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The Preath Head Tap™️️ 2013 vs 2016

“Tale as old as time…”

My official redesign of the Beauty and the Beast 2017 ballgown. I tried to keep the general design of the new version while making it historically accurate. Think of her as a living golden rose.

red carpet | t. holland

word count: 2056
warnings: nada :-)
note: i just had this idea pop up and well i think its cute and i hope you think so too :> anywayy… again, im not much of a writer so pls pardon my writing :’)


You felt your heart beating out of your chest. Your palms started to sweat. This was it. The premiere that’s been eating you up this past week. You’re so nervous, your tongue’s tied already, you haven’t even spoken a single word ever since you left your hotel. Of course, you’ve done movies before. You’ve won and been nominated for numerous awards already, you’ve worked with Scorsese, Nolan, Spielberg—all of them admiring your raw and genuine talent. You were one of the top A-List Actresses in Hollywood.

But this… this was entirely different.

Yes, you knew this was a Marvel movie, Captain America: Civil War. Yes, you knew you only had a supporting role in this movie and that this shouldn’t be that much of a big deal to you. So why were you so conscious of what you were wearing? You usually spend an hour tops to prepare for a premiere, but this time you took ages to get ready.

You wanted to look good. You wanted to look your best without trying too hard.

Hmph. You’re not doing all that for the paparazzi, that’s for sure.

You stepped out of your limo and instantly, the bright flashes of cameras blind you, the screams of fans deafen you, the amount of big time movie stars you’ve worked alongside with numbed you. You composed yourself and took a breather, then started walking down the red carpet, with your white lace gown trailing behind you, as if you were royalty. You loved your dress a lot, you gotta hand it to your designer for the amazing design. It was a shame that you had to go alone though.

You wanted a certain someone to be your date, but you guess that someone didn’t see you that way.

You gracefully pause in front of the crowd to pose for some pictures. Later on, you went to the fans and signed some autographs and took selfies. Your once poised and elegant manner banished as soon as you started to have some fun making the most ridiculous faces for the pictures you were taking with your fans. You loved them. You wouldn’t be anywhere if it weren’t for them.

A few more minutes spending quality time with your beloved fans, you were ushered away to have a few interviews.

“Y/N!” The fifth interviewer of the night beamed, “How does it feel to be on a red carpet yet again?”

You laugh and smile, “It feels great. I love the energy these Marvel fans are giving out. It makes me wanna show up in my costume rather than this dress.”

“Well, won’t they appreciate that.” The interviewer replied, “Your dress is absolutely stunning, though! You look really, really, really pretty.”

You reply with a flattered smile, but before you could even verbally reply, someone cleared their throat behind you, disrupting the conversation.

I think the proper term for her is gorgeous.”

You instantly felt your knees go weak as soon as you heard that heart-melting British accent.

Tom Holland! What a great surprise!” The interviewer exclaimed as she saw the Brit behind you.

He hugged you from behind, his arms snaking around your waist, “Hey, love.” Tom winked at you quickly that the interviewer didn’t notice.

“Hey there, Spidey.” You casually punch his arm and pinch his cheek.

Right beside you right now was the reason you felt all those things beforehand. You couldn’t deny it any longer… Tom Holland made you nervous.

The interviewer once again spoke up, “Tom, how are you?”

“I’m good, thanks. It’s really fun to be here.” He flashed his signature smile.

“We were just discussing Y/N’s outfit for tonight. Any comments?” The interviewer wiggled her eyebrows.

You felt my your cheeks flush red again.

“I’m speechless actually. She looks so good that the words haven’t been invented yet.” His cheeky and adorable smile widened with every word that came out of his mouth, to which you blushed intensely at.

“Aww, that’s so sweet!” The interviewer giggled.

You laugh along with Tom and feel his hand rest on your shoulder.

“Okay, real topic guys. You two have been spotted out together so many times, your chemistry on-screen and off-screen is just off the charts, you’re always gushing about each other in interviews. So everyone on this planet wants to know…” The interviewer said, “Are you two seeing each other?”

You didn’t even think of what you were going to say, you just blurted it out… “We’re just really good friends.”

Mental facepalm.

You felt Tom’s chocolate brown eyes on you.

“I mean… uh…” You went off track as you tried to fix what you said.

You were at a loss for words. You didn’t really know how follow that up. It was true that you and Tom were friends. How can you not? You two instantly clicked right away from the moment you both met in the first script reading of the movie. You’ve always thought he was cute. It came to the point that that little innocent admiration for your co-star became… something more. There were so many times you wished you could just tell him how you felt, but you just keep chickening out. Scared. Fearing that he won’t feel the same way.

You loved the fact that Tom is always so open and comfortable around you. He’s always there for you when you need help in the most little things. If you need pads, he won’t hesitate to go the store and buy you pads—with wings. If you need someone to have a movie marathon with you, he’ll come over any time of the night with the complete collection of your favorite Disney movies. If you need someone to talk to, he’s there.

You can’t help yourself. You were falling for him, each time he smiles at you. The more you denied it, the feeling grew and grew until you can no longer ignore it. You’ve always wanted to see the things he does for you as acts of romantic and courtly love, but you know in your heart that he did those things because he sees you as a mere sister. It hurt a lot. You’re still wrapping your mind around that little heartbreaking thought.

So you came back to your reply. We’re just really good friends… Your own voice echoed through your head.

Really good friends.

Friends. You thought. That’s what Tom and I will be for the rest of our lives. Just. Friends.

What can you do, though? You’re young and stupid. Love only makes things worse for you.

“I think what Y/N meant was… we have a really strong bond. We wouldn’t want anything to interfere with that. We have our ups and downs. We may have our preferences and our differences, but I know this for sure…” He turned his head to glance at me, “We’re really good together.”

You felt butterflies flutter in your stomach after hearing his answer.

The interviewer smiled and closed up the interview, “Thank you, Tom! Thank you, Y/N!”

After bidding your goodbyes, Tom and you headed back out to the red carpet, posing for more pictures alongside each other. You were 4 or 5 feet away from him as the camera flashes come one after another. Again, you feel yourself drifting away. The blinding flashes, the deafening screams, the numbness… it all came back from the moment you no longer felt Tom’s presence within your reach.

Though, you still keep a plastered smile on your face. You don’t want anyone thinking there was something bothering you. It was easy to cover it up anyway. You were an actress after all.

“Hey, Y/N…” Tom’s voice surprised you, causing you to slightly wince at his touch when he put his hand on your back, “Are you alright? You seem flustered.”

“I’m fine. What are you talking about?” You lie.

Tom then furrowed his brows. Then without a word, he pulled you to the side.

“Y/N, do you honestly think I don’t know when you’re feeling a bit off?” He crossed his arms on his chest.

Of course.

Of course!

Of course, he could see right through you. He knows you more than you probably know yourself. It was silly thinking you could convince him otherwise.

“Tom, just drop it, okay? I’m fine…” You let it out with a bit of frustration.

He sighed. He already knew what this was about.

“Y/N…” He took a step closer to you, making your heart race a thousand times faster, as if the beat earlier wasn’t fast enough, “Just so you know… I think you look beyond beautiful tonight.”

You look up at him, red bloomed on your face. You tried to hide it, but you realized it was pointless.

“You don’t look bad yourself, Holland.” You replied with a small and shy smile.

He chuckled softly and took your hand in his, “I meant to tell you this a week ago but I just kept on letting fear come first. I was scared.” He held his head down in embarrassment, “But I’m tired of running away from this. I’m done.” He looked into your eyes and you saw how nervous he was. It was even making you nervous as well. You were both trying to gather all the courage you can suck up.

“Now, let me try this again—for real this time.” Tom laughed half-heartedly, “Forgive me if I sound a bit too cheesy, but Y/N Y/L/N, from the very moment I laid my eyes on you, I knew I found the girl who would finally make me fall down to my knees just thinking about her smile, her eyes, her laugh, her cute rosy cheeks… Y/N, you’ve bewitched me. You make me feel the tingly feeling in my stomach every time I’m around you, and it’s bloody annoying. Look, what I’m trying to say here, without sounding like a complete fool, is that I have strong feelings for you, Y/N. I.. I like you. I really like you.”

You widened your eyes and almost choked on thin air, “Are you… are you serious?”

He chuckled, his dimples showing and his eyes looking cute as ever, “I confess my feelings in the monologue I’ve been practicing for weeks, and that’s the response I get?”

You laugh and blush furiously, “Tom, I… I’ve been waiting for you to say that for the longest time.” You wasted no time and engulfed him in a hug, your chin resting on his shoulder.

“Does this mean you like me too?” He wondered like an innocent puppy.

You reply with a giggle, “Yes, you moron. I feel the same way.”

His smile reached up to his eyes when he heard you say that. He was so happy. So were you. You looped your arm into his as you both walked back onto the red carpet, posing for more pictures, but this time, it was different.

People started to screaming louder as soon as they saw Tom’s hand intertwine with yours and your arm hug his waist. You two were smiling so wide, knowing that you were with the one person you’ve been wanting to be with ever since. You still can’t believe you arrived to this premiere empty handed, nervous and worried. The camera flashes once again, came one after another. The screams of the fans, louder and louder. You noticed the rest of the cast including Chris Evans and RDJ on the side, wolf whistling and applauding.

Damn, did everyone want you two together?

When things seemed they couldn’t get any better, Tom swiftly pulled you closer to him. Before you could question his sudden actions, he cupped your cheek, leaned in and gave you a sweet kiss on the lips.

“I’ve been waiting to do that for the longest time too.” He cheekily smiled as he caressed your cheek with his thumb.

You laughed and he laughed. Not minding the blood curdling fangirl and fanboy screams the fans were yelling out. You could only imagine the amount of tweets and tumblr posts you’ll be tagged in later on.

I’m no one’s priority. People find their phones more interesting than me. When I talk to them, they’re either scrolling through their mobiles, or texting, and if someone else comes along, they just turn away from me, and start talking to them instead. Am I really that boring and annoying?
—  sigh