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I’ll Wear Out the Words “I Love You”

Written for @blogyblogblog​, who wanted fluffy Matt/Foggy wedding fic.

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There was a special bond between cousins who were born in the same year. In the Nelson clan, Foggy had Mitch. Mitch was the one who screamed down the house when Foggy fell into the pool, aged four. He was the one who collared Foggy at their thirteenth Christmas and told him what to do if he got within kissing distance of a cute boy or girl. He was the one who had counted his pennies during his HVAC apprenticeship to buy enormous flats of cheap beer, and drove ninety minutes to drop half of it off at Foggy’s dorm at Columbia.

And he was going to get a Hell’s Kitchen special right in the jaw if he didn’t stop cockblocking Foggy, family tradition or not.

“I’m putting my foot down, Bipper,” Mitch said, crossing his arms in the middle of Foggy’s bachelor party. Across the room, Foggy saw Jessica Jones latch onto the nickname with her PI superpowers, and he pointed a warning finger at her. She shot him a glance that said, quite clearly, “I’ll forget it for now, but you owe me.”

“The wedding’s a week away, dingus,” Foggy yelled, “you can’t make Matt move out for a week!”

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  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Hanji:</b> Good morning beautiful people out there! This is Hanji Zoë ,live from your favourite and only radio station here behind those fuc- I mean wonderful walls and this is another episode of "Cleaning DIY's with Lev- HEY! This is not my show! And not my notes!WHAT? Levi what are you doing here suddenly? I cant remember inviting you to my show?!<p/><b>Levi:</b> Good morning to all reasonable wall citizens who decided to listen to another episode of "Cleaning DIY's with Levi" Isn't it a wonderful and sunny morning to do the laundry at 5 am after another fucki- I mean not so great sleepless night. But then you realize that all your clothes are already clean which makes you so sad that you want to shot some holes into a priest's stomach?This is relatable. But here is my tip: Take a strong broom and grab it with your trained hands.Then ,clean the entire house until-<p/><b>Hanji:</b> Oi! Clean-Freak! Nobody is interested in this stuff. Go and bore someone else! How did you even get here? Where is Moblit?<p/><b>Levi:</b> Probably having a hang-over.<p/><b>Hanji:</b> Huh? Why that?! He wanted to sleep earlier after the experiment with Sawney and Bean. Why did he hit the bottle?<p/><b>Levi:</b> I would also get drunk if I had to spend my whole afternoon with three abnormal Titans.<p/><b>Hanji:</b> Why three? I have only Sawney and Bean.<p/><b>Levi:</b> ....<p/><b>Hanji:</b> ....<p/><b>Levi(getting nervous):</b> How is Bean doing? Did you teached him how to make a big dump. Or is his stucked shit still giving him some ass-pain?<p/><b>Hanji:</b> Awwwwww Levi. You are finally interested in the stuff that I like? Hm?<p/><b>Levi:</b> You mean shitting?<p/><b>Hanji:</b> No, Titans!<p/><b>Levi:</b> Do I look that desperate ?<p/><b>Hanji:</b> Yes.<p/><b>Levi:</b> Rude.<p/><b>Hanji:</b> Actually we all in the survey corps do.Wow... this is sad.We should change that.<p/><b><p/><b>Levi:</b> They just have to smile more often. But you less because your Titan's told me they have still nightmares of you.<p/><b>Hanji:</b> WHAT?!?!They talk to you but not me?!?<p/><b>Levi:</b> Yes.<p/><b></b> Hanji( whines)<p/><b>Levi:</b> There ,there. Titans are just not the best friends, Hanji.<p/><b>Hanji:</b> But I love spending time with them. What should I do now with my freetime if they dont want me in their near??<p/><b>Levi:</b> Well... it is bothersome but I guess I have some time I can spend with you, Shitty glasses.<p/><b>Hanji:</b> ....This is not a trick to make me go on a date with you , right?<p/><b>Levi:</b> Tsk. I asked you before: Do I look desperate?<p/><b>Hanji(giggles):</b> Yes, you still do Grumpy.<p/><b>Levi(looks away:</b> Then it is an attempt to go on a date with you.<p/><b>Hanji:</b> That is for today's episode of: " .... " We have no title for this, Levi.<p/><b>Levi:</b> Yeah ,no shit. You are the one with the brain so come up with someting.<p/><b>Hanji:</b> What about "The Titan parents "?<p/><b>Levi:</b> I will abandon these children immediatelly.<p/><b>Hanji:</b> Then what about.....<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
Back to You - Part 5

Originally posted by chantenyongs

Table of Contents: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Genre: angst, slight fluff, implied smut

Pairing: Lee Taeyong x H/N

Word Count: 3k

Summary: She was destroying you. And you let her.

Your dad wasn’t budging. He hadn’t called or texted you. Instead, your mother called you several times a day, asking where you were staying, if you were eating enough, and asking if you needed anything. It was probably your dad’s way of checking up on you without actually checking up on you.

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Director Sanvers: 6. “H-how long have you been standing there?”

your wish i my command y’all. 

alex gets home earlier than planned.

it’s also nearly one am and her mandatory ‘keeping up appearances that she’s fbi’ training week was boring. not even all that challenging really - which considering she had to spend a week sleeping in shitty government dorms away from girlfriends and kara and game night,

is disappointing.

nonetheless, it’s over. she’s cleared for another year and the legend of fbi agent alex danvers lives on.

[which is the only part of mandatory training week that alex actually enjoys]

what she enjoys more however,

is being home.

the apartment they recently moved into. the one with a lovely balcony and bedroom and tinier room that will eventually become an office slash home for maggie’s well loved heavy bag. this place, with yet to be unpacked boxes lining the halls and some half opened boxes in the kitchen where lucy insisted they use real plates, not paper because

/‘we’re not hooligans.’/

/‘speak for yourself.’/

she smiles at the memories, hanging her key on her hook - they had tried a bowl but three sets of keys in one bowl had lead to the great key fiasco and supergirl flying all around national city swapping keys.

/“you’re doing a great public service.”/

/“you’re lucky i love you guys, and that i’m bored.”/

so this place, this place is home.

it’s where she hangs her leather jacket on a coat hanger instead of slinging it over the back of an arm chair. it’s where she drops her duffle bag on top of the stacked washer-drier to be handled tomorrow.

and god, all she wants is to sink into bed,

but instead her stomach is grumbling and alex walks to the kitchen first. with it’s half unpacked boxes and dimmer switch along the wall that it takes alex a moment to find.  she sets the lights on low, and walks over to the island, a spread of photos catching her eye.

a bunch of polaroids.

drawing the first one closer to her, alex smiles as she sees her family - kara and lucy and maggie and j’onn and winn and james - all crammed into the frame. the angle that of some ridiculous selfie.

the rest of the photos spread across the table must also be from game night. everyone is smiling and laughing and happy. and it makes alex’s heart ache because these are her people.

she hears a soft yawn and looks up,

maggie standing there, sleepy and smiling in her boxers and t-shirt “you’re back.”

“i am,” alex smiles, walking over to maggie, “how long have you been standing there?”

“too long,” maggie says dopily, “it’s cold out here, come to bed.”

the way she says it, the way it’s almost a whine,

alex can’t say no. she lets maggie take her hand, and she lets maggie lead her into the bedroom. and alex is slipping out her clothes and being pulled into bed because lucy does not sleep through anything, and alex is home.

she’s home.

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valve is a really bad example to argue against capitalism with, because unlike the example with the electric trains you reblogged earlier, valve hasn't done anything unethical (bad customer service isn't an ethics issue, it's a competence issue), hasn't directly sabotaged the efforts of a competitor, and has helped to provide a platform for others. valve's laziness is because their innovations bore so much fruit that their developers have the freedom to adopt a new work philosophy without risk.


I know this is an “opinion” article (and it kinda paints EA weirdly) but you should probably read this.

My MFMM Calendars for 2017: July

Left: The Miss Fisher official calendar this month features the lady detective and her companion from Murder on the Ballarat Train. Their trip was originally intended for picking up Miss Fisher’s newly acquired Hispano-Suiza, but it turned into a murder investigation. Working for Phryne Fisher Detective Agency was never boring. Where do I sign up?

In addition to solving her first official case as a lady detective, Miss Fisher abducted, I mean adopted, a poor child named Jane. The Mother and Daughter Dynamic Duo is featured at the bottom of the calendar with the following caption, “Miss Fisher and Jane (Ruby Rees-Wemyss), the young runaway she rescued in an earlier episode, gather clues after a body is discovered in the pool at Aunt Prudence’s home on the eve of a ravish party.” This statement is not entirely correct, in my opinion. Jane might have stolen Lila’s diary in Death at Victoria Dock that aided the investigation then (The Guardian and Ward Dynamic Duo), but she didn’t help gather clues in Murder in the Dark.

Right: Since it is July, I chose “Christmas in July” as the theme of my custom made calendar. This is the photo compilation I put together for a Merry Christmas post in December 2015. I believe Murder under the Mistletoe is the only episode that all ten of them played a part, and the top photo might be the only official one of the whole gang. What’s Christmas without wishes, right? So, my Christmas in July wish is (what else?) to reunite them on the movie/TV screen, the sooner the better.

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85 q’s

rules: you must answer these 85 statements and tag 20 people

i was tagged by @radioactivedean, thanks! I’m totally bored at work so this is cool lol (i filled it out at work earlier and had to edit it on my laptop)

Tagging: @ghivasheluh & @everafter93 & @marchingbandsofmanhattan @soci0pathic-bastard 
 (It’s soo long so feel free to ignore!)

the last 
1. drink: karma water (purple one-natural lift) 
2. phone call: christineee
3. text message: christine again 
4. song you listened to: radio
5. time you cried: watching a movie (train to busan lolol)

6. dated someone twice: no 
7. kissed someone and regretted it: no
8. been cheated on: yes
9. lost someone special: yes
10. been depressed: yes
11. gotten drunk and thrown up: yes

3 favorite colors
12. blue
13. green
14. black

in the last year have you 
15. made new friends: yes
16. fallen out of love: yes 
17. laughed until you cried: yes
18. found out someone was talking about you: yes
19. met someone who changed you: no
20. found out who your friends are: i guess
21. kissed someone on your Facebook list: i deleted fb
22. how many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: no more fb
23. do you have any pets: beau, a beige cat 
24. do you want to change your name: no
25. what did you do for your last birthday: i wrote an essay that i was super proud of
26. what time did you wake up: 5 every morning 
27. what were you doing at midnight last night: Netflix after work
28. name something you can’t wait for: finish my car payments and graduate in august 
29. when was the last time you saw your mom: she’s visiting me at work with my dad for the next couple hours to play keno
31. what are you listening to right now: radio commercial
32. have you ever talked to a person named tom: yes
33. something that is getting on your nerves: customers
34. most visited website: tumblr idk
35. hair color: black 
36. long or short hair: long
37. do you have a crush on someone: no
38. what do you like about yourself: idk

39. piercings: not into them
40. blood type: o i think
41. nickname: sar (by my dad, pronounced sare)
42. relationship status: single
43. zodiac: libra
44. pronouns: she/her
45. favorite tv show(s): sick of tv
46. tattoos: not into them
47. right or left handed: right 
48. surgery: wisdom teeth
49. piercing: nooo
50. sport: i like watching baseball, played tennis
51. vacation: too broke rn
52. pair of trainers: i wear flip flops?

more general
53. eating: nothin.
54. drinking: water
55. i’m about to: get back to work
56. waiting for: 9 pm
57. want: nothin, im good 
58. get married: yes
59. career: writer
60. hugs or kisses: hugs
61. lips or eyes: eyes

62. shorter or taller: taller
63. older or younger: older
64. nice arms or nice stomach: idc
65. hook up or relationship: relationship

66. troublemaker or hesitant: tbh troublemaker, sick of boring ppl  

have you ever
67. kissed a stranger: no
68. drank hard liquor: yes
69. lost glasses/contact lenses: no 
70. turned someone down: yes
71. sex on the first date: if i trust them
72. broken someone’s heart: maybe 
73. had your heart broken: yes
74. been arrested: no
75. cried when someone died: yes
76. fallen for a friend: yes

do you believe in 
77. yourself: yes 
78. miracles: yes 
79. love at first sight: def not 
80. santa claus: totally 
81. kiss on the first date: if it feels right 
82. angels: idk

83. current best friend’s name: i don’t think i have an official “best” friend rn, but i think the closest person to that is @noah-the-transkid 
84. eye color: brown 
85. favorite movie: it’s a tie between anaconda and the pianist 

Zodiac Highschool Chapter #9 - Sagittarius: Black eye

The shoes hit on the ground, constantly, always in the same rythm, like my breath. I arrived back home after training covered in sweat. I took a cold shower, ate something and went to highschool. I arrived on time, neither earlier nor later. I sat with Aries that’s still chasing Leo and trying to convince her to go back with him.

- Those two are always with the same problem… they bore me… - told me Aquarius, who sat behind me.

- Yeah, to be honest they’re a bit annoying at times… but I guess they should be together again. It’s obvious that they still love each other… I don’t know why they make it so complicated… Life is easier, right?

- If you say so… - she leaned closer to me and said softly almost in a whisper - But what about you?

- What do you mean?

- Do you feel something for Leo? You and her fucked after all… - Aquarius said with a malevolent smile.

- What the hell Aquarius?! … Mind your own bussiness.

- That’s not an answer - she concluded and with resignation sat back and started paying attention to Leo who was complaining about Aries again. Meanwhile he sat by my side.

- Everything okay, dude?

- For once, I’m not sure what to say - Aries answered me.

As soon as I left Leo’s home I felt repentance. I betrayed my friend after all and I wasn’t proud of it. Of course Leo is hot… I would have to be blind to not realise she’s the hottest girl in class… but Aries loved her. ¡¿What the hell was I thinking?! Having sex with her was nice, but I didn’t know if it was worth it. As I don’t like lying I was determined to tell Aries. He needed to know, he deserved the truth. I could lost a friend but honesty is more important. After all, secrets aren’t forever and being an escapist won’t help in any way.

After eating lunch I went to the basketball court with Aries.

- Okay, Saggy we’ve got a little time to do a match before class! - Aries told me in a better mood than this morning.

- Mate… eh… I’ve got to tell you something - I said bringing my hand at the back of my head.

- Is anything wrong? - He said annoyed.

- You would hate me… eh… I fucked Leo…

I saw anger appear through his eyes. His face became one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen in my whole life. He was burning inside with anger, like fire… I was hoping that his fire would not meet gasoline to finally explode.

- When? WHEN?! - He screamed.

- The day she knew you were cheating… so, the day she decided to leave you… Aries I’m not in love with Leo I didn’t want to hurt…


He couldn’t hold it anymore, and although I’m quick, his fist hit my face and I fell on the floor. Then he came over me and started hitting me. I spited his face and hit him back trying to defend myself, but he was pure rage and that gave him an infinite strenght… He was hurting me.

Then someone started shouting:

- Guys, come here! I need help!

Some hands started grabbing Aries and fortunately they took him away from me. Then I saw someone offering me a hand to stand up, when I was able to focus my sight I saw Pisces’s face.

- Are you okay? I’ll bring you to the infirmary you can’t go back to class in this state unless you feel better. - Pisces said to me.

I looked through the court and I saw Gemini and Capricorn trying to calm Aries down, which it wasn’t the best idea because Aries hated them both. But then, fortunately, Libra appeared to be the peacemeker. A lot of people were watching us. Leo and Aqua were there too.

- Look what you’ve make me do… you’ve ruined me - Aries said to Leo and then he sat on the floor covering his face.

In Leo’s eyes I saw guilt and something really fragile being broken.

- I’m sorry for both of you… - her voice was trembling and she left.

Pisces and Aqua brought me to the nursing. Pisces left me alone with Aqua because he didn’t want to lose any classroom. Aqua tried to make me laugh and hugged me to make me feel better. After the nurse has desinfected and covered my injuries I returned to class with Aqua. Nobody said it was Aries and I refused to tell to the teachers and at home who made me that. There was enough damage done.

I looked myself in the mirror before going to sleep. A black eye appeared on my face. I brushed my teeth. I felt pain in every single fiber of my body. I hope everything goes right, I want everything as it was, I don’t wanna lose my friend. I forgive him about the fist fight as I know I hit him hard too. I put my head over the pillow and whispered in the emptiness of my room “I want my friend back… “

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I'm going to be a freshman, do have any ideas how to make it easier? (Anything would help)

make! friends! even if you’re not good at it or you get anxious like me, please try! it’ll be difficult but so worth it! it’s pretty easy to make friends in classes bc in high school teachers are pretty leinient on letting you talk to other and if they’re not u just quietly bitch about the teacher who wont let ya’ll talk and then u become friends lmao okay but here’s advice for the whole year!

1. if you have questions, please ask them! it can wait until after class if you don’t want to stand up and ask or w/e but seriously if you are confused, please do!

2. do all of your homework!!! don’t turn it in late!!! you’ll feel so much more organized and happier if you get it done when it’s supposed to be

3. that also applies for class work

4. but also leave sometime for fun activities and hanging out with the rad friends u made!

5. please try to participate! whether it’s band or a sport or a club or smth with art please do try to get into something! you can also make rad friends from that!

6. also as boring as it may sound, football games/pep rallies can be hella fun so try those out and if you don’t like them then u have three more years left to boycott them

7. stay! hydrated! stay! energized! all of this stress and new shit can take a toll on your body so make sure you drink a lot of water, eat good foods, and get some sleep!! the waking up is the worst part for me bc i need to train my shit brain to sleep earlier but ya definitely try to sleep! 

8. also take care of yourself! stay clean (i mean like hygeine lmao) and make sure you’re doing okay (take any medicine or w/e that you need to)

9. find a quiet and nice place and some time to study for quizzes/tests or to do assignments! it’s no fun when u spill like spaghetti sauce on ur paper bc you don’t have any other place or time than ur dinner table right?? a good place to go would be a desk in your room or in some sort of rec room or w/e u have

10. be nice to your teachers!!! they just want to teach you!! (unless they’re bad and gross then complain all u want) the assignments may be tough but it’s only to help you in the long run! and if u think some sort of standardized testing is stupid, your teacher probably does too lmao they can’t decide what happens!! just remember who could be writing your letters of reccomendation for the college (if u decide to, this is just an example) you want to get into!

11. high school sounds all scary but honestly if you can find a right balance (and god i am still trying to figure that out) then it can be super enjoyable!! 

12. i believe in u and all of you freshman starting high school this year!! have fun!! <3333333

need advice?

Moony (Young Remus) Part 2

Part 1 
Anon:  could you do a follow-up to “moony”? maybe you’re having a great time, but everything keeps going wrong (remus knocks a drink on you, the marauders are spying on you, something about his condition comes up), and at the end of it, remus is frustrated and like “this is why i can’t date, i’m a mess,” but you think he’s adorable and kiss him and he realizes it’s okay.

* * *

The next Hogsmeade trip came around quicker than you thought. However, you couldn’t relate to the bubble of excitement everyone seemed to have about it. ‘What’s wrong?’ Marlene asked you at breakfast, the day of the trip. 
‘Nothing. Just tired.’ You lied. Marlene raised her eyebrows at you. 
‘Y/N.’ She said. You sighed, 
‘I’m just nervous about spending the whole day with Remus.’ You admitted, ‘What if we have nothing in common? What if the whole day is spent in silence because we can’t think of things to say to each other?’ You gushed. Marlene shrugged, eating another spoonful of porridge. ‘You’ll be fine. Just be yourself.’ She said. 

After breakfast you met Remus outside the Great Hall. ‘Hi.’ He said as he approached. ‘Hey.’ You smiled nervously. ‘You ready?’ You asked. 
‘You betcha.’ 

The walk to Hogsmeade started the day off well. You both talked nonstop and you felt yourself loosen up and relax. Once at Hogsmeade, Remus suggested you go to the Three Broomsticks to grab a drink. 

You took a seat at the back of the bar and waited for Remus to bring the drinks. Not a minute later he came over, drinks in hand. No one could have preempted however, that Remus would trip on a butterbeer cork that had been left on the floor, only to spill half the drinks over your lap. ‘Oh my god!’ Remus gasped. You stood up, your coat dripping wet. ‘I am so sorry! Oh my god!’ Remus started saying over and over again. You shrugged your coat off. ‘It’s fine, Remus.’ You repeated again and again. You could tell Remus was completely mortified but honestly, it wasn’t a problem to you.

‘I really am sorry.’ Remus said for the millionth time as you walked out of The Three Broomsticks. ‘Remus.’ You said, laughing, ‘I don’t care. I really don’t. It’s kind of funny.’ You said. Remus nodded and seemed to loosen up a bit. You decided to just go for a walk. You walked together through Hogsmeade and up a small hill that overlooked Hogsmeade and a small shack  in the opposite direction. ‘What’s it like in there?’ You pointed to the Shack - knowing that that was where Remus and the marauders went every full moon. Remus shifted slighting on the small bench you were sitting on. ‘Messy.’ He said. You looked from the shack to Remus who looked uncomfortable. ‘Oh Remus.’ You said quietly. ‘I’m sorry - i didn’t mean to-’ 
‘No, no.’ Remus said, ‘It’s just-uh-full moon is coming up soon.’ He muttered. You nodded, completely unsure of what to say. After a pause of silence Remus shook his head, ‘I’m sorry.’ He said. 
‘For what?’ 
‘For making the conversation end like that.’ He said, ‘You just asked a question and I had to make it about me.’ 
‘Dude no, I shouldn’t have asked - it was stupid.’ You said. Remus shrugged and another awkward silence followed. You opened your mouth to say something when you heard a sneeze followed by, ‘Peter shut the fuck up.’ You both turned around to see three heads pop down behind a rock. Remus groaned, ‘Oh my god.’ He said. 
‘Bless you, Peter!’ You called, laughing. The three heads of the marauders came up from the rock, grins on their faces.
‘What are you doing?’ You asked. Peter looked at Sirius who looked at James who shrugged, ‘Oh you know us, just scoping out location for a prank.’ You laughed, ‘Right. So it’s just pure coincidence that you happen to be in the same place as us?’ The three boys looked at each other before Sirius yelled ‘SHE’S ONTO US! RUN!’ And they all took off down the hill again. You laughed, shaking your head, ‘They are completely insane.’ You said.
‘I can’t believe they were spying on us.’ Remus said, embarrassed. 
‘It doesn’t matter.’ You smiled. 
‘Yes it does.’ He replied, ‘It’s not…that’s not okay.’ He stuttered. 
‘Remus are you okay?’ You asked, facing him, ‘You’ve been a bit jumpy all day.’ You said softly. Remus shrugged and looked away, 
‘I’m just-i don’t know- a mess.’ He said. You furrowed your eyebrows, 
‘I’m a mess, y/n.’ He said. ‘This is why I don’t date. Because you’re pretty and smart and that makes me nervous and just on top of that I’m just anxious all the time and-’ 
‘You think I’m pretty?’ 
‘You think I’m pretty?’ You repeated, blushing. Remus looked at you and nodded, ‘Yeah.’ He said, ‘Of course I do.’ He said honestly. You smiled, blushing even harder now. ‘You know what Remus.’ You said, ‘I like that you get nervous around me and I like that you spilled butterbeer on me, earlier, and I like that our friends were spying on us.’ 
‘Why?’ He asked. You shrugged, 
‘It’s fun. And interesting. Can you imagine if we did the typical thing and went to that prissy tea shop next to the post office. And we sat down and drank tea and ate scones with every other couple at Hogwarts. How boring would that have been?’ You said, laughing. Remus smiled. ‘This date,’ You continued, ‘Was funny and interesting. And it’s not going to change my views on you because I’ve known you since the first train ride here. And ever since that small, brown-haired boy with the scratch on his cheek asked if he could sit with me I have been completely infatuated and in love with him.’ You said, beaming. ‘And if you’re keen, then we should keep this little thing going.’ You finished. By now, Remus was grinning and he suddenly leaned in, kissing you sweetly. And to this day, you’ve never forgotten how that felt. 


other parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10other info
Summary: Adrien is walking around Hogwarts during Christmas Holiday by himself when he overhears an interesting conversation.
Words: 1,244
Rating: PG
AO3 link

Adrien walked down the empty corridor with his hands in his pockets. The castle had become cold and drafty during the Christmas holiday, and with almost all of the students gone a lot of the life that Hogwarts usually held was gone. 

The Hufflepuff boy sighed, turning his head to look out the windows as he walked. The November winds had taken all of the leaves with it, stripping the tress down to their skeletal branches. Then the snow had come, blanketing the grounds until they were white. When the first snow came the students had gone outside after their classes, throwing snowballs and making angels on the ground and just having fun.

That had been one of the best moment’s in Adrien’s life, but now it just made him sad. He missed his friends. Both Nino and Marinette had offered for him to come to their houses for the holiday but Adrien had politely refused. He didn’t want to inconvenience their families on such short notice. Plus he had been alone during Christmas plenty of times, so it wasn’t that big of a deal. Nino had not been happy when he had mentioned that part and almost dragged him to his house then and there. 

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  Arc I — The Long and Winding Road

  A fanfiction collab with sildae

  Chapter 2: With a Little Help From Senators

Word Count: 3,669
Characters: Ahsoka Tano, Padmé Amidala, Riyo Chuchi, Sabé.
<<Chapter 1 | Chapter 3>>

Although Padmé had said she’d arranged something to pique Ahsoka’s interest, she spent the rest of the time sidestepping each of Ahsoka’s attempts at guessing, which had grown fewer the more Ahsoka ate. Breakfast, beautifully arranged on the dining room table, had been spent with Ahsoka devouring her weight in reesku-omelette while Padmé steered the light conversation along neutral paths, sticking to the weather and tame Senate gossip.

Between the omelettes, the fresh Corellian fruit, and the pitcher of muju juice, Ahsoka had managed to beg for a hint only twice, but Padmé stubbornly refused, a smirk dimpling her cheeks. When Ahsoka finally sat back in her chair with a defeated sigh at the food still in front of her, Padmé rose, smoothed out her skirt, and said, “Follow me.”

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Damon Hill could have reached Grand Prix a year earlier, but his health might not have kept up with that. So one winter, we just kept him happy and motivated by hacking, jumping and riding in the field. That way, he progressed in small steps but was not bored and never lost his eagerness to learn.
—  Ingrid Klimke on the importance of “small steps” in training

So I was just asked on my side blog why I find Steven Moffat’s Doctor Who to be sexist. This rant might seem a bit scattered, and I’m sorry about that, but I’m trying to give you all the reasons and I have a lot. I also think he’s generally a poor storyteller, and there are other elements of his storytelling that are kind of :/ but this is a post about sexism.

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I’m on an old train. It looks like one from the earlier 00’s, all angular lines and small aisles: the seats are wide and comfy though. There are more tables than necessary. The two women next to me switch between loud talking and hushed whispers when they realise the rest of the carriage is silent.

I have a headache.

The train guard just came on sounding despondent and trying to make the over-priced, over-chemicalled sandwiches sound appealing.

My shoes need re-heeling.

I’m looking at the other passengers and they appear to be coasting through life. They look bored. I must look bored, but I’m not.

I wonder where they are going.

It’s beautiful outside. The rain adds a Moor-like quality to the fields and farms. The draw distance is very short, usually I can see miles. When the other train goes past I feel like it almost collided. The train shakes and I think of the tragedy that didn’t happen.

They’re talking about sausage rolls. People are boring.

The draw distance is getting shorter and I think about the Star Trek episode where Crusher’s universe was shrinking. Maybe my universe is shrinking and I’m going to disappear out of existence soon. Maybe the world is ending.

I should have worn my boots.

—  titled “the burden of boredom”  submission #293
Catch and Release

I wrote about three-quarters of this a few months ago but could never figure out how to finish it, and today while I was waiting to get my hair cut it all kind of came to me. This was originally titled L’angst.txt, in case you’re curious about what happens in it.

Rating: T
Word Count: 1,550 words
Summary: Just as soon as she has him, she doesn’t.
Note: This is a pretty dark one. Major character death, graphic violence, thoughts of suicide, etc. Also platonic/possibly related Rivamika! I don’t write this one much/ever? I did a little canon fudging here, so assume Levi knows his last name.

“Don’t tell anyone,” he says.

“Tell anyone what, Captain?” she asks, looking up at him as she cleans and polishes her three-dimensional maneuvering gear. Three months earlier she would have glared up at him wordlessly, her jaw set in a fierce, hard line. Now she simply looks up at him with the earnest respect of a well-trained soldier before her superior officer.

Even as her dark eyes bore into him, the licking flames of the campfire reflected in their infinite depths, her hands are moving, working a rag in tight little circles over the steel alloy.

“My last name.”

Mikasa freezes. Levi has always been simply Levi. A last name would mean that he is human, that he is simply one of them.

The wind does not have a family name. Why should the captain?

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Been having a bit of a difficult time lately, with my little Flynnie… his behaviour has been troubling & although it’s hard to tell with a dog who is prone to being stressy, fearful & aggressive, a few unexpected incidents made me start wondering if he was actually reacting to some sort of physical pain, sooo back to the vet we went.

Long story short, his urinary problems seem to have cleared up now but it looks like he might *possibly* have a spinal issue (which would explain quite a few things), although we’re not yet had confirmation. Painkillers definitely seem to be helping make him happier, at least most of the time. Oh, also, some of his blood results were a bit… odd… but again, not really sure what (if anything) is going on. Poor pup can’t catch a break! I just want to get it sorted & then we can concentrate on his training & behavioural stuff… & you know, just having fun :(

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