i was bored ok dont judge me

Teamiplier as shit I've said pt 2!!!
  • Amy: the stars are prettier than all of you combined ok shut up
  • Kathryn: let's FaceTime I'm bored and I have a bitch to rant about
  • Tyler: I just naturally look like I want to kill someone
  • Ethan: can I punch you in the face and then kiss the boo boo?
  • Chica: I need food. Where's the food. I NEED NUTRIENTS.

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i have been at school and not on tumblr like a good aussie. anyways brown hair and brown eyes. because im boring. i will be judging this fic as fairly as i can, ideas -mp

Tumblr is blocked at my school. Im on holidays.
There u go ideas

Interviewer: If you are able to be a street sign, what would you be written as?

Rap Monster: Street signs often consists of orders such as, ‘Restricted, Go Away’ , 'Go Back;’, 'Be Careful’. It all mostly stimulates or provokes ones attention and I personally don’t think it has to be such. Instead, substitute it with beautiful words such as, 'Be Loving’, 'Peace’, 'Hope’ along with picturesque drawings that people could understand in a glance. By altering the provocative signs, I think we could make the world a better, more beautiful place. 

Interviewer: Realistically, you can’t be a street sign so how would you imply such positivity in your career or daily life? 

Rap Monster: Maybe expressing it through my outfit, or if I were to draw, then through my drawings. My visions or thoughts, through beautiful emotions that can be delivered. There a variety more to choose from.  

Interviewer: If you were to be accepted into the company, would you play along the characteristics of what you have said? 

Rap Monster: I think anybody can be an artist. So if I’m accepted, with a heart of an artist, I think I am able to make this world a more beautiful place to be.