanted to try something new!

If you want to answer a question or two, leave a comment or send me a message (anonymously or not). I’ll post answers! I know my answers but want to hear from all the other nurses out there too! I want to make sure to uphold HIPAA, so no names or anything too detailed. 🙂

1. Tell me about a patient you’ll never forget.

2. Why did you decide to become a nurse?

3. What would you do if you weren’t a nurse?

4. What’s your favorite part about being a nurse?

5. What’s your least favorite part?

6. What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now?

7. When you got your first job out of nursing school what was the best part?

8. What was the worst part about your first job?

9. Tell me about a challenging patient.

10. What’s the nicest thing a patient has ever said to you?

11. What’s the funniest thing a patient has ever said?

12. What’s the grossest thing you’ve had to do as a nurse?

13. What’s your #1 pet peeve?

14. What’s something you’re really proud of?

15. What’s one thing you’ve had to do you never thought you would have to do in nursing school?


I’ve always loved rpg videogames, that’s been always my favourite gaming genre, but up until a few months ago, I had never played any pen and paper rpg. The concept of a tabletop rpg was something I didn’t fully understand,I had always loved their art, but I didn’t see how that kind of game could work without all the stuff that videogames process for the players, you know, all the graphics, the behind the scenes number-crunching, all the boiled down stuff so that players could easily get into the game without complications. Truth is I had never actually looked into it, but a few months ago, I stumbled upon Geek&Sundry’s “Titansgrave”, and after watching a bit of it, I was really hooked. And my mind was completely blown away after I found out about Critical Role. Naturally, I wanted to play right away, but getting my friends into it was not going to be easy. Just like me before watching dozens of Critical Role episodes, they didn’t have a notion of what tabletop RPGs were or how they worked at all, even worse, they weren’t too open minded and came from years of being minmaxers on MMOs and thinking the lore aspect of the game was just filler stuff that served no purpose at all.

I wanted to play D&D, but I thought that to get them interested, or at least to reduce the resistance so to speak, I’d have to do something about a few aspects of the game, one of them being the character sheets. To a new player, used only to videogames, regular character sheets look like kind of a turn off. They look complicated and boring to the uninitiated eye. So after studying 5e rules, and watching a ton of games, I decided I would come up with individual character sheets for them. After I helped them create their characters, I designed sheets for each of them with the idea of making them more friendly to a regular gamer’s eye, trying to make things look like a videogame’s UI as much as possible, to the point of designing skill and abilities icons and including them, along with as much graphic sh*t as I could include. I wanted them to have all the information they needed in their sheets, to make gameplay smoother and to avoid going through notes or rulebooks as much as possible. Of course this meant that these sheets are only useful for specifically these characters, and only for a partciular lvl, every time they lvl up I have to adapt the sheets.

So here are Grond’s lvl 1 sheets, have in mind these are homebrew as hell, and there is stuff that is only relevant for our game, definitely not a thing for general use. There are still a lot of things that are messy here and that were improved in posterior versions of the sheets (these are only the 1.0 version after all) but I thought I’d share anyway. I may upload the original editable files afterwards if anyone is interested so they can adapt this to their own characters.

It was definitely a  ton of work and while I don’t attribute the success of my friends conversion to D&D to the sheets, the game is f*cking awesome in it’s own right afterall,they really helped. Now my friends are really into D&D, and I can finally play God with them and destroy them. Kidding. Or not.  

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Can I ask for 12. “You look really good for your age" with Red Velvet's Irene? THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOUR WRITING

12. “You look really good for your age.”

Originally posted by omyseulgi

You and Irene sat in the dimly lit restaurant, looking over the menus. You’d immediately decided on what to order. It was something you’d never had before and the first thing you saw. 

So you put the menu down and looked around. The restaurant was busy but big enough that it didn’t feel cramped.  

Then you turned your attention to Irene. She was still studiously looking over the menu. You smiled when you noticed her brow furrowed in concentration. She looked so cute. 

Irene noticed your smile as she peered up from the menu. She ignored it and continued to look at the food options. 

You clicked your tongue. “Aren’t you gonna ask me why I was staring at you and smiling?”

Irene shook her head. “I don’t care.”

“You’re so mean,” you whined. 

Irene shrugged. “I can live with that.”

You sat back in your chair and pouted. Irene hid it behind her menu but a smile spread across her face at the sight of you pouting. 

After a few minutes Irene finally decided on what to eat. So you called over your waiter. You ordered the seafood special and Irene ordered her usual.

You waited until your waiter left to ask Irene why she chose to get her usual boring dish. 

“I mean you were looking over the menu intensely, I thought you were trying something new tonight.”

Irene took a sip of her water. Then she replied, “I like what I like. Besides, what if I ordered something different and didn’t like it? It’d be a waste of food. It’s better to order something I know I like.”

You shook your head. “You sound like a grandma.”

Irene rolled her eyes at you. “Well what does it say about you that you’re dating a grandma?”

You smiled. “It’s okay because you look great for your age.”

Irene’s eyes flared. “What?” 

Irene might be small but boy…was she intimidating when she wanted to be. You cleared your throat. 

“I just meant you don’t even look twenty-six. You look so young, I mean sometimes even Yerim looks older than you,” you babbled, trying to save your ass. 

A pleased smile spread across Irene’s delicate features. “That’s what I thought you meant sweetie.”

Halloween Spirit- Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios [When You Meet Him]


[f/n]= first name

When You Meet Him:

    I tug on my hoodie so that it presses tighter against my skin, but the hoodie doesn’t help as the crisp autumn air breezes past me, leaving behind goosebumps. It’s finally fall; the leaves are finally becoming tinted by warm colors, the night air finally carrying a refreshing chill. But more importantly, it’s finally October. The month of Halloween!

    Truth be told, I’m a crazy fanatic for all things creepy. I often indulge myself in horror stories, games, and movies. Halloween to me is what Christmas is for others. So rather than treating it like a one day holiday, I celebrate Halloween for the whole month of October. And this year, I’ve found a very interesting place to visit to get in the Halloween spirit. I’ve been hearing rumors of a thick forest that many people tend to get lost in. Many scary stories have originated from that forest, and the manor that is rumored to exist within it.

I am currently heading for said forest as a full moon shines brightly above me. I readjust the slightly heavy bookbag so that it sits more comfortably on my shoulder. I had filled it with various equipment, particularly survival equipment, so that I can be prepared for whatever situation is thrown at me. Now then, what shall I find in this sacred, horrific forest?


Once I enter the dense forest, I become surrounded by pitch black darkness as the moonlight becomes blocked by the trees. I zip open my backpack and dig around until I find the flashlight. I click it on, but the light is only enough to illuminate what is right in front of me. Well, darkness my friend, you really know how to set the mood. The forest is deathly quiet except for the sound of leaves crunching under my feet. Paranoia of being watched settles in my mind, which makes my heart race in anticipation.

I trail the light around the forest, trying to see if there is anything out there in the darkness. With a start, I realize I am no longer on the forest trail. I was being so careful to stay on the path, what happened? I try to retrace my steps, but I become more panicked as I realize I can’t find the path. I’m utterly lost! Will I become another person who disappeared in this forest?

Something white catches my attention, and I edge towards it to find a note pinned to a tree. Scribbled on it is the message, ‘Behind you.’ A flare of paranoia causes me to tremble slightly. This must be a prank from someone who was here before, it has to be. Still, ever so slowly, I turn around to look behind me.

And I am faced with a faceless being. A shrill scream rips from my throat as I back away from the creature, but I slam against the tree. My eyes are locked on the white, faceless man in paralyzed fear as he edges closer to me. Before I can force my body to move, tentacles gently wrap around my arms and legs so that running is no longer an option. He brings his face close to mine, as if he was inspecting me despite having no eyes.

“How curious,” a voice says, projected in my mind. He raises a hand and strokes my face curiously, but I find myself unable to look away from him. “Something is…different about you.”

I swallow heavily and will myself to talk. “W-wh-what do y-you mean?” I stutter out.

“I’m not sure myself,” the voice responds. “Interesting.” I squeak in fear when suddenly he lifts me into his arms, carrying me bridal style. “You are lost, yes? I shall take you to safety.” I say nothing as he carries me, too scared that I’ll say something that will make him snap. So instead, I close my eyes and will all of this to be a dream. But when I open my eyes, I find myself at a manor. He opens the door with a tentacle and carries me inside. I soak in the interior of the manor until eventually he takes me into a room with only a luxurious looking bed.

He gently sets me down on the floor, but my legs are so wobbly that I fall over. He catches me, holding me still until I am able to stand. I back away as far as I can from him, and he continues to seemingly stare at me. “Rest, child,” the voice orders me to do. “You are safe. Get some rest, and we shall chat once you have a more calm demeanor.”

“W-what are you?” I ask, curiosity getting the better of me.

“You may call me Slenderman,” he tells me. “Goodnight.” And with that, he shuts the door. I wait awhile before bolting to the door, but sure enough, it’s locked. With no chance of escape, I slump onto the bed. Slenderman, was it? For a monster, he was surprisingly civil. But what does he want from me? The thought of it does my mind and heart no good. I didn’t think I would be able to, but eventually I fall asleep. I can only hope that he continues to be civil.

He may look like a monster, but you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Right? I can only hope so.



I tried to stay on the forest trail, but at some  point I managed to lose it. Unable to find it again, I desperately wander around aimlessly in hopes of finding the trail, or at the very least, shelter. I need to stay calm. Even if I’m lost, I’m sure that once it’s daylight I’ll be able to find the trail. I keep on walking until I notice a building looming in the distance. Is it the rumored manor? Regardless, I’ve found my shelter for the night. I keep walking until I am standing in front of the manor’s entrance door.

Fear is replaced with a sense of excitement. It looks like a haunted house! I came here for the thrill, after all. So I open the door and enter the vast manor, ready to explore. Cautiously, I examine room after room. The manor is decorated with old fashioned furniture, like from the Victorian era. I head up the stairs after I’ve had the first floor thoroughly examined.

A lot of the rooms are rather simple, is what I thought until I reached a certain room. All of the rooms were void of modern technology, all except this one. A T.V. sits on the floor, a gaming console laying in front of it. I closer inspect the gaming console to find only one game available, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. Childhood nostalgia washes over me as I smile fondly at the game. As a lover of video games, the fact that I found one in a seemingly haunted house thrills me. I’m going to play it! That is, if I’m able. I make sure the T.V. is plugged in before flipping it on. It works! The game menu automatically fills the screen, so I settle down on the floor and grab the controller.

I notice that there is already a save file, titled BEN. I’m curious about the person who played this file. Who was he, and why was he playing this game here, of all places? Well, playing his file won’t reveal anything, and I want to start the game from the beginning, so I create my own file titled Link. The game works pretty well, except for one small glitch: sometimes I’m called BEN instead of Link. But it doesn’t bother me, so I ignore it. I get rather absorbed in the game, and before I know it, I’m hours into the game. I’m starting to get rather bored of it, so I decide to try something new: the “4th Day” glitch. I had tried to do it before a few times in the past, but I could never get the timing right. I head to the astronomer’s tower and wait for the right time before looking in the telescope. Ah, I did it!

But when I exit the telescope, I find myself in the final boss’s arena, with Skull Kid floating above me. This wasn’t supposed to happen! But instead of getting creeped out, I actually get excited. I explore the arena, with Skull Kid always watching me. Eventually, a message pops up asking me if I want to go the lair of the temple’s boss. Curious, I don’t hesitate to press Yes. I’m teleported to a completely empty Clock Town. A reverse version of the Song of Healing is playing, making it sound like the song belongs in a horror game. In fact, it feels like I am playing a horror game. I love horror games! So I continue to explore this alternate Clock Town, a smile playing on my lips. Whatever this glitch is, I’m really enjoying it. I discover many horror game worthy moments, and the more I discover, the more excited I get.

“You’re not supposed to be enjoying this!” a voice says, startling me.

“Who’s there?” I ask without thinking, already searching the room for either a place to hide or a weapon to defend myself.

“I’m called Ben,” the voice replies with a snicker, and to my horror a person starts coming out of the T.V. I shriek and start crawling away from the boy who looks like Link. But suddenly he is looming over me, preventing me from moving any farther. He lifts my chin with his finger so I’m forced to look him in his blackened, bloody eyes. “See, this is the reaction I wanted.”

As I tremble beneath him, he inspects me closely. “You’re strange,” he tells me. “Normally, you humans are bothered by my alternate game reality. But you, you were enjoying it!” He chuckles at me, inching closer to me so that I can only see his eyes. “I like you. I think I’ll keep you around. It gets rather boring over here.” He gets off of me, allowing me to scramble to my feet.

I try to run to the door, but Ben appears to glitch in front of me, slamming the door shut. “What do you want from me?” I ask, on the verge of tears.

“Your company,” he tells me with a smirk. “You’re not leaving here any time soon.” Does he really only want my company? I can only hope so, and if that is the case, I need to be on my best behavior. I can be his friend if that means I can stay alive.

I used to wish video games could be real. I really wish I hadn’t.


Jeff the Killer:

    Where am I? I had gotten so distracted with searching the area that I unknowingly strayed from the forest trail. I search for the path, but to no avail. Now what am I to do? In the dark, it seems pointless to keep searching for the path, so I’m going to start looking for shelter and try again in the morning. Hey, maybe I’ll find something interesting! That’s what I’m here for, after all.  

    However, the dead silence is actually starting to get to me, so I start humming cheerfully to break the silence. I keep scanning the forest with my flashlight, but so far nothing has caught my eye. Ah, wait, I think I hear something! I stop humming and stay still so I can listen carefully. Somewhere in the forest, I hear something walking. My body tenses in response, but I try to keep calm. Most likely, it’s just a deer or something. But just in case, I crouch down and turn off my flashlight in hopes that I’ll be less visible to whatever is out there.  

    “I see you,” a voice sings in the dark. Shit, someone’s out there! Ok, I’d rather not fight, so it’s time to flee. I slow down my shaky breath and quietly edge towards the shadows. He claims he sees me, but I don’t see him. The moment I see him, I’ll bolt. “Where’re you going? You haven’t even introduced yourself yet!”

    Suddenly a person bursts out from the bushes, heading straight for me. I scream briefly as I jolt to my feet and run as fast as I can from him. But to my terror, he is rapidly catching up to me. There’s no way I’ll be able to outrun him! I spot a rock lying ahead of me, so I pick up speed and swoop down, rapidly picking it up as I run. I swivel around and throw the rock at him as hard I as can. It smashes straight into his face, causing him to stop in his tracks. I should keep running, I know I should keep running, but I can’t help but watch to see what happens next. The man raises a hand to his face, swiping away the blood leaking from his nose. He looks at me, then gives me a very wide, eerie smile. He licks the blood on his hand while he watches me.

“Not bad,” he tells me. I shudder at the sight of him, at the tone of his voice, then I rapidly start running away from him. As I’m running, I keep searching for anything else I can use as a weapon.

“Ah!” I scream as I trip against a tree root that had been concealed by leaves and shadows. I thud heavily against the ground, the forest debris scratching me as I skid against it. I feel a hand grip my jacket, and I’m flipped around so I’m face to face with my pursuer.

“Hi, I’m Jeff, and you are?” he asks me with his wide grin, proceeding to pin me to the ground.

“Please don’t!” I sob, wriggling under him to try and release his grip, but he holds me firmly.

He reaches into his his hoodie and pulls out a knife. He brings the tip of the knife to my chest, twirling it around against my skin. “I asked you for your name,” he says more firmly.

“[f/n],” I say quietly as tears leak from my eyes. He brings a thumb to my face, wiping away my tears. He brings his thumb to his mouth and licks the tears, eying me all the while. He brings his face close to mine, inspecting me.

“Hmm,” he hums, then breaks into a grin. His scarred, horrific grin. “You have quite the arm, [f/n]! Got me real good with that rock.” He fiddles with a strand of my hair as he continues to look me over. I hold my breath as I anxiously watch him to see what he’ll do. “Quite interesting that you fought back. Usually people keep running from me. I like you!” Suddenly, he pinches the edges of my lips and forces me to smile. His eyes glint with a strange emotion as tells me, “And you look great with a smile.”

I whimper slightly at his touch, certain that I’ll either be raped, killed, or both. But to my surprise, he gets off of me. However, he grips my hand tightly as he lifts me to my feet, preventing me from escaping. As he drags me along with him, I hesitantly ask him, “W-where are you taking me?”

“Home,” he replies. He turns to me with a smirk. “I want to show off to the guys the treasure I found today.” I’m starting to feel nauseous. He has friends? What is going to happen to me?

I don’t know, but I can only hope that the fact he considers me his ‘treasure’ means he isn’t planning to kill me. I give him a shaky smile in hopes of appeasing him.

Please, I don’t want to die.


Ticci Toby:

Welp, I’m undeniably lost. For what feels like hours now, I have been searching for either the path or shelter. And with my luck, it seems I can’t find either one. I’m starting to feel cold, so I guess I’ll just build a fire to warm up. Sleeping on the ground won’t be that bad, I guess, as long as it doesn’t rain. I can’t see the sky due to the cover of the trees, but I doubt it’s gonna rain, so I should be good. I start gathering various branches and dry foliage, piling it all together until I feel like there is enough. I zip open my bookbag and start digging for my lighter. Once I find it, I light a branch, the flames slowly spreading until eventually I have a small fire going.

Ah, that’s much better. I settle down on the ground, holding up my hands close to the fire to feel its radiating warmth.

“Hey there, Lyra!” a voice suddenly calls right beside me.

I squeak in surprise and jump away from the man who showed up out of nowhere. “Who are you?” I blurt out as I scramble away.

He laughs at me as  he settles on the ground. “I’m your brother! Quit messing around,” he replies, his head twitching as he talks.

I stare at him in confusion, debating in my head if I should run or if I should try to talk things out. His head keeps twitching, and I can’t make out his facial expressions with the smiling mask and goggles he is wearing, but he seems friendly enough. He is casually warming his hands by the fire, as if he is a friend of mine. I don’t sense immediate danger, so I decide to talk things out. “I’m not your sibling,” I inform him.

Suddenly he inches closer to me so he can see me better. Confusion clouds his eyes as he stares at me. “Who are you? I don’t have any siblings.” What? But he just called himself my brother!  

“I’m [f/n],” I tell him.

He scratches his twitching head. “[f/n], huh,” he repeats. He looks at me again, and suddenly he jumps to his feet. “Who are you?” he shouts.

I jump to my feet when I sense anger rolling off of him. I suddenly notice that he has two hatchets clipped to his jeans. I’m not sticking around, there is something clearly wrong with this guy! I swirl around and dash away from him, and the sound of stomping feet alerts me that he is chasing after me.

“Why do you make me feel this way?” he screams at me, and I don’t bother making sense of his words. I just need to focus on outrunning him! But suddenly, something whizzes past me, barely missing my head, and buries itself into a tree in front of me. He threw a hatchet at me! Oh God, he still has another one! I just barely missed getting hit the first time!

I can’t keep running, or I just may get hit. So I toss myself to the ground, causing the man to trip over me. As he thuds against the ground, I jump on top of him and pin him down. I try to clip off the hatchet with my trembling hands, and for once, luck is on my side. I manage to get the hatchet off of him, and raise it threateningly. He stares at me in confusion again, and mutters, “[f/n]?”

“Who are you?” I ask him angrily.

“Ah, I’m Ticci Toby, you can just call me Toby though!” he says cheerfully.

I take a deep breath to calm my nerves. “Ok, Toby, I’m going to get up. If you try anything, I’ll chop you with this hatchet,” I tell him. He nods in affirmation, so I slowly get off of him with the hatchet raised. He slowly gets on his feet as I back away from him, refusing to take my eyes off of him.

“Well, it was nice meeting y-,” he starts, then suddenly lunges at me. I scream and swing the hatchet, but he swiftly dodges it and yanks it from my hand. He tosses it to the ground, then pulls me into his arms. He hugs me tightly, so tightly I can feel his heart beating rapidly against me.

“It’s ok, I won’t hurt you,” he says, sounding genuinely kind. “I’m sorry I scared you, I tend to have mood swings.” I say nothing as he holds me, too scared that he’ll suddenly flip again. He pulls away and takes my hand, tugging me with him. He picks up his hatchet and pulls the other out of the tree, re-clipping them back onto his jeans. “Come on, I’ll take you home.”

“Home?” I ask him, my voice shaking. “You know where I live?”

“No, silly!” he responds. “My home! Well, now it’s your home, too.”

“What do you mean?” I squeak out.

“You’re going to live with me and my family from now on!” he says happily.

What should I do? I don’t think arguing is a good idea, he’ll just snap again. So for now, I’ll play along. I nod at him silently and obediently allow him to lead me to a manor.

I’ll escape as soon as I can, or else I’m surely doomed.


Eyeless Jack:

    Um, where am I? I glance around to find that I have no idea where the path is. I was too lost in my daydreams, and this is what happens. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Well, I don’t even know which direction I came from now, so backtracking is a no go. I guess I’ll just roam around and hope I’ll find shelter.

I keep on walking for what feels like forever, yet I find no shelter. Great, just great. I don’t have much time to be depressed, however, when I hear some rustling in the distance. What is that? I stay still and listen attentively, but the noise stops. I guess it was just an animal. I keep on walking, when suddenly I hear something above me. I look up, and somebody jumps from a tree, landing in front of me.

I scream shrilly as I find myself face to face with a blue mask and eyeless sockets. My body kicks in faster than my mind, for I find myself running away from whoever that man is. I can’t hear him chasing after me, so I quickly glance behind me to see if he is still there. Except I should of been looking where I was going. Suddenly there is no ground, and I’m falling through the air. I tumble down the cliff, my head banging roughly against rocks. When I hit solid ground, the world is spinning around me. Is that…is that my blood? A fuzzy figure appears beside me, his head titled curiously.

“No,” I moan to the blue masked man. “Please.” But I can say no more, for the world dulls to blackness.


    I moan slightly as I awake, my hand cradling my aching head. Where am I? The world starts to come into focus, and the smell of antiseptics invades my nostrils. I find myself laying on a surgeon’s table in a room filled with medical equipment. My hand brushes against rough fabric wrapped around my head. It seems someone treated me while I was knocked out. Who?

    “Hello,” a soft, raspy voice greets me. I jump a bit, startled. I search for the source of the voice, and find him sitting in a chair.

“You!” I scream, jumping off the table. The blue masked man! He calmly watches me, yet makes no move towards me. I quickly pick up a scalpel that was laying on a table, the nearest object I could I grab. “Who are you?” I ask, raising the scalpel threateningly.

“Jack,” he says, his voice eerily quiet. He’s blocking the only exit, so there is no getting past him.

“Please, let me go,” I beg of him.

He watches me silently, but eventually speaks up. “That wound on your head needs constant treatment, or it will get infected.”

I reach up and prod the bandage. “Were you the one who treated me?” I ask. He nods. “Why?”

“I’m not sure,” he replies. “You were bleeding, bound to die. But I didn’t want that to happen. I know a lot about the medical field, so I treated you. You needed stitches.” I shudder at the image of him threading my skin. “Your treatment is not complete.” He stands up, slowly moving towards me.

“Stay back!” I scream, but he doesn’t listen. I start slashing at him with the scalpel, but he doesn’t even flinch. He roughly grabs my wrist, stopping my wild slashing. He forces the scalpel out of my hand and drags me back to the surgeon’s table.

“Rest,” he orders. “I won’t hurt you.” He backs away from me, muttering, “Good night,” before shutting the door. I jump up and desperately turn the handle, but it’s locked. Trembling, I collapse back onto the table. What am I going to do? I eye the medical equipment surrounding me, shuddering at the thoughts of what he could do to me. I press my cheek against the cold metal and tightly shut my eyes.

Please let this all be a dream.


I can’t believe my own eyes. How can this be? What? Is? Happening?

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*breaths* okay, okay how should we start this so let me introduce myself I don’t believe I have properly done this yet so like you all know I’m  @meru-chii867 but you can just call me how you like just don’t go too off track from my username. So…

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Mingyu: Tell Me Your Troubles And Doubts

Summary: LDF: long distance friendship… LDR: long distance relationship… at this point, Mingyu doesn’t know the difference

-Admin Princess

“Please don’t skimp out on snacks this time, you know how much I miss those. And go a little heavier on the perfume, it fades fast.” Mingyu says as he watches you through a screen. You’re putting together your own idea of a care package to send his way, but Mingyu has always been as picky as a child.

“This was supposed to be a surprise, you know? You’re not supposed to know what’s in the box until after you’ve opened it in your fancy dorm room.” You say, grabbing the bottle of perfume that he gave you for your birthday from your dressing table and showing it to your webcam. “This is the one you like, right?”

He gasps. “Yes. It’s my favourite.”

“You’re such a child.” You say with a roll of your eyes.

Mingyu had moved away for university not more than a few months ago. The first care package arrived at his doorstep during his first week of school and, like the toddler he is, he immediately called you to complain about all of his favourite snacks and comics that you had missed.

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[interview] G-dragon on how to keep the team spirit and popularity

Q: how to keep the team spirit?

GD: we won’t be bigbang anymore if either one of us leaves the group to me, we are a team, we personally are also good friends. that is the biggest reason why we can still be together.  We (bigbang) can talk about any topics, from music to food. We will also talk about girls

on BIGBANG’s popularity:

GD: i’m very grateful that everyone likes bigbang music. we will try our best to let everyone continue to to like it because music is our passion

it makes me think of predebut when we experienced hard times, but on the other hand, if we were successful right when we debuted, we might not have been able to keep improving and still be passionate towards music.

i like trying new things, i don’t limit myself to create a certain type of music. i like challenges and it’s an interesting process. it will be boring for me and at the same time boring for the fans if i always do the same thing. so whenever i decide to do something i always put “fun” as a priority

Elle HK © mystifize

What he likes most about you

Magcon preference, enjoy❤️

Shawn: obviously shawn would love your ass, he would love it most in make out sessions so he can grab it.

Nash: loves your smile, and how you smile at everything

Cameron: loves your sense of humor, even though it’s awful he loves how your always trying to make people laugh

Matt: loves your laugh, and how you laugh at thing that aren’t funny

Jack j: loves your passion, how passionate you are to do something

Jack g: loves you giggle, especially when you blush you tend to giggle more

Carter: loves your legs, and how slim and good they look, likes them most when you walk

Taylor: loves your how adventurous you are always down to try something new.

Aaron: loves how good you are with children and how you never seem to let a child down.

Sam: loves your nose, he likes giving you little nose kisses because it’s so small and he likes it most when you scrunch your nose up

Nate: he loves how clever you are and how your really into your school work and makin something of yourself.

A/n got bored, and I decided to do a magcon one again, hope you like it. I reached 100 followers the other day, thankyou all💜


you know what i really cant take the genocide run all that seriously

cause i headcanon frisk so small and sans so large i cant help but imagine that its completely fruitless for frisk to try and kill him. especially since i also headcanon frisk as 8 and sans as 34

so i propose a new au where sans just keeps effortlessly killing them over and over again to the point where he grows so bored of the fights he decides to “mix it up” and he starts killing them in new amusing ways

feel free to add whatever

#7: one of the boys insults you

Carter: You’re just having a lazy day in your hotel room with Carter on his day off, a sweatpants and hair up kind of day, when Matt comes into the room. “Hey Carter!” “Hi, Matt.” “Haha! Y/N, nice hair! You look like a teletubbie!” “Hey man, shut up, that was rude.” You smile at Carter knowing that he’ll always have your back, no matter what. 

Cameron: You’re at the beach with Cam, Nash, Hayes, and Carter, and Nash suggests taking a dip in the ocean. Everyone agrees except you. “Uh, you guys go ahead, I’ll stay and watch our stuff.” “It’ll be fine, come on!” Hayes says. “Well, I, uh, can’t swim…” “Haha! Even my dog can swim! Are you serious?” exclaims Nash. “Hey man, lay off alright? You’re not perfect either. I’ll stay with Y/N and you guys can go ahead.” Cameron sits down next to you and puts his hand on top of yours. “He’s an idiot sometimes, I know.” He kisses you gently. 

Nash: You’re sitting on his couch with him when he gets a phone call. “It’s Hayes, I should probably answer.” He picks up. “Hello? No I can’t hang out right now. I’m with my girlfriend. Shut the hell up bro. I don’t care.” He hangs up. “What was that about?” you ask. “Oh, Hayes told me to ditch your stupid ass because you’re boring. He’s such a little prick.” You grin and cuddle up to Nash a little bit. “Am I boring?” you ask. “Not even a little bit.” Nash winks and puts his arm around you.

Jack J: You, Jack, and Sam are hanging out, and you decide it would be fun to try something new. “Let’s go zip lining!” says Sam. Jack immediately agrees, and you figure it can’t be that bad so you agree as well. When it’s time to decide who’s going first, Sam says “we’d better make Y/N go first, otherwise she’ll pussy out as usual.” “Chill out bro. We can all go at the same time, and could you not be a dick for once?” Jack looks at you and says “don’t worry, it’s totally safe, and I’ll be next to you the whole time." 

Jack G: You’re at Taco Bell with all the boys and Jack says he’ll pay for you and to get whatever you want. "Jack, you’re so sweet, feeding the poor.” says Taylor with a chuckle. “Listen, asshole. If you ever insult my girlfriend again you’re gonna be poor, got it?” “Jesus, it was a joke… Sorry bro.” “Whatever. Y/N, lets grab our food and go.” Jack says to you. “Thanks babe. For everything.” You tell him. 

Shawn: You’re helping Shawn edit a video you and him made together when Carter comes in. “Hey, what’re you guys doing?” “Editing a video,” Shawn says, “wanna help?” “Is it a singing video? Because god knows only one of you can sing, and it’s not Y/N.” “Actually, we don’t need your help, and I think Y/N has a beautiful voice. So, if you don’t mind, we’re a little busy, I’ll talk to you later Carter.” He leaves. “Does my voice really suck?” you ask. “Carter doesn’t know anything about what sucks and what doesn’t. Now let’s get this video uploaded." 

Matt: Matt and Jack are in a fight over something stupid and are yelling at each other. "Yeah, well at least my girlfriend doesn’t look like a man!” says Jack, not realizing you were standing within earshot. “Fuck you, bro. I’m leaving. You’re unbelievable. This is between me and you, and yet you still have to talk about my girl? Bye.” Matt sees you close to tears and says to you “babe, he doesn’t mean that. He’s just pissed at me and can’t come up with any insults. He’ll come around eventually and apologize, but until then, forget him. You’re beautiful." 

Taylor: Taylor’s away on tour and you’re facetiming him when Dillon walks in the room. "Who ya talking to?” “Y/N” “Ask her if she still smells like wet dog!” Dillon says, smirking at Taylor. “What the hell dude! She does not smell like wet dog, that’s you,” Taylor turns back to you, “I’m sorry baby, ignore him.” You laugh and say “ask him if he’s still ugly.” You and Taylor, and even Dillon, start to laugh. 

Aaron: You walk into Aaron’s house and are greeted by Nash, Cameron, and Hayes. “Where’s Aaron?” you ask. “Where’s Aaron?” Hayes mimics you, “god, you’re so attached to him. You’re like a dog.” Nash and Cameron start to laugh. “Hey! Cut it out. Don’t make fun of my girlfriend for wanting to see me in MY OWN house, just because you guys don’t have girlfriends, alright?" 

Hayes: You and Hayes walk into his house, only to be greeted by Nash. "Sup. Hayes can I talk to you for a sec?” Sure! Y/N, I’ll meet you upstairs in a minute, okay?“ "Alright.” You go upstairs to Hayes’ room and figure out that you can hear the conversation through the vent. “Hayes, I know you. And I know you can do better than her. So much better.” You don’t hear anything else after that. You tear up a little bit, and Hayes appears in the doorway. “You heard that. Nash thinks he always knows better than me, but I know for a fact that I can’t do better than you, because there is no one better than you. Don’t waste your tears on Nash. Let’s do something." 

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm already at a pretty advanced level of Russian learning, but I still find it very hard to understand spoken Russian. Do you know anywhere I can watch stuff in Russian with Russian subtitles or any other good sources? Thank you so much :)

Hi and thank you for your question! 

1) You can start with the simplified Russian webcast here.

2) Many people complained that it is hard to find anything appropriate for advanced students, so I decided to launch a podcast for those who are bored with podcasts for beginners and want something more sophisticated. I publish new episodes each weekend. You can find it on my website here. I publish full text of each episode, so you can listen and read along. My podcast is also available on iTunes

I suggest to listen to my podcast once, not trying to understand it. Just listen to it as if it is a music. Then read and translate the text. Then listen and read along - you’ll be surprised how much easier it becomes. SInce each episode is only 5 minutes, it won’t take much time to listen to it a few times. 

3) Mosfilm publishes popular Soviet and Russian movies online for free . Some of them are with subtitles. 

Dear readers, what sources would you suggest? Please share your favourite links! 

Update: MatthewMurdocks said, “Many of the news clips on the первый канал site have transcripts, you can read along as they speak… the only downside is that it is a very biased website ._.”

I met my husband on omegle. Funny and weird yes I know.
I was on vacation with my parents, I wasn’t really happy to be on that trip, I just had my gallbladder out and was not up for climbing mountains.
I hopped on omegle to just goof around and ended up talking to Thomas. We at first complained about the opposite sex making jokes of our failed relationships but we then decided to exchange skypes so we could continue to chat.
The next day I accidentally called him and we video chatted, for the next 24 hours. It was so comfortable. We fell asleep. It was like we had been friends for years.

Weeks pass and I started to fall for Thomas. But we both decided it was better not to date, we lived to far away. He lived in Texas and I in New York.

One day I mentioned how I wish we lived closer, the I would really like to try and date. Again he said, it would be too hard. I couldn’t help it but I told him I loved him. He said he felt the same.

To spare some boring details I ended up buying a plane ticket six months later jumping on a plane and meeting him in person. (Not something I recommend, could be dangerous, this just worked out in our favor)

We decided we couldn’t live without each other. So Thomas moved to NY 4 months later so we could be together.

Life was grand, we worked hard for very little, but life was worth it being close to him.

We decided to visit Texas and his family for our ‘meet in person a versary’ he had been acting weird all week, super secrative, taking quiet moments to slip away with family members.

Thomas took me to a spot looking Over our favorite part of the city. There he proposed asking me to spend the rest of our lives together.

Here we are 8 months into marriage and LOVING EVERY SECOND!

Here’s hope to those living apart or who feel like they’ll never meet that LD significant other.