i was bored at class

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how did you get into art? how did you get into ml? favorite non-lovesquare ship? how is your day going by the way?

I got into art in middle school because my classes were really to boring to I starting drawing to entertain myself.

I got into ML because everyone were talking about it, and I was tired of hearing about it so i watched an episode, i hated it, i watched more episodes, i loved it.

Favorite non lovesquare ship hmmm… DJWifi  and Rose x Juleka

My day went great! it’s the end of school year so it’s starting to get a little easier now because the last trimester doesn’t count as much…

Hi guys! I’m bored and looking for a roleplay buddy. I’m down for these fandoms:
-Dan and Phil
-Until Dawn
-Steven Universe
-Life is Strange
And ocs are completely welcome! I’m bisexual, female and I’m down for anything from fluff to smut to angst.

Message me if interested!

I was bored in class, so I drew my friend Danya and Jace in the Quest AU :3
In the AU, they both work at “Swing Angel’s Diner”
Well Danya is the owner and Jace works as a waitress! That’s basically it XD
Oh and that one doodle that says “After the Blast” ? I just thought it’d be funny if the place where Cuphead started shooting at Bendy and Boris was at “Swing Angel’s” XD
AU belongs to @blogthegreatrouge / @thebbros

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Spencer, I'm currently in class listening to a lecture about retirement. Well, not really. Instead I'm here, because class lectures are incredibly boring. How do you focus?

Well I’ve never had problems studying because I’m pretty much academically perfect, but one thing I always do is make sure I remember how sad Aunt Tanya would be if I came home with an F. Well not very sad and she would blame the teacher but still I think it would be easier if I paid attention.

Xoxo Spencer

fuck dude i’m so hungry and bored and this class is running late and my laptop is dying dude i might just leave early but like…… this is it….. after this i’m done with school forever