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HELLO! Part 1 is here! I hope this turns out as good or better than the first one, i’m a shitty writer but I guess i’m good at oneshots. Anyways, let’s get on with the story!

this part is very long and boring for me, but i tried :’) enjoy loves!

Group: BTS!!

Warnings: Harsh language. 

a/n thanks for the feedbacks from part 1! i hope i can get make this part good, hehe thanks for being patient! ily


“Y/N! Y/N! Where are y-” A voice blared through the hallway.

In seconds, your door is blasted open by your furious best friend. Why? Because it’s 2 PM and you have a mission in London which you have to board your plane at 6 PM. You opened one eye, let out a hum and fall back asleep. 

“Wake up or I’ll let everyone know that the best criminal in town is a lazy ass!” Areum shouted.

You didn’t budge, you just flipped her off and shooed her. She left, but came back after a minute, with a bucket of ice water. She dumped it on you and you shot up. 

“What the?! AREUM!” You shouted furiously at your best friend. 

She dropped the bucket and ran away, leaving you wet and cold. You huffed and got out of bed, Areum’s gonna clean your room and make your bed anyways. You opened your curtain, the sunlight blasting through the clear window and make your way to the bathroom. You took a shower and did everything else that everyone else does in the bathroom. You put on a black tight tanktop with black jeans, making sure to put a handgun on your belt. You got your bag filled with weapons and ammunitions when Areum screamed at you again to hurry up. 

“No time for food, we’ll have food at the plane,” She said and the both of you rushed to the airport. 

You didn’t have to worry about the handgun loosely hanging from your belt as you are not going to board the same plane as any normal person would. Your client has happily provided you with a private jet, just for you and Areum. The client called himself ‘mon monster’, a weird name, but you needed a challenging mission, and ‘mon monster’s demand was to eliminate Kim Namjoon


Eliminate Kim Namjoon? That’ll be easy, Hera only take challenges,” Areum said in a flat tone. 

“Kim Namjoon is at London along with his…. clique, attending the Elizabeth Grand Ball, it will be a challenge to eliminate him,” The man spoke. 

Areum stayed silent before her mind interrupts her.

But they were just here last week? She thought. 

“They left as soon as Elizabeth invited them,” The man said as if reading her mind. 

Areum had no choose but to accept the deal, so she did just that. 


“Do you have your dress?” Areum asked you. 

“He provided the dress, it’s at the hotel,” You said, plugging in your earphones as soon as you sit down on the plane and falling back asleep. 

You awake as someone shakes your shoulder. Areum appeared in front of you and told you they landed. The both of you wasted no time to rush to the hotel. It’s 8 PM and the Elizabeth Grand Ball starts at 9 PM. You reached your hotel and went up to the highest floor. You didn’t like the idea of being on the highest floor because you always have phobia of heights. When you got in you room, a long black satin dress sat on the mattress, waiting for you. The dress was smooth and soft with a deep V-cut down the middle of your chest and a deep slit that starts from your thigh to the end of the dress. You loved it. Areum rushed you to pamper you and get you in your dress. And by the time the clock strike 8:50 PM, you are ready as well as Areum in a tight red dress. On your thigh, a lace thigh garter is attached to fit a pocketknife and handgun, also a syringe to numb the target. You grabbed a black violin case with a sniper inside it, pretending to be one of the musicians. With all that, you are ready to go. 

“Let’s go back,” You said as soon as you reached the Ball. 

“What? Why?” Areum asked worried.

“There are so many people and I hate the thought of socializing,” You groaned

“I’ll find him for you, you just go to the spot,” Areum said, tapping her earpiece. 

You nodded and you both parted ways. Although you’ve done lots of missions like this, you always get nervous on each one, afraid you might blew the whole thing up. You walked casually to the backstage where musicians are getting ready, to the back of the dressing room and up the stairs to one of the small balconies that people don’t usually go to. You opened the violin case and made sure no one sees you before getting the sniper out carefully. You set up your weapon on the railings, propping it so it won’t move. 

“I see you,” A voice came from her earpiece. 

“Where is he?” You asked her, looking through the sniper scope. 

“I don’t know, hold on,” She said. 

Minutes passed and you feel more anxious, afraid someone will caught you. You didn’t want to go to jail, you still wanted to steal the Diamond of Alexander, and eat 500 chicken nuggets!

“Found him, on your 3 o’clock,” Areum said.

You positioned your sniper, aiming at 3 o;clock. Surely, the blonde man talking to his friends stood there, smiling and laughing. You pulled the trigger and held your breath, you put your fingers on the gun tightly. 

“Don’t,” You heard a voice behind you and you froze. 

Your mind rushed to find Namjoon. 1,2,3,4,5,6…. there’s only 6 of them. 

“Hurry!” Areum said, and you pursed your lips. 

“Don’t shoot,” The voice behind you said and you feel a gun on the back of your head. 

You closed your eyes and put your sniper down, taking out your earpiece and looking behind you slowly.

Surely, the last member stood there, looking gorgeous in a suit and a handgun pointing on your forehead.